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									DECA QUEEN’S
NOVEMBER 20 - 22, 2009 | KINGSTON, ON

This package contains information for those who wish to compete at
the 2009 DECA Queen’s Invitational. Please review all information in
this package.

Chapter executives are repsonsible for submitting all registration
documents to DECA Queen’s by November 6, 2009. Finances should
be submitted through online payment or with a single cheque from
each chapter before November 13, 2009.

1) DECA Queen’s Invitational: Delegate Package
   * includes code of conduct, delegate information form
   * all delegates must ll out both forms in hard-copy

2) DECA Queen’s Invitational: Chapter Registration Spreadsheet
   * to be lled out by chapter executives and e-mailed to DECA Queen’s
           Goodes Hall, Queen’s University
           143 Union Street, Kingston, Ontario

           Friday, November 20, 2009 to Sunday, November 22, 2009

           DRESS CODE:
           Competitors will be expected to be in full business attire at all events, with
           the exception of the social events on Friday and Saturday evening, which are
           casual and semi-formal, respectively.

           HOTEL BOOKINGS:
           DECA Queen’s will be making all hotel bookings at the Confederation Place
           Hotel for all delegates. Accomodations (quad occupancy) are included in the
           conference fee. Delegates must choose their roomates or they will be

                           Confederation Place Hotel
                           237 Ontario Street
                           Phone: 613 549 6300
                           Toll-Free: 888 825 4656

           Chapters and/ or delegates are responsible for arranging transportation to
           and from the Queen’s Invitational. Transportation between events on the
           weekend is included in the conference fee and arranged by DECA Queen’s.
DECA Queen’s will be inviting 140 delegates in total for this year’s Invitational weekend. Participants may register for one category in
either the business simulations or case studies. Competitors will be asked to specify their top 2 desired categories – we will try to accom-
modate accordingly, but we cannot guarantee participation in your chosen categories.

Preparation: 30 minutes          Partners: no
Presentation: 15 minutes         Laptops: no
Questions: 0 minutes             External Material: calculators
                                 allowed for the 100 Multiple
                                 Choice Test

Fashion Merchandising & Marketing                                       E-Commerce
Students will perform marketing and management functions and            Students will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge and
tasks in retail establishments; wholesale establishments and manufac-   understanding of internet marketing and entrepreneurship
turing rms primarily engaged in the marketing of clothing and           concepts.
related articles for personal wear and adornment.
                                                                        Travel and Tourism
Financial Services Management                                           Students will be asked to perform marketing and management
Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of          functions and tasks in any business enterprise primarily
  nancial concepts and how those concepts apply to the disciplines of   engaged in satisfying the desire of people to make productive
investment and corporate nance in both business enterprises and         or enjoyable use of travel services.
  nancial service institutions.

Preparation Time: 60 minutes          Partners: yes
Presentation Time: 10 minutes         Laptops: yes
Question Time: 5 minutes              External Material: no

Business Ethics
Students will analyze a business situation containing an ethical    International Marketing
dilemma then present a resolution of the dilemma to a profes-       Students will analyze a real–world international case situa-
sional (judge) with experience in business.                         tion then present solutions to a professional (judge) with
                                                                    experience in international marketing and management.
Business-to-Business Marketing
Students will analyze a real–world case situation that deals with   Sports & Entertainment Marketing
marketing/business activity between organizations, and the          Students will analyze a real–world sports and entertainment
marketing of products / services from one business to another,      marketing case situation and present solutions to a profes-
then present solutions to a professional (judge) with experience    sional (judge) with experience in sports and entertainment
in marketing and management.                                        marketing.

One of the cornerstones of DECA U’s mission statement is that of Civic
Consciousness, and for its members to enhance the communities in which
they live and work. A new initiative this year, the Charity Case Competition
is a chance for our delegates to work in mixed teams on a case that
revolves around a local charity and some of the challenges that it faces
each year.

Each team will be comprised of students from a variety of schools,
programs, and cohorts. Following an address by a representative from our
featured charity, each team will have thirty minutes to prepare a solution
with no aides or materials other than the case provided to them, to
address the challenges in the case.

Each team will then give a 10-minute presentation, to be followed by a
question and answer period from the judging panel, which will include a
representative from the charity itself. At the Awards Brunch, DECA Queen’s
will make a donation to the charity on the winners’ behalf.
      6:00 - 7:00PM
      Registration/ Wine & Cheese
      7:00 - 8:00PM
      Opening Ceremonies

      8:00 - 9:00PM
      MC Test/ Workshops
      10:00 - 12:00PM
      Thematic Night Social (Gra ti Party)

      7:30 AM                                                                          9:00 AM
      Wake up call                    12:30 - 1:30 PM                                  Executive Council Meeting
                                      Lunch at Goodes Hall                             (by invitation only)

      9:00 AM                         1:30 PM                                          10:30 - 11:15AM
      Transportation to Goodes Hall   First afternoon ight called                      Brunch will be served
      Breakfast will be served
                                      3:00 - 5:00 PM                                   11:15 - 12:00PM
      9:30 AM                         Charity Case Competition                         Awards Presentation

      First morning ight called       6:00 - 8:00 PM
      Scavenger Hunt begins                                                            11:30 - 12:00
                                      Formal Dinner* & Keynote                         Closing Ceremony
      11:00 - 12:30 PM                10:00PM - 12:30 AM                               12:00PM
      Workshop #1                     Thematic Night Social                            Delegates depart Kingston
                                       *semi-formal dress code (theme: black & gold)
Registration Deadline: November 6, 2009                          Chapter Payment Guidelines:
The cost of competition at the 2009 DECA Queen’s Invitational    Online payments can be made through email to:
is $140, which includes:                               
        1) DECA Queen’s Invitational Delegate Portfolio
                                                                 If your chapter chooses to pay online, please notify us in the chapter
        2) Two night accommodations
                                                                 registration e-mail, as well as two days prior to the money transfer.
        3 )Transportation to and from events
        4) Three Meals and Social Snacks/Beverages
                                                                 Chapters may also send one certi ed cheque made payable to DECA
        5) Entrance to socials on Friday and Saturday night
                                                                 Queen’s for the total number of person’s registering. Please send this
        6) Name Tags / Pens / Hi-lighters
                                                                 cheque with all completed hard copy forms (delegate info, code of
        7) Administrative / Printing Costs
                                                                 conduct) within a week (before November 13, 2009) of emailing
Refund Policy                                                    the Chapter Registration Spreadsheet.
There will be no refunds or cancellations for this conference.
                                                                 Please send all hard-copy forms and money to:

                                                                                 DECA Queen’s
                                                                                 c/o Commerce Society
                                                                                 Goodes Hall, Queen's University
                                                                                 143 Union Street Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6

                                                                 Along with the hard-copy forms, please include the spreadsheet entitled
                                                                 “Chapter Registration” to:

                                                                                 Cherie Tsang
                                                                                 Phone : (613)-583-7633

                                                                 Please contact Cherie Tsang (information above), our External
                                                                 Delegates Coordinator for any further information or clari cations.
1.     The term delegate shall mean any person taking part in the 2009 DECA Queen’s Invitational.
       The term advisor refers to the person in charge of the chapter (i.e. President).
2.     Delegates shall keep their advisors informed of their activities and whereabouts.
3.     Delegates should be on time and prepared for all activities.
4.     Delegates should be nancially prepared for all possibilities.
5.     Invitational activities shall be limited to Invitational participants so identi ed by an o cial
       name badge. Name badges shall be worn at all Invitational events.
6.     Delegates shall not possess illegal narcotics, at any time, under any circumstances.
7.     Delegates shall attend all activities on the DECA Queen’s Invitational itinerary.
8.     Delegates shall dress appropriately for the occasion – professional business attire, unless
       otherwise speci ed on the Invitational itinerary.
9.     Advisors will be responsible for the conduct of delegates.
10.    Advisors may impose more stringent conduct policies at their discretion.

I, ______________________________, hereby acknowledge and agree that I have read and
understood the Code of Conduct and agree to follow its guidelines.

I do hereby release DECA Queen’s, its o cers, directors from all liability, claims, and causes of any
kind, in respect to, but not limited to, all personal injuries, loss of life or property losses, which I may
su er arising out of activities at the 2009 DECA Queen’s Invitational.

I do hereby agree to the following:

       1) That I have carefully read, understood, and will freely execute the directives of this Code
          of Conduct.
       2) That I understand that by signing this Release I will be forever prevented from suing or
          making claims against DECA Queen’s, its members, directors, or o cers.

Dated at _________, this ____ day of _______________ in the year _________

Signature ______________ Witness _________________
Name:         ______________                Roommate Information

Birth Date:   ______________                1) Name & Chapter: _____________________

Age:          ______________                2) Name & Chapter: _____________________

E-Mail:       ______________                3) Name & Chapter: _____________________

Chapter:      ______________

Selection of Competitive Area

Simulation First Choice:      _______________________________
Simulation Second Choice:     _______________________________
Case Study First Choice:      _______________________________
Case Study Second Choice:     _______________________________
Case Partner Name:            _______________________________

Formal Dinner Choices (please select one) *meal choices subect to change

                      1) Vegetarian          2) Salmon            3) Chicken

Medical Information

Health Card #: _____________________________


Medical Conditions & Medications

Emergency Contact
Name:       __________________________

Relationship: __________________________

Phone:        __________________________

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