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									 “The Biggest Little Fair in Ontario”                                      CONTENTS
                                                   President’s Message................................... 3
                                                   Homecraft President’s Message................. 4
                                                   Mayor’s Message ........................................ 5
                                                   Ambassador’s Message ............................. 6
                                                   Executives……………………..…………..... 7
                                                   Committees Heads...……………………..…. 9
                                                   Homecraft President’s & Secretaries…...…12
                                                   Queen’s & Ambassador’s of the Fair……...13
                                                   Ambassador Competition ...........................14
                                                   Rules & Regulations –Fair...………………..17
                                                   Rules & Regulations – Livestock……........18
                                                   Horses…...........…………………………..... 19
                                                   Cattle ...........…………………………………23
             MITCHELL                              Beef Cattle ….…..…………………………. .24
                                                   Dairy Cattle…………………………...……. 25
             FALL FAIR                             Tiny Tot Showmanship..............................28
                                                   Field Crops, Hay, Grain & Seeds.....……...29
                                                   Commercial Hay……………………………..30
     “Celebrating Our 155th Year”                  Vegetables, Roots & Fruits………………...31
                                                   Homecraft Rules ........................................36
          2009 Prize List                          Elementary School………………………….38
                                                   Junior Fair………………………………… 44
                                                   Antiques .....................................................52
        Picture goes here from theme               Fine Arts......................................................54
                                                   Hobby Crafts…........………………………. 56
                                                   Floral Section..…………………………….. 58
                                                   Food Section ………………………………. 63
                                                   Needlecraft Section ...……………………....75
                                                   Photography for Amateurs ……………..... 86
                   Theme:                          OAAS Photographic Competition…......….91
“Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to                         Wine Section............................................ 94
                                                   Women’s Institute Display………………….95
         the Fair”                                 Air Band Competition……………………….96
                                                   Down on the Farm…………………………..98
                                                   Pet Show………………………………….….100
      Friday, Saturday, & Sunday
                                                   Step Dancing……………………………..…101
        September 4,5 & 6 2009                     Special Events Committee…………………102
                                                   2009 Program………………………………..104
  Ken Connolly             Susan Aasman            Fair Contest ................................................107
Agricultural President   Homecraft President
 519-348-9436            519-348-9610
                                                      The Fair is Open to the Public
                Sarah Bell                         Exhibit Building Hours:
          Secretary – Treasurer
                                                   Friday       10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    PO Box 190 Mitchell Ontario N0K 1N0            Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
        Web site:                 Sunday       10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
                                                   Adults: $6.00 per day
                                                   Weekend Pass $10.00
                                                   Children 10 years & under- FREE


                                                      Homecraft President’s Message
                                                      Welcome everyone. Come see what
                                                      we have along with meeting friends
                                                      and family. Don’t forget to see all the
          President’s Message                         exhibits in the Crystal Palace where
Exhibitors and Friends:                               you will find new this year a class on
 The Mitchell & District Agricultural Society         Wines along with our regular fine
extends a personal invitation for all to attend       arts,    crafts,    baking,         flowers,
the 155 Mitchell Fall Fair on September 4,            needlework and Women’s Institute
5, and 6, 2009.The Fair directors, associate
directors and volunteers are a group of
                                                      displays. In the community Centre
dedicated, hardworking men and women.                 we have Elementary school, Junior
Their long hours of planning have produced            Fair, photography and much more.
a variety of interesting events for everyone          The Theme this year is “Ladybug
to enjoy. Our theme this year is ……..                 Ladybug Come to the Fair”. I am
“Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to the Fair.”
  I encourage you to read the revised 2009
                                                      sure you will see a lot of them up on
Fair Book, and see how you can take part. It          the walls or just roaming around.
is your participation that makes the Mitchell         Browse through our prize book to
Fair the “Biggest Little Fair in Ontario.”            find classes you may want to enter.
   Thank you to all our sponsors for their            Read the rules carefully, and if you
continued support and good luck to all the
                                                      have questions, please don’t hesitate
  To all visitors to the Fair, we extend a            to make a phone call for assistance.
warm welcome and hope you enjoy the                   Check out our Penny Sale and Silent
many events and attractions at the Fair.              Auction in the Arena running during
                                                      the fair. This event helps cover our
               Ken Connolly
                                                      prize money. In case you are looking
                 President                            for more information check out our
   Mitchell & District Agricultural Society           new web site at
                                                      Thank you to all the members on the
                                                      board, sponsors, friends and our
   Official Opening of the 155th                      volunteers who make the Homecraft
 Mitchell Fall Fair with Ted Johns                    displays a success.
    Friday September 4, 2009                          Last, but not least, thank you to the
       9:00 pm in the Arena                           many exhibitors who participate in
                                                      the various classes. It is your talents
                                                      that make successful displays.
                                                      See you at “The Biggest Little Fair in
                                                      Susan Aasman
                                                      Homecraft President

     From the Mayor’s Desk                                      Being an ambassador is a great
                                                       experience. It is wonderful to spend the
                                                       entire weekend visiting the various
                                                       attractions of the Mitchell Fair and seeing
                                                       members of the community. Getting to
                                                       attend the Annual OAAS Convention at the
                                                       Royal York in Toronto is fun-filled and gives
                                                       you the chance to make friends from all
                                                       across Ontario. The District 8 Competition
                                                       and the CNE Ambassador Competition are
                                                       other chances to hang out with fellow
On behalf of the Council of West Perth, I              ambassadors, learn more about agriculture,
wish to congratulate the Mitchell and District         and continue to improve your public
Agricultural Society for once again                    speaking and interview skills.
organizing the “Biggest Little Fair in Ontario”                 All in all, the Mitchell Fair
Congratulations    on     155      years     of        Ambassador Program is undoubtedly a sure
Volunteering and hard work. Greetings and              way to have fun, learn, and show pride for
best wishes to all participants and                    one’s agricultural community.
attendees, young and old. Enjoy the fair!              In closing, I would like to send my warmest
                 Sincerely,                            regards to the Mitchell Agricultural Society,
           Mayor John Van Bakel                        the Ambassador committee and my Sponsor
                                                       for continually organizing such an important
                                                       event,       every      year   without    fail.
                                                       Congratulations to the Society on 155 years!
                                                       Come out and join the fun at the “Biggest
                                                       Little Fair in Ontario”
                                                                       Danielle DeBlock
                                                            2008/2009 Mitchell Fair Ambassador

    Ambassador’s Message                                           AMBASSADOR of the Fair
                                                               Friday September 4 2009
The Mitchell Fair Ambassador Program is a
                                                                  8:00 pm in the Arena
great event to participate in, for many
reasons. Not only is it a ton of fun, it is also
educational and contributory to one’s public
speaking and interview skills.
         Being with the other contestants
gives lots of opportunity for socializing, and
helps to lighten the mood and ease nervous
feelings about the competition.
         The more serious part of the
competition is the interview session. It is
normal to feel nervous going in, but as long
as you take a few deep breaths and relax,
the short process will be easy as pie!
         Writing and delivering a speech is
probably the most time consuming and
rewarding part of the contest. The more
energy you put into preparing and practicing
your speech, the more comfortable you will
feel when onstage. Make your speech your
own, practice, and it will be terrific!

 MITCHELL & DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL                   Bannerman, Gladys Connolly Dave Linton,
     SOCIETY Officers and Directors                 James McLagan, John McLagan, Linda
                  - 2009                            Siemon, Jeff Vanderhyden, Kim
President:             Ken Connolly                 Vanderhyden, Steve Vanhevel, Lori-anne
Past President:        Marg French                  Vanhevel, Harold Workman, Danny Buuck,
1 Vice President:      Byron Morris                 Carole Gethke.
2 Vice President:      Winnie Linton                Mitchell Ward: John Aasman, Valerie
Secretary /Treasurer: Sarah Bell                    Chessell, Carl Diegel, Liz Diegel, Donna
                                                    Eisler, Micaela Fitzsimmons, Ruth Laing,
        HOMECRAFT EXECUTIVE                         Randy Rolph, Murray Rose, Karen
                For 2009                            Templeman, Chris Knott, Tracy Pfeifer-
President:            Susan Aasman                  Gloor, Deb Bice.
Past President:       Jean Gloor                    Volunteers: Special Thanks to all our many
1 Vice President:     Jean Gloor                    volunteers working at our fair and shared in
2 Vice President:     Joyce Parrott                 our success.
Secretary-Treasurer:  Carrie Rolph
                                                    Junior Volunteers for 2009:
HONORARY MEMBERS:                                   Craig Reis,Anita Young, Catharine Young,
Gary Schellenberger –MP, John Wilkinson –           Becci Aikens, Jacob Vorstenosch,
MPP, Julie Behrns -Perth County Warden,
John Van Bakel -Mayor of Municipality of               ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF
West Perth, Danielle DeBlock -2008
Ambassador of the Fair.
                                                      AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES –
LIFE MEMBERS:                                               DISTRICT # 8
Lawrence Barker, Murray Christie, David
Davis, Norman Dow, Mary Higgins, Lottie                 District Director: Robert Hargraves
Hinks, Harold Jordan, Ray Walkom, Jim                  Homecraft Director: Shirley Aitcheson
MacDougald, Marjorie Malcolm, Jean                     Secretary-Treasurer: Janet Cameron
Mitchell, Ilene McLagan, Nita Leonhardt,            District Annual Oct. 27 2009 6:00 pm
Isabel Annis                                                  Hosted by Brussels
 Fullarton Ward: Margaret French, Byron
Morris, Leroy Skinner, Caroline Vivian
Hibbert Ward: Roger Fell, Winston Jibb,                     COMMITTEE HEADS:
Robert Mitchell, Robert I. Norris, Robert           Air Band Show
Rice.                                               Sharon Fell-Dunsmore      393-5947
Logan Ward: Ken Connolly, Jean Gloor,
Winnie Linton, Ron Gethke                           Sarah Herold- Hombach     272-9602
Mitchell Ward: Susan Aasman, Lorne Fell,            Pauline Fell        519-893-4095
Bill Osborn, Joyce Parrott, Carrie Rolph            Ambassador of the Fair:
JUNIOR DIRECTORS For 2009:                          Christine Schoonderwoerd 348-4085
Christine Schoonderwoerd, LaDonna Rose,             LaDonna Rose 348-9623, Melanie
Melanie Luyten, Danielle McLagan, Lindsay
Templeman, Sara Little.                             Luyten, Tracy Gloor, Sarah Little,
Associates as of May 1 2009
                           st                       Danielle DeBlock, Jean Gloor, Byron
Fullarton Ward: Bill French, Winnifred Dow,         Morris, Susan Aasman.
Anne Marie Heckman, David McKay, , Roy              Arena:
McKay, John Miller, Steve Riehl, Jean               John Miller 393-6573
Sebben, Pat Sebben, Richard Skinner, Terry
Vanderhyden, Kim Vanderhyden, Audrey                Gordon Feltz, James McLagan, John
Vorstenbosch, Bert Vorstenbosch, Myrtle             Van Bakel
Walkom, Jim Wright, Mildred Ulch
Hibbert Ward: Donna Mitchell, Steve
Mitchell, Jennifer Schroter-Fell, Sheila Jibb
Logan Ward: Beverley Bannerman, Ken
Bannerman, Shirley Bannerman Jack

Antiques, Art and Crafts:                   Field Crops, Hay, Grain & Seeds:
Jean Gloor -347-2409                        Lorne Fell 348-4291
Susan Aasman, Micaela Fitzsimmons,          John Miller, James McLagan, Roger
Pauline Harrison, Christine                 Fell
Schoonderwoerd.                             Floral Section:
BBQ:                                        Ruth Laing 348-8586
Dave Linton 347-8337                        Marjorie Malcolm, Helen Lockhart,
Roger Fell, Winnie Linton, Steve            Eleanor Leasa, Mary Higgins, Liz
Mitchell, Maribeth Nevin, John              Diegel, Eileen MacRae, Marjorie
Tallon, Alfred Young                        McDougall, Margaret Scherbarth
Beef Cattle:                                Food Section:
Winston Jibb 345-2450                       Gladys Connolly 348-9436, Beulah
Russell Gordner, Dave McKay, John           MacDougald, Margaret French, Jennifer
VanBakel                                    Schroter-Fell, Vicki Williamson
Book Committee:                             4-H: Perth 4-H Director:
Susan Aasman 348-9610                       Jean Morris 519-348-8219,                        Leaders: Jean Gloor, Caroline
Sheila Jibb, Anne Marie Heckman, &          Vivian, Sheila Jibb.
Executive.                                  Gates-Office:
Church Committee:                           Winnie Linton 348-8337
Alfred Young 348-9352                       Harry Norris, Jean Gloor, John
Clean Up During the Fair:                   Aasman, Caroline Vivian
Byron Morris 348-8219                       Horses:
Chris Knott 348-4305                        Bob Rice 348-8084
Student Volunteers.                         Jack Bannerman, Ken Bannerman,
Concessions:                                Winston Jibb, Ron Gethke, Carole
John Miller 393-6573                        Gethke
Robert Mitchell, Winston Jibb               Junior Fair Section:
Dairy Cattle:                               Audrey Vorstenbosch 348-8269,
John Miller 393-6573                        Ilene McLagan, Anne Marie
John McLagan, Leroy Skinner,                Heckman, , Florence Skinner,
Richard Skinner                             Sharon Fell-Dunsmore, Joanne
Mitchell Fair Contest                       Groenestege, Carrie Rolph, Joyce
Susan & John Aasman 348-9610,               Parrott
Ken & Gladys Connolly 348-9436,             Keterson Park:
Down on the Farm:                           Winston Jibb 345-2450
Jim Wright 348-9312                         Bryon Morris
John Miller, Bert Vorstenbosch, Bill        Machinery (New & Antique):
French, Roy McKay, Bill Osborn              Ken Connolly 348-9436
Elementary School:                          Gordon Laing, Norman Dow
Shirley Bannerman 347-2552                  Needlecraft Section:
Caroline Vivian, Sheila Jibb, Frances       Chris Knott 348-4305
Lannin, Myrtle Walkom                       Karen Templeman 348-9044
                                            Jean Mitchell, Beryl Feltz, Donna
                                            Mitchell, Isabel Annis, Joan

New Year’s Eve:                             Vegetables, Roots & Fruits:
Lorne Fell 348-4291                         Pat Sebben 393-6415
Ken Bannerman, Bev Bannerman,               Walter Mielke, Francis Anderson,
Winston Jibb, John Miller, Robert I         Robert Mitchell
Norris, Pat Sebben, Jean Sebben,            Web Site: LaDonna Rose, Susan
Joyce Parrott                               Aasman, Ken Connolly
Parade:                                     Wine Section:
Bob Norris 345-2945                         Susan Aasman 348-9610
Frances Lannin, Paul Lockhart,               Valerie Chessell, Carrie Rolph
Robert Mitchell, Murray Rose, Terry         Women’s Institute Displays:
Vanderhyden, Kim Vanderhyden                Marion McKay 519-348-8203
Steve Vanhevel, Lorianne Vanhevel            Mildred Ulch, Edythe Petrie
Penny Sale/ Silent Auction:                 Woodworking Section:
Susan Aasman 348-9610                       Byron Morris 348-8219
Valerie Chessell, Carrie Rolph              John Aasman, Gordon Feltz, Randy
Pet Show:                                   Rolph.
Elaine Gordner 348-9049
Margaret French, Sheila Jibb,
Caroline Vivian
Photography for Amateurs:                      The Fair is Open to the Public
Bev Bannerman 347-2397                      Exhibit Building Hours:
Donna Eisler, Walter MacDougald             Friday       10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Program: The two past Presidents,           Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
the two current Presidents along with       Sunday       10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
both Vice-Presidents
                                            Adults: $6.00 per day
Property Committee:                         Weekend Pass $10.00
Winston Jibb 345-2450                       Children 10 years & under- FREE
Bert Vorstenbosch, Walter Mielke,           Cars -$2.00 per day –plus admission
Gordon Feltz, Robert Mitchell, Alfred       Mobile Homes and Trailers, $10.00
Young, Randy Rolph and the two              per night plus admission.
Presidents                                  Web site:
Special Events:
Steve & Lori-anne Vanhevel
Carl & Liz Diegel, Murray Rose, Jeff
& Kim Vanderhyden, Steve & Brenda
Rose, Ron Horn, Kevin Murray, Les
Stewart, Winnie Linton, Steve Riehl,
Terry & Kim Vanderhyden, Joanne
Groenestege, Pattie McKone, Bill &
Angela Lindeman.
Step Dance:
Donna Mitchell 348-9186
Margaret French

          PRESIDENTS                      2008 -      Ken Connolly
(1854 – 1909 records not available)
1910         John Brockerick*               (1854-1909 records not available)
1911 – 1912 John Skinner*                 1911 - 1913 A. D. Cameron*
1913 – 1914 Daniel DeCoursey*             1914 - 1915 T. H. Race*
1915         W. J. Walkom*                1916 - 1917 A. J. Blowes*
1916 – 1923 W. A. McKenzie*               1918 - 1919 A. J. Blowes, Sec.*
1924 – 1925 George Kemp*                  1920          F. G. Hemrey*
1926 – 1927 James Malcolm*                1921          J. Skinner*
       (Pres. O.A.A.S. 1933)              1922 - 1928 H. C. Facey*
1928 – 1930 B. J. Thiel*                  1929 - 1938 Mrs. G. McNay*
1931 – 1937 Thomas Earl*                  1939 - 1940 Walker Thompson*
1938 – 1940 James Douglas*                1941 - 1947 W. E. Woods*
1941 – 1943 Clarence Shean*               1948 - 1953 A. J. Hickey*
1944 – 1946 William Potts*                1953          K. J. Reaney, Sec. *
1947 – 1949 D. P. Monaghan*               1954 - 1977 K. J. Reaney*
1950 – 1951 Oscar Rogers*                        (Pres. Fairs O.A.A.S. 1965)
1952 - 1953 Wib Cornish*                  1978 - 1992 Mrs. K. J. Reaney*
1953 – 1954 Alvin Kemp*                          (Pres. Homecraft O.A.A.S.
1955 – 1956 Arthur Drummond*              1979)
1957 – 1958 John E. Siemon*               1993 - 1995 Sandra McKenzie
1959 – 1960 O. J. Pridham*                1996 - 2001 Verna Young
1961 – 1962 George Mitchell*              2002 - 2003 Ivan & Betty Lou Norris
1963 – 1964 Oliver Bannerman*             2003 -2007 Janice Rose
1965 – 1966 Clarence Priestap*            2008 -        Sarah Bell
1967 – 1968 Murray Christie               * Deceased
1969 – 1970 Harold Thiel*
1971 – 1972 Arthur Kemp*                   HOMECRAFT PRESIDENTS
1973 – 1974 Reg Robinson*                 1953 Mrs. Herman Heckman*
1975 – 1976 Keith McLagan*                1955 Mrs. Frank Turner*
1977 – 1978 Joost Drost                   1958 Mrs. Don Sinclair*
1979 – 1980 Gordon Beard*                 1959 Mrs. Gordon Wood
1981 – 1982 Russell Miller                1960 Mrs. Keith McLagan
1983 – 1984 Ken Connolly                  1963 Mrs. Jas MacDougald
1985 – 1986 William French                1965 Mrs. George Mitchell
1987 – 1988 Hugh McCaughey                1967 Mrs. Sam Sidwell*
1989 – 1990 Bert Vorstenbosch             1970 Mrs. Frank Turner*
1991 – 1992 Robert I. Norris              1971 Mrs. Orville Ovens*
1993 – 1994 Edwin Illman                  1973 Mrs. Ormand Pridham
1995 – 1996 John Miller                   1975 Mrs. Harold Thiel*
1997 – 1998 Robert Rice                   1977 Mrs. Jas Statton
1999 – 2000 Alfred Young                  1979 Mrs. Murray Kane
2001 – 2002 Winston Jibb                  1981 Mrs. Dalton Malcolm
2003 - 2004 Robert Mitchell               1983 Anne Marie Heckman
2005 - 2007 Margaret French               1985 Jeanette German

1987   Carol Francis                                 Mitchell Junior Farmers
1989   Betty Jermyn                           1985   Kate Kerslake
1991   Jean Parsons                                  Staffa Women’s Institute
1993   Eleanor Leasa                          1986   Heather Norris
1995   Margaret French                               Mitchell Lions Club
1997   Betty Jermyn                           1987   Jean Johns-Glen Gowrie W I
2000   Vicki Williamson                       1988   Kelly Nicholson
2002   Caroline Vivian                               Monkton Lions Club
2005   Jean Gloor                             1989   Sandra Trentowsky- Bornholm W I
2008    Susan Aasman                          1990   Shannon Galbraith
                                                     Mitchell Lions Club
Past SECRETARY-TREASURERS                     1991   Cheryl Hodgert
1953 Mrs. Mac Norris*                                Mitchell & District High School
1956 Mrs. H. Heckman*                         1992   Katie Lusk
1959 Mrs. Joe Lobby*                                 Glen Gowrie Women’s
1961 Mrs. Jack Burchill*                              Institute
1965 Mrs. Ilene McLagan                       1993   Lisa Elliott
1969 Mrs. Orville Ovens*                             Mitchell Optimist Club
1971 Mrs. C. A. Houze*                        1994   Sarah Herold
1975 Mrs. Gordon Feltz                               Mitchell Kinettes
1983 Mrs. Ada Jermyn*                         1995   Leanne Nicholson
1986 Mrs. Isabel Annis                               Monkton Lions Club
1988 Gladys Connolly                          1996   No Competition
1990 Ruth Laing                               1997   Kelly Annis
2001 Betty Jermyn                                    Mitchell Kinettes
2003 Carrie Rolph

Queens and their Sponsor                      Ambassadors and their Sponsor
1975 Gwen Kahle- Mitchell Lions Club          1998 Tracy Pfeifer
1976 Esther Scholl -Monkton Lions Club             Monkton Lions Club
1977 Patricia MacDougald -                    1999 Nancy Dittmer
       Fullarton Women’s Institute                 Monkton Lions Club
1978 Susan Nicholson                          2000 Victoria Burlingham
        Monkton Lions Club                         Carlingford Women’s Institute
1979 Marilyn Gaffney                          2001 Susan Nater
        Mitchell & District High School            Monkton Lions Club
1980 Kathy Ward                               2002 Melissa McGoldrick
        Mitchell & District High School            Monkton Lions Club
1981 Helen Kane                               2003 Lindsay Templeman
        Fullarton Women’s Institute                Carlingford W I
1982 Julie Pehlke                             2004 LaDonna Rose
        Mitchell Legion Branch 128                 Mitchell Lions Club
1983 Janice Vivian-Mitchell &                 2005 Jason Verhoeve
District High School                               Monkton Lions Club
1984 Sharon Fell                              2006 Sara Little

     Mitchell Kinsmen & Kinettes                    to 4 minutes in length on one
2007 Melanie Luyten                                 of the following topics:
     Mitchell Lions Club                            a. Agriculture
2008 Danielle DeBlock                               b. Agricultural Societies
     Monkton Lions Club                             c. Some aspect of the Mitchell
        Ambassador of the Fair                        Following the
              Completion:                             speeches, each contestant
Head Conveners:                                       will be asked to speak for 1
Christine Schoonderwoerd 348-4085                     to 2 minutes on an
LaDonna Rose 348-9623                                 impromptu topic or subject.
Melanie Luyten, Tracy Gloor, Sara
Little, Danielle DeBlock, Jean Gloor,         What is expected from our Fair
Byron Morris, Susan Aasman.                         Ambassador:
Ambassador Rules & Regulations                  1. Participate in the Mitchell Fair
     a. Contestants must reside in                  and our Fair Parade.
        the Municipality of West Perth          2. Represent our Fair at other
        or Mitchell & District High                 local Fairs and Events.
        School area.                            3. Attend the District #8 Annual
     b. The contestant must be                      workshop in October.
        single, and at least 18 years           4. Participate in the District #8
        of age before August 1st 2010.              Ambassador competition
        Each organization is invited to             in April.
        sponsor one contestant-male             5. Attend the Annual Convention
        or female.                                  in Toronto at the Royal York
     c. There must be 3 contestants                 Hotel in February.
        for a competition to be held.           6. Promote the Mitchell Fair and
     d. Community organizations are                 the Ambassador program.
        invited to sponsor one                  7. Represent the Fair at annual
        contestant-male or female.                  meetings when possible.
     e. The Sponsors are to provide             8. Compete at the 2009 C.N.E.
        the contestant with a corsage/              for a chance to represent
        boutonniere and a                           Ontario Agricultural Societies.
        sash/collarette, bearing the
        name of the sponsor.                     Ambassador Prize Supporters
     f. The contestants are expected          Our sincere thanks is extended to all
        to dress appropriately while           who donated prizes and those who
        representing the fair.                         sponsor contestants.
     g. The sponsoring organization           If you would like to contribute a prize
        is asked to introduce the                 or sponsor a contestant, please
        contestant and tell something             contact any member of the Fair
        about their contestant.                  Ambassador committee for more
     h. Each contestant will be                            information.
        interviewed and expected to
        deliver a prepared speech, 3

Ambassador committee would like to               Adult Classes are $5.00.
  thank the following for their cash             Junior Classes up to age 21
    donations as of May 1st.2009:                are FREE, except Horses,
          Bar-B-Dee Farms                        which are 15% plus GST of
       New Generation Pork                       prize money.
         Rose Family Farms                    c. If you entered in Mitchell’s
       J.S. Skinner Builders                     Fair last year, your entry fee
    Great Lake New Holland Inc.                  was deducted for this year.
     Schoonderwoerd Concrete                  d. Entry tags, forms and books
 Please see sponsor display for full             can be picked up at the
     up to date list at our event.               Mitchell Computer Store and
                                                 Sears Store. Books can be
      MITCHELL & DISTRICT                        picked up at all local banks,
    AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY                         also during the fair at the
       ELIMINATION DRAW                          office located at the Crystal
    Saturday September 5, 2009                   Palace. Office number is
Early Bird –July 29th 2009 at 9:00pm             519-348-4400 or PO Box 190
                                                 Mitchell Ontario N0K 1N0
             for $100.00
                                              e. Prize money will be paid out
      Tickets are $10.00 each
                                                 as quickly as possible
     Available from any Member
                                                 following the fair. All cheques
 All Proceeds to Cover Entry Prize
                                                 are requested to be cashed
                                                 as soon as possible.
                                              f. Bring entries Wednesday
                                                 Sept. 2nd from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.
                                                 or Thursday Sept. 3rd from
                                                 8:00 till 11:30 am. Entries
                                                 must remain until 4:30 pm on
                                                 Sunday Sept. 6 2009.
                                              g. Entries must be picked up on
                                                 the Sunday between 4:30 -
              OUR FAIR                           5:30 pm.
       Rules and Regulations                  h. No person may judge their
 Please read the rules carefully here,           own property or any property
and under the Homecraft Division                 bred or formerly owned by
along with each class throughout this            them.
book.                                         i. Farm or garden produce must
    a. All exhibitors must obtain an             be from the exhibitor’s farm or
       exhibitor’s number in order to            garden.
       exhibit at our fair by calling         j. Manufactured articles must be
       our Secretary                             produced the year in which
       Sarah Bell 519-229-6210,                  they are exhibited.
       Susan Aasman 348-9610 or               k. Exhibitors shall, if required by
       our office at the Crystal                 the Directors, make a
       Palace 519-348-4400.                      statutory declaration that the
    b. Entry Fees:                               articles exhibited by them are
                                                 exhibited in accordance with

     the rules and regulations of                    or expulsion from the Society
     the Society.                                    at the discretion of the
l.   Our Directors will take every                   Directors.
     precaution to secure the                     s. Only one entry per person per
     safety of articles sent to the                  section of a class will be
     our Fair, however the owners                    allowed. This rule shall not
     themselves must take the risk                   apply to animals.
     of exhibiting. Should any                    t. In case of bad or
     articles or animals be                          unfavourable weather or other
     accidentally injured, lost or                   reasons causing the receipts
     stolen, the Directors will assist               to fall short of paying
     in recovery, but not make any                   expenses and all prizes in full,
     payment for the value thereof.                  a proportionate amount,
m.   The Society is not responsible                  exclusive of membership, will
     for any accidents that may                      be deducted from prizes to
     occur on the grounds during                     enable the Directors to
     the fair.                                       balance the accounts without
n.   The Directors reserve the                       a loss to the Society.
     right to change any classes at               u. SCORING:
     any time during the fair.                 Indoor - 1st prize = 5 points
o.   The Directors shall have the                       - 2nd prize = 4 points
     power to withhold a prize if                       - 3rd prize = 3 points
     the judge reports an animal or                     - 4th prize = 2 points
     article unworthy of a prize,                       - All others = 1 point
     and there is no compensation.            Livestock: 1st prize = 10 points
p.   Protests must be delivered in                          2nd prize = 9 points
     writing to the Secretary, within                       3rd prize = 8 points. etc.
     24 hours after the judges                      Dairy and Beef Sections are
     have made their decision. A                 awarded according to number of
     sum of $10.00 shall be                              entries in the class.
     deposited with each protest
     and shall be forfeited if the                         Our Livestock
     protest is not allowed.                           Rules & Regulations
q.   Any person guilty of creating a             a.   No person can judge his own
     disturbance, or openly                           property or any property bred
     criticizing a judge, another                     or formerly owned by him/
     person or of using obscene                       her.
     language, shall forfeit the right           b.   All competitors showing
     to any prize money and                           purebred animals must
     maybe asked to leave the fair                    produce pedigrees
     and be suspended from                            satisfactory to the Directors in
     exhibiting, by the Society.                      charge.
r.   Any person violating the                    c.   All stock must be the property
     Rules and By-Laws of the                         of the exhibitor.
     Society shall forfeit his                   d.   The Directors shall have the
     premium or be liable to a fine                   power to withhold a prize if

     the judge reports an animal or              l. All General Rules and
     article unworthy of a prize, or                Regulations apply.
     there is not a competition.
e.   Exhibitors of horses and cattle                     Horse Section
     must bring them forward when
     called for by the judge(s) from          Invitational Heavy Horse Pull
     the judges ring, otherwise                  Saturday, September 5th 2009
     they will not be considered. All         8:00 p.m. in front of the Grand Stand
     1st prize animals must                   Draft Horse Pull
     compete for the Sweepstakes                 a) Under 3300 lbs.
     or prizes will be withheld.                 b) 3301 lbs and over
f.   All Market animals shown                 To register contact:
     must have been in the                    Bob Rice 519-348-8084
     exhibitor’s possession for at
     least 3 months, otherwise                Heavy Horse Judging Program
     they will not be entitled to any             Sunday, September 6th 2009
     premiums.                                             10:00 a.m.
g.   No animal may compete in                 Director: Bob Rice 519-348-8084
     more than one class or                   Jack Bannerman, Ken Bannerman,
     section or for any special               Winston Jibb, Ron Gethke, Carole
     prize except for Beef or Dairy           Gethke.
     Herd. Colts 2 or 3 years old             Please Note:
     and brood mare may compete                  a. Please read General Rules
     in their own class or section                  located at the front in addition
     and also in harness. Horses in                 to these rules.
     open class may compete in                   b. Order of Showing is
     regular classes.                               according to the Mitchell
h.   All horses exhibited are to be                 Fair Book.
     negative in an                              c. Entry Fee: 15% of Prize
     immunodifudsion test                           Money plus GST.
     (Coggins Test) for Equine                   d. Contact Director to register by
     Infectious Anemia within one                   August 14, 2009.
     year of the date of the Fair. A             e. Line Classes will be
     certificate is to be made                      combined. All breeds show
     available to the Fair Board.                   together.
i.   Horses shown in harness                     f. The age of the horses will be
     classes must be hitched to a                   reckoned to January 1st 2009.
     suitable vehicle.                           g. All horse vehicles please
j.   Stallions will be eligible in all              enter at east gate on Arthur
     classes, if manageable.                        Street.
k.   One prize will be allowed to
     any exhibitor in any section             Line Class 1
     except in stock where                           Order of showing, please
     exhibitor may take not more              Section:
     than two prizes in a section as             1. Brood Mare with Foal by her
     specified.                                     side.

   2.   Foal.                                                 One Class.
   3.   Stallion, Filly or Gelding, 1 year old            10. Unicorn Hitch
   4.   Stallion, Filly or Gelding, 2 year old                Commercial, Percheron,
   5.   Stallion, Filly or Gelding, 3 year old.
                                                              Belgian and Clyde.
   6.   Yeld mare or Gelding 4 years and
                                                              One Class.
        over. One entry per exhibitor. Open
        to Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale
                                                          Prizes: For Section 9 & 10 are
        and Commercial.                                 $75.00, $70.00, $65.00, $60.00, all
Prize: $75.00, $50.00, $25.00, all                                 others $50.00
          others $20.00                                   11. Commercial Span –
$250.00 prize money for this class                            Heavy.
   sponsored by Thompsons of                              12. Percheron Span –Heavy.
              Mitchell                                    13. Belgian Span –Heavy.
                                                          14. Clyde Span –Heavy.
Harness Class 1                                         Prizes: For Sections 11 to 14 are:
Section:                                                $50.00, $45.00, $40.00, all others
   7. Single Horse Hitch. Open                                        $35.00
       to Percheron, Belgian,                             15. Open to Best Heavy Draft
       Clydesdale and Commercial.                             Team -of Percheron, Belgian,
       One entry per exhibitor.                               Clyde or Commercial team.
Prize: $150.00, $125.00, $100.00,                        Prize: $50.00, $45.00, $40.00, all
             $75.00 and each                                      others $35.00.
         additional entries $50.00                     $200.00 in Section 15 was donated
Prize money sponsored in part by                        by Neil & Diana Rapien, R.R. # 2
 Robert & Glynis Rice for $200.00                                    Monkton

   8. Six-Horse Hitch                                     16. Lady Driver - (18 yrs. & over)
                                                              accompanied by a gentlemen, of
      Percheron, Belgian, Clyde
                                                              Percheron, Belgian, Clyde, or
      and Commercial.                                         Commercial team.
Prize: $300.00, $275.00                                 Prize: $50.00, $45.00, $40.00, all
       all others $200.00.                                        others $35.00
Prize money sponsored in part by                       Note: 1st place Trophy donated by
 Doug Jacob Auctioneer, Mitchell                       Paul & Maralee Ens in memory of
  $200.00, and TD Canada Trust,                                   Arnold Roney
          Mitchell, $100.00
                                                          $100.00 of the prize money
Note: 1st Place winner in this class                   donated by Great Lakes Nutrition,
 Receives a Harris Butson trophy                                   Monkton
   donated by Wilena & Susan
                                                         17. Junior Driver -(17 yrs.&
              Butson                                         younger), accompanied by an
                                                             adult. Percheron, Belgian, Clyde,
   9. 4 Horse Tandem - 40% for                               or Commercial team.
      conformation, 60% for                             Prize: $25.00, $20.00, $15.00, all
      performance, open to                                       others $10.00.
      Commercial, Percheron,                            Sponsored by Stacey & Roger
      Belgian, and Clyde.                                         Rice, Staffa.

   18. Commercial Span – Light.              1a. Tuberculosis and
   19. Percheron Span – Light.               Brucellosis: Tests and
   20. Belgian Span – Light.                 Health of Animal Certificate
                                             are not required to cover
   21. Clyde Span – Light.                   cattle originating from Herds
Prizes: For Sections 18-21 are:              in Accredited (T.B.) or
        $50.00, $45.00, $40.00               Brucellosis free regions, of
         all others $35.00.                  which Ontario is one.
Additional prize monies for Heavy            2a. Other diseases: Animals
                                             showing evidence of Active
Horses donated by:                           Ringworm, Mange or Pink
McLaughlin’s Plymouth Chrysler,              Eye are not eligible for
          Mitchell $150.00                   exhibition and will be
                                             refused entry to the
 Ron & Carole Gethke, Bornholm               No cattle will be allowed to
            $350.00                          enter the Fair unless they
                                             meet the above
  Barb Worden, Staffa      $25.00
                                             Rules and Regulations:
                                                a. Please read General Rules
 Commercial Horse Association                      located at the front in addition
           $50.00                                  to these.
                                                b. Pedigree Numbers to be listed
Hoegy Farm Supplies, Brodhagen                     on entry form.
             $100.00                            c. Animals need to be
 J.P. Uniac Insurance, Mitchell                    manageable at all times.
             $150.00                            d. All purebred registered
                                                   animals, whether owned by
  Campbell Insurance, Mitchell                     one person or by more than
            $50.00                                 one person (individually or
                                                   jointly), which are maintained
The Jibb Family, Dublin     $100.00                on one farm or breeding unit,
                                                   are considered to be the
The Precision Riding Team                          production of one farm or
                                                   breeding unit where the same
 Saturday September 5th at 3:00 pm                 interests are involved in more
 and at 7:00pm in front of the Grand               than one breeding operation,
Stand. “The Precision Riding Team”                 such operations are
is from King-Lyn Stables of Monkton                considered as ONE breeding
  consisting of 16 performing riders.              unit.
 Sponsored in part by Ron & Carole              e. Each breeding unit is allowed
 Gethke, Mike & Sue Gethke, Paul &                 a maximum of 10 exhibits
       Rose Hill., Byron Morris                    excluding Breeder's Herd.
                                                f. All Exhibits must be owned by
              Cattle Section                       and registered in the name of
Health Requirements for all Breeds                 the Exhibitor.
of Cattle                                          Note: Exception in Breeder's
                                                   Herd Class.

                                                          2. Female calf, born on or after
BEEF CATTLE                  Class -3                        Jan. 1 2009 (min. 3 months of
Director: Winston Jibb 345-2450                              age.)
Russell Gordner, David McKay,                             3. Female, born April 1, 2008 –
John Van Bakel.                                              Dec. 31, 2008.
Extra Rules and Regulations:                              4. Female, born Jan. 1, 2008 –
a. Note: Judging to take place at                            Mar. 31, 2008.
   12:00 noon, Saturday, September                        5. Grand Champion Female
   5 2009.                                             Prizes: $30.00, $20.00, $15.00
b. Registration must be made by                                $10.00, $5.00
   obtaining an exhibitor's number
   and payment of an exhibitor's fee                     $25.00 of this prize money was
   of $5.00 to the secretary before                        donated from The Bank of
   August 28th 2009.                                           Montreal, Mitchell
c. Please bring your own straw.
d.   All vehicles with beef cattle please enter
     at the arena gate.
e.   Unless otherwise stated prize money is            Dairy Cattle                Class -4
     donated by the Mitchell & District                Director: John Miller 393-6573
     Agricultural Society.                             John McLagan, Leroy Skinner,
                                                       Richard Skinner.
4-H Showmanship           Class -3 A                   Judge: Glen McNeil
Judging to begin at 12:00 Noon                         Judging to begin at 12:30 pm
      All Beef Breeds                                  Rules and Regulations:
   1. Showmanship – 12 yrs. and                           a. Please read General Rules
      under as of Jan. 1st 2009.                             located at the front in addition
   2. Showmanship – 13 yrs. as of                            to these.
      Jan. 1st 2009.                                      b. Registration must be made by
   3. Showmanship - -16 yrs. and                             obtaining an exhibitor's
      over as of Jan. 1st 2009.                              number and payment of an
      Prize: A Ribbon                                        exhibitor's fees of $5.00 to the
   4. Open Showmanship Class for                             secretary by August 20, 2009.
      all beef breeds. Top two                            c. Judging to commence on
                                                             Saturday, September 5th 2009
      showmen in each of the
                                                             at 12:30 p.m.
      above classes will compete                          d. Please bring your own straw.
      for Grand Champion                                  e. All entries must be owned by
      Showman and Reserve Grand                              and registered in the name of
      Champion Showman                                       the exhibitor or is a 4-H
       Prize: $30.00, $20.00                                 project.
 Donated by Culligan Real Estate                          f. Female classes are restricted
   Ltd., Mitchell plus Rosettes.                             to a maximum of 2 entries per
                                                             class per exhibitor.
                                                          g. The registration certificate for
Beef Open Show        Class -3 B                             each respective animal must
  Judging to Follow Showmanship                              show the exhibitor as
              Classes                                        "breeder" and as "owner" - in
   1. Market weight Steer.                                   both cases either as an
                                                             individual or in partnership. In

      others, the exhibitor may be a             1. Female, calf, born Mar. 1st
      "joint owner" of an animal.                   2009 – May 31st 2009.
      Note: The exception where                  2. Female, calf, born Dec.
      one animal may be owned by                 3. 2008 – Feb. 29th 2009.
      another exhibitor. The above               4. Female, calf, born Sept. 1
      does not apply if a 4-H
      project.                                      2008 – Nov. 30th 2008.
   h. Each breed must be shown                   5. Female, calf, born June. 1
      separately.                                   2008 – Aug. 31st 2008.
   i. Certificates of registration               6. Female, yealing, born Mar. 1st
      (pedigrees) for all animals                   2008 – May 31st 2008.
      must be made available to an              PRIZES: $30.00, $25.00,
      inspection committee on Fair            $20.00 $15.00, $10.00, $5.00
   j. Any animal for which the                  Cattle                Special # 1
      exhibitor does not produce a
      pedigree prior to time of                 Grand Champion animal of each
      judging will not be allowed to                        breed.
      exhibit.                                  Prize: Small keeper trophy plus
Dairy Showmanship        Class -4A              Donated by TD Canada Trust,
Judging to begin at 12:30 p.m. for all                    Mitchell
   1. Showmanship -12 yr. and under           Cattle                Special # 2
      as of Jan.1st 2009                          Grand Champion & Reserve
   2. Showmanship -13 yrs. -15 yrs, as               Champion of the Show
      of Jan.1st 2009.                           Top two females of all Breeds
   3. Showmanship -16 yrs. and over,                    Prize: Rosette
      as of Jan.1st 2009
Prizes: Ribbons

   4. For all dairy breeds in each of         Cattle                   Special # 3
      the above sections will compete          1st place 4-H calf in the open show
      for top showman for Grand                           Prize: $100.00
      Champion Showman and                        Donated by Farmix, Mitchell
      Reserve Grand Champion
                                              Cattle                   Special # 4
      Prize: $30.00, $20.00                    2nd place 4-H calf in the open show
                                                          Prize: $50.00
Donated by Farmix, Mitchell, plus                 Donated by Farmix, Mitchell
                                                Prize money for dairy cattle
           Open Show
                                              donated in part by: Mitchell Feed
  Judging to Follow Showmanship
                                                         Mill $50.00
Holstein                Class - 4 B
Jersey                  Class - 4 C

                                                       from 6pm -8pm and, Thursday
                                                       Sept.3rd 8 am till noon, 2009.
                                                  d.    Judging will take place
                                                       Thursday September 3rd 2009
Tiny Tot Showmanship           Class -5                during the afternoon.
Competition at Livestock Area                     e.   All Exhibitors need an
Rules and Regulations:                                 exhibitor number and pay a
   a. Contestants must be 6 years                      $5.00 entry fee obtained
      of age and under.                                through the secretary or
   b. Contestant must be 7 – 10                        office.
      years of age or under 4-H                   f.   All crops must be grown from
      age.                                             registered or certified seed.
   c. If insufficient entries, classes            g.   In order to qualify for prize
      may be grouped.                                  money, the competitors must
   d. Animals to meet all health                       have a minimum of 5 acres of
      requirements.                                    corn, barley, soybeans or
                                                       wheat, and must show from
      1. Beef Calf                                     this field 4 litres of cleaned
      2. Dairy calf                                    barley or fall wheat, 6 cobs of
      3. Kid goat                                      grain corn or 6 plants of soybeans,
      4. Lamb                                          6 stalks of silage corn at Mitchell
   Prizes: $3.00, $2.00, all other                     Fair.
           entries $1.00                          h.   Final score based on 75%
                                                     field score plus 25% exhibit at
Sponsored by Bill French, Mitchell
                                                     fair. Ties are broken by field
                                                  i. Only one entry per class.

            Crop Section
                                               Field Crops                Class - 6
                                                  1. White Winter Wheat.
Field Crops. Hay, Grain & Seeds
                                                  2. Soft Red Winter Wheat.
                          Class -5
                                                  3. Hard Red Winter Wheat.
Director: Lorne Fell 348-4291
                                                  4. Grain Corn.
John Miller, James McLagan, Roger
                                                  5. Silage Corn.
                                                  6. Soy Beans.
Rules and Regulations:
                                                  Prizes: $12.00, $11.00, $10.00,
   a. Please read General Rules
                                                $9.00, $8.00, $7.00, $6.00 all other
       located at the front in addition
                                                           entries $5.00
       to these.
   b. Exhibits will be located in
                                                 Donated in part by FS Partners
       Community Centre.
   c. Exhibits will be received
       Wednesday, September 2nd                Wheat or Barley Sheaf           Class - 7

   a. Size 4" - 6" (not less than 4", not                 c. Only one entry per section
      more than 6" diameter at centre).                      per exhibitor.
   b. Must be shown on a base.                            d. All completed entry forms
   Prizes: $50.00, $40.00, $30.00,                           must be handed into the
   $20.00. 5th to 10th place -$10.00                         office by noon Thursday
                                                             Sept. 3rd 2009. Judging will
   Donated by: Rosebank Seed                                 follow at 1:00 pm.
 Farms Ltd., "The Home of World                           e. All entries must be grown
   Champion Seeds, Grain and                                 by the exhibitor.
     Beans", R. R. #2 Staffa                              f. Entries to be exhibited on
                                                             disposable plates,
Commercial Hay                  Class - 8                    appropriate to the item(s).
An exhibit shall consist of a bale section
 10’ thick or an equivalent if cut from the        Vegetables, Roots & Fruits Class - 9
                   mow.                                  1.     Potatoes, A.V. early
    1. First cut Hay.                                             named, 3 litre basket.
    2. Second cut Hay                                    2.     Potatoes, Kennebec, 3
Prizes: 1st Prize in each class 12 lbs.                           litre basket.
Alfalfa donated by FS Partners                           3.     Potatoes, A.O.V. 3 litre
$5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00                                        basket.
                                                         4.     Carrots, long red table, 5.
    Donated by Mitchell & District                       5.     Carrots, short red, 5
        Agricultural Society                             6.     Cabbage, A.V. named 2.
                                                         7.     Cucumber, green, 2
                                                         8.     Cucumber, pickling
                                                                  (under 4”), 5
                                                         9.     Beets, long blood, 5
                                                         10.    Beets, turnip, 5
                                                         11.    Peppers, green, 5
                                                         12.    Peppers, red, 5
                                                         13.    Tomatoes, Beef steak, 5
                                                         14.    Tomatoes, yellow, 5
                                                         15.    Cherry Tomatoes, 1 litre
Vegetables, Roots & Fruit Section                                 basket
                                                         16.    Corn, sweet yellow, 6
 Please note: This is the Adult Section.                          ears
Junior Section is located under Elementary               17.    Corn sweet A.O.V.
                   School.                                        named, 6 ears
Director: Pat Sebben 393-6564                            18.    Corn, field, 6 ears
Robert Mitchell, Francis Anderson,                       19.    Onions from seed, 6
Walter Mielke                                             20.    Onions from Dutch
Rules & Regulations:                                               sets, 6
      a. Please read General                              21.    Squash, acorn, 1
          Rules located at the front                      22.    Squash, Hubbard, 1
          in addition to these.                           23.    Squash, A.O.V.
      b. All entries must be in place                              named, 2
          in the Community Centre                         24.    Turnip, 1
          before 11:30am, Thursday                        25.    Pumpkin, yellow field, 1
          September 3rd. 2009.                            26.    Pumpkin, pie, 1

      27.    Jumbo Pumpkin, 1                           office by noon Thursday
      28.    Smallest Pumpkin, 1                        Sept. 3rd 2009. Judging will
      29.    Green Beans, 6                             follow at 1:00 pm
      30.    Yellow Beans, 6                       d.   All entries must be new to
      31.    Zucchini, 2                                this fair.
      32.    Beans (White), 1 pint                 e.   All entries must be owned
                jar, 2008 crop                          and made by the exhibitor.
      33.    Odd shaped vegetable,                 f.   Only one entry per section
                1                                       per exhibitor.
      34.    Broccoli, 2 heads                     g.   All hanging entries must
      35.    Plums, AV, named, 3                        come with proper hanging
      36.    Pears, AV, named, 3                        devices.
      37.    Watermelon, 1                   Section:
      38.    Apples, Macintosh, 3                  1.  Bird House
      39.    Apples, Spy, 3                        2.  Bird Feeder
      40.    Collection of Fruit, 6                3.  Child’s Toy or Model
                litre basket                       4.  A wooden game.
      41.    Collection of                         5.  Kitchen Article
                vegetables, 3 litre                6.  Spoon Rack.
                basket                             7.  Foot Stool.
Prizes: $2.00, $1.50, $1.25, $1.00                 8.  Book Ends or Door Stop.
                                                   9.  Display Shelf –Maximum
SPECIAL #1               Class - 9                   35” long.
Most Points in Class 9                             10. Magazine Rack.
PRIZES $10.00, $6.00, $4.00                        11. Display Cabinet –
Donated by Homecraft Division                           Maximum 24”w x 36”h
                                                   12. Candlesticks.
                                                   13. Bowl.
                                                   14. Clock.
                                                   15. Plate.
    Woodworking Section                            16. Lamp.
                                                   17. Lawn Ornament less than
Woodworking               Class -10                         24”
Judge: Barry Cleave                                18. Article made with a router.
Director: Byron Morris 348-8219                    19. Article of Furniture
John Aasman, Gordon Feltz,                             Suitable for a Doll House.
Randy Rolph                                        20. Article of Whittling or
Rules & Regulations:                                   Carving.
      a. Please read General                       21. Article of Wood burning.
          Rules located at the front               22. A Wooden Article not
          in addition to these.                        mentioned.
      b. All entries must be in place              23. Children’s Furniture.
          in the Community Centre                  24. Furniture less than 36”
          before 11:30am, Thursday                     high & less than 36” long.
          Sept. 3rd 2009.                          25. An Article of Fretwork or
      c. All completed entry forms                     Scroll-saw.
          must be handed into the

       26. Article made of Rustic            Donated by Moffatt & Powell, Mitchell
Prizes: 1st $5.00 2nd $3.00 3rd $2.00
 Donated by the Homecraft Division
                                                Penny Sale & Silent Auction
                                                In the Arena ALL WEEKEND
   Special #1 Woodworking                        Winners to be announced on
              Class -10                       Sunday September 6th at 3:00 pm.
  Any piece relating to Fair Theme
  Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to the
    Prize; $ 25.00 gift certificate                 O.A.A.S.– DISTRICT # 8
Donated by Moffatt & Powell, Mitchell        Homecraft Director –Shirley Aitcheson
                                             Secretary-Treasurer: Janet Cameron
                                               District Annual Tuesday Oct. 29,
                                                  2009, 6:00 pm in Brussels
   Special #2 Woodworking
             Class -10
   Most points in Sections 1 to 26
   Prizes; $ 25.00 gift certificate

Donated by Moffatt & Powell, Mitchell

   Special #3 Woodworking                           Homecraft Division
             Class -10
                                             Exhibit Building Hours:
  Most points to New Exhibitor in
                                             Again this year:
 Section 1-26. Please remember to
                                             We will be accepting entries
  mark “New Exhibitor” on back of
                                             Wednesday Sept. 2nd 2009 from 6:00
              entry tag
                                             pm till 8:00 pm and Thursday Sept.
   Prizes: $ 25.00 gift certificate
                                             3rd 2009 from 8:00 am till 11:30 am.
                                             On Sunday Sept. 6th we will be
Donated by Moffatt & Powell, Mitchell
                                             closing the Homecraft Exhibit doors
                                             at 4:00 pm for pick up at 4:30 pm.
    Special #1 Woodworking                   Buildings will be open to the
              Class -10                      public
      Most deserving Exhibitor               Friday    10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    To be decided by Judge and               Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
              committee                      Sunday     9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Prizes; $ 25.00 gift certificate

Homecraft Rules and Regulations                      k. All exhibits must be the work
Please check under General                              of the exhibitor, except in the
Information located at the front of                     Antique class where the
this book for additional rules and                      exhibitor is the owner.
regulations, and under each Class                    l. New Exhibitors and Senior
for additional information.                             Citizens must mark this on the
    a. All entries must be in place in the              back of their entry card to
 Crystal Palace before 11:30 am                         qualify for prize.
 Thursday Sept. 3 2009.                              m. Exhibitors are only allowed
   b. All completed entry forms must be                 one entry per section, but may
 handed into the office by noon
 Thursday Sept. 3 2009. Judging                         enter as many class as they
 will follow at 1:00 pm.                                wish.
   c. All Exhibitors must obtain an                  n. Again this year:
  exhibitor number.                                     We will be accepting entries
   d. Entry fee is $5.00.                               Wednesday Sept. 2, 2009
      If you entered in Mitchell’s fair                 from 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm and
      last year, your entry fee may                     Thursday Sept. 3rd 2009 from
      have been deducted. Check                         8:00 am till 11:30 am.
      when you drop off your entry                   o. On Sunday Sept. 6th we will
      form at the office.                               be closing the Homecraft
   e. 21 years and under are                            Exhibit doors at 4:00 pm for
      considered JUNIORS and will                       pick up at 4:30 pm.
      not be charged an exhibitor                    p. Exhibit(s) previously entered
      fee, unless they are entering                     at Mitchell Fair do not qualify
      in the adult classes.                             to be judged.
   f. Adult Classes are 22 years                     q. The Mitchell & District
      and older and pay $5.00.                          Agricultural Society will not
   g. Senior Citizen Classes are 60                     hold itself responsible for any
      years and older.                                  printer’s errors or any other
   h. Books, entry forms and tags                       palpable errors in this prize
      may be obtained prior to the                      list.
      fair at Sears, Mitchell                        r. The Directors cannot accept
      Computer or contacting                            responsibility for any articles
      Susan Aasman 519-348-                             removed during or after the
      9610.                                             fair.
   i. Exhibitor numbers may be
      obtained either through                     Homecraft Exhibit Locations:
      Sarah Bell 519-229-6210 or                  Crystal Palace Exhibits:
      Susan Aasman at 519-348-                    Holds our Office, Antiques, Wine
      9610.                                       (new this year), Fine Art, Crafts,
   j. All exhibitors must turn both               Flowers, Food, Needlecraft and
      copies of their completed                   Women’s Institute Displays.
      entry form into the office by               Arena has: our Penny Sale & Silent
      11:30 am on Thursday Sept.                  Auction. (Money from this event
      3rd 2009 in order to receive                goes to pay for our prize money),
      prize money. No exceptions.

Community Centre Exhibits:                              be sure NAME and SCHOOL
Adult Photography, Junior Fair                          are legible.
consists of Baking, Sewing,                         f. Exhibits may be made at
Handwork, Flowers, Photography,                         home or school.
Fine Art, Mounts, Vegetables, Field                 g. Any child may exhibit in the
Crops and 4-H displays                                  adult section for the fair, but
Elementary School consists of                           must take out a $5.00
Junior Crafts, Art, Sewing, Culinary                    exhibitor’s entry fee to do so.
Arts, Posters, Grains & Vegetables,                 h. Exhibitors who do not
Flowers, School Projects, Writing                       understand how prizes are
and Art Displays.                                       awarded should see the
                                                        director in charge before the
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SECTION                               exhibits are removed.
                                                    i. Any pupil wilfully attempting to
Elementary School             Class -11                 deceive or evade these
From JK to Grade 8 students, may exhibit
                                                        regulations will forfeit any
Head Convener:
                                                        prize money.
Shirley Bannerman 519- 347-2552
                                                    j. The directors cannot accept
Fran Lannin, Sheila Jibb, Caroline
                                                        responsibility for any articles
Vivian, Myrtle Walkom,
                                                        removed during or after the
School Reps - Michele Nicholson,
Jeanette Redfern
Use our Fair Theme as much as possible              k. Exhibitors or Parents are
“Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to the Fair”                    responsible for removal of
                                                        their entries at 4:30 p.m. on
                                                        Sunday Sept. 6th 2009.

(Please read carefully)
    a. Articles entered must be the             All PRIZES: $2.00, $1.50, $1.25,
        work of the exhibitor.                  $1.00 unless otherwise stated.
    b. Pupils in Grade 8 at the end             CRAFTS                   CLASS -11
        of June 2009 are eligible to               Preschool or Nursery School
        compete.                                    1. A Play-Doh Lady Bug.
    c. All exhibits must be in place                Jr. Kindergarten & Sr.
        by 11:30 a.m. on Thursday                          Kindergarten
        Sept. 3rd 2009. Community                   2. Paper plate Lady Bug
        Centre will also be open                    3. A pipe cleaner bug.
        Wed. Sept. 2nd from 6 – 8 p.m.              Grade 1 & 2
    d. No entry fee will be charged                 4. A painted lady bug rock.
        and no pupil may make more                  5. A paper –roll lady bug.
        than one entry in any                       Grade 3 & 4
        individual section.                         6. A lady bug fridge magnet.
    e. Entry tickets will be supplied               7. A decorated sneaker.
        at school or on site. Please                Grade 5 & 6
                                                    8. A nail-punched tin can

         lantern (tea light included).               Junior and Senior
     9. Windchime from recycled                      Kindergarten
         items.                                   23. Print with pencil –Welcome to
     Grade 7 & 8                                               Mitchell Fair.
     10. Decorate a lampshade for                     Grade 1
         your room.                               24. Print in pencil “Ladybug,
                                                      Ladybug, Come to the Fair”
.     ART                  CLASS -11                  Grade 2
             (size 30x45 cm)                      25. Print in pencil the parts of a
         Preschool or Nursery                         ladybug.
     11. A picture from a colouring                   Grade 3
         book (coloured)                          26. Print in pencil a 4-line poem
         Jr. Kindergarten & Sr.                       about Ladybugs.
         Kindergarten                                 Grade 4
     12. Draw and paint a lady bug.               27. Write in pencil an original bug
         Grade 1&2                                    story. (one paragraph)
     13. A polka dot design.
         Grade 3&4                                    Grade 5 & 6
     14. A torn-paper garden scene.               28. Write in pen a letter from
         Grade 5&6                                    Grade 7&8
     15. A collage of farm machinery.             29. Write in pen a persuasive
         Grade 7&8                                    article on climate change.( 50
     16. A sample of tattoo art.                      words)

 POSTERS               CLASS -11                      SCHOOL PROJECTS
Size: 30 x 45 cm. – a limit of 4 per                                     CLASS -11
classroom                                             JK and SK
       Jr. Kindergarten & Sr.                     30. A co-operative class project
        Kindergarten                                  Grade 1-3
     17. I Love Bugs                              31. A co-operative class project
        Grade 1 & 2                                   Grade 4&5
     18. In the Garden
                                                  32. Any school project of choice
        Grade 3 & 4
                                                      Grade 6
     19. Play Safe on the Farm
        Grade 5 & 6                               33. Any school project of choice
     20. A Renewable Energy Source                    Grade 7&8
        Grade 7 & 8                               34. History/Science project
     21. Going Green                                  Special Needs
                                                  35. A school project
    WRITING                  CLASS -11
Not more than 4 entries per room in            GRAINS AND VEGETABLES
each school .Spelling to be considered.                         CLASS 11
Content to be considered from Grade 3
and up                                         36. Sheaf,$6.00, $5.25,$4.50 $3.75,
        Preschool or Nursery                             $3.00, any variety
     22. Print your first name on
         unlined 21x28 cm. paper

   37. Wheat; any variety, a           65. Grade 7 – 8
       jar.                                         A computer-generated floor
   38. Oats; any variety, a                plan
       jar                                      66. OPEN Class –A sewn article.
   39. Barley; any variety, 500ml. in
       a jar                                  CULINARY ARTS           CLASS -11
   40. White Beans; any variety,               67. Preschool & Kindergarten
       500ml. in a jar                             Make an edible necklace.
   41. Grain Corn, 3 ears, husked              68. Grades 1 & 2 A Large cookie
   42. Sweet Corn, hybrid , any                    decorated like a ladybug.
       variety 5                               69. Grades 3 & 4 A miniature
   43. Beets ; any variety, 5                      marshmallow creation (using
   44. Carrots; any variety,5                      toothpicks) on a paper plate.
   45. Onions; suitable for winter           OPEN Class:
       storage, 5                              70. Three decorated cupcakes
   46. Potatoes, any variety,5                 71. Three chocolate chip cookies
   47. Cabbage, any variety, 1                 72. Three brownies (no icing)
   48. Spanish Onions; 2
   49. Zucchini; Creature                    FLOWERS                    CLASS -11
   50. Green slicing cucumbers,5               73. “Lady in Red” – an
   51. Green pickling cucumbers, 5                 arrangement with flowers
       (under 10 cm.)                          74. A flat floral in a pie plate.
   52. Sweet Peppers; 2                        75. Gladiola, one spike, any
   53. Red Slicing tomatoes, 5                     colour
   54. Pepper or Acorn Squash, 1               76. Marigolds, 5cm. or under 5
   55. Gourds, different, 3                        blooms
   56. Pie Pumpkin, 1                          77. Zinnias, over 5 cm., 5 blooms
   57. Most natural grown                      78. Pansies 5 blooms
       misshapen vegetable to be               79. Snapdragons, 5 stems
       shown as is without anything            80. Petunias, mixed colours, 5
       added.                                      stems
   58. Tallest sunflower, root intact          81. 1 Rose floating in a bowl
                                               82. A leafy green arrangement
SEWING & DESIGN         CLASS -11                  (no flowers)
  59. Nursery – JK & SK
      Decorate a cardboard crown                           Special # 1
      (buttons, material, etc.)              Kirkton Horticultural Society
  60. Grade 1 – 3                             OPEN - A wreath using the
      A friendship bracelet.                           Ladybug theme.
  61. A Lego vehicle, on a base.                Prizes: $5.00, $3.00, $2.00
  62. Grade 4 – 6
      Decorated wooden sign for                              Special # 2
      your bedroom door.                     HOMECRAFT SPECIAL:
  63. A Lego farm scene (base no             $2.50 is awarded to the most
      larger than 30x40 cm)                  outstanding competitor in each class
  64. A Ladybug pin cushion.                 as selected by Judges and Directors.

                                                            Sept. 3rd from 8 -11:30
ART –SCHOOL DISPLAY                                         am. All entries must
                          CLASS -11                         remain until 4:30 p.m.
  83. Each school is responsible for                        Sunday September
      selection and display using up                        6th, 2009.
      to three panels 4’ x 8’.                           d. Turn in entry form(s) to
  84. Art work should be mounted                            the office Secretary on
      securely, clearly stating child’s                     or before noon on
      name, grade, and school.                              Thursday Sept. 3rd
  85. Each panel may contain art                            2009. There is no entry
      from Jr. Kindergarten to                              fee.
      Grade 8.                                           e. Exhibition work must
  86. This is display only.                                 be the work of the
  87. Each school exhibiting will                           Junior and have been
      receive $25.00 provided rules                         done in the year of the
      are followed with approval of                         Fair.
      committee                                          f. FAIR THEME for 2009
                                                            – “Ladybug, Ladybug,
      JUNIOR FAIR SECTION                                   Come to the Fair” must
                                                            be used as much as
JUNIOR FAIR            -Class 12                            possible.
   Note change: Open to junior
  exhibitors 10 to 21 years of age.            JUNIOR BAKING            - CLASS 12
   There is no entry fee required.             All articles of food to be in clear
                                               plastic bags.
Head Convener: Audrey
Vorstenbosch 519-348-8269 , Ilene                 1. Tea Biscuits, 3
McLagan, Anne Marie Heckman,                      2. Bran Muffins, 3
Florence Skinner, Sharon Fell-                    3. Dinner Rolls, 3
Dunsmore, Joanne Groenestege,                     4. Brownies, not iced, 3
Carrie Rolph and Joyce Parrott.                   5. Chocolate Cake, 8 inch
                                                     square, iced (not a mix) on a
RULES AND REGULATIONS:                               foil covered cardboard not
(Please read carefully)                              more than 1 inch larger than
          a. All Junior exhibitors                   the cake
             MUST obtain an                       6. Peanut Butter cookies, 5
             exhibitor’s number to                7. Collection of 2 kinds of
             show in this Section.                   Chocolate Bark - 3 pieces of
          b. Open to young                           each kind – labelled.
             exhibitors from 10 to 21          8.    Collection of 5 Chocolate
             years of age.                           Truffles - judging on uniformity
          c. Again this Year:                        and taste
             Exhibits to be placed in          PRIZES: $2.00, $1.75, $1.50, $1.25,
             the Community Centre              $1.00
             on Wed. Sept. 2nd from
             6: to 8 pm or Thurs.                          SPECIAL# 1

OAAS JUNIOR CHOCOLATE                        20. My friend or friends
CHIP COMPETITION                             21. A family event
                                             22. Parent (s), Grandparent (s)
(Ages 10 – 15 years as of Dec.               23. Any subject
31/09)                                       24. Collection of Spring - 3 prints
8 homemade chocolate chip                  PRIZES - $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50
cookies displayed on a firm,                     and $1.00
disposable plate. Cookies must be
no larger than 3 inches (6.75 cm.)         JUNIOR FINE ART             CLASS -12
and no smaller than 2 inches (5            Note: Art is to be securely mounted,
cm. ) The prize winner of this             wired, ready to hang and no larger
competition will be required to            than 15”x 20” or 40cm. x 50cm.
send entry to District 8                      25. A Humorous Cartoon
Competition in October.                           character, coloured, any
PRIZES; $5.00, $3.00, $2.00                       medium
donated by Ilene McLagan.                     26. Pen and Ink on Canvas
                                              27. An original coloured picture
                                                  interpretation of the Fair
JUNIOR SEWING and HANDWORK                        Theme – “Lady Bug Lady
                         CLASS -12                Bug, Come to the Fair”.
  9. A sewn blouse or shirt.                  28. A Greeting Card – using
  10. Any other sewn article                        scrapbook material- if
  11. Hand knitted article.                         possible use fair theme.
  12. Hand quilted article.                   29. A stuffed Toy.
  13. An article of Embroidery                30. Hand-made piece of jewellery
  14. An article of Snowflaking               31. Pen and Ink on Glass.
  15. An article of Crochet                   32. Decorative Painted
  16. Machine quilted article.                    Blackboard, (approx, 12x17”)
PRIZES: $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50                   or Bulletin Board approx,
      and $1.00                                   25x10”.
                                              33. Scrapbooking –most
                                                   unusual scrapbook page.
JUNIOR FLOWERS           - CLASS 12           34. Scrapbook page using fair
  17. An arrangement of fresh                     theme.
      flowers from your garden.               35. A Woodworking Project.
  18. A favourite flower                      36. A Metal Work Project.
      appropriately displayed.
  PRIZES: $2.00 $1.75 $1.50                PRIZES: $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50
  $1.25 and $1.00                                  and $1.00

JUNIOR –PHOTOGRAPHY                        JUNIOR MOUNTS           CLASS -12
                         CLASS -12           37. Collection of 10 common
  Please note: Prints up to 4” x 6”              Weeds, pressed, mounted &
      suitably mounted with 1 inch               named.
      border on Bristol board                38. Collection of Tree Leaves
  19. Animal(s)                                   - not less than 6- pressed,

       mounted & named.                      H, Heritage, Horticulture and
PRIZES: $3.00 $2.50 $2.00 $1.50              others....
        And $1.00                            These 4-H clubs are sponsored by
                                             the Mitchell & District Agricultural
JUNIOR VEGETABLES                            Society, FS Partners Ins. and the
                     CLASS -12               Monkton Lions Club. The 4-H
  39. Collection of different                program is open to youth between
      vegetables in suitable                 the ages of 10 and 21. 4-H
      container - arrangement,               members “Learn To Do By Doing”.
      assortment, and quality                Members learn by listening, studying
      considered.                            and seeing, but mostly by actually
  40. Field Pumpkin, 1                       doing. 4-H develops self-confidence,
  41. Pie Pumpkin, 1                         responsibility, leadership and
PRIZES: $2.00 $1.75 $1.50 $1.25              communication. The 4-H program is
      and $1.00                              full of opportunities. Members
                                             participate in conferences, exchange
JUNIOR FIELD CROPS                           tours, field days and fairs. 4-H offers
                     CLASS -12               the chance for friends to get together
  42. White Beans, 500 ml in a               for both fun and learning. The
          Container.                         Mitchell & District Agricultural
  43. Field Corn, 6 ears                     Society is proud to be part of the 4-H
  44. Fall Wheat, 500ml.                     movement. Move with the times, say
  45. Barley, 500ml.                         “YES to 4-H”
  46. Hay, 1st cut -25 cm thick or ½
      bushel in container.
  47. Hay, 2nd cut – 25 cm thick
          or 1/2 bushel in container.
PRIZES: $ 3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50,
      and $1.00

   JUNIOR FAIR SPECIAL # 2                    4-H Club                    Class -13
Top 2 exhibitors based on points in          Perth 4-H Director:
      Junior Fair Classes                    Jean Morris 519-348-8219
PRIZES: 1st - $10.00; 2nd - $5.00,            Leaders: Jean Gloor, Caroline
        donated by Homecraft                 Vivian, Sheila Jibb.
      Division                                  Perth County 4-H Educational
                                                     Display Competition
     4-H Clubs Associated with               Prize: $20.00 for 1st and $15.00 to
            Mitchell Fair                    rest.
Mitchell Dairy, Mitchell Veterinary,         Rules & Regulations:
Mitchell Crops, West Perth Horse,                a. Please also read General
Staffa Lifeskills, Safety –Looking                  Information located at the
Out For # One, Small Engines, Basic                 front of this book, also listed
Sewing, Gould’s Cooking,                            under the Homecraft Division
Scrapbooking, Decorative Painting,                  and to the following rules.
Monkton Chocolate Club, Explore 4-

   b. Please Note: There is no                  Trophy donated by Vincent &
      entry fee except for the 4-H            Delta Power Equiptment, Seaforth
      livestock classes. See 4-H
      Livestock rules below.                  4-H Livestock
                                                     Rules & Regulations:
4-H Club Displays           Class -13            a. Under livestock completion
   1. Open to any 2009 Perth                        located under Cattle, the
      County 4-H club, Exhibits to                  exhibitor must have an entry
      portray some phase of 4-H                     number and pay $5.00 to
      activity or material covered on               compete in open classes.
      the course of study.                          Entry form can be obtained
   2. Clubs do not require an                       through our Secretary-
      exhibit number, but need to                   Treasurer Sarah Bell, Box
      complete an entry form.                       190, Mitchell Ontario, N0K
   3. Open to area 4-H members,                     1N0.
      ages 10 to 21.                             b. Livestock must be on the
   4. Registration must be made                     grounds no later than 10:00
      by August 20th 2009 to our                    am Saturday September 5th
      Secretary-Treasurer Sarah                     2009.
      Bell, Box 190 Mitchell Ontario,            c. All Exhibits must be produced
      N0K 1N0. 519-229-6210.                        on either the home farm of the
   5. All club entries are to be in                 exhibitor or on a farm where
      place in the Community                        the exhibitor has worked for a
      Centre by 11:30 am Thursday                   period of not less than 3
      September 3rd 2009.                           months prior to the date of the
   6. Displays are to be designed,                  fair.
      constructed and erected by                 d. The committee reserves the
      the club members. Club                        right to refuse any entry
      Leaders may offer                             which, in their opinion is not in
      suggestions only. Each                        the best interest of the Junior
      display must contain a                        Fair.
      background.                                e. 4-H exhibitors are requested
   7. The winning exhibit at Mitchell               to display their 4-H Club sign
      Fair will be the Perth County                 above their entries the day of
      Grand Champion 4-H                            the competition.
      Educational Display.                       f. Prize money will be paid out
   8. Five feet of table space will be              as quickly as possible
      available for each Display.                   following the fair. We ask that
   9. Club Exhibits must remain in                  cheques be cashed within 30
      the Community Centre till                     days.
      Sunday at 4:00 pm.
      September 6th 2009.
                                                 Penny Sale & Silent Auction
      4-H Special Trophy                         In the Arena ALL WEEKEND
Grand Champion 4-H Educational                    Winners to be announced on
           Display                             Sunday September 6th at 3:00 pm.

                                                     h.     Each exhibitor must
                                                              have their entry slips
            Adult Section                                     given at time of entry
Please Note:                                                  for removing entries
To enter in the following classes you                         on Sunday if asked.
will need an Exhibitor Number, hand                  i.     For Safety and Security
in a complete entry form(s) and pay                           reasons articles are
an entry fee of $5.00 unless paid last                        not to be removed
year. Check with our secretary Sarah                          from the display
Bell at 519-229-6210.                                         case except by a
   ANTIQUES            Class -14                              member listed
Head Convener:                                                above.
Jean Gloor 519-347-2409,
 Susan Aasman, Micaela                         Please Note: We will take the best
Fitzsimmons, Pauline Harrison,                 possible care to safeguard the
Christine Schoonderwoerd, Valerie              articles, but cannot be
Chessell.                                      responsible for the articles or
                                               accidents to them.
NOTE: Articles in this section will be
placed on display behind a closed              Prizes: $5.00, $4.00 , $3.00 .
glass case.                                          1. Farm Photo under 8
Rules & Regulations:                                     inches.
       a.    Please also read                        2. Horseshoe
                General Information                  3. Glass milk bottle from a
                located at the front of                  Dairy.
                this in addition to the              4. Small wooden toy
                Homecraft rules.                     5. Oil can under 12 inches in
       b.    Articles must be at                         height.
                least 50 years old.                  6. Salt & Pepper shakers –
       c.    Dealers in antiques are                     glass only.
                not eligible to                      7. China serving bowl –not
                complete.                                from a dinner china set –
       d.    Small articles mean 15”                     under 9 inches.
                or less.                             8. Pie plate used for baking
       e.    Paper items –Mount or                   9. A penny –in a small box.
                secure                               10. Land tax bill
       f.    Historical interest and
                approximate age of
                entry would be                 Special # 1      Antique Class-14
                appreciated but not               Most Points in Section 1-10.
                necessary for a                    Prize: $10.00. Donated by
                prize.                                Homecraft President
       g.    Small cracks or flaws
                are acceptable.                FINE ARTS               –Class 15
                                               Head Convener

Jean Gloor -347-2409,                           5. Charcoal. Graphite, Pen & Ink –
Susan Aasman, Micaela                              Any subject.
Fitzsimmons, Pauline Harrison,                  6. Colour pencil or Pastel –Any
Christine Schoonderwoerd, Valerie                  subject.
Chessell                                        7. Artist CHOICE. Any Subject and
Rules & Regulations:                               Any Medium.
    a. Please also read General                 8. FOR DISPLAY ONLY –Limit of 3
        Information located at the                 Original works of Art Created by
        front of this in addition to the           Exhibitor. (This WILL NOT be
        Homecraft rules.                           Judged, however still needs an
    b. All entries must be new to this             Exhibitor’s number)
        fair except in Section 8.               Prizes: $10.00, $8:00 and $6.00
    c. Only one entry per section
        except for Section # 8.
    d. No paint by numbers.                     Special # 1          Art Class-15
    e. Pictures are to be securely                 Most Points in Section 1-7.
        mounted, wired and ready to                        Prize: $10.00.
        hang.                                           Donated by Liz Jay
    f. Artist signature must be
    g. All entries must be owned and            Special # 2          Art Class -15
        made by the exhibitor.                    Best theme pictures “Ladybug,
    h. New Exhibitors to this class                Ladybug, Come to the Fair” in
        must mark the back of each                          Section 1-7.
        tag, “New Exhibitor” for the                       Prize: $10.00.
        special.                                    Donated by Jean Edmunds
    i. Art is left at owner’s risk.
    j. Art needs to be picked up
        promptly at 4:30 pm.Sunday.
    k. REMINDER: Please use the
        THEME “Ladybug, Ladybug,
                                                Special # 3           Art Class -15
        Come to the Fair “as much as
                                                  Most points to New Exhibitor in
                                                 Section 1-7. (Please remember to
                                                  mark “New Exhibitor” on back of
 1. Oil or Acrylic painting –Your
     interpretation from a snapshot.
                                                           Prize: $10.00
     (snapshot included)
                                                      Donated by Jean Gloor
 2. Watercolour – Your interpretation
     from a snapshot. (snapshot
 3. A painting featuring the Theme              Special # 4           Art Class -15
     “Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to the               Most Deserving Exhibitor, To be
     Fair” – Any medium.                         decided by Judge and committee.
 4. Artist CHOICE in Acrylic, Oil or                       Prize: $10.00.
     Watercolour.                                Donated by Micaela Fitzsimmons

                                                HOBBY CRAFTS              Class -16

Head Convener:                                 13. Note Card using this year’s
Jean Gloor 519-347-2409                            theme, including envelope. Not
Susan Aasman, Micaela                              Computer Generated.
Fitzsimmons, Pauline Harrison,                 14. Handmade greeting card using
Christine Schoonderwoerd, Valerie                  this year’s theme, including
Chessell                                           envelope –made from
                                                   scrapbooking material.
Rules & Regulations:                           15. Article of Handmade Jewellery.
a. Please also read General                    16. Christmas Door Hanging.
   Information located at the front of         17. Handmade Children’s Toy under
   this in addition to the Homecraft               18”.
   rules.                                      18. Small Craft not listed.
b. Originality and Technique.                      Prizes: $2.50, $2.00 and $1.50
c. Crafts must not have been
   entered at this fair in previous            Special # 1         Craft Class- 16
   years.                                                  Most points
d. Crafts are left at owner’s risk with                  in Section 1-18
   only one entry per competition                         Prize: $10.00
   per section.                                        Donated by Christine
e. Crafts need to be picked up                          Schoonderwoerd
    promptly at 4:30 pm on Sunday
                                               Special # 2         Craft Class -16
REMINDER: Please use the THEME                  Most points to New Exhibitor in
“Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to the                            Section 1-18.
Fair “as much as possible.                      (Please remember to mark “New
Sections:                                           Exhibitor” on back of tag).
1. Painting on any other medium                           Prize: $10.00
    besides Canvas less than 18”.                 Donated by Pauline Harrison
2. Article of Folk Art.
3. Recycle something useless into
    something useful.
4. Garden Ornament under 18”.
                                               Special # 3         Craft Class -16
5. Painted on glass.
                                                 Best theme pictures “Ladybug,
6. Hand- made Christmas
                                                  Ladybug, Come to the Fair” in
                                                          Section 1-18.
7. Boo, Boo!. A project gone bad.
                                                          Prize: $10.00
8. One original scrapbook page
                                                    Donated by Gail Harrison
        – Any subject.
9. Three Handmade Articles for a
    Bazaar. Each valued at                             FLORAL SECTION
        $10.00. Total of $30.00.
10. Decorated Hat.                             Floral                     Class -17
11. Handmade fridge magnet.                    Head Convener:
12. Article made out of Grape Vine.            Ruth Laing 348-8586
                                               Marjorie Malcolm, Helen Lockhart,
                                               Eleanor Leasa, Liz Diegel, Eileen

MacRae, Marjorie McDougall,                       11. Herb, named, pot 6” or less
Margaret Scherbarth.                              12. Impatiens
Judge: Mrs. Marwood Willis                        13. Ornamental grasses, 1 pot.
Rules & Regulations:                              14. Pot of Coleus, grown from this
a. Please also read General                           year’s seed. Include seed
   Information located at the front of                package.
   this book, in addition to the               Prizes: $3.00, $2.00, $1.50
   Homecraft rules. along with new
   dates and times.                            Larger Potted Plants         Class -17
b. Plants must be in possession of                15. House plant in bloom, not
   exhibitor at least two months                      listed.
   prior to show.                                 16. House plant, grown for
c. Potted plants must be grown in                     foliage.
   pots by the exhibitor.                         17. My best House plant.
d. Containers must be broad                       18. Hanging pot, one variety,
   enough at the bottom to prevent                    grown for foliage
   tipping.                                       19. Hanging pot, more than one
e. This section is for non-                           variety, grown for foliage.
   professionals.                                 20. Hanging pot in bloom, one
f. Cut Flowers should be uniform                      variety
   size.                                          21. Hanging pot in bloom, more
g. Any bud showing colour is                          than one variety.
   counted as a bloom.                            22. Spider Plant.
h. No prize will be given if exhibit is        Prizes $4.00, $3.00, $1.50
   not worthy as determined by
   Directors.                                  Special # 1
i. Arrangements are judged on                               Potted Plant Class -17
   design and originality.                         Most points in Section 1 - 14
j. Prize money is donated by our                  Prize: $10. Gift Certificate from
   Homecraft Division unless                              Floral Treasures
   otherwise listed.

 Small Potted Plants -Class 17                 Special # 2
  1. African Violet, 1 crown                              Hanging Pots Class -17
  2. African Violet, multiple crowns             Most points in Section 15 -22
  3. Aloe Vera.                                            Prize: $10.
  4. Baby Tears                                    Donated by Country Depot
  5. Begonia, grown for blooms, 1
  6. Begonia, grown for foliage, 1
                                               Special # 3        Planter Class-17
  7. Cactus or succulent, 1 pot
                                                Planter suitable for veranda, patio,
  8. Dish Garden, 2 or more plants
                                                          deck or window
  9. Fern, any variety
                                                 Prize: $10.00 Donated by Dave’s
  10. Geranium, 1 pot 6” or less
                                                       Lawn & Landscaping

                                                  57. Any annual not listed, 3
Cut Flowers           Class -17                       blooms or stems –Named if
   23. Asters, 3 blooms, over 2”                      Possible.
   24. Asters, 3 blooms, 2” or under              58. Perennial in bloom, not listed,
   25. Calendula, 5 blooms.                           3 blooms or stems –Named if
   26. Chrysanthemums, 3 sprays,                      Possible.
       alike or different                         59. Perennial, grown for foliage.
   27. Coleus, 3 stems.                           60. Flowering Shrub, 3 branches
   28. Cone Flower, 3 stems                           or sprays
   29. Cornflower, 3 stems                    Prizes: $2.50, $2.00, $1.00
   30. Dahlia, 1 large decorative,
       foliage attached if possible             Special # 4         Class -17
   31. Dahlia, 3 blooms under 4”,                Most points in Cut & Vase
       foliage attached.                         Flowers in Sections 23– 44
   32. Dahlia, 3 blooms, 4” or over.                       & 49 -59
   33. Geranium, 1 stem with                             Prize: $10.00
       foliage.                               Donated in memory of Esther Davey
   34. Gladiola, 1 spike, any colour.
   35. Gladiola, 1 spike, bi-color.             Special # 5               Class -17
   36. Gladiola, 3 spikes, one                      Most points for Roses
       colour.                                          Section 45-48
   37. Gladiola, 5 spikes, any colors.         Prize: $10.00 Gift Certificate from
   38. Flowering Cabbage or Kale.                      Greenbelt Farms
   39. Marigold, 3 blooms, 3” or
                                                Special # 6            Class -17
   40. Marigold, 3 blooms, over 3”.
                                                   Most points in Gladiolia
   41. Pansies, in a bowl with
                                                         Section 33 -36
                                                         Prize: $10.00
   42. Ornamental grasses, 3 stems.
                                                Donated by Peeter’s Enterprises
   43. Petunia, 3 sprays, 3” or over.
   44. Petunia, 3 sprays under 3”.
   45. Petunia, 3 sprays, miniature.
   46. Rose, 1 Tea Rose.
   47. Rose, Floribunda or                    Flower Vase Displays         Class -17
       Grandiflora, 1 stem or spray.             61. Collection of 3 different herbs,
   48. Rose. 1 flower floated in a                   named.
       bowl.                                     62. Aster display, different
   49. Rose, 3 blooms in one                         colours.
       container, any colour.                    63. Dahlia display, assorted.
   50. Rudbeckia, 3 stems.                       64. Gladiola display, mixed, front
   51. Salvia, 3 stems.                              view.
   52. Sedum, 3 stems.                           65. Marigold display, different
   53. Snapdragons, 3 stems.                         varieties.
   54. Sunflower, dwarf, 3 stems.                66. Snapdragon display.
   55. Zinnia, 3 blooms, 2” and over.            67. Petunia display of double
   56. Zinnia, 3 blooms under 2”.                    flowers.
                                                 68. Zinnia display, assorted.

   69. Cut flowers, assortment,               Special # 9            Class -17
       grown from seed.                            Best design -Wild Ones
Prizes: $3.50, $2.50, $2.00                    featuring Queen Anne’s Lace with
 Special # 7             Class -17                       Prize: $10.00
    Most points -Flower Vase                    Donated by Kirkton Horticultural
         Sections 60– 68                                    Society.
   Prize: 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00
Donated in memory of Esther Davey
                                              Special # 10              Class -17

Flower Arrangements –Class 17                         Most points Arrangement
Arrangements are judged on design                       Section 69-75
and originality. Accessories may be                      Prize: $10.00
used.                                         Donated in memory of Esther Davey.
    70. Along the Huron Trail –An
        arrangement of fresh and or
        dried wild flowers, weeds, and
    71. Arrangement for a dining                        FOOD SECTION
        room table for a special
        occasion. Name occasion.                   Food               -Class 18
    72. A table arrangement for a             Head Convener: Gladys Connolly
        baby shower.                          348-9436, Beulah MacDougald,
    73. Grandpa’s birthday –                  Margaret French, Jennifer Schroter-
        arrangement in a mug.                 Fell, Vicki Williamson
    74. Autumn Glory –Arrangement             Judging Day, Thursday Sept. 3rd
        of flowers, fruit and                 2009 at 1:00 pm
        vegetables.                           Judges: Aleida Murray & Cathy Fletcher
    75. On Golden Pond –                                     .
        Arrangement with visible use          EXHIBITORS:
        of water.                             Please take note of times, days
    76. Quilting with Grandma –               and dates: We will be accepting
        Design in a 9x9” or 8x8”              entries Wednesday Sept. 2 from 6
        square cake pan using flower          p.m. to 8 p.m.
Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00                            a. Unless otherwise stated,
                                                         all prize money is
Special # 8                 Class -17                    donated by Homecraft
             Fair Theme                               b. All entries should be
 An arrangement illustrating the Fair                    made by August 25,
 Theme, “Ladybug, Ladybug, Come                          2009.
              to the Fair”                            c. All of baking must be in
 Prise: 1 $10.00 donated by Home                         place by noon on
 Craft, 2nd $5.00 donated by Kirkton                     Thursday, September 3,
         Horticultural Society.                          2009.

d. All prize prize-winning                        Ladybug, Come to the
   exhibits are required to                       Fair”
   remain until Sunday
   September 6, 2009 at               GOOD LUCK TO ALL EXHIBITORS,
   4:30 p.m.                          and Thank You for your participation.
e. Note: Crystal Palace will
    close at 4:00 p.m. on             DID YOU KNOW that:
   Sunday (No Exhibitors              √     Rolls are separated but buns
   allowed so that directors                 are joined together.
   may organize exhibits for          √     New aluminum pie plates
   pickup at 4:30 p.m. when                 should be tempered (baked)
   exhibitors will be allowed               for 10 minutes at 400 F so
   in to pick up articles).                 that the bottom of your pie will
f. Non-winner, BAKING                       be baked.
   ONLY, may remove their             √     Your meringue should touch
   exhibits from 10:00 –                    the sides of your pie or tarts.
   11:30 a.m. on Friday               √     That cookies should be
   morning, but ONLY when                   approximately 2 inches in
   director from the Food                   diameter.
   Division is present.               √     Paper should be off muffins
g. Note: Pies and cakes                     when being judged.
   can be removed also on             Breads                  Class -18
   Friday Morning as a slice             1. Loaf of White Bread (1 day
   of each will be displayed                old).
   instead of the whole                  2. Loaf of Brown Bread (1 day
   exhibit                                  old).
h. Please read all notations             3. Loaf of Raisin Bread, machine
   in the prize list carefully              made
i. Plates will be provided               4. Coffee Cake, yeast.
   for muffins, cookies &                5. Loaf of White Bread –
   tarts.                                   Machine made.
j. Any entry not properly                6. Cloverleaf Rolls (5).
   displayed may be                      7. Cinnamon Buns, 1 small pan
   refused a prize by                 PRIZES:       $5:00, $3:00, $2:00
   directors or judges.
k. Please put tags on the             Quick Breads             Class -18
   outside of the wrapper,            Mini loaf pans maybe used.
   not next to the food, and             8. Zucchini Loaf.
   please no straight pins or            9. Bran Muffins, with raisins (5).
   staples.                              10. Pumpkin Loaf, no nuts.
l. SPECIALS are classes                  11. Chocolate Chip Muffins (5).
   by themselves and are                 12. Tea Biscuits. (5)
   listed at the end of the              13. Cherry Loaf
   section.                           PRIZES:       $5:00, $3:00, $2:00
m. The 2009 theme of the
   fair is “ Ladybug,                 Cookies                  Class -18

  14. Ginger Snaps (5).                          34. Microwave Fudge (5 pieces),
  15. Rolled Cookies (5).                            using following recipe.
  16. Chocolate Chip (5).
  17. Shortbread, decorated (5)                            Microwave Fudge
  18. Peanut Butter Cookies (5)
  19. Oatmeal, plain (5)                                1 ¾ cups icing sugar
PRIZES:      $4:00, $3:00, $2:00                        2 tbsp milk
                                                         ¼ cup margarine or butter
NOTE: Pastry & Cakes ( 20– 30 )                          ¼ cup cocoa
Only a slice of each will be displayed                  1 ¼ tsp. vanilla
instead of the whole exhibit.                            Pinch of salt
Pastry                    Class -18
                                              In quart measuring cup, stir sugar,
  20. Peach Pie (crumb topping).              cocoa, salt, milk and vanilla together
  21. Bumbleberry Pie, minimum                until partially blended. (Mixture is
      three kinds of berries.                 too stiff to thoroughly blend in all the
  22. Raisin Pie.                             dry ingredients.)
  23. Dutch Apple (Schnitz – open             Put butter on top of ingredients in
      faced)                                  centre of dish. Microwave at HIGH
  24. Baked Pie Shell.                        for 2 minutes or until dish feel warm
  25. Pumpkin Pie                             on bottom.
PRIZES:      $5:00, $3:00, $2:00              Stir vigorously until smooth. Pour
                                              into waxed paper lined 8 x 4 x 3 dish.
Cakes                     Class -18           Chill 1 hour in refrigerator. Cut into
(To be on foil covered cardboard no           squares.
       more than 1” larger than cake.
       No glass plates please.)                 35. Microwave Brownies (5)
   26. Chocolate Layer Cake.                  PRIZES:     $5:00, $3:00, $2:00
   27. Applesauce Cake, no icing.
   28. Banana Cake, no icing                  Microwave Pickles           Class -18
       (approx. 9” x 9”)                      36.   Microwave pickles (pint jar or
   29. Corn Cake, suitably iced               smaller), using following recipe.
       (approx. 9” x 9”)                               Microwave Pickles
   30. Angel Food Cake, no icing
PRIZES:        $5:00, $3:00, $2:00                    2 cups small cucumbers
                                              sliced 1/8” thick
    31. Dark Fruit Cake, uncut, not                   1 cup thinly sliced onions
        iced (approx. 4” – 6” square)                 ¾ cup sugar
    32. Light Fruit Cake, uncut, not                  1 tsp. salt
        iced (approx 4” – 6” square)                  ½ tsp. celery seed
33.     Gumdrop Cake, uncut, not                      ½ tsp. mustard seed
        iced (approx 4” – 6” square)                  ¼ tsp. turmeric
PRIZES:        $6:00, $5:00, $4:00                    ½ cup white vinegar

Microwave                Class -18            Put all ingredients in a 2 quart
                                              cooking dish. Mix well.

Microwave 4 minutes on HIGH – stir               48. Orange Marmalade.
– microwave 4 more minutes on                    49. Grape Jelly
HIGH. Do not cover dish. Cool.                   50. Apple Jelly
Store in refrigerator in plastic                 51. Black Currant Jam
containers, jars, etc. Keeps 6 – 8               52. Mixed Berry Jam, three kinds
months. These pickles can be made                    of berries & name them.
year round. In winter, when small            53.     Blueberry Jam
pickling cucumbers are not                   Freezer Jam               Class -18
accessible, long thin English                    54. Strawberry.
cucumbers work well.                             55. Raspberry
                                                 56. Peach
PRIZES: $5.00, $3.00, $2.00                  PRIZES:        $5:00, $3:00, $2:00

Supper Dishes           Class -18            Canned Vegetables         Class -18
                                             (Pint jars or smaller)
37. Macaroni and Cheese Casserole.              57. Tomato Juice.
                                                58. Stewed Tomatoes (plain, cut
(Sections 38 – 40) to be on non-                     up)
flexible trays or covered board NO           PRIZES:        $5:00, $3:00, $2:00
larger than 9” x 12”)
    38. Three ways of serving eggs.          Pickles                Class -18
    39. Three ways of serving turnip.        (Pint jars or smaller)
    40. Three ways of serving                   59. Bread and Butter Pickles.
        tomatoes                                60. Icicle pickles (no colouring)
PRIZES:        $5:00, $3:00, $2:00              61. Dill, sweet (cut or whole)
                                                62. Pickled Beets
Canned Fruit            Class -18               63. Pickled Eggs
  41. Canned Peaches.                           64. Spaghetti Sauce
  42. Canned Plums                              65. Chili Sauce
  43. Canned Pears.                             66. Hot Dog Relish
  44. Canned Black Cherries.                    67. Salsa
  45. Canned Fresh Applesauce –                 68. Salad dressing, cooked
      no spice.                              PRIZES:        $5:00, $3:00, $2:00
  46. Maple Syrup (Pint size jar or
      smaller)                               Produce Items         Class -18
  47. Honey (Pint size jar or                   69. Homemade Soap (5 cakes).
      smaller)                                  70. Homemade Butter (small
PRIZES:      $5:00, $3:00, $2:00                    container)
                                                71. Eggs, 1 dozen hen eggs,
Jams and Jellies          Class -18                 white, Grade A Large
(NO wax, small jar preferred, must              72. Eggs, 1 dozen hen eggs,
     have perfect seal)                             brown, Grade A Large
Cooked Jam                 Class -18         PRIZES:       $5:00, $3:00, $2:00

                                                Special # 5.             Class 18
                                                      Rutabaga Casserole
 Special # 1               - Class 18           PRIZES:     $5.00, $3.00, $2.00
 One loaf of 60% whole wheat bread              donated by Stovel Siemon
 (1 day old), pan size 8”x 4”x 2.5” to
        9”x 5”x 3” maximum
   Winner will be required to bake              Special # 6.             Class 18
  another loaf of 60% whole wheat
   bread for the District Meeting in                         BERNARDIN
           October 2009.                          Best of Show Award ( # 41 – 68)
        PRIZE:         $10:00                      - Qualifiers must use Bernardin
                                                   Mason Jar/Snap Lids, Bernardin
                                                 Pectin Package or UPC as proof of
Special # 2.               Class 18               - Winner is based on highest # of
         2009 “Fair Theme”                               accumulated points
                                                  PRIZE: $30.00 Gift Certificate
3 decorated cup cakes depicting fair                  Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
                                                Special # 7.             Class 18
 Prizes: $6.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00
                                                   BERNARDIN Jam/Jelly Award
Special # 3.               Class 18                (# 48 – 56)- Qualifiers must use
                                                   Bernardin Mason Jar/Snap Lids,
         Butter Tarts (5)                       Bernardin Pectin Package or UPC as
       with fruit and/or nuts
                                                          proof of purchase
PRIZES: 1st: 5 kgs of flour donated by
                                                - Best Jam/Jelly Award will be based
         Arva Flour Mills,
                                                      on appearance, taste, etc.
      2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00
                                                  PRIZE: $20.00 Gift Certificate
                                                      Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
                                                 (Note: The judges will choose only
                                                             one winner)
Special # 4.               Class 18             Special # 8.               Class 18
             Bean Salad                          BERNARDN SNAP LID/MASON
 -using at least 4 different coloured            JAR CREATIVE CRAFT AWARD
beans, approx. 2 cups. To be shown                  Best decorated or functional
 in clean, clear pint-size jar with lid.         homemade craft made by using a
   Typed or clearly written/printed               Bernardin mason jar(s) and or 2-
    recipes on recipe cards must                          piece Snap Lid
       accompany each entry.                     PRIZE:     $20.00 Gift Certificate
   PRIZES:       1st: $20.00 & Gift                  Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon
  Basket; 2nd: $15.00, 3rd: $10.00
 donated by the Ontario Coloured
                                                Special # 9.             Class 18
    Bean Growers Association
                                                     BERNARDIN GIFT PACK
                                                    Best Gift Pack submitted in a

 Bernardin mason jar & SNAP Lid®              Special # 12              Class 18
   as selected by the fair. Judges
                                                         “Going for Tea”
  select winner based on creativity,
                                                  – Suitable basket containing 3
  quality of home canned product,
                                              different homemade baked items. (3
 perceived value & appropriateness
                                               of each item) Judged on taste and
           of presentation.
                                               appearance. Sponsor will claim 1st
  Note: “gift packs” need not be in
                                                            prize entry.
  baskets. Entries may be tasted.
                                                         PRIZE: $10.00
  PRIZE:      $20.00 Gift Certificate
                                                   Donated by Margaret French
     Plus Rosette Prize Ribbon

 Special # 10              Class 18
                                              Special # 13              Class 18
      Ontario Bean Producers                     Best homemade carrot cake
          Marketing Board                      baked in a tube pan, removed and
  donates for the best casserole of            covered with cream cheese icing.
baked white beans. Approximately 2            Both recipes (cake & icing) must be
        cups. Typed or clearly                attached to entry tag. Winning cake
    written/printed recipes must                  will be claimed by sponsors.
accompany each dish. The recipes                 PRIZES:       $15.00 & $10.00
   will become the property of the                 Donated by John Aasman.
 Ontario Bean Producers Marketing
                                              Special # 14              Class 18
  PRIZES: $15.00, $10.00, $5.00
                                               Best Homemade Diabetic Apple
                                                 Typed or clearly written/printed
 Special # 11              Class 18                recipe on recipe card must
                                                accompany the pie. Sponsor will
District #3 White Bean Committee                      claim 1st prize entry.
 will donate for the best casserole of                  PRIZE: $10.00
   baked white beans using maple                    Donated by Carrie Rolph
syrup. Approximately 2 cups. Typed
 or clearly written/printed recipe on
                                              Special # 15              Class 18
  recipe card must accompany the
 dish. The recipes will become the            Best Homemade Diabetic Muffins
  property of District #3 White Bean          5 muffins with fruit, (but not banana)
              Committee.                                   in a basket
 PRIZES: $30.00, $20.00, $10.00                    Recipe must be attached.
                                              Sponsor will claim 1st prize entry with
                                                  Prizes: $15.00 & $10.00

  Donated by Homecraft President           a. Entries must be solely made and
                                           quilted by a group or individual and
Special # 16             Class 18          exhibited and judged at a local
                                           Ontario Association of Agricultural
 MICROWAVE RECIPE AWARD                    Societies’ (O.A.A.S.) Fair to be
Most points in Microwave Sections          eligible for this competition.
           (34, 35 & 36)                   b. Entry quilts must be a minimum of
         PRIZE: $10.00                     72 x 90” (smaller quilts will not be
  Donated by Gladys Connolly               eligible to proceed to the next levels
                                           of competition).
Special # 17             Class 18          c. Judging will occur at local fairs
 HOMECRAFT DIVISION AWARD                  and district levels. A Provincial
  Most points in Breads & Rolls            Grand Champion Quilt will be
         (section 1 - 7)                   selected at the Annual Convention of
        PRIZE: $10.00                      O.A.A.S.
                                           d. Upon making an entry in the
Special # 18             Class 18          Ontario Association of Agricultural
                                           Societies Quilt Competition, the
 HOMECRAFT DIVISION AWARD                  Exhibitor agrees to participate in any
   Most points in Jam & Jellies            promotional activities related to the
        (section 48 - 56)                  competition.
       PRIZE: $10.00                       e. The winning O.A.A.S. Quilt will not
                                           be eligible to compete in any future
                                           District and/or Convention O.A.A.S.
                                           f. Winner’s name to be displayed at
Special # 19             Class 18          the fair on a sign provided by
                                           Local Fair Competitions:
     Most points in Pickles
                                           1. Each local Fair is entitled to send
       (section 59 - 68)
                                           only the GRAND CHAMPION QUILT
      PRIZE: $10.00
                                           (Judged Best of Show of all Classes)
                                           to the district Competition or if any
                                           entry wins Grand Champion or Best
                                           of All Classes at more than one Fair,
   Needlecraft            -Class 19
                                           the other Fairs at which this quilt was
Head Conveners:
                                           entered and won, should enter their
Chris Knott 348-4305
                                           Reserve Champion or Second Best
Karen Templeman 348-9044
                                           of Show of all Classes quilt in the
Jean Mitchell, Beryl Feltz, Donna
                                           District Competition.
Mitchell, Isabel Annis, Joan
                                           Note: If an Exhibitor wins Grand
                                           Champion or Best of Show of all
                                           Classes, at other than his/her own
          O.A.A.S. ANNUAL
                                           Fair, or at more than one Fair, the
                                           Exhibitor must consider the
                                           Agricultural Society nearest his/her
Eligibility Rules and Regulations:

home address as the one from which                k. Prizes may change from book
will be sent to the District meeting.             l. Prize money donated by
2. An exhibitor who wins more then                   Homecraft unless otherwise
one Best of Show title with a different              listed.
quilt at different Fairs shall be
entitled to enter each winning quilt to        Bedroom Furnishings - Class 19
compete at the District Competition.               Must be exhibitor’s new work
3. Local Homecraft Divisions are                  1. Quilt, whole cloth, a plain solid
requested to judge a Grand                            colour on both sides, judged
Champion or Best Show of all                          for hand quilting and design.
Classes as well as Reserve Grand                  2. Quilt, creative, using own
Champion or Second Best of Show                       design, hand quilted.
of all Classes. The Grand Champion                3. Quilt, appliqué, with machine
and the Reserve Grand Champion                        embroidery, hand quilted.
are judged from all first and second              4. Quilt, appliqué, with hand
prize Quilts.                                         embroidery, hand quilted.
                                                  5. Quilt, piecework, hand quilted.
EXHIBITORS PLEASE NOTE:                           6. Quilt from a kit or panel or
  a. All work must be new work to                     pre-printed fabric, hand
     this fair.                                       quilted.
  b. All exhibits must be the work                7. Quilt, practical, everyday, and
     of the exhibitor.                                hand quilted.
  c. Only one entry per section per               8. Quilt, beginner quilter, first
     exhibitor.                                       attempt, and hand quilted.
  d. Attach entry tags with safety                9. Quilt, machine quilted by
     pins, no straight pins, needles                  exhibitor.
     or staples are acceptable                    10. Quilt, hand quilted by a group.
  e. Quilts in section 1-8 must be                11. Pieced quilt top only, no
     at least 72”x 90”                                appliqué, not quilted.
  f. Quilts intended for the Ontario              12. Quilt or comforter tied, (single
     Association of Agricultural                      or double)
     Societies “Quilt Competition”             Prizes: $10.00, $8.00, $6.00
     must be marked “YES”                      donated by Homecraft Division
  g. All articles must be new, not
     used, or have moth ball or                Special # 1                Class -19
     other odours.                                 Prize Quilt Grand Champion
  h. All doilies and centerpieces to           All 1st and 2nd prize quilts in Sections
     be mounted on complimentary                           1-8 are eligible.
     coloured cardboard, (no foil),                         Prize: $35.00
     secured in two places with                Donated by the Agricultural Society
     matching or other thread so
     that the underside is visible.            Special # 2              Class -19
  i. Remember - please use the                  Reserve Quilt Grand Champion
     theme as often as you can.                     Prize-$15.00 Merchandise
  j. Approximate measurements                  Certificate plus queen sized quilt bat
     means 2” either way.

   donated by The Fabric Shop,                   Prize:$15.00 donated by the
             Mitchell                                Homecraft Division

Special # 3            Class -19             THEME DIVISION          –Class 19
          Judges Choice                        “Ladybug, Ladybug Come to the
Best 2009 Theme Quilt “Ladybug,                                Fair”
    Ladybug, Come to the Fair”                  18. Pair of pillow cases, hand
         in Sections 1-10.                          embroidered or cross stitch,
           Prize: $20.00                            theme 2009.
 Donated by the Homecraft Division              19. Knitted or crocheted sweater,
                                                    unlined any size, theme 2009.
  13. Crib quilt, tied, approximately           20. Cushion, using any technique,
      40”x50”.                                      theme 2009.
  14. Crib quilt, own design,                   21. Any sewn article, theme 2009.
      approximately 40”x50”, hand            PRIZES- $3.00, $2.00, $1.00
  15. Crib quilt, made from a kit or         SPECIAL # 6                Class -19
      panel of pre-printed fabric,                Best Theme 2009 Article
      approximately 35”x45”, hand                       Section 18 - 21
      quilted.                                Prize-$10.00 donated by member
  16. Crib quilt, machine quilted            $5.00 gift certificate from The Fabric
      (40”x50”)                                          Shop -Mitchell
  17. Rag quilt. (approx. Crib size
      40” x 50” up to single size 64”
      x 86”.)                                Needlework                -Class 19
PRIZES: $6.00, $4.00, $2.00                     22. Pair of pillowcases, machine
                                                    embroidered, in colour.
                                                23. Pair of pillowcases, hand
Special # 4              Class -19                  embroidered.
          Best Crib Quilt                       24. Pair of pillowcases, cross
       from Sections 13-17                          stitched.
            Prize:$10.00                        25. Novelty bed cushion.
   In memory of Esther Davey                    26. Pillow case for child’s room.
                                             Prizes:$3.00, $2.00, $1.00

                                             SPECIAL # 7               Class -19
SPECIAL # 5            -Class -19                Most Points Needlework
          Judges Choice                                Section 22 – 26
 Best Theme-“Ladybug, Ladybug                 Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
         Come to the Fair”                      donated by The Fabric Shop,
            Crib Quilt                                     Mitchell
       from Sections 13-17
                                             Hand Quilted Articles      -Class 19

    Must be exhibitor’s new work                 40. Afghan, min. 44”x 60” and
   27. Hot pads (2)                                  max. 54”x 72”.
   28. Wall hanging, ready to hang –          Prizes:$5.00, $4.00, $3.00
       up to 30” width and length
   29. Wall hanging, ready to hang –          SPECIAL # 10              Class -19
       over 30” width and length                 Most Points Knitted Afghan
   30. Place mats (2)                                    Section 38 - 40
   31. Three different quilt blocks.           Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
   32. Any other hand quilted article,           donated by The Fabric Shop,
       no cushions.                             Mitchell & Yarn pkg. Donated by
Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00                                  member

SPECIAL# 8                Class -19           Knitting –Adult’s Wear Class 19
 Most Points Hand Quilted Article                 Must be exhibitor’s new work
           Section 27 - 32                       41. Sweater, cardigan, unlined.
  Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate              42. Sweater, pullover, unlined.
    donated by The Fabric Shop,                  43. Sweater, or vest, fancy stitch,
   Mitchell & $10.00 in memory of                    unlined.
            Esther Davey                         44. Sweater, multi coloured,
                                                     pattern or design, unlined.
CUSHIONS                  -Class 19              45. Lap cover, approx. 36”x 36”.
    Must be exhibitor’s new work                 46. Knitted toque or hat.
    33. Cushion, hand embroidered.               47. Man’s socks, one pair, fine
   34. Cushion, pieced, fabric with                  yarn, fancy pattern.
       sample attached.                          48. Man’s socks, one pair, heavy
   35. Cushion, crocheted.                           work socks.
   36. Cushion, knitted.                      Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00
   37. Cushion, using another
       technique.                             SPECIAL # 11             Class -19
Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00                    Most Points Knitting Adult’s Wear
                                                        Section 41 – 48
                                               Prizes: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
SPECIAL # 9             Class -19                donated by The Fabric Shop,
   Most Points Best Cushion                     Mitchell & $10.00 in memory of
         Section 33 - 37                                 Esther Davey
          Prize: $5.00
Merchant Certificate donated by The
      Fabric Shop, Mitchell                   Knitting –Children’s Wear
                                                                         Class 19
Knitting                   -Class 19              Must be exhibitors new work
    Must be exhibitor’s new work                 49. Baby sweater and headwear.
   38. Afghan, co-ordinating                     50. Baby shawl, approx. 36”x 36”.
       colours, min.44”x 60” and                 51. Baby dress.
       max. 54’x 72”.                            52. Headwear, scarf, mittens, (2
   39. Afghan, pieced, min. 44”x 60”                 pieces, matching set).
       and max. 54”x 72”.

   53. Sweater, with coloured                   68. Doily, over 12”, mounted.
       pattern or design.                       69. Child’s vest.
   54. Sweater, cardigan, unlined.           Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00
   55. Sweater, pullover, unlined.
   56. Slippers, one pair.
   57. Child’s vest.                         SPECIAL # 14            Class -19
Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00                         Most Points -Crochet
                                                        Section 62–69
SPECIAL # 12               Class -19          Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
 Most Points Knitting Children’s                donated by The Fabric Shop,
                 Wear                          Mitchell & $10.00 in memory of
            Section 49 –57                              Esther Davey
 Prizes: $5.00 Merchant Certificate,
    donated by The Fabric Shop,
 Mitchell, & a yarn pkg.donated by a
               member.                       Sewing                   Class -19
                                                 Must be exhibitor’s new work
Crocheting             Class -19                70. Lady’s dress.
    Must be exhibitors new work                 71. Lady’s blouse.
   58. Afghan, co-ordinating, colors,           72. Lady’s skirt.
       min.44”x 60”, max. 54”x 72”.             73. Polar fleece jacket or vest.
   59. Afghan, pieced, min. 44”x 60”            74. Housecoat, bathrobe, or night
       and max. 54”x 72”.                            apparel.
   60. Afghan, min. 44”x 60” and                75. Vest, reversible.
       max. 54” x 72”.                          76. Child’s dress or outfit.
   61. Tablecloth, at least 48” one             77. Lady’s purse.
       way.                                  Prizes-$4.00, $3.00, $2.00
Prizes-$5.00, $4.00, $3.00                   SPECIAL # 15              Class -19
                                                  Most Points Sewing Items
                                                         Section 70–77
SPECIAL # 13             Class -19             Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
      Most Points -Crochet                       donated by The Fabric Shop,
           Section 58–61                                     Mitchell
 Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
   donated by The Fabric Shop,               Miscellaneous             Class -19
  Mitchell & $10.00 in memory of                 Must be exhibitor’s new work
           Esther Davey                         78. Beach or P.J. bag.
                                                79. Boxer shorts or sleep pants.
   Crocheting            Class -19              80. Children’s bonnet or sun hat.
    Must be exhibitor’s new work                81. Any item (knit or crochet)
   62. Baby sweater and headwear.                   made using left over yarn (at
   63. Baby dress.                                  least two colours)
   64. Baby shawl, approx. 36”x 36”.            82. Christmas article.
   65. Headwear and scarf set.                  83. Table runner, min 36” long.
   66. Lap cover approx. 36”x 36”.              84. Needlepoint picture, framed,
   67. Doily 12” or smaller, mounted.               ready to hang.

   85. Counted cross stitch, framed,
       ready to hang.
   86. Gift for any occasion, (except            101.     Crib quilt, tied.
       Christmas)                                102.     Crib quilt, made from a
   87. Grocery bag holder.                                 kit or panel, hand
   88. Bib apron with pockets.                            quilted.
   89. Baby shower gift.                         103.     Lap cover, knit, approx.
   90. Article made from cotton                            36”x 36”.
       sugar, or flour sack.                     104.     Lap cover, crocheted,
Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00                                approx. 36”x 36”.
                                                 105.     Wall hanging, quilted,
SPECIAL # 16               Class -19                       ready to hang.
 Most Points Miscellaneous Items                 106.     Afghan, knitted, min.
           Sections 78- 90                                 44”x 60” and max.
  Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate                       54”x 72”.
    donated by The Fabric Shop,                  107.     Afghan, crocheted,
               Mitchell                                    min. 44”x 60” and
                                                           max. 54”x 72”.
                                                 Prizes-$5.00, $4.00, $3.00
Open Golden Age              Class -19
    Must be exhibitor’s new work                 108.     Quilt, whole cloth, at
     (65 years of age or older)                            least 72”x 90”, hand
    NOTE: No entry fee required                           quilted.
   91. Needlecraft on plastic canvas.            109.     Quilt, pieced, at least
   92. Slippers, one pair, knitted or                     72”x 90”, hand quilted.
       crocheted.                                Prizes-$10.00, $8.00, $6.00
   93. Baby sweater and headwear.
   94. Christmas article.                     SPECIAL- # 18           Class -19
   95. Needlecraft article for a                   Most Points Golden Age
       bazaar.                                           Section 101-109
   96. Knitted lace on a towel or              Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate
       pillow case.                               donated by The Fabric Shop,
   97. Tea cozy, no teapot.                   Mitchell & $10.00 in memory of Anna
   98. Fabric cushion.                          Dolmage donated by a member
   99. Crocheted lace on a towel or
       pillow case.                           PHOTOGRAPHY SECTION
   100.       Adult mitts, knit.
Prizes-$3.00, $2.00, $1.00                    Photography for Amateurs
                                              Adult                Class -20
SPECIAL- # 17            Class -19            Head Convener: Beverley
      Most Points Golden Age                  Bannerman 519- 347-2397
           Section 91-100                     Donna Eisler, Walter MacDougald
 Prize: $5.00 Merchant Certificate            Rules & Regulations:
    donated by The Fabric Shop,                a. Please also read General
Mitchell & $10.00 in memory of Anna               Information located at the front
  Dolmage donated by a member                     of this book, in addition to the

       Homecraft rules, along with new             10. Moving Water
       dates and times.                            11. Winter Magic
 b.    All Exhibitors must pay a $5.00             12. Reflections
       entry fee and obtain an exhibitor           13. Historical Building
       number through the office.                  14. Dramatic Sky
 c.    Amateurs only.                              15. Sunrise or Sunset
 d.    Photographed by exhibitor only              16. A Family Event
 e.    Suitably mounted with 1” border             17. Sports in Action
       on Bristol board.                           18. Bridge
 f.    Only one entry per section per              19. Person(s) playing a Musical
      exhibitor.                                       Instrument
 g.    No pins, staples or frames to be            20. Object of Architectural
       used.                                           interest. eg. door(s),
 h.    Prize money donated by                          window(s), gate(s), etc.
       Homecraft Division unless                Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00
       otherwise stated.
                                                Special # 2       Photo Class -20
New Exhibitors Only - Class 20                        Most Points in Prints
  1. Up Close                                               Section 5-20
  2. Animal(s)                                    Prize: $25.00 donated by Your
  3. A day at the beach                            Neighbourhood Credit Union,
  4. Any subject                                              Mitchell.

Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00

                                                Collections of Prints Up To
Special # 1       Photo Class -20                           4”x6”       Class -20
  Most points for New Exhibitor                 Please Note: Prints per section from
            Section 1 – 4                       21 to 29 need to be mounted on one
            Prize $10.00                        piece of Bristol Board.
 Donated by Beets Running Boards,                  21. Collection of the 4 Seasons
              Mitchell                             22. Collection of 3 Spring Prints
                                                   23. Collection of 3 Autumn Prints
                                                   24. Collection of 3 Winter Prints
                                                   25. Collection of three Churches
                                                   26. A Special Day -3 Prints
A Print 4”x6”          Class -20                   27. Collection of a Related
   5. A River                                          Subject 4 Prints
   6. Old Farm Equipment                           28. Collection of the Fair theme
   7. Laneway, Roadway, Path, or                       “Ladybug, Lady bug, Come to
      Trail                                            the Fair” 3 Prints.
   8. Grandfather and or                           29. A collection of 3 prints from
      Grandmother with their little                    this year’s Country Display
      helper(s)                                        Contest of either, country,
   9. Mitchell Fair 2008                               town, store front.

   Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00                  donated by BDO Dunwoody
                                              Chartered Accountants, Mitchell
Special # 3        Photo Class -20
    Most Points in Collection               Special # 7       Photo Class-20
           Section 21-29                             My Favourite 5”x7”
            Prize: $10.00                     Prize $15.00, $10.00 donated by
 Donated by Beets Running Board,                 BDO Dunwoody Chartered
              Mitchell.                             Accountants, Mitchell

Enlargements 8”x10” or 8x12
                           Class -20        Special # 8         Photo Class-20
25. Black and White                                 President’s Special
26. Portrait, Single                        Best 4x6 print of either one or both
27. Portrait, two or more                    Presidents having fun at last year’s
28.Canadian Scenery                                     Mitchell fair.
29. Any Subject                             3 winning prints become property of
 Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00                              Sponsors.
                                                Prize $10.00, $7.00, $3.00.
Special # 4      Photo Class -20               Donated by Ken Connolly and
Most points in Enlargement 8x10                       Susan Aasman
          Section 25-29
          Prize: $20.00
 Donated by F.A. Campbell & Son
 Insurance Broker, Mitchell Prize

Enlargements 5”x7”        Class -20         Special # 9      Photo Class -20
30. Child or Children                         Collection of 3 Prints suitable for
31. Family Picture                           Promoting Tourism in West Perth.
32. Scenery                                    Can be of countryside, flowers,
33. Any Subject                               landscaping, etc. Prints to be the
Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00                         property of the sponsor.
                                                Prize $25.00, $15.00, $10.00
Special # 5        Photo Class -20          donated by West Perth Tourism and
Most points in Enlargements (5x7)                  Communities in Bloom.
           Section 30-33
      Prize $15.00 & $10.00
            Donated by
                                            Special # 10         Photo Class -20
  Mitchell & District Credit Union,
                                              Collection of 3 Prints suitable for
              Mitchell.                       Promoting Tourism in West Perth.
Photograph Specials Class -20                 Can be of Sports, Special Events,
                                             etc. Prints to be the property of the
Special # 6       Photo Class -20                          sponsor.
  My Favourite 8”x10” or 8”x12”
   Prize: 1st $50.00, 2nd $25.00

   Prize $25.00, $15.00, $10.00                   c. Competition is open to an
donated by West Perth Tourism and                    exhibitor attending our 2009
      Communities in Bloom.                          Mitchell Fall Fair.
                                                  d. All pictures/ images are to be
Special # 11        Photo Class -20                  taken at this year’s fair only.
      Best Wild Life shot -8x10                   e. From (1 to 12) you need to
    Prize: $20.00, $10.00, $5.00                     submit your entries onto a CD in
     Sponsored by The Energy &                       a JPG file, along with each print.
  Environment Committee, Mitchell.                f. Absolutely No Digital image
 Note: All entries must also be in a                 enhancing allowed.
 jpg. file on a disk and becomes the              g. Digital Imaging is the term used
 property of the sponsor. If used for                for pictures by digital cameras.
       promotional purposes the                      Just remember submit only, one
    Photographer will be credited.                   entry per category for this OAAS
                                                  h. 4x6 prints need to be attached
                                                     with each Digital jpg. images for
 Remember to bring your camera                       judging purpose.
          to the fair                             i. Under prints (17 to 20) must be
                                                     mounted on Bristol board with a
Ontario Association of                               1” border.
Agricultural Societies (OAAS)                     j. Slides are still welcomed, but
                                                     also need to be on a CD and only
OAAS Photo                    Class -21              one 2x2 slide per category.
Ontario Association of Agricultural               k. All entries must be properly
Societies (OAAS) Digital/ Slides                     identified using a black, fine tip
Photo Competition.                                   marker, with name, address and
This is open to anyone taking                        correct category listed.
pictures at our 2009 Fair. There is               l. Prize winning slides will be
NO entry fee for this competition.                   shown at the Annual Convention
The objective of the Contest is to                   in February, 2010.
help publicize the activities and                 m. All entries in the contest become
allows for communicating new ideas                   the property of the OAAS and or
to other Fairs within the OAAS.                      the Mitchell Agricultural Society.
Rules & Regulations:                             Please Note: All Slides/ Digital
Please also read General                       Images must be downloaded onto
Information located at the front of              a CD and labelled and in a jpg
this book.                                       format, along with 4x6 prints.
    a. No professional photographers
       permitted.                              Following Prizes will be awarded by
    b. Entries must be sent to our fair             the OAAS during the 2010
       board secretary Sarah Bell, Box         convention: $20.00, $16.00, $12.00,
       190, Mitchell, Ontario, N0K                       $7.00, & $5.00.
       1N0. 519-229-6210                       OAAS Photo                Class -21
       by November 1s, 2009.                   Human Involvement

1. Youth participating at the fair                  Note: Check out our Rural
2. Adult/ Seniors in action at the fair         Community Contest, Lawns, Store
3. Candid shot of people having fun                 window(s) or Store Fronts.
at our fair.                                    Prizes awarded by OAAS at 2010
4. Candid shot of someone too                              Convention.
pooped to participate anymore at our             $20.00, $16.00, $12.00, $7.00 &
fair.                                                         $5.00
Displays:                     Class -21
5. Most unusual Display at our fair
6. 4-H Involvement at our fair. –                 PROMOTE OUR FAIR BY
livestock or displays                             GETTING INVOLVED AND
7. Homecraft at our fair. - Displays or         SHOWING OTHERS OUR FAIR!
8. Live Action Shows. - Singers,                          Wine Section
pulls, demos or demolition
Animals:                      Class -21        Wine                  Class – 22
9. Livestock. –Displays, Shows or              Head Convener:
Demos.                                         Susan Aasman 348-9610
10. Pet Show. – Something unusual               Valerie Chessell, Carrie Rolph
11. Live Demonstration.                        Note; This Class is completely
12. Birds or small animals. –Check             sponsored and judged by Lisa
out down on the farm exhibits.                 Granja from Wine It Up
Promotional                   Class -21        Rules:
13. Showing Mitchell Fair                         a. All wines MUST be made by
Identification. – Displays, ribbons                   amateur winemakers.
etc.                                              b. All competitors must have an
14. Fair Ambassador Involvement.                      exhibitor number.
15. Showing this year’s Fair Theme.               c. All entries must bear an entry
16. Quilts or Handicrafts from this                   tag supplied by the society.
year.                                             d. No wines will be returned.
                                                  e. Entries will be accepted on
OAAS Photo                 Class -21                  Wed. evening or Thursday
Prints (4x6 or 5x7) Mounted on                        morning. See times and dates
Bristol Board with 1” Border                          under Homecraft rules.
17. Children at the fair                          f. No single wine maybe entered
18. Animals and people at the fair                    into more than one section.
(together)                                        g. Wines must be made from
19. Something New at this Year’s fair                 juice or concentrate.
                                                  h. Fruit wines must be 95% non-
Special # 1       OAAS Class -21                      grape fruits.
     All Fairs Award for 2009                     i. Bottles must be 750 ml size,
 8x12 Photo showing a fair Display                    unmarked and have no shrink
 sign using this year’s dates along                   wrap.
     with Agricultural Products.               Prizes: $10.00, $8.00, $6.00, $4.00

                                                  1. Red Wine

   2.   Rose or Blush                           e. Each Institute exhibiting will
   3.   White Wine                                 receive $15.00, provided the
   4.   Fruit wine other than grapes.              rules are followed with the
   5.   Vintage wine (indicate year)               approval of this committee.
                                                f. The Mitchell & District
Special # 1       Wine Class -22                   Agricultural Society will take
     Most Points in Section 1 -5                   every precaution for the safety
 Prize: $5.00 Donated by Homecraft                 of your exhibit, but will not be
              President                            held responsible.

Special # 2        Wine Class -22            Institute Display        Class -22
         Best overall wine                   Note: Here are some suggestions for
  Prize: European Select wine kit            your display. Everything must be
  donated by Wine It Up, Mitchell            Lady Bug related.
                                                    1. Sewing Item(s)
                                                    2. Tole Painting
                                                    3. Toy
Women’s Institute Displays
Head Conveners:                                     4. Garden Sign
                                                    5. Ceramic Lady Bug
Marion McKay 348-8203
Mildred Ulch 229-8877                               6. Art Work
Edythe Petrie 229-6615                              7. Calligraphy –Poem on
                                                       Lady Bugs
Theme: “Ladybug, Ladybug, Come                      8. Story Book
to the Fair”                                        9. Short history of the Lady
Rules & Regulations:                                   Bug –Pro or Con to
    a. Please also read General                        Gardens and Fields
       Information located at the
       front of this book, along with
       new dates and times.
    b. Entries must be signed up
       through Marion McKay by                       Mitchell & District
       June 26th 2009.                              Agricultural Society
    c. Display to be in place by
       Wednesday September 2nd                      ELIMINATION DRAW
       2009 between 7 p.m. & 9 p.m.
       in the Crystal Palace, or                  Sat. September 5th 2009
       before 11:30 am on Thursday                Early Bird Draw July 29th
       September 3rd 2009, and not                 9:00 p.m. for $100.00
       to be removed until Sunday
       September 6th at 5:00 pm.                     Tickets $10.00 each
    d. A card bearing theme
       identification and your                        Our Event Section:
       Institute name must be                Please Note: Ambassador of the
       displayed at your exhibit.            Fair Completion is now located at
                                             the front of this book.

                                                    i. Songs used by a
 Air Band Competition                                  contestant(s) in previous
Please note time date & time:                          years must not be preformed
Sunday, September 6th 2009 at 1:00                     again by same contestant(s).
in the arena                                        j. All entries must be suitable to
 Head Conveners:                                       the tone and standard of the
 Sarah Herold-Hombach 519-272-                         community. Unsuitable entries
 9602                                                  maybe omitted by the
 Pauline Fell 519-893-4095                             committee.
                                                    k. All contestants must check in
 Sharon Fell-Dunsmore 519-393-
                                                       with the Air Band Committee
                                                       by 12:30 p.m. on Sunday at
Rules & Regulations:                                   the stage in the arena.
    a. Please also read General                Prize Money:
        Information located at the                 Solo        Group
        front of this book, along with         1st. $30.00 $50.00
        new dates and times.                   2nd $25.00 $40.00
    b. Contestants must register on            3rd $20.00      $30.00
        or before Wednesday August             4th $15.00      $20.00
        27th, 2009 to any committee             th
                                               5 $10.00        $10.00
        member.                                Donated by: Mitchell & District
    c. Contestant(s) will be divided           Agricultural Society
        into three age categories:                     Down On The Farm
        -. Junior -9 years and under.          Director: Jim Wright 348-9312
        - Intermediate -10 to 17yr.
                                               John Miller, Bert Vorstenbosch, Bill
        -. Senior -18 years and over.
                                               French, Roy McKay, Bill Osborn
    d. Solo acts will be judged
        Separately, from group acts in
       all classes.                            Come and See the Farm Animals
    e. Contestants will be judged              in the Barn near the Crystal
        and scored on the following            Palace, such as Chickens, Rabbits,
        criteria:                              Ducks, Calves, Sheep, maybe see a
    a. Performance          - 15 Points        baby chick hatch and come see our
    b. Likeness             - 10 Points        set of triplet Goats.
    c. Originality          - 10 Points
    d. Lip Sync, Accuracy - 10 Points          Parade: Saturday Sept. 5th 2009
    e. Audience Response - 05 Points           New Time: Starts at -11:30 Sharp
                    Total Points = 50          with judging at 10:30 am.
    f. In case of a tie, the Judges’           Director: Bob I. Norris 345-2945
        decision will be final.                Fran Lannin, Paul Lockhart, Lloyd
    g. Props need to be provided by            Drummond, Kim Vanderhyden,
        each group or contestant and           Terry Vanderhyden, Steve
        are their responsibility. All          Vanhevel, Lorianne Vanhevel,
        prop instruments must be               Murray Rose
        homemade.                                   Join in the Fun - Enter a Float
    h. Music must be supplied by

All entries in Class 1 will be judged                   4. Best Horse or Pony Drawn
at the rear parking lot, at Mitchell                        Vehicle; such as Bride &
Credit Union at 11.30. Judging of                           Groom etc.
floats, horses and Comic Characters                     5. Best Commercial Float.
begins at the Upper Thames                              6. Best Club or Organization
Elementary School at 10:30 a.m.                             Float.
    Rules:                                              7. Best Family Float.
    Each entry may be entered in                 Prize: $15.00, $10.00, $6.00 &
    only one class and all prize                              $4.00
    winners must be worthy of a                         8. Best Clown or Comic
    prize.                                                   Characters –Walking
    a. The judges' decision will be                     9. Best Clown or
        final.                                              Comic Characters
    b. Absolutely no riders on farm                         (On Wheels)
        vehicles or equipment.                    Prize: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00,
    c. Entries can be disqualified if                              $1.00
        unsafe at the directors'
        discrepancy                              BANDS Will BE IN ATTENDANCE
    d. No throwing of items from
        floats such as candies,                       PET SHOW SECTION
        peanuts, etc. Walkers may                  Sunday September 6th 2009 at
        hand out items along parade                 1:00 pm outside cattle barns..
        route.                                   Judge: A Local Veterinarian
    e. All floats to proceed past the            Head Convener
        fairgrounds. If float is to enter        Elaine Gordner 519-348-9049
        fairgrounds, please enter at             Margaret French, Sheila Jibb,
        Arthur St.                               Caroline Vivian
    f. Parade is sponsored by The
        Mitchell & District Agricultural          Rules:
        Society with prize money                   a. Registration begins at 12:45
        given out during the Parade.                  p.m., Sunday, September 1,
                                                      judging at 1:00 p.m. beside the
Parade Classes:                                       cattle barns.
       1. Decorated bicycle - 12 years             b. Open for girls and boys age 14
           and under.                                 and under.
           To be judged behind Mitchell            c. Enter as many classes as you
           & District Credit Union.                   wish.
Prize: $5.00, $4.00 , $3.00 , $2.00,               d. Dogs must be on a leash and all
           all others receive $1.00.                  other animals must be well under
       2. Best dressed Horse & Pony                   control.
            Riders. - Riders 14 years &            e. No entry fee required.
           under.                                  f. All animals and pet must be free
       3. Best dressed Horse & Pony                   of disease and fleas.
           Riders. - Riders 14 years &             g. All Prize money is donated by
           older.                                     Mitchell & District Agricultural
 Prize: $10.00, $6.00, $4.00                          Society.

   h. All prize money will be given                    any step dancing routine, not
      out at the event.                                necessarily a clog, jig, or reel.
                                                  c.   Solo contestants must
                                                       complete their dance within
   1. Largest dog.                                     four minutes. Maximum time
   2. Smallest dog.                                    for Group Dancing is five
   3. Dog with longest ears.                           minutes.
   4. Best performing dog.                        d.   All dancers must provide their
       (obedience and tricks)                          own tapes. Use of Sound
   5. Baby Animal - 9 months &                         System provided.
       under.                                     e.   Three or more dancers make
   6. Largest cat.                                     a group. No dancer may
   7. Smallest cat.                                    compete in more than one
   8. Cat with longest tail.                           group.
   9. Most colourful animal.                      f.   To qualify as Junior Group,
   10. Best dressed animal.                            the average age must be
   11. Most unusual pet.                               under 11 years.
   12. “Fancy Turnout" - Pet on                   g.   Contestants will be judged on
       Wheels. (any pet paraded in a                   timing, quality of steps,
       wagon, etc.)                                    quantity or variety of steps
   13. Show person class (handler                      and personality/showmanship.
       judged on ability to show pet              h.   Registration must be made on
       to best advantage)
                                                       or before August 22, 2009 or
Prize: $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
                                                       a late fee will be charged.
     Plus ribbons
                                                       Send registrations to, Sarah
                                                       Bell Secretary-Treasurer, Box
          Pet Special # 1
                                                       190 Mitchell, Ontario N0K
      Most points in Pet Section
      Prize: $10.00 donated by                         1N0 or call 519-229-6210.
    Mitchell & District Agricultural
     STEP DANCING SECTION                    Order of Step Dancing Events:
Head Convener
Donna Mitchell 519-348-9186                  1.        Reel – 1st year of instruction.
                                             2.        Reel – 10 years & under
Margaret French.
                                             3.        Junior Group -10 years &
Saturday September 5th 2009
at 2:00 p.m. In The Arena
                                             4.        Reel -12 years & under.
Rules & Regulations:
                                             5.        Clog, Jig & Reel -12 years &
   a. Please also read General
       Information located at the                      Under.
       front of this book, along with        6.        Reel – Open 13 yrs. and over.
       new dates and times.                  7.        Clog, Jig & Reel - Open 13 &
   b. Contestant(s) in Clog, Jig and                   over.
       Reel must dance in that order,        8.        Reel - 30 years & over.
       without stopping. Contestants         9.        Open Group.
       in Group Dancing may use              Prize Money:

    Solo              Group                   Mitchell Tire Service
1 . $20.00            $30.00 plus             Municipality of West Perth
        a Trophy to keep.                     New Tech Ag Inc.
2nd $15.00            $20.00
                                              Robert I Norris
3rd $10.00            $15.00
This prize money is donated by                Robert Rice
Mitchell & District Agricultural              Ron & Carole Gethke
Society                                       Rosebank Seed Farms Ltd.
      CASH DONATIONATIONS                     Ross Rocher
  The Mitchell & District Agricultural        Royal Plaza Workwear
 Society wishes to acknowledge the            T.J. Taxi
   following cash donations in 2008           TD Bank –Mitchell
   who contributed over $100.00 to
                                              The Fabric Shop -Mitchell
make Mitchell Fall Fair "The Biggest
          little Fair in Ontario".            Thompson of Mitchell
                                              Tradition Insurance –Mitchell
Bar-B- Farms Ltd.                             Tradition Mutual Insurance
BDO Dunwoody Chartered Acc.                   Vincent Farm Equiptment
Brandy Point Service Centre                   Wighty’s Repairs Inc.
Brody’s Automotive
Carlingford Institute                          Please see sponsor display for full
                                              up to date list at our fair
Dave & Winnie linton
Dave & Winnie Linton
Doug Snider
Doug Snider                                   Special Events Section:
                                              Events at the Grandstand & the
Farmix Mitchell
                                              Ponderosa which is located on
Gaffney Electric Solutions Ltd                Diamond “A”, These events are
Gaffney Electrical                            brought in by the following
Great Lakes New Holland Inc.                  committee:
Great Lakes Nutrition –Monkton                Head Conveners: Steve &
Harvest Heights                               Lori-anne Vanhevel 348-9032
Hoegy Farm Supplies                           Carl & Liz Diegel, Murray Rose, Jeff
                                              & Kim Vanderhyden, Steve & Brenda
J.P. Uniac Insurance
                                              Rose, Ron Horn, Kevin Murray, Les
Jacob Auction                                 Stewart, Winnie Linton, Steve Riehl,
Jean & Byron Morris                           Terry & Kim Vanderhyden, Joanne
Jibb Family                                   Groenestege, Pattie McKone, Bill &
JMS Automotive                                Angela Lindeman.
K & D Rose Construction
Logan Farm Equipment Ltd.
McLaughlin’s Chrysler Jeep
Mitchell Cycle
Mitchell Feed Mill
Mitchell Tire

            2009 Program                                   and Demonstration
Note: Wednesday September 2nd                              - 4-H Livestock Achievement
From 6:00pm till 8:00pm the doors                                Day
will be opened at the Crystal Palace             11:30 - Parade starting at Upper
and Community Centre to receive                           Thames Elementary School.
exhibits.                                                - Behind Credit Union will be
Thursday, September 3rd                                  the decorated Bicycles. (12 &
From 8:00 am till 11:oo am, the                          Under)
doors will be opened at the Crystal             12:00 pm - Ponderosa Open (Diamond
Palace and Community Centre to                               “A”)
receive exhibits.                               1:30 -Deb Campbell – Pork
All 4-H Educational Displays are to                    Demonstration in arena
be in place in Community Centre by              All Afternoon - Dairy, Beef Judging at
11:30 Thursday September 3, 2009.                                   Livestock Barns
Judging commences at 1:00 p.m. for              1:30 pm         - The Ben Show –Circus
all Homecraft Exhibits.                                           Act at the Ponderosa
                                                2:00 pm         - The Big Wheel Show in
Friday, September 4th                                             the Ponderosa.
8:30 a.m. - Grounds open to exhibitors          2:00 pm         -Step Dancing in arena
10:00 a.m. - Open to the public                 3:00 pm       - “The Precision Team”
4:30 p.m. – Magical Carnival Midway                            from King-Lyn Stables
               opens.                                         will perform on the track
6:00pm – 12:00 am - Ponderosa Open              3:00 – 4:15 p.m. - Fiddle Jamboree in
                      (Diamond “A”)                                  arena
6:30 -8:00 p.m. - Mitchell Legion Band          3:30 pm         - The Ben Show –Circus
                     Concert in Arena                             Act at the Ponderosa
5:00 -6:00 pm - Registration at                 4:30 pm         - The Big Wheel Show in
                 Grandstand for                                   the Ponderosa.
                 Children’s Lawn                4:30 pm          -Deb Campbell – Pork
             Tractor Pull –Ages 7 & Up                         Demonstration in arena
6:00 p.m.      - Children’s Lawn
                                                7:00 pm        - “The Precision Team”
                    Tractor Pull
                                                               from King-Lyn Stables
8:00 p.m.     - Ambassador
                                                              will perform on the track
               Competition in the arena
                                                7:00 p.m.       - Elimination Draw in
8:00 p.m. – Entertainment on Track
9:00 p.m. - Official Opening
                                                7:30 pm        - Country Boy –Eric
          Ceremonies in the arena
                                                                       Shain in arena
Saturday, September 5th                         8:00 p.m.         - Heavy and Light
Note: This is our Country Day. Wear                              Horse Pull on track.
               Western                          9:00 pm – 1:00 am -Dance: Music
8:30 a.m. - Grounds open to the                 by Decades under the Tent at the
            Exhibitors                          Ponderosa, Diamond “A”
10:00 a.m. - Grounds open to the                     – Dance tickets $10.00, good for
             Public.                            admittance to the fair.
          - Buildings open to the public
          - Antique Machinery Show

Sunday September 6th                                  Mitchell Fair Bale Contest
8:30 a.m. - Grounds open to                          Country, Town or Business
                exhibitors                   Committee:
9:30 a.m. - Community Church                 Susan & John Aasman 348-9610
                                             Ken & Gladys Connolly 348-9436
                 Service in arena
                                             Open to:
10:00 a.m. - Open to the public              Mitchell Fair area (one entry per
10:00 till 12:30 - Breakfast at the          residence/ business in each of the
                    Ponderosa                above categories)
10:00 a.m. - Heavy Horse Show                Rules:
12:45 pm - Pet show registration             Registration is free: Contact a
            Located beside cattle            committee member to register in one
                 barns                       of the three categories no later than
1:00 pm - Air Band Competition in            Monday August 3th 2009.
              Arena                           1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be
                                             awarded in all three categories.
1:00 p.m. - Pet Show                         Rules:
1:00 p.m.      - Ponderosa “A” -Opens        1. Display must be on private property
1:30 p.m.      – Entertainment at the        facing the road or street.
                     Ponderosa               2. Use props such as bale(s), flowers,
3:00 p.m. - Penny Sale & Silent              scarecrows etc. to represent something
               Auction Draws, in the         you would see at the Mitchell Fall Fair
                 arena                       (i.e. fruit, vegetables, animals, etc.).
3:00 pm      - Registration for              3. Extra points for using our theme
                                             “Ladybug, Ladybug, Come to the Fair”
              Demolition Derby.
                                             and time and date for “Come Hear Our
Come through Arthur Street gates.            Country Boy Eric Shain”.
4:00 p.m. - Crystal Palace and               6. Display must be accompanied by a
            Community Centre are             sign that clearly states,
            closes to public                 “See you at the Mitchell Fall Fair,
4:30 p.m. – Buildings open for all           September 4, 5 & 6 2009.”
            Exhibits to be picked up         7. Sign must be visible from the road
4:30 - 7:00 p.m. - Pork Chop BBQ i           or street.
                   in Arena                  6. Display must remain in place until
5:30 p.m. - Demolition Derby at              after Fair weekend September 6, 2009.
                                             8. Your display will be judged on site
            the Grandstand
                                             during the week before the fair.
                                             Overall appearance           30 points
                                             Originality                  40 Points
                                             Visibility of Fair Dates     30 Points
                                             Bonus                        15 Points
                                             9. Winning entries will receive an 8x10
                                             inch photo which will be displayed in the
                                             arena throughout the fair. Winners will
                                             be announced and presented during the
                                             Fair opening on Friday September 4.
                                             Prizes for all 3 categories:
                                             1 - $75. and 2 weekend passes
                                             2 -$50.and 2 weekend passes
                                             3 -$25. and 2 weekend passes All other
                                             registered entries to receive 2 weekend passes


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