Captain Robbie Bishops Killer Is Sentenced To Life In Prison by csgirla


									Captain Robbie Bishop’s Killer Is Sentenced To Life In Prison
By Rachel Webb

Cop killer Jeffrey McGee avoided the death penalty when he pleaded guilty to the 1999
murder of Villa Rica police Captain Robbie Bishop.

On January 31st, 2001, McGee was sentenced to life without parole. Bishop was killed
during a routine traffic stop on interstate 20 in Carroll County, where he was found lying
dead by his patrol car. Bishop had been shot in the head.

According to the plea agreement entered in a Carroll County courtroom, McGee’s
conviction and sentence cannot be appealed.

“It was the best possible solution to this case,” said district attorney Peter Skandalakis,
“the plea agreement leaves nothing to chance.”

Family and friends Of Capt. Bishop were disappointed McGee was able to enter a plea
agreement to avoid the death penalty.

A family impact statement was read in the courtroom by Captain Bishop’s brother-in-
law, Eddie Lawrence. Lawrence said on behalf of his sister Lisa, “even in prison Jeffrey
McGee has been awarded a luxury that my husband no longer has and that’s his life.”

Close friend Justin Webb agrees, “Today justice was not fully served. Though I am happy
at least Jeffrey McGee will spend the remainder of his days in prison, I feel like Captain
Robby Bishop never got to have his day in court. The promise was that they would
prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law and we did not see that today. There
will be no closure until justice prevails and Jeffrey McGee takes his last breath.”

Published in The National Criminal Enforcement Association
Newsletter / August 2001

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