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. Master Builders Association . Timber Promotion Council


. Master Builders Association . Timber Promotion Council

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                                                   1Nfawood              Association
                                                                  Flooring           b
                                                                         Professionals yChoice

         About the Wood
                                                     Sanding and Coating
       Flooring Association                            of Timber Floors
         The Wood Flooring Association
    (Victoria), originally the Victorian Floor
      Layers & Finishers Association. was         A Brief, Professional Guidefor
      formed in 1992 with a single goal in
     mind; "To ensure that owners of wood
   floors could be offered the best possible
        professional results by a group of
       industry professionals dedicated to
                                                  This handout has been prepared to
         quality results". Since then, our        tell you a little more about what to
    association has grown, necessitating on-
                                                 expect, and what not to expect, from
     going training and independent on-site
   work audits of all members in an attempt      a timber floor sanded and coated by
     to maintain our high quality standards.         a Wood Flooring Association
       The WFA Committee is in constant                           Member.
    communication with members, suppliers         Striving for the highest in Industry
      and manufacturers to ensure that all
       members are kept as up to date as             Standards, all Wood Flooring
     possible with the latest technological       Association Members are some of
          advances and methodology.
                                                 the best in the business. Continually
    Association Members guarantee their             trained and informed about the
    workmanship based upon the Minimum                latest in sanding and coating
              Standards required.
                                                      techniques and products, our
Working with Chisholm Institute ofT AFE,         members are independently audited
Wood Flooring Association Members are
trained in many aspects of their work. Our        to retain their membership status.
Training is supported by:

           Housing Industry Association
           Master Builders Association
           Timber Promotion Council
                                                 Put simply, timber flooring is a big
                                                  investment and getting it right the
and subsidised by the Government
                                                 first time is an investment in your
                                                    peace of mind. That's why you
          Wood Flooring Association
                PO Box 369                          should choose the services of a
            Carnegie VIC 3163                     Wood Floor Association Member.
          Phone/Fax: (03) 9563 4166
                                          FLOORS PROFESSIONALLY SANDED
A completely dust free finish. It is       AND COATED BY A WFA MEMBER
impossible to have a "clean room"
environment and so there will always      .   Quality sanding and coating.
be some dust particles in the air that
may settle on the wet coating. These
                                          .   All visible nails punched and filled
                                              using an appropriate colour timber
dust particles will appear as small
"stipples" in the finished floor              putty. Putty colour will approximate
                                              the colour of the darker boards
surface that will walk off quite
                                              within a floor.
quickly in traffic areas.

Removal of deep cuts such as those
                                          .   Nail holes, knot holes and gaps at the
                                              end boards to be filled with
from carpet trimming knives or deep
gouges in the boards. This deep cuts          appropriate filler.
& gouges will often appear darker in      .   Some variation in colour and grain
colour.                                       between new and old boards.
Removal of all stains by the sanding      .   Black japanning or stain around the
process. Animal urine stains and              perimeter of some older timber may
water marks within the boards and
                                              produce a finished floor with a two-
around nail holes are often                   tone effect.
impossible to successfully sand out.
                                          .   All timber floors will expand and
Filling of gaps between the boards.           contract according to the
These gaps are not filled because             environment. Floor movement is
subsequent shrinkage and expansion            quite normal and to be expected.
in the timber will often cause
cracking in the filler.                   .   A coating that will provide many
                                              years of beauty providing that it is
Do not expect boards damaged by               properly maintained.
borers or other insects to have the
same gloss level as those in good
condition. The gloss level on insect
                                          .   Some lighting, particularly down
                                              lights will produce a visible, fine,
effected boards will almost always            circular scratched effect on the floor.
be lower.                                     High gloss finishes will tend to
                                              accentuate this effect that often
Do not expect any areas filled with           reduces over time.
putty to have the same feel as the
timber after application of coatings.     .   Some slight markings on skirting
                                              boards from contact with the edger
All paintwork should be properly dry          machine.
before application of polyurethane to
the floor. It is best to leave most       .   Any silicone and other products on a
paints 2 weeks to fully cure. (refer to       floor may cause rejection with
paint manufacturers directions).              subsequent coats of polyurethane.
                                              Silicone or silicone based products
                                              include Fabulon, Hair Spray, Fly
                                              Spray, Cleaning Agents etc.

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