CS-077-07 Proposal Award Design Services Milton Branch Library by csgirla


									                                  The Corporation of the
                                   TOWN OF MILTON

Report to:      Mayor G. A. Krantz and Members of Council
From:           Linda Leeds, Director, Corporate Services and Treasurer
Date:           August 20, 2007
Report No.      CS-077-07

Subject:        Proposal Award – #07-243 Design and Project Administrative
                Services for the Milton Branch Library.

RECOMMENDATION:          THAT the proposal for Design and Administrative Services
                         be awarded to ZAS Architects Ltd. in the total price of
                         $169,500 (based on 11,300 sq. ft. and exclusive of taxes);

                         AND THAT the branch library be designed to achieve a
                         LEED basic designation at the total cost of $65,200
                         (exclusive of taxes);

                         AND THAT the capital budget for the branch library be
                         increased by $1,858,500 with funding from Capital
                         Provision Reserve, Library Development Charges and Tax
                         Supported Debentures;

                         AND THAT the design for the branch library conform to the
                         City of London Facility Accessibility Design Standards;

                         AND THAT forecast changes and journal entries be
                         prepared to reflect the budgetary changes as outlined in
                         the financial Impact section;

                         AND THAT the Manager, Purchasing be authorized to
                         execute contracts and the Mayor and Clerk be authorized
                         to sign any and all required paperwork.



This report is being submitted to award the proposal for the Design and Project
Administrative Services for the Milton Branch Library to ZAS Architects and to revise the
approved capital budget to reflect current costing information.
              The Corporation of the
              TOWN OF MILTON
                                                             Council Report No.CS-077-07
                                                                              Page No. 2


The planning for the development of the Branch Library was identified several years ago
following the completion of a study under the direction of the Library Board to determine
best options for expanded service delivery. The Branch Library project currently
underway is the first branch for the Town of Milton, and will see the first off-site
expansion of library services being provided to meet a growing population. As identified
in the Business Process Review, the development and operation of Civic Facilities is
being coordinated under the direction of the Community Services Department, with
periodic assistance from external Project Management services. With a number of
large capital facility related projects (new and redevelopment) identified in existing and
future capital budgets, staff are maximizing skill sets and establishing work
processes/teams to achieve the desired program and functional outcomes identified by
the end users. The first step in the process is the retention of a Prime Design
Consultant. This report outlines the recommendation regarding the procurement for
these services. The financial impact section has been written to indicate the expected
Capital and Operating budget impacts for this project.


The proposal was issued on July 4, 2007 and advertised on the Town of Milton, OPBA
and ETN’s websites. Twenty-six (26) bids were picked up and thirteen (13) bids were
received back and publicly acknowledged on July 30, 2007. Three bids were rejected
for being informal. Proponents submitting bids were:

Kongats Architects
MacLennan Jaunkains Miller Architects Ltd.
PBK Architects Inc.
Rounthwaite Dick & Hadley
Shoalts & Zaback Architects Ltd.
Shore Tilbe Irwin and Partners
Walter Fedy Partnership
Teeple Architects Inc.
The Ventin Group
ZAS Architects Inc.
             The Corporation of the
             TOWN OF MILTON
                                                              Council Report No.CS-077-07
                                                                               Page No. 3

Bids were short-listed based on the following criteria:
   • Related Project Experience
   • Resource Qualifications / availability and commitment to the project.
   • Fee Proposal
The following proponents were short-listed and interviewed:

Kongats Architects
Shoalts & Zaback Architects Ltd.
Teeple Architects Inc
The Ventin Group
ZAS Architects Inc.

ZAS provided a strong proposal that effectively dealt with all the program details
outlined in the proposal document. ZAS presented a strong and well defined project
schedule and has proposed an experienced cohesive team with a variety of expertise,
all which will assist in completion of this project within a tight time frame.

ZAS and the project manager have completed several Central and Branch libraries for
both Municipalities and School Boards.

It is recommended that ZAS Architects Inc. be awarded the contract for Design and
Administration Services for the Milton Branch Library. The Milton Public Library board
has reviewed and endorsed the recommendation to hire ZAS Architects at a special
meeting held on August 14, 2007.

Financial Impact

Capital Budget

The existing approved capital budget for the library branch was based on estimates
prepared as part of the 2004 Development Charge background study and bylaw update.
The first phase of the project was approved with the 2005 capital budget, with the
balance of the project considered and approved as part of the 2007 program. In
addition, the 2008 budget was also pre-approved. The existing budget for this project is
$2.0 million. It has become apparent as work has progressed on the project that these
              The Corporation of the
              TOWN OF MILTON
                                                              Council Report No.CS-077-07
                                                                               Page No. 4

budget figures need to be revised. The average cost for construction in 2004 was
based on a 10,000 square foot building with a cost per square foot of $130. Additional
budget estimates were included for land acquisition, design, and contract

The library completed a site feasibility study for the lands, prior to the Town finalizing
the purchase, to ensure that the site would be suitable for the proposed facility. The
work undertaken also provided a preliminary building program analysis to provide
guidance with respect to the potential build able area and building program distribution.
This study concluded that the site could accommodate a facility of 11,300 square feet
and staff is recommending that the architects be directed to design a building of this
size given the changes to the overall population forecasts for the Town since 2004.
The forecast population to 2021 in 2004 was 106,000 versus the new best planning
estimates of 147,400. The cost per square foot has also increased since 2004 and
staff is recommending a budget estimate of $200 per square foot.

The Town has also obtained cost estimates for having the branch library certified LEED.
The recommended architects’ proposal included developing a design consistent with the
principles of sustainability, i.e. building orientation, low-impact materials specification,
utilizing energy conservation techniques, etc. However, there are incremental fees to
arrive at a LEED “Certified” status for the library. These include:

   a) CaGBC Registration and Certification Fee
   b) Energy Modeling & Calculations
   c) LEED Administration during the course of the Project

This has been estimated to be an incremental $65,200 to the cost of the project.
Opportunities for recovering a portion of the costs will be explored and the Town will
apply to available grant programs.

The budget estimates have been revised for design, site works, furniture and fixtures,
contract administration, and including LEED certification at a basic level. Staff are
recommending that the budget for the project be increased to $3.858 million. The
additional costs can be funded as follows:
                The Corporation of the
                TOWN OF MILTON
                                                                Council Report No.CS-077-07
                                                                                 Page No. 5

                                    Original Approved Recommended
                                               Budget Revised Budget  Difference
Cost Estimate                       $      2,000,000 $    3,858,500 $ 1,858,500


Capital Provision Reserve           $       659,573    $     983,920   $    324,347
Slot Reserve Fund                   $        52,083    $      52,083   $        -
Library Development Charges         $       783,218    $   1,504,818   $    721,600
Tax Supported Debt                  $       505,126    $   1,317,679   $    812,553

Total funding                       $      2,000,000   $   3,858,500   $   1,858,500

The difference column shows the incremental cost estimates for the branch library and
the recommended funding sources. The funding will come from development charges,
the capital provision and the balance from increasing the debt financing for this project.

The budget will continue to be monitored and refined based upon final design and pre-
tender estimates.

The intent is to have the library open by the end of 2008 in order to be able to include
the facility in the 2009 development charge update. The amount of development
charges that the Town is able to collect is capped at the historic levels under the
Development Charges Act. With the increase in population and the limited increase in
library facility space, it is critical that this facility be included in our next development
charge review to prevent a decline in the amount of revenue able to be generated
through development charges.

Operating Impacts

The provision of library services is almost wholly funded from the tax base and the
construction and opening of a new branch library will have a significant operating
impact. Net annual operating costs have been estimated for the new branch library in
2007 dollars at $650,000. This anticipates that the branch library will be open the same
number of hours as the central library, and will have one full time staff member
supported by various part time positions. The programs offered at the branch will focus
on family programs and materials with pre-school programs offered and a homework
               The Corporation of the
               TOWN OF MILTON
                                                                  Council Report No.CS-077-07
                                                                                   Page No. 6

centre. The new branch is anticipated to have a monthly circulation of between 20, 000
and 30,000 items. The operating budget impact will require a tax increase of 3.6%
based on the 2007 assessment base.             This level of tax impact is significant and
consideration will need to be given in the 2009 budget for a tax levy increase specific for
the library independent of the historical rate of inflation increase.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan

The process for the hiring of the architect followed Town procedures which support the
goal of a responsible, cost effective and accountable local government. The revised
capital budget and forecasted operating budget provides for transparent and
accountable decision-making.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Leeds. C.G.A
Director, Corporate Services & Treasurer


If you have any questions on the content of this report: Leslie Williamson ext 2138

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