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									                          Black Lotus Yoga Studios
                                Observing Ourselves in Action

                                    yoga timetable january
   Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday             Friday               Saturday                Sunday

                      Open                                                    Open                Beginners
                  6.30am Jacqui                                           6.30am Jacqui         8am Sue-ellen
                     Practice           Open              Practice            Open                  Open                Monthly 10am
                      10am          10am Sue-ellen         10am           10am Sue-ellen        10am Sue-ellen          Charity class
   Monday to
                                                                              Open                 Beginners
                                                                          10am Sue-ellen        10am Rebecca

     Open            Beginners           Open              Open
 6.30pm Jacqui     6.30pm John      6.30pm Rebecca    6.30pm Sue-ellen        Sue-ellen Kohler, Robyn Adler, Jacqui Simmonds,
                                                                          John Doucas, and Ellie Youdale are Certified Iyengar
                      Open              Beginners         Beginners                                             Yoga Teachers
                 6.30pm Sue-ellen    6.30pm Jacqui    6.30pm Rebecca

                                    Please check the website for the most current timetable information before coming to class.

        beginners classes                            All Classes are taught in the tradition of BKS IYengar –this
            dec-jan                                  method of teaching and practicing yoga is famous
                                                     for its unique use of props to help students to practice
During december and january courses                  the poses safely and effectively. Beginners courses
   for beginners will be replaced by                 have small class sizes and are $72/$108/ $144 for 4, 6
  casual classes in conjunction with a               or 8 weeks. For those with more experience we have a
 special offer where 2 people (where
                                                     weekly timetable of open classes, lunch time classes and
at least one person has not attended
black lotus previously) can attend one               practice times. Prices range from $12 to $20 per class. We
  class for the price of a single class.             also run classes and workshops for children – Yippee-i-
 **please note that the school will be               yoga. Check the website for details of intensives, retreats
          closed on 26th Jan.                        and workshops.

                                                     We have a natural therapies centre with a range of
                                                     modalities and experienced practitioners. Check the
                                                     “Lotus Pod” on the website to find out about our calendar
                                                     of exciting umbrella events of concerts, workshops and
                                                     other classes at the studios. Check out our online shop
                                                     for yoga props.

                                                     BLYS classes are 1 ½ hours (lunchtime classes are 1 hr)
                                                     and the school is open 30 mins before each class. All
                                                     yoga equipment is supplied. Wear comfortable clothing,
                                                     have clean bare feet and don’t eat a heavy meal for 3
                                                     hours before your class time. You need to let the teacher
                                                     know if you have any medical conditions, if you are
                                                     pregnant or menstruating.

                                                                     1st floor, cnr gladstone & wilford sts, enmore
                                                                                sue-ellen kohler • director
                                                                           tel 02 9519 3002 • fax 02 9519 3776

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