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Tuesday September 19, 2006

            Sony unveils HVR-DR60 portable hard disk recording unit for
                             professional HDV camcorder range
                High-Definition/Standard Definition device offers longer recording times
               and greater workflow flexibility -- ideal mate with new HVR-V1 camcorder

TORONTO, Ontario -- Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada’s leading electronic and computer products
solutions provider for consumers and business, today announced the launch of its new lightweight and
portable hard disk (HDD) recording unit, the HVR-DR60, which is the ideal accompaniment to
camcorders such as the new HVR-V1.

The HVR-DR60 is easily connected with a camcorder via i.LINK, and offers users the ability to record
on to both tape and hard disk simultaneously -- ideal to create a hybrid recording solution for customers.
The compact footprint design also provides four and a half hours of continuous HDV/DVCAM/DV
stream recording.

The 60 GB (gigabyte), 1.8-inch hard disk of the HVR-DR60 combines high capacity with compactness.
It weighs only 227g (excluding battery). It adopts common FAT32 file system and adopts two recording
formats: .m2t file format for HDV recording and .AVI (Type 1) file format for DVCAM/DV recording.

The HVR-DR60 provides the choice of video mode and computer mode. The video mode (AV/C)
enables users to record footage in response to Rec. Start and Stop operation from a camcorder which
has External Rec. Control function and play back footage on a camcorder via i.LINK connection. The
computer mode (SBP2) allows high-speed transfer of either .m2t or AVI Type 1 direct to a PC.

The HVR-DR60 is designed with ‘on-the-go’ professionals in mind.          The “HDD Smart Protection”
composed of 3G sensors, shock absorber and buffer memory protects the data when the unit is
inadvertently dropped from heights of up to 100cm. 3G sensors detect if the unit is being dropped and
automatically retracts the HDD head and switches the unit off. Shock absorbers are also used to
protect the hardware from damage through knocks and dropping. In addition, a buffer memory of up to
14 seconds ensures smooth continuous recording in the event of dropping or power interruption.

Using Sony L-series batteries (as used in both HVR-V1U and HVR-Z1 camcorders), it delivers a battery
life of up to 4.5 hours when using the NP-F570 and up to 13.5 hours when using the NP-F970 battery.

The right partner for the HVR-V1
“The HVR-DR60 is ideal to create a hybrid recording solution for customers – offering both tape and
hard disk based recording.” said Brian Young, Strategic Marketing Manager, Content Creation
Marketing, Broadcast Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. “It delivers a flexible
solution that is suitable for back-up, file-based workflow and longer recording times – and is an ideal
compliment to our professional HDV camcorders, such as the new HVR-V1U.”

The unique features that the HVR-DR60 offers for the HVR-V1U users includes a special status check
option, which delivers current status, remaining battery time and remaining hard disk recording
capacity. It can also support tapeless recording by combination with the HVR-V1U. Finally, it attaches
easily via a supplied shoe adaptor and short i.LINK cable.

The first shipments are expected in November 2006.

About The Broadcast Communication Solutions Group

The Broadcast Communication Solutions (BCS) Group is a division of Sony of Canada Ltd.,
headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. BCS Group markets and supports Sony's full range of broadcast,
professional video and audio equipment, including high definition video, interactive and security
applications for the broadcast, production, business, industry, government, medical and education
sectors through a network of authorized systems integrators.

About Sony of Canada Ltd.

Established in 1955, Sony of Canada Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of Tokyo,
Japan, a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of electronic and computer products for
consumer, business, electronics publishing and multimedia applications on a global scale. With
headquarters in Toronto, sales offices in Vancouver and Montreal and distribution centres in Coquitlam,
British Columbia, and Whitby, Ontario, approximately 1,000 employees support about 78 Sony stores
and a network of more than 500 authorized dealers across Canada.

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