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Conference Hosts_ by malj


									                                                    LIVING THE ENVIRONMENT 4
                                                  Conference for High School Youth
                                                         November 4, 2008
Conference Hosts:                             Program Highlights:                                   Registration:
Hamilton Community Foundation and its         Keynote Speaker:                                      Registration forms will be accepted until
                                               Meagan McKeen, an exceptional high school
Youth Advisory Council in partnership with       student from Oakville, was appointed by the
                                                                                                    October 20, 2008 at the Foundation
Mohawk College are again hosting this            British Council to represent Canada in London,
conference. The program has been                 U.K. last spring as an International Climate       For More Information:
planned in conjunction with Ontario Public       Champion. There she met with 39 students           Contact Linda Hughes, Hamilton
Interest Research Group (OPIRG)                  from around the globe to discuss climate           Community Foundation’s Youth Advisor
                                                 change and prepare a presentation for the G8
McMaster University                              environment ministers who met in Kobe,
                                                                                                    and Consultant for the POET program by
                                                 Japan in May 2008. Meagan is a passionate          e-mail or phone
Event: Living the Environment 4                  environmentalist involved in several initiatives   (905)-523-5600 ext 264.
The theme of this year’s conference is           including a project that plants 250 trees in
climate change and its many components.          Oakville each fall and spring. She is an
The day will foster innovative                   enthusiastic member of the Halton District
                                                 School Board Environmental Management
environmental leadership within schools
and the local community, and highlight the
continued participation of youth in the          Small group presentations and discussions
Foundation’s Protecting Our Environment           with Hamilton’s leading environmental
Together (POET) Youth Grants Program.             experts focusing on key local environmental
                                                  issues and solutions.
                                                 Hands-on Workshops will offer experiential
All high schools in Hamilton are invited to       learning opportunities and practical tools for
select two students and one teacher to            innovative environmental projects with lasting
attend the conference, which is being             impact. Students from the same school would
limited to 100 participants.                      benefit from choosing different workshops.

Date:                                            POET Youth Grants Program: Detailed
                                                  information and grant application kits for
November 4; 2008 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.            Hamilton Community Foundation’s POET
Lunch and snacks will be provided.                grants, which provide up to $700 to local high
                                                  schools to support youth-led environmental
Place:                                            projects, will be sent as soon as your school
STARRT Institute, the new Stoney Creek            registers.
Campus of Mohawk College, at 481
Barton Street

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