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AuStrAliAn ShipbuilderS ASSociAtion


AuStrAliAn ShipbuilderS ASSociAtion

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PO	Box	756,	Ashmore	City	Qld	4214	Australia
     phone:    +61	7	5597	3522
     Fax:	     +61	7	5597	3566

Since the late 1970s, Australian                  •	   fast	passenger	ferries;
shipbuilders’ innovative designs                  •	   fast	car	and	passenger	ferries;
and construction techniques                       •	   high	speed	ocean	freight	vessels;
have established Australia as the                 •	   high	speed	patrol/rescue	boats;
world leader in the production of                 •	   offshore	supply	vessels;
lightweight high speed ferries.                   •	   fishing	trawlers	and	boats;
these skills have also been utilised              •	   marine	equipment	and	furnishings.
for the production of a large number
of ships including offshore crew/                 ASA’s Goals
supply boats, fishing boats, patrol
                                                  The	prime	functions	of	the	ASA	continue	to	
and other naval vessels.                          be:
The	shipbuilding	industry	of	Australia	           •	 to	develop	programs	to	market	and	
contributes	substantially	to	the	nation’s	           promote	the	industry	nationally	and	
economy	through	exports,	regional	                   internationally;
development,	employment	and	training.             •	 to	provide	assistance	to	members	in	
                                                     the	development	of	marketing	plans	
ASA’s role                                           and	strategies	including	the	provision	of	
                                                     market	data	and	information;
The	Australian	Shipbuilders	Association	(ASA)	
                                                  •	 to	further	develop	industry	networks	and	
represents	a	wide	range	of	stakeholders	in	
                                                     relations	with	Government;
the	industry	including	R&D,	design,	equipment	
suppliers,	government	departments,	as	well	as	    •	 to	assist	in	the	formulation	of	activities	to	
shipbuilders.                                        enhance	existing	technology	and	facilities	
                                                     for	design,	construction	and	delivery;	and	
The	role	of	the	ASA	is	to	provide	collective	     •	 to	protect	and	promote	the	reputation	of	
representation	to	various	governments,	the	          the	Australian	shipbuilding	industry.
International	Maritime	Organisation	(IMO),	the	
National	Marine	Safety	Commitee	and	media.
                                                  ASA members’ international
The	ASA	is	the	primary	networking	forum	for	      competitive advantages include:
the	shipbuilding	industry	of	Australia.
                                                  •	 innovative	design;
On	behalf	of	the	Australian	shipbuilding	         •	 advanced	materials	and	construction	
industry,	the	ASA	markets	and	promotes	              techniques;
Australian	shipbuilders’	competitive	edge	in	     •	 high	quality	fitout	and	finish;
production	of	vessels	for:
                                                  •	 workforce	capability	and	flexibility;
•	 passenger	and	vehicle	transportation;          •	 delivery	to	buyer	requirements;
•	 cargo	transportation	(in	particular,	low	      •	 value	for	money.
   volume	high	value-added	cargo);
•	 fishing	vessels;
•	 navy,	coastal	patrol,	law	enforcement	and	
   military	operations;	and
•	 recreation	(tourism)	and	luxury	class	

ASA	members	produce	a	range	of	commercial,	
luxury	and	naval	vessels	and	associated	
marine	equipment.	Areas	in	which	members	
are	strong	international	competitors	include:

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