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									                       April at The Butterfly Club
Our congratulations to Tom Dickins and Jennifer Kingwell for winning the
Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Cabaret last night (Sunday). Their show
„Where Was I‟ premiered at The Butterfly Club for the full three weeks of the
Melbourne Fringe Festival last year.

Last year Tom also won The Butterfly Club‟s annual „Under Our Wing Award‟,
which is given to outstanding emerging cabaret performers who in our opinion
deserve much more recognition than they are currently receiving. Previous
winners include Tim Minchin (2003) and Sammy J (2006).

Out of the six shows shortlisted for the Adelaide Fringe Festival cabaret award
(from a total of 59 eligible shows), another two are part of our line-up for the
upcoming Melbourne International Comedy Festival („In Search of Atlantis‟
and „When The Sex Is Gone‟).

Our Melbourne International Comedy Festival season features Australia‟s
hottest, hand-picked award-winning acts:

   winner of the 2010 Raw Comedy Competition – Victoria (SING US A
   winner of the 2009 Melbourne Fringe „Best Newcomer‟ and „Best Cabaret‟
   awards (WHEN THE SEX IS GONE)
   winner of the 2009 Melbourne Fringe / Melbourne Cabaret Festival
   Professional Development Award (IN SEARCH OF ATLANTIS)
   winner of the 2009 Popular Choice Award at Short+Sweet Cabaret (I
   winner of the 2009 Groggy Squirrel Readers Choice Award for Most

Looking ahead:
Inspiring Brisbane singer / songwriter Emma Dean returns to Melbourne
Thurs 6 to Sat 8 May.

For interviews with any of the following performers, or for high resolution
images, please reply by return email or call David Read on 0402 099 222.

                             The Butterfly Club
                      204 Bank Street, South Melbourne
                               Tel 9690 2000

                Tuesday through Sunday from 5.00 pm til late

      Celebrating more than ten years as Melbourne’s best alternative night out
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‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Best Cabaret’
winner of the 2009 Melbourne Fringe


A hilarious portrait of eroticism as told
by a broken-hearted hermaphrodite.
Charlie Martini & Alastair Estaire, a
stripper and a boxer, inhabiting the one
body, muse over a life lived in the dark    Dates / time: 10.30 pm every
belly of desire. A unique story with        Thursday, Friday and Saturday of
original songs, this comic cabaret show     the festival (25-27 March; 1-3, 8-10,
is ‘guaranteed to SHOCK and AMAZE.’         15-17 April)
                                            Ticket price: $22 full / $18 concession
WINNER 2009 MELBOURNE AIRPORT               and for groups of 8 or more
AWARD                                       Bookings:
‘BEST NEWCOMER’                             Duration: 75 minutes approx
WINNER 2009 MELBOURNE FRINGE                Written and performed by Tommy
‘BEST CABARET’                              Bradson, with the assistance of
                                            Jacqueline Morton (aka „Boris‟).

Winner: 2009 Melbourne Fringe
‘Melbourne Cabaret Festival
Professional Development Award’

In a time since past, two courageous
explorers begin a dangerous journey
to discover the lost city of Atlantis.
Armed with nothing but a guitar and
                                             Dates: 18 March – 4 April (shows
mandolin, these brave young men
                                             Thursdays to Sundays) Previews
traverse into the unknown to find the
                                             18– 21 March
sunken city. A musical comedy of epic
                                             Times: 7.00 pm (Sundays 6.00 pm)
proportions, these men will take you
                                             Tickets: $22 full / $17 concession
on a journey the likes of which have
                                             and for groups of 8 or more / $15
never been seen.
Created and performed by Tim Mager
                                             Duration: 50 minutes approx
and Kai Smythe.
Produced by Tessa Waters.
                                             Become a Facebook fan:
                                             Listen to them on Myspace:
Fairdog presents
Anne Edmonds in
Anne Edmonds (Tough at the Top, ABC
online) has been watching you ... out the
front of your house ... at night ... with
binoculars. If you‟re lucky you‟ll end up
as one of her characters. If not, you‟ll
end up in a skin suit under her house.       Dates: Tuesday 23 March to Sunday
                                             4 April (no shows Mon 29 March)
A night of stories, songs and „special‟      Times: Tue / Wed / Sun at 8.00 pm
guests.                                      Thu / Fri / Sat at 9.00 pm
                                             Ticket price: $15 on Tuesdays; other
‘Anne Edmonds. One to watch. And not         nights $22 full / $17 concession and
just because she's talented but because      for groups of 8 or more
she'll nick your wallet’ – Catherine         Bookings:
Deveny                                       Duration: 50 minutes approx
                                             More info:

Strange Bedfellow Productions
Frankston is dead. An extremist local
Mayor has been voted in, banning
musical theatre. What was once a
happy-go-lucky outer-suburban ghetto
by the sea, where musical-theatre           Dates: Thu 8 to Sun 11 April; then
gangs serenaded teenage mums in the         Thu 15 to Sun 18 April
mall, has been transformed into a world     Times: All Thurs to Sat at 7.00pm; all
where the sun doesn‟t shine and it‟s no     Sunday shows at 6.00pm
longer legal for straight men to act gay.
                                            Ticket price: $25 full / $20 concession
But when two young musical men with         and for groups of 8 or more
a passion for football and jazz ballet      Bookings:
stage a protest show, there are             Duration: 60 minutes approx
fireworks in the Centre link queue. Can     Become a Facebook fan:
these musical rebels convince the 
townsfolk to reconsider?
                                            ‘I Heart Frankston is a great
Featuring: Gerard Lane, Adrian Portell      piece...adored by those who will never
& Laura Burzacott.                          tire of jokes about Frankston’ – ArtsHub
Directed by Bryce Ives
                                            Winner Most Popular Award 2009
                                            Short+Sweet Cabaret
Karin Muiznieks in

What‟s wrong with society?
Everything! It‟s time we started a
brand spankin‟ new one. We've just
gotta overthrow a couple of
governments, liberate some people
and solve a few pressing global
concerns like war, famine, greed and
Charlie Sheen.

From the creator of World War
Wonderful, winner of the Groggy         Dates: Tuesday 6 to Sunday 18
Squirrel 'Readers Choice Award' for     April (no shows Mon 12)
Most Popular Show in the 2009           Times: Tue / Wed / Sun at 8.00 pm
Melbourne Comedy Festival.              Thu / Fri / Sat at 9.00 pm
                                        Ticket price: $27 full / $22 concession
‘The next woman to take over the        and for groups of 8 or more
cabaret comedy scene – and quickly’     Bookings:
– ArtsHub                               Duration: 60 minutes approx

                                        ‘Fiercely intelligent, laugh-out-loud
                                        funny’ – The Groggy Squirrel

                                        ‘Karin Muiznieks is a talented, witty,
                                        intelligent and clever woman, but a
                                        twisted one just the same’ –


Made up of a series of hilarious and
heart-wrenching monologues, The
Vagina Monologues relates to the
vagina through rape, orgasm, love,
sex, menstruation, mutilation, birth
and masturbation. Through this, it
shows how the vagina is a tool for
female empowerment and the
ultimate embodiment of individuality.
                                        Dates: Thurs 22 to Sun 25 April
                                        Times: Thurs to Sat at 7.00pm;
                                        Sunday at 6.00pm
                                        Ticket price: $22 full / $17 concession
                                        and for groups of 8 or more
                                        Duration: 90 minutes approx
Jacob Diefenbach in

Contemplating botox? Does the
prospect of your impending high
school reunion induce vomiting? Is
Cash Converters the only „viable‟
solution to your financial woes?        Dates / time: Thurs 22 to Sat 24 April,
Embrace your inner Loser. He‟s          all shows at 9.00 pm
more common than you know. And          Ticket price: $22 full / $17 concession
who knows … maybe we can be             and for groups of 8 or more
losers together, and it‟s okay?         Bookings:
                                        Duration: 60 minutes approx

DEBUT                                     Dates: Tues 27 April to Sun 2 May
Six nights. 15 fabulous up and            Times: Tue / Wed at 8pm; Thurs /
coming singers.                           Fri / Sat at 7pm; Sun at 6pm
                                          Ticket price: $22 full / $17 concession
The singing students of Sally Bourne      and for groups of 8 or more
(Shane Warne the Musical) and             Bookings:
Melissa Langton (We Will Rock You)        Duration: 60 minutes approx
present Debut.

An evening of song and comedy
featuring the talents of Brittni Giles,
Simon Abrahams, Keyane Dalton,
Alana Tranter, Zulieka Kahn, Michelle
Brasier, Rebekah Davis, Stephanie
Evison-Willlimas, Ellen Sutton,
Phoebe Coupe & Zoe McDonald.

These students have been training in
voice for over three years and it‟s
time for them to come out and show
you what they‟ve got. With music
ranging from Broadway to folk to rock
to soul and some original songs too,
Debut promises to be a night of
exciting new talent and great songs.

Come along and see the next big

THE BUTTERFLY GLEE CLUB                         Dates / times:
TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS                         Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 6.15 pm
Forget yoga. Forget All-Bran. Forget            Tickets: $10
colonic irrigation. If you really want to       Bookings: or just
do something that makes you feel good           turn up
inside – just SING. And what better             More info:
place to sing out than at THE                   Duration: one hour approx
sing-along choir in town. Come along            “An inspired group sing-a-long” – Beat
and sing as loudly or softly as you like        Magazine
– there are no solos, no microphones            “A rad singalong choir” – The Pun
and no commitment to come every

conducted by the gorgeous and
talented Vicky Jacobs (Multi Green
Room Award Nominee for Musical
Direction). Tuesday nights is hosted by
international cabaret and music theatre
star Chelsea Plumley.

Our approaching to programming shows
In a typical week, our performance programming runs like this:
Tuesday             6.15pm Glee Club    8.00pm Monthly Show

Wednesday           6.15pm Glee Club    8.00pm Monthly Show
Thursday                  7.00pm Preview Show
                                                   Headline Show
                                                   9.00pm                         10.30pm
Friday                    7.00pm Preview Show
                                                   Headline Show                  House Show
                                                   9.00pm                         10.30pm
Saturday                  7.00pm Preview Show
                                                   Headline Show                  House Show
Sunday         6.00pm Preview Show
                                        Headline Show

Headline Shows: Seasoned performers; proven high quality shows
Preview Shows: New shows by seasoned performers or newcomers
House Shows: Popular shows tailored for a late night audience

Normally, Preview and Headline Shows each run for four nights (Thurs to Sun), then change
weekly. The late night House Shows and Tuesday or Wednesday shows may run for weeks or

This approach means we host well over 100 different shows each year, most of them new
works, making us one of Australia‟s leading showcase venues.

While we welcome all forms of cabaret, we favour those that reflect the style of performance
for which cabaret was originally created – shows that satirise or reflect contemporary life and
enlighten audiences, presented in an intimate environment.

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