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*Job description:
  Account Manager

Overall Responsibility
This position is focused on the management of the ‘executional’ aspect of the account. The role
requires the individual to cement client relationships through a good understanding of the
clients’ business/sector, being responsible for and building a firm trust that projects will be
delivered on time and to standard and offering best advice.

Specifically, the role encompasses:

    Developing a strong management skill set. Achieved through experience of managing more
     and more projects successfully through to completion on time, including evaluation. This
     also includes delegating, supervising and developing an AE (where possible).
    Ensuring the delivery of excellent client service and exceeding expectations.
    Developing a good understanding of the client’s business in order to be able to react and
     give good advice to clients and their challenges.
    Writing and giving good presentations.
    Consistently writing concise and inspirational creative briefs with single-minded
    Updating the account team forecast and ensuring client invoices are distributed on time
     and paid within the agreed time.

As an Account Manager, you will be expected to demonstrate initiative and be proactive in
developing your account using your Senior Account Manager to help you.

                                               2             *The agency for the consumer age

Professional Skills, Attitudes and Approach
Knowledge of the Client’s Business
Account Managers should be capable of using their knowledge about their Clients’ business to
inform their actions whether that be in discussions with the Client or briefing a creative team.
They are also responsible for updating the Client Brand Book and Lavender* Results.

Productive Client Relationships
They should be comfortable working with Brand and Product Managers and if necessary able to
hold their own with a Marketing Manager; displaying the judgement as to what extent they can
commit the agency to action. The Account Manager’s experience should allow them to foresee
and forestall potential problems in all Client initiated activity.

This role is the pivotal one in ensuring timely progress of all work, which passes through the
agency, in conjunction with Traffic. The role requires the effective management of client
expectations of the work, always aiming to exceed this. All jobs should be reviewed during
delivery and on completion, both internally and in a Client summary of results, costs, conclusion
and implications. The Account Manager should have a direct input into the timely delivery of
Contact Reports (48 hours max.), Timing Plans, Agendas etc.

Competitive Expertise
The Account Manager should lead the executive in the creation of enlightening competitive
reviews, contributing particularly to the strategic analysis of work.

Meeting Preparation
All documentation and creative materials likely to be required in the meeting are the
responsibility of the Account Manager to ensure that they are present and to the best standard
possible, given budgetary and time constraints. They are expected to oversee the delivery of
effective Client care by the Account Executive.

Presentation Skills
At this level a basic competency is expected in client presentations, such as competitive reviews.

Team Working
The Account Manager is the central co-ordination role of the team, providing accurate briefing
and ensuring that information is available when required by their team leaders or other
departments. They are positioned to develop most effectively a cross-departmental team spirit
and understanding of the Client context of all activities - no one should ever work in a vacuum. It
is expected that the Account Manager has the judgement to know when they should seek
guidance from their seniors prior to a situation becoming critical.

Financial Management and Numeracy
Working with Account Director, ensure timely and profitable quoting and subsequent invoicing of
all jobs and the efficient management of job bags prior to pricing. Monitor accuracy of invoicing
and payment of invoices by clients, maintaining at all times an analysis of all Client expenditure
by financial year. Provide accurate information for Account Director’s forecasts each month. It is
also a key requirement to ensure that both their Account Executive and own timesheets are up-
to-date, never falling behind by more than 48 hours.

                                                 3            *The agency for the consumer age

Inspiring Relationships with Partners
When Lavender* works alongside other agencies, it is expected that the Account Manager is able
to demonstrate at an administrative and implementation level, a total understanding of their role
such that it inspires total confidence and respect.

Time Management
Effective prioritisation is expected, with all parties made aware of any shift in delivery dates for

Creative Thinking
The ability to look beyond the obvious to find innovation yet relevant solutions is at the heart of
the Agency’s skill base.

Quality First
This individual is expected to demonstrate enthusiasm and pride in constantly improving the
quality of ideas and production values of every piece of work which Lavender* produces. As
such they should have relationships based on mutual respect and trust with creative.

Passion for Integration
The Account Manager should be able to marry their integrated understanding with a growing
confidence in their own abilities to deliver this perspective. As such they would be able to
articulate our vision with enthusiasm and commitment.

                                                 4             *The agency for the consumer age

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