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					           It is time to take                        Your Facilitator
          CONTROL from the                      Sage Tozeland
                inside out!

                                            Sage Tozeland is a Healer and Teacher, who
                                            is dedicated to aiding people in living
                                            their TRUTH. She has experienced how it
                                            is not always easy to remain on her path in
                                            this world. These experiences have lead to
    Do any of these words describe you?     the creation of this workshop series,
?         Burnt out                         addressing practical and manageable ideas
                                            and suggestions for connecting mind, body
          Frustrated                        and spirit in day to day life.
             Questioning             ?      Sage has been on the healing path for over

                                            10 years. She began her Hypnotherapy and
             Confused                       Timeline Therapy™ training in 1993. She
                                            was introduced to Reiki in 2004 and knew
                                            instantly that it was the perfect companion           The Practical
      What we're saying                     to her previous training. She discovered
                                            that because of the extensive self work she        Application of Living
      today is that you're                  had completed she was able to move quickly
             either                         through the Reiki attunement process and              Your TRUTH
                                            has since attained Mastership in the Usui
    part of the solution                    Reiki and Karuna® Reiki systems.

           or you're                        Sage believes it is time that everyone in the
    part of the problem.                    world begins to step into their own
                                            personal power. Personal power is
                – Eldridge Cleaver          empowerment and does not take power
                                            away from anyone. Each person who is
                                            willing to take a hold of their lives and heal
                                            adds to the healing of the world.

                                            Sage's commitment is to work together with
                                            all who are willing to CHANGE THE
                                            WORLD through personal empowerment.              Sage Tozeland
                                                                                             Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher
Where do you WANT to                                                                         Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
                                                                                             Timeline Therapy™ Master Practitioner
fit?                                                                                         Master Hypnotherapist
        You have the choice
                                           Sage Tozeland                                     Tel: 204-772-2948
        It can be easy and manageable
        The positive effects will ripple   Tel: 204-772-2948
        throughout your life creating      Email:
        the change you want to see in      Web:
        the world
                    Hide and Seek: The Practical Application of Living Your Truth

                                           The workshop series is a set of 4           Workshop 2 – Healing the Past:
The workshop series is designed to aid     individual workshops, each designed to      This workshop addresses and releases
people who are ready to:                   address different aspects of stepping       many of the ingrained limiting beliefs we
                                           into your Truth.                            hold about ourselves and the world
  make a change in their lives                                                         around us. This workshop includes: a
                                           Each workshop is a weekend:
  commit to their happiness                                                            Reiki level I attunement, hypnotherapy
                                           Friday 7-10 pm, Sat and Sun. 10-4 pm.
                                                                                       (clearing out the limiting beliefs and
  take control of their lives              The first workshop is a prerequisite for    replacing them with positive beliefs that
                                           the other three.                            add to your life).
  take responsibility for their impact
  on the world around them                 The next three can be taken in any            Early Registration by September 9th
                                           order.                                      Workshop 3 – Journeying with
  recognize their own personal power
                                           Each workshop is $250.00 with an            Others:
  recognize the beauty they add to the
                                           early registration price of $200.00 if      This workshop addresses how to build
                                           paid in full by the date indicated for      community, not just with those you are
  open up to new possibilities . . .       each workshop.                              already in contact with, but with
                                                                                       everyone, breaking down the barriers of
                                                                                       “us” and “them”, and understanding the
                                                                                       reality of “we”.
                                         Workshop 1 – A Paradigm Shift:
       Hide and Seek:                    This workshop addresses a necessary             Early Registration by September 30th
        Workshop Dates                   paradigm shift that is occurring in our       Workshop 4 - Shining Your Light:
                                         world: we are in control of our lives!
                                                                                       This workshop addresses how you can
A Paradigm Shift – Sept.9-11             Throughout this weekend you will be
                                                                                       most effectively live, prosper, and share
                                         introduced to ideas necessary to aid you in
Healing the Past – Sept. 16-18                                                         your light with the world, being your
                                         your shift to empowerment, ultimately
                                                                                       authentic self. Through discovering
                                         guiding you to the life you WANT to lead.
Journeying with Others – Oct. 7-9                                                      your purpose in this life you are able to
                                           Early Registration by September 2nd         address that which is preventing you from
Shining Your Light – Oct. 28-30                                                        being the amazing person you are, who
                                                                                       deserves to be happy, secure and loving.
                                                                                         Early Registration by October 21st
                                                                                                                          P   P

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