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									  boutique hair                                                                                            boutique beauty
  ladies                                                                                                   waxing

  Wash, cut and blow dry              from $65.00   Chemical straightening                                 Eyebrows                                   $15.00
  Wash and cut                        from $50.00   Opti-smooth incl treatment, cut and blow dry           Lip                                        $10.00
  Blow Dry                            from $40.00   Hot service                       from $450.00         Chin                                       $10.00
  Re-style and blow dry               from $75.00   Cold service                      from $400.00         Face                                       $25.00
                                                                                                           Half leg                                   $25.00
  Upstyles                            from $55.00   Permanent Waving incl treatment, cut and blow dry      Full leg                                   $40.00
  Iron curls                          from $40.00   Whole head                        from $170.00         3/4 leg                                    $30.00
  Weddings, Formals and Special occasions free      Half head                         from $150.00         Full arm                                   $25.00
  quotes available                                  Spiral Wave                       from $200.00         Half arm                                   $20.00
                                                                                                           Under arm                                  $15.00
                                                                                                           Bikini                             from $20.00
  colouring                                         men's                                                  G-string                           from $25.00
  Foils incl treatment, cut and blow dry            men's wash cut and finish          from $35.00         Brazilian                          from $40.00
  Whole head                        from $180.00    Clipper cut                                $20.00      men's waxing also available upon quotation
  Half head                         from $160.00    Colour and cut                     from $85.00
  T-Bar section                     from $130.00                                                           Eyelash tint                               $20.00
                                                                                                           Eyebrow tint                               $15.00
  Tinting incl treatment, cut and blow dry          children’s cutting
  Whole head                        from $145.00    0-10 yrs                           from $15.00         massage
  Roots only                        from $120.00    11-14 yrs                          from $25.00         Full body massage 45mins                   $55.00
  Semi Whole head                   from $145.00                                                           Back 30 mins                               $40.00
  Semi roots only                   from $120.00                                                           Head, Neck and shoulders 30mins            $45.00
  Toners (not incl cut, blow dry)     from $25.00
  Scalp bleach                      from $115.00    Free consultations and quotes available.               tanning
  Treatments (not incl cut, blow dry) from $15.00   Appointments not always necessary.                     Spray Tan                                  $35.00

                                                                                                           free consultations and quotes available.

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