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                                                      A Wedding on a Budget
                                                             By Laura Hardy

   According to The Bridal Association of America, the average cost of a wedding in 2009 will
sky-rocket to over thirty-thousand dollars—an increase of eleven percent from just two years before.
As weddings become more and more expensive, brides start looking for ways to save money. Little
savings here and there can really start to add up if you spend your money wisely, and on the flipside, if
brides are not careful their budgets can quickly get out of hand. One of the more expensive items when
planning a wedding is the flowers. From the bridal bouquet to bathroom arrangements, the average
bride spends over two thousand dollars in flowers by the time everything is taken care of, but if you
plan carefully, there are several ways to save money when picking out flowers for your wedding.

 The easiest way to save money when you pick out your flowers is to pick less expensive flowers.
Exotic flowers and flowers that are out of season are the most expensive flowers you can buy when
planning a wedding. Stick to flowers that are in season—this is an easy save.

 Another easy way to save money with flowers is to pick centerpieces that are not over-loaded with
flowers. The average wedding has about one-hundred and seventy guests. This means that for the
reception, depending on your table size, about twenty tables and twenty centerpieces. Any easy way to
cut cost on your centerpieces is to design half of your tables with flower arrangements and the other
half with candle arrangements. To cut costs even more, consider using a variety of vases on your
flower tables.

 Eiffel tower vases as well as trumpet vases work beautifully for flower arrangements. An eiffel tower is
exactly what it sounds like—a tall vase. They come in a variety of sizes, but all eiffel tower vases are
on the tall side. Trumpet vases are a little more subtle. They are a taller vase as well, but the curves in
this vase provide a more classic look. Larger flowers as well as bold flowers work great in these vases
because they provide a good visual proportion. The height of eiffel tower and trumpet vases allows you
some creativity in the neck of the vase. You may want to have floating petals or twisting vines leading
up to your flower arrangements. Another hot trend in decorating with vases is to light up your vases
using floralytes to bring in some color. Floralytes come in a variety of colors and last around 40 hours.
Using these two types of vases will keep you from over-loading your centerpieces with flowers without
sacrificing beauty. The vases themselves are beautiful and there are so many creative ways to
decorate with them.

When planning a wedding with a budget in mind, it is important to find ways to cut costs without

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forgetting your vision for your special day. This is one easy way to save money and get a beautiful

Laura Hardy is a writer for Wholesale Event Solutions, an online event supply company serving
wedding planners and also open to the public. At http://www.EventsWholesale.com you will find a large
selection of wedding centerpieces and supplies including eiffel tower vases, trumpet vases, and

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                                                             Wedding Budget
                                                          By George Meszaros

 Your budget will have an effect on practically everything in your wedding. Everything from the number
of people you can invite, the location of your reception, the food that is served is going to be influenced
by your budget. Don’t think of your budget as a bad thing. Look at it objectively not emotionally.

A budget doesn’t just happen. You have to plan it carefully. Without a carefully planned budget, your
journey to plan the perfect wedding could quickly turn into a nightmare. Whether you are planning a
wedding hosted in your backyard or a formal event with 500 guests, you are going to have to deal with
a budget.

You should start with an amount that you or your parents can afford. If it is $15,000, but you want a
wedding that will cost at least $30,000 you have a lot of work ahead of you. You may not have enough
to for everything that you can imagine, but you may have enough for the essentials.

Don’t start shopping before you have your budget. You should, however, do your homework. Research
how much everything costs as you work on your budget. Your budget should include items that you
must purchase or pay for and items that may be substituted without expense. If you may be able to
have a friend video your wedding, it may be a great way to cut costs. If you have to have your
reception at a reception hall, you know from the beginning that it is an expense that cannot be

You have to know what are the must haves in your wedding and how much you are willing to pay for it.
Don’t meet with a reception venue manager or a caterer before your budget is set. It is not wise to try
to come up with your budget as you go.

The most important concept for you to keep in mind that you will find everything that you need for
almost any budget. It may require a lot of work, but if you are willing to do the research you can make it

Author: George Meszaros with http://www.sweet-reflections.com

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