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									Corporate Overview

                     Everywhere You Are
                                                    Corporate Overview

                     Corporate Mission

To be an industry-leading
supplier of advanced
integrated circuits (ICs)

                                  Atmel is an industry leader in ICs for Smart
                                   Cards and secure Point-of-Sale Terminals

                                                Corporate Overview   Feb-2006    3
                                                Corporate Overview

                          Corporate Focus

Atmel focuses on System Solutions
built around:                               Technology Integration

 High-performance Microcontrollers (MCU)
 Embedded Non Volatile Memories (NVM)
 Radio Frequency (RF)
 Analog
                                                MCU                     NVM
 Security
… to maintain leadership in key markets,                     System
 Flash Microcontrollers                                  Analog & RF
   #1 in 8-bit Flash microcontrollers
 Secure Systems
   #2 in secure ICs for smart cards
 Automotive                                Corporate Overview     Feb-2006   4
                                                    Corporate Overview

                      Application Support
                                                                     Application Code
In partnership with application                                      Operating
leaders, Atmel supplies:                     Nonvolatile
                                                                     Protocol Stacks
 Device Driver Software                      Memory
                                                                     Device Drivers
 Protocol Stacks
 Operating Systems                     RF
 Compilers                                                            Analog

 Application Code Modules                                              Power
                                               Logic                   Manage-
 Development Tools                                                     ment

 Reference Designs

… to simplify application development         Application-ready System

                                                Corporate Overview      Feb-2006        7
                                                  Corporate Overview

                    Wide Application Focus

Atmel aims its products at
a wide range of applications in
high-growth markets:
 Consumer
 Computer/ Networking                        you are 

 Communications
 Security/ Smart Cards
 Automotive
 Industrial/ Medical/                       Market Diversity
 Military/ Aerospace

                                              Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   10
                                                                                        Corporate Overview

                                            Product Lines
General-Purpose                                                                                 Application-Specific
   Non Volatile         Microcontrollers               ASICs            Secure Solutions          Communications
    Memories                                      Customer Specific         Secure MCU              Solutions
                                                       ASICs                                            ZigBee
                               80C51                                      Contactless Card
                            (8-bit CISC)           Rad. Hard ASICs         Secure Memory             RF Products
                                                                          CryptoMemory®             GSM/ CDMA Cell
      Flash                                     FPGA Conversion (ULC)                                     Phone
                                                                         Smart Card Reader
                               AVR®                                                                    GPS Chipset
                            (8-bit RISC)
                                                       ASSPs                    RFID
                                                                                                     Cordless Phone
                                                         USB              Trusted Platform
                                                                              Module                 Analog/ Digital
                                                    GPS Baseband                                    Audio Broadcast
                               ARM ®
                            (32-bit RISC)        Power Management         Biometric ICs                Car Access
    DataFlash®                                     Broadband Data           FingerChip®          Tire Pressure Metering
                                                     Conversion                                    RF Remote Control
                               AVR32                                      Multimedia ICs         License Free Industrial
                            (32-bit RISC)
                                                                         Voice-over-IP (VoIP)          & Consumer
                                                  Automotive ICs
                                                 CAN / LIN Networking     Storage Interface          Imaging ICs
                        High-reliability MCUs
                                                 Automotive Sensors      Sound Processing          CCD/ CMOS Image
                          (32-bit Power PC)
  EEPROM/ Serial                                                            (Dream ™)                  Capture
    EEPROM                                            Driver ICs             MP3 Player
                              Diopsis™                                                             Image Processors
                        (Floating Point VLIW        Watchdog ICs        DVD/CD Writer/ Player       Integrated Digital
                                DSP)              Single-function ICs           Video                Camera Module

    Common IP Blocks: MCU/ DSP Cores & Peripherals, Standard Interfaces, Analog, Power Management,
                             Embedded Nonvolatile Memory, RAM, ROM
                   Foundry Services: SiGe Bipolar/ BiCMOS, BCDMOS/BCD-on-SOI, CMOS
                                                                          Corporate Overview           Feb-2006          11
                                                        Corporate Overview

                    Fabrication Processes

Atmel develops advanced fabrication
processes precisely adapted to its
    High-performance digital and analog
 CMOS with Non Volatile Memory
    Embedded EEPROM and Flash memory
    High-voltage, high temperature and high
     noise immunity for automotive applications
 Silicon Germanium (SiGe) Bipolar and            Leading-edge semiconductor
  BiCMOS                                             fabrication processes

    High-frequency RF interfaces

                                                    Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   13
                                                                Corporate Overview

                      Research & Development

Atmel participates in Collaborative R&D
Projects for:
 Leading-edge Technologies                                       
     Non Volatile Memory and Embedded NVM
     Nanoscale CMOS technology and fabrication processes
     Next-generation SiGe technology

 Advanced Design, Fabrication and Packaging
 Next-generation Products
       Wireless Sensor Networks
       Secure Communication Solutions
       Multi-standard Broadcast Receivers
       Long-range RF Identification (RFID) Products

Partnership with Universities, Research Labs and Market-
leading Customers
                                                            Corporate Overview     Feb-2006    14
                                                                                Corporate Overview

 San Jose, USA                                                         8000 employees worldwide
    Corporate Headquarters, Test, R&D
 Colorado Springs, USA
    0.25-micron 6-inch Wafer Fab, Test, R&D
 Rousset, France
    0.13-micron 8-inch Wafer Fab, Test, R&D
 Heilbronn, Germany
    0.5-micron 6-inch SiGe/ Bipolar/ BiCMOS/ BCDMOS Wafer
     Fab, Test, R&D
 North Tyneside, England
    0.13-micron 8-inch Wafer Fab, R&D
 Grenoble, France
    CCD Fab, Assembly, R&D
 Philippines
    Assembly, Test
 27 Design Centers
                                                                    Atmel Corporate Headquarters, San Jose
    Berkeley, Colorado Springs, Columbia, Raleigh, San Jose,
     Chicago, Camberley, East Kilbride, North Tyneside, Helsinki,        Atmel also uses fabrication sub-
     Stockholm, Trondheim, Semur-en-Auxois, Grenoble, Nantes,             contractors to ensure the best
     Paris, Rousset, Lisbon, Milan, Patras, Duisberg, Dresden,            technology mix in its products
     Heilbronn, Ulm, Bucarest, Shanghai, Tokyo
 22 Sales Offices Worldwide                                                Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   15
                                                              Corporate Overview

            Revenue Split by Product Category

                  Automotive Products
   Mixed Signal ASSPs                                  Non Volatile Memory
           9%                                                          22%


Secure Products                                                Microcontrollers

                            RF Wireless ASSPs

                         Atmel Product Revenues 2005      Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   17
                                                 Corporate Overview

       Revenue Split by Region

      23%                                   Asia


              Atmel Product Revenues 2005
                                             Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   18
                                                          Corporate Overview

                       Consumer Applications

    DVD and MP3 Players
    Music Synthesis/ Karaoke
    Electronic Games
    AM/ FM and Digital Radios
    TV/ Video, White Goods
    Digital Cameras
    DVD Chipset and Laser Controller ICs
    ISM-band Radio Link ICs
    Image Sensor / Processor ICs
    MP3 Decoder
    Dream™ Sound Synthesis ICs
    ARM®-based 32-bit Microcontrollers
    AVR® 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers         High-volume,
    AM/ FM Receivers and Amplifiers          high-integration, low-cost,
    DAB Receivers and Decoders                low-power-consumption
    TV/ Video ICs                                ASSPs and ASICs
    IR Remote Receiver ICs
    Power Management ICs
                                                      Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   21
                                                        Corporate Overview

                Communications Applications

  GSM/ GPRS/ CDMA/ UMTS Mobile Phones
  Cordless and Corded Phones
  Secure Mobile Radios
  Global Positioning System (GPS)
  Personal Locators
  Infrastructure Systems
  GSM/ GPRS Baseband Processor
  RF Transceivers, Power Amps and Front-end ICs
  RF Standard Building Blocks
  Cordless and Corded Phones ICs
  GPS Receiver and Baseband Processor Chipset       Highly integrated
  Miniature Digital Camera Modules                analog/ digital and RF
  ARM®-based Std Products, ASSPs and ASICs          Systems-on-Chip

  Power Management ICs
                                                    Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   22
                                                                    Corporate Overview

                       Automotive Applications

    Vehicle Body Electronics
    Vehicle Access
    Power Train Management
    Telematics (Navigation)
    Entertainment (Car Radio, Car Media)
    Tire Pressure Metering Systems (TPMS)
    Sensors (Rain Sensor)
    Vehicle Network/ Multiplexing (CAN, VAN, LIN, etc.)
    GPS Receiver and Baseband Processor Chipset
    Receivers for Analog and Digital Broadcast Systems
    ICs for Wireless Control (Keyless Entry, etc.)
    TPMS ICs                                                Market-leading products
    Smart Drivers and Intelligent Bridges              conforming to stringent automotive
    AVR  ® 8-bit and 32-bit Microcontrollers                  industry standards
    Single-function ICs
    Customized ASICs                                          Corporate Overview Feb-2006 24
                                                      Corporate Overview

                             Process Roadmap
                      2003      2004   2005    2006
            0.25 µm                                               MCU
                                                                  Flash MCU
  CMOS      0.18 µm                                               Digital/Analog ASIC
    Logic                                                         Digital/Analog ASSP
            0.13 µm
  & Flash                                                         Programmable Logic
            0.09 µm                                               Flash

            0.25 µm                                               Secure MCU
 CMOS                                                             EEPROM ASIC
Embedded    0.18 µm                                               EEPROM ASSP
            0.15 µm                                               EEPROM

            0.35 µm                                               RF
   SiGe-                                                          RF ASSP
            0.18 µm
BiCMOS                                                            Foundry
            0.13 µm

                                                  Corporate Overview      Feb-2006      26
                                               Corporate Overview

         Silicon Germanium (SiGe)

1 GHz          2 GHz            5 GHz                    10 GHz

               SiGe                                      GaAs

GSM     PDC   DCS WLAN             WLAN                         RF
              PCS Blue-
 ISM    GPS   DECT tooth            ISM                     Links

          Key Technology for RF Products

                                           Corporate Overview        Feb-2006   27
                                                Corporate Overview

    Manufacturing Facilities: Germany/ UK

                Heilbronn, Germany
                   Process: SiGe, Bipolar, BiCMOS, BCDMOS
                   Wafer Size: 6-inch (150mm)
                   Technology: 0.5µm
                   Fabrication, Product R&D

                North Tyneside, UK
                 Process: CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, NVM, Smart Card
                 Wafer Size: 8-inch (200mm)
                 Technology: 0.18µm, 0.13µm
                 Usable Clean Room Area: 75,000 sq ft (7,500 sq m)
                 Fully Equipped Capacity: 10,000 wafers/ week

                                            Corporate Overview   Feb-2006   31

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