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Fiction- Picture Books _E_ by sdaferv


									Fiction- Picture Books (E)
An extensive list of the “best of the best” picture books has been compiled to help you build your school library collection. Many of the authors
have published numerous titles. Often the outstanding titles are the ones that are mentioned. In the case where “assorted titles” is noted, the
author has many and various titles that would be suitable for the school library collection. A “C” indicates that the author is Canadian.
Curriculum areas have been included where appropriate.
Note: Some books appearing on the Picture book collection may actually be catalogued as nonfiction but in certain circumstances the Teacher
Librarian may wish to place a book in the Picture Book area (E) for ease of access for the students. (Example I Spy series).

           Author                                                Title                                   Subject 1/Literacy       Subject 2/Literacy
Abercrombie, Barbara               Charlie Anderson                                                 Questioning                Inferring
Ackerman                           Araminta's paintbox                                              Synthesizing ideas
Ahlberg, Janet & Allan             Jolly Postman
Alborough, Jez                     Assorted titles
Aliki                              Marianthe's story : painted words, spoken memories               Visualizing
Aliki                              Two of them, The & assorted titles                               Connections                Inferring
Allard, Harry                      * SERIES: Miss Nelson                                            School
Allen, Pamela                      I wish I had a pirate suit                                       Inferring
Allen, Susan                       Ready anything good lately; Write anything good lately
Altman, Linda Jacobs               Amelia's road                                                    Questioning                Inferring
Anderson, Charlie                  Barbara Abercrombie's story                                      Inferring
Andrews, Jan                  C    Very last first time
Anno, Mitsumasa                    * SERIES: Anno & other titles
Anno, Mitsumasa                    Anno's Journey                                                   Questioning
Anthony, Joseph                    In a nutshell                                                    Plants
Archambault, John                  Boom chicka rock
Asch, Frank                        * Just like Daddy & other titles
Auch, Mary Jane                    * Easter egg farm & other titles                                 Easter
Axelrod, Amy                       * Pigs go to market: fun with math and shopping & other titles   Math
Bailey, Linda                 C    Stanley & others
Baker, Jeannie                     * Where the forest meets the sea & other titles                  Ecology
Bang, Molly                        * When Sophie gets angry--really, really angry & other titles    Anger                      Feelings
Barbalet, Margaret                 Wolf, The                                                        Questioning
Base, Graeme                       * Animalia & other titles
Beaton, Clare                      One moose, twenty mice                                           Counting
Beaton, Clare                      Zoe and her zebra                                                Alphabet

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Beck, Andrea             C  * SERIES: Elliot Moose
Bergren, Lisa Tawn          God gave us you/God gave us two                                Religion                 Family
Bianchi, John            C * Young author's day at Pokeweed Public School & other titles
Bogart, Jo Ellen         C * Jeremiah learns to read & other titles
Bonsall, Crosby             * Who's afraid of the dark & other titles                      Fears
Bourgeois, Paulette      C * SERIES: Franklin (original series)
Boynton, Sandra             Yay, you!                                                      Self-esteem              Graduation
Bradford, Karleen        C You can't rush a cat
Brett, Jan                  Umbrella                                                       Determining importance
Brett, Jan                  Annie and the wild animals                                     Synthesizing ideas
Brett, Jan                  Assorted titles
Bridwell, Norman            * SERIES: Clifford, the big red dog (original series)
Briggs, Raymond             Jim and the beanstalk                                          Inferring
Briggs, Raymond             Snowman, The                                                   Stories without words
Brinkloe, Julie             Fireflies                                                      Connections              Questioning
Brown, Ken                  What's the time Grandma Wolf?                                  Time
Brown, Marc                 * SERIES: Arthur
Brown, Margaret Wise        * Runaway bunny, The & other titles                            Mother's Day
Brown, Margaret Wise        Important book, The                                            Questioning              Synthesizing ideas
Brown, Ruth                 * Dark, dark tale & other titles
Browne, Anthony             * Willy the dreamer & other titles                             Animals
Bruss, Deborah              Book! Book! Book!                                              Humour                   Library
Buehner, Caralyn            *SERIES : Snowmen
Bunting, Eve                Assorted titles
Bunting, Eve                Day's work, A                                                  Connections              Questioning
Bunting, Eve                Fly away home                                                  Connections              Questioning
Bunting, Eve                Going home                                                     Connections              Questioning
Bunting, Eve                Memory string, The                                             Connections
Bunting, Eve             S Riding the tiger                                                Connections
Bunting, Eve             S Smoky night                                                     Connections              Questioning
Bunting, Eve            S&D Wall, The                                                      Questioning              Inferring
Bunting, Eve             S War, The                                                        Connections
Bunting, Eve                Wednesday surprise                                             Connections              Questioning
Calmenson, Stephanie        Principal's new clothes                                        School                   Fairy tale
Cannon, Janell              Stellaluna, Pinduli & Assorted titles                          Inferring
Carle, Eric                 Very hungry caterpillar, The & other titles

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Carle, Eric                  Pancakes, pancakes                                        Determining importance
Carlson, Nancy               How to lose all your friends & other titles
Carlstrom, Nancy White       What does the rain play & Assorted titles                 Visualizing
Carney, Margaret             At Grandpa's sugar bush                                   Spring
Carrier, Roch            C   Hockey sweater, The                                       Hockey                     Winter
Chall, Marshall              Up north at the cabin                                     Connections
Cherry, Lynne                Great kapok tree                                          Conservation/Connections   Questioning
Cherry, Lynne                River ran wild, A & other titles                          Conservation
Child, Lauren                I will never not ever eat a tomato & assorted titles
Christelow, Eileen           * Five little monkeys jumping on the bed & other titles
Clifton,Lucille              Everett Anderson's nine month long & other titles
Conover, Chris               Lion's share                                              Reconciliation
Crews, Donald                Sail away & other titles
Crimi, Carolyn               Henry and the buccaneer bunnies
Cronin, Doreen               Click, Clack, moo cows that type & Assorted titles        Humour
Cunname, Kelly           D   For you are a Kenyan child
Curtis, Jamie Lee            Today I feel silly & other titles                         Self esteem
Cutting, Michael             Little crooked Christmas tree, The                        Christmas
de Paola, Tomie          D   * Strega Nona & other titles
de Paola, Tomie              Art lesson, The                                           Connections
Deedy, Carmen Agra           Library Dragon                                            Library
Dorros, Arthur           D   Abuela                                                    Visualizing
Eastman, P.D.                Are you my mother?                                        Family Relationships       Mothers
Edwards, Pamela Duncan       Livingstone mouse & other titles
Ehlert, Lois                 Red leaf, yellow leaf & other titles                      Determining importance     Synthesizing ideas
Elliott, George              The boy who loved bananas
Emberley, Rebecca            Three cool kids                                           Fractured Fairy Tale
Ernst, Lisa Campbell         The turn-around, upside-down alphabet book
Falconer, Ian                *Olivia & other titles
Finchler, Judy               * Testing Miss Malarkey & other titles                    School                     EQAO
Fitch, Florence              Book about God, A                                         Religion
Flack, Marjorie              Ask Mr. Bear                                              Birthdays                  Celeb
Fleming, Denise              In the small, small pond & other titles
Fleming, Denise              Lunch                                                     Inferring
Fleming, Virginia        D   Be good to Eddie Lee
Fox, Mem                     Kaola Lou                                                 Connections                Synthesizing ideas

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Fox, Mem                      Time for bed                                                 Visualizing
Fox, Mem                   D  Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge & other titles             Connections
Frasier, Debra                On the day you were born
Freeman, Don                  * Corduroy & other titles                                    Inferring
French, Jackie                Diary of a wombat
Garland, Michael              Miss Smith reads again!; Miss Smith's incredible storybook
Garland, Sherry           S&D Lotus seed, The                                              Connections                   Questioning
Gay, Marie Louise          C * SERIES: Stella & other titles
George, Lindsay Barrett       In the woods: Who's been here & other titles
Gilman, Phoebe             C Balloon tree, The; *Jillian Jiggs & other titles
Gilmore, Rachna           C&D Screaming kind of day                                        Deafness
Gilmour, Don                  Sophie and the sea monster
Glaser, Linda                 It's spring!                                                 Spring                         Art
Godkin, Celia              C * Wolf island & other titles                                  Conservation
Greenfield, Eloise            Grandfather's face                                           Connections
Guarino, Deborah              Is your mama a llama?                                        Mothers
Hall, Zoe                     Fall leaves fall!                                            Autumn
Hall, Zoe                     It's pumpkin time                                            Halloween
Hamanaka, Sheila           D All the colors of the earth                                   Multiculturalism/Visualizating
Harper, Piers                 Brown paper teddy bear                                       Seasons                        Questioning
Harris, Dorothy Joan       C Four seasons for Toby
Havill, Juanita            D Jamaica's find                                                Connections
Hawes, Judy                   Fireflies in the night                                       Synthesizing ideas
Heard, Georgia                Creatures of earth, sea and sky                              Visualizing                   Inferring
Hiedbreder, Robert         C Drumheller dinosaur dance
Henkes, Kevin                 Sheila Rae, the brave & other titles
Henkes, Kevin                 Chrysanthemum, Owen, & Sheila Rae the brave                  Connections
Hest, Amy                     Baby duck and the bad eyeglasses & other titles
Hill, Eric                    * SERIES: Spot
Hoban, Tana                   Assorted titles                                              Concept Books
Hoberman, Mary Ann            A house is a house for me
Hoffman, Mary              D Amacing grace                                                 Connections
Hooks, Bell                D Skin again
Hopkinson, Deborah         D Sweet Clara and the freedom quilt & assorted titles           Black History                 Connections
Houston, Gloria               My great Aunt Arizona                                        Connections
Hutchins, Pat                 Rosie's walk & other titles

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Inkpen, Mick                      Assorted titles                                             Alphabet
Innocente, Roberto           S    Rose Blanche                                                Inferring
Johnson, Angela              D    Tell me a story, Mama                                       Mothers
Johnson, Stephen T.               Alphabet city                                               Alphabet
Johnson, Stephen T.               Alphabet numbers                                            Counting
Johnston, Tony               S    Harmonica, The                                              Visualizing
Johnston, Tony                    Quilt story
Jonas, Ann                        Round trip & other titles
Joosse, Barbara M.          C&D   Mama, do you love me?                                       Mothers
Kopelke, Lisa                     Younger brother's survival guide
Koscielniak, Bruce                Geoffrey Groundhog predicts the weather
Kahn, Rukhsana              S&D   The roses in my carpet
Kasza, Keiki                      Wolf's chicken stew, The                                    Inferring
Keats, Ezra Jack             D    Assorted titles                                             Art             Family
Keats, Ezra Jack             D    Snowy Day, The                                              Connections     visualizing
Keens-Douglas, Richard      C&D   Grandpa's visit & other titles                              Family
Kellogg, Steven                   The Missing Mitten & other titles
Kennedy, Jimmy                    Teddy Bear's picnic                                         Bears
Khalsa, Dayal-Kaur           C    How pizza came to town
Khalsa, Dayal-Kaur                Tales of a gambling grandma                                 Visualizing
Killilea, Marie                   Newf                                                        Questioning
Kimmel, Eric A.                   I took my frog to the library                               Library
Kirk, David                       * SERIES: Little Miss Spider
Koscielniak, Bruce                Geoffrey Groundhog predicts the weather                     Groundhog day
Kovalski, Maryann            C    Assorted titles
Kraus, Robert                     Leo the late bloomer & other titles
Kroll, Steven                     Biggest pumpkin ever & other titles
Kusugak, Michael Arvaaluk   C&D   Baseball bats at Christmas & Assorted titles
Langston, Laura             C&D   Mile-high apple pie
Lawson, Julie                C    Whatever you do, don't go near that canoe! & other titles   Humour
Leonetti, Mike               C    Hockey books assorted
Lester, Helen                     * SERIES : Tacky                                            Visualizing
Levine, Ellen                S    Henry's freedom box
Lewis, E. B.                 D    This little light of mine
Lewis, Kim                        Friends & other titles
Lewis, Kim                        Floss                                                       Inferring

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Lewis, Rose                  D  I love you like crazy cakes
Lionni, Leo                     Frederick; A Color of his own & other titles   Art
Little, Jean                 C Pippin the Christmas Pig
Lobel, Arnold                   * Frog and Toad series & other titles          Visualizing
Locker, Thomas                  Cloud dance                                    Visualizing
Locker, Thomas                  Where the river begins                         Visualizing
London, Jonathan                * SERIES: Froggy & other titles
London, Jonathan                Condor's egg, The & Dream weaver               Visualizing
London, Jonathan                Hurricane                                      Connections                   Questioning
Lorbiecki, Marybeth         D&S Sister Anne's hands
Lovell, Patty                   Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
Lucado, Max                     * You are special & other titles               Religion                      Self-esteem
MacLachlan, Patricia            All the places to love                         Connections
Maloney, Peter               C The magic hockey stick
Marshall, James                 * SERIES: George and Martha & other titles     Inferring
Martin, Bill, Jr.               Chicka Chicka Boom Boom & other titles
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs       Snowflake Bentley                              Photography                   Winter
Mathews, Judith                 Nathaniel Willy, scared silly                  Pattern book
Mayhew, James                   *Katie and the Mona Lisa & other titles        Art
Mazer, Anne                     Salamander room, The                           Visualizing
McConnell, Robert               Norbert Nipkin & sequel                        Friendship
McCully, Emily Arnold           Mirette on the high wire                       Connections
McFarlane, Sheryl            C Waiting for the whales & other titles
McGee, Marni                    Colt and the king, The                         Palm Sunday
McLeod, Bob                     Superhero ABC
McLerran, Alice              S Roxaboxen                                       Connections
McPhail, David M.               Santa's book of names & other titles           Christmas
Meddaugh, Susan                 Martha series
Milich, Zoren                   City alphabet, The
Miller, Philip               D We all sing with the same voice                 Multiculturalism
Mills, Lauren                S Rag coat, The                                   Historical Fiction/Connections Relationship
Minarik, Else Holmelund         * SERIES: Little Bear
Mitchell, Margaree King      D Uncle Jed's barbershop                          Connections                   Questioning
Mochizuki, Ken              S&D Baseball saved us                              Determining importance
Mochizuki, Ken               D Passage to freedom                              Determining importance

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Morgan, Allen               C Sadie and the snowman; Magic Hockey Skates & Matthew Series
Moss, Lloyd                    Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin                                      Music
Muller, Robin               C Hickory, dickory, dock                                        Nursery Rhymes
Munsch, Robert             C&D * Paperbag princess & other titles
Muntean, Michaela              Do not open this book!
Muth, Jon                   S Three Questions                                               Questioning
Neitzel, Shirley               Jacket I wear in the snow & other titles
Nelson, Kadir               D He's got the whole world in His hands
Noble, Trinka Hakes            Jummy's boa bounces back                                     Synthesizing ideas
Norac, Carl                    I love you so much                                           Relationships
Numeroff, Laura Joffe          * SERIES: If you give a...
Nyeth, Sharon Dennis           Something beautiful                                          Inferring
O'Connor, Jane                 Fancy Nancy
O'Malley, Kevin                Velcome                                                      Humour
O'Neill, Alexis                Recess Queen
Oppenheim, Shulamith Levey S&D Lily cupboard, The; Yanni Rubbish                            Questioning          Inferring
Osofsky, Audrey                Dreamcatcher & other titles
Pak, Soyung                 D Sumi's first day of school
Palatini, Margie               Piggie Pie & assorted titles                                 Halloween
Park, Frances and Ginger       Royal bee, The                                               Inferring
Parr, Todd                     The peace book & assorted titles
Peet, Bill                     Farewell to Shady Glen & Assorted titles                     Prose & Rhyme
Penn, Audrey                   The Kissing Hand                                             School               Mothers
Pfeiffer, Jules                Bark George
Pfister, Marcus                * Rainbow fish & other titles                                Friendship
Pinczes, Elinor J.             One hundred hungry ants                                      Counting             100th Day Celebration
Pinkney, Jerry                 Assorted titles
Piper, Watty                   Little engine that could                                     Self esteem
Polacco, Patricia          S&D Assorted titles
Poulin, Stephane            C * SERIES: Josephine
Radford, Sheri                 Penelope and the humongous burp; Penelope and the monsters
Rathmann, Peggy                Officer Buckle And Gloria                                    Safety               Inferring
Reid, Barbara               C The Party & Assorted titles                                   Art
Rey, H.A.                      * SERIES: Curious George
Reynolds, Peter                The Dot & Assorted titles
Richard, Nancy W.           C Farmer Joe goes to the city & assorted titles

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Ringold, Faith            S&D Tar beach & Assorted Titles                                        Connections          Visualizing
Robart, Rose                  Cake that Mack ate                                                 Cumulative story
Root, Phyllis                 One duck stuck & assorted titles                                   Counting
Rosen, Michael                We're going on a bear hunt                                         Bears                Adventure
Ruurs, Margriet            C * Emma's eggs & other titles
Rylant, Cynthia               When the relatives came & assorted titles                          Connections
Sadu, Itah                C&D Christopher, please clean up your room!
Say, Allen                 S Tea with milk                                                       Questioning          Synthesizing ideas
Scieszka, Jon                                                                                    titles
                              True story of the 3 little pigs, The; The Stinky Cheese Man & otherSynthesizing ideas
Sendak, Maurice               Where the wild things are & other titles
Seskin, Steve                 Don't laugh at me
Seuss, Dr.                    * Lorax, The & other titles
Shannon, David                No David & assorted titles
Shannon, David                Bad case of stripes, A                                             Visualizing
Shannon, George               Tomorrow's alphabet
Shaw, Charles G.              It looked like spilt milk                                          Art
Shea                      S&D Whispering cloth, The                                              Connections
Shulman, Lisa                 Old MacDonald had a woodshop                                       Technology
Siemiatycki, Jack             The Hockey card
Sierra, Judy                  Wild about books
Silverstein, Shel             Giving tree, The                                                   Religion             Inferring
Slate, Joseph                 * SERIES: Miss Bindergarten                                        School               Kindergarten
Smothers, Ethel Footman    D Hard-times jar, The                                                 Visualizing          Inferring
Smucker, Barbara           C * SERIES: Selina                                                    Pioneers
Solomon, Evan              C Bigbeard's hook; The sabre-toothed tiger
Sortland, Bjorn               Anna's art adventure
Sperring, Mark                Wanda's first day
Spinelli, Eileen              Sophie's masterpiece                                               Art                  Spiders
Steig, William                Sylvester and the magic pebble                                     Questioning
Stern, Patty                  Hug me
Stinson, Kathy             C Red is best & other titles
Swallow, Pamela Curtis        Groundhog gets a say
Taback, Simms                 There was an old lady who swallowed a fly & assorted titles        Pattern book         Cumulative
Tafuri, Nancy                 Assorted titles
Teague, Mark                  *SERIES : Dear Mrs. LaRue & assorted titles
Thompson, Lauren              Little Quack & assorted title

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Thomson, Sarah L.            Imagine a day; Imagine a night
Tibo, Giles                  Too many books; Where's my hockey sweater
Titherington, Jeanne         Pumpkin, pumpkin                                                 Autumn
Tompert, Ann                 Grandfather Tang's story                                         Mathematics           Tangrams
Trottier, Maxine          C Claire's gift
Tsuchiya, Yukio          S&D Faithful elephants                                               Questioning
Tyler, Michael            D The skin you live in
Uegaki, Chieri            D Suki's kimono
Urbanovic, Jackie            Duck at the door
Van Allsburg, Chris          * Polar Express & other titles
                             * Alexander and the terrible, horrible no good, very bad day &
Viorst, Judith               other titles                                                     Humour/Connections    Emotions
Waaboose, Jan Boudreau   C&D Skysisters                                                       Aurora Borealis
Waber, Bernard               * Ira sleeps over & other titles
Waddell, Martin              *Farmer Duck & other titles
Wallace, Ian             C&D Chin Chiang and the dragon's dance                               Connections
Walsh, Ellen Stoll           * SERIES: Mouse                                                  Mathematics
Watt, Melanie             C Leon the chameleon & *SERIES : Scaredy Squirrel                   Art
Wells, Rosemary              * Emily's first 100 days at school & other titles                100th day of school
Wells, Rosemary              * SERIES: Max
Wiesner, David               Tuesday & assorted titles                                        Inferring
Wiles, Deborah            D Freedom summer                                                    Questioning
Wilhems, Mo                  *SERIES : Don't let the pigeon drive the bus
Willans, Tom                 Wait! I want to tell you a story
Williams, Karen Lynn      D Galimoto                                                          Connections           Questioning
Williams, Linda              Little old lady who was not afraid of anything                   Halloween
Williams, Margery            Velveteen rabbit                                                 Toys
Williams, Suzanne            Library Lil                                                      Library
Williams, Vera               Chair for my mother, A                                           Connections           Visualizing
Williamson, Marianne         Emma and mommy talk to God                                       Religion
Wilson, Karma                Bear wants more, The & assorted titles                           Questioning
Wilson, Troy              C The Perfect Man
Wilson-Max, Ken              Book of letters, A                                               Letter writing
Wojciechowski, Susan         Christmas miracles of Jonathan Toomey                            Christmas
Wood, Audrey                 The Little Mouse, the red ripe strawberry….& other titles
Wood, Douglas                Quiet place, The                                                 Visualizing

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Woodson, Jacqueline      D   Other side, The                                    Inferring
Wynott, Jillian              Mother's Day sandwich, The                         Mother's Day
Yolen, Jane                  * Owl moon & other titles
Young, Ed                    Seven blind mice                                   Art            Folk tale
Ziefert, Harriet             * Rabbit and hare divide an apple & other titles
Zimmerman, Werner        C   * Snowy day & other titles
Zolotow, Charlotte           * Quarreling book & other titles

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
  Subject 3/Literacy   Subject 4/Literacy Subject 5/Literacy
Synthesizing ideas

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Visualizing         Inferring


Visualizing         Synthesizing ideas

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007

Determining importance

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Visualizing         Inferring      Synthesizing ideas

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Synthesizing ideas

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007
Visualizing         Inferring

DPCDSB, Essential Collection Committee
Revised 2007

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