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									                                 2009 SOUTH EAST FLATS

IMPORTANT NOTE – It is important to read the General Handbook in conjunction with the Hall specific

The College Head welcomes both new and returning residents to the South East Flats community and hopes
your stay will be enjoyable and rewarding. Whilst every effort will be made to make your stay memorable
members of the community are encouraged to participate in the wide range of academic, social, cultural and
recreational activities on offer.

It is important to note the South East Flats Ethos which is stated as follows;

        The South East Flats offer residents a more private living environment, in that each flat is fully self
        contained. One of the benefits associated with living at the South East Flats is that their structure
        and governance enables residents to become more independent and self-reliant. Residents are still
        actively encouraged to take part in the support services offered by Clayton Residential.

The South East Flats offer a greater dimension to the housing options offered by Monash Residential
Services. The Flats are ideally suited to second and higher year students who are seeking something a little
more private.

Should you have any ideas about activities that you would like to see promoted at the South East Flats please
feel free to bring them to the attention of the College Head or the Residential Support Team.

COLLEGE HEAD - The College Head is John Duck and he is contactable at:

                         College Head’s Residence
                         Block 1, Flat 5
                         Phone 9905 6521

The College Head is responsible for establishing and maintaining an environment that provides care, support
and enrichment for residents in academic, cultural, personal, social and recreational matters. The College
Head reports to the Director, Monash Residential Services.

RESIDENTIAL SUPPORT TEAM – the RST is an integral part of the Monash Residential Services (MRS)
community and the 2009 team is:

    John Duck (College Head)
    Not available at time of publishing (Residential Support Assistant)
    Kashish Katoch (Resident Advisor)
    Kristin Johnson (Resident Advisor)
    Nicole Dunbar (Resident Advisor)

    The best time to contact the RST is usually 6:30pm – 10pm, they may be available 9am – 10pm. Do not
    contact the RST outside of these hours unless it is an emergency. NB. Needing a vacuum or assistance
    with the computer network is NOT an emergency.

SERVICES PERSONNEL (SP) – support the RST structure. The SP are responsible for the security of
persons, property, assisting residents, staff and visitors with a variety of aspects of communal living at
Clayton Residential. The SP:

•   patrol MRS buildings, internally and externally, to ensure the safety of residents, staff and visitors;
•   execute the MRS Critical Incidents Management Protocols (CIMPs) and render required action and
•   assist in the enforcement of MRS policies, residency regulations, etc. as stipulated in the General

If a resident requires assistance outside of office hours owing to a lockout, they should contact the SP. The
contact numbers for the SP are as follows:
Call Security on 53059 from an internal telephone OR 9905 3059 from an external telephone

SOUTH EAST FLAT RULES - The few rules set out below are intended to ensure the general good of all
residents. The basic rule is to be considerate and to avoid disturbing others, especially when they want to sleep
or work. Your attention is drawn to the following specific rules:

1)      Excessive noise is not allowed at any time — this is a generally accepted rule and everyone needs to
2)      Directions from SP or a member of the RST concerning noise must be complied with at all times.
3)      Drinking games such as ‘sculling’ and ‘centurion’ are forbidden.
4)      The possession, sale or consumption of illegal drugs is also strictly prohibited.
5)      In accordance with Health Regulations, cooking of food is not permitted in student rooms. Students are
        required to keep communal cooking areas clean.
6)      Smoking is prohibited inside and within 10 metres of any entrance to the South East Flats. This
        prohibition includes individual student rooms.

NOISE – In the event that noise or unruly behaviour disturbs you, please ask those persons disturbing you to
quieten down. If a direct approach does not work, then please contact the SP or a RA or the College Head.
Residents must at all times comply with any specific instructions from SP or RAs. In the event that disciplinary
action may be needed, SP or RAs will report the matter to the College Head.

ADVERTISING VACANT ROOMS - In the event that a room becomes vacant in an established South East
Flats household, MRS reserves the right to allocate a new student at their discretion. The household’s
preferences are taken into consideration, in accordance with University Equal Opportunity guidelines.

CLEANING - Cleaners are contracted to clean all student flats once every two weeks during the months
February – November. The cleaners will be directed to clean the following:

•    bathrooms including any showers, basins, toilets, tiled and painted wall surfaces and floors;
•    lounges, vacuum all carpeted areas including passages or stairs, dusting and damp wiping of any
•    kitchens including washing floors, tables/bench surfaces, microwave ovens, sink and stove tops.

All individual bedrooms will remain the responsibility of the residents. All residents are required to ensure
they leave the flat in a fit condition to enable the cleaners to go about their required duties without
interference i.e. rubbish/food scraps/equipment or reading matter left on floors, bench surfaces or tables. It is
the responsibility of residents to take their rubbish to the waste station at the south end of the car park.

COOKING FACILITIES - The kitchens are equipped with a stove, refrigerator and storage space. Residents
are required to supply ALL cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. Flat members make internal arrangements
concerning the purchase and cooking of food. Residents are advised never to leave the kitchen while
cooking as this is how several fires have started in the past at the SEF.

Cooking in bedrooms is strictly prohibited

DOG TAG KEY - Residents are required to park their vehicle within the boom gate enclosed area. Access to
this area is by a Dog tag key, which will open the boom gate. This key is part of the South East Flats key set
which all residents receive. The Dog tag key also opens the Pavilion next to the lake. To be able to park at
the South East Flats, residents must complete a parking permit application form and be issued with a free
parking permit. The following conditions apply to all holders of a South East Flats parking permit:

• parking is permitted for the designated vehicle only.
• the Dog tag key may not to be loaned to any other person.
• misuse of the key will result in cancellation, and another key will not be reissued during the term of the
• lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen Dog tag keys will only be reissued by the MRS Operations Office
  staff, during normal business hours. A $13.00 fee will be payable.
• if the Dog tag key is lost, misplaced or damaged after hours, residents are requested to park in the Visitor
  Bays in the interim and inform the College Head.

No unauthorised parking is permissible in the boom gate enclosed area at any time. An infringement notice
may be issued. Queries relating to infringement notices should be directed to Traffic & Security on extension
ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - All residents are strongly encouraged to be environmentally
sustainable. For example, turn off lights when leaving a room, use less water and recycle waste. Please
ensure that you place the correct item in the correct bin as cross contamination of bins results in all waste
going to landfill.

FIRE & SAFETY EQUIPMENT - Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System (EWIS) - This
system is used to detect and warn in the event of a fire at the South East Flats. The South East Flats is
equipped with fire retardant doors in all stairwell flats. Each flat has a 2kg dry chemical extinguisher and a
fire blanket.

All bedrooms have smoke detectors and emergency fire procedures attached behind bedroom doors. Break
glass button alarms are connected to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Melbourne and are located in the
following areas:

Block 1.         Laundry alcove (outside laundry door) - Near front door Flat 1/9.

Block 2.         Bottom of both stairwells.

If an intermittent beeping noise is made by the smoke detector, it is the residents’ responsibility to notify the
MRS Operations Office immediately. After hours please contact ESO on 9905 3059.It is your responsibility to
check, on a regular basis, the battery operated smoke detector that is installed in your bedroom.

It is the responsibility of MRS not the resident to replace faulty batteries.

LAUNDRY FACILITIES - Washing machines, dryers, iron and ironing board and clotheslines are available in
Block One and Block Two of the South East Flats.

MAILBOX KEYS - Each flat is allocated one mailbox key. The key is clearly marked and part of your set of
keys. A replacement key can be obtained from the MRS Operations Office.

MAILING ADDRESS - The address for the South East Flats is:

                                           South East Flats (Block number Flat number)
                                           Building 47, Monash University
                                           Victoria 3800, Australia

PARKING PERMITS - Residents will also have to display a “Resident Parking Permit” when parking within
the boom gate area.

Permits are to be displayed face up on the dashboard at all times. These permits can be obtained and
lodged through the MRS Operations Office. Any resident who fails to display the appropriate parking permit
may be issued an infringement notice. Misuse of parking permits may result in withdrawal. Queries relating to
infringement notices should be directed to Traffic & Security. Queries relating to infringement notices should
be directed to Traffic & Security.

PARTIES - Unfortunately, the South East Flats have few places suitable for private parties, where noise will
not impinge unacceptably on other residents. The following rules will apply:

•   you must not disturb other residents;
•   you must not make extra work for the domestic staff;
•   at the South East Flats, parties are restricted during and close to examination time;
•   parties must finish at midnight;
•   any damage must be paid for;
•   permission from the College Head must be sought before having a party;
•   there are limits on the ratio of resident to non-resident at such functions.

PETS are not allowed at the South East Flats.

PAVILION – The Pavilion is a common room residents can use for larger gatherings or watching the projector
screen TV. The Pavilion consists of:

•    Pool table
•    Self catering kitchen
•    Lounges
•    Large projector screen TV
•    DVD/Video player and FOXTEL available
•    Toilets
•    Large decking and BBQ area

Functions and events co-ordinated by the RST are held in the Pavilion. Residents can have their own function
in the Pavilion but must obtain permission from the College Head. A Calender in the Pavilion is used to book
the space. The Pavilion is for resident use only. Please always leave the Pavilion in the state you found it.
That is clean and ready to use for the next resident.

The College Head has the final decision on the use of the Pavilion at any particular time.

ROOM KEYS - Residents are issued with three keys – one to open the front door of your flat, one to open
your room only and a dog tag to open the boom gate and access the Pavilion. A replacement key can be
obtained from the MRS Operations Office. If you inadvertently lock yourself out of your room there are three
alternatives for re-entry:

1.     MRS Operations Office (see entry under Office Hours)
2.     Traffic & Security, Wellington Road (after hours)
3.     RST between the hours of 6.00pm and 9.00pm, if they are available

VACUUM CLEANER - Residents are encouraged to provide their own vacuum cleaner in individual flats. In
the event that this is not possible, the College Head has 3 vacuum cleaners, which may be borrowed, upon
request, between the hours of 6.30pm and 10.00pm from your closest RA.

KEYS FOR BBQ’S – There are three BBQ’s at the SEF: two in the block 1 courtyard and one by the lake on
the Pavilion decking. Keys for the BBQ’s are available from your nearest RA, a Monash ID card will be taken
in exchange for the key. BBQ’s and the surrounding area must be left in a clean condition after use.

VISITORS - You are welcome to have friends visit you. The proper conduct and supervision of visitors is the
responsibility of the resident inviting them.

WATER - Water usage charges are included in your rental fee. Residents are requested to be conservative
with their use of water. In particular, please advise if you should have a dripping tap.

     Again, welcome to the South East Flats and we hope that you have a very happy
                             and successful 2009 with us!!

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