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                               Tim Beggy
Text to left                                                photos to right

            Born: June 9
                                                 Stack TIMA1, TIMA2 TIMA3
Shares birthday with all of the following:

Peter the Great … Russian Czar
Les Paul … King of the Guitar
Natalie Portman … Star Wars Star

Robert McNamara … Motown carmaker
(and JFK Secretary of Defense)
Jackie Wilson … Motown hit song maker
Jackie Mason … Motown joke maker

Dick Vitale … Basketball announcer
Michael J Fox … Parkinson’s denouncer
Cole Porter … De-Lovely flouncer


Tim was Parrot mascot for Pittsburgh Pirates
Johnny Depp … Plays a Pirate
Bill Virdon 1955 NL Rookie of the Year
… Played for the Pirates

And for a guy that played a parrot
he shares his birthday with
A duck named Donald and
a triple-crown winner Secretariat
(no part to be confused with
afore mentioned secretary)

                       Of course Tim needs some help
               with the Varoom Room Rally so he had to call in
                       the Fabulous VaVaVaroom Girls

                           ARRAY OVER LAP
                   TIMB1, TIMB2, TIMB3, TIMB4, TIMB5
         And who will keep Tim in line and keep the show rolling?
             … His beautiful and funny co-hostess, Cyrcee

                          ARRAY OVERLAP
                      TIMC1, TIMC2, TIMC3, TIMC4

To the MTV audience he was known as Timmy on Road Rules Second
Season, Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Seasons, The
Inferno and the Gauntlet II.


                   (RoadRules1 and Tim2 side by side)
                      (Tim3 Tim4 Tim5 side by side)

Tim also hosted several shows on MTV including a game show called
“Game Brain”, and NHL Special entitled “Face-Off” and “7UP and Out”

           (FSNSLANT1 … reduce this to size with fsnslant2 …
                   and FSNSLANT2 side by side)

For five seasons, Tim hosted “The Slant” on Fox Sports Net that covered
NCAA teams and games featuring a new school every week. The Slant"
was a 30-minute television program broadcast nationally several times
each week that looks at the traditions and "color" surrounding college
football at all levels.

      (FOXgotta1 stacked over FOX1 … reduce to be ½ FOXgotta1)

Tim hosted “You Gotta See This” on Fox featuring things that were too
much to see on TV but Fox showed it anyway. Every kind of crazy stunt,
oddity, sports fiasco, crazomaniac that has ever been filmed is on this
show. Of course, the ones that were too, too hot went directly to video.

         (Guts1 stacked over Guts2 … reduce to about ½ guts1)

            (Guts3, Guts4, Guts5 overlap at random positions)
For four seasons Tim hosted “Guts and Bolts” on the History Channel.
Guts & Bolts provides a "behind the curtain" look at the history and inner-
workings of today's most fascinating technology. Host Tim Beggy takes a
hands-on approach and gets to do things other people only dream of doing.
Whether he's opening the locks at the Panama Canal, being set on fire by
a movie special effects team, or driving a combine harvester in a demolition
derby, Beggy shows technology in action like it's never been seen before.

    (usaEco1 stacked over usa1 … reduce usa1 to about ½ usaeco1)

Tim joined team Mad River competing in the 2002 race, composed of other
“celebrity” participants Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor Africa, Jenna Lewis
of the first Survivor and Adam Larson of Road Rules Ten. One of twenty
“rookie” teams confirmed to embark on Mark Burnett’s “Eco-Challenge”
adventure. The teams travel anywhere from seven to twelve days over
500km of Fiji Islands’ toughest terrain.