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									                                                       END LEGISLATED POVERTY
                        End Legislated Poverty (ELP) is a coalition of 40 B.C. groups, including anti-poverty groups, welfare advocates, unions and
                                              churches, working together to force govemments to reduce and end poverty.
                                                                          ELP's objectives are:
                 -To organize low income people -To educate on the need to end poverty and create decent jobs -To encourage unity and co-operation
                  between unpaid and paid working people -To develop joint campaigns with organization representing unpaid and paid working people
                                                                                            -   --

          CURRENT CAMPAIGNS                                  WHAT IS LEGISLATED POVERTY?                                             PAST ACTIONS
Welfare -We are organizing for a better welfare       ELP believes that unemployemnt and poverty is not the          1990 -Developed a Corporate Agenda Workshop to
system, including higher rates. Call us to get your   fault of indivldual people living In poverty. We believe       show the systemic causes of poverty.
free ELPKIT to help you organize people in your       poverty is legislated. In other words, poverty is created by   1991 -ELP worked to get low imcome people regis-
community about this issue. Call us collect for       laws that are passed by government leglslatures. For           tered to vote in the provincial election.
ideas and support.                                    example, low minimum wage and welfare rates are                1991 -ELP's campaign to end compulsory employ-
Fomelessness -initiating and supporting the           govemment policies which keep people living in poverty.        ment for single parents on welfare In BC was suc-
National 1% Solution Campaign, urging all levels of                                                                  cessful.
govemments to Increase housing budgets by 1%.                                                                        1992 -ELPascampaign which resulted in provincial
Panhandlinq -working on a case against the City                                                                      funding for universal, non-stigmatizing lunch pro-
of Vancouver and the province of BC in order to                                                                      grams in 152 B.C. schools. As of the summer of
stop anti-panhandling laws.                                                                                          1999, there are over 300 provincially funded school
Economic Riahts -urging all levels of govemment                                                                      programs.
to include "economic and social human rights " in                                                                    1994-ELP's Wages and Welfare Committee organ-
human rights legislation.                                                                                            ized a "Justice not Chanty" rally in Vancouver.
                                                                                                                     1996 ELP began a campaign to end discrimination
ONGOING WORK                                                                                                         against low income people by politicians, main-
-Working with coalitions to keep national standards               ELP'S JUSTICE PROGRAM                              stream media and the general public.
for social assistance, health care and education.     ELP's Justice Program was agreed to by member groups           1996 ELP worked with the "Workfare Hurts One and
-Producing and distributing a monthly newsletter,     as the basis of unity for ELF% work. The Justice Program       All" (WHOA) coalition to oppose the provincial
The Long Haul, which is circulated to over 5,500      states ELP's long range goals, which if enacted would          government's regressive BC Benefits legislation.
people, including low income people and allies.       significantly reduce poverty.                                  1998 -Jaquie Ackerly, president of ELP, represented
-Holding regular meetings of welfare advocates.       1. lncome -increase welfare rates to the National Council      NAP0 at the UN covenant on Economic, Social and
-Organizing meetings and workshops for low            of Welfare poverty line. lncrease the minimum wage to          Cultural Rights to advocate for the rights of low
income and anti-poverty groups throughout B.C,                                                                       income people and bring attention to the loss of
                                                      $10 per hour.
including regional training schools outside of the    2. Jobs -strengthen the government's investment in full        social programs.
lower mainland.                                                                                                      1998 -ELP produced a poster to spread the
-Working for our Justice Program.                     3. Services -Free medical, dental, prescription drugs, bus     message that Canada should provide adequate
-Taking adion on attacks on poor people as they                                                                      food,clothing and shelter for all citizens, as they
                                                      pass, phone costs, quality child care and social housing
occur and educating people on poverty issues.         supplied to those living below the poverty line. Reinstate     promised in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
-Responding to govemment requests for briefs on       national standards for welfare, education and health.
issues that effect low income people.                 4.P00r Bashinq -eliminate the discrimination, stereotyp
-Educating people on the corporate agenda.            ing and promotion of hatred against poor people
-Exposing the effects of the MA1 (Multilateral        5.Aqainst the Comorate Aqenda -urge govemments to
Agreement on Investment) on low income people.        create polices for human rights instead of corporate
-Working with other community groups and coali-       rights.
tions, such as the Stop the Cuts Coalition.           &Taxes -Reinstitute taxes on wealthy individuals and
                                                      corporations -eliminate taxes for low income people
Groups i n ELP's coalition include:
                                                       ELP is a part of a larger movement fighting for
  Advocacy Centre, Nelson * Advocacy                   the rights of people living in poverty.

Outreach Centre, Salmon Arm * BC
Teachers' Federation, Vancouver Boundary
Advocacy Group, Greenwood Boundary
Poverty Action Society, Grand Forks                              You can become involved by:
  Branching Out, Dawson Creek Bulkley                          -Joining ELP's working committees.
Valley Anti-Poverty, Smithers * Camegie
Association, Vancouver Christ Church Cathedral,
Surrey*Comox Valley Anti-Poverty Social Action
Group, Courtenay Cowichan Women
Against Violence Society, Duncan * Down-
                                                             -Volunteering with ELP or any of ELP's
                                                                     coalition member gmups.
                                                            -Writing articles and letters to The Long
                                                              Haul about issues that matter to you.
                                                                 -Phoning or writing to your local
town Eastside Residents' Association,Vancouver              politicians to let them know how you feel
'Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, Vancouver *                about the changes that are happening
Downtown Handicapped Assoc., Vancouver First                  and what really needs to be done (eg.
United Church, Vancouver HandicappedlLow Income             more jobs, higher minimum wage, higher
Society, Vancouver Justice 8 Peace Unit, Vancouver                         welfare rates.)
  KamloopsActive Support Against Poverty* Kitimat             -Giving financial support to ELP or Its
Anti-Poverty * Langley Advancing Against                          member groups if you are able.
 Poverty Lower Lightstation * NAC BC  -
  Neighbouhood Helpers, Vancouver * North
                                                            -Starting a gmup in your area ELP can
                                                                       help you get started.
Okanogan Community Law Office 'One Plus                     -Speaking out to friends and neighbours
Advocating Association, Okanogan Penticton &                       about issues important to you.
Area Women's Centre Philiipine Women's                            -Subscribing to The Long Haul.
Centre, Vancouver Society of O ~ a n i z e Services,        -Finding out about ELP's campaigns and
Parksville South Okanogan Urban Native                              getting involved with them.
Delegation Society, Penticton Sunshine                           -Anything else you can think of!
Coast Advocacy Action, Gibsons TAPS,
Victoria Tenant's Rights Action Coalition
"Terrace Anti-Poverty Group Society
*Unitarian Church Vancouver & District                          It's your voice that counts1
Public Housing Tenants Association                                     Call us collect.
Vancouver Richmond Mental Health
 Network * Vancouver Status of Women
Vemon & District Women's Centre                            If you need more Information, phone numbers
Society, Vemon.                                              and addresses for politicians, have a gmup
                                                              that Is interested inJoining ELP or wish to
                                                         volunteer, please contact us at the address at the
                                                                  address and phone number below:

Funding for ELP includes:                                             End Legislated Poverty
Ministry of Social Development                                        211-458 W Bmadway
& Economic Security, City of Vancouver,                                   Vancouver, BC
The Law Foundation of British Columbia,                                     V5Y 1R3
Legal Sewices Soclety and donations from various                    Telephone: 604-879-1209
groups, unions and individuals.                              Fax: 604- 879-1229 emall

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