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                                              3 Creative Ideas For a Groomsmen Gift
                                                               By Angela Dalton

   Post-it reminders of your wife to buy your groomsmen a gift litter around your house. Maybe you
have forgotten all about it, or you are finding it hard to find them a gift or just love to procrastinate. The
wedding is done but hats off to all who have helped for the wedding to be successful. Break away from
the habit of just giving a thank you note. You can have fun and your groomsmen can have fun too if
you think of giving a creative groomsmen gifts.

 Your groomsmen worked hard on that day. While you were intoxicated with mixed emotions – happy,
nervous and excited, your buddies assisted you on ways they know they can do it themselves such as
being a gentlemen to all the ladies and guests to where they should be seated. It’s now time to return
the favor to the groomsmen. Give something different your buddies would surely be happy to have.
Thinking out of the box cannot be hard. Just think of their personal interests and lifestyle and from that
idea on you could inject your creativity. To share with you some of our ideas, here are some of the new
and modern creative groomsmen gifts to give.

 Beer basket. There are a lot of prepacked beer baskets in the market so you could save your time
making one. If you feel it lacks a few more items, then just buy it and add on to the basket and instantly
you got your groomsmen a gift. A refreshing, ice cold beer is not only what they can enjoy but beer
baskets could also come in with savory food that work best with those thirst-quenchers. There are
available personalized deluxe coolers that would best fit this description.

 Caricature. Turn your photo or any picture you have in mind into a portrait of caricature. Giving a
sentimental gift might be ridiculous but exaggerated funny faces of you with your groomsmen having
fun might change your mind. This one makes a creative and alternative way of relieving those good old
days with your groomsmen.

 Personalized playing cards. Let him play card originally with this personalized playing cards. Allow him
to deal himself in for some fun with his very own photo playing cards. The 52 card deck features his
favorite snapshot on every back of the card. You can be creative and let the shop make your design or
you can rest your hands and let them do the design for you. This makes a great gift for the card-playing

Personalized bar signs. If your wedding party or groomsmen has interesting hobbies. Then a

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personalized pub signs would be very adequate. Pub signs and bar signs available to match all types
of individuals in all different types of interest. You can engrave their names upon them and also the
date of your wedding. This way after they hang your sign up, they will remember you and your wedding
every time they stare upon the wall.

 When you want to give a gift that stands out from the crowd, give a creative groomsmen gift! After all,
they do deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated. Never procrastinate or you might end up
spending a lot of bucks for an awful ordinary gift.

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                                      4 Misconceptions on Creative Groomsmen Gifts
                                                              By Tracy Chapman

Gift giving can be made more fun if you try giving creative items to your groomsmen. There’s no point
in giving the same old items as your groomsmen gifts. Make the thought much easier to appreciate by
giving a creative groomsmen gift. You can always make your guys smile and appreciate whatever it is
that you give by giving them something that comes with a bit more care with the details. Since it only
happens once in a lifetime, you should at least come up with something unforgettable.

 Some people find it hard to come up with a creative groomsmen gifts because they think it’s a tough
thing to do. But in reality, it does not really take much. Creative groomsmen gift items only need a dash
of uniqueness and smartness to make it work. Here are some common misconceptions about giving a
creative groomsmen gift:

 1. It has to be expensive. – You don’t have to buy the latest in the market just to accomplish giving a
creative groomsmen gift. You can even try making one from scratch. If you do it all by yourself there’s
a bigger possibility that you will be able to cut back from costs. This is because you get the chance to
scout for your own materials and purchase the items that are less cheaper than the items you find on
the market.

 2. It has to be the same. – One of things that make groomsmen gifts dull and too simplistic is that you
give one and the same thing for everybody else. A creative groomsmen gift is something that is
different and stands out. Also, the guys would appreciate it more if you will give something that’s not
the same as the others. You will also find it easier to give creative groomsmen gifts if you refer to each

 3. It has to be given on the wedding day. – Some people experience much fuss when it comes to
giving a creative groomsmen gift because they pressure themselves. Aside from attending to other
important things for the wedding day, they also have to carry the additional responsibility of giving
groomsmen gift when in fact they can give it some other time. If you feel that coming up with a creative
groomsmen gift cannot be handled before the wedding day then do not force yourself. If you do it after
the wedding, you will have more time to look through your options.

 4. It has to be complex. – The thought of giving a creative groomsmen gift does not equate to giving
something complicated. You can always give simple gifts like pens or flasks and add your own unique
touch to make it creative. To do this, personalizing your gift helps a lot. This way your recipients will
even know that the groomsmen gift came from you. If you personalize the groomsmen gift, you will
inevitably take better care to look at how you will be able to present it to your recipient. A bottle opener
key chain, for example, is simple but the thought you put on it counts.

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