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					                                                                              ERDC Transport
                                                                              Submission No 19

                                                                                      Mrs. K. Sankey
                                                                                Gi lbert St. Lyndoch
                                                                                       Ph . 85244124
                                                                                         South Aust.

Mr . Philip Frensham,
Environment Resources and Development Committee,
House of Assembly,

I am writing in relation to the possible return of the Barossa passenger railway service . I am one
of a large number of valley residents who think that it would be great .

With the public transport system the way it is now our family currently needs to run three cars .
We car pool whenever possible but due to the hours that our local secondary schools offer for
their year 11 and 12 students, we like many other families have needed to purchase and run older
cars that our children can drive to and from school . These are fuel hungry; they often burn oil
and contribute to the amount of commuter traf fic on our roads . Almost every fami ly in Lyndoch
with children studying at university or in their final years of secondary school is in the same
position . This can't be good for the environment but it is the best that we can do.

Another separate issue is that due to our lack of public transport our children are seriously
disadvantaged when they look for part-time employment; a train service to Gawler would help with
this .

My husband and I both work in Nuriootpa and are lucky enough that often we can share a car but
it would be very nice to hop on the train . Just thinking about how much we could save on fuel
makes me envious of those of you who can use a train or bus to get to work. We are bombarded
with information about how cheap and economical public transport is, how good it is for the
environment, we hear about new services in Adelaide, but public transport as it currently in the
Barossa Valley is expensive and too irregular to be useful .

My son goes to school in Gawler; it costs us $54 every four weeks for him to get to and from
school on the only local bus service. A single one way ticket costs around $2 .45 and the journey
takes him a full 60 minutes each way. Surely a train would be more direct . I am not sure how we
will manage next year when he starts year 11 and his school requires him to leave at lunch time
one afternoon a week, I suspect that I will need to alter my own working arrangements to drive
down from Nuriootpa to collect him on those afternoons .
My daughter catches a government funded bus to Nuriootpa High for three days a week, on the
other days she drives herself or car pools with other P platers because the high school does not
want them there in the afternoons . I know of three government funded buses which start in or
around Lyndoch and travel to and from the high school each day, add to this the ones going to
Faith in Tanunda that's a lot of buses using a lot of fuel.

I have friends who are unfortunate enough to work in Adelaide, by the time they drive to Gawler,
leave their cars at the station to be vandalized and ride the train to and from Adelaide many of
them are gone from the house for 12 or more hours for eight hours work . Surely it would be more
fuel and time eff icient to catch the train in our home towns of Lyndoch, Tanunda, Nuriootpa or

You could say that it is our own fault that we live away from public transport but I think that is
being too simplistic, many families have two adults who are working, one with a job in the valley
and one in Adelaide . Others may only be working in the valley but have children who need to study
further of field .

Please consider the needs of to the Barossa Valley public in you deliberations, our roads are
narrow, bumpy and crowded and I for one would love to walk to the train station or bus stop and
use public transport each day to commute to work.

Yours Sincerely

Kate Sankey

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