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					                              pH Meter Instructions:
                                       Carl Aschenbrenner

General Operation and Care:

1. Whenever you use the pH meter, print your name, the date, whether you calibrated the meter,
and which pH values you calibrated on the user sheet. If the meter has been calibrated recently,
you may not need to recalibrate it.
2. Always rinse the electrode with deionized/nanopure water and wipe the sides and tip carefully
with a Kimwipe before immersing it in a new standard solution, sample, or its storage solution.
If your rinse effluent contains something noteworthy, that is, something that should not be
labeled as water, KCl, and AgCl on the disposal container, please bring your own beaker to
collect and dispose it accordingly.
3. When finished, remember to turn off the pH meter and put the electrode back in its
KCl/AgCl storage solution! Be sure that the red rubber plug is in the electrode filling hole so
that the electrode does not dry out.

1. Press CAL. Press the CLEAR key once to remove the existing calibration and again to
confirm removal.
2. Stir the electrode in the rinsing buffer of desired pH. Wipe with a Kimwipe. Stir the electrode
in the clean buffer of same pH and press the READ key. When the Auto-Eye stops flashing,
calibration at that pH is complete.
3. Rinse the electrode with clean water, wipe, and repeat step 2 to calibrate at other pH values
(only the standard buffers of pH 4, 7, and 10 are allowed on our meter).
4. When finished calibrating with the last buffer, press CAL or EXIT to complete the calibration
and begin measuring the pH of samples.

If you have questions, consult the instruction manual below.

Note: I will change the calibration buffers periodically depending on how often people calibrate
and indicate this on the user sheet. If you see that many people have calibrated the meter since
the last buffer change, you may want to change the buffers. Be sure to record this on the user

If there are problems or concerns, alert me. My e-mail is

If the problem is urgent, you are free to take matters into your own hands.
                 pH Meter User Sheet
Name   Date   Calibration    pH      Name   Date   Calibration    pH
               (Yes/No)     Values                  (Yes/No)     Values

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