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					                                         Benjamin A. Jekel

                                                                         3433 SE Belmont AVE Apt#3
                                                                                  Portland, OR 97214
                                                                                      (360) 485-3877
 Objective:      Video editing, stop-animation, storyboarding, or model building production position
                 in the Portland area.
 Summary:              Media internships with Theater Company & Fine Art Studio
                       Evergreen State College graduate with BA in Media Arts
                       Proficient with Final Cut Pro, stop-animation, and model building
                       Familiar with Photoshop, SoundTrack Pro, Digital Performer, and Flash Media
                       Professional-level bronze sculptor (lost wax method)

Education:     Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts, June 2008
               Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington

               Courses included:
                  Independent Documentary Film and Video
                  Experimental Non-Fiction Film and Video
                  Independent Media Design and Production
                  Experimental Animation Techniques
                  Greco-Roman & Modern Political Theory

Experience:    Documentary Intern for Intimate Apparel production, Feb-May 2008
               Harlequin Theater Company, Olympia, Washington

                       Used advanced editing skills to produce professional quality documentary
                       Constructed a video documentary including cost analysis, estimate of production
                        budget, and storyboard design
                       Collaborated and advised in production meetings with Intimate Apparel producer
                        and director to implement necessary changes for production

               Commercial Production, May 2007 to August 2007
               Olympia Film Society, Olympia, Washington
                  Produced three minute commercial for The Olympia Film Festival from concept
                    to fruition
                  Engineered original soundscape consistent with the genre of the horror film-
                    based festival
                  Compiled all video/audio footage and integrated into digital clips
                  Used modified Rotoscoping technique with stop animation to create a harrowing
                    and sinister atmosphere

               Documentary Production Intern, May 2007
               Ross Matteson Studios, Olympia, Washington
                   Gracefully integrated shots of migrating birds, poetic verse, and interviews
                     with professional bronze sculptor and wildlife conservationist Ross Matteson
                   Worked with local bluegrass musician, Kendal Winter, to create original
 Activities:         soundtrack for documentary

                        Professional-Level Bronze Sculptor, Emphasis in Realism
                        Avid Cyclist, Hiker, Kayaker, 12k Marathon Runner

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