Millionaires Jr. “A” Hockey: Over 100 Years of History
                                                                including Eddie Shore, Sid Abel, John Ferguson, Bryan Propp,
                      name Millionaires is synonymous with      Ron Hextall, Kelly Buchberger, Tim Cheveldae and the most
               Melville — people rarely think of Melville with- recent, Wade Brookbank, Chris Kunitz and Brett Clark.
               out conjuring images or memories of the storied      But it’s not just sending players to the pros that motivates the
               hockey franchise.                                      Millionaires. Players have gone on to excel in Canadian
               The Millionaires and their predecessors                  and American college and university hockey.
have been around since 1908 and this year they’re                           The Millionaires have seen a lot of changes over the
emarking on a new century looking for that elusive                       years with players and coaches coming and going but
Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League championship.                          none may be as big as the possible move to a new home
    While the senior teams of the early 1900s enjoyed a                 in the near future.
lot of success on the ice, the modern day franchise has yet                      The aging Melville Stadium, a building with a lot
to hang a championship banner in the rafters.                      of its own history, is nearing the end of its lifespan and a new
    The club came close in 1994, losing the title series to the era for the franchise may be right around the corner with the
Flin Flon Bombers in seven games: that series still tugs at the construction of a new communiplex that could start as early as
heart strings of everyone who was in the Melville Stadium that  this year.
night. Fans watched the                                                                                   The Mils are one of 12
Millionaires come close                                                                                teams in the current SJHL
again last season, losing the                                                                          with 60+ games in the sea-
championship series to the                                                                             son, beginning in mid-
Humboldt Broncos in five                                                                               September and culminating
games. The 2007-2008 sea-                                                                              with the Credit Union Cup
son saw the Mils edged out                                                                             championship series in
in       the      Sherwood                                                                             April.
Conference final.                                                                                         Other teams in the league
    One       thing       the                                                                          hail from Saskatchewan
Millionaires have consis-                                                                              centres      like    Yorkton,
tently produced over the                                                                               Estevan, North Battleford
years is talent — several                    2008-09 Melville Millionaires                             and Notre Dame.
players and coaches have
gone on to successful
careers in the pro ranks,

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