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					      Consigned by and Raised at HANOVER SHOE FARMS, INC., Hanover, PA
HIP NO. 153               PAM HANOVER (PA)                       Fairgrounds Stable 1
                                                               Stable 2, Row N, Stall 7
                                  Brown Filly. Foaled April 26, 2006. Tattoo No. 3D8474.
                                                   No Nukes ................................... { Gidget Lobell
                                                                                                  Oil Burner

      {      WESTERN HANOVER p,3,1:50.4 ....

             PRECIOUS DAY p,3,1:58.4h ............
                                                   Wendymae Hanover ................. { Albatross

                                                                                                  Wendy Sue
                                                   Precious Bunny ........................ { Hanover
                                                                                                  Cam Fella
                                                   Nuclear Reaction ...................... { Bunny's Wish
                                                                                                  No Nukes
                                                                                                  Cloudy Day p,2,1:58.4h
             From Three Foals, Dam of -            Dam of -
             (c) Payday Hanover p,4,1:57.4f        (f) French Ballet p,3,1:53.3f                  Dam of -
             (c) Forever Young p,3,2:00f           (c) JK War Zone p,3,1:58.1h                    (c) Cloudburst Hanover p,1:51
                                                                                                  (c) Cardsharp H'ver p,3,1:51.4
        First WESTERN HANOVER                    1 in 1:54f, 5 in 1:59           4 in 1:54, 11 in 1:59
        1 in 1:58f                               1 $250,000 Winner               4 $125,000 Winners
        2 in 2:00f                               2 Stakes Winners                5 Stakes Winners
  1st Dam
PRECIOUS DAY p,3,1:58.4h by PRECIOUS BUNNY. Winner of 4 races and $59,380 at 3 and 4. At 3, winner of NYSS
    at Yonkers; second in NYSS at Monticello; third in NYSS; timed in 1:56.3h. From 3 foals, dam of 2 winners -
  PAYDAY HANOVER p,3,1:58.2f; 4,1:57.4f (h, Western Ideal). Winner of 3 races and $19,953 at 3 and 4. At 2, timed
    in 2:00. At 3, timed in 1:53.4 (finishing second).
  FOREVER YOUNG p,3,2:00f (g, Life Sign). Winner of 1 race and $5,857. At 3, timed in 1:58.3f.
  Prada Hanover (f, The Panderosa). Now 2.
  2nd Dam
NUCLEAR REACTION by NO NUKES. From 5 foals, dam of 5 winners (1 in 1:54f, 5 in 1:59) -
  FRENCH BALLET p,2,1:57.2f; 3,1:53.3f–1:55h (m, Falcon Seelster). Winner of 28 races and $262,675. At 2, winner
    2 of 3 starts. At 3, 31-14-6-3; earnings of $191,645; winner of elim. and final of Rose Red S., final of Hopewell
    Series, 2 legs of Miss Easy Series, Miss Motown S., 2 Preferreds and 2 Opens; second in final of Miss Easy Series,
    2 legs of Hopewell Series, etc.; third in heat of Jugette, Scarlett O'Hara S. elim., etc. At 4, winner 8 Opens. Dam
    of FAILSAFE HALL p,2,Q1:58.3; 3,1:51.4, FONDA FUN p,3,1:54.1 and PRINCESS BALLET p,3,1:58.2f.
  PRECIOUS DAY p,3,1:58.4h (m, Precious Bunny). As above.
  JK WAR ZONE p,3,1:58.1h (g, Precious Bunny). Winner of 3 races and $14,396. At 3, timed in 1:57.
  CRAZY REACTION p,2,1:58.3 (m, Forrest Skipper). Winner of 4 races and $13,078. At 2, 6-4-1-0; timed in 1:56.4.
    Dam of the Stakes Winner CRAZY ART p,2,1:56; 3,1:52.1 ($139,961) and TAVERN REACTION p,2,1:59.1h.
  JK ARTILLERY p,3,1:58.3 (g, Artsplace). Winner of 2 races and $11,867. At 2, timed in 1:57.4. At 3, timed in 1:56.
  3rd Dam
CLOUDY DAY p,2,1:58.4h by STORM DAMAGE. Winner of 6 races and $62,161 at 2 and 3. At 2, winner of 2 NYSS;
    second in 2 NYSS. From 15 foals, dam of 11 winners (2 in 1:52, 4 in 1:54, 7 in 1:56, 11 in 1:59) -
  CLOVER HANOVER p,2,1:52.2–1:56.1f; 3,1:52.3 (m, No Nukes). Winner of 11 races and $615,794 at 2 and 3. At
    2, winner of 9 of 12 starts; earnings of $568,994; voted 2yo Pacing Filly of the Year; winner Sweetheart Pace,
    International Stallion S., NJSS final, Countess Adios S., Champlain S., Debutante S., Breeders' Crown elim. and
    2 NJSS; second in Sweetheart Pace elim. At 3, winner of 2 NJSS; third in Breeders’ Filly S. elim.; timed in 1:51.4.
    Her first 2 foals are CORIANDER HANOVER p,2,1:55.2 and SPRIGGLETTS p,3,1:57f.
  CLOUDBURST HANOVER p,2,1:54.2f; 3,1:53–1:53.4h; 1:51 (h, Precious Bunny). Winner of 30 races and $549,543.
    At 2, winner Goshen Cup, Arden Downs S. and Sheppard Memorial elim.; second in Metro S. consolation; third in
    $108,150 Nassagaweya S., Bluegrass S. and Breeders' Crown elimination; timed in 1:52.4. At 3, winner of 7 of 14
    starts, incl. 5 NYSS and an Invitational; second in 3 NYSS. At 4, timed in 1:51.4. At 8, winner of 2 Preferreds.
  CLOCKWORK HANOVER p,2,1:57.4; 4,1:56; 1:53.3 (g, Big Towner). Winner of 25 races and $151,377. At 8, winner
    leg and final of Northfield Series; third in leg of Northfield Series.
  COYOTE HANOVER p,2,1:55.4h; 3,1:55.1h; 1:54.3f (g, Western Hanover). Winner of 27 races and $149,940. At
    2, winner Ohio Standardbred S. and 2 legs Scioto Series; timed in 1:54.4f. At 4, second in Mr. Vancouver elim.
  MICHAEL SCOTT p,2,2:02.4h; 3,1:57.4h; 4,1:57.3f; 1:55.4h (g, Precious Bunny). Winner 11 races and $61,801. At
    2, fourth in 2 NYSS; timed in 1:57.2f. At 3, winner of NYB-LC at Yonkers; fourth in 3 NYSS; timed in 1:53.3.
  CLEAR SKY HANOVER p,3,1:55.4f (g, No Nukes). Winner of 6 races and $57,409. At 2, timed in 1:57.4.
  CARDSHARP HANOVER p,2,1:56.3; 3,1:51.4 (h, Cam's Card Shark). Winner of 3 races and $39,864.
  OVER THE CLOUDS p,2,2:00.4f; 3,1:59f (m, Big Towner). Winner of 3 races and $21,530 at 2 and 3. Dam of ALL
    OVER THE PLACE p,2,1:55; 3,1:50.1f; 4,1:49.3 ($573,529), TALENTED SAKRA p,3,1:52.1; 4,1:52 ($101,260),
    SAKRA RAINBOW p,2,Q2:05.2h; 3,1:58.2; 1:57.3f ($90,211), HEAVENS ESCAPE p,3,1:55f ($101,187),
    WEATHERS WET p,2,1:58.4f; 3,1:58.2h; 4,1:55.1f; 1:54.4f, CLOUDING OVER p,2,1:58.3h; 3,1:57f, etc.
  MB OCTOGONE p,2,1:57.3 (h, Jenna's Beach Boy). Winner of 1 race and $13,540 at 2 and 3. At 2, second in
    Quebec Merite S.; third in Quebec Distinction S.
  ZACHARYSPRIMADONNA p,2,1:58.4f (m, Western Ideal). Winner of 4 races and $12,366 at 2.
  BIG HEARTED p,2,1:58.2f (h, Big Towner).
  Nanuet's Z Tam (c, Astreos). Now 2.
Then To: Cloud Time p,3,2:01.3h by Albatross–Scoot Time p,3,2:01.3 by Good Time.
                                                          STAKES ENGAGEMENTS
Delvin Miller Adios      Breeders Crown      James Dancer Memorial     Historic Series          Landmark                Penna. Sires (Pari-Mutuel)
Arden Downs              Cane Pace           Flamboro Downs Breeders   Hoosier Stake            Little Brown Jug        Penna. Sires (Fair)
Bloomsburg Fair          Champlain Filly     Freehold                  Horseman No. 100         Messenger               Review
Bluegrass Series         Cleveland Classic   Max Hempt Memorial        International Stallion   Northlands Filly Pace   Reynolds Memorial
Art Rooney Pace   Simcoe Filly   John Simpson   Standardbred   Tattersalls Pace   Tompkins-Geers

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