well have been the one Jesus sailed in. Drive to
                                                                      Cana of Galilee where the Wedding at Cana took
                                                                      place and the first miracle of Jesus. Opportunity
                                                                      for married couples to renew their vows. Return to
                                                                      Tiberius for Dinner and overnight.

               Picture from the Mt. of Olives overlooking Jerusalem

              OCTOBER 12 through                                      Sea of Galilee Dec. 2005
                OCTOBER 23, 2009                                      Friday, October 16: Buffet Breakfast. Depart to
             WITH Spiritual Director                                  Tabgha, place of the Miracle of the Loaves and
                                                                      Fishes. Visit the Church of the Primate of Peter.
         FATHER THOMAS REEVES,                                        The Mount of Beatitudes, place of the Sermon of
                             O.C.D.                                   the Mount. Mass at 11:30 a.m. In the afternoon
                          $3,185.00                                   we drive to Mount Tabor, visit the Church of the
                                                                      Transfiguration. Dinner and overnight at the
                                           Per person                 Royal Plaza Hotel in Tiberius.
                        Double Occupancy                              Saturday, October 17: Buffet Breakfast. Depart to
      Single supplement, additional $500.00                           Nazareth. Visit the Basilica of the Annunciation.
                                                                      Mass at 10:00 a.m. Visit the Church of Saint
                                                                      Joseph’s. Drive to Yardenit. Place of the Baptism
Itinerary:                                                            on the Jordan River. Return to Tiberius. Dinner
Monday, October 12: Depart Tucson and fly to                          and overnight.
Tel Aviv.                                                             Sunday, October 18: Buffet breakfast. Travel to
Tuesday, October 13: Arrive at Ben Gurion                             Beith Shean Visit the Excavations via Jerico
International Airport. Assistance and transfer to                     (sight of the Old City which now belongs to the
hotel in Tel Aviv. Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv                   Palestinian authorities). Sight of the Mt. of
at the Marina Hotel.                                                  Temptations. Drive throughout the Jordan Valley
Wednesday, October 14: Buffet breakfast. Depart                       and the Judean Hills to Jerusalem. Panorama
to Jaffa. Visit the Church of St. Peter, the old city                 view of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Scopus. Mass at
remains. Travel the coast road to Caesarea and                        15:30 at the Franciscan Cenacle. See model city of
visit the Roman Theatre and the Aqueduct. Arrive                      Jerusalem at Holy Land.. Dinner and overnight in
in Haifa, First Port of Israel. View the Bahai                        Jerusalem at the Moriah Garden Hotel.
Temple and the New Gardens. Visit Stella Maria                        Monday, October 19: Buffet breakfast. Visit the
Church on Mt. Carmel. CELEBRATE MASS ON                               Mt. of Olives site of the Assention and visit Pater
THE VIGIL OF ST. TERESA OF AVILA. After                               Noster, Dominus Flevit the Church of all Nations.
lunch to the Upper Galilee via Acre. View of the                      Mass at 11:00 Gethsemane Garden. From there to
Ruins of the Ancient Crusade City and the                             Bethlehem. Visit the Church of the Nativity, the
Harbor. Proceed to the Kibbutz.                                       Caves of St. Joseph’s, St. Jerome, and the Cave of
Dinner and Overnight – Hagoshrim Kibbutz                              the Nativity. Return to Jerusalem for dinner and
Hotel in the Upper Galilee.                                           overnight.
Thursday, October 15: Buffet breakfast. Visit and                     Tuesday, October 20: Buffet breakfast. Depart to
explanation of a Kibbutz community Life. Visit the                    the Massada Fortress. Visit King Herods Fortress
Golan Heights, passing throughout the Druses                          on the top of the mountain Qumran. Visit the site
Villages. Visit Banias or Caeasarea de Philippo.                      where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls. After
From there to Cafarnaum and visit the ancient                         lunch free time to enjoy the salt water of the Dead
Synagogue where Jesus was praying. Mass at                            Sea. Return to Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight.
12:30 at the Octagonal Church that belongs to the                     Wednesday, October 21: Buffet breakfast. Enter
Franciscans. It is built on the top of St. Peter’s                    the Old City. Visit the temple Mount, the Western
house. Boat ride over the Sea of Galilee. Lunch of                    Wall, the Mosques of Al Aqsa and Omar, the
St. Peter’s Fish. Visit the Ancient Boat that could
Fortress Augusta, Bethesda Pool Via Dolorosa            REGISTRATION:
from the Flagellation church, the Lithostrotos to       ____________________________________
                                                        NAME (as it appears on your PASSPORT)
the Holy Sepulcher. Mass at 11:00 . Visit the
Wailing Wall. Visit Mt. Sion: Last supper Room,          ADDRESS
Dormition Abbey, and King David’s Tomb. Visit           ____________________________________
Saint Peter in Gallicantu. Dinner and overnight in      CITY, STATE AND ZIP
Jerusalem.                                              _____________________________________
                                                        TELEPHONE NUMBER WITH AREA CODE
                                                        ROOMING WITH

St. Peter in Gallicantu, Jesus ‘s path to Court                 IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TO
Thursday, October 22: Buffet breakfast. Depart to               GUARANTEE RESERVATION
Ein Karem, the Church of St. John Baptist, the                 FINAL PAYMENT DUE
Church of the Visitation and celebrate Mass at                 BY August 15, 2009  $1,585.00
3:00 p.m. Visit the Holocaust Museum in Yad
Veshem. . Back to the Old City to visit the tunnel                           $_______________________
in the basis of the Western Wall. Return to the                                 AMOUNT ENCLOSED
hotel. Farewell Dinner and overnight – Jerusalem.       WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS
Friday, October 23: transfer to the airport and
return to the USA with memories to last a lifetime.     CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS
                                                        A booking may be canceled but must be made in writing by
      Tour includes:                                    either party. This pilgrimage has a minimum number of 20
      11 nights’ accommodation in first class hotels;   pilgrims. Refunds are returned upon the booking of another
                                                        person to replace the refundable person
      10 buffet breakfast and dinners at the hotels;
      1 lunch of St. Peter’s fish in a restaurant       RESPONSIBILITY:
      beside the Sea of Galilee; air conditioned
      deluxe bus, entrance to the sites as per          JMJ Pilgrimages acts only in the capacity of agents for the
      itinerary, transfer to Mt. Tabor, Cable car to    Airline and the Land Operator in all matters pertaining to
                                                        Hotel Accommodations, sightseeing tours and transportation,
      the Massada Fortress; Boat ride over the Sea      whether by air, railroad, motor coach, motor car, steamship,
      of Galilee, RICARDO ROCHLIN OUR                   boat or any other means and, as such, holds no responsibility
      GUIDE mass everyday and much more…..              for any damage(s) from any cause(s) whatsoever. JMJ
                                                        Pilgrimages will not be responsible for any damage, expense
                 PILGRIMAGE PROVIDED BY:                or inconvenience caused by the air, rail, ship, boat or bus
                                                        arrivals or departures or by any change in schedule or their
                       JMJ MINISTRIES                   conditions; baggage or any article belonging to the passenger.
                     5317 S. 12TH AVENUE                The right is also reserved to decline to accept or retain any
                   TUCSON, ARIZONA 85706                person traveling under our auspices. The concerned are not to
           (520) 573-0065 FAX (520) 573-9606            be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the
              WWW.JMJMINISTRIES.ORG                     time the passengers are not on board their plane or
                                                        conveyance, or in the car, limousine or bus of ground
                                                        transportation operators, or in the premises of hotels, pensions
Mission Statement: JMJ Ministries is committed          or other places of accommodation. The passenger contract
to providing pilgrimages (not vacations) to benefit     used by the carriers concerned, when issued, shall constitute
our Priests in the Diocese of Tucson. This is only      the sole contract between the carriers and the purchasers of
possible through the intercession of Our Blessed        this tour and/or the passenger. JMJ Pilgrimages is not
                                                        responsible for any and all funds paid to the airline and/or land
Mother who guides us all the way.                       operator on behalf of the passenger which are the subject of
                                                        refund, dispute, insolvency or any other reason whatsoever.
SUCCESS OF OUR PILGRIMAGE                                    I have read the above and agree to the terms:

                                                             Signed                                   Date

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