Financials and Proficiencies by decree

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									              British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                         Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                                SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                                   Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                         2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
2WE Associates Consulting                                               Scientific services and science management consultation related to the marine and coastal environment                    B
                                                                        Mapping, GIS Professional, Remote sensing, Topographic Mapping, Flood Plain Management, Urban Planning,
3Di                                                                     Corridor Mapping, Forestry Management, Volumetric Calculation, Crop Health Assessment, Wetlands Mapping,
                                                                        Vegetation Mapping, Vectorized layer development, Certified Photogrammetrists, Survey aircraft equiped with high
                                                                        resolution aerial cameras
                                                                        Fusing corporate strategy with sustainability, Strategic planning & business planning, Scenario planning,
                                                                        Sustainability strategy design & implementation, Performance measurement, Executive coaching & mentoring,
Abbott Strategies                                                                                                                                                                                B
                                                                        Triple bottom line measurement & reporting, Social auditing & reporting and Stakeholder identification, assessment
                                                                        & engagement
                                                                        Field testing, Laboratory analysis, Waste audits, Total Site Decommissioning, Contaminated Soils Removal,
A.C.M. Environmental Corporation                                        Asbestos Awareness & Removal, Site Assessments Building Assessments, Phase I (CSA Standard), Phase II                    B
                                                                        (CSA Standard), Hazardous Materials, Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Evaluation, Heat Stress & Noise Monitoring,
                                                                        Building Envelope
Acres International                                                     EIA, Environmental audits, Public consultation, Biophysical inventories                                                  D
Adlard Environmental Ltd.                                               Wildlife Assessments                                                                                                     A                    30,674
                                                                        Aerial surveys, Digital mapping, Control surveys and aerial triangulation, Digital mapping and terrain modeling,
Aero Geometrics Ltd.                                                    Update and transfer from satellite imagery, Cross-sections and profiles, Orthophoto mapping, Volumetric surveys,
                                                                        Photo mosaics,
                                                                        Air, Water and soil groundwater assessment, Testing and monitoring, GIS. Became AMEC Earth & Environmental
Agra Earth & Environmental (Now AMEC)                                                                                                                                                            E
                                                                        January 1, 2001.                                                                                                                   99,997
AIM Ecological Consultants                                              Ecological consulting, Deer population studies, Community Planning                                                       A
Alby Systems Ltd.                                                       River morphology and stock assessment, Egg and larval sampling, Community natural resource cataloguing,
                                                                        Marine research
Alchemy Consulting Inc.                                                 Urban air quality, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Greenhouse gas and hazardous pollution evaluation             A
Alexander Boone Consulting Engineering Ltd.                             Indoor air quality analysis and correction, Water and wastewater treatment, Energy efficiency, Environmental
                                                                        audits, Renewable energy, Research & development
R I Alexander & Associates Inc.                                         Environmental impact assessments, Water pollution, Waste management                                                      B
Alpine Environmental                                                    Waste management, Recycling                                                                                              B
                                                                        Analytical testing, Full-service environmental laboratory company providing physical, inorganic, organic,
                                                                        bacteriological and toxicological analyses for more than 1,500 individual parameters in a wide variety of sample
ALS Environmental (Formerly ASL Analytical Service Laboratories Ltd.)                                                                                                                            F
                                                                        types, Occupational hygiene consulting, Health risk evaluations, Workers exposure surveys, Biological monitoring,
                                                                        Indoor air quality investigations, Noise surveys
                                                                        Zooplankton analysis from both marine and freshwater environments, Biological and reproductive analyses,
AMC Technical Services Ltd.                                             Parasitological sampling and enumerating, Age determination from scales or otoliths of freshwater and marine             A
                                                                        fishes, Stomach content analysis
AMEC Earth & Environmental                                              Geotechnical engineering, Materials testing, GIS consulting, Laboratory Services, Remediation & Containment,             E
                                                                        Recycling                                                                                                                         166,541       272,335     160,698
Applied Ecological Solutions Corp.                                      Environmental project management, Environmental monitoring, EIA, Habitat restoration                                     A                       72,024
Applied Ecosystem Management Ltd.                                       Natural resource management, GIS, Forest pest species research, Wildlife inventories, Habitat impact                     C
                                                                        assessments, Biotelemetry, GPS, Ecosystem and Habitat Mapping                                                                                    53,185
Aqua For Consulting Ltd.                                                Riparian assessment and restoration                                                                                      B
Aqua-met Environmental                                                  Meteorological systems                                                                                                   A
Aquametrix Research Ltd.                                                Aquaculture science research, Marine environmental assessments, Water quality                                            B
Aquatech Environmental Systems ltd.                                     Alternative wastewater systems                                                                                           A
Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting                                          Ecological Watershed Management, Stream Restoration, Freshwater ecology, Urban stream assessment and                     A
                                                                        restoration, Channel assessment, Paleolimnology, New research in aquatic ecology, Education and training                           29,390        37,475
Aqua Terra Environmental Services                                       Inventory and assessment, Habitat rehabilitation, Wildlife ageing, Environmental monitoring                              A         88,066        65,359
Aquatic Resources Ltd. (Acquired by AMEC March, 2003)                   Aquatic wildlife, riparian vegetation, Water Quality, EIA, Fisheries, GIS                                                D        121,672       143,640
Arc Environmental Ltd.                                                  Site assessments, Creek rehabilitation, Fish habitat assessments, Aquaculture, EIA, Land Use                             B         33,424        48,486
Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.                                        Site Assessment, Field Sampling and Monitoring, Nearshore SIMS habitat mapping, Dockside monitoring programs             D
                                                                        for commercial fisheries, At sea monitoring programs, and habitat and environmental assessments                                    70,550        76,319     981,194       3,690
Arenaria Research & Interpretation                                      Environmental education, Interpretive programs                                                                                                  224,645
Artech Consulting Ltd.                                                  Environmental assessments, Analytical laboratory services                                                                A
Ascent Testing Services                                                 Registered testing laboratory                                                                                            B
ASL Environmental Sciences                                              Habitat Studies, Environmental regulation, Climate Studies, Environmental impact assessments, Plumes &
                                                                        Pollution Studies, Flow and diffusion studies for siting and operation of Aquaculture sites, Remote sensing
Aspen Applied Sciences Ltd.                                             Gas bubble disease in fish research, Total Gas Pressure studies (TGP), Analysis of historical water temperature          A
Aspen Wildlife Research                                                 GIS systems, Large mammals modelling, Mountain forest research, Wildlife research ecologist                              A                       86,069
Astech Consultants Ltd.                                                 Asbestos abatement and removal                                                                                           A
Atticus Resource Consulting Ltd                                         GIS analysis, Resource inventory, Forest assessment and planning, Ecological and forest inventory, Data collection       C
                                                                        and analysis                                                                                                                                     77,162
Axis Environmental Services Inc.                                        Risk assessment services for the environmental construction industry                                                     B
                                                                        Environmental Impact Assessments, Cumulative Effects Assessment, Environmental Protection Planning, Field
Axys Environmental Consulting Ltd.                                      Surveys, GIS, Database Management, Ecological Restoration and Reclamation, Terrestrial Biophysical Surveys,              B
                                                                        Terrain and Soils, Land and Resource Planning                                                                                      70,182       156,616     885,470     102,680
Aztec Geoscience Inc.                                                   Site Disturbance, Sediment Erosion                                                                                       A         39,343        31,009
Babkirk Land Services Ltd.                                              Special Waste Land Treatment                                                                                             B
                                                                        Water quality monitoring and analysis, Problem identification, Establishment of appropriate, cost-effective treatment
Banyan Ventures Inc.                                                                                                                                                                             A
                                                                        concepts, Review of detailed design, Commissioning of systems, Training and certification of operators
Barber Takata Environmental (Now Takata Staynor Consulting Inc.)        Emergency response plans for refineries, hydro-electric generating plants and pulp and paper mills                       A
Barrat & Associates                                                     Indoor air quality (IAQ), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), ISO-14,000, Curriculum and policy                      B
Baxter Environmental                                                    Conservation of native fish populations, Member Pacific Streamkeepers Federation                                         A         34,783        67,520
Bayleaf Software Inc.                                                   GIS consulting and development                                                                                           B
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                                        Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                                                SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                                                   Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Beacon Environmental Consulting Services                                                 Soil gas surveys, VOC, SVOC, PAHs, EMFLUX                                                                               B
Beak Corporate Services Inc.                                                             Biological and toxicological laboratories, Monitoring and modelling apparatus, Field and testing technologies, Water    G
                                                                                         Quality, Fisheries management, Wetlands management
                                                                                         High temperature thermal processing of contaminated soil, Accepts and treats large volumes of soil from
Bennett Environmental                                                                    remediation projects, Hazardous Waste Management Remediation, Soil remediation, Principal Contaminants                  F
                                                                                         Treated: PCBs, PCP, dioxins, furans, pesticides, chlorinated organics, hydrocarbons and PAHs
Berris Associates Inc., Catherine                                                        Land Use Planning, GIS, DTM, CAD, Facilitators, Environmental planning, Stormwater Management                           A        122,687        37,741
Bio-Forest Consulting Services                                                           Watershed restoration, Habitat assessments, Instream hydraulic remediation                                              B
Bio-Geo Dynamics Ltd.                                                                    Site and soil surveys, Forest pathogen analysis                                                                         B                       67,900
Biolinx Environmental Research Ltd.                                                      Environmental monitoring, Invertebrate research                                                                         A         39,576
Biolith Scientific Consultants                                                           Coho habitat rehabilitation, Fish inventories and collection                                                            B
Bio-Logic Landscape Service                                                              Landscaping services                                                                                                    A
Biometrics (Robertson Environmental Services)                                            Ornithologist, Bird Counts                                                                                              A
BKL Consultants Ltd.                                                                     Environmental noise assessment, Industrial noise control, Marine noise control, Architectural acoustics                 B
D.A. Blood and Associates Ltd.                                                           Conservation research, Land use planning, Community-Shared Agriculture Farm Project                                     A
                                                                                         Vertical axis Davis Hydro Turbine technology, High-density seawater passing through Davis Hydro Turbines
                                                                                         converts the kinetic energy in ocean currents and tides to clean, low-cost electric power. These come in sizes from     C
Blue Energy Canada Inc. (Formerly Nova Energy Ltd.)
                                                                                         250kW to multi mega-watt, large ocean-class tidal fences. The larger ocean-class units can provide multiple
                                                                                         infrastructure such as roadways or utility delivery
                                                                                         Site assessment, Contaminated site remediation, Environmental planning, Environmental management systems,               E
Bovar Environmental (Now Conor Pacific Environmental)
                                                                                         Air quality monitoring, Air emissions, Ecological assessments, Watershed restoration, Water quality
                                                                                         Reforestation and restoration, Integrated GPS/GIS ground or aerial surveys, Site prescriptions, Seed collection,
Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd.                                                 Seedling production, Planting, Brushing, Spacing, Girdling, Pruning, Riparian and inter-tidal restoration, Slope        G
                                                                                         stabilization, Erosion control, Wetland restoration, Marsh filters, Pest control
Bufo Inc.                                                                                Interpretive signage, Interpretation and education planning and implementation                                          A                       71,082
Butler Hydrogeology                                                                      Acid mine drainage, geochemistry                                                                                        B
Canadian Cartographics Limited                                                           Map database management, GIS, mapping services                                                                                    75,299        32,705      22,444
                                                                                         Laboratory testing services, Characterization of waste materials and water, Prediction of runoff water quality,
Canadian Environmental & Metallurgical Inc.                                              Environmental audits, Impact assessment management, Laboratory equipment & services, Monitoring equipment               B
                                                                                         & services, Remediation & containment, Wastewater treatment
Canadian Institute for Climate Studies                                                   Climate predictions, Climate change research, Seasonal climate bulletins, Computer Modelling                            B         50,805
Canasia Environmental & Engineering Ltd.                                                 Environmental engineering, Land development, Geotechnical engineering, Project Management                               B
                                                                                         Full service laboratory providing professional analysis and consultation, Gas Chromatography (GC), Liquid
Cantest Ltd.                                                                             Chromatography (LC), Mass Spectroscopy (MS), Liquid Chromatography/Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass                      F
                                                                                         Spectroscopy LC/ICP/MS
                                                                                         Integrated environmental risk management, Human health and ecological risk assessment, Risk management, Risk
Cantox Environmental Inc.                                                                                                                                                                                        D
                                                                                         communication, Toxicology, Litigation, Regulatory Affairs, Quantitative modelling
Cantox Health Sciences Inc.                                                              Development of scientific and strategic regulatory plans, Protocol development, Agricultural risk assessment            E
Cariboo Envirotech                                                                       Fish habitat inventory mapping, Fish and wildlife studies                                                               A         70,381        42,660
Caribou Ecological Consulting                                                            Caribou habitat, survival and mating research                                                                           A        134,483        38,632
                                                                                         Customized environmental management information systems and its own proprietary software, Software Support
Caribou Systems (Acquired by Blue292, January 2002)
Carley Environmental                                                                     Stormwater management, Development of environmental policy, strategy and negotiations, Solid and hazardous              A
                                                                                         waste management, Water and wastewater management, Recycling
Caro Environmental Services                                                              Nutritional analysis of organic fertilizer, Analytical laboratories                                                     C
Carson Land Resource Management Ltd.                                                     Integrated watershed management planning, Water quality, quantity, and biological sampling programs                     A         26,872
Cascade Environmental Resource Group                                                     Land and resource use management planning, Fisheries and wildlife studies, GIS and image analysis mapping,              A
                                                                                         Inventory Methods for Tailed Frog and Pacific Giant Salamander
Cascadia Natural Resource Consultants Inc.                                               GPS applications, GIS mapping, Wildlife habitat and biodiversity, AutoCad, Statistical analysis and reporting           A        153,284        55,635
Castor Consultants Ltd.                                                                  Marine contaminants studies                                                                                             A
R. Cavanaugh & Associates Inc.                                                           Sanitary sewage investigations, Effluent analysis                                                                       B
Cavendish Analytical Laboratories                                                        Environmental analyses, Hydrocarbons in water and soil, Water quality monitoring, Pesticides in water and soil,         B
                                                                                         Geological rock assays
CEDA International Group                                                                 Hazardous waste transport, Emergency response teams, Poisons & Pesticides, Biomedical waste transfer                    D
Central Interior Mapping Company Ltd.                                                    Timber, silviculture and mapping services to local licensees, GPS surveys                                               A        100,663        29,263
Chartwell Consultants Ltd.                                                               Resource consulting firm providing GIS services to the Forestry and Environmental Sciences sectors, Authorized          C
                                                                                         agent for LandData BC                                                                                                                          391,293
CH2M Hill Canada Ltd.                                                                    Hazardous waste management, EIA, Ecosystem management, Site remediation and management                                  C                      134,079
Chillborne Environmental Ltd.                                                            Habitat assessment                                                                                                      A
Christian J. Stewart Consulting                                                          GIS, Database design, On-line mapping, Flood and erosion damage, Shoreline management                                   A
Cirrus Consultants                                                                       Pellet fuel evaluation, Air quality studies                                                                             B
                                                                                         Hazmat, Occupational Health and Safety, Radionuclides, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Environmental Management and           C
Cirrus Environmental Services (Division of Cirrus Training & Consulting Services Ltd.)
                                                                                         training, Asbestos and mold abatement                                                                                                                                    2,070
City Green Victoria                                                                      Green Visits, IAQ, Mould, Toxins and pesticide use, Recycling and composting, School programs                           B      CEDCO
                                                                                         GIS consulting services, Municipal services, Planning, Computer-Aided Visualization (CAV), Global Positioning
Civic Engineering and InfoGraphics                                                                                                                                                                               C
                                                                                         System (GPS) surveying, Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)
GM Clark & Associates Hydrological Svcs.                                                 Streamflow measurement, Hydrometric station design, Water quality and analysis, Fish habitat                            A
                                                                                         Environmental Impact Assessment, Site Investigations, Decommissioning & Reclamation, Site Remediation, Soil
Clifton Associates Ltd.                                                                  analysis, Terrain Analysis, Geologic Mapping, Groundwater Supply & Management, Slope Stability, Soil Moisture           B
                                                                                         Migration, Thermal Analysis
Climate Partners (Now Dormant as Federal Funding Ran Out)                                Environmental education, Tools for evaluating greenhouse gas emissions                                                  B
                                                                                         Salmonid enhancement, Environmental monitoring, Adult escapement enumeration, Stream inventory and
D R Clough Consulting                                                                    classification, Habitat enhancement and stream rehabilitation, Watershed restoration, Streamkeepers training,           A
                                                                                         Stream inventory training, Development of the urban salmon habitat program (USHP)
Clover Point Cartographics Ltd.                                                          Resource Management, Mapping, GIS,                                                                                      C        499,230       276,187
Coastal & Ocean Resources Inc.                                                           Seabed imaging and mapping, Aerial video mapping, Underwater video imaging, Oil spill and impact assessment,            A
                                                                                         Marine resource analysis                                                                                                                        32,567
              British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                           Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                  SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                      Proficiencies
Coastal & Ocean Resources Inc.                             Seabed imaging and mapping, Aerial video mapping, Underwater video imaging, Oil spill and impact assessment,            A       2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
                                                           Marine resource analysis                                                                                                                         32,567
Coastal Geoscience Research Corp.                          Seismic surveying, Seabed and water sampling, GPS, GIS, Sediment deformation studies                                    B
Coast River Environmental Services Ltd.                    Environmental baseline inventories, Fish and aquatic habitat biology, EIA, Habitat restoration, Environmental           B
                                                           monitoring, Project Supervision, Watershed management programs                                                                    51,653
The Cochrane Group                                         Site remediation, Contaminant investigation                                                                             D
                                                           Terrestrial and aquatic ecology, Environmental monitoring, mitigation and auditing, Fish habitat inventories, Stream
Columbia Environmental Consulting                          classification, Watershed restoration, Wildlife management, Integrated watershed assessment plans, Channel              B
                                                           assessments                                                                                                                                     84,650
                                                           Future-focused Internet solutions provider that partners with businesses, foundations and non-profit organizations
Communicopia Internet & Environmental Communications       seeking to optimize the effectiveness of their online initiatives. Clients include Greenpeace, Environment Canada
                                                           and the Sustainable Development Research Instutite (SDRI)
Compass Resource Management Ltd.                           Economic and financial evaluation tools, Environmental risk analysis and risk management frameworks, Impact             B
                                                           and decision modeling, Scenario planning, Objective setting and performance indicators                                            27,551
                                                           Develops internet-based GIS applications, GPS surveying, Environmental information management, CRA integrates
                                                           the process of field sample collection, laboratory coordination and analysis, data validation, and on-going data
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates                                                                                                                                                      F
                                                           management and reporting and have adopted Earthsoft's EQuIS as a critical component of this process, Air Quality
                                                           Management, Environmental Site Assessment/Due Diligence, Environmental Remediation, Risk Assessment
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                     Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                             SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                               Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                      2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Connor Development Services Ltd.                                   Public information and consultation, Social impact assessments                                                             A
                                                                   Environmental engineering, Sludge treatment, Water treatment, Sewage treatment, Stormwater management,
Dayton & Knight Ltd.
                                                                   Construction management, Health engineering & sanitation management, Hydrological engineering
Dean Associated Environmental Services                             Land resource management, Water testing, Water quality, Water monitoring, Environmental assessments                        A         35,077
Delcan Corp.                                                       Building investigations, Environmental audits, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Assessment of water                 F
                                                                   supply and demand, Urban & Regional Planning, Land Development                                                                     1,022,071      235,778     178,133
Delta Aerial Surveys Ltd.                                          Digital and analog map and orthophoto data, Specialized base mapping for the resource sector                                                       77,733
Dendron Resource Surveys Inc.                                      Collection, manipulation and analysis of data for natural resource management, Air photo interpretation, GIS,
                                                                   Forestry inventory, Natural resources mapping, Remote sensing, Monitoring                                                            27,615
D.F. Dickens Associates Ltd.                                       Transportation feasibility studies, Spill response                                                                         A
                                                                   Consortium of nine B.C. mapping companies who have contracted the bulk of the work in the BC Government's
Digital Mapping Group Ltd. (DMG Ltd.)
                                                                   TRIM digital map program, Recent partner: International Geomatics Services Corp. (IGS Corp.)                                        356,024       194,388
Dillon Consulting Ltd.                                             Containment management, EMS, Water resource management, Land Use planning, Hydrology, Forest                               C
                                                                   management, Hydrogeology, Terrestrial and aquatic habitat restoration                                                                             481,941
Diversified Environmental Services                                 Fisheries habitat assessment, Mapping                                                                                      A        122,008        93,846
                                                                   Environmental management, Research, analysis, writing, Project management, Program evaluation and training
Dovetail Consulting Inc.                                                                                                                                                                      A
Drader Environmental Services Ltd.                                 Hydroseeding                                                                                                               A         41,205
Dunster & Associates Environmental                                 Certified arborist                                                                                                         B
Dynamic Earth Imaging Inc.                                         GIS, Remote sensing products and services, Satellite image enhancements for mineral exploration, Iron Oxide &
                                                                   Clay Alteration Maps, Geologic Structure & Morphology Maps
DynaNav Systems Inc.                                               Mapping for forestry, oil and gas and environmental sectors, High definition navigation and information gathering
                                                                   Stormwater management, Environmental engineering, Soil Studies, Environmental remediation, Solid & Hazardous               G
Earth Tech (Canada) Inc. (Formely Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd.)
                                                                   Waste Management                                                                                                                    218,857       395,385
Earthworks Industries Inc.                                         Recycling, Composting, Soil remediation, Waste management
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.                                   GIS, Municipal Solid Waste Planning and Design, Water Resources Management, Civil Engineering Design,                      E
                                                                   Geotechnical Engineering, Phase I environmental site assessments, Underground Storage Tank Evaluations                                            727,463
Eco Choice Consulting                                              Sustainable resource management                                                                                            B
Ecofocus Environmental Consultants                                 Forestry services, EIA, Biophysical assessments                                                                                      41,558
                                                                   Pulp and paper testing laboratories, Perform over 400 analytical tests on everything from wood to finished product,
Econotech Services Ltd.                                            100 tests on pulp and paper products and over 50 different microscopy tests, Development of new equipment,                 D
                                                                   Design of new mills, Effluent analysis, Water quality parameters, nutrient analysis, trace level organics and effluent
Ecosat Geobotanical Surveys                                        Evaluation of vegetation utilizing air photos, Riparian vegetation studies                                                 A
Ecoscape Biological Consultants                                    GPS monitoring of cariboo, Wildlife biology                                                                                          60,860        25,280
Ecosense Interpretive Services Ltd.                                Visitor Interpretive Centre at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park                                                                         61,500        65,600
EcoSol Consulting Inc.                                             Environmental Management and Systems (ISO 14001), Energy Management and Resource Conservation,
                                                                   Facilitation and learning processes, Project and Program Management
Eco-Tec Environmental Consulting                                   Fecal pellet analysis, Caribou research                                                                                    B
                                                                   Watershed restoration, Fisheries and aquatic ecosystem inventory and assessment, Environmental impact
Edi Environmental Dynamics Inc.                                    assessment, Habitat mitigation and compensation, Erosion and sediment control as well as environmental                     D
                                                                   permitting and planning, encompassing the scientific disciplines of aquatic and terrestrial biology, physical
                                                                   geography, forestry, engineering and geomatics                                                                                       43,866       175,796
                                                                   Remote sensing software developers, Develops and markets inexpensive and affordable digital image processing
Eidetic Digital Imaging                                            systems for remotely sensed data for applications in geographic information systems - gis, geography,
                                                                   environmental science, agriculture, geology, map making, forestry and education
Elk Valley Environmental Services                                  Registered analytical laboratory                                                                                           A
                                                                   EIA, Resource Inventories, Water Quality, Toxicity Testing, GIS, Air Monitoring, Socio-Economic Assessments and
ENKON Environmental Ltd.                                           Surveys, Economic Impact Analysis, Open House Activities, Develops customized information management                       C
                                                                   systems provides GIS solutions, Develops map enabled websites                                                                        75,162
Enmedex                                                            Indoor air quality (IAQ), CMHC Certified, Laboratory services                                                              B
                                                                   Aquatic Biosciences, Soil and waste investigations, Urban Waste Recycling, Contaminants Remediation,
                                                                   Contaminated Site Assessment, Sediment Source Surveys, Hazardous Waste Management, Water Analysis,
Entech Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                              C
                                                                   Taxonomic Surveys, Fisheries Surveys, Inventory Certification, River Diversion Study, Wildlife Surveys, Vegetation
Enterra Environmental Corporation                                  Distributed Power Cogeneration                                                                                             B
                                                                   Technical writing generated by Ph.D. level scientist for project reports and journal articles, Environmental chemistry,
                                                                   Environmental analytical chemistry (gas chromatography, GC, high-pressure liquid chromatography, HPLC, and
Envirochem Management Services Inc.                                solid-phase extraction, SPE), Web-enhanced training, database, and information delivery, Data mining,                      D
                                                                   organization and interpretation, Computer software applications, particularly using the Statistical Analysis System,
                                                                   SAS software for scientific problem solving, Hazardous Waste, GIS
                                                                   Siting liquid waste discharges, Conducting oceanographic studies including physical, chemical and biological, and
                                                                   preparing environmental assessments for liquid waste discharges, Uses GIS, database, spreadsheet and modeling
EnviroEd Consultants Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                     A
                                                                   to analyze, evaluate, and predict potential impacts from marine discharges, Data analysis on historical data sets,
                                                                   Oil spill research
                                                                   High temperature thermal desorption, Gasoline Contaminated soils, Coal tar and Creosote contaminated soils
Envirogreen Technologies Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                 A
                                                                   (PAH's), Contaminated Wood Waste Materials, Recycling of hydrocarbon special waste soils and solid products
Environmental Field Services of BC                                 Special waste transport                                                                                                    A
                                                                   Terrain stability assessments, Watershed restoration assessments, Landslide assessments and rehabilitation,
                                                                   Hydrological assessments, Soil geochemical sampling, Soil and aggregate analysis, Stormwater Management,
                                                                   Technical writing, Copy editing, Drafting, Project planning, AutoCAD, GIS, Land use planning, Water sampling and
                                                                   analysis, Fish sampling, Sediment sampling, Particle size analysis, Behaviour & vertebrate biology, Microbial
Envirotechneering                                                                                                                                                                             B
                                                                   evaluation of water samples, Interpretation of animal behaviour, Gel electrophoresis, Statistical Programming,
                                                                   Vertebrate zoology, Web, graphic and print design, Climate change research, Radionuclide measurement and
                                                                   sampling, Weather observing, Stack monitoring, Snow and ice surveys, Biophysical inventories and electrofishing,
                                                                   GPS, Contaminated sites evaluation, Green buildings, Environmental design
                                                        Terrain stability assessments, Watershed restoration assessments, Landslide assessments and rehabilitation,
                                                        Hydrological assessments, Soil geochemical sampling, Soil and aggregate analysis, Stormwater Management,
                                                        Technical writing, Copy editing, Drafting, Project planning, AutoCAD, GIS, Land use planning, Water sampling and
           British Columbia Environmental Consultants   analysis, Fish sampling, Sediment sampling, Particle size analysis, Behaviour & vertebrate biology, Microbial                       Public Sector Revenue Stream
Envirotechneering                                                                                                                                                            B
                                                                                                                                                                           SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                 evaluation of water samples, Interpretation of animal behaviour, Gel electrophoresis, Statistical Programming,
                                                        Vertebrate zoology, Web, graphic and print design, Climate change research, Radionuclide measurement and                    2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
                                                        sampling, Weather observing, Stack monitoring, Snow and ice surveys, Biophysical inventories and electrofishing,
                                                        GPS, Contaminated sites evaluation, Green buildings, Environmental design
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                 Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                         SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                          Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                  2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
ECL Envirowest Consultants Ltd.                               Fisheries habitat management, GIS, Detention Pond Creation                                                                  B
Epoch Environmental Consulting                                Air quality consulting                                                                                                      A
                                                              Soil Sampling, Water Sampling, Groundwater Monitoring, Soil Remediation, Air and Emission Monitoring,
Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)                                                                                                                                            A
                                                              Bioremediation Contracts, Equipment Leasing
ESRI Canada Limited                                           Developers of ArcInfo and ArcView GIS                                                                                       F                      769,401
                                                              Aquatic Science, Forestry, EIA, Teachers Guide to State of Environment Reports, Environmental and social
ESSA Technologies Ltd.                                        systems analysis, Landscape and stand level forest planning tools, Carbon budget modelling, Decision support                D
                                                              systems for fisheries and wildlife (simulation models and databases)                                                                 278,563       239,867
EvEco Consultants Ltd.                                        Soil consultants, Agrology, Land resource management, Environmental planning, monitoring, risk assessment,                  B
                                                              Waste management
                                                              Data collection, Technical guidance documents, The largest privately owned biological and toxicity testing facility in
                                                              the Pacific Northwest, Field sampling and data collection, Strategic environmental planning, Risk assessments,
EVS Environmental Consultants Ltd.                            Monitoring programs, Environmental training and technology transfer, Management of Contaminated Sediments,                  E
                                                              Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Management, Ecotoxicology and Toxicity Identification
                                                              evaluations, Electronic devices design, Streetlight Technology, Electronic Hardware research,
Fins Consulting Ltd.                                          Silviculture prescriptions, Riparian assessments                                                                            B
Fleetwood Environmental                                       Petroluem products recycling                                                                                                A
Fluor Daniel                                                  Environmental engineering                                                                                                   F
Fluvial Systems Research Inc.                                 Watershed assessments, Fluvial geomorphology, Streamside logging and riparian hazard assessment                             B         25,818       108,903
Focus Intec                                                   Engineering, Planning, Geomatics                                                                                            B                       45,677
Footprint Environmental Consultants                           Recycling initiatives, Eco-education, Composting, Solid waste diversion                                                     A
Forest Information Systems Ltd.                               Database File Creation from Air Photo Indices, GIS, Forest management                                                       A
                                                              Road survey and design, GIS, Forest management, Analysis and management of forest information, Specialized
Forsite Consultants Ltd.                                      software development, Management solutions for forest land base issues, Vegetation Resources Inventory, Forest
                                                              Engineering, Project Management, Harvest Planning, Environmental Assessments & Silviculture, Resource
                                                              Analysis/Software, Beetle Susceptibility and Risk Analysis                                                                           203,722       703,789
                                                              Environmental site assessments, Remediation of contaminant impacts, Monitoring, risk assessment and
Franz Environmental Inc.                                      remediation of groundwater, soils and surface water and sediments, Groundwater modelling, Risk assessments                  B
                                                              and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Fraser Environmental Services                                 Identification of plankton and invertebrates                                                                                B         55,365        43,150
Fulford Meteorological Services                               Hydrometeorology, Climatology                                                                                               A
                                                              G3 creates tailor-made program or study designs, databases, GIS and modelling and technical and scientific
G3 Consulting Ltd.                                            training modules for a verity of applications and clients ranging from aquatic research to community level                  B
                                                              stewardship and training to technical applications such as commercial diver applications, First Nations, etc.
                                                              Products have been delivered for small and larger applications                                                                                     100,189
G.A. Borstad Associates Ltd.                                  Remote Sensing and Aerial Surveying, Resource Exploration, Multispectral VNIR - Hyperspectral SWIR,                         B
                                                              Environmental Impact Assessment, Training, Consulting and Software Development
                                                              Site decommissioning and rezoning, Implementation of remedial strategies, Stormwater monitoring, Pollution
                                                              prevention, Water & Wastewater characterization, Stage I (Phase I) and Stage II (Phase 2) Preliminary Site
Gandalf Consulting Ltd.
                                                              Investigations (Environmental Site Assessments), Removal of Underground Storage Tanks, The development of
                                                              sustainable Groundwater Resources for industrial and municipal application
                                                              Ecological Planning and Design, Waste Management Planning, Design and Implementation, Environmental Impact
Gartner Lee Limited                                                                                                                                                                       C
                                                              Assessment, Monitoring, Property Assessments/Audits Including Screening/Phase I & II, Remediation and Clean-up
Geocortex                                                     GIS and Internet mapping, Service of Latitude Geographics Group Ltd, ArcIMS experts                                         B
                                                              Wildlife habitat and biology, Ecosite classification, Strategic and operational forest management planning, GIS
Geographic Dynamics Corp.                                                                                                                                                                 C
Geokinetic Systems Inc.                                       ESRI business partner and developers of theEngine and tinShapeZ
Geomatics International Inc.                                  GIS services, Mapping                                                                                                       B
GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.                                   Enterprise learning management solutions for utilities, media, government and universities                                  B         25,338
Geoplan Consultants Inc.                                      Surveying, Mapping, Information systems planning, Design and implementation, GIS analysis and applications                  C
                                                              development, Data conversion and project management                                                                                  576,483       321,481
Geoscape Environmental Planners                               Recreation and tourism surveys, Land use planning                                                                           A         39,779
Geosea Consulting Ltd.                                        Sampling and mapping with vessel GeoSea, Prediction of patterns of sediment movement, Dynamic behaviour of                  A
                                                              sediments, Sediment Trend Analysis (STA), Acoustic Bottom Classification (ABC)
                                                              Underground storage tanks, Environmental site investigations, Hydrocarbon contamination, Bioremediation of
GeoViro Engineering Ltd. (Acquired by Stantec May 13, 2002)   hydrocarbon contaminated soils, Environmental monitoring of soils and groundwater, Environmental site                       C
                                                              assessments, Management of hazardous materials, Soil, water, and air contaminant monitoring
                                                              Wildlife habitat suitability models, Ecological land classification and mapping, Biophysical inventory, Soil and terrain
Geowest Environmental Consultants Ltd.                        mapping, Bioterrain and terrestrial ecosystem mapping, Wildlife and fisheries research and habitat assessment,              B
                                                              Environmental impact assessment, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis                                                       493,356       149,918
Giles Environmental Engineering                               Wastewater treatment, Waste disposal systems                                                                                A
GIS Innovations Ltd.                                          GIS technology, Mapping, Atlases, 9-1-1 systems implementations                                                             B        484,873       336,472
Global Environmental Management Systems Ltd.                  Management of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs), Recycling, Environmental Management Systems (EMS)                                A
Global Geomatics Ltd.                                         Digital photogrammetric mapping, Digital cartography, Forest cover interpretation, GIS
Golder Associates Ltd.                                        Environmental Impact Assessments, Hydrological Monitoring, Geoscientific Investigations, Land Use Planning, Air             F
                                                              emissions inventories, Fish studies, Water quality, Population modelling, GIS                                                       1,562,426     1,091,500    436,988
Goode Environmental Services                                  Water quality testing, Water sampling                                                                                       A
Gormican Environmental Services                               Fisheries management, Research                                                                                              A
GPS Forest Consultants Ltd.                                   Forest management, GPS surveys                                                                                                        70,626        65,504
                                                              Municipal Waste Management methodologies, Reduction of greenhouse gases in response to Canada's agreement
                                                              of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, Anaerobic and aerobic incineration, Biomass gasification, Hazardous waste treatment,
Gryphen Technologies Inc.                                                                                                                                                                 B
                                                              Sewage sludge incineration, Waste To Energy (WTE) Facilities, Mechanical biological treatment (MBT), Co-
                                                              Generation and industrial power plants
Esther Guimond Consulting                                     Registered Professional Biologist                                                                                           B
Hallam Knight Piesold Ltd.                                    Environmental engineering                                                                                                   F
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                         Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                 SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                     Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                          2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Hugh Hamilton Limited Integrated Resource Consultants       GIS, Forestry services, Photogrammetric mapping, Aerial Photography, Remote Sensing, Land Surveying                   C
H.A. Simons Ltd.                                            Environmental engineering, Engineering services for resource industries such as forestry, mining and metals           F
                                                            Fisheries, Aquaculture, EIA, Organochlorine studies, Benthic macroinvertebrate studies, GIS, Biological resource
                                                            development and management (aquaculture, fisheries and wildlife resources), and environmental management
Hatfield Consultants Ltd.                                   (environmental and socioeconomic impact assessment, pollution monitoring, contaminant assessments, spill              D
                                                            contingency planning, and institutional development). Expertise is available for all phases of project development
                                                            including feasibility assessment, project management, design, and implementation.                                              181,923        71,648
Hecate Strait StreamKeepers                                 Construction of spawning and rearing habitat, Landslide and riparian restoration, Habitat conservation and            B
                                                            Resource management, Soil sampling and analysis, Site remediation, Site investigations/cleanups and groundwater
Hemmera Resource Consultants Ltd.                           resource development, Environmental impact assessments, Contaminated Site Investigations, Hydrogeology,               C
                                                            Environmental Monitoring
Henderson Environmental Consulting Ltd.                     Watershed assessments, Forest regeneration, Water quality analysis, Channel assessments Nursery stock, Soil           B
                                                            disturbance, Tropical forestry, Feasibility studies, Hydrology, Land reclamation, Environmental assessments                     38,141
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                     Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                             SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                             Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                      2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
                                                                 Designs and builds advanced wastewater reclamation facilities for both services and municipal upgrades of existing
Hill Murray & Associates                                                                                                                                                                      C
                                                                 treatment works
                                                                 Development and application of biotechnology to provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions to solve a
                                                                 wide variety of environmental problems, Restoration of soil and groundwater quality to permit reuse, redevelopment
Hobbs Miller Maat Inc.                                           and/or risk free rehabilitation, Proprietary bacteria identification, extraction and culturing procedures, Degradation of    B
                                                                 Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, Coal Tar Creosote, PCBs, Chlorophenols, Pesticides and Herbicides, TCE, PCE,
                                                                 Gasoline and Diesel Fuel, Lubrication Oils, Crude Oil
                                                                 Environmental and socio-economic assessment, Management of resource developments, Native development and
Robert Hornal & Associates Ltd.                                  treaty negotiations, Mediation and facilitation, Policy development, Land Use planning, Public consultation, Systems         A
Ray Hryciuk Environmental Services                               Environmental auditing                                                                                                       A
Hyla EnvironmentalServices                                       Amphibian and reptile conservation, Recovery planning activities for the Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa)                 B
Integrated Mapping Technologies Inc.                             Photogrammetric products and services                                                                                                 332,249        91,744
Integrated Resource Consultants Inc. (IRC)                       Agricultural waste management, Resource management, Land Use surveys, Analytical laboratories
                                                                 Analysis of genetic implications of effluent and pollution exposure to animals (including humans) in the receiving
                                                                 environment, Non-destructive genotoxicity testing, Examining genetic structural changes in populations - genetic
International EcoGen Inc.                                                                                                                                                                     B
                                                                 diversity, inbreeding, selection effects - using molecular genetics and proprietary morphometric multivariate
                                                                 methods. Determining carcinogenicity of chemicals and effluents using our proprietary oncofish system
Intrepid Biological Contracting                                  Wetland Classification, GIS                                                                                                            51,590
Island Karst Research                                            Bat research, Caving                                                                                                         A         33,860
J. Jemmett & Associates                                          Ecological and biotechnology consulting, Benthic invertebrate sampling                                                       A
JLD Environmental Management Inc.                                Environmental training, education and motivation
                                                                 Phase I & II environmental site assessments, Detailed indoor and ambient air quality studies, Soil sampling &
JMB Research Ltd.                                                analysis, Soil & groundwater remediation, Storage tank decommissioning, Hazardous waste management,                          B
                                                                 Technical training seminars
                                                                 Environmental assessment and rehabilitation of industrial disturbances, Soil science, Vegetation ecology, Surficial
C.E. Jones and Associates Ltd.                                   geology, Wildlife geology, Water quality and agriculture, Soils and vegetation mapping, Terrestrial Ecosystem                B
                                                                 Maping, Wildlife inventory and habitat capability/suitability assessment, Watershed restoration assessments,
                                                                 Biotechnical slope stabilization, Wetland creation and stream rehabilitation
Jones Environmental Sciences                                     Site investigations, Separation of volatiles and non-volatiles from wood waste, Solidification of contaminated               A
                                                                 sludges, Project management, Commercialization of environmental science & technology
Juan de Fuca Environmental                                       Landscape assessments, Tourism opportunities                                                                                 A
                                                                 Contaminated site remediation, Spill assessment and clean-up, Environmental monitoring, Environmental
Kaizen Environmental Services                                    management systems, Emergency response plans, Phase I, II & III Assessments, Flare Pit & Pond Remediation,                   A
                                                                 Environmental Liability Assessment & Management
Kala Groundwater Consulting                                      Groundwater monitoring and analysis                                                                                          B
                                                                 Hazardous waste management, Pollution prevention technologies, Remediation & containment, Research &
KAM Biotechnology Ltd.                                           development, Resource recovery & recycling, Solid waste management, Wastewater treatment, Manufacturer of
                                                                 highly adapted biological additives for use in wastewater treatment, sludge reduction and soil bioremediation
Kanotech Information Systems Ltd.                                Developer and provider of customizable geographic information systems, Automated mapping, and facilities
                                                                 management solutions
Keir Consultants Inc.                                            GIS, Surveying, Socioeconomic assessment, Land use planning, Environmental policy formulation                                A
Kermode Consulting Ltd.                                          Environmental management systems (EMS) development, Waste and wastewater management, Project                                 A
                                                                 management, Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA)
                                                                 Contaminated site assessment and remediation, Risk assessment, Industrial wastewater treatment, Storm water
Keystone Environmental Ltd.                                      management, Environmental auditing, Environmental assessment and environmental management, Environmental                     E
                                                                 Site Investigations, Contaminated site remediation, Hazardous waste management, Environmental project
                                                                 management                                                                                                                             41,071
                                                                 Biotelemetry, Specialize in using telemetry studies to assist in land management planning, Telemetry studies of
Keystone Wildlife Research                                                                                                                                                                    C
                                                                 large mammals (caribou, mountain sheep, deer, wolves, black and grizzly bear)                                                                       138,080
                                                                 Geotechnical studies, Real Estate Services, GIS, Impact assessments and baseline studies, Site and workplace
Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd.                                   audits, Remediations, Groundwater modelling and contaminant, Transport modelling, Solid waste management and                 E
                                                                 water treatment                                                                                                                       505,560       164,659     553,676
                                                                 Environmental site cleanup/remediation, Removal and disposal of underground storage tanks, Excavation and
                                                                 remediation of contaminated soils, Thermal remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils, Bio-remediation of
K-LOR Contractors Services (BC) Ltd.                                                                                                                                                          E
                                                                 hydrocarbon contaminated soils, Geo-remediation of heavy metals and hydrocarbon contaminated soils, Advanced
                                                                 oxidation decontamination of hazardous organic and inorganic pollutants (PCBs, hydrocarbons and cyanide)
                                                                 Impact Assessment (EIA), Audit & Management Systems (EMS), Monitoring and Analysis, Pollution Control, Land
Knight Piesold Ltd.                                              Rehabilitation, Site Investigations, Hydropower Developments Permitting, Vegetation and wildlife habitat                     E
                                                                 assessment, Waste management & disposal, Water treatment, Spill contingency & emergency response,
                                                                 Contaminated land remediation, Watershed restoration, Fisheries assessment
Komex International Ltd.                                         Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Site Assessment, Environmental audits, EIA, Contaminated sites                                      E         43,411
Kucera Engineers Inc.                                            Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG Permit), Radionuclides                                                                A
Kutenai Nature Investigations Ltd.                               Forest soil nutrient status, Habitat supply modeling, Caribou management, Ecosystem management                               A         38,310        56,445
LaCas Consultants Inc.                                           Hydrological assessments, Stream rehabilitation, Watershed assessments, Flood bank control, Erosion protection               A
LADR Landscape Architectural Design & Rendering                  Diversified design and planning, Greenways                                                                                   A
Landmark Consulting                                              Consulting engineers                                                                                                         A
Land Ranger Environmental Ltd.                                   Recycling services                                                                                                           A
Landscope Consulting Corp.                                       Natural resource management                                                                                                  A
                                                                 Landslide hazard mapping, Geologic reconnaissance of landslide areas, Field mapping of landslide characteristics,            C
Landslide Technology (Division of Cornforth Consultants, Inc.)
                                                                 Laboratory measurements of soil and rock properties, Slope stability analyses                                                          65,145
Laracorp Land & Resource Analysis Corp.                          Analysis and modeling of land and resource information, Developer of StatMAP                                                 A        183,063       316,372
              British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                                        Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                                               SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                                                 Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.                                                      GIS/cartography, Internet mapping products, 3D viewers for ArcIMS, Geocortex Internet Mapping, GPS Fieldwork/              B
                                                                                     Training, ArcView Customization Using Avenue, Viewshed Analysis                                                                      35,015        44,533
Levelton Engineering Ltd.                                                            Air Quality, Meteorology, Dispersion modelling, Measurements mapping, IAQ, Site Assessment, Geotechnical                   E
                                                                                     studies, Real Estate, Soils and groundwater, Analytical chemistry                                                                   107,548        75,123      84,390       5,110
Lewkowich Geotechnical Engineering                                                   Geotechnical assessment, Slope stability, Material testing
LGL Limited Environmental Research Associates                                        Ecological research, Environmental consulting, Marine, Mammal, E.I.A., Data Mapping, GIS, Fish Biology, Animal             D
                                                                                     and Fisheries studies, Fisheries research using biotelemetry,                                                                       128,429       107,768     475,049
                                                                                     Stormwater management, Wastewater treatment and disposal, Water quality, Benthic macroinvertebrate studies,
                                                                                     Phosphorus budgets, Freshwater ecosystem restoration, Design and implement experiments and monitoring plans
Limnotek Research & Development Inc.                                                                                                                                                                            B
                                                                                     that solve complex problems in water management, water supply, forest land management, waste water
                                                                                     management, water quality and fisheries, Freshwater quality, Aquatic systems ecology, Water use planning                                           64,000
D B Lister & Associates Ltd.                                                         Salmonidae research, Habitat Suitability Index HSI models, Stream habitat analysis                                         A
Lorax Environmental Services Ltd.                                                    EIA, Hydrology, Acid rock drainage, Water and sediment quality, Ecotoxicology, Hydrogeology                                B
Lorean Enterprises Inc.                                                              Special waste transport                                                                                                    C
Charles Low, PhD                                                                     Identification of aquatic invertebrates, Beach surveys, SCUBA surveys, Sample collection, Fish collection                  A
Lowen Hydrogeology Consulting                                                        Groundwater, Impact of effluents and sewage on water quality                                                               A                       36,258
                                                                                     Mining, environmental and geotechnical applications, 3D Data Management, Geological Interpretation,
Lynx Geosystems Inc.
                                                                                     Geostatistical Analysis and Estimation, Geological Engineering
MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates                                                     Surveillance and monitoring solutions, Acoustic signal processing, Develops information systems and products, GIS          G
MacDonald Environmental Sciences Ltd.                                                Water quality management, EIA, Aquatic toxicology, Waste management                                                        A         26,000        70,244
MacLeod Geotechnical Ltd.                                                            Soil and rock mechanics, Geotechnical site investigation, Site preparation, Slope stability, Numerical analysis of soil    D
                                                                                     structures and soil-structure analysis                                                                                               60,846
John MacRae & Associates Inc.                                                        Indoor air quality, Environmental health services                                                                          A
Madrone Consultants Ltd. (In association with Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.)   Vegetation and wildlife inventory, Mapping, Wildlife gardens
Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.                                                  Forestry Services, Environmental Impact Assessments, Terrain mapping, Windthrow assessments, Watershed                     C
                                                                                     assessments                                                                                                                          80,087       156,655      72,879
Manning Cooper & Associates                                                          EIA, Wildlife Inventory, Suitability Mapping, Management prescriptions for sensitive wildlife species, Scientific copy
                                                                                     editing and technical writing, Danger tree assessment                                                                                30,715
Manta Environmental Ltd.                                                             Eulachon Research                                                                                                          A
                                                                                     Fish salvage, Silt Control Plan design & implementation, Stream, lake and marine aquatic inventory and
                                                                                     classification, Habitat assessments, surveys and sampling, Fisheries inventories and surveys, Environmental
MarLim Ecological Consultants Ltd.                                                   Impact Assessments (EIA), and environmental audits, Phase I and II contaminated site investigations, Water quality
                                                                                     sampling, assessment, biomonitoring and sample analysis, Soil and vegetation sampling and surveys, Scientific
                                                                                     illustration and drafting, computer digitizing of topographic and bathymetric maps, Silt control, Habitat enhancement
McCrory Wildlife Services                                                            Wildlife inventories, Habitat research, Bear biology, Inventory of critical habitats                                       B                       30,320
                                                                                     GIS, Manipulating and organizing the data involved in forestry planning projects, Platform-independent data
                                                                                     handling for large datasets, Oracle Relational Database Management system, Data Conversion, Digital Mapping,
McGregor Resource Analysis Group Inc.                                                                                                                                                                           C
                                                                                     Terrain Modelling, Model Forests, A for-profit subsidiary company of the McGregor Model Forest Association
                                                                                     (MMFA)                                                                                                                              195,133       195,557
Peter J. McNamee Ltd.                                                                Carbon budget research and modeling                                                                                        A
                British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                         SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                              Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                  2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
MEC Consulting                                                      Internet training and consulting                                                                                      A
                                                                    ISO 14000 Environmental Management System Model, In-House Courses, ISO 9000 (Quality Management
MGMT Alliances Inc.                                                 Systems), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safely Management Systems) and Integrated Management                   A
                                                                    Assessment of the environmental effects of pollutants and developing treatment systems for their removal,
                                                                    bioremediation, Treatment of soil and groundwater contaminants, contaminated with PCP/Wood preservatives,
Microbial Technologies, Inc.                                                                                                                                                              A
                                                                    PAH, phenolics, cyanide/thiocyanate, Remediation and treatment of : metals, selenium, organics, ammonia,
                                                                    cyanide/thiocyanate and contaminants associated with acid mine drainage
Mike Miles & Associates Ltd.                                        Fluvial geomorphology                                                                                                 A                       42,575
Mimulus Biological Consultant                                       Recognized Streamkeeper Trainers, Vegetation Resources Inventory Ground Sampling Contractor                           A
Montane Resource Management Inc.                                    Private land and woodlot management services, Log Marketing and Silviculture Implementation, Pest Surveys,            B
                                                                    Wildlife/Danger Tree Assessments, Cut block and Road Layout                                                                     49,163        73,069
                                                                    Environmental Site Investigations, Soil and groundwater contamination assessments, Environmental, Health &
Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.                               Safety Compliance Auditing, Environmental management systems, Landfill Studies, Hazardous & Regulated                 D
                                                                    Building Materials Assessment Services, Environmental Compliance Monitoring, Hydrogeological assessments                       166,143                     1,605      52,543
Mossie Environmental Services                                       Enhancement of municipal forest land and recreation trails, Environmental Youth Team projects                         C        767,335       643,901
Moxi Media                                                          Specializes in the development of geographic information systems (GIS) applications for the desktop and the
                                                                    Internet                                                                                                                                      87,679
                                                                    Implementation of sustainable solutions to environmental issues, Impact assessments, LCA, Evaluating and
MWA Consultants                                                     prioritizing environmental issues, Environmental Engineering, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Life Cycle          A
                                                                    Assessment(LCA), Offsets & Emissions Trading
Nanuq Environmental Consulting                                      Snow trailing investigations caribou, Caribou foraging research, Determine foraging strategies                        B
Nazko Resource Management Ltd.                                      Sustainable resource management, Forestry surveys, Logging                                                            B         45,814
Nechako Reforestation Services                                      Tree planting, tree spacing and brushing, Silviculture, Silviculture surveys, Beetle probes, GPS layouts              F
Nepcan Engineering Ltd. (Affiliated with The Cochrane Group Ltd.)   Engineering services for electrical power generation projects                                                         E
                                                                    Oilfield waste waste management, Frac sand recycling and recovery, Development of technology that maximizes
Newalta Corp.                                                       recovery and recycling and minimizes disposal, Centrifugation for emulsions, Thermal cracking of waste lube oil,      G
                                                                    Shredding and magnetic separation of oil filters, Distillation of waste glycols and solids, CO2 emission credit
                                                                    certificates                                                                                                                                  45,837
                                                                    Storm water management, Design of drainage control facilities, Sanitary sewer system analysis and design, Landfill
New East Consulting Services Ltd.                                   site identification, strategic planning and design, leachate and wastewater treatment, and review of operation and    C
                                                                    maintenance strategies to reduce operational costs and extend service life for existing sites, Solid waste
                                                                    management involving recycling programs, composting facilities, incineration, and transfer stations
NEXT Environmental                                                  Environmental insurance products, Contaminated Sites, Environmental cleanups, Real Estate                             D
NLK Consultants Inc.                                                Air pollution control, Energy efficiency, Engineering services, Environmental audits, Solid waste management and      F
                                                                    wastewater treatment
Nobility Environmental Software Systems Inc.                        Develop environmental impact assessment software, Nobility EM, is a Windows based, GIS-enabled software
                                                                    system, GIS-enabled decision support software systems for environmental screening
                                                                    Resource management consulting, Archaeological Impact Assessments, Community Economic Development,
Norcan Consulting Ltd.                                              Forest Resource Inventories, Traditional Use Studies, Database Management and Development, Photographic               D
                                                                    Inventories, Scanning and Cataloguing, Heritage impact services                                                                 80,639
                                                                    Waste and hazardous materials management, Soils Remediation, Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment,
URS Norecol Dames & Moore Ltd.                                                                                                                                                            D
                                                                    Environmental Site Assessments, Air quality and emission Control, Hydrogeology and geochemistry
Nortec Consulting                                                   Watershed assessments and restoration, Riparian vegetation identification, Analysis of flow regimes                   B
North Island Biological Consultants                                 Fisheries biology, Mussel research                                                                                    B         37,186
                                                                    Indoor air quality testing (IAQ), Chemical and environmental consulting, Environmental assessments, Exposure and
North West Environmental Group Ltd.                                 control programs for asbestos, lead dust, mold, Environmental consulting - Stage 1 and 2 Contaminated Site            E
                                                                    Assessments and project management for clients
North West Geomatics Canada Inc.                                    Aerial photography, Photogrammetric scanning, Digital images, Airborne GPS                                            G        213,717      1,728,210
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.                                Hydrotechnical modelling, GIS analysis, Watershed and fish habitat assessment, Numerical modeling,                    C
                                                                    Development of customized GIS interfaces, Modelling rainfall-runoff                                                             61,117        64,745
Northwest Response Ltd.                                             Site assessments, Fuel handling, transportation and storage                                                           A
Northwinds Environment Ltd.                                         Hydrocarbon waste management, Stakeholder facilitation                                                                A
                                                                    First environmental and agricultural laboratory to obtain accreditation by the Standards Council of Canada,
                                                                    Environmental soil analysis, Water quality analysis, Air analysis, industrial hygience, Microbiology, Drilling and
Norwest Labs                                                        hazardous waste assessments, Feed, Seed fertilizer and food analysis, Environmental microbiology, Toxicity, Bio
                                                                    assay services, Rental of field equipment, Bioremediation testing of hydrocarbon contaminated sites, Farm soil and
                                                                    fertilizer analysis, Compliance monitoring, Examinination of food products and testing for pesticides
                                                                    Resource based GIS analysis, Database design, Data analysis and translation, Programming, Application
NOVA Geomatics Ltd.                                                 development, Planning services, Archaeological Predictive Modeling, Slope and aspect maps, Forest cover               B
                                                                    updates, Fish & stream inventory mapping, Training in ArcInfo & Arcview
Nova Pacific Environmental                                          Specializes in fish habitat issues                                                                                    B         27,153
Novatec Consultants Inc.                                            Environmental Management Systems and Auditing, Wastewater treatment, Effluent disposal, Contaminated Site             B
                                                                    Remediation, Environmental impact assessment and rehabilitation, Environmental monitoring
NTBC Research Corp.                                                 Treatment of acid mine drainage with sulfate-eating bacteria to remove the metals from the water and raise its pH     A
                                                                    level, Metal extraction, Research laboratory, Sulphates to Sulphite conversion
                                                                    Environmental auditing, Site remediation, Environmental site assessments, Waste management, Risk assessment
                                                                    & risk management, Spill response and clean-up, Hydrogeology, Air quality monitoring & modeling, Geotechnical
O'Connor Associates Environmental Inc.                              engineering, Training & technology transfer, Vapour extraction and bio-venting, Groundwater pump-and-treat and        D
                                                                    air sparging, Phase I, Phase II and Phase III site assessments, Contaminant characterization, Indoor and outdoor
                                                                    air quality monitoring, Soil gas sampling and analysis, Air dispersion modeling, Fugitive emissions and stack
Oikos Ecological Services Ltd.                                      Land management applications of the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification, Riparian zone management,                A
                                                                    Ecosystem research, EIA, Pedology, Statistics                                                                                  284,234       181,063
Olympic Resource Management                                         Timberland management, Forestry consulting, GIS                                                                                516,347       101,419
Orca Environmental Corp.                                            Site Assessments, Remediation                                                                                         B                                  146,403
              British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                    Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                           SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                  Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                    2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Pacific Cove Environmental Services Inc.                   Occupational health and safety                                                                                   A          34,000
Pacific Ecological Services                                Forest management services                                                                                       B          65,187       53,194
Pacific Environmental Consulting                           Site assessment and remediation, IAQ, Mould/Fungal testing, Asbestos, In-house laboratory, HAZMAT                C
Pacific Geomatics Ltd.                                     Earth sciences, Remote sensing                                                                                   A        147,027       154,384      12,262
Pacific Geotech Systems Ltd.                               GIS web-based map publishing, SDE/ARCIMS, ArcInfo, Document Management Systems                                   B        489,277       828,983
                                                           Application of GIS for natural resource management and urban planning, Fish and habitat mapping, Land use
Pacific GIS Consulting                                                                                                                                                      A
                                                           planning, Timber supply and operability analysis, Terrain analysis
Pacific International Mapping Corp.                        Digital mapping software and services, Data acquisition and analysis                                             C
Pacific Northwest GIS Consulting Inc.                      ARC/INFO Vector and Raster data modeling, compilation, maintenance, cartographic mapping, GIS Software           B
                                                           products (EasyArc), Builds and markets custom software products                                                                          28,080
Pacific Phytometric Consultants                            Plantation Management Surveying, Forest and Ecosystem health                                                     B
                                                           Custom application programming, ArcView application development, Data capture and conversion, Map production,
Pacific Spatial Systems Ltd. (PSS)                                                                                                                                          A
                                                           Digital Terrain Modeling, Orthophotography                                                                                               45,425
Pandion Ecological Research Ltd.                           Wildlife ecology, Natural resource management                                                                    A        170,064       154,481
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                           Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                                   SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                                      Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                            2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Par Terre Environmental Consulting Services Ltd.                            Environmental design of highway drainage, Design of constructed wetlands                                                A          95,584        60,145
Paragon Resource Mapping Inc.                                               GPS, GIS, CAD, Create fastest/optimal routes, Analyze and optimize trade areas, Recreational Mapping, Terrain           B
                                                                            modelling, Creation of orthophotos in ERMapper                                                                                    66,818        49,623
Payne Engineering Geology                                                   Drainfield design, EIA of sewage disposal systems, Hydrology, Hydrogeology                                              A
PCA Consultants Ltd.                                                        Pollution abatement, Pollution prevention plans for marinas, Best Management Practices (BMPs)                           A
                                                                            Developer of Geomatics software for geographic modeling, measurement, analysis, output and solutions based on
                                                                            its remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, and cartographic editing programs, EASI/PACE,
PCI Geomatics                                                                                                                                                                                       F
                                                                            GEOMATICA and OrthoEngine, Impact assessment and industrial wastewater management, Monitoring and
                                                                            analysis, Renewable energy
PHH Environmental Ltd.                                                      Risk Management, Site assessment, Waste management, Air Quality Assessments, Pedology, Riparian area                    B
                                                                            management, Watershed management                                                                                                                41,220      80,731
                                                                            Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental planning and approvals, Site contamination investigations, Fish
Phoenix Environmental Services                                                                                                                                                                      A
                                                                            and wildlife habitat assessment and mitigation
Pioneer Land Service Ltd.                                                   Mineral and land acquisition services, EIA, Drilling                                                                    C
                                                                            Geotechnical engineering, Engineering, Geology, Rock mechanics, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Earth sciences, Soil
Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.                                          mechanics, Foundations, Remote sensing, Hydrogeochemistry, Northern Engineering, Geophysics, Structural                 D
                                                                            geology, Photo geology, Environmental engineering, Water resources engineering
P.J.B. Duffy & Associates                                                   Resource management, Environmental impact assessment and planning, Public review of major projects,                     A
                                                                            Integrated land resource surveys, Sustainable development
Planterra Environmental                                                     Landscape architecture                                                                                                  B
Points West Heritage Consulting                                             Archaeological investigations and inventories                                                                           A
                                                                            Integrated waste management, Treatment and disposal of hazardous and special wastes, Tank management
Positive Results Environmental Management Ltd.                                                                                                                                                      A
                                                                            services (UST), Waste identification, packaging, containment, treatment, transport and disposal
                                                                            Site investigations, EIA, Water quality, Soil erosion, Pedology, Hydrology, Management of pulp and paper mill and
                                                                            wood waste, sewage biosolids and manure, composting systems and marketing and package wastewater
Pottinger Gaherty Environmental Consultants Ltd.                            treatment systems, Environmental planning, Land use planning, Environmental impact assessments, mitigation and          D
                                                                            compensation strategies, Habitat restoration, permitting and approvals, public consultation, sustainability, GIS and
                                                                            internet mapping                                                                                                                  71,306        30,706
                                                                            Habitat classification, assessment and enhancement, Analysis of streams and vegetation, Plant inventories, EIA,
Precision Identification                                                                                                                                                                            A
                                                                            Habitat population dynamics, Air photo interpretation, Mapping, Eelgrass research
Provincial GPS Services                                                     GPS Training                                                                                                                      42,169
                                                                            Analytical testing data for a wide variety of applications including: Environmental Analysis, Waste Classification,
PSC Analytical Services Inc.                                                Industrial Hygiene, Air Toxics in both ambient air and stack emission, Dioxin, PCB, PAH, OC analysis by High            G
                                                                            Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Industrial Chemistry, Physical Testing
QA Environmental Consulting                                                 Water quality, Stream ecology, Automated continuous monitoring, Hydrology                                               A        105,376        39,159
Quantum Environmental Group Inc.                                            Asbestos Abatement, Mould and Fungi Remediation, Hazardous Materials, Handling, Abatement and Disposal,                 D
                                                                            Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCB, Bio-Remediation, Remediation & Containment                                                                       29,164
Quantum Remediation Services Ltd.                                           Contaminated site and building remediation, Hazardous materials abatement, Contaminated soil excavation, Mould          G
                                                                            abatement, Resource recovery & recycling
Quaterra Environmental                                                      Quaternary geology, Terrain stability, Palaeoseismicity                                                                 A
Quesnel River Environmental Restoration Services                            Fisheries Inventory surveys, Field Data Information System (FDIS)                                                       B         38,540
Quillicum Environmental Services Ltd.                                       Second Growth Management, Habitat Restoration, Hydroriparian Management                                                 A         47,099
                                                                            Information solutions based on satellite-derived data, Cartographic mapping, DEMs, mosaics, RADARmaps,
                                                                            Geological mapping, Disaster monitoring and mapping, Land surveillance monitoring, Oil basin screening,                 G
Radarsat International (Subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates)
                                                                            Integrated multsensors include EO satellites, including RADARSAT-1, RADARSAT-2, LANDSAT 4/5, LANDSAT 7,
                                                                            IKONOS, IRS, ERS, SPOT, QuickBird, and ENVISAT
Range and Bearing Environmental Resource Mapping Corporation                GIS and Remote sensing, Aerial mapping                                                                                  A
DG Regan & Associates Ltd.                                                  Entomology, Mosquito control, Mercury sampling in marine and terrestrial environments                                   A
Renewable Resources Consulting Services                                     Caribou studies, Amphibian research                                                                                     B
                                                                            EIA of mine development and decommissioning on terrestrial and aquatic environments, Environmental impact
Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.                                          assessment, Environmental audits, Engineering services, ISO/EMS Consulting, Pollution prevention technology,            D
                                                                            Resource management, Solid waste management, Wastewater treatment, Mine reclamation, GIS services
Resource GIS and Imaging (RGI)                                              Cost Effective Imaging for Resource Evaluation, GIS, Mapping                                                            B
RHF Systems Ltd.                                                            GIS, Forest management and analysis, Biodiversity seral stage targets                                                   A         85,980       118,988
River-Run Bio Ltd.                                                          Fisheries resource analysis, Watershed restoration                                                                      B
RJ & Associates Environmental Consulting Inc.                               Environmental sampling and site assessments, Asbestos project management, IAQ, Industrial hygiene                       B
R. Keith Jones & Associates                                                 Habitat supply modeling, Predictive ecosystem mapping                                                                   A         83,633       146,299
RL & L Environmental Services Ltd.                                          EIA, Freshwater fisheries, Resource management, Ecology                                                                 A        141,838        55,358
Roberts Environmental Services                                              Fisheries data management, Ecological reviews, Watershed studies, Water quality monitoring programs,                    A
                                                                            Environmental assessments under provincial and federal regulations
Robertson Environmental Services                                            Environmental assessment, Emergency planning, Ecolgy, Ornithology                                                       A         78,097        30,126
R.U. Kistritz Consultants Ltd.                                              Habitat biology, Water quality, Pollution effects on aquatic environments                                               A
J.M. Ryder & Associates Terrain Analysis Inc.                               Terrain analysis, Slope stability, watershed assessments                                                                C         84,596        60,038
SAR Engineering                                                             Building Systems Assessment/Tennant Fitup,                                                                              G
R.K. Schmidt Environmental                                                  Environmental engineer                                                                                                  A
SDF Environmental Contracting                                               Inventories of Harlequin ducks                                                                                          A         25,728
SEACOR Environmental Consultants                                            Soil and groundwater assessment and remediation, Air quality studies, Waste management, Environmental                   G
                                                                            compliance audits, Hydrogeology, Environmental Management Systems                                                                115,053        27,037
Secter Environmental Resource Consulting                                    Cumulative effects analysis, Natural resource planning, Environmental analysis                                          A
Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.                                                 GIS, Remote sensing, Aerial photography                                                                                 B
                                                                            Environmental projects related to radioactivity, Specialists in Energy Nuclear and Environmental Sciences
Senes Consultants Ltd.                                                      (SENES), Air/water/soil, Waste management, Risk analysis, Study of radioactivity and ionizing radiation,                A
                                                                            Environmental assessment, EMS/auditing, Institutional strengthening, Mining and energy
                                                                            Conservation and reclamation approvals, Soils inventory and reclamation, Pipeline environmental supervision,
Sharp Environmental                                                                                                                                                                                 B
                                                                            inspection and coordination
                                                                            Sustainable buildings and communities, Designers, Engineers and Environmental specialists dedicated to creating
The Sheltair Group Resource Consultants Inc.                                a greener built-environment, Building performance assessments, Guidelines for sustainable buildings, Urban              B
                                                                            growth analysis and forecasting
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                       Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                               SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                        Proficiencies
                                                             Sustainable buildings and communities, Designers, Engineers and Environmental specialists dedicated to creating            2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
The Sheltair Group Resource Consultants Inc.                 a greener built-environment, Building performance assessments, Guidelines for sustainable buildings, Urban         B
                                                             growth analysis and forecasting                                                                                              59,975
Shelterwood Forest Management Ltd.                           Forest management, Harvest projections, Silvaculture, Business Plan development                                    A
Ship Environmental Consultants Ltd.                          Fisheries resource biology, Land use management related to fisheries issues, Habitat assessment                    B         33,884
Shoreline Environmental Services                             Provides waste collection, recycling and processing services                                                       B
Shortreid Terrain Data Ltd.                                  Photogrammetric mapping services, GIS data management, Digital mapping, Aerial photography planning and            A
                                                             acquisition,                                                                                                                 31,806
                                                             Assessment/Planning, Fisheries baseline and impact assessment studies, Resource management, Water quality,
Sigma Engineering Ltd. (Subsidiary of Synex International)   Hydrology, Population and habitat inventory, EIA, Data collection, analysis and presentation of biological and     B
                                                             physical parameters, Site development assessment, Monitoring program ccordination and supervision
Silva Ecosystem Consultants Ltd.                             Ecosystem-based forest conservation planning and forest use                                                        B
                                                             Forestry, environmental and mapping services to the resource sector, Hydrology, GIS, Insect and disease
Silvatech Consulting Ltd.                                    detection, Ecosystem mapping, Disturbance monitoring, Erosion and sediment control, Fish habitat enhancement,      D
                                                             Terrain stability assessments, Watershed and channel assessments                                                                          243,294
SKR Environmental Consultant                                 Aquatic biology, Population enumeration                                                                            B
SNC-Lavalin Inc.                                             Water and air pollution mitigation, Waste management, Noise studies, Soil contamination and geotechnical           G
                                                             projects, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Indoor and outdoor air quality                                            410,249        37,797
Softree Technical Systems Inc.                               Mapping software for natural resource industries                                                                   B
Soilcon Laboratories Ltd.                                    Environmental Assessment, Monitoring, Remediation, Forestry, Aeration porosity analysis, Bio-remediation of        C
                                                             petroleum-contaminated soils, Soil and land classification, Mapping and interpretation
Sonic Soil Sampling Inc.                                     Overburden sampling, Monitoring wells, Standard penetration tests, Geotechnical and geological services            B
Spatial Data Systems Consulting                              Agricultural GIS, Soil surveys, Data modelling, definition, and structuring                                        A         39,900
Spatial Mapping Ltd.                                         GPS post processing, Cartographic mapping, Remote sensing, GIS, CAD Services, Plotting                             D        146,748        85,042
Spatial Vision Group Inc.                                    Geospatial management (GIS) consulting services to clients in the government, utility and resource sectors         B
              British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                                      Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                             SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                                   Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                                      2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
Specialty Technical Publishers Inc.                                   Environmental, health & safety publications                                                                             B
Sperling Hansen Associates Inc.                                       Landfill design, Solid waste management, Leachate management, Hydrogeological investigations, Stability                 C
                                                                      assessments, Environmental assessments, Landfill siting studies
                                                                      Architecture, Interior design, Landscape architecture, Environmental Site Management, Groundwater Resource
Stantec Consulting Ltd.                                               Management, Ecological & Heritage Resources Management, Surveying & Geomatics, Site Planning, Urban Land                D
                                                                      Engineering, Planning                                                                                                                          260,882
Steffen Robertson & Kirsten Consulting (SRK)                          Site assessment, Impact analysis, Compliance audits, Public involvement, Air quality services, Site closure and         G
                                                                      rehabilitation, Community planning and facilitation                                                                                            299,430
Theodor D. Sterling & Associates Ltd.                                 Indoor air quality evaluations, Proactive IAQ management programs                                                       B
Strategic Environmental Management                                    Airshed management, Emissions trading, Technology diffusion                                                             B
Streamline Environmental Consulting Ltd.                              Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing, Ecological Inventory & Habitat Assessment, Fish,               B
                                                                      wildlife and vegetation surveys, Water quality program design, sample collection and interpretation                               27,220        45,032     266,874
                                                                      Hazardous waste management, Soil remediation, Waste treatment, Waste Facility Environmental Reviews
Sumas Environmental Services Inc.                                                                                                                                                             D
                                                                      (WFERs), Bioremediation, Waste stabilization and fixation, Site remediation, Soil and water treatment
                                                                      Forest hydrology, Data network design and operation, Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, Watershed cumulative
Summit Environmental Consultants Ltd.                                 effects analysis, Fish & fish habitat inventory and assessment, Stream channel and fish habitat restoration, Fluvial    C
                                                                      geomorphology and channel stability, Soils and land capability assessment, Mapping/Drafting (Microstation,
                                                                      AutoCAD), Bio-monitoring, Water quality monitoring & data analyses                                                                49,632        48,794
Sutherland Environmental Associates Ltd.                              Stream restoration                                                                                                      A         60,413        41,315
Talisman Land Resource Consultants Inc.                               Environmental assessments, Biophysical inventories, Resource capabilty analysis, Bioengineering, Soil erosion,          B
                                                                      Pedology, Hydrology                                                                                                               31,073
                                                                      Photogrammetry, GPS processing, GIS Software development, Silviculture prescriptions, Cutting and road permit
TDB Consultants Inc.                                                                                                                                                                          B
                                                                      applications, Pest management, Terrain stability, Predictive Ecosystem Mapping services
                                                                      Remediation of contaminated sites, Pollution control, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Hazardous
Technology Resource Inc. (TRI)                                        waste management, Industrial effluent treatment, Numerical modeling, Soil remediation, Vapour extraction,               B
Tera Planning Ltd.                                                    GIS consulting services in resource management and environmental planning                                               B
Terra Engineering Ltd.                                                Environmental remediation, Soil and groundwater sampling, analysis and remediation                                      C
Terra Environmental Consultants                                       Environmental audits, Impact assessment management, Remediation and containment, Hydrology, Hydrogeology,               E
                                                                      Spill response, Site cleanups, Air quality surveys and monitoring, Groundwater remediation
Terra Lotic Resources Ltd.                                            Environmental planning, Project approvals wrt linear development and forestry
Terramar Environmental Research Ltd.                                  Petroleum exploration and development impacts, Marine mammal management                                                 A
TerraPro GPS Surveys Ltd.                                             GPS Training for Resource Mapping delivered to provincial Resource Inventory Comittee standards, GPS                    F
                                                                      surveying, Equipment rentals                                                                                                     402,752       342,627
TerraSat Geomatics Inc.                                               Satellite imagery, digital image processing and interpretation                                                          B
                                                                      Forest biology, Forest growth, Soil sampling and analysis, Wildlife habitat, Silviculture, Ecosystem inventory and
Terra-Silva Environmental Services                                                                                                                                                            B
                                                                      classification, Hydrology, Geomorphology
Terrasol Environmental Industries Ltd.                                Erosion control specialists, Fish inventory and collection                                                              C         55,983        31,004
Terratech Mapping Services Inc. (Merged with McElhanney Consulting)   GIS, Remote sensing consultants, Reservoir mapping, Flood hazard mapping, Habitat mapping
J.O. Thomas & Associates Ltd.                                         Fisheries Resource Management, Commercial salmon and herring fisheries stream surveys                                   F         47,925                 1,216,285
                                                                      Environmental Impact Assessments, Hazardous waste management, Environmental Audits, Effluent and Leachate
Thurber Environmental Consultants Ltd.                                monitoring, soils, site remediation, hydrology, radionuclide detection, Terrain mapping, Road deactivation, Road        E
                                                                      engineering and design, 1:5000 scale cutblock and road stability assessments                                                      38,120                   113,410
                                                                      GIS forestry consultants, Fish, wildlife and vegetation inventories, Watershed and habitat restoration, Slope
Timberland Consultants Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                   C
                                                                      stability, Road traverse and design, GPS control surveys                                                                                       152,173
                                                                      Forest inventories, Resource analysis and planning, Ecological services, Software development, GIS, Data
Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd.                          integration for simulation or optimization modelling, Strategic, tactical, and operational planning, Terrestrial        F
                                                                      Ecosystem Mapping (TEM), Predictive Ecosystem Mapping (PEM), Ecology-based Interpretive Mapping (EIM)                            661,056       363,176
Topham Scientific Consulting                                          Fluid mechanics problems associated with oil and gas exploration                                                        A
Triathlon Forest Dimensions (Subsidiary of MacDonald Dettwiler)       Photogrammetric products and services, Digital mapping, Inventory services                                              B
Trickle Creek Land Services                                           Land surveys, Real estate appraisals                                                                                    A
                                                                      Sludge management, Dewatering and dredging, Waste disposal, Primary and secondary water treatment, Mobile
Trimax Residuals Management Inc.                                                                                                                                                              B
                                                                      mechanical dewatering
                                                                      Site remediation, Management of hazardous materials, Hydrogeology, Bioremediation, Industrial effluent treatment
TRI Technology Resource Inc.                                                                                                                                                                  A

Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd.                                 Environmental Site Assessments, Freshwater biology, Water quality, GIS/environmental information, Monitoring            F
                                                                      and analysis, ISO/EMS consulting                                                                                                 168,241       226,024      35,865
True North Forestry Consulting Limited                                Forestry geomatics services, GIS, GPS surveying, Forest health mapping and analysis, ArcView extension                  B
                                                                      Geotechnical Engineering services ranging from terrain stability assessment through to landslide and road
Trumbley Environmental Consulting Ltd.                                rehabilitation, Hydrology services including stream channel assessment and water quality monitoring,                    B
                                                                      Environmental Impact Assessment of land-use development on water resources                                                        91,807       134,173
UMA Environmental                                                     Erosion control, Bioengineering, Hydrogeology, Site assessments
Underhill Geomatics Ltd.                                              Survey Consulting, Project Planning, Design Applications, Computer applications, Reconnaissance, GPS satellite
                                                                      control surveys, Photogrammetric mapping, Water resource studies, GIS, CAD                                                                               2,459,701
United Enviro Services                                                Waste oil handling, Dust control of roadways, Contaminated site cleanup, Pumping of fuel tanks                          A
                                                                      Bioregional & ecosystem planning, Integrated community planning, Ecological engineering, Site planning &
Urban Ecology Design Collaborative                                    Landscape Design, Regional building design, Green buildings, Environmental program development and training,
                                                                      Community economic development
URS - Norecol Dames & Moore                                           Site investigation and remediation, Groundwater pump tests, Collection of Air, Air-Emission, Water Wastewater,          G
                                                                      Soil, Sediment, and Biological Samples                                                                                                         272,919
M. Vaartnou & Associates                                              Native grass seed development                                                                                           A
                                                                      Define and describe old growth forest in a wide range of biogeoclimatic variants, and provide methodologies to
Veridian Ecological Consulting                                        improve management decisions relating to retention of old growth forest in the Nelson Region, Ecosystem-based           A
                                                                      management on the North Coast of BC, Development of environmental risk assessment procedures for this globally
                                                                      unique ecosystem                                                                                                                                38,134
               British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                       Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                               SIZE   Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                     Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                        2001*         2002*       2001**       2001
                                                            Hydrometeorological data collection, Network installations, Environmental data collection, Installs hydro-
                                                            meteorological stations and networks utilizing satellite (GOES, ORBCOMM, INMARSAT), radio (UHF, VHF), cellular
Via-Sat Data Systems
                                                            and meteorburst technologies. Various data is collected at remote areas and transmitted to various locates using
                                                            the various technologies listed above, Sedimentation audits
Viewscape3D Ltd.                                            Scene visualization, Production of realistic forested 3D models, Ecomodeler software                                A
Virterra Inc.                                               Life cycle assessments, Ecomaterials, Biodegradable materials for electronic applications                           B
                                                            Composting of greenhouse crop waste, Organic solid waste management, Wastewater treatment systems, Bio-
Vision Envirotech International Co. Ltd.                                                                                                                                        A
                                                            resource engineering
Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.                                    Noise impact assessments, Noise measurement and control                                                             A                       25,685
              British Columbia Environmental Consultants                                                                                                                                            Public Sector Revenue Stream
                                                                                                                                                                                 SIZE     Provincial     Provincial    Federal   Victoria
Company                                                                                                     Proficiencies
                                                                                                                                                                                            2001*          2002*         2001**      2001
Peter Ward & Associates Ltd.                               Hydrology, Hydraulics, Engineering and fluid dynamics, Design of hydropower structures, Analysis of feasibility of      A
                                                           power facilities
Wallis Environmental Aquatics                              Use of native species in conjunction with bioengineering techniques in stream bank restoration                          B
Waterose Environmental Services                            Nutrient analysis for fish, Water quality monitoring                                                                    A
Wells Gray Forestland Reclamation Group                    Rehabilitation of backlog landing, Soil conservation, Wildlife habitat inventories, Hydrology, Forest health,           B
                                                           Reforestation, Stand tending, Ecosystem inventory and classification, Biodiversity, Silvicultural systems
West & Associates                                          Sewage disposal design, Ocean outfall design, Environmental site assessment - Phase I, Registered Public Health         B
                                                           Inspector (RPHI)
Western BioAquatic Consulting                              Stream assessment & classification, Fish salvage, Mitigation & compensation strategies, Marine/Estuarine                A
                                                           investigations, Biophysical inventories, Environmental monitoring, Water quality assessment, EIA (Environmental
Western Bio Resources Consulting                           Soil remediation, Community greening projects using biosolids, Pulp effluent treatment                                  A
                                                           Forest ecology, Management ecology of Sitka Spruce, Plant ecology, Sustainable management of forests, Land-
Western Ecological Services Ltd.                           Vegetation relations, Role of hardwoods in western forest ecosystems, Terrestria components of global carbon            A
                                                           cycle, Climate-Global carbon cycle relations, Biomass sampling, Criteria for protected area establishmnet                                         43,438
Western Remediation Services Inc.                          Tank cleaning and removal, Septic tank services                                                                         B
Western Subsea Technology Ltd.                             Underwater search & location, Fish stock assessment, Environmental surveys, Habitat classification, Diving
                                                           services, Electronic charting systems, Engineering consulting
                                                           Design and preparation of environmental impact assessments, Preparation of community and neighbourhood plans,
Westland Resource Group                                    Regulatory compliance programs and monitoring, Land use and environmental planning, Socioeconomic                       B
                                                           assessments and planning, Mapping and geographic information systems, Restoration ecology, Soil surveying,
                                                           Wildlife and habitat inventories                                                                                                                  32,388
WestNet Information Systems Ltd.                           Photogrammetric, ESRI and Arc products to assist resource companies with accurate mapping solutions and                 B
                                                           services, Raster to vector conversion, GIS
Westslope Fisheries                                        Fish inventories, Fish distribution and habitat use, Fish protection and enhancement                                    A
                                                           Geotechnical studies, Environmental planning, Hydrogeology, Air Quality, Information technologies, Site
Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd.                          Characterisation and Audits, Baseline and Component Studies, Environmental Effects Monitoring, Environment              D
                                                           Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Systems compliant with ISO 14001, Innovative Turnkey solutions
                                                           for remediation including Low Temperature Thermal Desorption, GIS & Environmental Info                                             59,500         54,087       189,142
Wittich Environmental Services Ltd.                        Site remediation, Environmental site assessment
Wildlands Ecological Consulting Ltd.                       Grizzly bear habitat assessment                                                                                         A          43,715
Wildstone Resources Ltd.                                   Habitat assessment, Compliance inspections                                                                              C                         86,207
XCG Consultants Ltd.                                       Water balance/water budget analysis, Safe yield, prediction and maintenance of baseflow and development of              B
                                                           impacts on ecosystems, Collecting samples, Surveying, Logging data
XDM Geological Consultants Inc.                            Geological consulting, mineral exploration and regional metallogenic/mineral potential assessment                       A          26,889                       23,326
Yuni Environmental Consulting                              Biogeoclimatic ecosystem classification, Forest Ecology and Management, Habitat Mapping, soil analysis, TEM-            A
                                                           based habitat maps                                                                                                                 38,150         33,875

Resources                                                              Multiple site data combined                                                                              Total      16,993,488     18,714,569     8,396,525   166,093 Grand Total 2001                                                                                                                                                Median         66,003         72,547       160,698     5,110    25,073,134                                   * Reporting Threshold = $25,000                                                                                      Average       146,496        161,332       399,835    33,219                                     ** Reporting Threshold = $100,000                                                                                    Skew             3.70           3.86          2.52      1.27                                                                                                           Consultant
Canadian Environmental Directory                                                                                                    Size Key
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                                                                                                                                  B = 5-9
APBBC Membership Directory 1997/1998
                                                                                                                                  C = 10-19
Consulting Engineers of BC Directory                                                                                              D = 20-49
Data bank of Canadian systematists                                                                                                E = 50-99
Canadian Environmental Industry Association, CEIA-BC                                                                              F = 100-249
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Kermode Consulting Ltd.                                             1190 Melville St., #512, Vancouver, BC V6E 3W1                                  A                                   (604) 681-7277    (604) 681-9299    Evan Jones
Kessler & Associates Consulting Ltd.                                1739 Kitchener St., Vancouver, BC V5L 2W4                                       A                                                                                              (604) 253-9199
Keystone Environmental Ltd.                                         Suite 320, 4400 Dominion Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 4M7                            E                           (604) 430-0671    (604) 430-0672    Ken Evans, William Donald
Keystone Wildlife Research                                          1480 Foster Street, #52, White Rock, BC V4B 3X7                                 C               (604) 541-8001    (604) 541-8722    Eliot Terry, Keith Simpson, Sherry Ulansky
Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd.                                      10200 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 2W7                                     E                                                (604) 273-0311    (604) 279-4300    Dr. Alex Sy
K-LOR Contractors Services (BC) Ltd.                                9704 River Road, Delta, BC V4G 1B5                                              E                                  (604) 320-0533    (604) 320-0599    Rodney McCann
Knight Piesold Ltd.                                                 750 Pender St. W., #1400, Vancouver, BC V6C 2T8                                 E                           (604) 685-0545    (604) 685-0147    Larry Connell
Komex International Ltd.                                            201 - 2840 Nanaimo St., Victoria V8T 4W9                                        E                                     (250) 384-1499    (250) 384-1201    Mike V. Thompson
Kootenay Lake Environmental                                         16234 King, Crawford Bay, BC V0B 1E0                                            B                                                                (250) 227-9555
Kootenay Soil and Water Consulting                                  PO Box 1678, Rossland, BC V0G 1Y0                                               B                                                                  (250) 362-5200                      Donna Dean
Kucera Engineers Inc.                                               PO Box 1079, Golden, BC V0A 1H0                                                 A                                                                                              (250) 344-5269    (250) 344-5260    P.G. Bowle-Evans
Kutenai Nature Investigations Ltd.                                  602 Richards Street, Nelson, BC V1L 5K5                                         A                                                                  (250) 352-5288    (250) 352-6430    Greg Utzig
LaCas Consultants Inc.                                              1311 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P3                                         A                (604) 688-2535    (604) 688-2533    Brian LaCas
LADR Landscape Architectural Design & Rendering                     837 Maddison Street, Victoria, BC V8S 4C3                                       A                                                                  (250) 598-0105    (250) 598-0115    Bev Windjack
Landmark Consulting                                                 617 15th St., South, Cranbrook, BC V1C 5N9                                      A                                                                                              (250) 489-1518
Land Ranger Environmental Ltd.                                      744 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, BC V6C 1A5                                      A                                                                                              (604) 684-5946
Landscope Consulting Corp.                                          1852 Grant St., Vancouver, BC                                                   A                                                                  (604) 250-6836                      Dr. Trevor Chandler
Landslide Technology (Division of Cornforth Consultants, Inc.)      10250 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 111, Portland, Oregon                            C                 (303) 773-3788    (303) 740-8671    Randall J. Hill
Laracorp Land & Resource Analysis Corp.                             947 Fort St., Victoria BC                                                       A                                                                                                  George Macauley
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.                                     257 Market Square, Victoria V8W 3C6                                             B                                   (250) 381-8130    (250) 381-8132    Steven Myhill-Jones
Levelton Engineering Ltd.                                           520 Dupplin Rd., Victoria V8Z 1C1                                               E                                    (250) 475-1000    (250) 475-2211    Mr. McLeod
Lewkowich Geotechnical Engineering                                  Suite A 2569 Kenworth Rd., Nanaimo V9T 4P7                                                                 (250) 756-0355    (250) 756-3831    G.F. (Gerry) Lewkowich
LGL Limited Environmental Research Associates                       9768 2nd St. Sidney, V8L 3Y8                                                    D                                                (250) 656-0127    (250) 655-4761    Dorothy Baker, Bill Koski
Limnotek Research & Development Inc.                                4035 14th Ave. W., Vancouver, BC V6R 2X3                                        B                                      (604) 222-3546    (604) 222-3577    Chris Perrin
D B Lister & Associates Ltd.                                        47086 Thornton Rd., Chilliwack, BC V2R 4S9                                      A                                                            (604) 858-3310    (604) 858-3335    D.B. Lister
Lorax Environmental Services Ltd.                                   1108 Mainland St., Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1                                        B                                          (604) 688-7173    (604) 688-7175    Alan J. Martinr, J. Jay McNee
Lorean Enterprises Inc.                                             PO Box 6958 Station Main, Fort St. John, BC V1J 4J3                             C                                                                                              (250) 785-8003
Charles Low, PhD                                                    4580 Wilkinson, Victoria V8Z 5B7                                                A                                                                    (250) 479-6712    (250) 744-4108    Charles Low
Lowen Hydrogeology Consulting                                       3222 Keats Street, Victoria, BC V8P 4A9                                         A                                                                                              (250) 595-0624    (250) 595-0634    Dennis Lowen
Lynx Geosystems Inc. (Represented by MAS Consulting)                3499 Quebec Street, Vancouver, B.C., V5V 3J9                                                                  (604) 873-9421    (604) 873-9433    Mark Stoakes
MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates                                    13800 Commerce Pkwy., Richmond                                                                                                (604) 278-3411    (604) 278 2936    Alan Vlemmiks
MacDonald Environmental Sciences Ltd.                               2376 Yellow Point Rd., Ladysmith, BC V0R 2E0                                    A                                                                 (250) 722-3631    (250) 722-3651    Donald MacDonald, Michael Hryb
MacLeod Geotechnical Ltd.                                           Suite 201 - 20 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver                               D                                    (604) 985-7717    (604) 985-7725    James O'Brien
John MacRae & Associates Inc.                                       100 - 1144 Fort Street, Victoria V8V 3K8                                        A                                                              (250) 380-3911    (250) 380-1123    John MacRae
Madrone Consultants Ltd.                                            1877 Herd Road, Duncan, BC                                                                                  (250) 746-0167    (250) 746-0043    Jan Teversham
Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.                                 1061 Canada Ave., Duncan, BC V9L 1V2                                            C                                      (250) 746-5545    (250) 746.5850    Gordon Butt, Tania Tripp
Manning Cooper & Associates                                         3 - 1018 Win Way, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1E7                                                              (250) 478-7822    (250) 478-7855    Todd Manning
Manta Environmental Ltd.                                            215 North Gilmore Ave., Burnaby                                                 A                                                                    (604) 299-4497                      Wayne Jacob
MarLim Ecological Consultants Ltd.                                  15712 Goggs Avenue, White Rock, B.C. V4B 2N7                                                       (604) 531-4338    (604) 531-4338
McCrory Wildlife Services                                           307 6th Ave., New Denver, BC V0G 1S0                                            B                                                                      (250) 358-7796    (250) 358-7950    Dave and Wayne McCrory
McGregor Resource Analysis Group Inc.                               Suite 200 - 970 Fourth Avenue, PO Box 2130 Stn."B" Prince George, BC V2N 2J6              (250) 612-4050    (250) 612-4090    Bruce MacArthur, Steve Voros
Peter J. McNamee Ltd.                                               3824 15th Ave. W., Vancouver, BC V6R 2Z9                                        A                                                                                              (604) 224-6620                      Peter J. McNamee
MEC Consulting                                                      144 20th St. West, North Vancouver                                              A                          (604) 990-4091    (604) 985-0301    Ramona Materi
David Meeks                                                         303 16th Ave., South, Cranbrook, BC V1C 2Z8                                     B                                                                                              (250) 489-8004                      David Meeks
MGMT Alliances Inc.                                                 1529 6th Ave. W., #301, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1                                   A                                           (604) 669-6490    (604) 733-2822    Isis Fredericks
Microbial Technologies, Inc.                                        1244 Gower Point Road, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V3                                      A                              (604) 885-9547    (604) 886-0768    Andre Sobolewski
Midmar Technical Services Ltd.                                      678 Cassiar Rd., Kelowna, BC V1W 1M6                                            A                                                                    (250) 861-7822    (250) 861-5133    Bruce Middleton
Mike Miles & Associates Ltd.                                        645 Island Rd., Victoria V8S 2T7                                                A                                                                   (250) 595-0653    (250) 595-4058    Mike Miles
Mimulus Biological Consultant                                       4232 Briardale Rd., Courtenay, BC V9N 8H9                                       A                                                                (250) 338-7733    (250) 338-7733    Michele Jones
Montane Resource Management Inc.                                    1275 DeHart Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 4N3                                           B                                                                    (250) 764-4430    (250) 764-4430    Donald Whyte
Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.                               3388A Tennyson Ave., Victoria V8Z 3P4                                           D                     (250) 385-5028    (250) 385-5038    Kim Currie
MWA Consultants                                                     6388 Marlborough Ave., Burnaby, BC                                              A                                  (604) 431-7280    (604) 431-7218    Maria Wellisch
Nanuq Environmental Consulting                                      512 Innis Street, Nelson BC V1L 5E9                                             B                                                                                              (250) 352-4665                      Dennis Hamilton
Nazko Resource Management Ltd.                                      PO Box 128 Station A, Prince George, BC V2L 4R9                                 B
Nechako Reforestation Services                                      #9-1969 1st Ave., PO Box 128, Prince George, BC BC V2L 4R9                      F              (250) 561-2688    (250 ) 562-1275   Wayne Wood
Nepcan Engineering Ltd. (Affiliated with The Cochrane Group Ltd.)   2150 Broadway W., #200, Vancouver, BC V6K 4L9                                   E                           (604) 736-5421    (604) 736-1519    Rob Harmer, John Akerley
Newalta Corp.                                                       7720 Anvil Way, Surrey, BC V3W 4H7                                              G                                                                     (604) 596-7336    (604) 596-2545    Bob DeWolf
New East Consulting Services Ltd.                                   12899 76 Ave., #288, Surrey, BC V3W 1E6                                         C                                   (604) 591-1915    (604) 591-9923    Ken-Beck Lee
New Pacific Environmental                                           1643 Venables St., Vancouver, BC V5L 2H1                                        A
NEXT Environmental                                                  2550 Boundary Road, Vancouver                                                   D                                           (604) 419-3800    (604) 419-3801    Dr. Harm Gross
NLK Consultants Inc.                                                855 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5S2                                         F                             (604) 689-0344    (604) 443-1004    Mr. R. W. (Bob) Pedersen
Nobility Environmental Software Systems Inc.                        Suite 204, 1965 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M8                                                             (604) 736-4995    (604) 736-4997    Monique Cornish
Norcan Consulting Ltd.                                              4202 Kinsley Road, Prince George, B.C. V2K 5R8                                  D                                           (250) 962-1282    (250) 962-1292    Veronica Cadden
URS Norecol Dames & Moore Ltd.                                      #1900, 650 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC V6B 4N7                              D                                                             (604) 681-1672    (604) 687-3446    David P. Harpley, Kathy Tixier
Nortec Consulting                                                   675 Old Babine Lake Road, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0                                  B                                                             (250) 847-5933    (250) 847-5989    Sean Mitchell
North Island Biological Consultants                                 PO Box 2437, Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0                                             B                                                                     (250) 949-7142                      D. Schmidt
North West Environmental Group Ltd.                                 3 - 835 Devonshire, Victoria V9A 4T5                                            E                                      (250) 384-9695    (250) 384-9865    Mr. Sullivan
North West Geomatics Canada Inc.                                    Suite 212, 5438 11st NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 7E9                               G                                               (403) 295-0694    (403) 295-2444    Fred Welter
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.                                30 Gostick Place, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G2                                   C                                           (604) 980-6011    (604) 980-9264    Ken Rood
Northwest Response Ltd.                                             PO Box 2015, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0                                               A                                                                                              (250) 847-4556    (250) 847-0111    Ray Hollenberg
Northwinds Environment Ltd.                                         PO Box 682, Taylor, BC V0C 2K0                                                  A                                                                                              (250) 789-3740    (250) 789-3779    Bob Andrews
Norwest Labs                                                        #104 -19575 - 55A Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 8P8                                                               (604) 514-3322    (604) 514-3322    Nicole Ferrei, Randy Newman
NOVA Geomatics Ltd.                                                 P.O. Box 1319, #202 - 103 Second Street East, Revelstoke, BC                    B                                (250) 837-9388    (250) 837-9389    Dan Moore
Nova Pacific Environmental                                          No Information Found                                                                                                                                                                                               Bruce Wright
Novatec Consultants Inc.                                            8931 Lochside Dr., North Saanich, BC V8L 1N1                                    B                                             (250) 655-6785                      Dr. Troy Vassos
NTBC Research Corp.                                                 402 Pender St. W., #307, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6                                  A                                   (604) 684-3850    (604) 684-3870    Doug Warkentin, Mike Rowley
O'Connor Associates Environmental Inc.                              19890 92A Ave., #101C, Langley, BC V1M 3A9                                      D               (604) 513-1000    (604) 513-1040    Dr. Allan Zhang
Oikos Ecological Services Ltd.                                      3855 2nd Ave., Smithers, BC V0J 2N0                                             A                                                            (250) 847-1946    (250) 847-1948    Donald McLennan
Olympic Resource Management                                         300 – 475 W. Georgia, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9                                                                   (250) 642-7689    (250) 642-7669    Steve Stearns-Smith
Orca Environmental Corp.                                            21 - 21 Dallas Rd., Victoria V8V 4Z9                                            B                                    (250) 360-0476    (250) 380-6791    Bryan Imber
Pacific Cove Environmental Services Inc.                            8802 Canal, Soth Pender Island, BC V0N 2M3                                      A                                                         (250) 629-2009    (250) 629-3009    Dennis Perch
Pacific Ecological Services                                         3417 Welwyn Street, Vancouver, BC V5N 3Y8                                       B                                                               (604)709-3397     (604)709-3351     Forrest Joy
Pacific Environmental Consulting                                    1336 Main Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1C3                                   C          (604) 980-3577    (604) 980-2188    Peter Hansen
Pacific Geomatics Ltd.                                              2817 - 144 St., Surrey, BC V4P 1R4                                              A                                            (604) 535-7851    (604) 535-7852    Dr. Geoff Tomlins
Pacific Geotech Systems Ltd.                                        618 Yates Street, Victoria, BC Canada, V8W 1K9                                  B                             (250) 388-9381    (250) 380-2499
Pacific GIS Consulting                                              1650 Beaconsfield Court, Comox, BC V9M 1A9                                      A                     (250) 890-0172    (250) 890-0173    Richard H.B. Barry
Pacific International Mapping Corp.                                 4218 Commerce Circle, Victoria V8Z 6N6                                          C                                           (250) 727-0727    (250) 727-3153    Mr. Layland, Terry Tarle
Pacific Northwest GIS Consulting Inc.                               6382 Invermere Rd., Nanaimo, BC V9V 1B9                                         B                                        (250) 729-0957    (250) 729-0954    Steve Boulton
Pacific Phytometric Consultants                                     1531 - 133B St., Surrey                                                         B                                                                    (604) 531-1948    (604) 531-2098    Rob Scagel
Pacific Spatial Systems Ltd. (PSS)                                  Unit 2B - 4488 Wellington Rd., Nanaimo, BC V9T 2H3                              A                                            (250) 756-9831    (250) 756-9840    Shari Lindsay
Pandion Ecological Research Ltd.                                    705 Stanley St., Nelson, BC                                                     A                                                                (250) 354-0150    (250) 354-0124    Marlene Machmer, Chris Steeger
Par Terre Environmental Consulting Services Ltd.                    1220 Bewdley Avenue, Victoria BC V9A 5N3                                        A                                                              (250) 384-5974                      Isobel Doyle
Paragon Resource Mapping Inc.                                       2564 Killarney Road, Victoria, BC V8P-3G7                                       B                         (250) 383-3403                      Shepherd Stewart
Payne Engineering Geology                                           1722 Barrett Drive, Sidney, BC V8L 5A2                                          A                                                                       (250) 655-3604    (250) 655-3608    Michael Payne
PCA Consultants Ltd.                                                10691 Shellbridge Way, #120, Richmond, BC V6X 2W8                               A                                                                                              (604) 303-9313
PCI Geomatics                                                       480 B Tennyson Place, Victoria, BC V8Z 6S8                                      F                                 (250) 382-5800    (250) 382-5855    Deborah Ferazzutti
PHH Environmental Ltd.                                              15A - 1537 Hillside Ave., Victoria V8T 4Y2                                      B                                          (250) 592-9203    (250) 592-9239    Deanne Snyder
Phoenix Environmental Services                                      7683 Sutton Pl., Delta, BC V4C 7R3                                              A                  (604) 597-3024    (604) 597-8377    Ken Lambertsen
Pioneer Land Service Ltd.                                           PO Box 6069 Station Main, Fort St. John, BC V1J 4H6                             C                                   (250) 785-0669    (250) 785-0644    Mike Erlendson
Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.                                  #215 - 260 West Esplanade Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G7                   D                                             (604) 986-8551    (604) 985-7286    David Tiplady
P.J.B. Duffy & Associates                                           5839 Eagle Island, West Vancouver                                               A                (604) 921-6119    (604) 921-6664    Dr. Patrick Duffy
Planterra Environmental                                             7385 Duncan Street, Suite #200, Powell River, BC V8A 1W6                        B                                                                       (604) 485-1228    (604) 485-6205    Joan Campbell
Points West Heritage Consulting                                     2595 204th St., Langley, BC V2Z 2B6                                             A                                                                                              (604) 534-5054                      Jean Bussey, Bonnie Campbell
Positive Results Environmental Management Ltd.                      P.O. Box 8, Station Main, Delta, BC V4K 3N5                                     A                                                          (604) 946-6332    (604) 940-6929    Al Wightman
Pottinger Gaherty Environmental Consultants Ltd.                    1185 West Georgia, #1200, Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6                                 D                                            (604) 682-3707    (604) 682-3497    Pam Wilson, Ned Pottinger
Precision Identification                                            3622 W 3rd Ave., Vancouver, BC V6R 1L9                                          A                                                                  (604) 734-5048    (604) 734-5058    Cynthia Durance
Provincial GPS Services                                             660 Columbia St., Kamloops, BC V2C 2V3                                                                                                         (250) 828-9964    (250) 828-9965    Anthony Walters
PSC Analytical Services Inc.                                        8577 Commerce Court, Burnaby, BC V5A 4N5                                        G                                  (604) 444-4808    (604) 444-4511    Dr. Thomas Zhu
QA Environmental Consulting                                         1102 - 889 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5S3                                  A                                      (604) 219-8531                      Ed Quilty
Quantum Environmental Group Inc.                                    2936 Oldcorn Place, Victoria V9B 2E9                                            D                                  (250) 478-2255    (250) 478-4465    Craig Archibald
Quantum Remediation Services Ltd.                                   4481-232 Street, Langley, BC, V2Z 2S2                                           G                                  (250) 381-9400    (250) 381-9405    Jeff Westeinde
Quaterra Environmental                                              1844 Buena Vista Ave., Comox, BC V9M 2B7                                        A                                                                   (250) 339-0690    (250) 339-0790    Heather Blyth
Quesnel River Environmental Restoration Services                    844A Front Street, Quesnel, BC V2J 5Y3                                          B                                                                                                                                  Michelle Arcand, Robert Mills
Quillicum Environmental Services Ltd.                               1066 Kings Ave., West Vancouver, BC V7T 2B9                                     A                                                                                                         Bart Simmons
Radarsat International                                              13800 Commerce Parkway, MacDonald Dettwiler Building, Richmond, BC V6V 2J3      G                                               (604) 231-4916    (604) 231-4999    Robert Tack, Cory Rossignol
Range and Bearing Environmental Resource Mapping Corporation        3747 Privateers Road, RR#2, Pender Island, BC V0N 2M2                           A                               (250) 629-3447    (250) 629-3557    Doug Campbell
DG Regan & Associates Ltd.                                          2605 Clarke St., Suite #201, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Z4                             A                                                                                              (604) 931-4565    (604) 931-4563    Kendra Holt, Curtis Fediuk
Renewable Resources Consulting Services                             9865 West Saanich Road, #214, Sidney, BC V8L 3S1                                B                                                                  (250) 656-0821    (250) 656-9824    Theodore Davis, Ron D. Jakimchuk
Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.                                  1111 West Hastings, 8th Floor, Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3                            D                                           (604) 689-9460    (604) 687-4277    Clem Pelletier
Resource Dynamics                                                   12908 Kinloch Dr., Vernon, BC V1B 1C2                                           A                                                                                              (250) 558-5933
Resource GIS and Imaging (RGI)                                      1188 West Georgia, Suite 1850, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A2                            B                                                 (604) 681-9770    (604) 681-9790    Gerry Mitchell
RHF Systems Ltd.                                                    109 - 2303 Leckie Rd., Kelowna, BC V1X 6Y5                                      A                                 (250) 861-8050    (250) 861-4843    Ron Fretwell
River-Run Bio Ltd.                                                  7705 Lantzville Road, RR#1, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0                              B                                                                                              (250) 390-1977                      Seaton Taylor
Riverside Environmental                                             2727 Phillips Road, Sooke, BC V0S 1N0                                           A                                                           (250) 642-2658    (250) 642-2659    David C. Parsons
RJ & Associates Environmental Consulting Inc.                       2049 Waterloo Street, Richmond, BC V6R 3G8                                      B               (604) 841-1633    (604) 276-6042    Richard J. Connelly
R. Keith Jones & Associates                                         2554 Bowker Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 2G1                                        A                                                                     (250) 598-2635    (250) 598-2630    Keith Jones
RL & L Environmental Services Ltd.                                  1410 Columbia Ave., Castlegar, BC V1N 3K3                                       A                                       (250) 365-0344    (250) 365-0988    Larry Hildebrand
Roberts Environmental Services                                      1519 North Dairy Road, Victoria, BC V8T 3T9                                     A                                                                   (250) 592-7717    (250) 592-7717    Julia M. Roberts
Robertson Environmental Services                                    1525 - 200th St., Langley V2Z 1W5                                               A                                                                        (604) 530-1080    (604) 530-9800    Ian Robertson
R.U. Kistritz Consultants Ltd.                                      4420 Corless Road, Richmond V7C 1N3                                             A                                                         (604) 274-3260    (604) 275-4410    Ron Kistritz
J.M. Ryder & Associates Terrain Analysis Inc.                       PO Box 45005 RPO Dunbar, Vancouver, BC V6S 2M8                                  C                                                               (604) 736-4211    (604) 736-5101    Dr. June Ryder
SAR Engineering                                                     8884 - 15th Ave., Burnaby, BC V3N 1Y3                                           G                                             (604) 525-2239    (604) 525-2146    Ken Cooper
R.K. Schmidt Environmental                                          597 Dogwood Road, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 1B1                                    A                                                                                              (250) 752-2493                      R.K. Schmidt
SDF Environmental Contracting                                       Box 183, Savona, British Columbia , V0K 2J0                                     A                                                                                                                                  Shaun D. Freeman
SEACOR Environmental Consultants                                    3382 Tennyson Ave., Victoria V8Z 3P6                                            G                                (250) 475-9595    (250) 475-9596    Robert Chiasson
Secter Environmental Resource Consulting                            1650 Cedar Hill Xroad, Victoria V8P 2P6                                         A                                                              (250) 477-6912    (250) 477-7573    Jonathan Secter
Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.                                         4380 Agar Drive, Richmond, BC V7B 1A3                                           B                                        (604) 276-8111    (604) 276-8061
Senes Consultants Ltd.                                              925 Georgia St. W., #910, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L2                                 A                                          (604) 685-1612    (604) 683-7449    Dr. Donald M. Gorber
Sharp Environmental                                                 PO Box 6157 Station Main, Fort St. John, BC V1J 4H7                             B                (250) 827-3119    (250) 827-3448    Darren Snider, Jeff Biegel
The Sheltair Group Resource Consultants Inc.                        3661 - 4th Ave. West, Vancouver                                                 B                                         (604) 732-9106    (604) 732-9238    Sebastian Moffatt
Shelterwood Forest Management Ltd.                                  145 19th St., #4, Courtenay, BC V9N 9G2                                         A                                                                  (250) 338-9717    (250)338-5604     Ron Frank
Ship Environmental Consultants Ltd.                                 1028 Fort St., Victoria V8V 3K4                                                 B                                                                                              (250) 361-1512    (250) 361-1547    Ted Harding
Shoreline Environmental Services                                    2071 Carrick V8R 2M5, Salt Spring Island                                        B                                                                                              (250) 519-0671
Shortreid Terrain Data Ltd.                                         Unit 1 - 20120 92A Avenue, Langley BC V1M 3A4                                   A                                        (604) 888-6924    (604) 888-6934    John Shortreid
Sigma Engineering Ltd.                                              1444 Alberni St., Vancouver, BC V6G 2Z4                                         B                                   (604) 688-8271    (604) 688-1286    Glen McDonnell
Silva Ecosystem Consultants Ltd.                                    RR #1 Station Main, Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0                                          B                                                       silvafor@netidea                       (250) 226-7222    (250) 226-7446    Susan Hammond, Herb Hammond, Tom Dool
Silvatech Consulting Ltd.                                           PO Box 1030 Station Main, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P2                                D                             (250) 832-7360    (250) 832-1939    Dave Cromarty
SKR Environmental Consultant                                        RR #1, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0                                                     B                                                                                              (250) 847-4674    (250) 847-4684    Ron and Regina Saimoto
SNC-Lavalin Inc.                                                    1800 - 1075 W. Georgia, Vancouver, BC                                           G                          (604) 662-3555    (604) 662-7688    Raz Seyednejad
Softree Technical Systems Inc.                                      #8 - 650 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1E2                               B                                           (604) 519-6222    (604) 926-3075    Dave Mills
Soilcon Laboratories Ltd.                                           11780 River Rd., Richmond                                                       C                             (604) 278-5535    (604) 278-0517    Jason Wilkins, Michael Goldstein
Sonic Soil Sampling Inc.                                            1288 Alberni St., #2203, Vancouver, BC V6E 4N5                                  B                                 (604) 685-1904    (604) 947-9500    Andrew Thompson
Spatial Data Systems Consulting                                     Edmonton and Victoria                                                           A                                      (780) 468-5493                      Gerry Tychon
Spatial Mapping Ltd.                                                1655 Knight Ave., Victoria V8P 1L4                                              D                              (250) 519-0294    (250) 519-0294    Keith Good
Spatial Vision Group Inc.                                           444 East 17th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2W2                               B               (604) 985-1741    (604) 985-1742    Jonathan Candy, Jeff Clark
Specialty Technical Publishers Inc.                                 267 West Esplanade, North Vancouver                                             B                                                (604) 983-3434    (604) 983-3445    Chris Heming
Sperling Hansen Associates Inc.                                     1401 Crown Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1G4                                  C                         (604) 986-7723    (604) 986-7734    Dr. Tory Sperling
Stantec Consulting Ltd.                                             1985 West Broadway, Vancouver                                                   D                                      (604) 731-4921    (604) 738-4420    Paul Marmion
Steffen Robertson & Kirsten Consulting (SRK)                        580 Hornby, Vancouver, BC                                                       G                                              (604) 681-4196    (604) 687-5532    Jenny Kirkland, Andy Barrett
Theodor D. Sterling & Associates Ltd.                               1122 Mainland St., #310, Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1                                  B                                      1-877-993-9933    (604) 681-2702    Mr. Elia Sterling
Strategic Management Services                                       1296 Laurel Road, Sidney, BC V8L 5K8                                            A                                                                (250) 595-7488                      Rick Ellis
Strategic Environmental Management                                  2170 Trafalgar Street, Vancouver, BC V6K 4M8                                    B                                                                (604) 732-7078    (604) 732-0899    Bruce Prossak
Streamline Environmental Consulting Ltd.                            786 Quilchena Cr., Nanaimo, BC V9T 1P6                                          B                              (250) 758-7980    (250) 758-8505    Iain Cuthbert
Stream Tech Environmental                                           830 Kalmar Rd., Campbell River, BC V9W 2A2                                      B                                                                                              (250) 923-3722
Sumas Environmental Services Inc.                                   4623 Byrne Road, Burnaby, BC V5J 3H6                                            D                                                                     (604) 682-6678    (604) 687-8108    Dr. Saeed Javadi
Summit Environmental Consultants Ltd.                               100 Kalalmaka Lake Road, Vernon V1T 7M3                                         C                   (250) 545-3672    (250) 545-3654    Dr. Brian T. Guy
Superior Info Resources Ltd.                                        896 Ash St., Campbell River, BC V9W 1G2                                         A                                                                                              (250) 923-9116
Talisman Land Resource Consultants Inc.                             230 -1639 W. 2nd Ave., Vancouver V6J 1H3                                        B                            (604) 731-3131    (604) 731-3134    Paul Christie
TDB Consultants Inc.                                                2032 River Road, Prince George, BC V2L 5S8                                      B                                              (250) 562-1828    (250) 562-0227    Dick Mynen
Technology Resource Inc. (TRI)                                      102 - 980 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3N4                          B                                           (604) 904-6711    (604) 904-6712    Dr. Allister Brown
Tera Planning Ltd.                                                  PO Box 39107 RPO Point Grey, Vancouver, BC V6R 4P1                              B                                  (604) 222-8372    (604) 222-8368    Helmut J. Urhahn
Terra Engineering Ltd.                                              1245 7th Ave. East, Vancouver, BC                                               C                                                                       (604) 874-1245    (604) 874-2358    Mr. Allan Russell
Terra Environmental Consultants                                     1245 7th Ave. E., Vancouver, BC V5T 1R1                                         E                                                 (604) 874-1245    (604) 874-2358    Dr. Alicia Blancarte
Terra Lotic Resources Ltd.                                          3665 Kingsway, Vancouver                                                                                                                           (604) 439-9293    (604) 435-8181    Doug Lougheed
Terramar Environmental Research Ltd.                                8617 Lochside Dr., Sidney, BC V8L 1M8                                           A                                                                   (250) 656-3972    (250) 656-3972    Mark Fraker
TerraPro GPS Surveys Ltd.                                           100-198 Kingston Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1C3                              F                          (250) 561-1664    (250) 561-1680    Colin Ernst, Steve Hills
TerraSat Geomatics Inc.                                             400 - 789 West Pender, Vancouver, BC V6C 1H2                                    B                               (604) 662-3802    (604) 669-8577    Robert Longe, Dr. Richard Sims
Terra-Silva Environmental Services                                  13399 Highway 16 East, Telkwa, BC V0J 2X0                                       B                                                                                              (604) 846-9572                      Gordon Higginson
Terrasol Environmental Industries Ltd.                              33557 Maclure Rd. #3, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7W2                                    C                                                                                              (604) 852-3782                      William W. Carr
Terratech Mapping Services Inc.                                     L100 - 780 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2M1                                                              (604) 683-8521    (604) 683-4350    Karl Kliparchuk
G.W. Thomas & Associates                                            3769 Spiers Rd., Kelowna, BC V1W 4B1                                            A                                                                                              (250) 868-3210
J.O. Thomas & Associates Ltd.                                       1370 Kootenay Sy., Vancouver V5K 4R1                                            F                                      (604) 291-6340    (604) 291-6496    Mark Fetterly, Jim Thomas
Thurber Environmental Consultants Ltd.                              210 - 4475 Viewmont Ave., Victoria V8Z 6L8                                      E                            (250) 727-7332    (250) 727-3710    Stephen Bean
Timberland Consultants Ltd.                                         2620 Granite Road, Nelson, BC V1L 6H3                                           C                                    (250) 354-3880    (250) 352-3743    Brad Park
Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd.                        1579 9th Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3R8                                                                        (250) 562-2628    (250) 562-6942    Shikun Ran
Topham Scientific Consulting                                        1925 Taylor Street, Victoria, BC V8R 3G5                                        A                                                                                              (250) 370-7878                      Dr. Topham
Triathlon Forest Dimensions                                         16 - 6772 Oldfield Road, Saanichton, BC V8M 2A3                                 B                   (250) 652-7077    (250) 652-7023    Jerry Stenberg
Trickle Creek Land Services                                         PO Box 96 Tappen, BC V0E 2X0                                                    A                                                                                              (250) 832-1881    (250) 835-2284    John Harper
Trimax Residuals Management Inc.                                    6536 Hillside Crescent, Delta, BC V4E 1P9                                       B                                    (604) 599-6255    (604) 594-9189    Craig Peddie
TRI Technology Resource Inc.                                        100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver, V7P 3N4                                   A                                           (604) 925-2323    (604) 904-6712    Dr. Allister Brown
Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd.                               13511 Commerce Pkwy., Richmond, BC                                              F                                     (604) 279-2093    (604) 279-2047    Clyde Mitchell
True North Forestry Consulting Limited                              Box 798, Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0                                                     B                       (250) 265-3656    (250) 265-3261    Rob Shiell
Trumbley Environmental Consulting Ltd.                              1599 Lindsay Drive, Kelowna BC                                                  B                     (250) 860 -3411                     Dave Field, Michelle Trumbley
UMA Environmental                                                   3030 Gilmore Diversion, Burnaby, BC                                                                             (604) 438-5311    (604) 438-5587    Peter Smith
Underhill Geomatics Ltd.                                            Unit 210A - 3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, BC                                                                   (604) 732-3384    (604) 732-4709
United Enviro Services                                              13181 116 Ave., Surrey, BC V3R 2S8                                              A                                                               (604) 580-2132    (604) 580-1500    Lloyd Ward
Urban Ecology Design Collaborative                                  1662 West 75th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6P 6G2                                                                   (604) 264-7944    (604) 264-7955    Keith Jakobsen, David Rousseau, Chris Mattock
URS - Norecol Dames & Moore                                         Suite 1900 650 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N7                       G                                  (604) 681-1672    (604) 687-3446    Douglas Whiticar
M. Vaartnou & Associates                                            11520 Kestrel Drive, Richmond, BC V7E 4E2                                       A                                                              (604) 271-2505                      Manivalde Vaartnou
Veridian Ecological Consulting                                      Nelson, BC                                                                      A                                                                                                       Dr. Rachel Holt (Formerly of Pandion)
Via-Sat Data Systems                                                124 Garden Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3H2                                                                     (604) 980-6062    (604) 980-9262    Dennis Morgan
Viewscape3D Ltd.                                                    218 - 475 Birch Avenue South, 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0                        A                                (250) 395-4676    (250) 395-1855    David Balcaen
Virterra Inc.                                                       1047 12th Ave. W., #447, Vancouver, BC V6H 1L5                                  B                                                           (604) 738-0079    (604) 738-0089    Scott Chubbs
Vision Envirotech International Co. Ltd.                            17830 16 Ave., Surrey, BC V4P 1M6                                               A                                                                   (604) 536-3018    (604) 536-3017    Bud Fraser
Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.                                            1818 Belmont Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 3Z2                                       A                                                                                              (250) 370-9302    (250) 370-9309    Clair Wakefield
Peter Ward & Associates Ltd.                                        1311 Howe St., #503, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P3                                      A                                                                (604) 689-0991                      Peter Ward
Wallis Environmental Aquatics                                       3184 Johnson Road SW, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4M1                                    B                                                                 (250) 832-6024                      Mike Wallis
Water Management Consultants                                        130-10691 Shellbridge Way, Richmond BC V6X 2W8                                                 (604) 273-6299    (604) 270-3644    H. R. (Rod) Smith
Waterose Environmental Services                                     22-1976 Glenidle, Sooke, BC V0S 1N0                                             A                       (250) 642-1079                      Judith Burke
Wells Gray Forestland Reclamation Group                             P. O. Box 463, Clearwater, BC V0E 1N0                                           B                                                                                              (250) 674-3708                      Jeff Allen
West & Associates                                                   20609 Logan Avenue, Langley, BC V3A 7R3                                         B                                            (604) 534-0434    (604) 856-1205    Tony West
Western BioAquatic Consulting                                       1889 196th Street, Surrey, BC V4P 1M6                                           A                                                             (604) 542-5006    (604) 542-5016    John Rithaler
Western Bio Resources Consulting                                    2950 Highway Dr., #120, Trail, BC V1R 2T3                                       A               (250) 364-9897    (250) 364-9956    Chris Bullock
Western Ecological Services Ltd.                                    3690 Doncaster, Victoria, BC V8P 3W6                                            A                                   (250) 477-8331    (250) 477-8331    Dr. Everett Peterson
Western Remediation Services Inc.                                   5735 Bluebell Drive, West Vancouver, BC V7W 1T2                                 B                                                                                              (604) 921-9425
Western Subsea Technology Ltd.                                      Pacific Marine Technology Centre, #1 - 203 Harbour Road, Victoria, BC V9A 3S2                                 (250) 380-2830    (250) 380-2840    Michael Muirhead
Westland Resource Group                                             1863 Oak Bay, Victoria, BC V8X 1P9                                              B                                         (250) 592-8500    (250) 592-1633    David Harper
WestNet Information Systems Ltd.                                    171 Weld St., PO Box 1124, Parksville, BC V9P 2H2                               B                                       (250) 248-7258    (250) 248-1158
Westslope Fisheries                                                 517 13th Ave., South, Cranbrook, BC V1C 2W5                                     A                                                              (250) 426-8381    (250) 426-8105    Scott Cope, Angela Prince
Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd.                                   1 - 3771 North Fraser Way, Burnaby V5J 5G5                                      D                         (604) 436-3014    (604) 436-3752    J. Martyn Bayne, Kara Schurman
Wittich Environmental Services Ltd.                                 No Information Found                                                                                                                                                           (250) 361-1288
Wildland Resources                                                  Talkwa High Road, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0                                          A                                                                                              (250) 847-4228                      Claudia Howers
Wildlands Ecological Consulting Ltd.                                60 Neal Cl. Red Deer, Alberta T4P-1N4                                           A                                                                 (403) 346-1057
Wildstone Resources Ltd.                                            3547 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton, BC V2A 7K2                                     C                                       (250) 493-3947    (250) 493-9238    Gord Mackinnon
XCG Consultants Ltd.                                                2101 - 1177 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC V6E 2K3                                B                                              (604) 681-7277    (604) 681-9299    Evan Jones
      British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                  Sample Projects
                                                   Catalogue of Indicators of Marine Ecosystem Health in the Straight of Georgia; Preparation of a report on ocean and atmosphere related polar observations;
                                                   Options for an intergovernmental mechanism and process for the Global Climate Change Observing System (GCOS): - Client: Environment Canada;
2WE Associates Consulting
                                                   Preparation of a report on ocean and atmospheric related polar observations: - Clients: The World Meteorological Organization and the Intergovernmental
                                                   Oceanographic Commission
                                                   The sustainable yield project at the USDA Beltsville, MD experimental farm is being monitored with 3Dis AISA airborne hyperspectral sensor. There is an
                                                   extensive ground truthing component by USDA agronomists to verify information from the sensor. The images are being used to establish the library files of
                                                   spectral signatures of mid Atlantic crops under a variety of known conditions; 3Di has been awarded the contract for a major component of BC Hydros
                                                   Enterprise GIS (EGIS) project in the development of a consolidated Enterprise Land Base for a broad suite of corporate applications; 3Di / Nadir Mapping
                                                   Corporation, the Canadian office of 3Di, (Easton, Maryland) has been awarded a contract to evaluate the potential use of Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) data for
                                                   the update of British Columbia's 1:20,000 digital base maps
                                                   Seattle Public Utilities - ISO-Conformant EMS Design: Abbott Strategies is advising this large department within the City of Seattle on the design of an ISO
                                                   14001-conformant environmental management system (EMS), including business case development; City of Seattle - Managing for Sustainability Framework:
                                                   developing an overarching framework for the City of Seattle that links key strategic objectives to activities and performance measures to fully integrate the core
Abbott Strategies
                                                   values of sustainability into everything that the City does; BC Hydro and Power Authority - Tier 1 Audit of Corporate EMS; Resort Municipality of Whistler: in
                                                   partnership with Holland Barrs Planning Group, is designing and delivering public consultation services in support of the municipality's comprehensive
                                                   sustainability plan development
A.C.M. Environmental Corporation                   Asbestos Awareness & High Risk Abatement Certification; Work Safe BC; Occupational First Aid Level 1
                                                   Watershed ecological inventory project, Seymour, Capilano and Coquitlam watersheds; Remediation of PCB contaminated river sediments, Lower Fraser River;
Acres International                                Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Boundary Bay Area Studies: Other Environmental Issues Component Study. Report prepared for
                                                   the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lower Mainland Region, Surrey, B.C., 1993
Adlard Environmental Ltd.                          West Stoddart Gas Processing Project; Former board member BC Lake Stewardship Society (BCLSS)
                                                   Provincial Ministry of Transportation - mapping from Squamish to Whistler. This project included GPS control, photo, mapping, and orthophoto generation:
Aero Geometrics Ltd.
                                                   Ministry of Forests Chilliwack 1:5000 mapping with 5metre contours; Mapping project for the Prince George Vegetation & Terrain Consortium (PGVTC)
                                                   Peace River Regional District Solid Waste Management Plan; Overview fish habitat & riparian assessment of Nancut watershed, Fort St. James, BC; Level 2
Agra Earth & Environmental (Now AMEC)
                                                   FHAP Tributary 780 to Redding Creek, Kimberley, British Columbia, 1999; Site Investigation Information PCL Bus Lines 737 Humboldt St., Victoria, BC
                                                   Township of Richmond (1984) official community plan; The Environment and Natural Resources; Evaluation of deer population of Sidney Spit Provincial Park;
                                                   Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Investigation of Emergent Vegetation Response to Inundation in a Reservoir Drawdown Zone in
                                                   BC: B.C. Hydro has been investigating potentials for fish and wildlife enhancement in the drawdown zones of their large oligotrophic reservoirs. Reed
AIM Ecological Consultants
                                                   canarygrass (Phalaris arundinacea) and lenticulate sedge (Carex lenticularis) occur naturally within the drawdown zone of Upper Arrow Lake (reservoir).
                                                   Questions regarding ecosystem benefits of the drawdown zone community spurred this study to investigate three species of plants and their biomass and
                                                   nutrient levels in relation to extended and deep submergence (90 days, depths to 6 m)
                                                   Nisga'a Fisheries, supported by DFO's Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy (AFS) program has been monitoring the Nisga'a eulachon catch on the Nass River since
Alby Systems Ltd.
                                                   1994, River morphology and stock assessment of Klinaklini and Franklin Rivers for the Tanakeuk First Nation (Kwakiutl Territorial Fisheries Commission)
Alchemy Consulting Inc.                            Richmond/Airport Vancouver Rapid Transit Project
                                                   Salmon Spawning Escapements to the Upper Sustut River: Two fish fences on the Sustut River were monitored and biological sampling was conducted. Excel
                                                   and SYSTAT were used to conduct statistical analysis which was then used to produce a final report; Euphausiid and Copepod Studies in Barkley Sound:
AMC Technical Services Ltd.
                                                   Samples were analyzed for length, weight and species. Adult and post-naupliar stages of euphausiids were identified to species; Nass River Juvenile Sockeye
                                                   Assessment; Effects of Environmental Factors on Mortality and Dispersion of Pacific Herring Larvae
                                                   Fisheries Habitat Assessments of Asplund, Tom, and Grave Creeks; Reconnaissance (1:20,000) fish and fish habitat inventory Canfor Clear Lake division
AMEC Earth & Environmental
                                                   Prince George forest district
                                                   Vancouver Island Highway Project: Most recently, AESC has completed a 6-year contract with the Vancouver Island Highway Project providing Environmental
Applied Ecological Solutions Corp.                 Coordination services during the design and construction of this $1.4b facility. In this position, AESC represented the Ministry in all aspects of the development
                                                   of the environmental design of the highway Bowker Creek survey for Royal Jubilee Hospital
                                                   Habitat inventories and assessments have been done in numerous landscapes throughout northwest Canada for organizations such as BC Ministry of
Applied Ecosystem Management Ltd.
                                                   Environment, Yukon Territorial Government and many private organizations; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Aqua For Consulting Ltd.                           Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                   Regular scientific testing of the outfall at Bazan Bay as part of Unified Sewage Treatment Plant (USTP) including sediment samples from the sea floor and
Aquametrix Research Ltd.                           analysis of sea floor organisms at the outfall, Saanich Peninsula Wastewater Treatment Plant; Surface circulation patterns in Saanich Inlet, winter conditions,
                                                   1995; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                   Watershed assessment and long-term water supply monitoring program, Cranbrook: FRBC Watershed restoration program Squamish and Lillooet watersheds;
Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting                     Rogers Sub-division & Baxter Pond Complex; Saanich, B.C. A 71 unit sub-division was integrated with a Program of Storm Water Management and urban
                                                   wetland restoration
                                                   Mahatta River Project Report for Western Forest Products: The Mahatta River restoration project on northern Vancouver Island has been an ongoing program
Aqua Terra Environmental Services                  of Western Forest Products Limited since 1996 as part of its program to preserve undisturbed habitat, control in-channel sediment sources, maintain channel
                                                   stability, and restore or rehabilitate fish habitat for rearing and overwintering salmonids
Aquatic Resources Ltd.                             Sediment and water quality monitoring in the Columbia River near Trail, BC; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                   Swanson Creek rehabilitation project: Fish habitat riparian overview assessment, sediment source survey and restoration plan: McBride, Dunster target
Arc Environmental Ltd.                             watershed; Haggard Creek Culvert Removal; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; ARC and North Thompson Indian Band (NTIB)
                                                   Reconnaissance (1:20,000) Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory of the Barriere River Watershed. Prepared for Tolko Industries Ltd., Louis Creek Division, 1999
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                Sample Projects
                                                 Swanson Creek rehabilitation project: Fish habitat riparian overview assessment, sediment source survey and restoration plan: McBride, Dunster target
Arc Environmental Ltd.                           watershed; Haggard Creek Culvert Removal; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; ARC and North Thompson Indian Band (NTIB)
                                                 Reconnaissance (1:20,000) Fish and Fish Habitat Inventory of the Barriere River Watershed. Prepared for Tolko Industries Ltd., Louis Creek Division, 1999
                                                 The Environmental Status of Upper Victoria Harbour and the Selkirk Waters, 1996; Application of underwater video imaging for seabed engineering and habitat
                                                 assessment: A Seabed Imaging and Mapping System (SIMS) has been used in a number of applications for characterizing seabed bottom conditions and
Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.                 seabed habitat prior to marine construction projects. This system provides significantly higher resolution that traditional geophysical survey techniques (e.g.,
                                                 side-scan sonar) and broader spatial coverage than traditional diver transects. Hardware includes a tow-fish with video camera that is positioned to DGPS
                                                 standards and is optimized for shallow-water applications, and software consists of a ACCESS database of 22 attribute fields
Arenaria Research & Interpretation               Operation of Goldstream Park Visitors Centre and Freshwater Eco-Centre, Duncan
Artech Consulting Ltd.                           Environmnetal assessment of Transcanada Pipelines expansion to the East Kootenay Exchange
                                                 Thermal Generating Station Cooling Water Study of Port Moody Arm, B.C. to examine the effects of BC Hydro's large gas-fired electrical generating station:
                                                 Study involved continuous temperature data collection at several sites within the Arm, as well as direct measurements of the ocean currents and temperature
ASL Environmental Sciences
                                                 gradients at the mouth of the Arm, where it connects with Burrard Inlet. The results of the data analysis revealed that tidal flushing of the heat from the Arm is
                                                 very effective in reducing accumulation of heat in local waters
                                                 Allowable gas supersaturation for fish passing hydroelectric dams, Task 7.0: A review of historic levels of dissolved gas supersaturation in the Columbia and
Aspen Applied Sciences Ltd.                      Snake Rivers and its Effects on the Survival of Juvenile and Adult Anadromous Salmonids; TGP (Total Gas Pressure) modeling for the Cascade Heritage
                                                 Power Park Project
                                                 Empirical Approaches to GIS-Based Habitat Modeling for Wide-Ranging Species; The East Kootenay Lynx Project: Habitat Selection & Suitability in Southeast
Aspen Wildlife Research                          British Colombia; Grizzly Bear Occurrence Relative to Broad-Scale Factors of Habitat and Human Influence near Golden BC; Participation in the SELES
                                                 (Spatially Explicit Landscape Event Simulator) Project
Astech Consultants Ltd.                          Trinity Lutheran, Richmond, BC: Hazardous building material report
                                                 Involved in Vegetation Resources Inventory (VRI) program development and delivery since inception; Delivered Provincial training programs, participated in
                                                 VRI standards development and quality assurance procedures, and has Provincially certified people in completing ground sampling and aerial photo
                                                 interpretation; Editing and change management services for developing the preliminary Ground Sampling Procedures Manuals; VRI QA - Adams Lake for JS
Atticus Resource Consulting Ltd                  Thrower & Associates Ltd., 2000; VRI Ground Sampling - Hope for IFPA International Forest Products Ltd., 2000; Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) Wood
                                                 River landscape unit, a Special Resource Management Zone located 200 km north of Revelstoke (covering approximately 14,000 hectares); Completed a
                                                 Phase 1 TEM for BC Parks, Lower Mainland District, in the Chilliwack Lake, Coquihalla Summit and Nahatlach areas. We worked together with JM Ryder &
                                                 Associates, who completed the bioterrain mapping portion of the project
                                                 Beacon Hill Park Management Plan which seeks a balance between human uses and the long-term preservation of the park for future generations; Three
                                                 Sisters wildlife project; Framework for managing cumulative effects in Canada's north, Diavik Mines; Screwdriver Creek wellsite remediation; Environmental
Axys Environmental Consulting Ltd.
                                                 impact assessment of the proposed expansion of the Greater Victoria Water District Sooke Reservoir. Report prepared by Axys Environmental Consulting for
                                                 Greater Victoria Water District; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Aztec Geoscience Inc.                            Point Source Assessment Report. Block 13 - Area 17S. Sooke Reservoir Expansion Project.
                                                 Babkirk Land Services Ltd. is applying to the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office for a Project Approval Certificate that would allow them to
                                                 construct and operate a land treatment facility to treat hydrocarbon contaminated soils from oil and gas facilities within northeastern B.C. The project consists of
Babkirk Land Services Ltd.                       building storage and biodegradation cells which will be used to store and treat hydrocarbon wastes. Native clay will be utilized as a liner material for both the
                                                 storage and biodegradation cells. Surface water runoff will be collected in ponds within reach of the storage and treatment beds. Groundwater monitoring wells
                                                 will also be installed for annual testing of the groundwater.
                                                 Designing the Canadian Coast Guard's "National Exercise Program" (NEP); Design of hydraulic adapters so that oil skimmers can plumb into fishing vessel
Barber Takata Environmental
                                                 hydraulic systems
                                                 Member OCA Review Panel: Supplementary Report Redevelopment Guidelines for: Outlying Commercial Accommodations and Hostels in the Rocky Mountain
Barrat & Associates                              National Parks, Parks Canada, 1999; Co-Chair Canadian Academy for the Advancement of Science (CCAS) public science forum, Robson Square, 1998;
                                                 Founding Director and Past President of CAAS
                                                 The influence of redd site selection, groundwater upwelling, and over-winter incubation temperature on survival of bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) from egg to
Baxter Environmental                             alevin, 1999; Researcher with Native Fish Research Group (NFRG) at UBC; Summary of the Skookumchuck Creek Bull Trout Enumeration Project (2001),
                                                 Report to Bonneville Power Administration, Contract No. 00005672, Project No. 200000400
Bayleaf Software Inc.                            BCWorkinfoNET
                                                 Ontario Freshwater Fishes Life History Database (OFFLHD); Assisted in the environmental screening and permitting of the proposed Brighton Beach Power
                                                 Station, 2001; Helping find a solution for arsenic contaminated drinking water in Bangladesh; Awarded a 4-year contract renewal with the New York State
Beak Corporate Services Inc.
                                                 Department of Transportation from 2000 - 2003 to provide in-house wetland and water services throughout New York State; Sampling and analysis of marine
                                                 benthic fauna in Saanich Inlet: summary final report, 1976; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Bennett has developed the Mark IV Thermal Oxidizer which remediates soil contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons with greater than 99.9999%
Bennett Environmental
                                                 destruction and removal efficiency
                                                 Nanaimo Estuary Management Plan; Comox Valley Planning Regional District of Comox-Strathcona, BC, 1998; Campbell River Greenways Plan District of
                                                 Campbell River, BC, 1998; Robson Valley Forest Tourism Opportunities Study Robson Valley Forest District, 1999-2000; Boundary Bay area studies: Burns
Berris Associates Inc., Catherine                Bog Analysis; Coastal tourism resource inventory (with ARA consulting group inc.); Cypress Provincial Park: environmental and recreation assessment of
                                                 proposed downhill ski area development; Forbidden Plateau EIA; Fraser-Thompson corridor: Resource information and environmental studies bibliography:
                                                 user manual (with LGL); Kyuquot-Quatsino coastal resource interests study: summary report; Vegetation management planning on railway corridors: draft
     British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                        Sample Projects
Bio-Forest Consulting Services                          Bella Coola Watershed Restoration Program
Bio-Geo Dynamics Ltd.                                   "Site and Soil Characteristics Related to the incidence of Inonotus Tomentosus" for McGregor Model Forest Association 1997
                                                        Survey for rare and potentially endangered terrestrial gastropods in BC; Responses of Songbirds to Aerial Spraying of the Biological Pesticide Bacillus
                                                        thuringiensis (var. kurstaki) on Southern Vancouver Island British Columbia, as part of ecological monitoring by the Ministry of Forests, associated with the
                                                        Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) eradication program, 1999-2000; Dr. Ovaska, presentation to Humboldt State Herpetology Group: Courtship behaviour of
                                                        whistling frogs; Inventory of red and blue listed species and identified wildlife in the Taseko Management Zone, 1997 (While employed by Renewable
Biolinx Environmental Research Ltd.
                                                        Resources Consulting); Evaluate the potential of terrestrial gastropods (slugs and snails) as bioindicators of variable-retention logging practices on forest-floor
                                                        conditions in coastal British Columbia and the feasibility of incorporating this group into a comprehensive ecological monitoring program, funded by
                                                        Weyerhaeuser Company Limited; Environmental impact assessment of military flying activities in Labrador and Quebec; Effects of proposed pipeline projects in
                                                        the Northwest Territories; The effects of Trans-Alaska oil pipeline on wildlife in Alaska
                                                        Clear Creek Side Channel Habitat Development Project; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Kitsumkalum River WRP Project: Level
Biolith Scientific Consultants
                                                        2: Clear and Anweiler Creeks. Prepared for the Kitsumkalum Band Council, 1997
                                                        Cleveland Dam Seepage Control Project - North Vancouver, BC; Little Mountain Reservoir Reconstruction Project - Vancouver, BC; GVRD Royal Avenue
BKL Consultants Ltd.
                                                        Sewage Pumping Station - New Westminster, BC; CN Rail Double-Tracking Vibration Study - Kamloops, BC
                                                        Study completed for BC Parks, that explains the global and national significance of B.C's geographic and biotic features: The report ranks significance on the
                                                        basis of rarity and threats to viability from development for the following features; terrain, flowing water, lakes, freshwater fish, vegetation and vertebrates;
D.A. Blood and Associates Ltd.                          Island Highway Planning and Preliminary Design Project: Wildlife Resource Assessment, February 5, 1991; Deer Collision Hazard and Mitigation, Nanaimo
                                                        Inner Route, Sept, 22, 1992; Vancouver Island Highway Project - Inland Island Highway - Courtenay to Campbell River; Status of the Bald Eagle in British
                                                        Columbia. Wildlife Working Report No. WR-62, British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Wildlife Branch, Victoria, BC, 1994
Blue Energy Canada Inc.                                 500 kW demonstration project off the coast of BC
Bovar Environmental (Now Conor Pacific Environmental)   Environmental Effects of oil sands emissions in northeastern Alberta; Aurora mine, Fort McMurray, Alberta, bio-physical, social and economic impacts
                                                        During 2001, its 31st operating year, the privately-owned company planted its 600 millionth tree; Under the Resource Access Negotiation program: The Lower
Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd.                Post First Nation will receive $22,500 to negotiate an economic agreement with Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. which will outline a business
                                                        structure, activities, profit sharing, employment and training as well as suggest alternative forestry opportunities.
                                                        Plan for natural history interpretation in Stanley Park; Master Plan for interpretation and education in the Seymour Demonstration Forest; Interpretive Strategy
Bufo Inc.
                                                        for Pender Island Canal Archaeological Site
Butler Hydrogeology                                     Acid Mine Drainage around western Tasmanian minesites
Calabar Environmental Consulting                        Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                        CanMap 2001 mapSHop publication catalogue of over 200 titles in four categories - forest recreation maps, street and road maps, topographic maps, special
Canadian Cartographics Limited
                                                        interest maps
                                                        High Density Sludge Process pilot plant study was carried out for Phelps Dodge refining company in El Paso, Texas, USA; Equity Silver Mines Ltd., Houston,
                                                        B.C. provided engineering services on all aspects of tailings pond development and water management for this 10,000 tpd silver mine that is currently planning
Canadian Environmental & Metallurgical Inc.
                                                        its closure; Kimberley mine drainage water treatment plant feasibility study for Cominco Ltd.: This was one of the first plants built to employ the High Density
                                                        Sludge (HDS) process, and through successful operation over the last decade has proven HDS as a valuable solution to the treatment of Acid Mine Drainage
Canadian Institute for Climate Studies                  Ongoing seasonal climate change predictions, Custom long-range forecasts
                                                        Upon completion of EXPO 86, the B.C. Government sold off the property to Hong Kong interests. The proposed development containing commercial and
                                                        residential space represents one of the largest urban development projects in North America. Considering the site had a 100 year history of industrial activity, a
Cantest Ltd.                                            complete characterization was undertaken which in turn led to a remediation program.The site was divided into nine parcels which were assessed individually.
                                                        Soil, water and air samples were analyzed by CANTEST for organic and inorganic parameters and compared against newly developed regulatory guidelines.
                                                        Over 5,000 samples were analyzed in the assessment and development phases of the project.
                                                        $220,000 public health risk assessment of the Irving Oil Upgrade project in Saint John; Health risk assessment of the notorious Frederick Street (Sydney tar
                                                        ponds), 1998; Deloro Village Exposure Assessment and Health Risk Characterization for Arsenic and Other Metals: The report assesses exposures to arsenic,
Cantox Environmental Inc.
                                                        cobalt, lead , nickel and silver as well as radiological agents experienced by residents both through exposure modelling and biological monitoring, and
                                                        characterizes health risk to residents, 1999
                                                        The use of consumption data to assess exposure to genetically modified foods and the feasibility of identifying effects on human health through post-market
Cantox Health Sciences Inc.                             surveillance; Drug Approval in Canada: A Regulatory Update, Karen Levins and Wendy Louis: The article focused on Canada's new Environmental Assessment
                                                        Regulations and their impact on the pharmaceutical industry.
                                                        Mapping project for the Bonaparte Watershed, Cariboo Region; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; The Chilko River Watershed: A
Cariboo Envirotech
                                                        Synopsis of reports and A View to Sustainability, Prepared For: Chilko Resorts and Community Association, 2001
                                                        Studied Tweedsmuir and Itcha Ilgachuz herds intensively for 3 years in late 1980s for M.Sc.over last ten years, she has followed caribou less intensively and
                                                        studied population dynamics (not much data, 2 flights/yr); recently 40 new collars have been attached (10 GPS); Risk Assessment of Bear Human Interaction
Caribou Ecological Consulting                           at Campsites on the Tatshenshini River and Lower Alsek River, Yukon, B.C., and Alaska: Debbie Cichowski, formerly of BC Parks, provided technical expertise
                                                        and worked very hard on trip logistics. I'm grateful to G. MacRae and D. Cichowski for their perspectives on the issues of human management along the
                                                        Tatshenshini River
                                                        In January 2002, Blue292 acquired Caribou Systems, a leading provider of enterprise environmental management information systems with complementary
Caribou Systems                                         applications to those of Blue292. As a result, Blue292's enterprise applications are unsurpassed in their ease of use and ability to deliver the benefits and
                                                        business value sought by our customers.
Carley Environmental                                    GVRD sewer use study
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                  Sample Projects
                                                 Testing of Natures Gold organic fertilizer; Laboratory approved by the Provincial Health Officer for bacteriological analysis (total and fecal coliform bacteria)
Caro Environmental Services
Carson Land Resource Management Ltd.             Haslam Lake and Lang Creek integrated watershed management plan (IWMP)
                                                 Recreation Use and Opportunity in Melvin Creek and Area, Duffey Lake Corridor, 1999; Inventory Methods for Tailed Frog and Pacific Giant Salamander,
Cascade Environmental Resource Group
                                                 version 2.0
Cascadia Natural Resource Consultants Inc.       1998 reconnaissance (1:20,000) fish and habitat inventory/stream classification of selected area within the Isle Pierre study area
Castor Consultants Ltd.                          Georgia Basin Sewage Treatment Facility Inventory; Iona foreshore study
R. Cavanaugh & Associates Inc.                   Sanitary investigation: Bamberton, Saanich Inlet, 1988
                                                 Cavendish Analytical Laboratory Ltd. have identified the herbicidal agent that has been injected into trees along sections of the downtown corridor in Victoria,
                                                 British Columbia. The poisoning of the trees has been performed deliberately and police are collecting evidence against a suspected individual; Developed a
Cavendish Analytical Laboratories                new reliable analytical method for the analysis of Anthraquinone in various matrices including sediment, soil, wood pulp, waste effluent and water.
                                                 Anthraquinone is used in the pulp and paper industry as a catalyst to increase pulp production yield and also to improve the fiber strength (through a reduction
                                                 reaction of cellulose to carboxylic acid).
CEDA International Group                         Transport Dangerous Goods (TDG) - Emergency Response Contractor; Certified Emergency Response Team (CERT)
Central Interior Mapping Company Ltd.            Qualified Consultant for Habitat Assessment and / or Compliance Inspections in the Omineca, Peace, Cariboo and Skeena Regions
                                                 Vegetation modeling to predict future flight way clearing requirements at Tofino Airport: A study aimed at examining the impacts of ongoing vegetation height
Chartwell Consultants Ltd.                       controls on Park land adjacent to the airport property and recommends measures to make it more compatible with the objective of ecological integrity (With
                                                 Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.)
                                                 Provided 140 power companies permit analyses, economic studies, environmental impact statements, design and construction services; Manage over $700
                                                 million annually in environmental site management, waste management, ecosystem management, and information systems; Rocky Flats Environmental
CH2M Hill Canada Ltd.
                                                 Technology Site: Reduced the closure schedule by more than 60 years and saved taxpayers more than $30 billion off original projections; Hanford River
                                                 Protection Project DOE entrusted responsibility of the Hanford tank farm to CH2M HILL. This site is considered one of DOE's most challenging sites
                                                 Muskwa-Kechika Trust Fund Conservation Projects promoting environmental sustainability in this vast region in the Northern Rockies: 10 new Class A parks to
                                                 be created, totalling nearly one million hectares in the Muskwa-Kechika area: Brian Churchill is Muskwa-Kechika Trust Fund Contact/Coordinator; Brian
                                                 Churchill, a Registered Professional Biologist, testified as Zeidlers expert witness. He indicated that there were 40 dead trees over 4 metres in height, 16 of
                                                 which would have been of commercial value. In his analysis, 5 or 6 of these had been affected by bark beetle, leaving approximately 10 trees of commercial
Chillborne Environmental Ltd.
                                                 value in the riparian zone. Zeidler held a forest licence and Road Permit R03407 in the Robson Valley Forest District. On June 2, 1997, a landslide occurred in
                                                 section "U" of the Road Permit, along the Forget-Me-Not Creek mainline logging road. The slide was triggered when two culverts became blocked and water
                                                 was diverted over the road, causing erosion of the road prism and underlying sub-grade material. Under a temporary deactivation prescription which was
                                                 approved before the landslide occurred, Zeidler was responsible for temporarily deactivating that portion of road.
                                                 Review of Potential Data Sources for Use in Evaluating Coastal Process and riparian impacts associated with changing water levels on Lake Ontario and the
Christian J. Stewart Consulting                  St. Lawrence River: Development of Continuous GIS Coverages for Shoreline Type, Shoreline Protection, Nearshore Geology and Recession Rates, Lake Erie
                                                 Shoreline, Lower Great Lakes Erosion Study, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Buffalo District
Cirrus Consultants                               Regional Air Quality Evaluation of the proposed SkyTrain extension project
Cirrus Environmental Services                    Transport Canada Training Consultant: transportation of dangerous goods
City Green Victoria                              Recently received $30,775 toward the operation of its new "Pesticide Free Naturally Program"
                                                 Cemetery InfoGraphics 2.1 - A Cemetery Records Management and Visualization Tool; Westsyde Sewerage Project No.2 & No.4 Kamloops, B.C: This project
                                                 comprised considerable underground utility works including sanitary sewers, water services and storm sewers for approximately 500 residential lots in an
                                                 existing area. All of the existing roadways were to be rehabilitated or reconstructed. All work was completed in AutoCad software to be compatible with the
Civic Engineering and InfoGraphics
                                                 Citys systems. Custom menus were developed by Civic to ensure all graphics and text met the Citys specifications; Links Subdivision and Golf Course,
                                                 Kamloops, B.C., Bentall Properties Ltd: Civic Engineering Services Ltd won the project based on the strength of the preliminary design, which demonstrated
                                                 uniqueness and pleasing aesthetics. All roads, services and parking areas were designed to urban standards.
GM Clark & Associates Hydrological Svcs.         Discharge Measurement Field Data and Calculation (DMFDC), 1997 for the Resource Inventory Committee (RIC) Standards Manual
Clifton Associates Ltd.                          Canadian Crude Separators Inc. Silverberry Landfill geology and hydrogeology
                                                 Web-based carpooling matching service for Canada and the United States: Created by "Commuter Connections" the purpose of this carpooling matching
                                                 service is to provide assistance to individuals who are considering carpooling as an alternate means of commuting; Provide encouragement to community
Climate Partners
                                                 organizations, governments and corporations to fund special projects that are worth supporting because of their potential to reduce CO2 emissions and
                                                 generate other social benefits
                                                 Pineetle Creek fisheries inventory and stream classification; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Kooragang Wetland Rehabilitation
D R Clough Consulting
                                                 Project (KWRP) Winter Monitoring and Assessment, 1996
                                                 In support of the Ministry of Forests's efforts to address the threat of Mountain Pine Beetle, Spruce Beetle, and Douglas Fir Beetle, Clover Point has undertaken
                                                 two major data processing projects. In two two-week data runs, Clover Point processed 280,000 forest-cover polygons covering 29 forest districts and 5.1
                                                 million hectares. This included downloading, translating, amalgamating, joining, and analysing data from 3,500 FIP/ FC1 data files for three species of tree:
Clover Point Cartographics Ltd.                  Douglas Fir, Pine, and Spruce. Processing this high volume of data required good planning and efficiency; Successful Bidder Geographic Information System
                                                 and Spatial Database Skills ITQ#2001-0007: Geographic Data BC (GDBC) is interested in obtaining the services of professionals skilled in (i) Geographic
                                                 Information Systems, and (ii) Spatial Databases. This expert(s) will assist GDBC in the development, management and implementation of products related to
                                                 the Digital Road Atlas (DRA) currently under development by the Branch
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                       Sample Projects
Coastal & Ocean Resources Inc.                         Resource inventory and user needs assessment for the province of BC
Coastal Resource Mapping Ltd.                          Kennedy Watershed Atlas Project, Clayoquot Valley Atlas
                                                       Biophysical inventory of Brothers Creek Watershed, which discharges into the Capilano River upstream of Marine Drive; Field Data Information System
Coast River Environmental Services Ltd.
                                                       contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                       Wood Preserving Plant, Transcona, Manitoba - site remediation and contaminant investigation activities at a former wood preserving plant includes treatment of
The Cochrane Group
                                                       1.8 M L of contaminated surface water, excavation and treatment of 25,000 m3 of creosote and pentachlorophenol contaminated soils
Columbia Environmental Consulting                      Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                       The Georgia Basin Futures Project site served as the launching pad for Envision Sustainability Tools' marquee product - Quest - a sustainability scenario game
Communicopia Internet & Environmental Communications
                                                       that is played through the website interface
                                                       Greater Vancouver Water District, 2002: Integrated an options evaluation process into the environmental and socio-economic impact assessments for long term
                                                       water supply planning. Conducted sensitivity analyses using monte carlo simulations of potential impact assessment ranges to identify key uncertainties and
                                                       guide future studies; Watershed-Scale Ecolical Risk Assessment Research US Environmental Protection Agency, 2002: Researching the formal integration of
Compass Resource Management Ltd.                       ecological risk assessment procedures into watershed assessment and planning; BC Gas Energy Matters Workshops BC Gas, 2001-2002: Designed,
                                                       organized and facilitated a series of five community energy workshops across British Columbia. Target audiences mainly included municipal leaders and senior
                                                       planning staff, business leaders and community groups. Highly action-oriented, each workshop was tailor-made to allow industry experts to act as resources in
                                                       supporting participants address their particular key energy issues.
Conestoga-Rovers & Associates                          Sydney, NS Environmental Remediation project
                                                       Publications - 38-page practical manual in English and Spanish; 284-page comprehensive resource book; 25-minute instructional video in English and Spanish;
Connor Development Services Ltd.
                                                       quarterly newsletter now in its 29th year
                                                       The Fishtrap Creek watershed drains 3047 ha of mixed agricultural, forested, and urban lands. The creek extends from west Clearbrook, in Abbotsford B.C.,
                                                       south across the US-Canada boundary to Lynden, WA, where it joins the Nooksak River. To reduce flooding, a series of storage basins was constructed on the
Dayton & Knight Ltd.                                   upper urban tributaries to Fishtrap Creek; they temporarily store excess urban run-off; Pre-design, detailed design and commissioning of the Whistler ATAD
                                                       (Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion) facility for the Resort Municipality of Whistler. This ATAD facility is designed for a capacity of 52,000 equivalent
                                                       population; Hagan Creek master drainage plan. Prepared for the Corporation of the District of Central Saanich, 1994
Dean Associated Environmental Services                 Lac Du Bois Grasslands Park Management Plan, Prepared for BC Parks Ministry of Environment
                                                       Exploits River Basin Water Use Study, Exploits River, Newfoundland: Assessment of water supply & demand within the basin and identification of water use
                                                       conflicts & mitigating measures to assist the province in managing the resource. Delcan developed a database of 23 years of deregulated monthly streamflows
                                                       at 14 locations. Rule curves and stage-storage tables were established for 8 existing dams and reservoirs. Water Use Analysis Model (WUAM) computer
                                                       simulation model was configured and calibrated for the basin and used to assess current & future imbalances between supply & conflicting demands;
Delcan Corp.
                                                       Environmental Study Report for the Lower Ottawa Valley Area Water Scheme: The project involved an Environmental Study Report for the Lower Ottawa Valley
                                                       Area water scheme covering six municipalities, namely the Towns of Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill, the Townships of East Hawkesbury, Longueil, and West
                                                       Hawkesbury, and the Village of L'Original. Water supply, treatment, and distribution analysis of area-wide water system, including environmental process was
                                                       Forest mapping in Eastern U.S.; Enhancing Ontario's forest resource inventory using large scale sampling photographs, 1997; Ecuador: Natural Resource
                                                       Management: The general objective of the project was to introduce technological solutions to resource management in Ecuador through a joint venture
                                                       agreement or another form of strategic alliance with an Ecuadorian company. Dendron Resource Surveys Inc., is a technical support group specializing in aerial
                                                       photography, airborne and spaceborne remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), digital map production, forest inventory, analysis and
Dendron Resource Surveys Inc.                          management tools and systems, and technology transfer through workshops, training courses, demonstration projects and the development of training and data
                                                       manuals; Innovative Application Development Research Opportunity (ADRO-2) Sample Projects: Dendron Resource Surveys Inc. of Ottawa is developing a
                                                       project which targets the prevention of and response to natural disasters in Latin America. Using RADARSAT-1 images, combined with a relevant base data
                                                       with key areas highlighted, the company will produce a "fly-through video" of a region before, during, and after the occurrence of a natural disaster or
                                                       emergency response incident
D.F. Dickens Associates Ltd.                           Oil spill response atlas for the SW coast of Vancouver Island; Chukchi sea transportation study ice component
                                                       International Geomatics Services Corp. (IGS Corp.) is a new B.C. Company consisting of three partners; B.C. Trade, a Crown Corporation of the British
Digital Mapping Group Ltd. (DMG Ltd.)                  Columbia Government, Digital Mapping Group Ltd. (DMG Ltd) a consortium of nine B.C. mapping companies and Geodetic Pacific Surveys Ltd. (GPS Ltd.), a
                                                       consortium of thirteen land survey companies
Dillon Consulting Ltd.                                 Pacific Place remediation project ($50 M); Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                       A literature review of the ecology and habitat requirements of wildlife species in the Graham River watershed; Assessment of potential fisheries habitat in the
Diversified Environmental Services                     vicinity of a proposed development immediately adjacent to Canadian Crude Separators (CCS) existing Silverberry Landfarm facility; Field Data Information
                                                       System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                       Marine protected area planning on the west coast of North America; Muskwa-Kechika Advisory Board; Interim evaluation of the Georgia Basin Ecosystem
Dovetail Consulting Inc.                               Initiative; The Naturescape British Columbia Business Plan (1996) "Naturescape: An Assessment of Naturescape British Columbia prepared for Wildlife Habitat
                                                       Canada and Habitat Conservation Trust Fund
Dunster & Associates Environmental                     An inventory and assessment of the Crown lands of Bowen Island; The Bowen Island GeoLibrary
                                                       DEII is creating the worlds most exciting Ski Terrain Maps: The ski terrain area is recreated through the use of computer generated 3-D models. A perspective
Dynamic Earth Imaging Inc.                             or plan view of the area is generated and can be rotated horizontally and vertically to present the area from the best perspective or from multiple perspectives.
                                                       The size of the area is not an obstacle, in fact, this process lends itself to large heli-ski terrain areas.
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                                      Sample Projects
                                                                   DEII is creating the worlds most exciting Ski Terrain Maps: The ski terrain area is recreated through the use of computer generated 3-D models. A perspective
Dynamic Earth Imaging Inc.                                         or plan view of the area is generated and can be rotated horizontally and vertically to present the area from the best perspective or from multiple perspectives.
                                                                   The size of the area is not an obstacle, in fact, this process lends itself to large heli-ski terrain areas.
                                                                   Community System for the Treatment and Disposal of Wastewater from the Deep Cove and Patricia Bay Areas of North Saanich; Storm sewer contaminant
                                                                   sampling, source tracing & reduction study in Victoria & Esquimalt Harbour, 1998; Multi-Modal Corridor Transportation Study: A strategic, high-level
Earth Tech (Canada) Inc. (Formely Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd.)
                                                                   assessment of transportation supply and demand to 2025 between Horseshoe Bay and the junction of Highways 99 and 97; Gallagher's Canyon Residential
                                                                   Dev., Kelowna, B.C.: comprehensive stormwater management plan, sewage collection and treatment facility and private internal road system
Earthworks Industries Inc.                                         Cortina integrated waste management facility
                                                                   Design and monitoring of Environmental Management Plans with relation to water quality and fish habitat protection for both the Glenrosa Interchange Project
                                                                   and the Courtnay Lake to Aspen Grove Coquihalla Connector expansion; Stream restoration prescription and supervision for Burrell Creek near Grand Forks;
EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd.
                                                                   Level 2 Road Deactivation Blueberry and China Creek Watersheds, 1996; Vancouver Island Highway Project - Inland Island Highway - Courtenay to Campbell
                                                                   River; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Eco Choice Consulting                                              Riverside forest products Ltd. Sustainable total resource management project; City of Kelowna State of The Environment Report, 1998
Eco-Concepts                                                       Merritt Innovative Forestry Practices Agreement (IFPA) Environmental Management Plan, 2000
                                                                   Gulf Islands Ecoforestry Institute: Member of a team of trained professionals that will teach, conduct research, and provide consulting services in areas such as
                                                                   maintaining bio-diversity and sustainable timber harvesting; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Link-Parsons Property- Sea to Sky:
Ecofocus Environmental Consultants
                                                                   Ecological integrity: The Link-Parsons Property is situated in the Coastal Douglas-fir Biogeoclimatic zone (CDFmm), in the Strait of Georgia Ecosection.Only
                                                                   4.1% of the CDFmm is represented in Parks or protected areas.
Ecosat Geobotanical Surveys                                        Evaluation of the merits of using air photos to monitor vegetation for the Inyo/Los Angeles Water Agreement
                                                                   Calving and Post-calving Habitat Use by the Tweedsmuir-Entiako Caribou Herd in the Morice Forest District: In order to gain more accurate data on a caribou
Ecoscape Biological Consultants                                    herd that ranges the wilderness south of Burns Lake and Houston, ten Global Positioning System (GPS) devices were fixed around the necks of caribou during
                                                                   the winter of 2001-2002. This study is part of an ongoing effort to look at all aspects of caribou habitat use in the Morice-Lakes area
Ecosense Interpretive Services Ltd.                                Operate visitor centre at Kokanee Creek Provincial Park
                                                                   Managed the controversial issue of removing over 1200 wild/feral horses, which were threatening a National Wildlife Area, from the Military Range at Suffield,
                                                                   Alberta; Updated the Federal Building Initiatives request for proposal (RFP) for Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), and initiated EPC in National Defence;
EcoSol Consulting Inc.                                             Developed ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) for the Construction Engineering Section at CFB Esquimalt, and National Defence
                                                                   Headquarters; Delivered for the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) "Energy Conservation" and "Life Cycle Costing" classes for their
                                                                   certification program
                                                                   Chuchi fish unit overview and priority assessment; Erosion and sediment control plans for selected stream crossing replacements on the lower Torpy; In
                                                                   conjunction with the Lheidli T'enneh Band, conducted an assessment of the burbot population in Eaglet Lake, B.C.; Retained by the Muskwa-Kechika Advisory
                                                                   Board to undertake Overview Level Fish and Fish Habitat inventories in two watersheds in the northern portion of the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area. The
Edi Environmental Dynamics Inc.
                                                                   watersheds targeted included the Vents River and the portion of the Toad River upstream of Moose Lake; Retained by Canfor to determine if bird sightings and
                                                                   nests were those of northern goshawks (Accipter gentiles). Northern goshawks are an Identified Wildlife Species under the BC Forest Practices Code and are
                                                                   protected from harvesting activities
                                                                   Development of SCOOPER, a program which reduces the number of small regions (polygons) in a classified remotely sensed image thereby making it more
Eidetic Digital Imaging                                            closely resemble a map and making it more compatible with, and easier to integrate into, geographic information systems (GIS's). This is sometimes called
                                                                   context filtering
                                                                   Tailed Frog Study; Raptor Nest Survay; Burns Bog Ecosystem Review; Evaluating the environmental impact of dredging Burnaby Lake; GVRD - Water Spill
                                                                   Response Planning System; Capital Regional District - Electronic Environmental Data Upload Application; Developed a computerized environmental risk
ENKON Environmental Ltd.
                                                                   assessment system a sophisticated tool for logically identifying and rating environmental risks at industrial facilities; Baseline Environmental Resources for
                                                                   Wetlands of the Fraser Lowland, 1999; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                                   Enmedex is approved by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to conduct residential indoor air quality investigations. All investigators must
                                                                   have successfully completed the CMHC Residential IAQ Investigator Program
                                                                   Environmental Impact Assessment Harmac and Crofton laterals for the Vancouver Island Natural Gas pipeline project, and two alternate routes for a 30" gas
                                                                   transmission pipeline from Roebuck (Surrey) to Tilbury (Delta), BC; Environmental Impact Assessment studies for a marina development on British Columbia's
Entech Environmental Consultants                                   Sunshine Coast; A study dealing with the initial environmental evaluation of the Kootenay River diversion was initiated in 1975; Taxonomic surveys in the
                                                                   Fraser River and Squamish River estuaries (among others), as part of productivity studies of these estuaries; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS)
                                                                   with MWLAP
                                                                   Distributed Power Cogeneration in Wha Ti: demonstrate the viability and benefits of distributed power generation employing microturbines with combined heat
Enterra Environmental Corporation
                                                                   recovery in northern remote communities
                                                                   Design of the Environmental Site and EDICTS (Environmental Data Information & Compliance Tracking System) a comprehensive
Envirochem Management Services Inc.                                information management tool. Geared to pollution prevention, the software provides critical decision support to minimize environmental risks and enhance
                                                                   regulatory compliance
                                                                   Assessment of metals and PAHs in sediments from stormwater discharges and streams 1993 sampling program. Prepared for Capital Regional District,
EnviroEd Consultants Ltd.
                                                                   Engineering Division, Victoria, B.C. by Aquatic Science Consultants and EnviroEd Consultants, Drinnan R.W. and Humphrey B.
Envirogreen Technologies Ltd.                                      Thermal desorption facility is located on the remote Similco Mine Site which is located 18km south of Princeton, B.C.
                                                                   Determined the new 45-digit watershed codes and water body identifiers for streams inventoried under a previous numbering system Using the BC Fisheries
                                                                   online; Watershed Atlas; Wrote Environmental Housekeeping Guidelines for Ministry of Forests Yards, Investigated copper and mercury contamination in Oak
                                                                   Bay stormwater outfall #307, including sediment sampling in the receiving waters; Located First Nation reserves and obtained water license information using
                                                                   an ArcView database, government reports, and paper maps; 1:20 000 scale terrain stability mapping at various terrain stability intensity levels; Assisted in the
                                                                   compilation of a Newfoundland surficial map at a 1:500,000 scale; . Till Geochemistry, Gander River – Comfort Cove/ Newstead Area, Central Newfoundland;
                                                                   Evidence of late glacial permafrost in Newfoundland; Quaternary Glaciomarine Events, Springdale-Hall’s Bay Area, North-Central Newfoundland; Placer Gold
Envirotechneering                                                  in Quaternary Glaciofluvial and Raised Marine Deposits of the Comfort Cove Map Area; The Development of Stone Stripes in The Hawke Hills Area: Avalon
                                                                   Peninsula Newfoundland
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants   Determined the new 45-digit watershed codes and water body identifiers for streams inventoried under a previous numbering system Using the BC Fisheries
                                                 online; Watershed Atlas; Wrote Environmental Housekeeping Guidelines for Ministry of Forests Yards, Investigated copper and mercury contamination in Oak
Company                                                                                                                Sample Projects
                                                 Bay stormwater outfall #307, including sediment sampling in the receiving waters; Located First Nation reserves and obtained water license information using
                                                 an ArcView database, government reports, and paper maps; 1:20 000 scale terrain stability mapping at various terrain stability intensity levels; Assisted in the
                                                 compilation of a Newfoundland surficial map at a 1:500,000 scale; . Till Geochemistry, Gander River – Comfort Cove/ Newstead Area, Central Newfoundland;
                                                 Evidence of late glacial permafrost in Newfoundland; Quaternary Glaciomarine Events, Springdale-Hall’s Bay Area, North-Central Newfoundland; Placer Gold
Envirotechneering                                in Quaternary Glaciofluvial and Raised Marine Deposits of the Comfort Cove Map Area; The Development of Stone Stripes in The Hawke Hills Area: Avalon
                                                 Peninsula Newfoundland
                                                 Conducted shore based census of sea mammal abundance; 2XCO 2 research, Environment Canada; Electrofishing and biophysical inventories of Keith Creek,
                                                 Capilano River and Lynn Creek; Compiled and edited the geology section of The Addison-Wesley Science Handbook; Co-authored Ooliths in Champlain Sea
                                                 Sediments, Gatineau Québec, with Dr. Ken Torrance; Prepared waste management plan and ergonomics study for Greenview Aqua-Farm in Calgary; Prepared
                                                 land use management plan discussion paper for Rolling Hills Reservoir in Brooks, Alberta
                                                 GIS in Fisheries Habitat Management and Protection: A Pilot Project; A Hydrological and Biological Assessment of two Wetlands on the North Shore;
ECL Envirowest Consultants Ltd.
                                                 Courtenay River Management Plan, 2000; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Integrating ArcPad into Municipal Services: The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS); Managing City Street Signs with GIS/GPS: The City of
                                                 Thunder Bay; The Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, BC have used ESRI products since 1992; ArcIMS, ESRI's GIS software for the Internet,
ESRI Canada Limited                              USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment (NOGA) Online provides nearly 5,000 datasets containing oil and gas geologic reports and assessment results for
                                                 viewing, downloading, and interactive analysis; In 1997 the Ministry of Forests established ARC/INFO as its new internal standard for corporate GIS
                                                 technology, the same as MOE has used since 1994
                                                 Development of a fish habitat sensitivity indexing scheme for application in the Fraser River Basin; Eco education program [kit]: household hazardous products;
                                                 Teachers guide to the state of the environment report for BC; Climate change in BC: Implications for the forest sector: Developing a framework for response;
ESSA Technologies Ltd.                           Forest Succession Pathways in the Morice and Lakes TSA Area: Developed a Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool (VDDT), which can be used to help
                                                 develop succession pathways. The VDDT can be used in a workshop format in which experts in insects and disease, fire ecology, silviculture, wildlife biology
                                                 and ecology can help define processes and disturbance mechanisms on forest stands
EvEco Consultants Ltd.                           Draft BC Rail Pest Management Plan
                                                 Skookumchuck Creek and Inlet Creek water quality and toxics inventory, 1997; Chapman/Gray Creek Overview Fish Habitat and Riparian Assessment, 1999;
                                                 Investigations into the Causes of Toxicity and Potential Environmental Effects Associated with Stormwater Discharge from Sawmills. Prepared for Coast Forest
EVS Environmental Consultants Ltd.
                                                 and Lumber Association, 1998; Eskay Creek Mine Annual Water Quality Monitoring 1998 Summary Report; Presence, extent and severity of sediment
                                                 contamination in Heal/Durrance/Tod Creek - stages 1 and 2, 1994; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Kalum District Riparian Assessment "Main Creek Resampling" by Fins Consulting Ltd.,
Fins Consulting Ltd.
                                                 September 1999
                                                 Restoration Guidelines for Eleven Mile Creek Placement of Large Woody Debris, 1999; Watershed Restoration Technical Circular No. 7: Channel Conditions
Fluvial Systems Research Inc.                    and Prescriptions Assessment: Funded by: Watershed Restoration Program Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks and Ministry of Forests, 1996;
                                                 Operational Monitoring of Channel Stability in Bird Creek: 2001 Data Report, prepared for Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.
                                                 Successful Bidder: Horizontal Survey Data Retirement Strategy and Implementation Plan: RFP 1070-20-531, 1999: Investigate the current Geodetic Control
Focus Intec                                      Marker (GCM) classification system and the retirement strategy; BC Active Control System - Relocation of GPS Basestations to Permanent Sites, RFP#1070-20-
Footprint Environmental Consultants              Contracted with the Town of Smithers to review their waste management
                                                 Database File Creation from Air Photo Indices, Base Mapping and Geomatic Services Branch, 2001; Watershed Assessment Level 1 - Willow River, J. Berry,
Forest Information Systems Ltd.
                                                 Development of FORCOST and FORTRAK software which simplifies, expedites and standardizes the road portion of appraisal submissions; The MOEP to
                                                 ARC/INFO translator was purchased by MSRM from Forsite Consultants in Salmon Arm, BC. It has been modified by MSRM to process MOEP data at all four
Forsite Consultants Ltd.                         scales (1:6,000000, 1:2,000,000; 1:250,000; 1:20,000). It is licensed to the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, but cannot be distributed to other
                                                 individuals or agencies; GPS traverse C.P. 926, 1:15,000, North Barriere Lake, for TOLKO Industries Ltd., 1999; Lightning Creek Stream Classification,
                                                 1:10,000, for Weyerhaeuser Ltd., Lumby Division, 1999
Franz Environmental Inc.                         Fort Nelson Airport remediation project
Fraser Environmental Services                    Helped Indonesian government to set up its own environmental monitoring program, thus helping them to understand their natural plankton community
Fulford Meteorological Services                  Author of "Victoria's Neighbourhood Climates and Weather"
G3 Consulting Ltd.                               Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
G.A. Borstad Associates Ltd.                     Mapping of sewage discharge of the Fraser River; Mapping of Near-Shore Reefs and Vegetation
                                                 Preparation of detailed evaluation of hydrogeology for mining property in the Yukon Territories including: interpretation of fractured aquifer flow, steady state
                                                 model of aquifer flow, stream hydrograph analysis, design of piezometer testing program, analysis of rainfall and recharge data and implementation of water
Gandalf Consulting Ltd.
                                                 quality monitoring program; Conducted pumping test and prepared completion program for high discharge artesian water supply system for commercial fish
                                                 Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Phase I sampling Fraser Valley Groundwater Monitoring Program (FVGMP), 1992; Greater
Gartner Lee Limited                              Vancouver's Ecology, Volumes 1 and 2, prepared for Development Services, Greater Vancouver Regional District, Burnaby, B.C.; Combined phase I ESA and
                                                 phase II ESI at the Brilliant Power Plant, Castlegar, B.C., 1996
                                                 Developers of Geocortex IMF which provides a sophisticated, consistent interface for spatial web mapping from a variety of departments within an organization.
                                                 Originally developed by our business partner Moxi Media for the Province of British Columbia, we consider the IMF to be the most remarkable ArcIMS extension
                                                 technology in existence; Geocortex Statistics is a comprehensive statistics package for ESRI's ArcIMS that generates valuable site feedback and statistics for
                                                 organizations deploying ArcIMS; 3D ArcIMS functionality can be added to virtually any ArcIMS site using Geocortex Perspective
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants          Developers of Geocortex IMF which provides a sophisticated, consistent interface for spatial web mapping from a variety of departments within an organization.
                                                        Originally developed by our business partner Moxi Media for the Province of British Columbia, we consider the IMF to be the most remarkable ArcIMS extension
Geocortex                                                                                                                     Sample Projects
                                                        technology in existence; Geocortex Statistics is a comprehensive statistics package for ESRI's ArcIMS that generates valuable site feedback and statistics for
                                                        organizations deploying ArcIMS; 3D ArcIMS functionality can be added to virtually any ArcIMS site using Geocortex Perspective
                                                        Authors: Field Guide to Ecosites of the Mid-Boreal Ecoregions of Saskatchewan: An ecological classification system was developed for the mid-boreal
                                                        ecoregions of Saskatchewan through the analysis of vegetation, soil, site, and forest productivity information. The hierarchical classification system has three
Geographic Dynamics Corp.
                                                        levels - ecosite, ecosite phase, and plant community type. Thirteen ecosites are described with further details provided by subdivision into ecosite phase and
                                                        plant community type. A soil type classification system that describes 17 soil types was also developed
                                                        Geokinetic Systems Inc. publishes "theEngine", an extension for ArcView that provides advanced GIS capability from 'Clean and Build' to 3D Solids; An ESRI
Geokinetic Systems Inc.
                                                        Canada Partner since 1994
                                                        Selecting core variables for tracking ecosystem change at EMAN (Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network) sites; Awarded Phase I of the INCOSADA
Geomatics International Inc.                            (Integrated, Corporate Spatial and Attribute Database) contract January, 1997 with Sierra Systems Consultants and LGS Ltd; Field Data Information System
                                                        contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
GeoMetrix Data Systems Inc.                             Development of Training Partner 2000
Geoplan Consultants Inc.                                GIS-T Implementation Plan / Project Management - development of a multiphase GIS implementation plan for the New Brunswick Department of Transportation
                                                        Forest and Fisheries Tourism Opportunities Study for Portions of the Campbell River and Port McNeill Forest Districts; Tourism Opportunity Study Dawson
Geoscape Environmental Planners
                                                        Creek Forest District, 2001; A Traveller's Guide to Aboriginal B.C., 1999
                                                        Study sediment transport at two inlets (Fort Pierce and Sebastian) between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River on the east coast of Florida; The Use of
Geosea Consulting Ltd.
                                                        Sediment Trend Analysis (STA) in Contaminant Management Issues; STA of the Santa Cruz harbor and its surrounding waters, 1999
                                                        Stantec announced today it has acquired the highly successful Vancouver environmental consulting firm GeoViro Engineering Ltd., May 13, 2002; Detailed
GeoViro Engineering Ltd.
                                                        geochemical exploration techniques for base and precious metals in the Kootenay Terrane
                                                        Wildlife habitat suitability models for terrestrial ecosystems TFL 48; Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping with Wildlife Interpretations for Tree Farm License 48;
Geowest Environmental Consultants Ltd.                  Wildlife Habitat Needs Assessment for the Kildala River Valley; Ecosystem Management Plan for Strathcona Provincial Park; Integrated Boreal Forest Ecology
                                                        Research in the Fort Nelson area
                                                        On-Site Treatment and Disposal Systems, District of North Saanich: For decades, the Deep Cove area of the District of North Saanich has experienced
                                                        difficulties with on-site disposal of household wastewater. The District of North Saanich has determined that new solutions for wastewater disposal are
                                                        necessary, if the area is to comply with the 1996 Saanich Peninsula Liquid Waste Management Plan. The first step in any wastewater management plan is to
Giles Environmental Engineering
                                                        come to a full understanding of the soil conditions and geographical factors that may affect the success of any wastewater disposal solutions. This report
                                                        includes an explanation of how certain factors can affect on-site disposal systems in the Deep Cove area. Soil chemistry, soil structure, biology, groundwater
                                                        tables, soil depths, lot size, land use, and geographical features all need to be considered when developing a successful wastewater disposal strategy.
                                                        Create and maintain a new digital road atlas of BC; New contract as per competition GDBC98109 with Geographic Data BC; Roads Atlas of BC for the RCMP
GIS Innovations Ltd.
                                                        Kelowna 9-1-1 centre
                                                        "Self-Managed EMS for Automotive Recyclers: A Performance-Based EMS Based On A P2 Approach," End-of-Life Vehicles Roles & Responsibilities Forum
Global Environmental Management Systems Ltd.
                                                        Proceedings, 1999; Tree-Marking Paint Stewardship Association
                                                        Air emission inventory at Kitimat aluminum smelter; City of Port Alberni Development Feasibility Study Lugrin Creek area; Fraser River Bank stability, Maple
                                                        Ridge, BC; Quantifying the effects of sediment release on fish and their habitats; Sooke Lake Reservoir CNR Rail Bed conducted detailed assessment on the
Golder Associates Ltd.                                  management of contaminated soils; Results of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment of Proposed Nanaimo Inner Route Crossing of the Nanaimo Military
                                                        Camp, B.C., July 22, 1993; Stability Analysis of Vancouver City Landfill, Delta, B.C., Prepared for the City of Vancouver Solid Waste Management Branch,
                                                        1995; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Goode Environmental Services                            Water quality sampling and testing, Bilston Watershed Habitat Protection Association
Gormican Environmental Services                         Investigations of the fisheries potential of the exotic varnish clam in BC
                                                        Sponsored by the Chair of the Cowichan Valley Regional District, an ad hoc committee of the CVRD, established to examine alternative municipal waste
Gryphen Technologies Inc.
                                                        management processes
Esther Guimond Consulting                               Participant in the Millard/Piercy Watershed Management Plan, Courtenay, BC, 2000
Hallam Knight Piesold Ltd.                              Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                        Timber Supply Analysis Information Package: TFL 18, MP No. 9, Slocan Forest Products Ltd., 1999; 250 kilometers of shoreline mapping at 1:20,000 for
                                                        Hydrographic Surveys. The project included: aerial photography, survey and digital mapping. The project was completed in 1988; 31,000 hectares of 1:5,000
Hugh Hamilton Limited Integrated Resource Consultants
                                                        orthophoto mapping for a mine exploration company. The project included: aerial photography, orthophoto map bases and digital mapping; Digital mapping for
                                                        the British Columbia TRIM Project, 1:20,000 digital mapping. Project includes: 3D planimetry, DEM's and contour files
H.A. Simons Ltd.                                        $1.3 billion modernization and expansion project for Howe Sound Pulp and Paper Ltd. in Port Mellon
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                 Sample Projects
                                                 Environmental effects monitoring for 14 pulp mills in BC; Baseline organochlorine contamination study, Fraser and Thompson Rivers; Organochlorine
                                                 contamination in various environmental compartments related to chemical/combustion sources: Lower Mainland/Vancouver Island/Skeena and Interior Regions;
Hatfield Consultants Ltd.
                                                 The Columbia River receiving environment: benthic macroinvertebrate and water quality studies near the Celgar Pulp Mill, Castlegar, BC; Environmental effects
                                                 of salmon netcage culture in BC: a literature review; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Construction of Spawning and Rearing Habitat, Chinukundl Creek; Government Creek Watershed Assessment Phase I; Chinukundl Landslide & Riparian
Hecate Strait StreamKeepers                      Restoration; Assessment of Skidegate Inlet and Hecate Strait Streams; Restored 19 streams around Skidegate Inlet in 1998 with a budget of $100,000 and a
                                                 crew of five
                                                 Soils Monitoring Contract of New Brighton/Port Connector site - 3000 Wall Street/Port/LaFarge, Envirochem Consultants Ltd. has been bought by Hemmera
Hemmera Resource Consultants Ltd.
                                                 Resource Consultants; Tom MacKay Lake Waste Rock & Tailings Project, 2000
                                                 Current channel conditions in Rover Creek watershed and comparison with the results of the channel conditions and prescriptions assessment (CCPA):
Henderson Environmental Consulting Ltd.
                                                 prepared for Kalesnikoff Lumber Ltd.; Stream Temperature in the Spius Creek Watershed
Hill Murray & Associates                         Upgrade to sewage plant in Powell River, BC; Operation of the septage facility on Salt Spring Island
                                                 Historical site investigation 737 Humboldt St., Pacific Coach Lines (PCL), Victoria, BC; Site cleanup River Terrace RV Park in Soldotna, Alaska which would
Hobbs Miller Maat Inc.
                                                 inject a product called HRC to fertilize indigenous bacteria that would reduce the dry cleaning chemicals to less harmful compounds
                                                 Globe2000: Ray Hryciuk formerly of AGRA Earth & Environmental presented the most insightful, comprehensive presentation on how to design and implement
Ray Hryciuk Environmental Services               an effective environmental audit I've heard. The program design, he stated, must have a) clear, written objectives, b) clearly defined boundaries for overall
                                                 scope and for individual audits, c) a formal site selection and scheduling process and d) the amount and level of resources appropriate to the audit scope
                                                 Amphibian survey with special emphasis on the Oregon Spotted Frog Rana pretiosa - Selected Wetland Sites: Fraser River Lowlands and Corridors to the
Hyla Environmental Services
                                                 Interior Plateau, MELP, 1998; Recovery of the Endangered Oregon Spotted Frog Project
                                                 Report on Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Exploration and Preparatory/Physical Work: Golden Loon Property, Little Fort, BC. Golden Loon I, II, III,
                                                 IV, VI, VII, VIII Mineral Claims NTS Map 92Pl8; Since 1996 IMT has produced over 1300 1:20,000 positional maps and over 1400 1:20,000 orthophoto maps
Integrated Mapping Technologies Inc.
                                                 under the Terrain Resource Information Management Revision Program - TRIM II. IMT was instrumental in the development of this program and leads the
                                                 industry with an acceptance of over 85% upon first submission to the province
Integrated Resource Consultants Inc. (IRC)       Lower Fraser Valley Agricultural Waste Management Survey; Agricultural Land Use Survey In The Matsqui Slough Watershed
                                                 Preliminary examination of contaminant loadings in farmed salmon, wild salmon and commercial salmon feed, 2001; A Note on the Number of Morphometric
                                                 Characters used in Fish Stock Delineation Studies Employing a MANOVA, 1999; Genotoxic Effect of Bleached Kraft Mill Effluent on Juvenile Chinook Salmon
International EcoGen Inc.
                                                 (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) - Revisited, 1998; Genetic toxicity of Pulp Mill Effluent on Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Using Flow
                                                 Cytometry, 1997
Island Karst Research                            Bat Usage of a Major Cave System on Northern Vancouver Island; Cave Inventory and Photomonitoring Project for BC Parks, 2000-2001
                                                 Forrest Kerr Project: Fish Species of the Iskut River System: Biology of the Key Fish Species in the Iskut River: Streams and Fishery Resources along the
J. Jemmett & Associates
                                                 Proposed Transmission Line Route
                                                 Mentor with ViRTUS, a group of experienced professionals providing Interactive Business Learning Experiences to business leaders and their teams;
JLD Environmental Management Inc.                "Environmental Initiatives That Pay $$$ in The Hospitality Industry", British Columbia Lodging and Campground Association (BCLCA) Conference; APEC
                                                 Environment Manager, 1997
                                                 Final Report August 25, 1999: Gem Manufacturing Ltd. required an evaluation of the Oil Adsorbency Capacity of several Zorbolite pads and three known
                                                 competitive adsorbent pads. The purpose of this research project is to evaluate the relative oil adsorption capacity of the adsorbent pads under established test
JMB Research Ltd.
                                                 conditions; Heads the Environmental Chemistry and Waste Management Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is an adjunct professor for
                                                 the departments of chemistry and kinesiology at Simon Fraser University
                                                 Wildlife Habitat-Based Reclamation Planning and Remote-Sensing Assessment on the Bullmoose Mine Site; Coordinated the finding of plant material, site
C.E. Jones and Associates Ltd.                   location and preparation, and installation of Garry Oak seedlings as part of the Capital Flowering Celebration - Legacy Tree Planting Project, that coincided with
                                                 city wide planting for the Victoria 1994 Commonwealth Games
                                                 Tourism opportunity study for the Quesnel Forest District, for Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture, 2001; Nanaimo Inner Route: Recreation and
Juan de Fuca Environmental                       Landscape Assessments Constraints Report - Initial Identification of Park, Recreation and Landscape Constraints, 1990; Central Okanagan Crown Land
                                                 Tourism & Commercial Recreation Opportunity Study (March - November 2002)
Kala Groundwater Consulting                      City of Cranbrook Groundwater Exploration Program, 2001
                                                 Kam has developed and manufactures a variety of ecologically-sound, biochemical cleaners, degreasers, and non-chlorinated solvents. Kam cultures have
KAM Biotechnology Ltd.
                                                 been selected and adapted to ensure high rate degradation of a variety of organic chemical contaminants
Kanotech Information Systems Ltd.                City of Nanaimo launches new Internet Map Product developed by Kanotech
Keir Consultants Inc.                            Socioeconomic Profile of the Town of Collingwood. July 1991, Remedial Action Report (RAP)
Kent Engineering Ltd.                            Technical Pollution Prevention Guide for Foundries in the Lower Fraser Basin, Environment Canada, 1997
Keystone Environmental Ltd.                      Impact of open burning railway ties in BC
                                                 Adams Lake Lumber's Innovative Forestry Practices Agreement (IFPA): Two years gathering new information on fish, water and wildlife in addition to creating
Keystone Wildlife Research                       new comprehensive ecosystem maps (TEM-R); Vancouver Island Highway Project - Inland Island Highway - Courtenay to Campbell River; Wildlife
                                                 capability/suitability ratings for the Weldwood Gerimi/Nyland Study Area, 1999
                                                 City of Kimberley Mark Creek flood assessment project no. 98-04-19; Floodplain mapping Duncan and Lardeau Rivers and Meadow Creek; Kinney Creek
                                                 erosion control works implementation; Reconnaissance inventory of Boucher Lake, Bud Lake, Camp Lake and Clota Lake; Sesmic Design: Lions Gate Bridge
Klohn-Crippen Consultants Ltd.
                                                 Project; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Paired Watershed Comparison Eleven Mile and Meadow Creeks. Submitted to Atco
                                                 Lumber, 1998; District of Chilliwack Groundwater Resource Development Preliminary Groundwater Modeling Study, 1995
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                               Sample Projects
K-LOR Contractors Services (BC) Ltd.              West Vancouver Island Cleanup and Remediation, S.E. Calgary Service Station Remediation, Barnston Island Cleanup and Remediation
                                                  For hydrologic purposes a climate and two hydrometric stations have been established on the project site to support the surface water hydrology report,
                                                  International Wayside Gold Mines Ltd. Cariboo Gold Project, Wells, British Columbia, 2000; Stillwater Mining Company, East Boulder underground PGM mine
Knight Piesold Ltd.
                                                  review of on-going site development and the implementation of environmental controls: Long term waste management plans contemplate co-mingling of the
                                                  waste rock with paste tailings; Eskay Creek Project Application Report, 1993
                                                  Atlas of the Central Rockies Ecosystem: towards an ecologically sustainable landscape; Developed a conceptual design for the safe and practical disposal of
                                                  treated effluent to the Tulsequah River from the proposed redevelopment of the Tulsequah Chief mine; Burnside Meadows Subdivision, Victoria, BC, 2001:
                                                  Completed design of this subdivision so that local and regional environmental considerations for overland runoff and parkland management were satisfied.
Komex International Ltd.                          Grassed swales were included in the drainage design, a Garry Oak reserve was established, an ephemeral stream was preserved, and a damaged streambed
                                                  was partially rehabilitated. Potential for residual contamination left behind from previous uses was also evaluated; On-Site Wastewater Treatment System,
                                                  Thetis Island, BC, 2001: Administered design and completion of an on-site wastewater disposal system, with treatment system supplied by Glendon Biofilter
                                                  Canada for this rural property on Thetis Island
                                                  Impacts of Slashburning on Forest Soil Nutrient Status (ICHa2, Nelson Forest Region), FRDA Project 3.29 Working Plan, Thompson, S.R. 1987; A presentation
                                                  for the Habitat Modelling workshop (MWLAP), 2000; Caribou Management: A Precautionary Approach, Mountain Caribou in 21st Century Ecosystems
Kutenai Nature Investigations Ltd.                presentation for the Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology, 2002; Level B and C Terrain Mapping: Arrow Creek, Arrow Mountain and Adjacent Areas,
                                                  prepared for the Creston Valley Community Forest Corporation, Woodlots 437, 439 and 1461, 1999; "A Strategy for Habitat Supply Modeling for BC" 2002, with
                                                  Veridian Ecological Consulting, McGregor Resource Analysis Group, R. Keith Jones & Associates and Strategic Management Services
                                                  Hydrological assessment for the Cypress Bowl Base Area Concept Plan, Montizambert Creek, Yew Lake, Cypress Creek and Lions Base relating to potential
                                                  water resource impacts by expansion of the Cypress Bowl facilities, 1991; Nicklaus North Golf Course Floodway and Bridge Design Whistler, B.C., 1992;
LaCas Consultants Inc.                            Mosquito Creek Urban Stream Restoration Fish Refuge Alcove, North Vancouver, B.C., 1997; Gold Creek Reservoir - Community Watershed Assessment,
                                                  1997; Lillooet River Flood Control-Bank Erosion Protection Upgrading Lillooet, B.C., Canada, 1999; Gates River Fish Hatchery - Bridge Waterway Opening and
                                                  Bank Stabilization D'Arcy, B.C., 2001
LADR Landscape Architectural Design & Rendering   View Royal Greenways Masterplan , Victoria, BC; West Side Rail Project, Victoria, BC
Landslide Technology                              Washougal River Road rockfall hazard assessment and development of conceptual options to stabilize the slope
Laracorp Land & Resource Analysis Corp.           Partnered with Intergraph to develop the StatMAP tool for determining land ownership issues
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.                   First ArcIMS ASP (Application Service Provider) in Canada
Levelton Engineering Ltd.                         BC Clean Transportation analysis project; Preliminary hydrogeological investigation: Honeymoon Bay, BC
                                                  Landmark Tower, Nanaimo - A large commercial building in downtown Nanaimo. LGE was contracted to carry out a geotechnical investigation for upgrading
                                                  and addition to the existing structure. This included drilling to identify and characterize underlying mining activity and remedial works to mitigate the
                                                  undermining problem. During development of the existing structure, environmental issues arose which were addressed by LGE; Cedar Secondary School,
Lewkowich Geotechnical Engineering
                                                  School District #68, Nanaimo - Geotechnical Investigation, Environmental Consulting and Materials Testing for the new Cedar Secondary School in Nanaimo;
                                                  United Furniture Building, Nanaimo - LGE carried out environmental review and geotechnical investigation and engineering of the site. During subsurface
                                                  investigation, LGE monitored for geotechnical conditions as well as soil contaminants.
                                                  Escarpment enumeration studies of adult coho (oncorhynchus kisutch) salmon at Zolzap Creek, BC; Fish habitat prescriptions for tributaries 293, 404 and 427
LGL Limited Environmental Research Associates     in the Table River; Goldstream Watershed restoration program fish habitat prescriptions; Marble River Watershed level I fish habitat assessments; Water
                                                  quality and fish assessment in the Soth Seaskinnish Watersheds; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                  Limnological aspects of a storm water management plan for the District of Langford. Report prepared by Limnotek Research and Development Inc. for Reid
                                                  Crowther & Partners Ltd., 1996; Ulkatcho Indian Band community development: Potential impact of wastewater treatment and disposal on water quality of the
                                                  Dean River and Anahim Lake. Report prepared by Limnotek Research and Development Inc. for Borrett Engineering Inc., 1997; A phosphorus budget and
Limnotek Research & Development Inc.              limnological descriptions for Duncan Lake Reservoir, 1994-95. Report prepared by Limnotek Research and Development Inc. for B.C. Hydro, 1997; Benthic
                                                  macroinvertebrate studies near the Nickel Plate Mine, 1995. Report prepared by Limnotek Research and Development Inc. Vancouver, B. C. for Homestake
                                                  Canada Inc., Penticton, B.C., 1996; Water quality impact assessment for Nechako Reservoir submerged timber salvage operations: baseline water quality.
                                                  Report prepared by B.C Research Inc. and Limnotek Research & Development Inc. for B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands & Parombined with a relevant
                                                  Evaluation of HSI models for juvenile chinook and coho salmon using data from Coldwater River, B.C., 1988; Relationships Between Parent Escapement, Smolt
                                                  Production and Adult Return in Yakima Spring Chinook Salmon for Yakima River Basin Defense Coalition, 1994; Spawner Recruit Relations and Status of
D B Lister & Associates Ltd.
                                                  Yakima Summer Steelhead for Yakima River Basin Defense Coalition, 1994; Review of the effects of enhancement: strategies on the homing, straying and
                                                  survival of Pacific salmonids
                                                  The post-depositional reactivity of lake sediments impacted by metal mining was assessed in Lago Junin, Peru; Development of a Simple Segregation Program
Lorax Environmental Services Ltd.
                                                  to Manage Potentially Acid-Generating Waste Rock at the Keystone Gold Mine, Manitoba
Charles Low, PhD                                  Analysis of benthic invertebrate samples, Pingston Creek Hydroelectric Project, Prepared for Canadian Hydro Developers (B.C.) Inc., 1998
Lowen Hydrogeology Consulting                     Senanus Drive, Saanich, chemical and biological testing of acquifers
                                                  The 3D geoscience computer modeling capabilities of Lynx Geosystems Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) have been applied to a geotechnical characterization for the
                                                  Kungkuan Station and Tunnels contract in Taipei, Taiwan; Subsurface characterization for hydrogeological studies at the proposed Yucca Mountain radio-
Lynx Geosystems Inc.
                                                  active waste storage site; Use of Stratigraphic Models as Soft Information to Constrain Stochastic Modeling of Rock Properties: Development of the GSLIB-
                                                  LYNX Integration; Switzerland applies LYNX to hydro-geological characterization for hazardous waste management projects
MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates                  MDA designed and built the Canadarm for the Space Shuttle and the new International Space Station
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                  Sample Projects
                                                 Ambient water quality guidelines (criteria) for turbidity, suspended and benthic sediments: overview; An assessment of ambient environmental conditions in the
MacDonald Environmental Sciences Ltd.            Liard River Basin, NWT; A compendium of environmental benchmarks; Review of environmental quality criteria and guidelines for priority substances in the
                                                 Fraser River Basin
MacLeod Geotechnical Ltd.                        Evidence of pre-historic liquefaction in the Fraser River Delta; Liquefaction and post liquefaction behaviour of Fraser River delta sand
John MacRae & Associates Inc.                    Fecal coliform analysis of Esquimalt Lagoon, 1997
                                                 Robson Valley Winter Range Project: In support of the Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Project, the objective of this project was to identify high potential
                                                 winter range habitat for mule deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk, and moose in the Robson Valley Land and Resource Management Plan (RVLRMP)
Madrone Consultants Ltd.
                                                 area; Ecological Assessment of Department of National Defence Properties (CFB Esquimalt) Vancouver Island, 1994; Field Data Information System contractor
                                                 (FDIS) with MWLAP; Burns Bog TEM map. Report prepared for 569244 British Columbia Ltd., 1999
                                                 Bear habitat and hazard analysis: South Tweedsmuir Provincial Park; British Columbia land cover classification: background and definitions; Cave and karst
                                                 resources of the Muskwa-Kechika management area; Kootowis Lost Shoe Staghorn Creeks Watershed restoration project level I biological assessment;
                                                 Ecological Assessment of Department of National Defence Properties (CFB Esquimalt) Vancouver Island, 1994; Clayoquot Sound Inventory [1996-98, 2002]:
Madrone Environmental Services Ltd.
                                                 Beginning in 1996, we have mapped almost the entire Clayoquot Sound study area for Terrain Stability Hazards. We also did a Hydroriparian Study in the first
                                                 two years; Silver Spray Environmental Impact Assessment: A multi-disciplined study for the Capital Regional District to determine the environmental impacts of
                                                 the proposed Silver Spray Development on East Sooke Park, 2002
                                                 Northern goshawk inventory for the Burat River and lower Sukunka; Three-toed woodpecker (Picoides tridactylus) species habitat model for Canfor TFL 48,
                                                 Dawson Creek Forest District; Conservation plan for the American Avocet at the Glenmore Landfill, Kelowna, British Columbia. Manning, Cooper and
Manning Cooper & Associates                      Associates report for CH2M Gore Storrie Inc., Vancouver, BC and City of Kelowna, BC., 2000; Canada Goose egg addling program in the Cowichan Valley-
                                                 2001. Report for The Nature Trust of British Columbia, Nanaimo, 2000; Inventory of Lewiss Woodpecker population and habitat in the east Kootenay. Wildlife
                                                 Working Report No. WR-100. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Victoria, BC., 2000
                                                 Hydrological Review of Roadside Ditch & Culvert Maintenance, Bertrand Creek Aldergrove, B.C., 2001; Cariboo Chilcotin Lake Inventory, 2001; Whirl Bay
                                                 Detonation Range SCUBA Survey, 2001; Contaminated Soil Sampling For Leaking Heating Oil Tank South Surrey, BC, 1999; Drilling of Groundwater Sampling
                                                 Well for Underground Storage Tanks, South Surrey, 1999; Plankton Collection & Lake Survey Latimer Creek, BC, 2001; Old Bella Bella Dam Removal
MarLim Ecological Consultants Ltd.
                                                 Assessment (FHAP), 2001; Shelly Creek Fish Habitat & Impact Assessments (Parksville); Pepin Creek Stream and Habitat Mapping - Aldergrove Lake
                                                 Regional Park (Aldergrove); Cougar Canyon Creek & North-East Interceptor Culvert & Sediment Pond Clean-out
                                                 New Denver Flats wildlife report for MELP, 1996; Assessment of conservation and habitat values in the 155,000 ha. area for Friends of the Nemaiah Valley
                                                 FONV: Preliminary assessment of habitat and conservation values for the grizzly bear (Ursus arctos), the North American black bear (Ursus americanus), other
McCrory Wildlife Services
                                                 wildlife, the wild or feral horse (Equus caballus), and wild salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in the Brittany Triangle in the Chilcotin district of British Columbia, 2002;
                                                 "Opposition Builds to Cayoosh Ski Resort," 2000
                                                 Robson Valley Enhanced Forest Management Pilot Project; Morice and Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement: "A Strategy for Habitat Supply Modeling
McGregor Resource Analysis Group Inc.
                                                 for British Columbia" 2002 (With: R. Keith Jones & Associates, Strategic Management Services, Veridian Ecological Consulting, Kutenai Nature Investigations
Peter J. McNamee Ltd.                            The Contribution of Biomass Burning to the Carbon Budget of the Canadian Forest Section: A Conceptual Model
                                                 Involved with a non-profit, charitable organizatoin CommunityTECH, which works with secondary schools and other community groups to provide low cost or
MEC Consulting
                                                 free Internet/computer training
                                                 International Standards for Environmental Management Systems: ISO 14000: Originally published in Canadian Environmental Protection, August 1995; The
                                                 Benefits of ISO 14001 for Municipal Government: The Hamilton-Wentworth Experience, August 1998; The Utility of Risk Assessment and Risk Management in
MGMT Alliances Inc.
                                                 the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Framework: Originally presented at the Air & Waste Management Association 89th Annual Meeting &
                                                 Exhibition, June 23-28, 1996
                                                 Typical projects include: A forest company in Western Canada had a wood-waste landfill that leached various toxic organic acids, as well as high
                                                 concentrations of dissolved iron and manganese. This contaminated groundwater eventually discharged into a creek, where it caused a loss of fish habitat and
                                                 increased toxicity. Microbial Technologies was contracted in association with an engineering firm to develop a treatment wetland to prevent contamination of the
                                                 creek. Microbial Technologies developed a conceptual design and developed sizing criteria for a constructed wetland to remove the toxic organics and metals.
Microbial Technologies, Inc.
                                                 We collaborated closely with the project hydrologist and engineer to develop a detailed design and assist with the construction of earth and waterworks. Finally,
                                                 we supervised the planting and initial monitoring of this treatment system. The complete system was finished within 4 months of the contract award. Water
                                                 toxicity was eliminated from the receiving environment within 6 months of the start of the project. It is anticipated that the effectiveness of this treatment wetland
                                                 will increase with time, while maintenance requirements will be minimal.
                                                 Hydrological and Weather programs review, MWLAP, WAC-03-60, 2002; Assessment of techniques for rainbow trout transplanting and habitat management in
                                                 BC, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2001; Vancouver Island Highway Project (VIHP): Explored environmental effects of planned highway construction on
Mike Miles & Associates Ltd.                     Craigflower Creek and to outline mitigation plans for the approximately 175 metres of the affected channel in accordance with the Department of Fisheries and
                                                 Oceans "no-net-loss" mandate: With Doug Perkins (hydrologist) of Reid Crowther and Partners Ltd. and biologist Ted Harding of SHIP Environmental
                                                 Consultants Ltd.
Mimulus Biological Consultant                    Wildlife assessment of the siteno major habitat (listed species?) except for Morrison Creek: Bevan Road Value Added Forestry Village
Montane Resource Management Inc.                 Full range of post harvest surveys averaging over 5000 ha/yr since 1987
                                                 Analysis and remediation of contaminated soil along the southeast shore of False Creek; Environmental site assessment: former Bluebell mine site, Riondel,
                                                 BC; Ballast characterization, west midway divergence: BC Gas southern crossing project; City of Victoria dockside development: Morrow Environmental
                                                 Consultants was contracted by the City to assess the level of contamination at the site, provide a report on remedial options and prepare a remediation plan for
Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.
                                                 provincial approval. Estimated costs for remediation could be as high as $12.7 million dollars depending on the land use and the method of remediation chosen.
                                                 Excavation (i.e. "dig and dump") and risk management (i.e. on-site containment) are both safe and effective methods of dealing with environmental
                                                 contamination under Provincial law.
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants   Analysis and remediation of contaminated soil along the southeast shore of False Creek; Environmental site assessment: former Bluebell mine site, Riondel,
                                                 BC; Ballast characterization, west midway divergence: BC Gas southern crossing project; City of Victoria dockside development: Morrow Environmental
Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.
                                                                                                                           Sample Projects
                                                 Consultants was contracted by the City to assess the level of contamination at the site, provide a report on remedial options and prepare a remediation plan for
                                                 provincial approval. Estimated costs for remediation could be as high as $12.7 million dollars depending on the land use and the method of remediation chosen.
                                                 Excavation (i.e. "dig and dump") and risk management (i.e. on-site containment) are both safe and effective methods of dealing with environmental
                                                 contamination under Provincial law.
Mossie Environmental Services                    Environmental Youth E-team projects Lake Cowichan; “Operation Kermit Croaked” in Hemer Provincial Park
                                                 Notice is hereby given by the Intellectual Property Program, on behalf of the Purchasing Commission, of its intent to enter into a license agreement with Moxi
Moxi Media                                       Media Inc., 757-1641 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada V7M 2J5, to enable Moxi Media to market and sell sublicenses of a consistent
                                                 interface for making spatial data quickly available to users via the web, known as the Internet Mapping Framework (IMF), 2001
                                                 Prepared the corporations 1999 and 1998 progress reports on its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Action Plan; Drafted the corporations 1997 comprehensive
MWA Consultants
                                                 Greenhouse Action Plan for Tier II level participation in the Voluntary Challenge & Registry (VCR)
                                                 TFL#23 Caribou Inventory Project: The telemetry monitoring flight conducted Oct 7th., 2000, located all 14 collared caribou. The animals were generally in
                                                 upper elevation alpine and sub-alpine habitats. Two collars were emitting mortality signals - one in Wilkie Creek and one in the upper Kuskanax. The Wilkie
Nanuq Environmental Consulting
                                                 Creek mortality may be a dropped collar, as there was another collared caribou in the vicinity. The other mortality was in prime grizzly bear habitat in the
                                                 headwaters of the Kuskanax; Central Selkirk Caribou Population and Inventory, 2000
Nechako Reforestation Services                   Spacing/brushing contract with Slocan in Vanderhoof, 100 hectares of brushing and 200 hectares of spacing
                                                 Registered 72,000 tonnes of CO2 emission credits: first environmental solutions company to be recognized by CleanAir Canada (equivalent of eliminating
Newalta Corp.                                    exhaust emissions from 9000 cars in one year); Produced 54.5 million litres of value-added virgin quality product from used recovered glycol, solvents and
                                                 Water and sewer pipe rehabilitation strategy development for the City of Surrey; Development of water distribution system rehabilitation approach for the
                                                 District of Saanich; Technical assistance to BC Gas for a private-public partnership composting plant proposed in the Capital Regional District; Review of nine
New East Consulting Services Ltd.                watershed management study reports for the City of Kelowna; Input for Mission Creek Basin Stormwater Management Study for Urban Systems Ltd.; Belmont
                                                 Golf Course project involved evaluation of flood abatement options and their impacts on fisheries and agricultural resources; Stormwater management study for
                                                 Southridge Independent School, Surrey
                                                 Risk Assessment, Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater Richmond, BC Completion of a Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment for groundwater
NEXT Environmental                               contaminated with low levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compounds; Investigation and remediation of leaking Underground Storage Tanks at CPR
                                                 Mayfair Intermodal Terminal, Port Coquitlam, B.C.
                                                 Secondary Effluent System NorskeCanada Ltd., Elk Falls, BC; Studies and Planning Coated Fine Paper Mill, Grande Alberta Paper, Edmonton, AB; Market
NLK Consultants Inc.
                                                 Research and Strategic Analysis: Due Diligence and Strategic Plan, Pacifica Papers, Vancouver, BC
                                                 Developers of Nobility EM, helps users screen projects for environmental impacts, land use issues and regulatory requirements. The system also generates a
Nobility Environmental Software Systems Inc.
                                                 range of reports and maps to support decision making and compliance requirements
                                                 Fringe benefits: early post-glacial environments and habitation in southwestern Yukon, Heffner, T.; and Norcan Consulting Ltd., 2001; St. James Forest District,
Norcan Consulting Ltd.                           TSL 69740 was run through the Archeological Predictive Model and has a High (476) rating. AIA was completed by NORCAN consultants and no cultural
                                                 heritage resources were found.
                                                 Aquatic ecological characterization: A position paper. Prepared by Norecol, Dames and Moore Inc. for Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Water Quality
                                                 Branch, Victoria, B.C., 1996; Squamish Remediation Plan of the Old Lagoon COPL Chlor-Alkali Plant Site; A hydrological and geochemical investigation of the
                                                 Prairie Flats surficial uranium deposit in Summerland, BC was undertaken to identify the principal controls on uranium deposition: A network of piezometers was
                                                 installed and used to measure the hydraulic conductivities of the host sediments as well as the general flow direction and aqueous geochemistry of the resident
URS Norecol Dames & Moore Ltd.
                                                 groundwaters; Proposed Rodgers Creek neighbourhood plan, West Vancouver: a plan with a network of open spaces and corridors that will preserve
                                                 environmentally sensitive areas and retain the existing natural character of the site, as well as building forms and site planning that will set the buildings into the
                                                 landscape with minimum disruption. A fundamental principle of the neighbourhood is that there will be no net loss of fish habitat; Field Data Information System
                                                 contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Upper Kispiox Watershed Assessment: ongoing Watershed Restoration Project (WRP) has identified numerous impacts due to "increased sediment inputs off
Nortec Consulting                                roads and cutblocks, and loss of riparian vegetation. Recent work has also indicated significant changes in flow regime within the Kispiox River since intensive
                                                 logging began; The Morice watershed restoration project level II report, 1997 with the Wet'suwet'en Fisheries Office
North Island Biological Consultants              A literature review of California Mussel (Mytilus californianus) Fisheries Biology and Fisheries Programs, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 1999
North West Geomatics Canada Inc.                 Contracts averaging 50,000kms of 1:10,000 to 1:70,000 photography in various locations in British Columbia, MWLAP 1988-1997
                                                 Air emission inventory at Kitimat aluminum smelter (with Golder); Willamette & McKenzie River Flood Protection & Habitat Enhancement; Seymour Watershed
Northwest Hydraulic Consultants Ltd.             Road - Sediment Study; Nine Mile Hydroelectric Sedimentation Mitigation; Preparation of flood and erosion hazard mitigation plans for 137 First Nations
                                                 reserves in BC; Lukwa Creek Stream Habitat Restoration, with Alby Systems Ltd., 1999
Northwest Response Ltd.                          Detailed site report for the Smithers Public Works Yard project, 1999
                                                 Facilitation of stakeholders concerns: Babkirk Land Services Ltd. is proposing to construct and operate a special waste land treatment facility approximately
Northwinds Environment Ltd.
                                                 130 kilometers north of Ft. St. John. The facility will treat hydrocarbon wastes from oil field operations and the petroleum industry
                                                 Analysis of millet for the Grain and Forage Millet Introduction & Evaluation Trial, 1998: Project by Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation, Manitoba; Analysis
                                                 of of Alfalfa/Legumes in Southwest Alberta Foothills to compare the yield and longevity of five cultivars of each of the five types of alfalfa: Flemish, Standard,
Norwest Labs
                                                 Dryland, Falcatta, and Multifoliate types, to red clover and sainfoin under the acid soil conditions; Peace River Agriculture Development Fund, evaluation of the
                                                 benefits of liming for forage (soil, tissue, feed analysis) and the evaluation of the methods & economics of liming
                                                 Using satellite imagery, capture/rectify all harvesting on a TFL and create silviculture regions. These regions are attached to an existing silviculture database
NOVA Geomatics Ltd.                              using a common item; Forest Development Plan analysis including, but not limited to, Old Growth Management Areas, Equivalent Clearcut Areas, Biodiversity,
                                                 Patch, Caribou and Ungulate Winter Range; Fish and stream inventory mapping to past and current Ministry of Environment specifications
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                   Sample Projects
Nova Pacific Environmental                         Monitoring and assessment of gravel removal on Vedder since 1994; Member Wahleach Water Use Planning (WUP) Committee
                                                   Bulk commodities loading terminal comprehensive environmental audit, upgrading program and implementation, Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd., North
Novatec Consultants Inc.                           Vancouver, B.C.; Sawage lagoon monitoring program, Indian Reservations (sic) throughout B.C.; Wastewater characterization at eight fish processing plants,
                                                   Lower Mainland, B.C.; Municipal sewage lagoon assessment, Ucluelet, B.C.
                                                   Britannia Minesite A.R.D. Biosulphide Demonstration Project - Interim Report - Laboratory Testing, 1994; Pilot plant testing and analysis of sulphate ion to
NTBC Research Corp.                                hydrogen sulphide conversion which is the first stage of a pilot plant that operated in 1996 at the former Britannia mine site in British Columbia: The water that
                                                   runs through its more than 160 kilometres of tunnels is heavily laced with copper and zinc sulfates, which has left parts of Howe Sound without fish
                                                   Site Investigations: ex-gas station site at Dunbar and 26th Avenue in Vancouver owned by Chevron; Board of Inquiry - Croatia: Soil samples taken in August
                                                   1999 were examined and an assessment of health hazards associated with each constituent was completed under contract by O'Connor Associates
O'Connor Associates Environmental Inc.             Environmental Inc. The toxicological investigation compared samples that exceed the Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment (CCME) Soil Quality
                                                   Guidelines for residential or park land for non-threshold contaminants to determine possible human health concerns; Indoor air quality monitoring conducted in
                                                   multi-family homes on Lynnview Terrace in the Lynnview Ridge neighbourhood, Calgary, 2001
                                                   Mount Robson Provincial Park ecosystem management plan; Preliminary landscape level habitat suitabiity algorithms for marbled murrelet and Queen Charlotte
Oikos Ecological Services Ltd.                     goshawk on the Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii; Riparian assessment and prescription procedures; Riparian Assessments and Prescriptions for
                                                   Silverhope and Slesse Creeks in the Chilliwack Forest District, BC., with T. Johnson and Associates, 1998
                                                   Summary of the Stand Level Modelling Matrix: An analysis of current status and key issues, Prepared for Resources Inventory Branch, MoF, Victoria, 2000
Olympic Resource Management
Pacific Ecological Services                        South Okanagan Spruce Budworm Assessment
Pacific Environmental Consulting                   Report of gas, particulate and noise testing that was done on the push between Darcy and Mons, June 27 and 28, 1995
Pacific Geomatics Ltd.                             Mexico Landsat Map: mosaic of 105 Landsat TM images
                                                   Forest Tenure OnLine; Forest Health OnLine; Forest Recreation OnLine, BC Forest Health and Wildfire Webmap; Successful Bidder Geographic Data
                                                   Integration Support ITQ#2001-0008: Geographic Data BC (GDBC) is interested in obtaining the services of professionals skilled in (i) use of Geographic
                                                   Information Systems, and (ii) integration of geographically-referenced data. Familiarity with socio-economic geographic data is considered an asset. This
Pacific Geotech Systems Ltd.
                                                   expert(s) will assist GDBC in the development and implementation of products related to the Digital Road Atlas (DRA) currently being managed by GDBC;
                                                   Project Poster Development, Ministry of Energy and Mines, 2002: The objective of the poster is to offer clients a graphical poster compilation of the process of
                                                   moving from the current ground staking and recording system to an Internet-based e-commerce administration system
                                                   Development of a comprehensive GIS to attract investments to the Comox Valley; Vancouver Island Coal Bed Methane Project; Homalco Indian Band: Forest
Pacific GIS Consulting
                                                   Development Planning and Operational Management
Pacific International Mapping Corp.                Member of Integrated, Corporate Spatial and Attribute Database (INCOSADA) with LGS and Geomatics International, Ministry of Forests
Pacific Northwest GIS Consulting Inc.              Developer of Click-N-Zip, a windows utility that helps you work with file and folder archives, and "pnRemDupX"
                                                   Reforestation in the mountain hemlock zone: history and current status; Forest study at Sicamous Creek (Engelmann Spruce-Subalpine Fir Wet-Cold
Pacific Phytometric Consultants
                                                   Biogeoclimatic Variant-ESSFwc2)
                                                   Regional Geochemistry Map Compilation Project for Ministry of Energy and Mines; Broad Ecosystem Inventory for the Central Coast; 1:50,000 Watershed Atlas
Pacific Spatial Systems Ltd. (PSS)
                                                   Project MELP
                                                   Assessment of wildlife tree habitat in the Revelstoke Forest District; Beaver Creek Provincial Park rare and endangered species evaluation; Chlorinated
                                                   hydrocarbon levels in eggs of osprey nesting near pulp mills in BC; Ecology and management of woodpeckers and wildlife trees in BC; Studies of Harlequin
Pandion Ecological Research Ltd.
                                                   Ducks using the Salmo River, southwestern British Columbia; Inventory and Tracking of Old Growth Conservation Values for Landscape Unit Planning, MELP,
                                                   2000; Impacts of Partial Cutting on Old-Growth Forests in the Rocky Mountain Trench: Interim Report, 1997
                                                   The Use of Constructed Wetlands in Highway Runoff Treatment; Nanaimo Parkway Project No. 0-6462-5280: Harewood Mines Road to East Wellington Road
Par Terre Environmental Consulting Services Ltd.
                                                   Vancouver Island Highway Project, December 1993
                                                   In the fall of 1998 the Research Section of the Cariboo Forest Region contracted Paragon Resource Mapping Inc. to use GPS technology for the mapping of
                                                   research blocks. The project consisted of mapping eight separate cut blocks located in Caribou winter range near Satah Mountain, 175 Km West of Williams
Paragon Resource Mapping Inc.                      Lake. The blocks were established to study the effects of various opening sizes on the survival of terrestrial and arboreal lichen, which form the main food
                                                   source for the local herd of mountain caribou. The project consisted of producing a complete basemap of the blocks including the external boundary, treatment
                                                   unit boundaries, openings, roads, and skid trails etc.
Payne Engineering Geology                          Sewage treatment and disposal system modifications Galewind Holdings Ltd.; Eagles Lake Estates surface water report
                                                   Best management Practices for Marinas and small boatyards in BC; Pollution Prevention Plans: Fraser River Action Plan (FRAP), Environment Canada;
                                                   Technical Pollution Prevention Guide for Dry Bulk Terminals in the Lower Fraser Basin, 1996, DOE FRAP; Technical Pollution Prevention Guide for the Dairy
PCA Consultants Ltd.                               Processing Operations in the Lower Fraser Basin: Provides an industry profile for dairy processing, which also identifies pollutants of potential concern for
                                                   processors and waste management practices. Steps for developing and implementing a pollution prevention plan, including worksheets, check list, and a
                                                   sample report form from a dairy processing plant, 1997
                                                   PCI Geomatics(TM) and the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS, Natural Resources Canada), are pleased to announce support of the QuickBird(TM)
PCI Geomatics                                      Rigorous Sensor Model within PCI Geomatics software. This is the first commercial software support of the QuickBird Rigorous Model, developed by Dr. Thierry
                                                   Toutin at CCRS, which allows the orthorectification of QuickBird Basic Imagery Products with the highest degree of accuracy.
                                                   Creation of a resource site for producers and receivers of regulated and hazardous waste in Canada; "Mould Standards - A Moving Target" authored by Jim
PHH Environmental Ltd.
                                                   Bagley, MCIOB, Project Manager at PHH Environmental
Phoenix Environmental Services                     City of Burnaby : Burnaby Lake Rejuvenation Project: Fish Component - 2002
                                                   Hydrological Assessment of Burns Bog.Prepared for the Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks, 1994; Regional Landfill - Hydrogeological Assessment.
Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
                                                   Prepared for the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District, 1983
     British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Piteau Associates Engineering Ltd.
                                                                                                                                        Sample Projects
                                                               Hydrological Assessment of Burns Bog.Prepared for the Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks, 1994; Regional Landfill - Hydrogeological Assessment.
                                                               Prepared for the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District, 1983
                                                               B.C./Yukon - Planning and executing public consultation on the Federal Environment Minister`s Green Plan, and facilitating at the National Consultation Wrap-
P.J.B. Duffy & Associates                                      up Meeting, Ottawa; Facilitator for Regional Conferences on Climatic Change:Implication to B.C. and Yukon (1988 and 1997); Evaluation of the Canada-Alberta
                                                               Agreement on Environmental Assessment
Planterra Environmental                                        Millenium Park Project, Willingdon Beach Trail, Powell River
                                                               Archaeological investigations for De Beers Canada Mining Inc. at Snap Lake, NWT; Archaeological investigations conducted along the Tibbett to Contwoyto
Points West Heritage Consulting
                                                               winter road, NWT
                                                               Environmental impact of hydroelectric project, Yukon; Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) Durrell Creek, Saanich; Fish habitat quality and the
Pottinger Gaherty Environmental Consultants Ltd.               presence/absence of spawning and resident fish species in watercourses crossed by the Alaska highway; Suter Brook, Port Moody, BC, environmentally
                                                               integrated design for a proposed 22 acre mixed-use development site; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                               Port Moody Arm: General Trends and Environmental Concerns; Deep Cove Water Quality Investigation; Environmental Indicator: Riparian Ecosystems on
Precision Identification
                                                               Forest Land
Provincial GPS Services                                        Participated in Beta Trials for the Global Surveyor, real-time DGPS service
                                                               In a major contaminant destruction project in Goose Bay, Labrador, PSC Analytical provided all ambient air analytical data for the duration of the project (over
                                                               one year). Testing involved the full range of organics; Analysis for the 21 site DEW Line Monitoring Program for the United States Air Force and Canadian
                                                               Department of National Defence. These sites are located well above the Arctic Circle and once were used as radar stations for early detection of potential
PSC Analytical Services Inc.
                                                               Soviet air attacks. Since the ground is thawed for only a six to eight week window, PSC Analytical received 1500 samples for volatiles, semi-volatiles, TPH,
                                                               PCB and metals in a three week period; PSC Analytical's BC lab has focused on potable water analysis for several years. One unique program provides "water
                                                               kits" which contain all sampling bottles and instructions for obtaining samples from home water supplies
                                                               Methods in water quality time series analysis and interpretation, MWLAP; Norrish Creek watershed water quality status report, Canadian Forest Products Ltd.;
QA Environmental Consulting                                    Straiton Bowl: water and stream ecology, MWLAP; Water quality reconnaissance survey: Millionaire Creek, North Millionaire Creek, Hennipen Creek, and
                                                               Anderson Creek, 2001; Water resource inventory: Stawamus River, Mashiter Creek, Sigurd Creek, and Chance Creek. 1996-2001 Final Report, 2001
                                                               Base demolition contract with related environment abatement work for 145 West 1st Avenue (Old Canron Site) be awarded to Quantum Environmental Group
Quantum Environmental Group Inc.
                                                               Inc. for an amount of $590,597.20.
                                                               Burns Bog: In 1993, the Ministry authorized the storage and treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated soils pursuant with Section 41.1 of the Special Waste
                                                               Regulation. Although the landfill no longer accepts waste, the site is leased to Quantum Remediation Services Ltd., for operation of its Western Soil treatment
Quantum Remediation Services Ltd.
                                                               facility. Treated soil is transported to nearby industrial properties owned either by private companies or the Fraser River Harbor Commission to be used as fill
Quesnel River Environmental Restoration Services               Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                               Restoration of the riparian zone, Keogh River, Northern Vancouver Island; Kootowis Riparian Restoration: The objective of this project was to improve riparian
                                                               attributes needed for restoration of fish habitat, water quality, channel stability, wildlife, and biodiversity. These included: 1. sites where brush competition has
                                                               resulted in low conifer stocking; 2. overstocked western red cedar plantations that lacked species diversity. Treatments consisted of brushing out selected long-
Quillicum Environmental Services Ltd.                          lived conifers and fertilizing these released trees in the brush dominated sites. In the overstocked western red cedar plantations, thinning treatments focused on
                                                               increasing the species diversity in the post-treatment stand by retaining as much western hemlock and Sitka spruce as possible: The Kennedy Watershed is
                                                               located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island between Tofino and Ucluelet. Kootowis Creek is located in the southwest corner of the watershed in an area
                                                               known as the "Kennedy Flats".
                                                               Provision to the North American agricultural industry with a web-based, crop vigor mapping service derived from LANDSAT 7 Earth-observation satellite data;
Radarsat International                                         RADARSAT-1 satellite imagery to determine snow water equivalent (SWE) values over mountainous terrain; Completion of a 500,000km2 RADARSAT-1stereo-
                                                               derived digital elevation model (DEM) covering southern Columbia
                                                               Frequent Image Frame Enhanced Digital Ortho Mapping (FIFEDOM) project with Clover Point, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, Canadian Space Agency,
Range and Bearing Environmental Resource Mapping Corporation   Natural Resources Canada, University of Victoria, and York University. A two-year research and development undertaking, partially funded by Precarn;
                                                               Developer of AWIS (Airborne Wildfire Intelligence System), thermal infrared remote sensing technology
                                                               District of north Cwichan 2002 mosquito control program; The effect of vegetation coverage on mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) larvae densities in central Saanich
DG Regan & Associates Ltd.
                                                               larval development sites
                                                               Mackenzie Environmental Monitoring Project - Phase II, 1987; Ecological Studies of Caribou in the southern district of Keewatin, 1977; Effects of UV-B on
Renewable Resources Consulting Services
                                                               amphibian development: embryonic and larval survival of Hyla regilla and Rana pretiosa
                                                               QPX Minerals Inc. Quesnel River gold project, Environmental assessment stage 1 report,1989; Contamination management, investigation and remediation
Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.
                                                               planning at Wells, BC, MFR, 1990
                                                               Canadian Government Emergency Preparedness Satellite Imaging; Production of a 25 meter Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of BC; Development of tonal
Resource GIS and Imaging (RGI)
                                                               balancing and haze attenuation processing methods for IRS data
                                                               Kootenay-Boundary Higher Level Plan initiative which included Connectivity Corridor Allocation, Ungulate Winter Range, Biodiversity Seral Stage Targets,
                                                               Below and Above minimum harvest age and Caribou Habitat, Ministry of Forests, 2001; Landscape Attributes of Interior Douglas-fir Forests on the Fraser
                                                               Plateau, GIS analysis and methodology, with Rick Dawson for; Kootenay Lake Timber Supply Area Analysis Report, March 2001, Land
RHF Systems Ltd.
                                                               base information used in this analysis came in a computer file compiled in 1998 by RHF Systems Limited of Kelowna, B.C. This file contains information on the
                                                               forest land in the Kootenay Lake TSA including general geographic location, area, nature of forest cover (such as presence or absence of trees, species,
                                                               number of trees, age, and timber volume), and other notable characteristics such as wildlife habitat areas and physical accessibility
     British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                      Sample Projects
                                                  Nitinat Lake watershed restoration program: Caycuse River Tusk-si-tay side channel as-built construction report, MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., 1999; An overview
River-Run Bio Ltd.
                                                  assessment of the fisheries resources for the Caycuse River and Campus Creek watersheds, Vancouver Island, 1998
RJ & Associates Environmental Consulting Inc.     Prepared, updated and expanded asbestoes hygiene programs for the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVRAA)
                                                  "Towards the Establishment of Predictive Ecosystem Mapping Standards: A White Paper 1st Approximation", March, 1999; "A Strategy for Habitat Supply
R. Keith Jones & Associates
                                                  Modeling for BC", 2002
                                                  Fraser River White Sturgeon Monitoring Program; Fisheries and habitat Inventory on Liard River Watershed FRBC; Assess the effects of spill events from the
RL & L Environmental Services Ltd.                Rat Creek CSO (combined sewer overflow) structure on the benthic macroinvertebrate community in the North Saskatchewan River, Alberta; Canyon Dam Fish
                                                  Stock & Habitat Assessments: Columbia River Below Revelstoke Canyon Dam; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                  Designed and managed an ecological review of the Layritz Park Concept Plan; Assembled existing information, conducted field work, and wrote Pease Creek
Roberts Environmental Services                    Watershed Study for District of Highlands and Department of Fisheries and Oceans; Collected background information, conducted field surveys, and wrote The
                                                  Craigflower Watershed Assessment for the Capital Regional District (CRD)
                                                  A study of the population of black bear (Ursus americanus) in Burns Bog was initiated as part of the Burns Bog Ecosystem Review, 1999; Member of the Ash
Robertson Environmental Services
                                                  River Water Use Plan Committee; Keenleyside 150 MW powerplant project. Vegetation and wildlife effects, 1997
                                                  Habitat inventory maps of the Fraser River Main Arm, Pitt River, Sturgeon Bank, Roberts Bank and Boundary Bay (1:2500. 1:10 000), 1990; Recycling of
                                                  nutrients in an enclosed aquatic community of decomposing macrophytes (Myriophyllum spicatum), 1978; Additional water quality objectives for chlorophenols
                                                  in the Fraser River estuary, 1989; Environmental Overview of the North Delta Area. Prepared for Planning Department, Corporation of Delta, 1992;
R.U. Kistritz Consultants Ltd.
                                                  Environmental Overview of the North Delta Area. Report prepared for the Planning Department, Corporation of Delta, Delta, B.C., 1992; Unsolicited Proposal
                                                  for the Restoration and Creation of Wildlife Habitat in Burns Bog, British Columbia: a Feasibility Study. Unpublished report prepared Wildlife Habitat Canada,
                                                  Ottawa, Ontario, 1985
                                                  The stratigraphy and morphology of paraglacial alluvial fans in south-central BC, 1971; Surficial geology of the grassland areas of British Columbia and
J.M. Ryder & Associates Terrain Analysis Inc.
                                                  adjacent regions.In: Grassland Ecology and Classification Symp. Proc.1982
SAR Engineering                                   Preparation of "Residential Sector Climate Change Foundation Paper" with The Sheltair Group Inc.and Marbek Resource Consultants
SDF Environmental Contracting                     Studies of Harlequin Ducks in the Upper Skagit River, British Columbia, 2000
                                                  Soil and groundwater contamination on the Chevron site, Burnaby refinery: Detailed Site Investigation; Phase 1 Environmental Study: BCBC-owned property
SEACOR Environmental Consultants
                                                  (Lot 3), at the Ospika Blvd. and Opie Crescent intersection, Prince George, BC
                                                  Analysed & reviewed all existing documentation with respect to the Bamberton cement plant redevelopment project, 632 ha; Cumulative effects analysis of the
Secter Environmental Resource Consulting
                                                  Keenleyside 150 MW powerplant; Cumulative environmental effects of the skytrain extension
                                                  Photography of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley was completed in July and August of 2002. Colour photo completed at a scale of 1:24,000 with a
                                                  153mm focal length lens from an altitude of 12,300 feet. Coverage extends from Horseshoe Bay to the U.S. border and east to Aggasiz and Chilliwack;
Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.
                                                  Proprietary software operating on a 486PC computer attends to automatic camera levelling, eliminating drift, and generating velocity/height signals to operate
                                                  the FMC. This software in combination with a Magnavox GPS receiver provides flight line navigation and triggers the camera at predetermined stations
                                                  SENES was the leader of a Canadian multi-disciplinary project team that advised the Germany Ministry of the Environment and provided technical and permit
                                                  evaluation assistance to the State of Thuringia for the development and the assessment of closure options for the former East German uranium mining industry;
                                                  Don Gorber, President of SENES Consultants Limited and Brian Conlin, President of Golder Associates Ltd. have formed the SENES-GOLDER PARTNERSHIP
                                                  (SGP) to offer a complete range of environmental, radiological, geotechnical, risk, health and safety services to the Nuclear Industry in eastern Canada:
Senes Consultants Ltd.
                                                  Projects carried out jointly by the two firms include initial planning and permitting through to final closure of all of the uranium mill tailings facilities at Elliot Lake;
                                                  permitting, design and construction of five uranium mill tailings facilities in Saskatchewan; disposal option studies and on-going site management for 'Eldorado'
                                                  uranium refinery wastes in the Port Hope area; technical participation in the Canadian high level nuclear waste disposal program, including original design of
                                                  the Underground Research Laboratory at Pinawa, Manitoba
                                                  Teaches the highly-regarded and industry recognized Alberta Wellsite Reclamation Criteria and Environmental Practices for Oilfield Activities courses on an
Sharp Environmental                               annual basis; Patented the "Frozen Topsoil Cutter," an environmentally friendly innovation developed and patented by Jeff Biegel, Brent Biegel and Doug
                                                  Biegel is quickly becoming recognized as the preferred tool for performing topsoil stripping during frozen soil conditions
The Sheltair Group Resource Consultants Inc.      Retained by the City of Vancouver to determine the potential of sustainable urban development of the Southeast False Creek area
                                                  Facilitator North Islands Woodlands Advisory Group (NIWAG) which provided public input concerning Weyerhaeuser's forest certification; Ehattesaht Band
Shelterwood Forest Management Ltd.
                                                  Shake and Shingle Mill feasibility study, 1996, Zeballos
                                                  Pease Creek Watershed Study for District of Highlands and Department of Fisheries and Oceans; Craigflower Watershed Assessment for the Capital Regional
                                                  District (CRD); Millstream Watershed Prototype Study; Vancouver Island Highway Project - Inland Island Highway - Courtenay to Campbell River; Field Data
Ship Environmental Consultants Ltd.               Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Preliminary field investigation of Spectacle Creek between the outlet of Oliphant Lake and the outlet of
                                                  Spectacle Lake. Prepared for J.D. Tait and Associates, 1993; An Investigation of the Fisheries Resources in Spectacle Creek Between Spectacle and Oliphant
                                                  Lakes. Prepared for J.D. Tait and Associates, 1994
                                                  Completed the Land Classification Inventory of the Little Campbell River using color orthophoto; Production of TRIM II database mapping for the Ministry of
Shortreid Terrain Data Ltd.
                                                  Environment, Lands and Parks
Sigma Engineering Ltd.                            Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Silva Ecosystem Consultants Ltd.                  Cortes Ecoforestry Society Ecosystem-based draft planning framework, 1996; "Seeing the Forest Among the Trees: The Case for Holistic Forest Use"
                                                  Nelson Forest Region: Patch cutting in old growth to address concerns about wildlife habitat and clearcut adjacency; Remote sensing techniques to evaluate
Silvatech Consulting Ltd.
                                                  forest canopy effects on snow accumulation; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                  Enumaration of adult steelhead in the upper Sustat River, 1994; Bulkley/Morice Steelhead Assessment Project, 1998/99; Field Data Information System
SKR Environmental Consultant
                                                  contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Morice and Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement: organization and management of stream, fish and fish habitat data
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                               Sample Projects
                                                 Enumaration of adult steelhead in the upper Sustat River, 1994; Bulkley/Morice Steelhead Assessment Project, 1998/99; Field Data Information System
SKR Environmental Consultant
                                                 contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Morice and Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement: organization and management of stream, fish and fish habitat data
                                                 Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Decommissioning and reclamation of the Polaris Mine in the Canadian High Arctic for
                                                 TeckCominco; Pacific Liaicon and Associates Inc., a subsidiary of SNC-Lavalin Inc., has been awarded a contract for nearly $4 million by the Greater
SNC-Lavalin Inc.                                 Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) for work on one of the world's largest filtration projects; Urgent Water Diversion Project in Algeria; The Kaska Nation and
                                                 SNC-Lavalin Inc. have created a new joint venture to pursue mine decommissioning and reclamation opportunities in the Yukon; Awarded a C$58 million
                                                 contract to restore 26 km of a conveyance pipeline transporting crucial water supplies to the city of Benghazi, Libya
Softree Technical Systems Inc.                   "Terrain Tools" a mapping and contouring software program, and "RoadEng" written by Softree Technical Systems, Inc.
                                                 Soilcon has developed a groundwater treatment system for petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater; Soilcon has completed soil mapping and
                                                 classification projects throughout B.C.; Completed over 100 Phase I and Phase II studies on properties throughout BC; Review of Soil Quality from Pacific Place
                                                 City of Richmond, 1996; Soil fertility and pH analysis for an intertidal wetland Gary Williams & Assoc., 1995; Reconstruction of Agricultural Topsoil Over a
Soilcon Laboratories Ltd.
                                                 Pipeline, Kelowna, B.C. Sigma Consultants, 1994; Soil Survey and Golf Course Impact/Suitability Assessment, Squamish Catherine Berris & Associates, 1990;
                                                 Field-testing, design criteria, and lagoon sizing procedures for household disposal, for the B.C. Ministries of Health and Environment, 1988; Soil and vegetation
                                                 monitoring for the Greater Vancouver Regional District's Burnaby Incinerator
                                                 Titanium Bearing Heavy Mineral Sand Deposit located near Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. The deposit extends some 69 square kilometres (27 square miles)
Sonic Soil Sampling Inc.                         along the Shubenacadie River northward to the eastern reaches of Cobequid Bay. Sonic Soil Sampling Inc. of Concord, Ontario, was awarded the drill contract
                                                 after a successful demonstration of their equipment
                                                 Development of the Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database (AGRASID) a digital database consisting of seamless Geographic Information
Spatial Data Systems Consulting
                                                 System (GIS) coverages and relational data files which describe the soil landscapes for the agricultural area of Alberta; Dene Mapping Project
                                                 Development of on-line imagery delivery system, ResMap; Research and Development project in conjunction with the National Research Council to develop
Spatial Mapping Ltd.                             techniques to identify forest stands under attack by Spruce and Pine Bark Beetles using satellite imagery; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with
Spatial Vision Group Inc.                        Technical Trends in the use of GIS in Planning: Presentation by Bill Johnstone, Spatial Vision Group Inc., 2001
                                                 Development of "Optial" a web-based application that allows users to complete the entire compliance management process in the one system including:
                                                 checklist completion, one-click reference to relevant rulebooks, issue tracking (issues are simply audit findings), corrective action plan management, and
Specialty Technical Publishers Inc.              sophisticated online reporting that provides live and immediate compliance status across an organization. Specialty Technical Publishers delivers expert
                                                 knowledge that companies use to audit their compliance status. Optial provides the infrastructure to automate, complete, report, and act upon those audit
                                                 processes. Together, they offer powerful, checklist-based EH&S compliance and risk management systems.
                                                 Vancouver Landfill Design and Operations Plan: prepared a landfill design to accommodate an additional 20 million tons of refuse; Campbell Mountain Landfill,
Sperling Hansen Associates Inc.
                                                 Penticton; Hartland Landfill, Victoria, North, South and East face closures
                                                 Design of buildings such as the Richmond City Hall; $100 Million water treatment plant for the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District; Worked with BC
Stantec Consulting Ltd.                          Hydro, NRCAN, ASHRAE and IES on the drafting of the Model National Energy Code of Canada; Design of energy efficient mechanical systems for the Victoria,
                                                 BC Hospital project
                                                 Survey of closed and abandoned mines in B.C. for acid mine drainage, 1992; Sulphate Reduction as a Water Treatment Alternative at the Faro Mine, report for
Steffen Robertson & Kirsten Consulting (SRK)
                                                 Curragh Resources Inc., 1991
                                                 Theodor Sterling Associates finds mould growth inside the air handling units at an office of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, February 10, 2002;
                                                 Mr. Sterling was a member of the development committee for the internationally recognized ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor
                                                 Air Quality "and is now a liaison for the committee charged with the continuous maintenance process of that influential standard; Building Design, Technology
Theodor D. Sterling & Associates Ltd.
                                                 and Occupant Well-Being in Temperate Climates. E.M. Sterling, C. Bieva, C.W. Collett (eds) Proceedings for the International Conference on Building Design,
                                                 Technology and Occupant Well-Being in Temperate Climates, Brussels, Belgium; Indoor Air Quality Initiatives for the Hospitality Industry of British Columbia.
                                                 Seminar 20 Proceedings, ASHRAE Winter Meeting, January 17-21, San Francisco, CA, 1998, (E.M. Sterling, B. Clark)
Strategic Environmental Management               Participant "Climate Technology Initiative/Joint Seminar on Technology Diffusion in Eastern Europe, Slovakia, 1999
Strategic Management Services                    "A Strategy for Habitat Supply Modeling for BC" MWLAP, 2002
                                                 Streamline developed the course, Introduction to Environmental Auditing in Forestry, through the Forestry Extension Program at Malaspina University College
Streamline Environmental Consulting Ltd.
Sumas Environmental Services Inc.                Waste Facility Environmental Reviews (WFERs) for Nisku Hazardous Waste Transfer Station, Abbotsford Soil Remediation Facility
                                                 Basal Aquifer Dewatering Project Environmental Impact Assessment; Ecosystem Management Plan: Manning & Skagit Valley Provincial Parks & Cascade
                                                 Recreation Area; Three Valley Lake Fisheries Assessment: Trans Canada Highway Widening; Natural Gas System Reinforcement Environmental Assessment;
Summit Environmental Consultants Ltd.            Okanagan River Sockeye Salmon Research; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP; Level 2 Summary: Eve River Fish Habitat
                                                 Restoration. Prepared for Raven Habitat Services, 1997; Project Report Fisheries Assessment, Pingston Creek Hydroelectric Project, Prepared for Canadian
                                                 Hydro Developers (B.C.) Inc., 1998
Sutherland Environmental Associates Ltd.         Vancouver Island Highway Project - Inland Island Highway - Courtenay to Campbell River
                                                 Agricultural land use in the Cariboo regio, 1984; Evaluation of land characteristics for selected areas of the Cariboo, 1984; Cypress Bowl Master Plan EIA,
Talisman Land Resource Consultants Inc.
                                                 1991; Environmental Impact: Lions Gate Bridge Project
                                                 Canfor Ft.St.James Timber Cruising 500 plots in various locations; MOF-PG SBFEP3 Multiphase Cutting Permits including timber cruising and GPS traversing,
TDB Consultants Inc.
Technology Resource Inc. (TRI)                   China Creek landfill closure, MacMillan Bloedel
                                                 Terrestrial ecology and resource suitability of the Prince Rupert area for a proposed bulk loading terminal conducted for a joint Federal-Provincial steering
                                                 committee; Environmental and social impact assessments of proposed marinas at Saanichton Bay and Powell River for Indian Bands; Multi-year inventory and
                                                 assessment of tailed frog populations densities and habitats West Vancouver; Environmental impact assessments of proposed urban developments at Whistler
Tera Planning Ltd.
                                                 Mountain and Salmon Arm; Environmental impact assessments of proposed golf course development at Pitt Meadows; Abundance and Distribution of
                                                 Waterfowl, Songbirds and other Birds in Burns Bog. Unpublished report prepared for Western Delta Lands, Inc., 1992; Waterfowl, Shorebirds and Raptors
                                                 within the Property Owned by Western Delta Lands, Inc., Burns Bog, 1989-1990. Unpublished report prepared for Western Delta Lands, Inc., 1991
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                  Sample Projects
                                                 Terrestrial ecology and resource suitability of the Prince Rupert area for a proposed bulk loading terminal conducted for a joint Federal-Provincial steering
                                                 committee; Environmental and social impact assessments of proposed marinas at Saanichton Bay and Powell River for Indian Bands; Multi-year inventory and
                                                 assessment of tailed frog populations densities and habitats West Vancouver; Environmental impact assessments of proposed urban developments at Whistler
Tera Planning Ltd.
                                                 Mountain and Salmon Arm; Environmental impact assessments of proposed golf course development at Pitt Meadows; Abundance and Distribution of
                                                 Waterfowl, Songbirds and other Birds in Burns Bog. Unpublished report prepared for Western Delta Lands, Inc., 1992; Waterfowl, Shorebirds and Raptors
                                                 within the Property Owned by Western Delta Lands, Inc., Burns Bog, 1989-1990. Unpublished report prepared for Western Delta Lands, Inc., 1991
                                                 Quality control: Lions Gate Bridge Project; Burns Bog Development Project, Delta, B.C. Geotechnical Briefing. Prepared for Delta Fraser Properties, 1999
Terra Engineering Ltd.
                                                 Slope Rehabilitation Monitoring in Banff N.P; Environmental Protection Plan for Construction of Panorama Village; Forest and Fire Management Plan Cypress
                                                 Hills; Environmental Management for the 1,200 km Canadian Producers Mackenzie Gas Project; Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for the
Terra Environmental Consultants
                                                 136 km Georgia Strait Crossing Project; Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment for the 740 km Palliser Pipeline Project; Preliminary
                                                 environmental assessment studies for Hugh Keenleyside Transmission. Prepared for B.C. Hydro, Burnaby, B.C., 1982
Terra Lotic Resources Ltd.                       Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Terramar Environmental Research Ltd.             Nagorsen, D.W., and M.A. Fraker. 1999. Chipmunks (Tamias) of the Kootenay region, British Columbia. Unpublished report
                                                 Aerial videography of the main channel of McMillan Creek, the largest and most productive trout stream in the city of Prince George; TerraPro GPS Surveys
TerraPro GPS Surveys Ltd.
                                                 Ltd. has mapped the existing network of municipal and non-municipal biking trails, Whistler Trail Master Plan, 2002
                                                 In Uganda, Catalyst has acquired an exclusive option to acquire a 100% interest in the Kaabong #1 gold concession, of approximately 750 sq. kilometres.
TerraSat Geomatics Inc.                          TerraSat Geomatics Inc. has completed the initial stage of a satellite mapping of the area and prospect, and there is a dramatic similarity to the neighbouring
                                                 Branch Lopedo discovery. Given this favourable report, and other geological data (including the satellite mapping)
                                                 Alleviating Compaction of Medium-Textured Soils with the Winged Subsoiler: Prepared for the Prince Rupert Forest Region, Extension Note # 17, November
Terra-Silva Environmental Services
                                                 Contibuted to working paper: Trials of Erosion Control Netting for Improved Stability of Forest Roadside Slopes, Ministry of Forests BC, 1996; Field Data
Terrasol Environmental Industries Ltd.
                                                 Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Terratech Mapping Services Inc.                  Map of arsenic concentrations in moss mat samples, Quesnel, BC
                                                 Fishing Salmon Selectively-An Initiative by the BC Commercial Salmon Industry, 1998; Fraser River Modified Gillnet Study Final Report, 1997; Evaluation of
J.O. Thomas & Associates Ltd.
                                                 Selective Salmon Fisheries in the Lower Fraser River, 1997; Queen Charlotte Island Seine Chinook Encounter Study, 1997
                                                 Raising of Sooke dam; Debris torrent assessment,Hope to Boston Bar Creek Summit, Coquihalla Highway, 1985; Environmental impact assessment of twinning
                                                 the Trans Canada Highway through Banff National Park for Public Works Canada; Environmental impact assessment of the Site C Hydroelectric Development
Thurber Environmental Consultants Ltd.
                                                 for B.C. Hydro; An assessment of contaminant loadings to a central Okanagan Valley lake due to adjacent highway upgrading and operation for Ministry of
                                                 Transportation and Highways
                                                 Schroeder Creek Falls fish inventory; Terrain mapping, digitizing and translating CAD plans to GIS, Ministry of Forests; Field Data Information System
Timberland Consultants Ltd.
                                                 contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Vegetation inventory of the McGregor Model Forest (Tree Farm Licence 30) according to forest cover; Timber Supply Analysis Report: TFL 23, Management
                                                 Plan No. 9, Pope & Talbot Ltd., 1999; Timber Supply Analysis Information Package: TFL 23, Management Plan No. 9, Pope & Talbot Ltd.; Joint timber supply
                                                 analysis: Grande Alberta Paper Ltd. and Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd. proposed forest management agreement areas; Tree Farm Licence 54
Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd.
                                                 Timber Supply Analysis Information Package (IP), 1994; TFL 49, the Okanagan Tree Farm Licence Management Planning Process Documents, Riverside
                                                 Forest Products Limited; Forest planning model, SYMBOL (Sustainable Yield Model for Building Optimal Landscapes) to Minimize Environmental Impacts -
                                                 Hope IFPA; Monitoring Second Growth in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Husby Forest Products Ltd.
Topham Scientific Consulting                     Topography of the upper and lower surfaces of 10 hectares of deformed sea ice in the Canadian Arctic, 1993
Triathlon Forest Dimensions                      Lakes Forest District Retrofit, 2001
Trickle Creek Land Services                      North Shuswap Real Estate appraisals
Trimax Residuals Management Inc.                 Biosolids Application at Highland Valley Copper Mine, located between Ashcroft and Logan Lake on Highway 97c
                                                 TRI was the first company in BC to undertake contaminated site investigations and was the first company in BC to develop and undertake bio-remediation of
TRI Technology Resource Inc.
                                                 petroleum contaminated soil on a large scale
                                                 McMillan Creek rainbow trout study; Reconnaissance level fish and fish habitat inventory in the Bulkley Timber supply area; Fish passage culvert inspection
                                                 (FPCI) report: Lower Nation River watershed; Environmental monitoring report for the construction of rip-rap revetment on Ptarmigan Creek; A literature review
Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd.
                                                 of riparian revegetation techniques; Examination of water flow records on the Nechako River and Skins Lake spillway; 1996 summer water temperature and flow
                                                 management project: Nechako Fisheries Conservation Program; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Contribution to research report: Ecological Description and Classification of Some Pine Mushroom (Tricholoma magnivelare) Habitat in British Columbia, Report
True North Forestry Consulting Limited
                                                 #19, Ministry of Forests Research Program, Southern Interior Forest Extension and Research Partnership, 2001
                                                 Vaseux Creek Watershed Fisheries Habitat Assessment Procedure for Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, 1997; Kokanee enumerations, Okanagan Lake Action
Trumbley Environmental Consulting Ltd.
                                                 Plan; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 The town of The Pas, Manitoba (pop. 8,500) uses an eight-acre aerated aerobic sewage lagoon to treat municipal waste. After aeration, the waste is allowed to
                                                 settle in the second part of the single cell system before being chlorinated and discharged into nearby Grace Lake. During the late 1980s and early 1990s the
                                                 20 year-old aeration guns began to fail due to fatigue, line failure, plugging with rags, etc. The BOD of the effluent rose to over 30mg/L causing the lake a great
UMA Environmental
                                                 deal of distress. The consulting firm of UMA Environmental was engaged to carry out a study and select a means of remediation that would rectify the situation
                                                 and keep the lagoon in operation for the duration of the project; Lower Kelowna Creek Drainage Plan, 1996; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS)
                                                 with MWLAP
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                                                                                                 Sample Projects
                                                 1996 (Kinematic GPS Survey - Skagway, Alaska to Whitehorse, YT) White Pass & Yukon Rwy at Bennett, BC: This survey involved the positioning of over 100
                                                 miles of tracks and structures utilizing Trimble 4000ssi dual frequency GPS receivers. A kinematic profile of the tracks was obtained with a cart mounted GPS
                                                 antenna which was towed behind a speeder; Canadian Pacific Rail / BC Transit 1994 (Commuter Rail Project - GPS Control & Kinematic GPS Profiling). This
Underhill Geomatics Ltd.
                                                 project involved the survey of some 60 Km of railway from Vancouver to Mission, B.C. Wild System 200 receivers were used exclusively. A monumented GPS
                                                 control network was established to provide a framework control for the project; 1997-1999 Bursa, Turkey - Cadastral Reform Project (As a member of
                                                 International Geomatics Services Corp.)
                                                 Ardencraig Development, Vancouver: Documentation of an Urban Infill and Remodel Project With Sustainability Elements, Mattock, Christopher, CMHC
                                                 Housing Research Grant; A delegation of 16 Construction and Environmental experts from Changzhou visited Vancouver in the fall of 1999 to investigate
Urban Ecology Design Collaborative
                                                 Canadian construction technologies. Urban Ecology Design Collaborative and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation helped support the visit. This
                                                 was a follow up to ICSC's December 1998 workshop on Sustainable Building and Community Design in Changzhou
                                                 Contaminated Site Investigation Fan Area Detail Site Investigation, Britannia Beach; Surficial Soil Conditions Perimeter of Burns Bog, Delta, B.C. Prepared for
URS - Norecol Dames & Moore
                                                 Western Peat Moss Ltd., 1974
M. Vaartnou & Associates                         Native grass seed development for the west coast of BC
                                                 Biodiversity conservation gap assessment, MWLAP, BIO 3119, 2002; Refining definitions of old growth to aid in locating old-growth forest reserves, with
Veridian Ecological Consulting                   Braumandl, T.F.; An Index of Old-Growthness for Two Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classifications (BEC) Variants in the Nelson Forest Region, with Tom
                                                 Braumandl, and Deb MacKillop; "A Strategy for Habitat Supply Modeling for British Columbia" 2002
                                                 VIA-SAT installed a hydrometric station on Big Silver Creek to record water levels. This information is being used to assist in establishing a stage-discharge
                                                 relationship. VIA-SAT also performs streamflow measurements on an as-required basis; Since 1988, VIA-SAT has maintained the Systems Operation and
                                                 Maintenance Division (SOMD's) real-time (GOES satellite) meteorological network of approximately 50 Data Collection Platforms (DCPs). The data is collected
Via-Sat Data Systems
                                                 primarily for B.C. Hydro's flow forecasting models. Services include site visits to perform station upgrades, sensor calibration; VIA-SAT has performed a needs
                                                 analysis using statistical and qualitative analysis to review the Homathko Basin DCP hydrometeorological data network. The result of the review resulted in the
                                                 reduction of the data network density from twenty-two stations to five stations
                                                 Developers of "Ecoviewer" which allows virtual reality flyovers and fixed viewpoints of these natural scenes in real time. Rendering forested landscape scenes
Viewscape3D Ltd.                                 using competing products is measured in a few frames per hour. "Ecoviewer" achieves these results in multiple frames per second, representing a 5000-fold
                                                 improvement in speed, thus permitting foresters and land use planners the ability to display plans in 3D full-motion virtual reality
                                                 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC): Growing medium for tomato plants project commissioned by the research council of the BC Hot House Growers'
Vision Envirotech International Co. Ltd.
                                                 Assessment of traffic noise reduction performance of open-graded asphalt (OGA) or "quiet pavements, Ministry of Transportation and Highways, 1996; The BC
Wakefield Acoustics Ltd.                         MoTH Noise Mitigation Policy and its application to the Westview interchange project, North Vancouver; Proposed Lafarge concrete batch plant noise impact
Peter Ward & Associates Ltd.                     Planning and engineering management: lower Fraser and other major estuaries, 1984; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Use of Native Species in conjunction with bioengineering techniques in streambank restoration; Stabilization of Hiuihill Creek preventing further siltation into the
Wallis Environmental Aquatics
                                                 Adams River
                                                 Use of a hydrodynamic model for the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. This model simulates erosion and sediment transport in the river, the largest in
                                                 British Columbia, and will consequently be used to assess flood mitigation options; The town of Ste. Agathe, Manitoba, Canada, flooded by the Red River in
                                                 1997. Water Management Consultants modeled the flood for the International Joint Commission: Hydrodynamic modelling of the 1997 Red River Flood was
Water Management Consultants                     carried out using the MIKE 11 model to determine the effect of flood control works on upstream water levels. The model was calibrated based on the recorded
                                                 discharges and water levels during the 1997 event. A model was also developed to simulate natural conditions using recorded discharges and water levels from
                                                 the 1950 flood event. It was found that operation of the Floodway Inlet Control Structure resulted in water levels about 0.6 m higher than natural levels just
                                                 upstream of the Floodway
                                                 Sooke River Research and Development Automated Water Quality Monitoring; Sooke River Baseline Water Quality Study for Salmonids; Twelve Month
Waterose Environmental Services                  Baseline Water Quality Study for Salmonids in the lower Sooke River Watershed; Water Quality Project on Musqueam Salmon Stream in Urban Vancouver;
                                                 Analysis of Coliforms and Nutrients in surface waters flowing into Esquimalt Lagoon
Wells Gray Forestland Reclamation Group          Developed strategies to limit cattle damage on reclaimed landings Cariboo Forest Region, Lignum Ltd., 1996
West & Associates                                Chair: Kwantlen's Environmental Protection Technology (EPT) Program
Western BioAquatic Consulting                    City of Kelowna State of the Environment Report, 1998: Indicator Development Group Member
Western Bio Resources Consulting                 Use of Celgar pulp mill biosolids around Cominco's operations and the development of a septic composting process
                                                 Literature review on Water Handling, Environmental, and Land-Use aspects of coalbed methane development (CMD), Ministry of Energy & Mines, 2002;
                                                 Decision aids for cedar and hemlock in the Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICH) zone, Ministry of Forests, 1998; Co-authorship of portions of BOREAL SELECT, a CD-
                                                 ROM decision aid for boreal mixedwood management in northeastern British Columbia, 2002; Modeling of biological processes related to marine and terrestrial
Western Ecological Services Ltd.
                                                 carbon dynamics, air-sea exchanges of carbon dioxide, and changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide (1984-2002); Review of Environment Canada's Endangered
                                                 Species Recovery Fund, 2001; Review of hardwood ecology in the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program area of southeastern British
                                                 Columbia (2000-2001); Co-authorship of Scientific Review Panel reports on management plans for Greater Vancouver's watersheds (1997-1999)
                                                 Western Subseas STRIDER system is used for surveying of objects on the seafloor for benthic fish stock assessment, environmental baseline studies and for
                                                 mineral surveys. The STRIDER system integrates real time electronic chart data with both sidescan and rotary scan sonar, DGPS, and video data (from a
Western Subsea Technology Ltd.
                                                 remotely operated vehicle) to provide a geo-referenced survey of the seabed. It also uses RoxAnn sea floor classification technology to discriminate between
                                                 different types of seabed material.
                                                 Millstream Watershed Management Plan; Travers Creek field surveys in the Prospect Lake watershed, on behalf of the Capital Regional District; CRD Report
Westland Resource Group                          on the Environment - Phase 2; Effects of drawdown on St. Mary Lake, Salt Spring Island;Monitored the effects of construction of the BC Gas Southern Crossing
                                                 Pipeline on domestic water supplies; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
    British Columbia Environmental Consultants

Company                                          Millstream Watershed Management Plan; Travers Creek field surveysSample Projects watershed, on behalf of the Capital Regional District; CRD Report
                                                                                                                         in the Prospect Lake
Westland Resource Group                          on the Environment - Phase 2; Effects of drawdown on St. Mary Lake, Salt Spring Island;Monitored the effects of construction of the BC Gas Southern Crossing
                                                 Pipeline on domestic water supplies; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Mill & Timber Shushartie Log Sales - digital map file clean up, applying elevations and slope analysis; Western Waste Management - software integration and
WestNet Information Systems Ltd.                 support; Surveyor General of BC - Atlas Project - involving the scanning of four million pages of field survey books; Pacifica Papers Inc. - using our hardware
                                                 solution to scan and archive their architectural and engineering drawings
                                                 St. Mary's River Westslope Cutthroat Trout telemetry study, Columbia Kootenay Fisheries Renewal Partnership; Wigwam River juvenile bull trout and fish
Westslope Fisheries
                                                 habitat monitoring program, Bonneville Poer Adiministration, 2002
                                                 Natural Environment, Topographic and Digital Elevation Model Databases for CFB Petawawa: Acquired and formatted 1:10,000 base mapping and natural
                                                 environment data for MapInfo databases. Natural environment data was acquired from environment studies by Jacques Whitford Environmental Ltd. A seamless
Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd.                DEM was generated for Vertical Mapper from OBM elevation data; River Basin Management, North China (1997 - 2001); Sampling design and tools used in
                                                 Sable Offshore Energy Inc.'s Offshore Environmental Effects Monitoring Program; Port Colborne Soil Remediation and environmental and human health risk
                                                 assessments for Inco; Field Data Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
Wildland Resources                               Participant: Cassiar Iskut - Stikine Land and Resource Management Plan
Wildlands Ecological Consulting Ltd.             Contibution to: Grizzly Bear Habitat Assessment of Quesnel Highlands (Penfold, Eastside and Wasko-Lynx Landscape Units), Central British Columbia
                                                 Lower Mill Creek Channel Assessment, Penticton, 1999; Stream/Riparian Classification Perry Ridge, McFayden Creek and upper Perry Ridge, 1996; Field Data
Wildstone Resources Ltd.
                                                 Information System contractor (FDIS) with MWLAP
                                                 Preparation of report for Toronto City Council: Funding Sources, Financial Implications and Impact Statement: The Ontario Hydro Corridor, between Kennedy
                                                 Road and Birchmount Road, is being considered for urban development, 1998; Environmental Assessment of Water treatment upgrades at the Kelso wells in
XCG Consultants Ltd.
                                                 Milton, Ontario: The Halton Region is proposing to install a manganese removal treatment process at a location adjacent to the existing Kelso Pumping Station
                                                 to reduce the occurrence of coloured water events in Milton
                                                 Transitions from porphyry to epithermal environments in: Metallogeny of Volcanic Arcs, BC Geological Survey; Interrelationships of Cordilleran mineral deposits
XDM Geological Consultants Inc.
                                                 and the development of genetic ore deposit models
Yuni Environmental Consulting                    Habitat mapping of Northern Goshawk and Marbled Murrelet as part of South Moresby Forest Replacement Account (SMFRA) project
        Capital Regional District Environmental Consultants

Company                                                            Address                                                 SIZE
2WE Associates Consulting                                          4660 Vantreight Drive, Victoria V8N 3X1                  B
Applied Ecological Solutions Corp.                                 4189 Happy Valley Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3X8             A
Archipelago Marine Research Ltd.                                   525 Head St., Victoria, BC V9A 5S1                       D
ASL Environmental Sciences                                         1986 Mills Road, Sidney, BC V8L 5Y3
Axys Environmental Consulting Ltd.                                 PO Box 2219, 2045 Mills Rd., Sidney V8L 3S8              B
Biolinx Environmental Research Ltd.                                1759 Colburne Pl., Sidney, BC V8L 5A2                    A
Canadian Institute for Climate Studies                             130 Saunders Annex, UVIC, PO Box 1700 V8W 2Y2            B
Cavendish Analytical Laboratories                                  9865 West Saanich Road, #106, Sidney, BC V8L 3S1         B
Christian J. Stewart Consulting                                    1618 Candela Place, Victoria V8N 5P4                     A
City Green Victoria                                                #12 Centennial Square, Victoria V8W 1P7                  B
GM Clark & Associates Hydrological Svcs.                           1240 Monterey Ave., Victoria V8S 4V6                     A
Climate Partners                                                   1200 - 865 View, Victoria V8W 3E8                        B
Coastal & Ocean Resources Inc.                                     9865 West Saanich Road, #107, Sidney, BC V8L 3S1         A
Coastal Geoscience Research Corp.                                  2601 Scott, Victoria, BC V8R 4J1                         B
Connor Development Services Ltd.                                   5096 Catalina Terrace, Victoria V8Y 2A5                  A
Delcan Corp.                                                       4082 Shelbourne St., Victoria V8N 4P6                    F
Earth Tech (Canada) Inc. (Formely Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd.)   203 - 4430 Chatterton Way, Victoria V8X 5J2              F
EcoSol Consulting Inc.                                             1512 Regents Place, Victoria, BC V8S 1Y4                 A
ENKON Environmental Ltd.                                           309 - 703 Broughton, Victoria V8W 1E2                    C
Enmedex                                                            4041 Hopesmore Place, Victoria V8N 5T1
EnviroEd Consultants Ltd.                                          1325 May Street, Victoria, BC V8S 1B8                    A
ESRI Canada Limited                                                410 - 1207 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2E7          F
ESSA Technologies Ltd.                                             1435 Brooke, Victoria V8S 1M4                            D
Focus Intec                                                        57 Cadillac Avenue, Victoria, BC V8Z 1T3                 B
Fulford Meteorological Services                                    1598 Monterey Ave.,Victoria, BC V8R 5V4                  A
G.A. Borstad Associates Ltd.                                       9865 West Saanich Rd., Sidney V8L 5Y8                    B
Golder Associates Ltd.                                             220 - 174 Wilson, Victoria V9A 7N6                       F
Gryphen Technologies Inc.                                          1217 Wharf Street, #A, Victoria, BC V8W 1T9              B
Hill Murray & Associates                                           1962 Canso Dr., #201, North Saanich, BC V8L 5V5          C
Hobbs Miller Maat Inc.                                             1500 Quadra Street, #3, Victoria, BC V8W 3K6             B
Island Karst Research                                              P.O. Box 8124 STN. Central P.O., Victoria, BC V8W 3R8    A
C.E. Jones and Associates Ltd.                                     645 Fort St., #104, Victoria, BC V8W 1G2                 B
Juan de Fuca Environmental                                         698 Rockridge Place, Victoria, BC V9B 6K1                A
Komex International Ltd.                                           201 - 2840 Nanaimo St., Victoria V8T 4W9                 E
Levelton Engineering Ltd.                                          520 Dupplin Rd., Victoria V8Z 1C1                        E
LGL Limited Environmental Research Associates                      9768 2nd St. Sidney, V8L 3Y8                             D
Charles Low, PhD                                                   4580 Wilkinson, Victoria V8Z 5B7                         A
John MacRae & Associates Inc.                                      100 - 1144 Fort Street, Victoria V8V 3K8                 A
Manning Cooper & Associates                                        3 - 1018 Win Way, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1E7
Mike Miles & Associates Ltd.                                       645 Island Rd., Victoria V8S 2T7                         A
Morrow Environmental Consultants Inc.                              3388A Tennyson Ave., Victoria V8Z 3P4                    D
North West Environmental Group Ltd.                                3 - 835 Devonshire, Victoria V9A 4T5                     E
Novatec Consultants Inc.                                           8931 Lochside Dr., North Saanich, BC V8L 1N1             B
Orca Environmental Corp.                                           21 - 21 Dallas Rd., Victoria V8V 4Z9                     B
Pacific International Mapping Corp.                                4218 Commerce Circle, Victoria V8Z 6N6                   C
Par Terre Environmental Consulting Services Ltd.                   1220 Bewdley Avenue, Victoria BC V9A 5N3                 A
Paragon Resource Mapping Inc.                                      2564 Killarney Road, Victoria, BC V8P-3G7                B
PHH Environmental Ltd.                                             15A - 1537 Hillside Ave., Victoria V8T 4Y2               B
Quantum Environmental Group Inc.                                   2936 Oldcorn Place, Victoria V9B 2E9                     D
Renewable Resources Consulting Services                            9865 West Saanich Road, #214, Sidney, BC V8L 3S1         B
Roberts Environmental Services                                     1519 North Dairy Road, Victoria, BC V8T 3T9              A
SEACOR Environmental Consultants                                   3382 Tennyson Ave., Victoria V8Z 3P6                     G
Secter Environmental Resource Consulting                           1650 Cedar Hill Xroad, Victoria V8P 2P6                  A
Terramar Environmental Research Ltd.                               8617 Lochside Dr., Sidney, BC V8L 1M8                    A
Thurber Environmental Consultants Ltd.                             210 - 4475 Viewmont Ave., Victoria V8Z 6L8               E
Triathlon Forest Dimensions        16 - 6772 Oldfield Road, Saanichton, BC V8M 2A3                                 B
Waterose Environmental Services    22-1976 Glenidle, Sooke, BC V0S 1N0                                             A
Western Ecological Services Ltd.   3690 Doncaster, Victoria, BC V8P 3W6                                            A
Western Subsea Technology Ltd.     Pacific Marine Technology Centre, #1 - 203 Harbour Road, Victoria, BC V9A 3S2
Westland Resource Group            1863 Oak Bay, Victoria, BC V8X 1P9                                              B
XDM Geological Consultants Inc.    1678 Hillview, Victoria, BC V8N 2N5                                             A
URL                                         e-mail                         Phone            Fax              Contact           (250) 472-2254   (250) 472-9475   Bob Wilson
                                               (250) 478-9918   (250) 478-9918   Craig Barlow                      (250) 383-4535   (250) 383-0103   Brian Emmett
                                                (250) 656-0177   (250) 656-2162   David Fissel, Chris Elmer                          (250) 656-7966   (250) 656-4789   Nick Poushinsky
                                                  (250) 656-8981   (250) 655-4697   Dr. Kristiina Ovaska, Lennart Sopuck, Christian Engelstoft                            (250) 721-6236   (250) 721-7217   Fred Herfst                       (250) 655-1944   (250) 655-7131   Douglas McHarg               (250) 472-1699   (250) 472-1698   Mr. Christian Stewart
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