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					Bachelor of Arts - Behavioural Science
UNDA Course Code 3009 – CRICOS Code 056157E

                                                                             This degree is for people who want to work in the domain of human
Why study at Notre Dame?
                                                                             services to develop the physical, psychological and social health of
The University of Notre Dame Australia presents students with a unique
                                                                             individuals, families and communities.
educational opportunity, a mixture of tradition and youthful vitality.
As a Notre Dame student you will experience a personalised education,
from the time you make your application for admission right through          Notre Dame’s Behavioural Science graduates are out in the workforce
until graduation and beyond. You will be selected using a broad              after three years, and ready to work in a variety of jobs including welfare
assessment of your capacity to succeed at Notre Dame and your                or community employment, human resources, advertising and
suitability to the standard and style of university education which we       management. Graduates might also work within businesses,
offer. We recognise the importance of life experience, personal goals,       communities, and public bodies in the development of programs to
aspirations and professional ambition, as well as your ATAR, in our          improve health at an individual, organisational and community level.
selection criteria. Our student body is diverse and you will learn a great   Please note that this degree does not train students for employment as
deal from the various backgrounds and experiences which you will             a psychologist.
encounter on campus.
Our academic staff are committed to the teaching and pastoral care of        The Bachelor of Arts degree
all students. They are able to work closely with students in relatively      The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is specifically designed to give those
small classes.                                                               who undertake it the opportunity of combining a broad general
Your education at Notre Dame will allow you to learn both in and out of      education with linguistic, analytic and critical thinking skills that are
the classroom. You will have the opportunity during your studies at          readily transferable from one career to another. With the permission of
Notre Dame to undertake practicum, clinical placements, internships          the Dean, students may include in their Bachelor of Arts degree units
and/or industry experience to enable you to apply theory in real-life        chosen from the curriculum of other Colleges. The BA degree can also
professional settings.                                                       be combined as a double degree with another in Law or Commerce.

Notre Dame will provide you with a national and international network in     Resources for units in the Bachelor of Arts program range from the
which to study. If you wish, you may be able to complete part of your        traditional to the most contemporary, from ancient texts to the internet.
degree at our Fremantle or Broome Campuses. Notre Dame also has              The degree may be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis.
strong exchange and study abroad relationships with a network of             Students who demonstrate higher levels of ability may be invited to
excellent Catholic universities and Colleges in Europe and the United        undertake an additional Honours year. The Honours degree is the
States of America. You may be able to spend a semester or year               normal path to postgraduate degrees at Masters and Doctoral level.
abroad as part of your study plan.
                                                                             Planning a Bachelor of Arts degree
The breadth of education and the high quality, practical, professional
                                                                             The Bachelor of Arts is a three-year degree comprising 24 semester
training that students receive at Notre Dame develops graduates who
                                                                             length units, with students typically undertaking four units each
are identified and sought in the business and wider community for their
                                                                             semester. The BA degree at Notre Dame follows the classical model in
‘work readiness’ and their values and attitudes.
                                                                             which a student pursues at least one discipline for the full length of the
The Notre Dame experience is unique. We believe you will complete            degree.
your course with satisfaction and fulfilment, and hope that you develop
into a leader in your professional community.                                Most students in the BA degree choose to undertake a second major (8
                                                                             units) or minor (6 units), thus fulfilling the requirements in two distinct,
Behavioural Science                                                          although often related, disciplines. The purpose of providing a broad
Many modern careers require professional skills in understanding             range of options within the Bachelor of Arts structure is to enable
human behaviour. The Behavioural Science major was created to                students to build a stimulating and varied program whilst at the same
provide these skills by allowing students to complete formal studies in      time graduating at the end of the three years with genuine in-depth
human behaviour and to potentially combine them with a second                knowledge in their chosen fields.
specialist subject area.
Behavioural Science at Notre Dame is concerned with the achievement          Course outline
of optimal health and human functioning, preventing human distress           The Behavioural Science major teaches a broad range of skills which
and developing healthy personal and interpersonal behaviours between         make graduates effective communicators and problem solvers - vital for
people. It is based on the premise of social justice and equity for all      careers that involve working with people. These skills include
people and concerns itself with the practical application of such            interpersonal and listening skills, teamwork, negotiation skills,
principles to human service programs.                                        behavioural analysis of problems and the evaluation of options, report
The course uses specialised knowledge developed in the disciplines of        writing, research techniques and computer applications. Students are
Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology to train human service                expected to develop the capacity to translate and apply psychological
professionals with a high level of expertise in human behaviour and          knowledge to achieve practical results in regards to human issues.
behavioural change.
The three-year Bachelor of Arts degree combines formal studies in
individual, group and community behaviour within the specialist
Behavioural Science major.
Course structure                                                                                   Mode of study & assessment
Students completing a major in Behavioural Science within the Bachelor                             Students may undertake study as a part-time or full-time student,
of Arts will study the following Behavioural Science units:                                        commencing in First Semester (February) or in Second Semester
• Introduction to Behavioural Science                                                              (August), subject to unit availability. The assessment of competency in
                                                                                                   each unit consists of tutorial performance, a number of assignments or
                                                                                                   projects during the semester and a final examination.
• Themes and Perspective
PLUS                                                                                               Study Abroad & Exchange opportunities
• Developmental Psychology                                                                         Notre Dame has strong links with Universities in Europe and North
• Culture and Society                                                                              America. Students may have the opportunity of completing part of their
• Health Psychology                                                                                degree at a partner institution through an Exchange or a Study Abroad
                                                                                                   program run during the Winter Term or in either semester of their final
• Social Psychology
• The Psychology of Work
• Professional Practice in Behavioural Science                                                     Successful study
• Community: Policy and Development                                                                At Notre Dame we emphasize the value of the human person and the
                                                                                                   importance of maintaining an ethical way of life. All students undertake
Other major areas of study                                                                         studies in Philosophy, Ethics and Theology – dealing with issues that go
The University of Notre Dame Australia offers the following areas of                               to the very heart of participation in public life.
study at its Sydney Campus:                                                                        We also require students to complete a unit in Communication. This is
• Communications                                                                                   a foundation unit that will introduce students to the skills essential to
                                                                                                   successful university study and help them to adjust to a new learning
• English Literature
• Film and Screen Production
                                                                                                   Excellence is rewarded at our annual Awards Night, at which
• History
                                                                                                   outstanding students in each discipline receive commendations and
• Journalism and Media                                                                             prizes and creative student production is showcased.
• Management
• Marketing                                                                                        Career opportunities
• Mathematics                                                                                      Behavioural Science graduates have valuable skills that make them
• Philosophy                                                                                       attractive to a wide range of employers and organisations. Depending
• Politics and International Relations                                                             upon the choice of units and the specialisations a student pursues, it is
• Social Justice                                                                                   possible to gain employment in areas such as:
• Sociology                                                                                        • advertising & the media
• Theatre Studies                                                                                  • community development and service
• Theology                                                                                         • environmental & social impact assessment
                                                                                                   • Government departments, including the Department of Health
Elective units                                                                                       Department, the Department of Education and Disability services
Students may also be able to select elective units from the following                              • health promotion
                                                                                                   • Indigenous organisations
• Aboriginal Studies
                                                                                                   • marketing & business
• Counselling
                                                                                                   • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

Double degree                                                                                      • personnel & human resources
The Bachelor of Arts (major: Behavioural Science) combines well with                               • training & professional development
other areas and many students take the opportunity to gain in-depth                                • youth work
experience across more than one area of study, thereby enhancing
their employment opportunities. Some degrees that Behavioural                                      Further Information
Science combines well with include                                                                 The information contained in this publication is designed as a basic
• Bachelor of Commerce                                                                             course description. If you would like further information regarding the
• Bachelor of Laws                                                                                 course, or information pertaining to admissions, fees or the University
                                                                                                   itself, please contact the Prospective Students Office on (02) 8204 4404
                                                                                                   or at
Practical component
Internships, an extended form of service learning, form a vital part of the                        All international enquiries may be directed to the International Students
Behavioural Science program.                                                                       Office at
The Internship requirement of six weeks work within an organisation                                Visit our web site at
allows for productive, first-hand experience of how people engage with
one another, communicate and operate together in a work or
community setting. Students may undertake specific projects or tasks,
engage in directed research, facilitate groups, write reports and/or
develop specific projects or program initiatives.

DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                                                  ADMISSIONS OFFICE
For further information on The University of Notre Dame Australia and the                            If you have already applied for a place at The University of Notre Dame Australia,
Admissions Process, contact the Prospective Students Office                                          contact the Admissions Office on
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