ECH Winter Dance - Fire _ Ice ECH and HGTC Spring Semester by fdjerue7eeu


horry county early college high school newsletter                             Volume 3, Issue 6
                                                                              January 5, 2009

         ECH Winter Dance - Fire & Ice                                      Dates to
                    Students are invited to attend the winter
                    dance on Friday, January 16, 7:00 - 10:00 pm.       ECH Semester Exams
                    The dance is sponsored by the ECH Student           January 6 - 9
                    Council and BE2. This year’s dance is being
                                                                        End-of Course Testing
                    held at the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes in the
                                                                        Algebra I - January 6
                    Nautilus Ballroom. Tickets are $10 and must be      English I - January 7
                    purchased no later than noon on Tuesday,            Physical Science - January 8
                    January 13.
                                                                        ECH & HGTC Spring
A photographer will be available with a $10 photo package which will    Semester Begins
include one 5 X 7 and four wallet- sized photos. Students should        Monday, January 12
bring cash for the photos. Ladies should wear dresses or a dressy       ECH Early Dismissal
pantsuit, and men should wear slacks with a coat and tie.               January 16, 11:50 am
When: Friday, January16                                                 ECH Winter Dance
Time: 7:00 - 10:00 pm                                                   January 16, 7:00 - 10:00 pm
Where: Nautilus Ballroom, Marina Inn at Grande Dunes in Myrtle
        Beach. This is just off Bypass 17 near Grand Strand             Student Holidays
        Hospital and the Dixie Stampede on the Intercoastal Waterway.   January 19 & 20*
Cost: $10. Tickets must be purchased by noon on Tuesday, Jan. 13.       *HGTC in session

                                                                        COMPASS Testing-
              ECH and HGTC Spring Semester                              Freshmen Only - Reading
                                                                        Sophomores Only - Writing
                                                                        January 21 - 31
          Students will begin a new schedule on Monday, January 12.
          This date differs from the Horry County Schools calendar as   Report Cards Issued
the HGTC Spring semester begins on this date and many of our stu-       January 23
dents are now enrolled with HGTC. All students will begin a new
schedule of classes both high school and college.                       1st Semester Student
                                                                        Thursday, January 29 or
The calendar for Horry County Schools/Early College High School
                                                                        Monday, February 2
and Horry Georgetown Technical College differs on a few dates this      By appointment
spring. Students taking certain college courses will be required to
attend school on dates that are considered student holidays by Horry
County Schools. Transportation will be provided.
     See page 2 of this issue of ECHo for more information.
                                                                                                page 2

                IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR                                   HCS SPRING SEMESTER
                    PARENTS & STUDENTS                                              2009
                         HGTC Spring Semester 2009                       January 19 Student Holiday
                                                                         January 20* Student Holiday
With approximately 170 of our Early College students enrolled in         February 16* Student Holiday
college classes for Spring semester, it is important to note the class   March 25      Early Dismissal
dates for both Horry County Schools and Horry Georgetown                 April 6 - 13* Spring Break
Technical College.                                                       May 25        Student Holiday
                                                                         June 5       Last day of classes
One major difference is Spring Break. The HGTC break week is
March 16 - 20. The HCS break is April 6 - 13. The ECH staff has
arranged with the HGTC administration to provide alternate learn-
ing opportunities for April 6 -10. Plans for attendance March 16 -
20 will differ based upon individual student’s college and high
                                                                           HGTC SPRING SEMESTER
school schedules. Students will be held responsible for college
course assignments April 6 - 10. Students may elect to attend col-
lege classes during the HCS Spring Break. No transportation will be      January 12 Classes begin
provided April 6, 7, 8, or 9. Students with MW college classes           January 19 No Classes
should plan to attend class on April 13.                                 March 16 – 20 Spring Break
                                                                         March 30 Registration begins
Individual students will need to make plans to attend school on the                 for Fall 2009
following dates if this is a day that he/she has college classes         April 10 Spring Holiday
scheduled: Tuesday, January 20, Monday, February 16, Monday,             April 30 – May 5 Exams
April 13, and the afternoon of Wednesday, March 25. Students             May 8      Students can view
must check their Spring schedules to determine specifics about                      grades beginning
dates and times. Bus transportation will be provided.                               at12:30 pm

                                    Welcome & Farewell
                          Welcome to Ms. Natalie Smick who joins the ECH faculty beginning
                          Spring semester. Ms. Smick will be teaching English III. She has moved
                          to the area from Colorado where she taught high school and middle
                          school English. She has also worked as a school media specialist.

Farewell to Dr. Christopher Heafner who is leaving the ECH faculty
beginning Spring semester. Luckily, he is only moving down the hallway.
He has taken a fulltime position with Horry Georgetown Technical College.
We expect to see him regularly, and some students may have him in their
schedule as their college English instructor.

                                Don’t forget to check the ECH website for the latest news.
                                Weekly assignments are posted each Monday by 6:00 pm.

                                                                                                    page 3

                                                                                 High School
             STUDENT IN THE NEWS                                           Graduation Requirements
                                                                          To earn a SC High School
                                                                          diploma, 24 units are required.

                                                                          English/Language Arts: 4 units
  Ashton Butler, State Winner - 2008 Fall Stock Market Game
                                                                          (English I, II, III, IV or ENG 101 &
A member of ECH Wall Street Wizards, Ashton won first place in            102*)
the state for the 2008 Fall Stock Market Game (SMG) competi-              U.S. History and Constitution: 1
tions for trading with SC stocks. Sponsored by the SC Council on          unit
Economic Education, students are given $100,000 of hypotheti-             (US History or HIS 201 & 202*)
                                                                          Economics (1/2 unit)
cal money to invest in 75 companies significant to South
                                                                          (ECO 210*)
Carolina’s economy during a ten-week period. Members of the               US Government (1/2 unit)
Wizards research the companies, learn what it means to buy on             (PSC 201*)
margin, and do all their trading online. Butler will be honored           Other Social Studies: 1 unit
at an awards ceremony in the Spring.                                      (Civics)
                                                                          Math: 4 units
                                                                          (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II,
       Student Council Officers for 2008-09 School Year                   Algebra III or MAT 110*)
President - Joshua Wehrung                                                Natural Science: 3 units
Vice-President - Ryan Elko                                                (Physical Science, Biology, &
Secretary - Jose Cruz
                                                                          Computer Science (includes
Treasurer - Chante Gore                                                   keyboarding): 1 unit
                                                                          (CPT 101 or CPT 170*)
        ECH Third Annual Holiday Talent Show winners                      Physical Education: 1 unit
1st Place - Dance Mix                                                     Electives: 7 units
Rochelle Babb, Keshyia Bennett, Kristany Coutain, Thaddeus                (Multiple courses to include AVID
                                                                          and other dual enrollment cours-
Doughty, Dee Woodbury
                                                                          es not required for high school
2nd Place - Singing “My Girl”                                             graduation)
Zane Johnson, Cody Roscoe, Joshua Wehrung                                 Other:1 unit
3rd Place - Skit recreating Election Day from “Napoleon Dynamite”         - For students in a college
Craig Burton, Ryan Elko, Casey Lynch,Juan Naguila                         preparatory course of study, one
                                                                          additional unit must be earned in
Other participants in the talent show include:                            a foreign language, or
• ECH Chorus - Raven Brown, Ashley Clark, Vanessa Cross, Nicolia          - For students in a course of
Elmore, Kenisha Graham, Leslie Grate, Briana Hughes, Kimberly             study designed to enter the work
Livingston, Lacii Paul, Victoria Rabon, Catalina Reyna, Candace Smith,    force, one additional vocational
                                                                          unit must be earned.
Totanyesh Soles, Jacqui Sumter
                                                                          Courses listed in parentheses are
• Sammy Bosque • Abby Burdette • Jarrett Callahan • Amber Floyd •         those offered at Early College.
Kadiesha Frink • Leslie Grate • Mauriah Jerkins• Scott Johnson •          *Starred courses are dual enroll-
Caitlyn Jones • Cody Keith • Jessie Leonard • Lacii Paul • Gabby Sarvis   ment courses taken through
• Candace Smith • Nyteli Waterman • Reanne Wolff • Mrs. Lee & David       HGTC.
White                                                                     More information is available in
                                                                          the HCS Parent Student
• ECH Sign Language Club - Mallory Alessi, Michael Barry, Kourtney        Handbook or contact Mrs. Hearn,
Cox, Emilee Martin, Johnnny Mercedes, Rebecca Rhodes, Thomas              the ECH Guidance Counselor, at
Santiago, Becca Sawyer, Katelyn Stroud, Dylon Wise                        349-7102.
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      Sophomore Corner                                         Junior Corner
High School Courses: This semester, ECH                      Our Early College juniors are
sophomores will complete their tenth grade course            quickly completing their high
requirements to include English 10, Biology, and             school courses and moving into
Geometry or Algebra II. Sophomores may also                  a full college schedule. Most
begin taking junior level courses to include English         will be enrolled in multiple college
III, Chemistry, or another math during Spring                courses for Spring 2009. Juniors will be
semester. Elective courses offered for sophomores
                                                             taking courses mixed with the general col-
include Physical Fitness 2, Driver Education,
Financial Fitness, Advanced Literacy and                     lege population and will follow the HGTC course
Numeracy.                                                    schedule and calendar except as noted on page 2
                                                             of this ECHo.
HGTC Courses: Most of our Early College soph-
omores will be enrolled in college courses for               IGP: Each student has an Individual Graduation
Spring 2009. Courses offered for Sophomores                  Plan. (IGP). The IGP is developed with the stu-
include SPA 101 or 102 Elementary Spanish,                   dent, and courses are determined by the HGTC
COL105 Freshman Seminar, and CPT 101                         major the student has chosen. Individual student
Computer Applications. Students take courses                 schedules are developed to ensure completion of
with other Early College students only.                      high school diploma requirements as well as the
                                                             courses that are needed to complete a degree,
Developmental Studies: HGTC also provides                    diploma, or certificate for the chosen major.
developmental studies courses to assist ECH                  Completion of the college degree, diploma, or
sophomores who have not met the benchmark                    certificate is determined by the number of cours-
score for reading on COMPASS, the college place-             es needed to complete the major and the number
ment test. Reading 032 and Reading 100 are both              of courses the student is able to handle during
designed to assist students in achieving the read-           one semester. Parents and students may contact
ing skills necessary to perform satisfactorily in col-       Mrs. Hearn, the ECH Guidance Counselor, or the
lege.                                                        Junior Advisory to discuss the IGP.

Dual Enrollment: Students will receive both high             AVID: Junior schedules will include a course
school and college credit (dual enrollment) upon suc-        called AVID Research. Students will attend this
cessful completion of the courses. Beginning the dual        course with ECH teachers who will provide stu-
enrollment courses is a tremendous responsibility for        dents with the opportunity to get the support
our sophomores. As these courses begin the stu-              needed to manage their high school and college
dent’s college career, it is important that the individual   schedules.
student has the academic skills and work ethic to be
successful.                                                  HGTC Courses: Juniors are taking courses to
                                                             include English 101, English 102, History 202,
College Expectations: ECH students taking col-               Biology 101, PSC 201 (American Government),
lege classes are responsible for all course work             Public Speaking, Math 110, Math 120,
and class assignments. They are expected to reg-             Psychology, Music Appreciation, Art History,
ularly and promptly attend each meeting of class-            Hospitality, and Computers.
es for which they are enrolled. Students should
limit absences to those that are unavoidable.                Developmental Studies: English 100 is avail-
HGTC maintains a general attendance policy                   able to students who have not met the COM-
requiring students to be present for a minimum of            PASS benchmark for writing. This course is a
80% of classes to be eligible to receive credit for          study of basic writing and different modes of
any course. Students should review the course syl-           composition and may include a review of usage.
labus for the specific number of allowable                   In order to advance to English 101, a student
absences for the course. A student may be with-              must earn a minimum grade of “C” and pass an
drawn from a course(s) after he/she has been                 exit exam to be administered at the end of the
absent in excess of the number of class periods              semester.
stated in the syllabus.
ECHo                                                                                                      page 5

                                                                 Report Cards
                                                             Semester report cards will be
       Student Conferences                                   issued on Friday, January 23.
                                                             This report card will include
Freshmen and sophomore students will be making               both the high school and college course final
appointments for their 1st semester Student-Led              grades. The dual enrollment college grades are
conferences for Thursday, January 29, or Monday,             issued only as letter grades while the high school
February 2. Students will be responsible for mak-            grades are issued only as number grades.
ing the arrangements with their families, mentors,
and student advisors. Students will have an agen-
da for their conferences.                                    As required by the SC Uniform Grading Policy, the
                                                             following conversion system will apply for letter
Juniors will schedule conferences with their fami-           grades provided for courses completed at HGTC:
lies, mentors, and student advisors to discuss their         A=96; B=88; C=80; D=73; F=65.
1st semester grades, their Spring semester cours-
es, and plans for the senior year. Conferences
will be held Thursday, January 29, and Monday,               Only the converted grades will be recorded on the
February 2, between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm.                     high school transcript. Students may also access
                                                             their college grades through their individual
Appointments are required to ensure the student              WaveNet account.
advisors are not meeting with other families.

       Inclement Weather Information                                    Driver Education
                It is the time of the year when the area     This course is available for sophomores and jun-
                could experience some winter weather.        iors on a space available basis. To be registered
                If you have questions about school clos-     for the course, a student must have a valid SC
                ings, please visit the district’s website
                                                             Learner’s Permit. The fee for the course is $50.
                or check the local television and radio
                                                             Students must complete 30 hours of online
stations. Up-to-date closing information will be scrolled
on the educational access TV Channel 12 on both Time         instruction and six hours of “behind
Warner and HTC cable networks.                               the wheel” driving with the course
                                                             instructor to receive credit for the
Websites to check:                                           course.
Horry County Schools -
Early College -

WaveNet provides the student with a college e-mail account, information about his/her college schedule, college
grades, and access to the online course material. It is important that students check their e-mail daily as college
professors use this to communicate with students.

Early College students who have completed an application with Horry Georgetown Technical College have a
WaveNet account. Each student will have a UserName and Password. The WaveNet may be found by going to the
HGTC website at and clicking on the WaveNet link in the upper right hand corner of the college
homepage. If a student is having trouble accessing his/her account, follow the instructions on the WaveNet
homepage to contact the college technology department to get assistance. Students may also visit the HGTC
Technology Help Desk in Bldg. 200.
  ECHo                                                                                         page 6

  SCHOOL CONTACT INFORMATION                                         2008-09
  Main Office - 349 - 7102 or 349-7101                         ECH FACULTY & STAFF
  Fax (843) 349-7895                                                Joan Grimmett, Principal
  Website -                      Emily Rose, Assistant Principal
                                                                Julie Hearn, Guidance Counselor
                                                                    Kristine Bell, Bookkeeper
                                                                 Sharon Monte-Kegley, Secretary
                        COMPASS Testing                                 Angela Ives, Nurse
                                                               Janet Clynes, Food Service Manager
  This college placement test is a computerized                    Polly Vereen, Food Service
  test that is used in the HGTC admissions process. ECH                      Teachers
  students take this test to determine their academic                     Renee Atkinson
  readiness for enrolling in dual-enrollment classes.                   Meredith Baldwin
  Freshmen will take the reading portion of the test for the              Crystal Carter
  first time in late January. Sophomores will take the writ-                Julia Cook
  ing portion of the test in late January. Results from this                 Tim Dew
  testing assist the ECH faculty with determining each                    Brian Herndon
  student’s strengths and needs in the areas of reading,                  Samantha Lohr
  writing, and math basic skills.                                          Mary Marlowe
                                                                       Tammi McCaudy-Lee
  Meeting minimum COMPASS score on the HGTC col-                           Keri McKenzie
  lege placement test is required for ECH students to                     Martina McKoy
  begin taking college credit courses. On the Reading                        Vicki Nutt
  portion of the test, students must score an 87 to meet                   Adam Powley
  the minimum score. A score of 80 or more is required                   Lorelei Rautsaw
  on the writing portion. Students take the math portion                   John Schulte
  of the test after completing Algebra III.                                Joyce Shelley
                                                                           Natalie Smick
  More information is available at the ACT website                      Meredith Stanton                                 Karen Thompson

Horry County Early College High School
Horry Georgetown Technical College
PO Box 261966
Conway, SC 29528-6066

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