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									      0RMOND SKI CLUB
                                                                                  DECEMBER 2008
       This last was a good season…can we have some more please???
                                                                 Bumper Christmas issue with
                                                                             colour pictures.

       Ormond Ski Club 11 Charman Rd, Beaumaris Vic 3193         A.B.N. 75 004 765 753
       Website: http: //www.ormondskiclub.com.au

Contents this issue:                                       Food is an issue that can be controlled but
                                                           it can be tough. The committee is very
       Lodge leaders survival kit (ii)                     mindful that budgets can go seriously
       The Financial Review                                awry if lodge leaders are given free access
       2009 fees                                           to accounts with stores on mountain.
       Work parties 2009                                   Basically we don’t do it. The committee
       President’s weekend                                 members are the only people who are
       Annie Gallagher                                     authorised to buy food on the club’s
       Alice Rose                                          account on the hill.
       Ewan Matthews
       Josh Balster                                        Over the last forty years we have
                                                           developed a pretty good food management
       Lodge leader’s survival kit (ii)                    system. We have a spread sheet which
       Your somewhat geriatric and                         calculates quantities of eggs, milk, meat,
       neanderthalic scribe is a prisoner of his           vegetables etc and we adjust it for
       experiences. He read once somewhere that            students, teenagers and fast laners.
       who we are is largely determined by our             Managing the food on site requires
       upbringing between the ages of one and              guidance from experienced hands and
       three. How we organise our lives and our            lodge leaders. It goes pear shaped every
       attitudes is largely shaped by our                  now and again and in this regard we rely
       experiences when we were in our teens.              on the food store, innovation and help
       Hence we approach the problems of the               from the Cate Thomas’s and Fi Setchells
       day through the prism our formative                 of this world.
       teenage years These insights came about             Our shortages are hardly famines but it’s a
       while reading about Ronald Reagan                   time (usually at breakfast) for French
       governing a country in the 1980s with               toast, onions and tomatoes on toast, fritters
       attitudes shaped just before the first world        perhaps, even hash browns. Sometimes
       war.                                                someone gets the meals seriously wrong
                                                           and cooks all the green veg in one go.
       Being a Lodge Leader is hardly akin to              About once a season somebody decides to
       governing the USA but it probably helps             drink all the milk in one hit or make cake
       to be an actor. LL’s are on holiday and             for everybody or serve pudding at lunch
       seek little more than a full day’s skiing, a        time for a lodge full of teenagers. No
       good bottle of red and a full tummy at the          matter how good our food people (Annie,
       end of the day; preferably, but not always,         Geoff, El, Meg, a cast of many and now
       in that order. They sometimes forget to             Katherine) we sometimes find ourselves in
       chill completely and find themselves                a minor hole and the lodge just has to
       reacting to events they cannot control but          make do for a day until the next order
       that impact on the members and guests.              arrives. No one has ever gone hungry.

We do encourage lodge leaders to make an         for members and guests. Take your own
inventory and report but most LLs, like the      perishables but everything else is there.
members and guests, only read the job            Email Meg Casey at
description when it’s a bit late, or like your   bookings@ormondskiclub.com.au to book
editor, forget completely. It’s also helpful     your dates.
to check through the food order when it
arrives so at least one person in the lodge      Work parties
knows what has been delivered. We are            Australia Day weekend
working on refining the system and               Labor Day weekend
building know-how into our lodge leaders         Easter
but it’s a slow process. The lodge               Anzac Day
population is turning over and many of us        May 23-24,
have never learnt these skills or indeed         Queen’s birthday
needed them.
                                                 Talk to Tim Chalke.
The financial review                             Tim.chalke@asic.gov.au
In brief 2008 was, not unexpectedly, a
very good year. We measured it                   President’s weekend
financially (operating profit of $40K) and       Tom Nairn
in terms of occupancy: 2200 bed nights           A cast of thousands (well, about 30
compared to1930 for 2007.                        anyway) made the trek to the Hut on
                                                 Higginbotham to celebrate the club races,
While the result looks OK it is not enough       skiing in general and those who made a
from a good year to cover the bad years          contribution to the running of the club
and set us up for the next lot of                over the year. For the first time in a while,
renovations that I have mentioned in past        there was a good cover of snow on the
newsletters.                                     mountain for the weekend and the weather
                                                 was a treat. After a bit of 'free skiing', the
Some members have said that our                  MHSC Events Department set a fantastic
expectations are too grand. However,             race course for us on the Saturday
renovations in the mountains are                 morning...see the results below. While
expensive and we do not have the readily         Saul Wakerman may not have won a
available skills base to allow us to do a lot    trophy, he certainly gets a mention for
of work ourselves. In addition we are            spectacularly losing a ski at the bottom of
constrained by work safe considerations;         the course, but keeping it together and
something that rarely troubled us during         doing it in style on one ski over the finish
the original construction and early              line (see photo below).

We need new balcony, roof, kitchen,
carpet, boilers probably, renovations to
bunkrooms three and four and a new
downstairs entrance.
$500K will disappear in a flash. If we
borrow half it will take us five years at
$50K to generate the $250K. We didn’t
even do that ($50K) in the best year on
record for ages. So, fees are going up by
about 10% in 2009 to get us back on track.
                                                   Well done to Andreas Svensson for
                                                 winning the cross country dressed to
                                                 perform surgery (Ash Tuck was
                                                 disqualified for some spurious reason).
                                                 Special mention to Andy Setchell who
Mt Hotham… a great place to spend a few
days over summer. The hut is available

tackled the course on his snow bike! (see       Annie Gallacher
photo)                                           Following on from her sciatica, back
                                                problems and falling down the stairs and
                                                breaking her ankle when the Hawks won
                                                the Premiership, Annie was diagnosed
                                                with a cancerous tumour on her lung. This
                                                has been removed and the operation
                                                appears to have been successful, but only
                                                time will tell if all will be well in the long
                                                Despite her great resilience, it’s fair to say
                                                Annie has slowed right up and needs lots
                                                of rest. At this stage no telephone calls or
                                                home visits are appropriate, but be well
                                                assured Annie has greatly appreciated the
                                                concern of many members and their good
                                                wishes and we wish her well for a full and
Dinner was, as usual, a fantastic
                                                speedy recovery.
gastronomic delight...thank you to all who
contributed to it, but particularly Fi, Kath,
                                                Better news
Meg and Joel.
                                                 El Bridger and Geoff Rose, having had
                                                young Tom, have remembered how to do
  On Sunday, some folks slept in to deal
                                                it and have provided him with a little
with the effects of the night before and
                                                sister. Alice Margaret Rose was born at
others went out for a quick ski. To finish
                                                about 5.40am on Tuesday the 14th of
the weekend, Rob Wilson made the trek
                                                October. She weighed 4.25 kg at birth.
out onto the Razorback for some fine
                                                Probably can’t stop now. Jolly good show.
Fathers Day skiing (see photo).

 Race winners:
Men's downhill: Ashley Tuck
Women's downhill: Fi Setchell
Men's snowboard: Stuart Watson
Men's handicap: Andy Setchell
Women's snowboard: Meg Casey
Women's handicap: Jenny O'Donnell               And another hatch……
Cross country: Andreas Svensson                 Pia and Brett Matthews have added baby
                                                Ewan to their clan on 2/12 at 8.32pm.
Lost and found                                  weighing 8 lb 1oz (which is lucky for me as I
We have found a ring in bunk room 8 from        don't understand metric baby weights). No
before early August. Write to your bower        photos yet - just text msg!!
bird editor before he gives it to Gollum or
Fredo or one of those other stupid hairy
footed critters who inhabit the mountain.

Joshua Manus. 27/11/07-1/9/08

Our beautiful Joshie–bear, the battle is
over. You are at peace. No more
hospitals, no more tubes, no more
alarming machines. You are free.

Thank you for your unconditional love,
your toothy grin, your Joshie chats and
those big brown eyes. You have melted
our hearts every time you smiled. You
told us it was time for you to go and
allowed us all to say goodbye. You died
in the garden wrapped up in our arms and
surrounded by love. The wind blew and
carried your spirit away to a better place.
We will love you forever.
Mummy and Daddy

Nothing can replace a child. It has been a
dreadful time for Tanya and Simon.

Editor: Ross Cutler
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