Garbage Pick Up Information – December 20_ 2007 The Town of by sdaferv


									Garbage Pick Up Information – December 20, 2007

The Town of Martensville as well as other towns in this area have been in a Municipal
Refuse Agreement with Northern Landfill Inc. In this agreement, the towns do their own
pick up and dispose refuse at Northern Landfill Inc. This agreement was signed in 1987
and was to terminate in December of 2008. The landfill fees for 1988 were $2.00 per
capita, for subsequent years thereafter the price was increased in accordance with the
consumer price index.

The landfill fees in 2007 were approximately $7.00 per tonne under the current Municipal
Refuse Agreement. The current landfill fees are $40.00 per tonne at Northern Landfill
Inc. (the same as the City of Saskatoon). Both anticipate a $5.00 per tonne increase in

Due to the increased cost in landfill fees it would cost the town the same to pick up the
refuse and dispose of it as it would to have Loraas Disposal complete the same work. It
was also considered a benefit to negotiate a new contract before the old one terminated.
This arrangement with Loraas would free up an operator for the Public Works
Department, his time could be utilized on other projects since qualified operators are
difficult to recruit. Loraas can also commit to having the whole town collected in one
day (this will occur in the spring).

A contract has been signed with Loraas Disposal for refuse pick up and disposal to
commence January 1, 2008. Due to increased landfill rates, modest increases will be
required over the next few years. Pick up days will remain the same however have your
carts out by 7:00 a.m. If you have any questions please call Mike Grosh at 931-2308
during regular business hours.

Mike Grosh
Director of Public Works
Town of Martensville

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