Adornments To Make A Fantastic Wedding Reception

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                              Adornments To Make A Fantastic Wedding Reception
                                                   By Shirley Tan

   Decorating the wedding reception -- from choosing linens, centerpieces to gifts for your guests, can
often be as exciting and fun as the wedding ceremony itself. It is important to consider the appearance
of your reception, and how it can accommodate your guests for they will mostly spend their time sitting
at their table. Decorating the reception area is the perfect time for you to let your creativity flow and
create a spectacular event for your friends and family to remember for all the time.

 There are many great and creative ideas that you can use in designing your wedding reception. You
can start by thinking about table linens and how they can work well with your overall theme. Perhaps
you want to focus on a specific theme. Your theme can be anything and deciding for it can be very
personal. May choose a theme that is a time or period like retros, or perhaps season-based spring
lawn, or a color-driven design that can reflect your favorite palette.

 Your reception include several big things like tables, chairs, buffet, walls and ceiling. These are all
very important which can help bring your theme to life, plus other detailed decors and subtle touches
that will allure your guests as they sit and mingle or move around.

 Table Linens and Table Decors. Begin with thinking from a distance on what your reception would look
like if being decorated with a certain choice of table linen. Then make an up close from the perspective
of a guest sitting down to dine. From a distance, determine if your tables have a look of splendor and
elegance, or just have a simple beauty. Will they enhance the entire area with visual delight, or serve
as a neutral backdrop for something else you would rather prefer at the reception?

 The Colors. Decorated tables set the theme of your entire reception and inspire your guests when they
are seated. Choosing and using the color carefully is absolutely a smart idea. Less is more. Choose a
wedding table linen of basic white or ivory and accentuate the table with natural elegant colors of
flowers or the refinement of ribbon or decorative fabric. Or perhaps, use a colored or patterned table
linen and choose one thematic color for your table decor. Whatever color scheme you choose, a
candlelight will show it off best.

 Other Details. Your guest will spend most of their time at the reception. Other details include the
lighting. Lighting your reception tables makes an impressive attraction to your guests. Beautiful, low
light makes a wonderful glow for everyone. This is something that can make a feeling of intimacy and
passion to everyone involved. You can use candles, candelabra and floating candles.

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 To further delight your guests, add small details that brings smiles, appreciation and good
impressions. Include small beautiful wedding favors at their place settings. There are lots of adorable
wedding favors for you to choose from, of course choose the favors according to your theme also.
Popular choices are edible treats that comes in favor boxes, place card holders that can be doubled as
wedding keepsakes, miniature wedding bells, candle or soap favors, etc.

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bridal party gifts, visit the website and get some ideas.

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                                              Planning Your Wedding Reception
                                                          By Denise Sanger

 One of the hardest things about planning your wedding reception is the location. There are many
locations to choose from when planning your wedding reception, so it really depends on what type of
reception you would like to hold.

Many cities have historical sites that you can choose from when planning your wedding reception.
These historical sites can also be great locations that go along with themed weddings. Choosing
historical sites can add an authentic setting to greatly enhance the celebration of your wedding. You
can look through a cities directory to help you find historical sites and areas. Many sites and areas you
can do research on which will help you with planning your wedding reception.

Of course you can go to a diner or host your reception at a hotel, but a new trend that is happening, is
wedding receptions being hosted at museums. If you are holding a large wedding reception, then
maybe planning your wedding reception at a museum would fit your event. Museums will not only add
an elegant setting to your wedding reception, but museums can also hold a large number of guests.
You can contact your local museum and ask them about planning your wedding reception there.

If you are conducting a outdoor reception, mansion courtyards can be a great solution to host your
wedding reception. When planning your wedding reception outdoors, public parks are another great
solution. Whether you host your wedding reception at a mansion courtyard or public park, these types
of locations have great scenery already included into them. This can simplify planning your wedding
reception, letting you focus on other parts of planning your wedding reception. These outdoor locations
also include a large open space which make arrangements easier to set up.

Wherever you decide to host your wedding reception, remember that it does not have to be in the
same place as your wedding. Just remember to pick a location that will not only be easy to find for your
guests, but that will also have convenient parking for your guests. When planning your wedding
reception, make sure the site owners are willing to work with you on your planning and any
accommodations that you may need to make your wedding reception a successful one. Site owners
can help with planning your wedding reception by including other parts of the site to be used in your
wedding reception. Planning your wedding reception up to a year in advance can really help, especially
if you pick a popular location that is frequently booked.

Denise Sanger is the owner of and

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