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									ENDORSED BY:
Members of Parliament and Political Figures
1.    Flora MacDonald, former Secretary of State for External Affairs, Canada
2.    Warren Allmand, PC, OC, QC, former Solicitor-General of Canada
3.    Andrew Telegdi (MP, Kitchener-Waterloo, ON), Liberal Party
4.    Bonnie Brown (MP, Oakville, ON), Liberal Party
5.    Colleen Beaumier (MP, Brampton West, ON), Liberal Party
6.    Omar Alghabra (MP from 2006, Mississauga-Erindale, ON), Liberal Party
7.    Alexa McDonough (MP, Halifax, NS), NDP Foreign Affairs Critic
8.    Bill Siksay (MP, Burnaby-Douglas, BC), NDP Citizenship and Immigration Critic
9.    Brian Masse, (MP, Windsor West, ON), NDP Industry Critic
10.   David Christopherson (MP, Hamilton Centre, ON), NDP Accounts Critic
11.   Jack Layton (MP, Toronto-Danforth, ON), NDP Leader
12.   Jean Crowder (MP, Nanaimo-Cowichan, BC), NDP Aboriginal Critic
13.   Joe Comartin (MP, Windsor-Tecumseh, ON), NDP Justice Critic and Public Safety Critic
14.   Judy Wasylycia-Leis (MP, Winnipeg North Centre, MB), NDP Finance Critic
15.   Libby Davies (MP, Vancouver East, BC), NDP Housing and Multiculturalism Critic
16.   Paul Dewar (MP from 2006, Ottawa Centre, ON), NDP Treasury Board Critic
17.   Peggy Nash (MP, Parkdale-High Park), NDP Public Works Critic
18.   Peter Julian (MP, Winnipeg North Centre, MB), NDP Transportation Critic
19.   Peter Stoffer (MP, Sackville—Eastern Shore, NS), NDP Veterans Affairs Critic
20.   Yvon Godin (Député Acadie-Bathurst, QC), NDP Languages Critic
21.   Inky Mark (MP, Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette, MB), Conservative Party
22.   Carolyn Parrish (MP to 2006, Mississauga-Erindale, ON), Independent
23.   David Kilgour (MP to 2006, Edmonton – Beaumont, AB), Independent
24.   Bev Desjarlais (MP to 2006 for Churchill, MB), NDP
25.   Ed Broadbent (MP to 2006, Ottawa Centre, ON), NDP
26.   David Chernushenko, Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada
27.   Daniel Turp (Député, Mercier, QC), Parti Quebecois
28.   Councillor Dave Szollosy, Ward 3, (Orchard Beach - Jackson's Point)- Georgina, Keswick, Ontario
29.   Pierre Laliberté, NDP Candidate, Hull-Aylmer, QC, 2004 and 2006
Law Organisations and Legal Professionals
1.    Law Union of Ontario
2.    Sean Fraser, Lawyer, International Court of Justice, The Hague
3.    Dorothy-Jean O’Donnell, Lawyer, BC
4.    Boyd Pyper, LL.B., Victoria, BC
5.    Michael Tilleard, Barrister & Solicitor, Edmonton
6.    Haidah Amirzadeh, Lawyer, Sakatoon
7.    Sharry J. Aiken, Faculty of Law, Queen’s University, Kingston
8.    Joanne St. Lewis, Lawyer and Law Professor, Ottawa
9.    Kourosh Farrokhzad, Labour and Human Rights Lawyer, Ottawa
10.   Richard Fidler, LL.B., Ottawa
11.   Silvia Valdman, B.A.(Hon.), LL.B., Immigration and Refugee Lawyer, Ottawa, ON
12.   Suzanne Bouclin, Lawyer, Ottawa
13.   Vallie Stearns, Lawyer, Ottawa
14.   Yavar Hameed, Lawyer, Ottawa
15.   Amina Sherazee, Lawyer, Toronto
16.   Andrew Brouwer, Lawyer, Toronto
17.   Celia Harte, Lawyer, Toronto
18.   Christine Roth, Lawyer, Toronto
19.   Ilwad Jama, Lawyer, Toronto
20.   Jackie Esmond, Immigration and Refugee Lawyer, Toronto
21.   Lorne Gershuny, Lawyer, Toronto
22.   Megan Ashbury, Lawyer, Vancouver, BC
23.   Michael Bossin, Amnesty International activist
24.   Paul Copeland, Lawyer, Toronto
25.   Peter Rosenthal, Lawyer, Toronto
26.   Riali Johannesson-Gruzuk, Lawyer, Toronto
27. Charmaine Satchy, Maori Legal Services, Christchurch, New Zealand
National organizations
1. Canadian Labour Congress (CLC)
National representatives
2. Shirley Carr, past President, Canadian Labour Congress
3. Joseph Nkosi, 1st Deputy President, Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Johannesburg
4. Daniel Charron, Vice-président régional, SSG-AFPC
5. Buzz Hargrove, President, Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW)
6. Paul Moist, National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
7. Claude Généreux, Secretary-Treasurer, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
8. Leo Cheverie, Diversity Vice President, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
9. Derek Blackadder, National Representative, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE)
10. Deborah Bourque, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
11. Lynn Bue, 1st National Vice President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
12. Fred Furlong, Narional Director- Atlantic, Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
13. James Clancy, National President, National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
14. Nycole Turmel, President, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
15. Ed Cashman, Regional Vice President, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)
16. Evelyn Smysniuk, Regional Vice President - Saskatchewan Region, National Health and Welfare Union - PSAC
17. Peter Cormier, Executive Vice President, Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE)
National staff
18. Debbie Desjardins, Labour Staff, United Way Campaign
19. Maureen Curtis, Labour Staff, United Way Campaign
20. Joel Harden, Researcher, Canadian Labour Congress (as of September 1 2005)
21. Teresa Healey, Senior Researcher, Canadian Labour Congress
22. Mike Reuter, National Representative, CAW
23. Kim L. Beemer, National Representative, CEP
24. Morna Ballantyne, Acting Managing Director – Union Development, CUPE
25. Julie Davis, Managing Director, CUPE
26. Evert Hoogers, National Union Rep., Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW)
Provincial representatives
27. Réjean Parent, President, Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ)
28. George Heyman, President, British Columbia Government Employees’ Union (BCGEU)
29. Sandra McLean, Executive Member, NUPGE/BCGEU
30. Joanne Fox, Workers Compensation Board representative, Hospital Employees’ Union (HEU), BC
31. Brian O’Keefe, Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE Ontario
32. Fred Hahn, Second Vice President, CUPE Ontario
33. Fred Loft, Aboriginal Vice President, CUPE Ontario
34. Candace Rennick, Regional Vice President, CUPE Ontario
35. Katherine Nastovski, member, CUPE Ontario International Solidarity Committee
36. Maureen Ashfield, Board of directors – Region 3, HSABC
37. Devon B. Jorundson, Area President, MGEU
38. James Ryan, Vice President, OECTA
39. David Rapaport, Executive Board Member, OPSEU
40. Kyle Penson, Chair, OPSEU Provincial Youth Committee
41. Paul Elliott, Executive Officer, OSSTF
42. Ginette Chartrand, Directrice Régionale - Québec, SEPC-AFCP
43. Bill Somerville, Chief Steward, Power Workers Union (Ontario)
Provincial staff
44. Maureen Giuliani, Campaigns Coordinator, CUPE Ontario
45. Doug Little, Executive Assistant, OSSTF
Labour councils and city representatives
46. Michel Quijada, Président, Conseil central de l'Outaouais
47. Arthur Sandborn, President, Conseil central du Montréal métropolitain de la Confédération des syndicats nationaux
48. Sherry Meehan, President, Halifax-Dartmouth and district Labour Council
49. Jane Ruttan, Vice President, Orillia Muskoka Labour Council
50. Sean McKenny, Ottawa District Labour Council
51. Daren Van Den Bussche, President, Portage La Prairie Labour Council
52. Barb Burke, President, South Okanagan Boundary Labour Council
53. John Berry, President, Timmins and District Labour Council
54. Helen Kennedy, Secretary, Toronto District Labour Council
55. Bob McCallion, President, Welland Labour Council
56. Laura Neil, 1st Vice President, Victoria Labour Council
57. Ali Mallah, Equity Vice President, CUPE Toronto District Council (also Chair, Canadian Arab Federation – Toronto;
    board member, Centre for Social Justice; Canadian Peace Alliance Steering Committee; Chair, Toronto Coalition
    Against the War)
58. CUPE Local 4600
59. CUPE 3903 Flying Squad
Local representatives
60. Eduardo Sousa, Shop Steward, CAW 567
61. Garry E. Warn, Seecretary-Treasurer, CAW 4401
62. Manon Brulotte, President, CEP Local 247
63. Yunus Pandor, President, CEP 554
64. Rock McConnell, President, CEP 594
65. Christopher Brown, President, CSN – STT Pharmaprix, Montreal, QC
66. Ann M. Pennell, Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE 488
67. Ken Davidson, President, CUPE 1004
68. Dave Foster, 1st Vice President, CUPE 1004
69. Ilka De Diego, President, CUPE 1230
70. Denise Hammond, President, CUPE 1281
71. Kelly Belbin, Executive Board member, CUPE 2191
72. Stephanie Malinsky, Executive Board member, CUPE 2191
73. Marcia Lopez, President, CUPE 2563
74. Sandra Spraviero, Vice President, CUPE 2563
75. Iliam Burbano, Union Steward, CUPE 3393
76. David Goutor, Vice Chair, CUPE 3902
77. Judy Pocock, Vice President External, CUPE 3902
78. Iain Martel, Sessionals Representative, CUPE 3902
79. Isabel Macdonald, Communications Representative, CUPE 3903
80. Barb Moore, President, CUPE 3912
81. Jim Beattie, President, CUPE 3943
82. Pauline Young, 2nd Vice President, CUPE 3967
83. Diane Lacasse, Directrice, CUPE 4000
84. Colleen Dew, Unit Chair/Acting President, CUPE 4358
85. Cam Johnstone, President, CUPE 5500
86. Learie Charles, CUPW Scarborough Grievance Officer
87. Dana Gabriel, President, CUPW 736
88. Nadia Ciacci, Vice President – York Region Local, EFTO
89. Kelly Knox, Chairperson, HEU St. Paul’s Hospital
90. Terry Engler, President, ILWU 400
91. Debbie McGraw, Local President, New Brunswick Nurses’ Union - CFNU
92. Brian Hogan, President, OECTA – Windsor Essex Secondary School
93. Rosiland Thornton, Local President, Ontario Nurses’ Association - CFNU
94. Rick Coates, Vice President, Society of Energy Professionals
95. Linda Guse, Executive Director, University of Manitoba Faculty Association
96. Doug Steele, President, Local 2, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
97. Christine Dutka, Présidente, SEPC 10102
98. Michael Seaward, President, USWA 7193
99. Nick Lary, Vice President external, York University Faculty Association
Union members
100. James Cavalluzzo, BCGEU 301
101. George Butcher, BCGEU 2001
102. Chris Smith, CAW 222
103. Glen Grill, Union representative, CAW 444
104. Kellie Ditchfield, Union representative – Workplace safety and insurance board, CAW Local 444
105. Ron Moisenko, CAW 444
106. Larry Wells, CAW 707
107. Carol Wall, member, CEP 87-M SONG
108. Fiona Bishop, CEP 481
109. Brian Ingjaldson, CEP 892
110. Bryan Glazer, CEP 892
111. Stephen Benedict, CEP - CULR
112. Frank Gillespie, CFNU
113. Diane Besner, COPE 343
114. David Chown, CUPE
115. Steven Tetrant, CUPE 79
116. Stephen Kitzul, member, CUPE 122
117. Cindy McQueen, CUPE 389
118. Nancy Lyon, CUPE 1521
119. Steve Sanderson, CUPE 1521
120. Glenda Graham, CUPE 1975
121. Aline Payne, member, CUPE 2842
122. Louise Watson, member, CUPE 2842
123. George Barron, member, CUPE 4911
124. Gregory J. Elchuk, CUPW
125. George Floresco, CUPW
126. Pamela Lepine, CUPW
127. Vernus Lepine, CUPW
128. John Meloche, member, CUPW 580
129. Doreen Plouffe, HEU
130. Kim Flett, member, HEU
131. Nancy Czigany, member, HEU, CUPE 6160
132. Roger Annis, International Association of Machinists Lodge 11
133. M. Van Steinburg, IBEW 213
134. Mazen Y. Jaafar, IFPTE Local 160 (Society of Energy Professionals)
135. J.C. Locatelli, Nova Scotia Teachers Union
136. Bob McGahey, OECTA Ottawa-Carleton
137. Sandra Killingbeck, Ontario Nurses’ Association
138. Daniel Payne, Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU)
139. Angie Romo, OSSTF District 12
140. Gordon Cale, OSSTF
141. Madeleine Bachand, représentante syndicale, PSAC, Gatineau, QC
142. Dale Tellier, PSAC
143. Penny Bertrand, PSAC
144. Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte, PSAC
145. Elana Geller, PSAC DCL 610
146. Lucas Brunner, UFCW
147. Johan Boyden, UFCW 1000A
148. Alex Thomson, United Steelworkers of America (USWA)
149. David Tones, District 3, United Steelworkers of America (USWA)
150. Fred Shipley, USWA 8300
151. John Ankenman, United Steelworkers of America (USWA)
152. Kay Sinclair, UTF-PSAC 20029
153. Eric Titley, TCA 698
154. Daniel Lapointe, TCA 956
Local staff
155. Chantal Sundaram, Communications Representative, CUPE 3902
156. Mikael Swayze, Staff Representative, CUPE 3902
157. Mike Skinner, Business Agent, CUPE 3906
158. Shell Sweeney, PSAC 610
159. Omar Latif, UNITE HERE
160. Lisa McGifford, University of Windsor Faculty Association
Human Rights and Other Organizations
1. Canadian Arab Federation
2. Communist League
3. Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
4. Council for American-Islamic Relations Canada (CAIR-CAN)
5. Council of Canadians
6. International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG)
7. International Socialists
8. KAIROS Canada
9. People’s Front
10. Présence musulmane Canada
11. Science for Peace
12. Socialist Alternative
13. The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
14. Edmonton Campaign to Stop Secret Trials and Deportations
15. Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism
British Columbia
16. Anti-Poverty Committee Vancouver
17. Branden Beatty, VIPIRG, No One Is Illegal Committee, Vancouver Island
18. BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
19. Womens International League for Peace and Freedom – Vancouver
20. South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Vancouver
21. Palestine Community Centre, Vancouver
22. No One Is Illegal, Vancouver
23. Native Solidarity Network, Vancouver
24. Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI)
25. Action Santé Outaouais, Gatineau
26. L’Association pour la défense des droits sociaux de Gatineau (ADDS)
27. Le rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre (ROCG), Gatineau
28. Alternative Perspective Media/ Regard Alternative Média (APM-RAM), Montreal
29. Centre justice et foi, Montreal
30. Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui, Montreal
31. Entraide missionnaire, Montreal
32. Forum Musulman Canadien/Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF), Montreal
33. Jewish Alliance against the Occupation, Montreal
34. La Ligue des droits et libertés, Montreal
35. Libertas Legal Collective, Montreal
36. McGill Students against War and Racism, Montreal
37. No One is Illegal, Montreal
38. Présence musulmane Montréal
39. Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) - Concordia University
40. Solidarity Across Borders, Montreal
41. Table de concertation des organismes au service des personnes réfugiées et immigrantes (TRCI), Montreal
42. United Muslim Students Association (UMSA) of Montreal
Nova Scotia
43. Students Without Borders, Riverview High School, Coxheath, ON
44.   Brampton Resistance
45.   Community Coalition Against Racism (Hamilton, ON)
46.   Hamilton Action For Social Change
47.   KW Youth Collective, Kitchener
48.   Niagara Coalition for Peace NC4P
49.   Niagara Palestinian Association
50.   Unitarian Congregation of Niagara
51.   Anti-Capitalist Community Action (ACA), Ottawa
52.   Canpalnet – Ottawa
53.   Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee, Ottawa
54.   NOWAR-PAIX, Ottawa
55.   Présence musulmane Ottawa
56.   Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - Carleton University
57.   Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) - University of Ottawa
58.   Ottawa Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
59. Raging Grannies, Ottawa
60. Women's Events Network, Ottawa
61. Grey-Bruce Coalition for Peace and International Justice (Owen Sound, ON)
62. Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada, Toronto
63. Canadian Arab Federation – Toronto
64. Canadian Syrian Cultural Club, Toronto
65. Common Front Legal Collective, Toronto
66. Islamic Society of York Region
67. Marxist-Leninist Party - University of Toronto
68. No One is Illegal, Toronto
69. Partisan Defense Committee, Toronto
70. Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Toronto
71. Prisoners' Justice Action Committee
72. Sumoud Political Prisoner’s Support Group
73. Students Together Against Detentions and Deportations, York University
74. Tikkun, Toronto
75. Toronto Action for Social Change
76. Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
77. Toronto Student Movement
78. Alnahda Club, Windsor
79. Marxist-Leninist Party Club, University of Windsor
The Internet
80. Futureoftheunion.com
81. Global Democracy Project
82. Indyiraqaction
83. Muslims Against Terrorism
Individuals by membership or profession
Artists, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, writers, personalities
1. Anice Wong, filmmaker
2. Alexandre Trudeau, documentary filmmaker
3. Alex Lisman, Toronto Video Activist Collective, Toronto
4. Bill Lee, retired baseball pitcher, Vermont
5. Booker Sim, Producer, Montréal, QC
6. Brian McKenna, film-maker, Montreal
7. Bruce Cockburn, singer/songwriter, Montreal
8. Catherine Buck, film producer, Montreal
9. Charles Boylan, broadcaster, Vancouver
10. Craig Lapp, sound recordist, Montreal
11. Datejie Green, media producer
12. David Fennario, playwright/performer, Montreal
13. David Orchard, author, farmer and politician, Saskatoon, SK
14. David Suzuki, Author and environmentalist
15. Dennis and Mireille Krause, architect and translator, Montreal
16. Denys Arcand, filmmaker, Oscar award winner, Montreal
17. Glen Salzman, film producer, Montreal
18. Glenn Hodgins, sound recordist, Montreal
19. Judy Rebick, author and activist
20. June Callwood, author
21. Laurel Smith, playwright/theatre director, Toronto
22. Lorraine Endicott, editor, Our Times, Toronto
23. Magnus Isacsson, film-maker, Montreal
24. Malcolm Guy, film producer, Montreal
25. Marcus Youssef, Neworld Theatre, Vancouver, BC
26. Marie Boti, film-maker, Montreal
27. Martin Duckworth, documentary filmmaker, Montreal
28. Michael Franti, musician, San Francisco, CA
29. Michael Hoffman, co-founder, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Philadelphia, PA
30. Mohamed S. Kamel, writer, Montreal
31. Murray Thomson, O.C., Order of Canada, Ottawa
32. Noreen Shanahan, writer, Toronto
33. Pascale Montpetit, actress, Montreal
34. Paul Chamberland, poet, Montreal
35. Paul Kellogg, editor, Socialist Worker, Toronto
36. Pierre Jasmin, pianist, Montreal
37. Susan Huycke, retired film-maker, Montreal
38. Tom Sandborn, writer and organizer, Vancouver, BC
39. Tony Seed, editor/publisher, Shunpiking Magazine, Halifax, NS
40. Yahya Adul Rahman, editor, Montreal Muslim News, Montreal
41. Jane Hansen, Program Manager, Ottawa, ON
Secret Trial Five Families
42. Fouzia Charkaoui, wife of Adil Charkaoui
43. Hind Charkaoui, sister of Adil Charkaoui
44. Latifa Charkaoui, mother of Adil Charkaoui
45. Mohammed Charkaoui, father of Adil Charkaoui
46. Matthew Behrens, Homes not Bombs, Toronto
47. Sophie Harkat, activist, wife of Mohamed Harkat
Maher Arar Inquiry
48. Maher Arar, Engineer
49. Kerry Pither, Intervenors Committee
50. Monia Mazigh, activist, wife of Maher Arar
Student Unions and Organizations
51. Tony Kao, Director, Scarborough Campus Students’ Union
52. Naba Ul-Alam Choudhury and Sara-Beth Harrison, co-Presidents, Students Without Borders, Riverview High School,
    Coxheath, NS
53. Rob Hepburn, King's College Political Science Club, London, ON
Medical professionals
54. Gerald Van Gurp, family doctor, Montreal
55. Judith Radovan, registered nurse, Vancouver, BC
56. Connie Cohen, Clinical Psychologist, Winnipeg, MB
57. Fay Sasson, M.A., Community Mental Health Clinician
58. Abbie Bakan, Professor, Political Studies, Queen’s university
59. Bruce Smardon, Department of Political Science, York University
60. Craig White, University of Manitoba, Headingley, MB
61. Dara Culhane, anthropologist, Vancouver
62. Dr. David Lethbridge, Professor of Psychology, Okanagan University College
63. Dolores Chew, political scientist, Montreal
64. Dominique Caouette, political scientist, l'Université de Montréal
65. H. Simmons, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, York University
66. Dr. Heidi Rimke, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa
67. Hervé de Fontenay, linguist, Montreal
68. Ian Greene, Professor, Department of Political Science, York University
69. Jo Wood, Professor Emeritus, Dept of Psychology, Carleton University, Ottawa
70. Leela Ramachandran, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
71. Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair, Comparative Political Economy
72. Lev Tarasov, Dept of Physics, University of Toronto
73. Nicola Short, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, York University
74. Patrick Bolland, professeur de psychologie, Collège Montmorency, Montreal
75. Soon Jin Kim/Sonzi Kimishino, Journalism Professor Emeritus, Towson University, Baltimore
76. T. Aboulmasr, Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of Ottawa
77. Trevor Purvis, Professor, Law, Carleton University
78. Wendy Strachan, PhD, Director, Centre for Writing-Intensive Learning, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Theologians and Clergy
79. Dr. Denise Nadeau, theologian, Montreal
80. Gregory Baum, theologian, Montreal
81. Paul Kompass, KAIROS: Capital Area Justice Initiatives
82. Rabbi David Powell, Ottawa, ON
83. S. Gordon Jardine, United Church Minister (ret’d), Fort Qu'Appelle SK
84. Susan Jackson, member, United Church of Canada
85. Wey Robinson, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice
86. William W. Baldwin, Anglican priest, Ottawa
Human Rights Organizations and Defenders
87. Subodh Chakma, Human Rights Defender, Jumma Peoples
88. Leo Russomanno, Lawyers Without Borders
89. H.M.R. Hodhod, Solidarity Across Borders, Montreal, QC
90. Michael Desroches, Solidarity Across Borders, Montreal, QC
91. Poya Saffari, Solidarity Across Borders, Montreal, QC
Peace Groups
92. Allan R. Wells PhD., former director, Lambton County Board of Education, PeaceWorks Sarnia
93. Anna Paskal, Inter Pares, Ottawa
94. Annamarie Bohus, My Peace and Justice, Brampton, ON
95. Ayesha Ahmed, stopwar.ca, Vancouver, BC
96. Christine Ilott, Toronto East for Peace
97. Clayton Dignard, NOWAR-PAIX, Ottawa
98. Corey Purdy-Smith, Student Coalition Against War, Ottawa, ON
99. Danika Brisson, Global Peace Coalition – University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
100. Doug W. Brown, M.Sc., P.Eng., Chair, Burlington Association for Nuclear Disarmament
101. Emmanuel Dupont, Rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre (ROCG), Gatineau, QC
102. Federico Carvajal, Global Peace Coalition – University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
103. Ivan Brobeck, War Resisters Support Campaign
104. Joyce Barrett, Kawartha Ploughshares, Peterborough ON
105. Ken Golden, Missisauga Coalition for Peace and Justice
106. Kevin Skerrett, NOWAR-PAIX, Ottawa
107. Manmohan (Mick) Panesar, NOWAR-PAIX, Ottawa
108. Mike Gaspar, Barrie Peace Alliance
109. Patty Flores, Missisauga Coalition for Peace and Justice
110. Paul Smith, NOWAR-PAIX, Ottawa
111. Peter Votsch, Missisauga Coalition for Peace and Justice
112. Randy Steinhauer, Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism, Edmonton
113. Robert Marois, Rassemblement outaouais contre la guerre (ROCG), Gatineau, QC
114. Robert Silverman, Jewish Alliance Against Occupation, Montreal
115. Sandra Mansfield, Niagara Coalition for Peace
116. Sarah Armstrong, Global Peace Coalition, OPIRG Ottawa Board of Directors
117. Vera Szoke, Educators for Peace and Justice, high school teacher, Toronto
Social workers, educators, community organizers
118. Alfredo Barahona, community worker, Toronto, ON
119. Anna Lou Little, social worker (ret’d), Toronto
120. Barb Thomas, labour and community educator
121. Barbara Dick, teacher, Belleville, Ontario
122. Bradley Hughes, Instructor, Langara College, Vancouver, BC
123. Brian O’Connor, social activist, North Bay, ON
124. Carly Casey, teacher, Ottawa, ON
125. Charles W. Sampson, retired teacher, Sydney Forks, N.S.
126. Donalda MacDonald, school secretary
127. Dorothy Peebles, educational researcher (ret’d), Toronto
128. Emi Koyanagi, social worker, Ottawa
129. Erica Woolley, Canadian activist, Edmonton
130. Fernand Deschamps, enseignant, Montréal
131. Françoise Breault, enseignante et travailleuse sociale, Wendover, ON
132. Gerald Norman Willmott, high school teacher, Gravenhurst, ON
133. Harkinder Singh, High School Teacher, London, ON
134. Houri Sahha, social worker, Toronto, ON
135. Joseph Theriault, Residential Care Attendant, Surrey, BC
136. Peter Feldstein, translator, Montreal
137. Punam Khosla, consultant, Toronto
138. Rick Telfer, Trustee, Toronto District School Board
139. Robert Ascah, retired educator, Montreal
140. Sarah Humphrey, community organizer, Montreal
141. Teresa Colangelo, community living worker, Toronto, ON
142. Wayne MacDonald, fundraiser
143. Yvon Breton, traducteur, Gatineau, QC
Political Parties and Groups
144. Amanda Vastrau, Secretary, London-West NDP
145. Andrew Brett, Ontario New Democratic Youth
146. Aynsley Smith, Youth Chair, Ottawa-Vanier Green Party
147. Benoit Legros, Parti Marxiste Léniniste
148. Carol Taylor, Marijuana Party of Canada, Montreal
149. Carol Taylor, President of Consultation CAT, Marijuana Party candidate, Ottawa
150. Daniel Fox, NDP
151. David Molenhuis, New Democratic Party
152. Devin Johnston, University of Western Ontario NDP
153. Diane Johnston, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada candidate in Mount-Royal riding
154. Emily Abrams, University of Western Ontario NDP
155. Eric Walton, Green Party of Canada, Kingston, ON
156. Ernie Hilts, Ontario New Democratic Youth, Communications Director
157. Françoise Roy, Candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, Vanier ON
158. Gabriel Girard-Bernier, Parti Marxiste Léniniste, Gatineau, QC
159. Ginette Boutet, Candidat du Parti marxiste-léniniste du Canada dans Laurier
160. Heather Sim, Green Party
161. Henri Sader, Legislative Assistant, Ottawa
162. Iain Wilson, Canadian Rural Party, Seba Beach, AB
163. Jennie Ernewein, NDP
164. José Bazin, Union des Forces Progressistes (UFP)
165. Karen Markle, Vice President, Ottawa South NDP Riding Association
166. Michael O'Grady, Parti Marxiste Léniniste
167. Nathaniel Thomas, University of Toronto NDP
168. Raphael Thierrin, Ottawa-Vanier Green Party
169. Rebecca Blaikie, NDP staff
170. Ryan Hardy, Outreach Director, University of Toronto NDP
171. Sandra L. Smith, National Leader, Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)
172. Sébastien Béland, UFP-Outaouais, QC
173. Stuart Ryan, Communist Party of Canada, Ottawa
Anti-Poverty Groups
174. Amik Coderre, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
175. Bill Clennett, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
176. Denis Desjardins, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
177. Donald Pelletier, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
178. Johanne Desjardins, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
179. Luc Voyer, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
180. Richard Lalonde, l’ADDS de Gatineau, QC
181. George Sweetman, OCAP, Toronto
182. Rev. Brian Burch, President, St. Clare's Multifaith Housing Society, Toronto
183. Lauri Maracle, Tenant Action Group, Belleville, ON
184. Penny Worsley, Tenant Action Group, Belleville, ON
185. Sam Kuhn, Tenant Action Group, Belleville, ON
Activist Groups
186. Amelia Muprhy-Beaudouin, International Socialists, Renfrew, ON
187. Areez Ganji, International Socialists, Ottawa, ON
188. Benoit Renaud, International Socialists, Hull, QC
189. Brian Donnelly, International Socialists, Toronto, ON
190. Dan Sawyer, Anticapitalist Community Action, Ottawa, ON
191. Darlene Kwan, International Socialists, Ottawa, ON
192. Dylan Penner, ACT for the Earth, Oakville, ON
193. Erica Bowden, OPIRG-Carleton, Ottawa, ON
194. Gordie Wornoff, OPIRG Carleton, Ottawa
195. Jackie Neapole, International Socialists, Ottawa, ON
196. Jessica Squires, International Socialists, Hull, QC
197. Jonathan McQuilkin, International Socialists, Ottawa, ON
198. Kelly Reinhardt, founder, boilingfrog.ca, Toronto, ON
199. Manon Gagnon, OPIRG, Ottawa, ON
200. Matthew Morgan-Brown, Catapult!, Ottawa, ON
201. Nauman Mir, International Socialists, Mississauga, ON
202. Pierre Beaudet, Alternatives, Montreal, QC
203. Roger Clément, Anti-Capitalist Community Action, Ottawa, ON
204. Sean Purdy, International Socialists, Toronto, ON
205. Thomas Shields, International Socialists, Ottawa, ON
206. Cliff White, Atlantic Regional Organizer, Council of Canadians
207. Robert Ages, Treasurer, Council of Canadians
208. Valerie Lannon, Council of Canadians
209. Abdul Pirani, Council of Canadians
Anti-Racism Groups
210. Ken Stone, Community Coalition Against Racism, Hamilton
211. Kevin Annett, Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
212. Louis Lang, candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada in Ottawa-Center, Ottawa
213. Maria Al-Masani, Canadian Arab Students and Friends Federation (CASFF), Ottawa
Business persons
214. J. Maas, Gerald and Maas editions/atelier, Ottawa
215. J.B. Gerald, Gerald and Maas editions/atelier, Ottawa
216. Lou Reeves, Crow Eagle International Productions
217. HuaLin Wong, HuaLin Wong Immigration Consultant Limited, St. John’s, NL
218. Cyril Murphy, Wong Immigration Consultant Limited, St. John’s, NL
Other Groups
219. Carl Rising-Moore, Indy Iraq Action, Fishers Indiana, USA
220. Colin Stuart, President, Somerset West Community Health Centre, Ottawa
221. Dwyer Sullivan D. Min, Administrator, One World One World Global Education Programs
222. François Lazure, membre, Comité organisateur du Conseil citoyen pour la démocratie/Outaouais
223. George Richards, United Nations Association in Canada – Kootenay
224. Ibrahima Sow, Muslim Presence, Ottawa, ON
225. Marilyn Young, Seniors Action Network of BC
226. Michael Clarke, Global Democracy Project
227. Milton MacPhail, Vive le Canada.ca, Peace River, AB
228. Prince J. Nallo, World Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM), Ottawa
229. Roy Whyte, President, Canadian Democratic Movement
230. Roman Mukerjee, India-Canada Association, Ottawa
231. Susan Thompson, Vive le Canada.ca, Peace River, AB
232. Tiffani Murray, Collaborative Justice Project, Ottawa
233. Aida Hasamid
234. Alison Matheson
235. Annie Scafidi
236. Ann-Marie Luceno, Carleton University
237. Armin Dubinanac
238. Bill Dwyer
239. Brenda Zubanowski, Carleton University
240. Carolyn Salomons, University of Alberta
241. Cheryl Gingras, Carleton University
242. Chiara Padouani
243. Chris Lackey
244. Daniel Knapp, McMaster University
245. David Alexander, Laurier
246. Elizabeth MacKay, University of Ottawa
247. Emma Lui
248. Erin Browning, Carleton University
249. Gabrielle Lemaire-Beaucage, cégep de l’Outaouais
250. Geoff Cross, University of Ottawa
251. Grace Irving
252. Hala AKL, Carleton University
253. Janice Lee, Laurier
254. Janie Bédard
255. Jen McGinn
256. Jennifer Hansen
257. Jodi Mathers, Carleton University
258. Jonathan Lemaire-Beaucage, University of Ottawa
259. Julia Symons
260. Julie Thibault, Carleton University
261. Leigh Kinch-Podrosa
262. Leslie Anderson
263. Lisa Bellevue
264. Louise Valiquette
265. Malcolm Ramsay
266. Marcus Rochefort
267. Marisa Dowsell, law student
268. Maryann Notarianni, Carleton University
269. Matthew Morgan
270. Meghan Adams, Carleton University
271. Melannie Smith, Carleton University
272. Miranda Yeo
273. Naelle Bourguinat
274. Nick Bonokoski
275. Paula Willis, Carleton University
276. Pascal McDougall
277. Ravinder Virk, Graduate Student, Carleton University
278. Sabrina Naschmeyer
279. Sally Anne Rudd, Simon Fraser University
280. Stephen Maynard
281. Suufi Rirash
282. Tammy DeSousa, University of Ottawa
283. Tanya Rodrigues, University of Ottawa
284. Troy O’Donnell
285. Veronique Poirier, UQAM
Individuals by location
1.    Ahmui Cheong, Edmonton, AB            40.   Janet Sarvis, Winnipeg, MB           76.    David R. Greig, Etobicoke, ON
2.    Bob Wright, GoodFish Lake, AB         41.   Peter Carlyle-Gordge, Winnipeg, MB   77.    Paul and Marie Whittaker, Gilmour,
3.    Cindy MacLean, Red Deer, AB           42.   Iftu Hargaaya, MB                           ON
4.    Dan Langlois, Edmonton, AB                                                       78.    Justin Kranjec, Gowanstown, ON
                                            43.   Paul Clark, Fredericton, NB
5.    Edwin Daniel, Edmonton, AB                                                       79.    Joarey Loranger, Greely, ON
6.    Laura Hudelson, Edmonton, AB          44.   Emily Lelacheur, St. John’s NF       80.    Alan Filewod, Guelph, ON
7.    Patricia Hartnagel, Edmonton, AB      45.   Genesta McInnis, St. John’s, NF      81.    Christopher Jess, Guelph, ON
8.    Peter Wilson, Edmonton, AB            46.   Nukul Bhasin, St. John’s, NF         82.    Megan-Fay Rothschild, Guelph, ON
9.    Ryan Bevans, Edmonton, AB                                                        83.    Melissa Ketcheson, Guelph, ON
                                            47.   Bruce Cochrane, Dartmouth, NS
10.   Sam Post, Edmonton, AB                                                           84.    Norah Chaloner, Guelph, ON
                                            48.   Lisa Nicholson, Halifax, NS
                                                                                       85.    Peter Cameron, Guelph, ON
11.   Terence Love, BC                      49.   Marrie Berkelaar, Lunenburg, NS
                                                                                       86.    Ashik Pirbay, Halton Hills, ON
12.   Shelia Muxlow, Chilliwack, BC         50.   Michael Ciarrocco, Berwick, NS
                                                                                       87.    Andrew Loucks, Hamilton, ON
13.   Rodney Neudorf, Coombs, BC            51.   Michael Ciarrocco, Berwick, NS
                                                                                       88.    Chris Shannon, Hamilton, ON
14.   Aaron Otto, Deroche, BC               52.   Sally C. Sampson, Sydney Forks,
                                                                                       89.    David Smith, Hamilton, ON
15.   Brian Mills, Duncan, BC                     N.S.
                                                                                       90.    Eleanor White, Hamilton, ON
16.   John A. Hill, Gabriola Island, BC     53.   Scott J. Sampson, Sydney Forks,
                                                                                       91.    Julie Fleming, Hamilton, ON
17.   Harold Funk, Grand Forks, BC                N.S.
                                                                                       92.    Julie Gordon, Hamilton, ON
18.   Becky Jacobson, Lone Butte, BC        54.   Sheila Zurbrigg, Halifax, NS
                                                                                       93.    Leigh Hayden, Hamilton, ON
19.   Dana Coutu, Mission, BC               55.   Hume Smith, NS
                                                                                       94.    Paul Glendenning, Hamilton, ON
20.   Sandeep Chauhan, Nanaimo, BC          56.   Aggie Brockman, Yellowknife, NT      95.    Robert Mann, Hamilton, ON
21.   Dianne Sellin, Powell River, BC       57.   Ben McDonald, Yellowknife, NT        96.    Catharine Elliott, Kanata, ON
22.   Gina Petrakos, Rossland, BC           58.   Suzette Montreuil, Yellowknife, NT   97.    Wayne Watts, Kanata, ON
23.   Hans Denee, North Vancouver, BC
                                            59.   Brenda Dolling, Alton, ON            98.    Tristan Ridley, Keswick, ON
24.   Bradley Hughes, Vancouver, BC
                                            60.   Donna Forth, Bancroft, ON            99.    Dave Vasey, Kincardine, ON
25.   Brenda Berck, Vancouver, BC
                                            61.   Ian Willmott, Beaumaris, ON          100.   Alex Calderary, Kingston, ON
26.   Afshin Zakipour, Vancouver, BC
                                            62.   Mary Willmott, Beaumaris, ON         101.   Chealsea Laureate-Gabriel,
27.   Emily Aspinwall, Vancouver, BC
                                            63.   Deborah Grier, Bloomfield, ON               Kingston, ON
28.   Erika Fuchs, Vancouver, BC
                                            64.   Erika Grier, Bloomfield, ON          102.   David Lavin, Kingston, ON
29.   Jesse McLaren, Vancouver, BC
                                            65.   Sean Kelly, Bramalea, ON             103.   Joseph Backus, Kingston, ON
30.   Joey Only, Vancouver, BC
                                            66.   Joanne Lloyd, Brantford, ON          104.   Helga Mankovitz, Kingston, ON
31.   S. Mcfadden, Vancouver, BC
                                            67.   Patricia McQuinn, Brantford, ON      105.   Marilla McCargar, Kingston, ON
32.   Shannon Loewen, Vancouver, BC
                                            68.   Colin J. Williams, Brockville, ON    106.   Carol Bast, Kitchener, ON
33.   Jack Jardine, Victoria, BC
                                            69.   Jenna Beach, Brockville, ON          107.   Douglas Henry, Lindsay, ON
34.   Steve Boyce, Victoria, BC
                                            70.   C.E. Babb, Burlington, ON            108.   Adam Boyce, London, ON
35.   Dr. Mary C. Stockdale, Victoria, BC
                                            71.   Joshua Young, Burlington, ON         109.   Alex Hamilton, London, ON
36.   Cherie Debreuil, Miami, MB            72.   Linda McDowell, Coldwater, ON        110.   Aruba Mahmud, London, ON
37.   Adam Sheps, Winnipeg , MB             73.   Linda Mooney, Delhi, ON              111.   Brandon Desmoulin, London, ON
38.   Amanda Lenkowski, Winnipeg, MB        74.   JP Mooney, Delhi, ON                 112.   Brent Smith, London, ON
39.   Gordon Lang, Winnipeg, MB             75.   Janice Murray, Etobicoke, ON         113.   Helen Taylor, London, ON
114.   Megan Mossip, London, ON             191.   Conor McKealy, Ottawa, ON          269.   John T. Jensen, Ottawa, ON
115.   Patti Dalton, London, ON             192.   Corinne Allan, Ottawa, ON          270.   John Stevenson, Ottawa, ON
116.   Anne Beaudry, Manotick, ON           193.   D. Taylor, Ottawa, ON              271.   Johna Langlors, Ottawa, ON
117.   Ruth Biggar, Manotick, ON            194.   Dan Morrison, Ottawa, ON           272.   Jon Hunt, Ottawa, ON
118.   Ronald Walther, Markham, ON          195.   Dan Waselnuk, Ottawa, ON           273.   Jon McQuilkin, Ottawa, ON
119.   Tom Rankin, Merrickville, ON         196.   Daniel Carkner, Ottawa, ON         274.   Josée Giroux, Ottawa, ON
120.   Julie Barker, Midland, ON            197.   David Brons, Ottawa, ON            275.   Joseph Cressy, Ottawa, ON
121.   Abeer Faruqui, Mississauga, ON       198.   David Bryant, Ottawa, ON           276.   Juan Perez, Ottawa, ON
122.   Ayman Srajeldin, Mississauga, ON     199.   David Calvert, Ottawa, ON          277.   Julie Briand, Ottawa, ON
123.   Dagmar Sullivan, Mississauga, ON     200.   David Chernushenko, Ottawa, ON     278.   Julien Lamarche, Ottawa, ON
124.   Natercia Coelho, Mississauga, ON     201.   David McMurran, Ottawa, ON         279.   Justin Mayer, Ottawa, ON
125.   Tim Sullivan, Mississauga, ON        202.   David Pineau, Ottawa, ON           280.   Karen Dawe, Ottawa, ON
126.   Yusuf Patel, Mississauga, ON         203.   David Robbins, Ottawa, ON          281.   Karen Seabrooke, Ottawa, ON
127.   Dave Darling, Nepean, ON             204.   David Smart, Ottawa, ON            282.   Karin Galldin, Ottawa, ON
128.   Maxine Kossy, Nepean, ON             205.   Derek Bower, Ottawa, ON            283.   Kathleen Cummings, Ottawa, ON
129.   Mike Wheeler, Nepean, ON             206.   Dominique Massen, Ottawa, ON       284.   Kathleen Law, Ottawa, ON
130.   Wendy Hovdestad, Ph.D., Nepean,      207.   Doug Nesbitt, Ottawa, ON           285.   Kay Walker, Ottawa, ON
       ON                                   208.   Eleanor Baldwin, Ottawa, ON        286.   Kelly Sannes, Ottawa, ON
131.   Bob Wolfe, New Liskeard, ON          209.   Elizabeth Morrison, Ottawa, ON     287.   Ken Zimmerman, Ottawa, ON
132.   Brian O’Connor, North Bay, ON        210.   Erin Climie, Ottawa, ON            288.   Kendra Slack, Ottawa, ON
133.   Dolores O’Connor, North Bay, ON      211.   Erin Koyanagi, Ottawa, ON          289.   Kevin McLeod, Ottawa, ON
134.   Matthew Calaminici, North York, ON   212.   Erin Stevens, Ottawa, ON           290.   Kevin Simpson, Ottawa, ON
135.   Parviz Mirbaghi, North York, ON      213.   Eva Mark, Ottawa, ON               291.   Khadija Haffajee, Ottawa, ON
136.   Brian Hopkins, Oakville, ON          214.   Evan Dalrympe, Ottawa, ON          292.   Khaled Salam, Ottawa, ON
137.   Corinne Clapham, Oakville, ON        215.   Evelyn Algar, Ottawa, ON           293.   Khalid Lasfar, Ottawa, ON
138.   Bonnie Robichaud, Orleans, ON        216.   Farook Aman, Ottawa, ON            294.   Khalid Lastay, Ottawa, ON
139.   Philippe Soubliere, Orleans, ON      217.   Francine Patterson, Ottawa, ON     295.   Krishna E. Bera, Ottawa, ON
140.   Zachary Simmons, Oshawa, ON          218.   G. McLeod, Ottawa, ON              296.   Krista Norris, Ottawa, ON
141.   A. El-Aboudi, Ottawa, ON             219.   Gail Spencer, Ottawa, ON           297.   Kristie Kelly, Ottawa, ON
142.   Adrian Powell, Ottawa, ON            220.   Garry Fevrierier, Ottawa, ON       298.   Kyra Lajoie, Ottawa, ON
143.   Ailly Baka, Ottawa, ON               221.   Genevieve Saulnier, Ottawa, ON     299.   L. Warr, Ottawa, ON
144.   Alan Shain, Ottawa, ON               222.   Gennet Campbell, Ottawa, ON        300.   Laura Berry, Ottawa, ON
145.   Alea Husseini, Ottawa, ON            223.   Geoff Coene, Ottawa, ON            301.   Laura Markey, Ottawa, ON
146.   Alexander Adams, Ottawa, ON          224.   George Neville, Ottawa, ON         302.   Lauren Freedman, Ottawa, ON
147.   Alex Bernard, Ottawa, ON             225.   Glen Barber, Ottawa, ON            303.   Laurie Kingston, Ottawa, ON
148.   Alex Macdonald, Ottawa, ON           226.   Glenn Beavis, Ottawa, ON           304.   Lawrence S. Cumming, Ottawa, ON
149.   Allan Dykstra, Ottawa, ON            227.   Gordon Thorburn, Ottawa, ON        305.   Leanne Dustan, Ottawa, ON
150.   Dr. Aly Nawwar, Ottawa, ON           228.   Graeme Truelove, Ottawa, ON        306.   Leigh Johnson, Ottawa, ON
151.   Amanda Lenhardt, Ottawa, ON          229.   Greg Burt, Ottawa, ON              307.   Leslie Armour, Ottawa, ON
152.   Amanda McUen, Ottawa, ON             230.   Gregg Legare, Ottawa, ON           308.   Leslie Baird, Ottawa, ON
153.   Amelia Shepherd, Ottawa, ON          231.   Gustavo Flannecke, Ottawa, ON      309.   Letitia Charbonneau, Ottawa, ON
154.   Amro Gamal, Ottawa, ON               232.   H. Alsaleh, Ottawa, ON             310.   Liam Husk, Ottawa, ON
155.   Amy Lynn, Ottawa, ON                 233.   Hanan Grizaw, Ottawa, ON           311.   Lincoln Addison, Ottawa, ON
156.   Andrew Harris, Ottawa, ON            234.   Heather McMullen, Ottawa, ON       312.   Linda Belanger, Ottawa, ON
157.   Andrew Nellis, Ottawa, ON            235.   Helena Robb, Ottawa, ON            313.   Linda Stevenson, Ottawa, ON
158.   Angela Beale, Ottawa, ON             236.   Henrietta Parnas, Ottawa, ON       314.   Lindsay Bowles, Ottawa, ON
159.   Angela Mooney, Ottawa, ON            237.   Hugh Scott Douglas, Ottawa, ON     315.   Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Ottawa, ON
160.   Anna McAlear, Ottawa, ON             238.   Iain Angus, Ottawa, ON             316.   Lisa Freeman, Ottawa, ON
161.   Anton Bueckert, Ottawa, ON           239.   Iana Tsander, Ottawa, ON           317.   Lisa Hollingshead, Ottawa, ON
162.   April Donovan, Ottawa, ON            240.   Isabelle Legault, Ottawa, ON       318.   Lisa Jayne, Ottawa, ON
163.   Ashley Gauthier, Ottawa, ON          241.   J.A. Harvey, Ottawa, ON            319.   Liz Sutherland, Ottawa, ON
164.   Ashley Lafreniere, Ottawa, ON        242.   Jade Pichette, Ottawa, ON          320.   Lori Hollohan, Ottawa, ON
165.   Audrey Saparno, Ottawa, ON           243.   Jadis Dumas, Ottawa, ON            321.   Lydia Jones-Dubé, Ottawa, ON
166.   Awaleh Godad, Ottawa, ON             244.   James Duff, Ottawa, ON             322.   Lynn Chiarelli, Ottawa, ON
167.   Aylwin Lo, Ottawa, ON                245.   James Edgar, Ottawa, ON            323.   Lynn Rainboth, Ottawa, ON
168.   Aymane Bouzoubañ, Ottawa, ON         246.   James Howith, Ottawa, ON           324.   Lynn Stevens-Roth, Ottawa, ON
169.   Betty Campbell, Ottawa, ON           247.   James Pratt, Ottawa, ON            325.   M. Lwozny, Ottawa, ON
170.   Bill Skidmore, Ottawa, ON            248.   Jamie Kneen, Ottawa, ON            326.   M. McMahon, Ottawa, ON
171.   Blair St. Laurent, Ottawa, ON        249.   Jan Heynen, Ottawa, ON             327.   Malcom Jean, Ottawa, ON
172.   Bob Stevenson, Ottawa, ON            250.   Jan Triska, Ottawa, ON             328.   Marcia Sottani, Ottawa, ON
173.   Boyce Richardson, Ottawa, ON         251.   Jane Scharf, Ottawa, ON            329.   Marcie Abramovitch, Ottawa, ON
174.   Brenda Carr Vellino, Ottawa, ON      252.   Jason Laurin, Ottawa, ON           330.   Marcie Adey, Ottawa, ON
175.   Brenda Kimiko Inuye, Ottawa, ON      253.   Jason Stanky, Ottawa, ON           331.   Margaret Quinn, Ottawa, ON
176.   Brent Pinkney, Ottawa, ON            254.   Jawdat Nassar, Ottawa, ON          332.   Margaret Stong-Jensen, Ottawa, ON
177.   Brian Coffey, Ottawa, ON             255.   Jay Jackson, Ottawa, ON            333.   Margo Boyd, Ottawa, ON
178.   Bruno Lagacé, Ottawa, ON             256.   Jay Poitras, Ottawa, ON            334.   Marie Andrews, Ottawa, ON
179.   Caitlin Scott, Ottawa, ON            257.   Jay Sinha, Ottawa, ON              335.   Marie-Josée Lamerche, Ottawa, ON
180.   Calvin Climie, Ottawa, ON            258.   Jean-Frederic Hubsch, Ottawa, ON   336.   Marilyn Prevost, Ottawa, ON
181.   Candice Murdock, Ottawa, ON          259.   Jennifer Rousselle, Ottawa, ON     337.   Mark Bishoff, Ottawa, ON
182.   Caroline LeGresley, Ottawa, ON       260.   Jessie Read, Ottawa, ON            338.   Mark Bégin, Ottawa, ON
183.   Carolyn McAndrew, Ottawa, ON         261.   Jill Oviatt, Ottawa, ON            339.   Marlene Rivier, Ottawa, ON
184.   Catherine Pink, Ottawa, ON           262.   Joarey Loranger, Ottawa, ON        340.   Mary Dubrule, Ottawa, ON
185.   Cathie Mann, Ottawa, ON              263.   Joel Fox, Ottawa, ON               341.   Mary-Ellen Francoeur, Ottawa, ON
186.   Cheryl Durksen, Ottawa, ON           264.   Joeli Reardon, Ottawa, ON          342.   Mary Theresa Coene, Ottawa, ON
187.   Chitra Kanhere, Ottawa, ON           265.   John Baglow, Ottawa, ON            343.   Matilda Samuel, Ottawa, ON
188.   Christian Legeais, Ottawa, ON        266.   John Clearwater, Ottawa, ON        344.   Matt Kristjansson, Ottawa, ON
189.   Christina Mills, Ottawa, ON          267.   John Gall, Ottawa, ON              345.   Matthew Hollingshead, Ottawa,ON
190.   Colleen McKay, Ottawa, ON            268.   John Hollingsworth, Ottawa, ON     346.   Maureen Cassidy, Ottawa, ON
347.   Maureen Sly, Ottawa, ON           425.   Tim Brown, Ottawa, ON                502.   N. Dimitriadis, Toronto, ON
348.   Mehdi Mahmoudian, Ottawa, ON      426.   Tim Gallup, Ottawa, ON               503.   Nicole Ramsay, Toronto, ON
349.   Melanie Noll, Ottawa, ON          427.   Tim Gill, Ottawa, ON                 504.   Pam Frache, Toronto, ON
350.   Melissa Nisbett, Ottawa, ON       428.   Tina Langdon, Ottawa, ON             505.   Phyllis Creighton, Toronto, ON
351.   Meredith Barrett, Ottawa, ON      429.   Tom Trottier, Ottawa, ON             506.   Pradeep Samadeo, Toronto, ON
352.   Michael Creighton, Ottawa, ON     430.   Tommy Akuluktuk, Ottawa, ON          507.   Rebecca Jordan, Toronto, ON
353.   Michael Haitas, Ottawa, ON        431.   Trevor Haché, Ottawa, ON             508.   Ron Barman, Toronto, ON
354.   Michael Knapp, Ottawa, ON         432.   Wendy Shaw, Ottawa, ON               509.   Sabina Kim, Toronto, ON
355.   Michael Passey, Ottawa, ON        433.   Zan Chandler, Ottawa, ON             510.   Sung-Lim Kay, Toronto, ON
356.   Michael Sandelman, Ottawa, ON     434.   Zicky Hammud, Ottawa, ON             511.   Tim Doucette, Toronto, ON
357.   Michele Pichette, Ottawa, ON      435.   Zoe Mallett, Ottawa, ON              512.   Tom Riley, Toronto, ON
358.   Michelle Perry, Ottawa, ON        436.   Velda J. Guyatt, Paris, ON           513.   William Wilkins, Toronto, ON
359.   Mike Gifford, Ottawa, ON          437.   Sheila Nabigon-Howlett,              514.   Karen McCargar, Waterloo, ON
360.   Mike McManus, Ottawa, ON                 Peterborough, ON                     515.   Rebecca Sinclair, Waterloo, ON
361.   Mohammed Bouzoubañ, Ottawa, ON    438.   John Hambly, Peterborough, ON        516.   Kristin Elliott, West Hill, ON
362.   Murray Gilmour, Ottawa, ON        439.   Mike Mooney, Peterborough, ON        517.   Hedy Muysson, Westport, ON
363.   Mustapha Khan, Ottawa, ON         440.   Brian Davis, Pickering, ON           518.   Tricia Cleland, Winchester, ON
364.   Nabil Bouzoubañ, Ottawa, ON       441.   Sam Stokell, Pickering, ON           519.   Mike Longmoore, Windsor, ON
365.   Nadia Belokopitov, Ottawa, ON     442.   E. Eady, Renfrew, Ontario            520.   Eleanor Hart, Woodstock, ON
366.   Nadia Robichaud, Ottawa, ON       443.   Scott Short, Russell, ON             521.   Ben Szmyt-Valois, ON
367.   Nadia Saifuddin, Ottawa, ON       444.   Laura Shevchenko, Smiths Falls, ON   522.   Cathrine Lowther, ON
368.   Nancy Worsfold, Ottawa, ON        445.   Karrie Porter, St. Catherines, ON    523.   Samar Javid, ON
369.   Naomi Poole, Ottawa, ON           446.   Kayle Hatt, St. Catherines, ON
                                                                                     524. Samantha Gallison, Charlottetown,
370.   Natalie Davis, Ottawa, ON         447.   Ellen Bell, Stittsville, ON
371.   Nathalie Reid, Ottawa, ON         448.   Carol Bast, Stratford, ON
372.   Nick Aplin, Ottawa, ON            449.   Michael Nishimura, Thornhill, ON     525.   Michelle Ball, Aylmer, QC
373.   Nora Balogh, Ottawa, ON           450.   Nchamah Miller, Thornhill, ON        526.   Serge Patenaude, Berthierville, QC
374.   P. Adchara Moorthy, Ottawa, ON    451.   Evelina Paw, Thunder Bay, ON         527.   M. Harris, Cantley, QC
375.   Patricia Moore, Ottawa, ON        452.   Susan Marrier, Thunder Bay, ON       528.   Jackie Lanthier, Dorval, QC
376.   Paul Gross, Ottawa, ON            453.   Aimée Lavoie, Timmins, ON            529.   Ali-Chuma Tabaro, Gatineau, QC
377.   Paul Jones, Ottawa, ON            454.   Aaron Franks, Toronto, ON            530.   Andre Carignan, Gatineau, QC
378.   Penny Poole, Ottawa, ON           455.   Alexandra Dodger, Toronto, ON        531.   Chantal L’Herault, Gatineau, QC
379.   Phil Robinson, Ottawa, ON         456.   Ali Awali, Toronto, ON               532.   Emilie Ouellet, Gatineau, QC
380.   Philippa Lawson, Ottawa, ON       457.   Anna Jaikaran, Toronto, ON           533.   Jean Carrier, Gatineau, QC
381.   Pierrette Brunette, Ottawa, ON    458.   Blair Dowell, Toronto, ON            534.   Jocelyn Darou, Gatineau, QC
382.   Polad Saffari, Ottawa, ON         459.   Bob Howard, Toronto, ON              535.   Lorraine Yorke, Gatineau, QC
383.   Qais Ghanem, Ottawa, ON           460.   Bonaventure Saptel, Toronto, ON      536.   Madeleine Le May, Gatineau, QC
384.   Rachel Grier, Ottawa, ON          461.   Cheryl Benson, Toronto, ON           537.   Marie-Claude Hamelin, Gatineau, QC
385.   Rachel Slater, Ottawa, ON         462.   Christian Bielz, Toronto, ON         538.   Marine Johnstone, Gatineau, QC
386.   Ria Heynen, Ottawa, ON            463.   Claire Horsnell, Toronto, ON         539.   Mathieu-Henri Jetté, Gatineau, QC
387.   Richard Girard, Ottawa, ON        464.   Cordel Stephen Browne, Toronto, ON   540.   Pierre Bédard, Gatineau, QC
388.   Richard Newport, Ottawa, ON       465.   Dan Naccarato, Toronto, ON           541.   Sarah McGirr, Gatineau, QC
389.   Rick Duranceau, Ottawa, ON        466.   Daniel Quarter, Toronto, ON          542.   Dominique Moreau, Neuville, QC
390.   Rob Stevens, Ottawa, ON           467.   Dave Meslin, Toronto, ON             543.   Adam Hodgins, Hull, QC
391.   Robi Dickinson, Ottawa, ON        468.   Davis Mirza, Toronto, ON             544.   David Clément, Hull, QC
392.   Robert Michaud, Ottawa, ON        469.   Diana Ralph, Toronto, ON             545.   Francine Dumas, Hull, QC
393.   Robert Mills, Ottawa, ON          470.   Elizabeth Block, Toronto, ON         546.   S. McGrath, Hull, QC
394.   Rosalie Reynolds, Ottawa, ON      471.   Elva Tammemagi, Toronto, ON          547.   Elena Montes, Lachenaie, QC
395.   Roshini Bolar, Ottawa, ON         472.   Eric Walberg, Toronto, ON            548.   Laura Rios, Lachenaie, QC
396.   Ryan Legault McGill, Ottawa, ON   473.   Erika Khandor, Toronto, ON           549.   Nicolas Lalonde, Lachine, QC
397.   S. Jackson, Ottawa, ON            474.   Erin George, Toronto, ON             550.   L. Visentin, Low, Quebec
398.   S. Penwarden, Ottawa, ON          475.   Eva Filipiak, Toronto, ON            551.   Abby Lippman, Montréal, QC
399.   Saif El-Abouti, Ottawa, ON        476.   Frank Showler, Toronto, ON           552.   Ahmad Naeem Silk, Montreal, QC
400.   Sandra Kelly, Ottawa, ON          477.   Guillermo Verdecchia, Toronto, ON    553.   Amy Miller, Montreal, QC
401.   Sandra Snell, Ottawa, ON          478.   James David, Toronto, ON             554.   Bassam Imam, Montreal, QC
402.   Sara Ehrhardt, Ottawa, ON         479.   J. Bakan, Toronto, ON                555.   Cameron Campbell, Montreal, QC
403.   Sarah Fowler, Ottawa, ON          480.   Jayson Zaleski, Toronto, ON          556.   Claire Ouerghi, Montreal, QC
404.   Sara Ibrahimi, Ottawa, ON         481.   Jennie Ernewein, Toronto, ON         557.   Devora Winston, Montreal, QC
405.   Shannon Condon, Ottawa, ON        482.   Jerry Wagner, Toronto, ON            558.   Erin Dawn George, Montreal, QC
406.   Shannon Stephens, Ottawa, ON      483.   Joe Kelly, Toronto, ON               559.   Francois van Vliegt, Montreal, QC
407.   Shannon Willmott, Ottawa, ON      484.   John Bonnar, Toronto, ON             560.   Garnet Colly, Montreal, QC
408.   Shanthi Minor, Ottawa, ON         485.   John Dimond, Toronto, ON             561.   Geneviève Royer, Montréal, QC
409.   Shari Hayne, Ottawa, ON           486.   John Warren, Toronto, ON             562.   Jacqueline Perez, Montreal, QC
410.   Shawn Sutherland, Ottawa, ON      487.   John Zvady, Toronto, ON              563.   Jaggi Singh, Montreal, QC
411.   Shelina Merani, Ottawa, ON        488.   Jorge Gidi, Toronto, ON              564.   Jared Will, Montreal, QC
412.   Sofian Benaissa, Ottawa, ON       489.   Judith Weisman, Toronto, ON          565.   Julia Nicol, Montreal, QC
413.   Steffen Christensen, Ottawa, ON   490.   Kyle Stom, Toronto, ON               566.   Marie-Eve Lamy, Montreal, QC
414.   Steve Gibbs, Ottawa, ON           491.   Laura Osborne, Toronto, ON           567.   Marie-Pierre Wallace, Montreal, QC
415.   Steven Cote, Ottawa, ON           492.   Lindsay George, Toronto, ON          568.   Mark Arguilles, Montréal, QC
416.   Susan McLaine, Ottawa, ON         493.   Lindsay Shane, Toronto, ON           569.   Martin Petit, Montreal, QC
417.   Susan Van Iterson, Ottawa, ON     494.   Lisa Gardner, Toronto, ON            570.   Martin Poirier, Montreal, QC
418.   Suzanne Bouclin, Ottawa, ON       495.   Lydia Teall-Hebbes, Toronto, ON      571.   Mary Foster, Montreal, QC
419.   Suzanne Zielinski, Ottawa, ON     496.   M. Cogan, Toronto, ON                572.   Matt Corks, Montreal, QC
420.   T. Kenney, Ottawa, ON             497.   Marika Schwandt, Toronto, ON         573.   Maureen Adelman, Montreal, QC
421.   Tammy Fannig, Ottawa, ON          498.   Mark Ellam, Toronto, ON              574.   Nikolas Barry-Shaw, Montreal, QC
422.   Tania Fathollah, Ottawa, ON       499.   Marta Posada, Toronto, ON            575.   Norman Nawrocki, Montreal, QC
423.   Taylor Charlton, Ottawa, ON       500.   Matt Fodor, Toronto, ON              576.   Olivier Morneau, Montreal, QC
424.   Theo Lloyd-Kohls, Ottawa, ON      501.   Mike Montanera, Toronto, ON          577.   Sarah Moghadas, Montreal, QC
578.   Amira Elias, ND de L’ile Perrot, QC   586. Christi Baldwin, Arkansas, USA       593. Nancy Kitt, Charlotte, VT, USA
579.   Sabri Khayat, Pierrefonds, QC         587. Craig Williams, USA
                                                                                       594. Michelle Deeney, London, UK
580.   Hugh Myers, Pointe-Claire, QC         588. David Wiemer, Milford, CT, USA
                                                                                       595. Oki Joseph, Leeds, UK
581.   Barbara Shaw, Wakefield, QC           589. Elizabeth Edith Sim, Brooklyn, NY,
582.   Tiffany Butler, QC                         USA                                  596. Alex Davidson, Christchurch, New
                                             590. Frederick Kennedy, New York, NY,          Zealand
583. Zeba Hashmi, Regina, SK
                                                  USA                                  597. Emma Fu, Auckland, New Zealand
584. James Holmes, Regina, SK
                                             591. Jenn Gunder, USA
585. Chris Wrinn, Milford, CT, USA           592. Marc Norton, California, USA

598.   Adrienne Keith                        651.   Eric Brown                         704.   Morgan Passi
599.   Ahmad Ramadan                         652.   Erwin Dreessen                     705.   Muhammad Hasan
600.   Ahmed Al-Hertani                      653.   Farhat Paracha                     706.   Natasha Mann
601.   Alain Ambrosi                         654.   Farzad Roohi                       707.   Nicole Vickers
602.   Alan Truesdale                        655.   Fayad Zeina                        708.   Nicole Wigglesworth
603.   Alastaire Henderson                   656.   Frederique Picker                  709.   Paul Dehler
604.   Aleksandra Sokolowski                 657.   G. Michael Zimmer                  710.   Peter Menear
605.   Amanda Benedict                       658.   Gail Scagnetti                     711.   Peter Monsour
606.   Amber Ooman                           659.   Hazel Gabe                         712.   Peter Shebib
607.   Amelia Maciejewski                    660.   Heather Wilson                     713.   Phaedra Hardman
608.   Ashley Demartini                      661.   Isabel Archambault                 714.   Pierre Soublière
609.   Ben King                              662.   James C. Riesberry                 715.   Rachel Monette
610.   Ben Vaughn                            663.   James Shaw                         716.   Raja Khouri
611.   Bertha Cummins                        664.   James Sherar                       717.   Raymond Vickery
612.   Beverlie Regimbald                    665.   Jan Campbell                       718.   Rena Patel
613.   Bill Loney                            666.   Jane Andrew                        719.   Renee Saxon
614.   Blair Erskine                         667.   Jason Harrison                     720.   Reynold Reimer
615.   Blair Korchinski                      668.   Jason Laurin                       721.   Richard Weatherill
616.   Bob Smart                             669.   Jay Van Oostdam                    722.   Rick Muildier
617.   Bowe Campbell                         670.   Jean-François Des Lauriers         723.   Rita Wong
618.   Brittany Todd                         671.   Jean-Roch Villemaire               724.   Robert S. Lavoie
619.   Bronwynn Erskine                      672.   Jeff Blackman                      725.   Roger Carter
620.   C. Daniels                            673.   Jennifer Vanderburg                726.   Roger Clément
621.   C. Haines                             674.   Jessica Rashotte                   727.   Roy Miki
622.   Carly Weber                           675.   Jim Owens                          728.   Saajida Deen
623.   Carol Taylor                          676.   Joel Fox                           729.   Sally Hartung
624.   Cathy Crowe                           677.   Johanne Prevoux                    730.   Sam Harper
625.   Charles Lapp                          678.   John Liss                          731.   Samira Rahmani
626.   Charles Rea                           679.   Jonathan Hill                      732.   Sarah Mikhaiel
627.   Charlie Roy                           680.   Judy McLaine                       733.   Sarah Potts-Halpin
628.   Chris Gehman                          681.   Kari Allen                         734.   Sharon Reeves
629.   Chris Kent                            682.   Karin Pasnak                       735.   Shaun Morris
630.   Chris McCarthy                        683.   Kathaleen Neufeld                  736.   Sikhan
631.   Curtis Muprhy                         684.   Kathrine Deland                    737.   Soluhail Zaki
632.   Crystal Dempsey                       685.   Kathy Ray                          738.   Stephen Pitzel
633.   Cyndi Gilbert                         686.   Kay Stamboulieh                    739.   Steve Ogden
634.   David Doucet                          687.   Kristi Knotts                      740.   Susan Mackenzie
635.   Dave McMurran                         688.   Lauren Freedman                    741.   Susan Turansky
636.   David McKenzie                        689.   Laurie Nicholson                   742.   Suzanne Bouclin
637.   David Vickery                         690.   Lilliyanna Ng                      743.   T. Henderson
638.   Debra Scott                           691.   Lilly Luan                         744.   Terry Walker
639.   Derek McIntyre                        692.   Linda Leibovitz                    745.   Tobin Dalrymple
640.   Devin Hamlolz                         693.   Lisa Reddy                         746.   Todd Archer
641.   Diane Van Oostdam                     694.   Mahmoud Jaber                      747.   Tony Turner
642.   Dileepan S.                           695.   Manon Gagnon                       748.   Tricia Lee
643.   Dominique Paré-Champoux               696.   Marc Norton                        749.   Vanessa Compton
644.   Donald R. Saxon                       697.   Margot Young                       750.   Velda Guyatt
645.   Douglas Meggison                      698.   Max Fothergill                     751.   Zach Harizon
646.   Dr. Lorna Drew                        699.   Meagan Lanthier                    752.   Zenobia Homavazir
647.   D'thea Webster                        700.   Michel Péloquin                    753.   Thomas Lips
648.   Ehsan Samiee                          701.   Michelle Deland
649.   Eileen Scully                         702.   Molly Sutkaitis
650.   Emilie Champagne                      703.   Mo Gabe
Anonoymous endorsements by concerned individuals: 83

Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada (Toronto), tasc@web.ca, www.homesnotbombs.ca
Coalition for Justice for Adil Charkaoui (Montreal), justiceforadil@riseup.net, www.adilinfo.org
  Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee (Ottawa), justicepourmohamedharkat@yahoo.ca,

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