3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Photos

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                                      3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Photos
                                                                 By TM Lung

   Wedding photography is something you must consider when you are planning for your wedding.
However, you may also know that the cost of it can be quite hight. It is not surprise to know that there
are some couples who spend nearly $3000 on the wedding photography.

 If you have enough budget, the above amount may not be a problem to you. However, due to the
recently credit crunch, couples would probably want to save some money on the wedding. It is always
a good idea to keep some money in your pocket. As a result, you will want to learn some ways to save
money on your wedding photos. As a matter of fact, it is not really difficult to do so. Here are some of
the ways for you to save money.

Ask Your Friends to Help

One of the ways to save money is to ask your friends to help you to take the wedding photos.
However, you do not just ask a friend for the help. You have to ask a friend who can take good photos.
Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. You will still want to have some good
wedding photos even if you want to save money.

 If it is possible, you should ask at least two friends to help. This will help to make sure that you will be
at least getting a set of wedding photos. The point here is that the camera of your friend can be broken
on your wedding day. There are sometimes accidents. If you have asked two friends to help, you can
still get the photos from the other friend in the case that the camera of one of your friend is broken.

Take digital photos

 You will be able to save quite some money if you take digital photos instead of taking photos with
films. This is because you will need to spend a lot of money on developing and printing of the photos.
However, when digital cameras are used, you do not need to develop the films. Besides, you can take
a look at the photos on the computer before you decide you print them. This will help you to save a lot
of money.

 If you do not want to print the photos, you can save all the digital files in a DVD. In this case you will
be able to get a copy of your photos. And of course you will save a lot since you do not need to print

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the photos. To this end it is also more environmental friendly. And it will also be more convenient for
you to share the photos with your friends because you do not need to scan the photos to the computer.
You can just upload the files from the DVD to your website. This will save you a lot of time.

Ask the guests to bring their digital cameras

 You can ask your guests to bring along with their digital cameras. Your guests can just use the
cameras to take photos. In this case the guests are actually helping you to take the photos. Of course
you will need to ask them to send you back the photos. But it will not be very difficult since the guests
are taking digital photos.

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
and he runs a blog on weddings. You can find some other wedding tips

Save Money On Your Wedding
Tips for cutting weddings costs.
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                               Read These If You Are Planning a Wedding on a Budget
                                                                 By TM Lung

When you are planning for your big day, you will certainly realize that it is something very expensive. It
can cost you even more money if you would like to go for a very unique and special event. This is why
it is important to discover various ways to save money. As a matter of fact, it will be even more
important for you to do so if you are planning a wedding on a budget. You should read the following
tips if you are in such a situation.

 You can save money on your event by choosing the date of it carefully. You may wonder why it will
help you to make the big day more affordable. It is because the rent of the venues can be more
expensive during the peak seasons. Usually, the rent will be a lot lower if you can arrange your event
on weekdays. It can be a lot more expensive if you are having it on holidays or the day before a
holiday. There can even be more discount if you are going to book for weekdays. So, be sure to have it
on weekdays when planning a wedding on a budget.

 You also need to consider the size of your wedding carefully. You will not succeed in planning a
wedding on a budget if you cannot estimate the number of guests well. You will certainly spend more
money than you should if you rent a venue which is too big for your reception. You have to make sure
that the reception hall will not be too big. It will just be perfect if it fits the number of guests you are
going to invite well. Besides, it can be more expensive for you to book a grand ballroom in a luxurious
hotel. You can consider booking a venue in a golf club or country club. This will help you to save

 Your wedding photos can also be expensive. Of course you should still hire a professional
photographer if you have the budget. However, in the case that you are planning a wedding on a
budget, you may want to save the money. To this end, you may try to ask some of your friends or
family members who can take photos well and help you during your big day.

 You can also ask your guests to bring their digital cameras when they come to your wedding. They
can take a lot of photos and you can ask them to send the photos back to you via email. This can be a
great way to get interesting photos when even if you are not planning a wedding on a budget.

 In order to save money on your wedding invitations, you will need to make sure that you will not order
more then you need. Besides, you can just leave your email addresses and telephone numbers on the
invitation cards. To this end you will not need to order respond cards. This will also help you to save
money when planning a wedding on a budget!

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
and he runs a blog on weddings. You can find some other wedding tips

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