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									Note: The timing of this isn’t exact so don’t have a go if it isn’t long enough. Also, I know I haven’t included any flashbacks in this episode but if I had the flashbacks would have only taken place on the plane and I wanted to start the episode on the plane so the flashback details are included at the beginning anyway. 1x02 – Pilot part 2 Interior. Oceanic Plane. Day. A woman looks out of the plane’s window at a cloud filled sky as she sips on a drink. A man sitting in the aisle beside her looks over at her and says: Man: You not a good flier like? The man smiles reassuringly at the woman who turns to look at him. The woman is roughly 30 with long black hair and the man is Asian. Woman: I’m usually a good flier. I’m just not too good when I’m at the back of a plane. Right under the wheels. The woman smiles grimly and down’s her drink. Woman: I’m Ana by the way. Ana Lucia Cortez. Ana Lucia holds out her hand for the man to shake. He grips onto her hand and shakes it. Man: It’s nice to meet you Ana Lucia. I’mThe man is cut off as the plane suddenly begins to shake. Ana Lucia releases the mans hand and checks that her seat belt is fastened securely. The plane begins to shake more and more and

suddenly the front section of the plane is ripped off. Ana Lucia looks forward and see’s the sky. Her eyes widen in horror. The plane shakes more and a huge metallic groaning noise is heard. Ana looks around her as the fuselage of the plane is ripped of right in front of her leaving her legs dangling out of the plane! The tail section of the plane tumbles downwards towards an unknown destination as the camera smashes to black.

-LOSTExterior. Jungle. Day. A metal door clangs open and a man runs out of it. He is surrounded by trees as he runs forward, panting. He reaches a clearing and looks up as we hear a metallic groaning. Man: Oh god, oh god, oh god! What have I done? The camera pans up to show the plane breaking up in mid air with the tail section the main centre of attention. The camera follows it as it hurtles down until it is hidden by a clump of trees. We hear a large splashing sound as the camera pans back to the man. The camera travels up the man’s body and the name “Inman” is briefly seen stitched onto his chest as the camera finally rests on the mans face. Inman: Oh Christ! Smash to black. Commercial break Exterior. Plane Crash Site. Beach. Day. Day 1. We are shown a beach with palm trees visible to the side. The waves from the ocean are lapping silently up the beach. We hear a shrill metallic groan as large bits of metal falls from the sky and plop into the water. The camera pans up slightly as we see the plane’s tail travelling fast downwards. It smashes into the water as

a seat from the plane falls into the view of the camera. Smash to black. Exterior. Ocean. Crash Site. Day. The camera is from the point of view (POV) of one of the survivors of the plane crash. The camera opens up underwater before going to black. It re-opens above the water and bobs for a moment before fading to black again. The camera opens again as it moves slowly towards an island which is visible in front. The persons who’s POV this is, is swimming towards the island. The camera (no longer POV) pans over the beach as people swim towards it and pull themselves onto it. The closest person to the camera is Ana Lucia, the person who’s POV we were viewing. Ana Lucia lies down on the beach and closes her eyes. Ana Lucia: Oh god. Ana rolls over onto her side and see’s a large black man pulling himself out of the water. The man is dressed in a suit. He notices Ana watching him and he moves over to speak to her. Man: Are you ok? Ana Lucia: Yeah, I’m fine. I just banged my head. I’ll be ok in a minute. I’m Ana Lucia by the way. Man: Well if you need anything just ask me. I’m Mr. Eko. Mr. Eko rushes off back down to the water to help more people. Ana rolls over onto her back, groans and closes her eyes. Cut to black. Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Night.

The camera pans up to show the band of survivors huddled around a campfire. There is a small stack of fruit (mangos, pineapples) to the side of them. Ana Lucia: When will they come for us? It’s been hours! Woman: The black box was in the cockpit. I have no idea where it is. It might not even be here on the island. They might not know where to look for us... The woman sighed before picking up a mango. Ana Lucia: Cindy, I know. But we can’t give up can we? Cindy: Well no... but we might have to accept that this is it. This is out life now. Mr. Eko: I think we should start to look for food. Water. Shelter. We could be here for the rest of our lives. Ana Lucia: Always so grim, aren’t you Eko? Ana playfully grins at Mr. Eko. Ana Lucia: But I agree. We need to start to build shelters. We need wood from the jungle. Tomorrow we should form a band of people to look for shelter, and another one to look for food and water. The survivors nod in agreement to Ana. Ana Lucia: I’m going to bed now. I think we should get an early night.

Ana Lucia walks off as the camera smashes to black. Commercial break Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Day. Day 2. Ana is stood beside three other people. One of them is Mr. Eko but we haven’t been introduced to the other two yet. Ana Lucia: I have no idea what we’re supposed to be looking for anyway. Just get any wood that looks strong, ok? Nathan, you lead the group going for food, right? The camera briefly shows a group of people waiting nearby, one of whom is Cindy Chandler, before panning back to Ana. Ana Lucia: And Bernard, you lead the group for water. The camera shows another group of people waiting nearby before showing us Nathan and Bernard as they nod. Ana, Eko, Nathan and Bernard split up and begin to lead their groups into the jungle. Exterior. Jungle. Day. The camera cuts to the jungle as we see Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko leading a small group of people through the trees. Ana stops and picks up a large tree branch. Ana Lucia: This should do ok. She spots another branch and goes over to pick it up. We hear a large roaring sound and a tree nearby is uprooted. The group scatters and runs back to the beach leaving Ana Lucia and Eko along. Ana looks up at the thing that uprooted the tree before it cuts to Bernard’s group.

Bernard: Listen, do you hear that? Bernard stops to listen and his group gathers around. The whole group falls silent as we hear a trickle of water. Random Survivor 1: Water! The group rounds the corner and they see a small waterfall. Random Survivor 2: Listen! Can you hear that? Random Survivor 1: We’ve already established, yes, we can hear the water. Random Survivor 2: No, not that. Listen. The group falls silent and listen. Nothing is heard for a moment until... we hear whispering. The camera cut’s to Nathan’s group out searching for water. Several members of the group have sharpened spears which they are using to help themselves walk. Nathan: I see a few tree’s up there. They look full of fruit. We should gather them. The group walks over to the trees and some of them begin to climb them whilst others wait at the bottom to gather the fruit. Nathan climbs one of the trees and begins to knock down fruit. He looks over to the left and stops, thunderstruck. The camera pans over to where he is looking and we see a man and woman briefly before they wander into a clump of trees. The camera focuses on Nathan’s face as it smashes to black. Exterior. Crash Site. Beach. Evening.

All three groups have returned to the beach and we see a pile of wood and a pile of fruit. The camera pans over to the group of survivors gathered around a campfire talking quietly. Bottles full of water are visible here and there. Ana Lucia is sat with Mr. Eko and Bernard. Ana Lucia: So what did you do before this crash Bernard? Bernard: I’m a dentist. Me and my wife had our own place. It was small but it was nice. Bernard looks up and see’s a woman walking over. Bernard: Oh, here she is! A middle aged black woman walks over and sits down beside Bernard. She kisses him. Bernard: This is Rose. The camera pans over to her face and we recognise her as the woman from 1x01. Mr. Eko: Nice to meet you Rose.. Mr. Eko smiled at Rose as the camera panned over to Nathan and Cindy. Nathan: So what’s your story Cindy? Cindy: Well nothing really. Me and my husband split up so I wanted to get away quickly. That’s why I was on the plane. What about you?

Nathan: I was looking for someone. But I never found her. Cindy: Oh, really? Who? Nathan shook his head and sighed. Nathan: It doesn’t matter. The camera fade’s to black. Commercial break Exterior. Beach. Day. The camera opens to a shot of the beach full of make shift tents. We see several people walking about the beach and we recognise them as Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko and Bernard. The camera moves in closer. Ana Lucia: We’ve really done a good job with the camp haven’t we? Bernard: Yeah, it looks great. We needed shelter anyway, it doesn’t look like anyone is coming does it? Ana Lucia: Well no, it doesn’t anymore. Ana Lucia sighed and walked off towards her tent. Bernard turns to Mr. Eko. Bernard: So how are you Eko? You getting used to life here? Mr. Eko: Yeah... well as used to it as I could, y’know?

Bernard nods. Bernard: Yeah, I know. I just... I miss Rose. We then get a quick montage of all of the survivors we have seen so far: Ana Lucia, The Asian Man, Mr. Eko, Cindy, Bernard and Nathan. We hear a metallic groaning sound and the survivors make their way out into the centre of the beach. They look up at the sky and the camera follows them up. We see Oceanic Flight 815 breaking up in mid air as the survivors look at each other in surprise and horror. Ana Lucia: Oh. My. God! Another plane crash! The camera focuses on the fuselage going down as we realise we have been watching the action of survivors from another plane crash all the way through the episode. As the camera zooms into the fuselage subtitles come up on the screen: One year later. The music reaches it’s peak as it cuts back to show the survivors faces before cutting to black.


Next Time: VO: With two bands of survivors on the island, will they ever come together? 1) Clip of Locke running through the jungle. 2) Jack checking over Claire. 3) Sun and Jin running away from something. VO: And who else is on this island?

1) Clip of the man and woman Nathan saw when he was in the tree. Main Cast (Order of appearance): Guest Starring (Order of appearance: Ana Lucia Cortez – Michelle Rodriguez Asian Man - ??? Inman – Clancy Brown Mr. Eko – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Cindy Chandler – Kimberly Joseph Nathan – Bernard Nadler – Sam Anderson Random Survivor 1 - ??? Random Survivor 2 - ??? Rose Nadler – L. Scott Caldwell Questions Raised: 1) Is there any significance that the Asian man is the same nationality as Sun and Jin Kwon? 2) Is the man in the jungle the same man as in 1x01? 3) What uprooted the trees when Ana Lucia and Eko were looking for wood? 4) What is the source of the whispering that Bernard’s group heard? 5) Who were the man and woman that Nathan saw? 6) How is Rose there when we saw here with the fuselage survivors? 7) Is there any significance to Cindy’s husband? 8) Who was Nathan looking for in Australia? Questions Answered: 1) What the man meant in 1x01 when he said “not again”. There has been two plane crashes.

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