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									                                                                Map                      Acres Acres
Site                        Street Address City        County   Key Owner   Width Length (Fly) (Stated)   Contact Info

Alameda Naval Station                                  Ala                                    0

A's Next Ballpark                          Fremont     Ala                                    0
Baylands County Park                       Sunnyvale   SC                                     0

Cerri Farms                                            CC                                     0

Chain of Lakes Gravel Pit                  Livermore   Ala                                    0
Corral Hollow Road                                   Livermore     Ala                 0

                                                                          Crosby           Alameda
Crosby Land                                          Livermore     Ala    Family       0   County Super

                                  37 24'28.99" N                          Stanislaus
Crows Landing NALF                121 06'34.00" W Patterson        Stan   County       0
Farms along N Livermore & Raymond
Rds                                               Livermore        Ala    ?

                                      Bernal Ave, Oak
Field south of Alameda County         Vista Way,
Fairgrounds                           Valley Ave      Pleasanton   Ala                 0
                                      Wente St from
                                      Concannon to
Fields along Wente Street             Marina          Livermore    Ala    ?

                                      602 Palm
Grass Farm                            Avenue         Morgan Hll    SC                  0

Hal Chesnutt Memorial Field (Flying   4455 Raymond                                         Tim Barry,
Electrons)                            Rd             Livermore     Ala    LARPD        0   LARPD
Heather Farm                                       Walnut Creek CC                                     0

                                                                                                                  Tim Barry,
Independence Park/Kellman Fields   2798 Holmes St Livermore    Ala   20 LARPD         600    900     12.4   17.70 LARPD
Land next to Dougherty Station     17011 Bollinger                                                                Dan Coleman,
Community Center                   Canyon Rd.      San Ramon   CC    15 Shapell Industries
                                                                                      1428   1436   47.08         Shapell

Livermore Schools                                  Livermore   Ala                                     0

Locations Mark Weiss knows about                   Livermore   Ala                                     0

                                   1310 Murdell                                                                   Tim Barry,
Max Baer Park                      Lane            Livermore   Ala   27 LARPD        1000    1000   22.96   11.80 LARPD
                                   3131 Stone
Monte Vista High School            Valley Road     Danville    CC                                      0

NASA Ames                          Moffett Field   Mountain ViewSC      NASA                           0

Newark Memorial HS                                 Newark      Ala                                     0
                                   816 Brookside
Osage Station Park                 Drive           Danville    CC       Danville Parks 700   1200   19.28
                                    16651 Ward
Patterson Sports Park               Avenue           Patterson   Stan                                    0            Chuck Marble
Private Range Land                  Common           Livermore   Ala      ?

                                    400 Goldenbay                                                                     Steve Piersol,
Quail Run School                    Ave              San Ramon   CC     38 SR Parks      450   660    6.818 ?         SR Parks

                                    8625 Sorento
Sacramento 4-H Rocketry             Rd               Elverta     Sac      Private        600   1500   20.66           Gary Robbins
                                    27991 Mace
Sierra Sod Farms                    Road             Davis       Yolo                                    0            Chris Martin

Southern Farms & Ranches                                         SC                                      0

Sunken Gardens                      Pacific Avenue   Livermore   Ala                                     0

Undeveloped land south of Quail Run South of Quail                                                                    Dan Coleman,
Park                                Run School       San Ramon   CC       Shapell Industries             0            Shapell

                                    5800 Patterson                                                                    Tim Barry,
W. Payne Park                       Pass             Livermore   Ala    46 LARPD         600   800    11.02     14.00 LARPD
Wente                                                 Ala                 0

4H group                                 San Martin   SC                  0

BMX Track                                 Sunol       Ala                 0
                           9870 Broadmoor                                           Steve Piersol,
California High School     Dr.            San Ramon   CC     6 SRVUSD     0   45.00 SR Parks
                           7534 Blue Fox                                            Steve Piersol,
Country Club School/Park   Way            San Ramon   CC     9 SR Parks   0    7.00 SR Parks
                           8700 N. Gale                                             Steve Piersol,
Coyote Creek School/Park   Ridge Dr.      San Ramon   CC    11 SR Parks   0    4.00 SR Parks

Coyote Hills                            Fremont       Ala                 0
                           1343 S.                                                  Steve Piersol,
Creekside Park             Wedgewood Rd San Ramon     CC    13 SR Parks   0   11.20 SR Parks
Davis Community Park     1405 F Street   Davis       Yolo                 0

Evelyn Lake Park                         Fremont     Ala                  0

Fields Near Byron                        Byron       CC                   0

Ft Ord                                  Monterey     Mo                   0
                         Broadmoor/Asco                                              Steve Piersol,
Inverness Park           t Dr.          San Ramon    CC     27 SR Parks   0     6.00 SR Parks
                                                                                     Steve Piersol,
Live Oak Elementary                      San Ramon   CC     30 SRVUSD     0?         SR Parks

Los Vaqueros Reservoir                   Livermore   Ala                  0

                         8502 N.                                                     Steve Piersol,
Monarch Park             Monarch         San Ramon   CC     33 SR Parks   0     6.00 SR Parks

Mustang Airport                          Galt        Sac                  0

San Francisco Herb Co                  Fremont       Ala                  0
                         5261 Sherwood                                               Steve Piersol,
San Ramon Sports Park    Way           San Ramon     CC     41 SR Parks   0    11.00 SR Parks
                                  E Durham Ferry
Skyliners RC Club                 Road           Tracy         SJ                                     0

Sod Farms                                                                                             0

Southern Alameda County Radio
Controllers                                      Union City    Ala                                    0

Sunol Nursery                                    Sunol         Ala                                    0

                                  1051 Wetmore                                                                    Tim Barry,
Sycamore Grove                    rd             Livermore     Ala   41 LARPD         870   2000   39.94   742.00 LARPD
                                                                                                                  Steve Piersol,
Twin Creeks School/Park           2785 Marsh Dr. San Ramon     CC    45 SR Parks                      0      3.00 SR Parks

                                   Mockerson Way
Undeveloped land east of Mockerson & Monarch       San Ramon   CC      ?                              0
Undeveloped land east of Quail Run East of Quail                                                                  Dan Coleman,
School                             Run School      San Ramon   CC      Shapell Industries             0           Shapell
                                   Open Fields,
                                   back side of
Undeveloped land on Longleaf       Longleaf Circle San Ramon   CC      ?                              0

                                  Monarch/Star                                                                    Steve Piersol,
Valley View Park                  Jasmine        San Ramon     CC    46 SR Parks                      0      4.00 SR Parks
Vasco Dump                                     Livermore    Ala                 0
                              3250 Pine Valley                                            Steve Piersol,
Walt Disney School/Park       Rd               San Ramon    CC    48 SR Parks   0    4.50 SR Parks

Windemere Ranch Middle        11611 East                                                  Steve Piersol,
School/Park                   Branch Pkwy      San Ramon    CC    49 SR Parks   0   15.00 SR Parks
Alameda County Fair Grounds                    Pleasanton   Ala                 0
                              3735                                                        Steve Piersol,
Arlington Park                Knightsbridge    San Ramon    CC     1 SR Parks   0    4.00 SR Parks
                              Montevideo                                                  Steve Piersol,
Athan Downs                   Dr/Davona Dr.    San Ramon    CC     2 SR Parks   0   16.00 SR Parks
                                                                                          Steve Piersol,
Bellingham Square             Bellingham Dr.   San Ramon    CC     3 SR Parks   0    4.00 SR Parks
Berkeley Marina                                Berkeley    Ala    n                             0
                               2300 Talavera                                                                Steve Piersol,
Bollinger Canyon School/Park   Dr.             San Ramon   CC    4 SR Parks                     0      3.00 SR Parks

                               Davona Dr./Pine                                                              Steve Piersol,
Boone Acres                    Valley Rd.      San Ramon   CC    5 SR Parks                     0      6.00 SR Parks
                                                                                                            Tim Barry,
Brushy Peak Req. Preserve      Laughlin Rd     Livermore   Ala   9 LARPD       5000   5000   573.9   507.00 LARPD
Camp Parks                                         Dublin      Ala                 0

Campbell parks department                          Campbell    SC                  0
                                                                                             Steve Piersol,
Centennial Park                    West Side Dr.   San Ramon   CC     7 SR Parks   0    1.25 SR Parks
                                   12501 Alcosta                                             Steve Piersol,
Central Park                       Blvd.           San Ramon   CC     8 SR Parks   0   35.00 SR Parks
Coliseum Parking Lot                               Oakland     Ala                 0
Contra Costa County Fair                           Antioch     CC                  0
                                    Off Montevideo                                           Steve Piersol,
Country Faire Park                 & Alcosta       San Ramon   CC    10 SR Parks   0    1.25 SR Parks
                                   3495 Rosincress                                           Steve Piersol,
Coyote Crossing                    Dr.             San Ramon   CC    12 SR Parks   0    7.00 SR Parks
                                                                                             Steve Piersol,
Crow Canyon Gardens                105 Park Pl     San Ramon   CC    14 SR Parks   0    7.50 SR Parks
DeAnza Community College                           Cupertino   SC                  0
                                   Del Mar/Pine                                              Steve Piersol,
Del Mar Dog Park                   Valley          San Ramon   CC    15 SR Parks   0    1.00 SR Parks
                                   17011 Bollinger                                           Steve Piersol,
Dougherty Station Community Center Canyon Rd.      San Ramon   CC    16 SR Parks   0    0.00 SR Parks
                                                                                             Steve Piersol,
Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center    10550 Albion    San Ramon   CC    17 SR Parks   0    2.00 SR Parks
                                                                                             Steve Piersol,
Dougherty Valley High School       10550 Albion    San Ramon   CC    18 SRVUSD     0   54.00 SR Parks
Dougherty Valley Performing Arts                                                             Steve Piersol,
Center                             10550 Albion    San Ramon   CC    19 SR Parks   0    0.00 SR Parks
Dusty Field on Shell Blvd                          Foster City   SM                                 0
                                                                                                               Steve Piersol,
East Branch Park                  Harcourt Dr.     San Ramon     CC    20 SR Parks                  0     4.00 SR Parks
                                                                                                               Steve Piersol,
Fire Truck Park                   2070 Arlington   San Ramon     CC    21 SR Parks                  0     1.15 SR Parks
                                  19953 San
                                  Ramon Valley                                                                 Steve Piersol,
Forest Home Farms Historic Park   Blvd.            San Ramon     CC    22 SR Parks                  0    10.00 SR Parks
                                  5025 Canyon                                                                  Steve Piersol,
Golden View School/Park           Crest Dr.        San Ramon     CC    23 SR Parks                  0     4.00 SR Parks
                                                                                                               Steve Piersol,
Hidden Crest Park                 Asterbell      San Ramon       CC    24 SR Parks                  0     4.27 SR Parks
                                  12995 Harcourt                                                               Steve Piersol,
Hidden Hills School/Park          Rd.            San Ramon       CC    25 SR Parks                  0     4.00 SR Parks
                                                                                                               Steve Piersol,
Hidden Valley Park                Albion           San Ramon     CC    26 SR Parks                  0     4.50 SR Parks

                                  2400 Hansen                                                                  Tim Barry,
Holdener Park                     Rd               Livermore     Ala   18 LARPD      350   700   5.624   55.00 LARPD
                                  12601 Alcosta                                                                Steve Piersol,
Iron Horse Middle School/Park     Blvd.            San Ramon     CC    28 SR Parks                  0     6.00 SR Parks

Laguna Seca                                        Monterey      Mo                                 0

Last Farm in Santa Clara Co                        Alviso        SC                                 0
                                                                                                               Steve Piersol,
Limerick Park                     Bethany          San Ramon     CC    29 SR Parks                  0     4.00 SR Parks
                                  Ramon Valley                                                                 Steve Piersol,
Memorial Park                     Blvd.            San Ramon     CC    31 SR Parks                  0    16.00 SR Parks
                                    2100 Deerwood                                                                     Steve Piersol,
Mill Creek Hollow                   Dr.           San Ramon          CC    32 SR Parks                    0      1.25 SR Parks
                                    13000                                                                             Steve Piersol,
Montevideo School/Park              Broadmoor Dr. San Ramon          CC    34 SR Parks                    0      3.50 SR Parks
                                                                                                                      Steve Piersol,
Neil Armstrong School/Park          2849 Calais Dr.    San Ramon     CC    35 SR Parks                    0      3.00 SR Parks
                                    1000                                                                              Steve Piersol,
Old Ranch Park                      Vistamonte Dr.     San Ramon     CC    36 SR Parks                    0      5.00 SR Parks
                                    3000 Pine Valley                                                                  Steve Piersol,
Pine Valley Middle School/Park      Rd.                San Ramon     CC    37 SR Parks                    0      7.50 SR Parks
                                    190 Red Willow                                                                    Steve Piersol,
Red Willow Park                     Rd.                San Ramon     CC    39 SR Parks                    0      4.00 SR Parks
                                                                                                                      Tim Barry,
Robertson Park                                     Livermore         Ala   37 LARPD      1200   1200   33.06   110.30 LARPD
                                    9900 Broadmoor                                                                    Steve Piersol,
S. R. Olympic Pool & Aquatic Park   Dr.            San Ramon         CC    40 SR Parks                    0      4.00 SR Parks

Salinas Area Modelers (SAM).                           Salinas       Mo                                   0

Salt Flats                                             Fremont       Ala                                  0

Sea Cloud Park                                         Foster City   SM                                   0
                                    9300 Alcosta                                                                      Steve Piersol,
Senior Center Park & Gardens        Blvd.              San Ramon     CC    42 SR Parks                    0      8.25 SR Parks
                                    Sherwood &                                                                        Steve Piersol,
Sherwood Park                       Chancery           San Ramon     CC    43 SR Parks                    0      0.30 SR Parks
Snell Road                                     San Jose      SC                                 0
                                                                                                           Steve Piersol,
Souyen Park                     Albion           San Ramon   CC    44 SR Parks                  0     2.40 SR Parks
                                Stoneridge Drive
                                and Charro
Staples Ranch Development       Road             Livermore   Ala                                0

Various                                        San Jose      SC                                 0

Various tracts in development                  Walnut Creek CC                                  0
                                                                                                           Tim Barry,
Veterans park                   5211 Arroyo Rd Livermore     Ala   44 LARPD      640   775   11.39   32.00 LARPD
                                9540 Village                                                               Steve Piersol,
Village Green                   Pkwy           San Ramon     CC    47 SR Parks                  0     4.00 SR Parks
                                                                                                           Steve Piersol,
Windy Hills Park                Ustilago       San Ramon     CC    50 SR Parks                  0?         SR Parks

Working Gravel Pits                            Livermore     Ala                                0
LUNAR POC     Status Next Step           Notes
                     Richard to
Richard Hagen Active survey
                                         I heard about this site in a story about the A's possibly
                                         moving to Fremont. They mentioned that some
                                         company had 100+ acre site that they had decided not
                                         to develop on. Here's an article that I dug up that can
                                         give you an idea:

Alan Thym         Active                 This would be a temporary lease on life.
Cliff Sojourner   Active

                                         Family farms in east contra costa or Tracy
                                         Steven Cerri, President STCerri International, 231
                                         Market Place, Suite 320 San Ramon, CA 94583-4743
                                         USA Office: 925-735-9500 Fax: 415-276-3183 Email:
Dave Raimondi Active            Website:

                                       This location is north-west of the intersection of Isabel
                                       and Vineyard Ave. We thought we had it made with this
                                       one as it is a mile long flat gravel area with no houses
                                       within about a half mile and no plans to put houses near
                                       there. Unfortunately, when we contacted the owner, he
                         Craig to talk said that the city of Pleasanton is going to rebuild
                         with Jack & Vineyard Ave. and run it right down the middle of this
                         Mark Weiss. area. However, if you have been out there lately, they
                         We need to ran the road along its original course and not down the
                         find the      gravel pits. This is probably our best shot. It is not being
                         decision-     used, it is fireproof, and no houses are going to be built
Jack Hagerty      Active maker.        any closer than they already are.
                                      If you drive out Corral hollow road, there is a dirt bike
                      Need to visit   area about half way to Tracy. It is down the center of the
                      to confirm      canyon in the creek bed so it is fireproof. There are
                      that it's big   bathrooms and camping sites there. The only drawback
                      enough &        is a power line running down the center of the canyon. It
                      not             still might be worth looking at again.
Jack Hagerty   Active flammable.      This is near or at the Site 300 area, see HPR Magazine
                                      West of North Livermore Ave. and south of the turn off
                                      to Morgan Territory Road is a ranch owned by the
                                      Crosby family. I understand that they are planning to
                                      build a golf course there someday and it has been on
                      Super's         the LARPD maps as a potential trail. Unfortunately, it is
                      office to       on the glide path to the airport for planes coming from
                      contact         the north. We might still want to look at it. It would have
                      property        a significant fire danger that would have to be
Jack Hagerty   Active manager         considered.
Craig Saunders Active Supervisor      2 runways in X configuration, 8000' long
Jack Hagerty   Active Owners

Jack Hagerty   Active

Jack Hagerty    Active Find Owners
                       Dave to
                       research &
                       re-establish How about Grass Farm in Morgan Hill? Ph:
Maarten KorringaActive contact      408.463.0500
                       Talk to
Craig Saunders Active access         37°43'49.77"N, 121°44'24.57"W
                        Auben Elliott
                        contacted        Jeannette Bredehoft(Scout troop leader) tried to
                        WC PAR,          schedule her cubscouts there over a year ago and was
Craig Saunders Active   Craig to call.   told that she needed more people to be able to do it.
                        Talk to
Craig Saunders Active   access           A-D, 1000' , green, some trees
                        Contact          Undeveloped land. Zoned for retail after residential
Craig Saunders Active   Shapell          buildout; which will take 10+ years. Easily fly A-D.
                        Jack to
Jack Hagerty   Active   school sites     LUNAR has Insurance on one of the school fields
                        Craig to
                        follow up
                        with Mark
Mark Weiss     Active   Weiss
                        Talk to
                        about            7 ball fields, school field on the east. Good replacement
Craig Saunders Active   access           for Robertson Park
Craig Saunders Active   Fields
                                         Steve Jurvetson, Mark Annis & Craig Saunders have
Dave Raimondi Active                     contacts they need to try.
                      Craig to talk
                      with Alan
                      about area         Empty Field across Cherry St from High School.
                      behind             Newark TARC flew from there before. Not likely,
                      college            construction has started in lot next to HS. Look at field
Alan Thym      Active construction       behind ohlone college

Craig Saunders Active                    Craig to follow up with Danville Park & Rec
                                     It's not real close but the City of Patterson has a sports
                                     complex that can be used for rocket launches. I have
                                     worked with their staff in the past and the City even
                                     sponsors a rocket launch on the 4th of July. If you are
                                     interested I can get you the contact names. Here is a
                        Schedule     link to the City of Patterson Parks website:
                        April & June
Craig Saunders   Active Launches     21
                                     Kalthoff Commons is a private road with vineyards and
Craig Saunders   Active Find Owners tracts of range land.
                        Get permit   Possibly A-C to 900'. No school reservation as long as
                        for demo     we're on field. No housing around it. Lot across street to
Craig Saunders   Active launch       south won't be built for a long time.
                                     Currently flying from 38°43'19.25"N , 121°29'7.20"W If
                                     they moved halfway up, they would have at least 750'
Craig Saunders   Active              wide.
                        Mike to
Mike Sunseri     Active follow up    Sod farms. Mike Sunseri
                                     Dave found Clearcreak, Christopher Ranch, Taylor
                                     Ranch, Ocean Mist Farms, Sundance Berry Farms,
                                     Anderson Pacific, Andy Boy, Capurro Farms, Tanimura
Dave Hendriksz   Active 1st contact & Antle farms in his neck of the woods.
                                     Need to look at plot between library and skate park for
Jack Hagerty     Active              demos at the library.

                                       Undeveloped land. Parcel APN#222270015 not
                      Contact          currently in development. At least 1500' or more in each
Craig Saunders Active Shapell          direction. No major roads. Creek on east boundary.
                      Talk to
Craig Saunders Active access           2 ball fields and soccer field. Might work
                                    From Bill Orvis: At Space Night at Croce school, I
                                    chatted for a while with Keith Schultz, he said that he
                                    worked for Wente and that they have a big chunk of
                                    land that we might be able to launch on. It is not grape
                                    land but open fields, and they usually plow them up so
                                    they are fire proof, and, they have a water truck we
                                    could use just in case. He runs all the trucking for
                                    Wente and will ask his boss and give me a call. I also
                                    got his number so I can call him if he forgets. (925-922-
Bill Orvis     Active Followup      1346)
                                    4H group is looking for a place to fly from. Last time
                                    Dave spoke to them, they said the field they were
Dave Raimondi Defer                 thinking of didn't work.

                                    This BMX track is just across the street from the
                                    decommissioned Vallecitos Nuclear facility along
                                    Vallecitos Road. There appear to be only two close
                                    neighbors according to the aerial photo. The two houses
                                    are each about 600 feet from the center of the BMX
                                    track and the Vallecitos facility is about 1500 feet away.
                                    There are two power lines surrounding the property; one
                                    down the east side and one across the south side. The
                                    BMX track already has power, parking, and bathrooms
                                    (a porta potty). It is owned by the SFO water district and
               Defer                we have already been turned down before.
                                    Possibly A-D to 1000' The 2 back baseball diamonds.
Craig Saunders Defer                School district reservations?

Craig Saunders Defer                A-D to 700'. School District Reservations?

Craig Saunders Defer                No fields? Don't remember visiting.
                       craig to
Rob Tashjian   Defer   bother Rob
                                    What are the real dimensions? Looks like a soccer field
Craig Saunders Defer                but houses on both sides.
                       Get permit
                       for demo      Smallest dimension is 850' (tennis courts to road)
Mike Sunseri   Defer   launch        Looks like a major road.
                       craig to      Owner of Hobby Town is on BOD for Fremont Parks &
Rob Tashjian   Defer   bother Rob    Rec.
                                     Just over the Altamont near Byron there are a lot of
                                     irrigated fields. If anyone in the Byron, Tracy area knows
                                     anybody in that area, we might want to see if someone
                                     would be willing to let us fly there. This is only about a
               Defer                 15 or 20 minute drive from Livermore.
                                     beach area on ocean side is probably not suitable, high
Dave Hendriksz Defer                 winds, Hwy1,

Craig Saunders Defer                 Possibly A-C. School District Reservations?
                                     Decent field for A-C. Next to SR Sports Park. School
Craig Saunders Defer                 not open yet, field closed off.
                                     Out north on the new Vasco road is the new Los
                                     Vaqueros reservoir. The area around the new lake is
                                     parkland. Down in front of the dam is a big, open
                                     canyon. There might be a place there we could launch.
                                     There is a lot of open space with no houses. In the
                                     winter, there are few people in the area as well. Fire
                       Dave to       danger is a bit high and fire prevention would have to be
Bill           Defer   bother Bill   worked out.

                                     Size of a soccer field. What are the real dimensions?
Craig Saunders Defer                 Downhill buffer then roads, uphill back yards & house
                       owner to get
Dave Risher    Defer   permission Private airport in Lodi
                                    Right next to 880 in Milpitas, (next to SF Herb
                                    company?) there's a massive, fenced-off field, with a
                       dave to      realtors sign in it.
Ross Ohmen     Defer   bother Ross Need 1500 ft. set back before the flying field starts
                                    Possible for A-E. But multi-use fields - may be hard to
Craig Saunders Defer                schedule.
Bill           Defer       
                                     Suggested by David Takemoto-Weerts. So far, all of
                                     the farms I've found are located in the central valley,
SARG           Defer                 Oregon or Colorado.

                                     Southern Alameda County Radio Controllers (SACRC).
                                     Their website is at . Their field
Rob Tashjian   Defer                 is near the Cargill Salt Ponds.
                                     On the way to Sunol Park, there is a large open area
                                     that is used as a nursery. Most of the plants are in pots
                                     and boxes with open areas between them. There are no
                                     houses in the area and only one road. If we bust a plant,
                       Dave to       we buy it. As they are all for sale anyway, that shouldn't
Bill           Defer   bother Bill   bother the owners.
                                     Access to open areas are via East Vineyard, which is a
                                     private road? Want to look at 37°38'0.21"N,
                                     121°46'14.44"W) open, some tree, dry grass in
Craig Saunders Defer                 summer?

Craig Saunders Defer                 A-C to 750' School district reservations?

                                     Empty field back side of Shapell fenced off road stubs,
Craig Saunders Defer                 other side is hills.

Craig Saunders Defer                 Graded but undeveloped. What's the plan for it?

Craig Saunders Defer                 Looks like lots next to road, rangeland hills on other side
                                     Need real dimensions? Built into side of hill, uphill semi-
                                     landscaped, downhill is houses or road after buffer.
                                     Power lines over top of hill. Slightly more recovery area
Craig Saunders Defer                 than Monarch Park
                                     The garbage dump on north Vasco road has some huge
                                     open spaces. This is actually not a bad place to
                                     consider. As long as you stay away from the currently
                       Dave to       active pit, the smell is not bad and there are no houses
Bill           Defer   bother Bill   and little grass.
                                     A-D to 750'. Possibily higher if you include the
Craig Saunders Defer                 schoolyard. School district reservations?

                                     Baseball fields next to Bollinger Canyon Rd Soccer field
Craig Saunders Done                  in back next to grassy hill. School district reservations?

Craig Saunders Done                  4 sides road or houses

Craig Saunders Done                  Excellent size for A-E. But it's next to I-680.

Craig Saunders Done                  Too small. Surrounded by road then houses
                                      our contact for rocket launching at Cesar Chavez park
                                      (waterfront near the marina) in Berkeley is Mr Cliff
                                      Marchetti, Secretary, Parks Recreation & Waterfront,
                            , office: 1 510 981 6720,
                                      direct: 1 510 981 6737, department home page:
                                      ault.htm, park web page:

                                      I called today to ask about launching rockets there; the
                                      nice lady in the office didn't know anything about it. Mr
                                      Marchetti is out this week so I will follow up with him on
                                      Monday. I have several old sailing buddies on the
                                      waterfront commission, I know they are highly in favor of
                                      "multi-use" of bay lands, so I will try contacting them and
                                      see what's up.

                                      today I spoke with Cliff Marchetti about using the Cesar
                                      Chavez park at the Berkeley Marina for rocket launches.
                                      he said no. the reason is, the park is too busy and they
                                      always get complaints (from dog owners - who also
                                      have trouble finding places to go). I explained LUNAR's
                                      huge public service efforts and insurance coverage but
                                      he was unpersuaded. He said when he allowed clubs
                         Contact Mr   years ago, the clubs were fine but individuals launching
Cliff Sojourner   Done   Marchetti    on their own at unappointed times were out of control.

Craig Saunders Done                   Next to Bollinger Canyon Rd

                                      Too small of a field but next to Pine Valley middle school
Craig Saunders Done                   fields.

Craig Saunders Done                   no access. It's behind the EBRPD preserve.
                      Craig to call
                      mike Gentillo
                      at Scout
Alan Thym     Done    Jamboree
                                      City of Campbell parks dept does issue permits for A &
                                      B motors at two sites. But, it's only for Campbell
                                      residents, most likely early Sunday AM's. And when I
                                      asked the parks dude about hosting a group regularly,
                      dave talk to    he couldn't see how it would work - too much soccer &
Cliff         Done    cliff           baseball.

Craig Saunders Done                   Too small
                                      Too narrow, Alcosta on the East, High-tension power
Craig Saunders Done                   lines on the west.
               Done                   asphalt

Craig Saunders Done                   Too small
                                      A-C to 900' Joe P has launched there and lost an Alpha
Craig Saunders Done                   on a B.
                                      No fields. But next door to open space and could be
Craig Saunders Done                   used for youth group build sessions
Norm           Done

Craig Saunders Done                   Too small
                                      No fields. But next door to open space and could be
Craig Saunders Done                   used for youth group build sessions

Craig Saunders Done                   No field.
                                      A motors only on upper field. Other fields too close to
Craig Saunders Done                   Bollinger Canyon Rd.

Craig Saunders Done                   No Field
                                    Big dusty field, been vacant for years. No idea who
                      Space is      owns it, but I suspect the city of Foster City itself
                      small         because it is adjacent to the city hall, library, and fire
                      ~300x400.     station. Disadvantage: No trees. Which, since it is near
                      Under SFO     (but not on) the bay, means that it is sometimes kind of
Erik Ebert    Done    flight path   windy. Also SFO flight path.

Craig Saunders Done                 small. 3 sides houses, 1 side dry grass

Craig Saunders Done                 Too small

Craig Saunders Done                 No appropriate fields. Dry Grass.

Craig Saunders Done                 Too small. Next to Crow Canyon Road

Craig Saunders Done                 Too small. Surrounded by roads & houses

Craig Saunders Done                 Next to Windemere Parkway
                                    Possibly A-C but small. Need access to range land to
Craig Saunders Done                 recover rockets.
                                    trail head for equestrian & hiking trails. High tension
                                    power lines directly overhead. High grass. (Street
                                    address shows wrong - small narrow park surronded by
Craig Saunders Done                 houses. Park at 37°38'53.84"N, 121°45'13.44"W)
                                    Too narrow, Alcosta on the East, High-tension power
Craig Saunders Done                 lines on the west.

Dave Hendriksz Done                 Not suitable for monthly launches
                      Not usable,
                      to close to
Ross Ohmen    Done    SJ airport    Also look for other locations along the 237 corridor

Craig Saunders Done                 Too small, 3 sides road/houses, 1 side hill

Craig Saunders Done                 Thin. Next to two busy streets.
Craig Saunders Done                 Too small

Craig Saunders Done                 Too small.

Craig Saunders Done                 A-B to 500' narrow

Craig Saunders Done                 Too small. Windy & surrounding dry grass
                                    Construction, portables on field. Otherwise a possibility
Craig Saunders Done                 assuming that the entire field is returned.
                                    A-C to 500' isolated but row of houses on one side and
Craig Saunders Done                 lots of brush on the other.

Craig Saunders Done

Craig Saunders Done                 No field.

Dave Hendriksz Done                 What is all this water on their web page???
                      craig to
Rob Tashjian   Done   bother Rob
                      Space is      Soccer fields, but no fences or sprinklers to deal with
                      small ~500x   and they don't seem to have any regular league games.
                      700. Under    Probably controlled by the some sort of Foster City
                      SFO flight    parks department. Disadvantage: Rocket eating trees,
Erik Ebert     Done   path          SFO flight path

Craig Saunders Done                 No field.

Craig Saunders Done                 No field.
                                 There is a very large field very near my house. It is
                                 bordered by the 85 freeway, but it's large. Some of it
                                 has recently been planted with fruit trees (a small
                                 section) and it is routinely used to grow corn for a
                                 summer fruit stand on Snell Ave. The lot is bounded by
                                 85, Snell Ave. and Branham Lane. I have no idea who
                       SITE WILL owns it. It's been there forever, since I lived in the area
                       NOT WORK, (c1972). It's county park land!
                       DIRECTLY It
                       UNDER SJC was a gift to San Jose, and it's zoned as outside city
                       FLIGHT    limits. SITE WILL NOT WORK, DIRECTLY UNDER
Steve Kendall   Done   PATH      SJC FLIGHT PATH

Craig Saunders Done                  Too small

                                     Suggested by Scott Haggerty. Directly off the end of
                Done                 Livermore Airport Runway

Charlie Wittman Done                 None found.
                       were          Bo Boxold has suggested that several land developers
Craig Saunders Done    interested.   may have locations of use.

Craig Saunders Done                  some trees, green

Craig Saunders Done                  A-C to 500'. School district reservations?

Craig Saunders Done                  Too small
                                     To the north of the Chain of Lakes Gravel Pit are more
                                     gravel pits, some of them still being worked. Most of the
                                     working gravel pits are shut down on Saturday and
                       Craig to talk Sunday so maybe we could launch in the middle of the
                       with Mark     gravel pit. A lot of these are full of water, which is a
Jack Hagerty    Done   Weiss         problem. Too close to airport

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