A Perfect Time to Plan a Bridal Shower Party Again!

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                                    A Perfect Time to Plan a Bridal Shower Party Again!
                                                           By Janet R.

   Wedding season is nearly coming. While thousands of married-to-be are planning for their season
wedding, friends, family and colleagues are getting busy planning for the bride's shower party. Though
hosting a bridal shower party can be very tough, the fact that you have something in store to surprise
the bride-to-be is a lot more meaningful and priceless that any bride would cherish. In the midst of the
excitement of hearing there the buzz that there would be a wedding, ladies sometimes lose their mind.
They tend to offer a shower party so quickly without knowing lots of challenges awaits them. Some
girls have never been to a shower party ad don't have any idea what goes on at one. Other have been
to one or more and have found out that shower party is as easy as one-two-three. But the thing is, to
notice and understand how the party will go is indeed easy, but to work with it is questionable.

 Who should Invite? Guests are very important in a bridal shower party. Well, people that should be
included in your list are relatives, friends and colleagues of the bride. Often times, a bride will have two
or even three showers, one for family, one at work and another one with girlfriends. If it isn't a surprise,
you may talk to the bride what she would prefer. Should you invite males too? It depends on the kind of
party you are planning to have, if it is a coed party then males can be very interesting guests too.

 If you have this high sense of imagination, you may tend to think outside the box which is very exciting
and interesting also. You could always have a one of a kind party which often others don't have. The
party can be at the park, wine cafe, on a boat, beach or even sports field.

 The food isn't actually an issue. There is no rule that says the guests should have a full course meal.
You always consider serving even just cookies or maybe nice desserts. Or if your are creative enough,
feel free to include other ideas that comes from your own creative imagination.

 Of course, you don't want to forget planning for the shower games. The games serve as the ice
breaker of the affair. There are different games you may consider to create a big laugh for everyone.
Whether they traditional or modern silly games, they should be served with reflection of the couple.

 For shower favors, of course choices are countless. Choose favors that fits the party. This means
whatever party theme you have, it is always smart to purchase favors that suits the affair. Just like
decors, party favors should work well in the party. A simple favor might be over looked in an elegant

Bridal Shower Plans
Information and etiquette on bridal shower planning.
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shower and sophisticated favor can be too much in a simple, casual party.

 Shower Gifts are of course one of the highlights. It is indeed true, in fact the bridal shower is a perfect
time to shower the bride-to-be with lots and lots of gifts before she will make a one step higher and
become the groom's wife. However, the bride may also give gifts in return. Of course, top on the list
are gifts for bridesmaids and maid of honor. Gifts for attendant could be anything, from personalized
totes, engraved compact mirrors, shirts for bridesmaids to engravable jewelry.

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                                                   Bridal Shower Countdown
                                                       By George Meszaros

 The most important first lesson about having the best possible bridal shower is careful party planning.
If your bridal shower is carefully planned, it will be not only more organized but a world of fun. Paying
attention to details is what makes a great bridal shower. If you treat your bridal shower just like any
other project, you have a good chance of making it a success. Proper planning is the most important
first step to take toward a great bridal shower.

The following list can serve as a simple outline for your overall bridal shower planning. Follow the
outline to help plan the bridal shower. Be sure to check or underline each completed task, so you can
concentrate on the incomplete items. It is also helpful to use actual dates to meet your deadlines.

First steps

· The most important first step is to select the appropriate date and time. Be sure to check with the
most important participants, and make sure the date works for everyone. · Set your budget · Select
the place (A favorite restaurant is a great location, but a friends house works on a limited budget.) ·
Prepare your guest list

Five to six weeks prior the bridal shower

· Select method of invitations (You can save money by sending e-invitations.) · Make a decision about
the shower theme

One month prior to the bridal shower date

· Send out the shower invitations · Decide on food (Select caterer or restaurant if you wish to use one)
· Research bridal shower keepsake favors

Two weeks before the bridal shower

· Based on RSVPs from the invited bridal shower guests make final arrangements regarding food and
other planned activities

Last minute preparations

· Contact caterer or restaurant (if you use one) to make sure they are ready for the shower party · Put
together any accessories you plan to use for the bridal shower · Wrap gifts · Make sure a video
recorder and cameras are available to record the bridal shower

George Meszaros

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