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									                                                                 Mr. Choo’s Party Packs
      Party Pack A - 16 people                                                                     Party Pack C - 32 people
      Select 2 party pack entrees                                                                  Select 4 party pack entrees
      Select 2 party pack side orders                                                              Select 4 party pack side orders
      Fortune Cookies                                                                              Fortune Cookies

      Party Pack B - 24 people                                                                     Party Pack D - Larger Groups
      Select 3 party pack entrees                                                                  Inquire about bigger parties
      Select 3 party pack side orders
      Fortune Cookies

1.          Select your party pack:                                                    Catering Order Form
               Party Pack A (16)            Party Pack B (24)                Party Pack C (32)            Party Pack D (Larger Groups)

2.          Select from the following party pack entrees:
               Sweet and sour boneless pork                 Curry chicken                            Szechuan chicken
               Honey garlic boneless pork                   Deep fried prawns                        Sesame chicken
               Sweet and sour chicken balls                 Beef in black bean sauce                 Breaded almond chicken
               Honey garlic chicken balls                   Beef and broccoli                        Lemon chicken
               Hot & honey mustard chicken                  Orange chicken                           Kung pao shrimp
               Mixed vegetable chop suey                    Shanghai noodles                         Kung pao chicken
               Crispy ginger beef
            * Extra charge for any seafood entree selections.

3.          Select your party pack side orders:
               Steamed rice                                 Chow mein                                Fried rice

4.          Select any appetizers:
               Egg rolls                                    Wonton soup

Total Order Amount (taxes not included)                 $



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