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									                      AYLESBURY GRAMMAR SCHOOL

                              NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER
This month‟s Newsletter is a bumper edition that can still only offer a sample of what has been going on at
AGS. The last two weeks before half term were especially busy with fixtures, an International Food Fair and a
number of school trips to a range of local and international destinations. I hope you will enjoy reading about
some of these in the pages that follow. I would especially like to thank the staff who organised and led these
visits, giving up a great deal of their time to provide the students with wonderful opportunities.

The last week before half term saw the school rocked by the music of Queen in the spectacular
performances of „We Will Rock You‟. Everyone who saw the show was impressed by the quality of the
students‟ performances. Whether they were lead or supporting roles, in the band, in the dance groups or
backstage the students from AGS and AHS gave us a very memorable week. Well done to all of them and to
all the staff, especially Mr Warner, who gave so much time and expertise in the production of this show.

This week is national Anti-Bullying Week and we will be taking this opportunity to remind students about our
Anti-Bullying Code and that we take all forms of bullying very seriously. We will be especially focussing on e-
safety and cyber-bullying which, I am sure you are aware, has become a growing problem nationally and
globally. Please take time to read the insert regarding cyber-bullying and the opportunity to reinforce the
message. Thank you.
                                                                                       SR Lehec, Headmaster

                                 „SCHOOLS WILL ROCK YOU!‟

On the evenings of 20th – 23rd October 2009 the AGS School Hall rocked to the music of Queen as students
from Aylesbury Grammar and High Schools performed the hit West End musical „We Will Rock You!‟ to great

The cast of more than 70 performers and musicians proved to be extremely talented and hard working;
managing to learn and execute 15 complex dance routines; learn 20 songs and dozens of lines, all of which
was achieved in just less than 10 weeks of intensive rehearsal. The main cast which included Tim Smith
(Galileo), Haden Spence (Khashoggi), Arthur Hughes (Pop) and Seb Calloway (Brit) from AGS, all
commanded the stage impressively, leading to a deserved standing ovation on Friday night.

The success of the show, however, was not just down to the talent on stage but also a credit to the huge
commitment of a dedicated back stage team consisting of nearly 40 students. In the space of 10 hours of
hard work on the Saturday before the show 8 pupils helped me and a consultant from Henley Theatre
Services to rig an advanced sound and light system from scratch. Special mention needs to go to these
students who helped set up and dismantle all the equipment, meaning they had 14 consecutive days in
school – Tom Gillespy (Lighting Designer), Fraser Philp (Sound Design), Mark Baruch (Company Manager)
and Ollie Clark-Derby (Assistant Stage Manager).

School productions provide unique educational opportunities and allow students of varying interests and
talents to work closely together to achieve a common goal – everyone involved agreed that working on the
production was a highly memorable and rewarding experience. Already new opportunities are emerging as a
result of this camaraderie, including the 6th Formers involved in the technical aspects of the show setting up
and running, under my guidance, a technical drama club that will teach the next generation how to manage
the next production. For those who saw the show you will also be pleased to learn that Arthur Hughes (Pop)
has been offered an audition at a leading drama school.

These events are only made possible by the guidance, hard work and generosity of time given by members
of staff. An enormous thank you goes out to Mr Nathan our musical director, co-directors Miss Treherne and
Mrs Isherwood, costume supervisor Mrs Louden and technical support from Mr Stevens.
Thanks to all 960 of you that made up the appreciative audience over the four nights and apologies to those
we had to turn away. Until the next production…
                                                                    Mr R J Warner, Producer and Director
                                     REMEMBRANCE AT AGS
On Wednesday 11th November we held our annual Service of Remembrance. We are honoured each year
to welcome Eric Miller and Jim Banville (Old Aylesburians), to our Middle School assembly. Mr Banville lays
the wreath by the school War Memorial and Mr Miller talks about varied war experiences. In addition to
other readings and trumpet solos of „The Last Post‟ and „Reveille‟, this year we heard the winning entries of
the Year 9 First World War historical poems competition. Miss Pollard received over 40 entries for this
event and was hugely impressed by the sensitivity and knowledge demonstrated by the students. The four
shortlisted poems were by Ben Turner (Ph9), Jack Dobson (H9), Josh Hoft (R9) and Dominic Mears (Pa9).
The two winning poems are below. Thank you to all students who took part and to Miss Pollard for
organising the competition.

                                               Trench attacks

                              Shaken from rest, ears numbed, faces etched.
           Trudging through thick mud, whilst the gas shells thumped into the dust behind them.
             The smoke faded into the trenches. The artillery forced Brits left, right and centre,
                           rumbling and bumping the private into shell shock.
                 Machine guns ripping across the skyline cutting down the infantry attack.

                               Listening to the muffled out voices of the men.
                                Crouching in the barrack lit up with candles.
                    The stinking rats, scampering around being kicked by the soldiers.
              The incredible discomfort of the damp, smelly mud and puddles lining the floor.
            The men staring in disbelief at the bloody wounds and mangled bodies being carried

               As they advance crawling in vain towards the wire avoiding machine gun fire.
                  The men of the Great War cried, praying for the safety of their families.
                       Writing letters, diaries and poems to one day …..reach reality.
              As we nowadays sometimes forget about the powerful moments of which these
                                                 veterans faced.
                 Try to remember the immense bravery of these people who fought for us.

                                               Jack Dobson Ha9

               Ode to World War One

              Twelve at night, deathly still,                In the trench I wasn‟t frightened,
            Flares went up on distant hills,                A sense of dread slowly tightened,
          We waited a minute then came hell,                 Round the corner, clap clap clap,
          As over the top there came a shell.                      Realisation, it‟s a trap.

            We ran so fast not to prevail,                 Back down the trench, back over the top,
             Shrapnel fell like devils hail,                Utter exhaustion, but cannot stop,
          Five of my men lay on the ground,                     Into our trench, landed, thud,
            But I was panting like a hound.                  Never so happy to see the mud.

             As my grief began to stop,                          After that I was so frightened,
            We had to go over the top,                        It felt like I had been unlightened,
            The pain I felt I had to stifle,                      For all the glory of the war,
            As I stood up to load my rifle.                    I just could not forget the gore.

         We dropped into their listening post,               And now I‟m in my later years,
             I was being hit the most,                           I remember early fears,
            But to be honest I didn‟t care,                They said to me “for country, for King”,
          I had to give the Huns a scare.                   They never told me it was obscene.

                                                                                              Ben Turner Ph9
On the 21st October 2009, 40 Year 10 Geographers set out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the
volcanoes of Italy, namely Vesuvius, Solfatara, Stromboli and Etna. During our flight to Napoli we had
glimpses of the Alps and Vesuvius, and that evening we enjoyed Neapolitan Margherita pizzas and gelati in
the shadow of Vesuvius.
The first day we had an early start. We started the journey up Vesuvius, however we had low cloud cover
so you could not see the summit. After a stop at the old observatory of Vesuvius to look at historical
eruptions, we proceeded up the volcano. Initially we could see very little, however, after a talk about
evacuation procedures if Vesuvius erupts, the cloud cover lifted and we had a stunning (if brief) view of the
bay of Napoli and inside the crater itself. We then experienced the spectacular ruins and the complexity of
the street plan of Pompeii during a torrential downpour.
The following day we travelled to Solfatara, and saw several fumaroles, mud pots and the odd sulphur spa.
Mr Corby also showed us that the ground underneath us was just clay, to try and scare us. This did not
work, although him throwing a large rock in the air to show us the vibrations when hitting the ground did
raise a few eyebrows. We then moved onto the Flavio amphitheatre, a theatre specialising in animal fights
rather than gladiators. Several mock naval battles were also fought there. After a short visit, we moved on
to explore Pozzuoli and Napoli, seeing things such as a temple which was below the sea level 50 years
ago. Since then slow earthquakes have shifted the land level up, which none of our collected minds could
guess happened, despite the offer of a free ice cream paid for by Mr Corby. We returned to the hostel, then
caught an extremely nauseous overnight ferry to Sicily. Many students did not handle the trip well at all, and
the inevitable happened! Although an Italian general strike on the same day had been called, the ferry did
leave and all was well.
The following day we arrived at Stromboli, only to be met by more strong winds and rain. We spent the rest
of the morning at our hotel and visiting the fascinating Volcanology centre. After lunch we started up the
long road that led to the volcano. Despite more low cloud cover, our efforts were rewarded when we saw
several eruptions and even some lava going down the „Scara del fuoco‟. On the way down all of us on the
trip worked well as a team, as a conveyor-belt of boys showed all the hazardous points which were
disguised in the darkness, and were only lit up by torches.
The next day we traveled to Sicily by hydrofoil – unfortunately some of us had still not found our sealegs!
On arrival we rested, dined, and then were rewarded with an opportunity to visit a fair, with go-karts and
bumper cars and a whole host of other things. Go-karting was the main event, and finally the teachers had
opportunities to show off their skills. Bending the rules did creep in several times, much to the student‟s
We woke up for the penultimate day, ready to scale Etna by coach, cable car and by minibus. When
arriving at the top, we were thrust out into the cold and windy environment that is the summit. Students
wearing shorts were forced to change quickly as there was snow on the ground. We were shown several
recent craters, and at one point dug into the ground to be met by warm, even hot rocks. After our descent
down, we visited an idyllic town by the name of Taormina, and saw a Greco-Roman theatre, which was
once used for Gladiatorial conquests. That night we caught the overnight train from Messina to Rome.
In Rome, we did not get to see the Vatican City due to the long queues but we visited the Pantheon after
looking at the Trevi Fountains, and eventually entered the biggest ice cream shop imaginable and were
treated to a triple-flavour ice cream by Mr Corby. The trip was a huge success, due to Mr Corby‟s
enthusiasm and organisation. Extra special thanks should go to him, and the three other teachers
accompanying him - Mr Castles, Mr Gibbs and Mr Holmes, who I hope enjoyed the trip as much as I did.
                                                                                      David Griffiths, Year 10

On Monday 12th October a group of AS Geography students departed for the Peak District in order to
complete personal investigative fieldwork. The first day was spent studying the characteristics of the rivers
Grinds Brook and Golden Clough near Edale. Completing the river analysis was vital to answer the
upcoming examinations in January where the students are to be assessed on their evaluative skills. The
next day, the group travelled to Sheffield where they made detailed environmental quality surveys. A
transect through the city was completed whilst on board a tram, followed by a tour of the city centre
redevelopment projects. Thank you to Mrs Jiggins for leading this valuable trip.
                                                                                       Richard Horton, Pa12
                            YEAR 9 TRIP TO SALOU/BARCELONA
On Thursday 22nd October, 37 Year 9 students and 4 AGS teachers arrived at Turnfurlong on a cold and dark
morning at 6 o‟clock – destination Salou and Barcelona, via Stansted airport.
On arrival we had a bit of a surprise. While Aylesbury was enjoying its own Indian summer, there were
monsoon like rains in Barcelona. After an hours coach ride, arrival and unpacking at our hotel, „La Playa
Margarita‟, we toured the local town and purchased colourful sombreros and many other overpriced typically
Hispanic products. The next day we visited the magnificent Nou Camp Stadium home of Barcelona FC, and
then went ice skating. Many of us were terrified of falling at first, holding onto the railings and each other, but
at the end of the session everybody was having a good time. By midday it was very hot and we set out for La
Sagrada Familia. The cathedral is uncompleted and is one of the many architectural masterpieces of
Barcelona‟s very own Gaudi. Lunch was spent at Park Güell, also designed by Gaudi which holds many
mosaic and rock sculptures. It also had beautiful views of the city and sea as it was up in the hills. We also
got to see the Barcelona Olympic stadium, venue for the 1992 Olympics - now a monster truck arena!
Day three was spent in the hustle and bustle of „Las Ramblas‟ the most famous street in Barcelona. The
street was lined with designer stores (we only window shopped) and restaurants. We also admired three
colourful apartment blocks that were designed by Gaudi. After a Spanish lunch, we were given free time to go
around Las Ramblas and enjoyed watching the talented street artists and scanning the shops.
The next day we visited the theme park Barcelona is famous for: Port Aventura. After a day of extreme rides,
my favourite of which was called Dragon Khan, we went back to the hotel for dinner, packing and a quiz.
I would like to thank Miss Garrad, Mr O‟Driscoll, Miss Beales and Miss Treherne for organising the trip. I
thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Barcelona and if given the chance would love to go again.
                                                                                                 Aiman Jamal, R9

                          ENJOYING LEARNING GERMAN AT AGS
On 22nd October Year 13 Germanists from AGS and AHS clocked out early and set off in a council minibus
for Stansted Airport; final destination: Berlin. The previous week‟s inspiring lecture (see next page) on the
GDR meant that when we finally arrived at our awesome youth hostel (featuring five stories of rooms and its
own bar) we were eager for the next day and the opportunity to visit the locations of some of the momentous
historical events we‟d studied.
The next day we rose early and after a quick breakfast set out for the Checkpoint Charlie Museum which,
located in an old house on what was the very border between East and West Berlin, is dedicated to the
history of the Berlin Wall and the efforts of East Berliners to escape the totalitarian state. Some of the escape
attempts were truly remarkable including hot-air balloon flights, impersonating an amplifier and zip-wiring off
the top of the Stasi headquarters to freedom.
After lunch and the chance to see some of the impressive new things that the Berliners had done with what
was wasteland in the heart of their city just over a decade ago, we jumped on the U-bahn to the Reichstag.
The inside of the Reichstag was amazing; in contrast to the closed doors of Westminster, visitors may visit
almost all parts of the building including the iconic glass dome on the roof and the debating chambers
themselves. There is a lot of glass and modern architecture used, apparently, to convey the transparency of
Germany‟s democracy.
The next day saw the promised Bike Tour and many of the “manly” AGS sixth-formers were reduced to girly
screams at the prospect of riding a bicycle without the training wheels normally enforced by their parents
back home. As we cycled through the city we got a chance to see just how multifarious and varied Berlin is;
in no other city in the world would you have historic and touching monuments interspersed with blocks of
fake, fabulous, paper print-out buildings. We finished the tour at the newly built memorial to the victims of the
Holocaust in the middle of Berlin which I found to be both touching and engaging, as you walked deep into
the maze of towering concrete columns.
Our visit was rounded off by a colourful evening amongst the vibrant night-life scene of East Berlin. In short, it
was an amazing and eventful trip. I can honestly recommend a visit to Berlin to anyone, regardless of
whether or not you are a student of German. Thank you to Mrs Brooker for giving us this opportunity.
                                                                                             Ben Dickinson, Pa13
On 20th October we were extremely fortunate to be given a talk by Frank Engelmann, lecturer in German at
Royal Holloway London University. He grew up in Dresden, under the East German regime and was 11 years
old when the Berlin Wall came down.
Students from Windsor Boys‟ School, Aylesbury High School and our own History Department also attended
the event along with our Sixth Form German students. He provided a truly memorable talk in perfect English
on the history of the Cold War, and the events leading up to the „Fall of the Wall‟. The events he described
were themselves momentous, but he delivered the talk in such an amusing and interesting way, interspersed
with fascinating details from his own life, that both students of German and History were riveted, not to
mention the staff.
Frank has kindly agreed to attend another Languages College event in December where he will speak to our
students and we all look forward to seeing him again.
                                                                         Mrs J Brooker, Head of German

                                 U16 RUGBY TOUR TO PRAGUE
At 3.00 am on Sunday 25th October the U16 Rugby Team, led by Mr Jackson, set off on Tour to Prague.
We arrived in Prague and checked into our luxury resort, which had every facility available to us (Swimming
Pool, Football, Hockey, American Football and, obviously, Rugby pitches). The boys enjoyed a game of
football to stretch their tired legs and explored the surroundings, and then settled down to a FIFA tournament.

Monday 26th Game One vs Petrovice U17/U18
The day started with a light training session followed by our traditional lunch of Chicken in sauce with rice or
pasta, a Czech delicacy which was served to us for 5 days in a row……yummy!!!
We travelled to Petrovice just outside Prague to face the biggest U16 side I have ever seen, to then find out it
was their U17/U18 team. The AGS team played outstandingly, showing that skill wins games, not brawn.
Special mention goes to Seb Moore, Alex Cornish, Will Simmonds, Jake Buckland, Alex Walker and the two
bash brothers Ed Dean and Jack Maciver, who all had an excellent game. The final score was 41 – 0; a great
start to the Tour.

Tuesday 27th – Excursion day
All boys were showing signs of fatigue from the hard game the previous day, but were all looking forward to a
day of culture. We first visited Slavia Prague FC and then we headed to Prague on the tram, all dressed in
red hoodies – much to the interest of the locals! We visited, amongst other things, the great Astronomical
Clock and the impressive castle.

Wednesday 28th Game Two vs Sparta U16 (maybe!!!)
After seeing the team we were about to face, a team that resembled the Spartans army from the film 300, we
knew this was going to be a harder battle (once again they weren‟t an U16 side as previously informed). The
starting line up was completely different to the first game but the boys played incredibly well. Special mention
to Scott Garfitt, Henry Barrow, Dan Hamilton, Sam O‟Neill, Will Stone and Ben Kidner, all players showed
their positive intentions and desire to win. At half time the score was 12 – 7 in AGS favour. In the second half
I felt it was time to unleash the impressive subs bench. Jake Buckland came on for 3 minutes and scored 9
points before retiring injured! Final score 36 – 7………Fantastic result

Thursday 29th Final Day Go Karting
Sadly our final game was cancelled, but I had arranged for the students to go Go Karting as a treat. The track
was tough and the driving was very dodgy, especially when I crashed quite badly! Ed Dean demonstrated
Lewis Hamilton style skills and became the fastest man on the track that day. Unfortunately Alex Walker was
awarded with the slowest driver of the day award!

A fantastic tour that demonstrated that this team is definitely one to look out for in the future.
Thank you to Mr Pearson for accompanying an excellent tour.
                                                                                                     Mr P J Jackson
                        SIXTH FORM PROSPECTUS FOR YEAR 11
Your son has recently received a copy of our Sixth Form Prospectus. (A copy of the Sixth Form Prospectus
is also available on our school website: www.ags.bucks.sch.uk – please click on Sixth Form Admissions).

I am sure you are currently giving some thought, with your son, to the courses that will be open to him next
year. In December we will be asking him to make his provisional choices for his AS level course – the
deadline for first tranche options including his Complementary Study, will be 11th December 2009.

Experience tells us that the great majority of students are aiming to stay on in the Sixth Form here.
However, there are some who are considering alternatives. The school will provide guidance, through the
Careers Connexions Service, about alternative options.

The Prospectus aims to set out as much information as possible about the AS level and A level courses
available and to give an outline of each course. It also talks about life in general in our Sixth Form.

On Thursday 26th November we will be holding a Parents‟ Information Evening specifically to cover Sixth
Form entry and the questions you may be asking about the choices facing your son at the end of this year.

During February 2010 Mrs. Kennedy, Senior Deputy Head in charge of Options will interview each student to
discuss their AS level choices in the light of staff comments and predictions. It will be possible to discuss
changes to subjects at this point, but it is likely that there will be little room for manoeuvre and choice of
subjects is likely to be restricted. On 29th March your son will receive a letter confirming his choice of options
for A level study.

On Monday 21st June, we will expect all Year 11 students in school at 12 noon so that they can hand in their
textbooks and also attend a short talk in the Lecture Theatre. This talk is compulsory for students wishing to
return to our Sixth Form.

Senior staff at school will be available for two days before the start of the Autumn Term and on GSCE results
day to discuss any problems with AS level choices in the light of GCSE results. We stress that changes to
options may not be possible at this point.

Finally, each year we welcome into our Sixth Form a number of students from other schools and from
surrounding areas and we are pleased to offer this opportunity to students who are capable of following our
courses. If you know of other students who are considering such a move, then please let them know that we
will be happy to talk to them. Our Open Evening for external applications will be held on Tuesday 19th

                             YEAR 11 INFORMATION EVENING
                         REVISION, THE SIXTH FORM AND BEYOND!
We would like to invite you and your son to our Year 11 Information Evening in the Lecture Theatre on
Thursday 26th November at 7.00 p.m. During the evening you will hear important information about
Revision, Mock Examinations, the Sixth Form, A level options and University requirements. We very much
hope you will be able to attend with your son. This evening is not for students who may wish to join AGS
from other schools.
Please complete the attached reply slip and return to the School Office by Monday 23rd November, indicating
whether you will be able to attend.
                                         UPCOMING EVENTS
      CHRISTMAS LUNCH                                          CHRISTMAS CONCERT
We will be offering a Christmas Lunch          We would like to invite you to this year's Christmas Concerts
this year on Wednesday 16th                    which will be held in the AGS school hall on Thursday 3rd
December. The menu will be as follows:         December and Friday 4th December at 7.00p.m.
            Main Course                        In the past, our Christmas concerts have been oversubscribed
  Roast Turkey/Nut Roast (vegetarian           and so we have again decided to extend what has been just a
               option)                         single evening to two concerts on successive evenings.
           Roast Potatoes                      Obviously you will want to choose the evening of your
             Stuffing Ball                     preference and the programme for each evening is given below.
        Sausage & Bacon Roll
  Brussel Sprouts and Sliced Carrots           Tickets for both evenings are priced at £6.00 for adults and
                Gravy                          £4.00 for students. If you would like tickets for either concert
                                               please complete the attached reply slip and return it to the
               Dessert                         Finance Office. Cheques should be made payable to Aylesbury
   Christmas Pudding with Custard or           Grammar School and should include your son‟s name, tutor
        Mince Tart with Custard                group and „Christmas Concert‟ on the back. Tickets are issued
                                               on a first come, first served basis. Health and safety regulations
The cost of the lunch will be £3.50 which      limit the number of tickets that we can sell so it will be important
   includes a cracker. If you would like a     for your reply slip to be returned as soon as possible. Please be
ticket please complete the attached reply      advised that once all the tickets are gone, all the tickets really
slip indicating menu choice and ask your       are gone!
son to take it to the Finance Office or the
    Dining Hall by Friday 4th December,        Groups that will be performing on Thursday 3rd December:
 together with your remittance. Cheques        Brass Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Junior Funktion Band, Guitar
  should be made payable to Aylesbury          Ensemble, Clarinet Ensemble, Junior Jazz Band.
     Grammar School and should have
     your son‟s name, tutor group and          Groups that will be performing on Friday 4th December:
       „Christmas Lunch‟ on the back.          Orchestra, Beginner’s Band, Choral Society, Brass Ensemble,
  Tickets will then be issued on the day.      Camerata, Saxophone Ensemble, Barbershop, Jazz Band.

                                      FAMILY CAROL SERVICE
We would also like to invite you to this year's Carol Service, which will be held at St Mary's Church in the
centre of Aylesbury on the evening of Monday 14th December at 7.00 p.m. This is a splendid occasion in the
life of the school and we do hope that you will be able to join us. The Choral Society will be leading us in a
traditional style service of nine lessons and carols in this medieval setting. Tickets are free of charge and are
also available on the door. A collection will be taken at the end of the service, the proceeds of which will be
given to local charities.
Please complete the attached reply slip to indicate if you would like tickets as this gives us an idea of how
many to cater for. However you can always turn up on the evening as there is always plenty of space since
St. Mary‟s holds over 400 people!

                        MORE MUSICAL DATES FOR YOUR DIARY
         On Friday 5th February 2010 we will be holding our ever popular House Music Competition Evening.
          Due to public demand the competition itself will take place during the evening this year. This event is
          always a sell-out and tickets will be available after Christmas. You are strongly advised to keep the
          date free and respond quickly when tickets go on sale.

         On Thursday 25th March 2010 our Choral Society, our Orchestra and Camerata will be performing a
          concert of varied secular and sacred choral music in conjunction with our partner school, Aylesbury
          High School. This Choral and Orchestral Concert will take place at St. Mary‟s Church, Aylesbury,
          7.00 p.m. Tickets will be available after Christmas.

         Keep an eye open for when tickets become available for our ever popular Cabaret Night on
          Friday 30th April. Despite earlier plans – and some rumours – the Civic Centre will be remaining
          open until the summer of 2010 and this allows us to use the Civic Centre once again in April!
                                          EARLY WARNINGS
During October academic staff were asked to inform Tutors and Heads of Year of any students giving cause
for concern, either academically or pastorally. Over the past 2 weeks Tutors and Heads of Year have been
following up any concerns. If you or your son has not been informed of any concerns, then you can assume
that all is well. On Monday 14th December your son will bringing home an assessment sheet which will
summarise his effort and achievement this term.

           NEW WEBSITE                                            DATES FOR DIARIES
From 20th November 2009, the School will
                                                  16th November      Y13 A2 Physics Practicals
be launching it‟s new website. The website
                                                  17th November      5.00 pm Debating – Cheney School
address is the same
                                                  18th November      Y9 Maximising Potential course
                                                  19th November      Y9 Maximising Potential course
                                                                     Y12/13 French Secondary Outreach
                                                  20th November      Y12 Parkinsons Charity Day
 SCHOOL TRIPS AND EVENTS                                             Y7/8 Kids Literature Quiz
A reminder that when paying for any School                           Y13 A2 Physics Practicals
Trips or Events, could parents please             23rd November      Y10/12 Comp Science visit Wandsworth
ensure that the student‟s name, tutor group                          5.00 pm Y13 Consultation Evening
and the trip or event is clearly marked on        24th November      Y8 F1 in Schools
the reverse of the cheque or on the                                  3.30 – 4.00 pm Thrift Shop open
envelope if paying cash.                          25th November      Y10 Maths visit to AHS
                                                  26th November      Y10 (Gp2) visit to Imperial War Museum
                                                                     Y13 A2 Physics Practicals
                                                                     7.00 pm Year 11 Parents‟ Information
            THRIFT SHOP                                              Evening
The Thrift Shop will next be open at 3.30         27th November      Y7/8 Disco (AGS Hall)
p.m. in the storage area adjacent to the Hall     1st December       Y12/13 Chemistry visit to Royal Society
on Tuesday 24th November and Tuesday                                 Y11 French Mock Orals
15th December.                                    2nd December       Y9 Mock Philosophy of Religion exam
                                                  3rd December       Y12/13 Politics Conference
                                                                     Y8 Science Competition
   SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP                                               7.00 pm Christmas Concert
      OPENING HOURS                               4th December       Y13 A2 Physics Practicals
    Wednesday 12.00 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.                                 7.00 pm Christmas Concert
     Thursday 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m.               7th December       Y12/13 Biology visit to Natural History
                                                                     Y13 A2 Physics Practicals
                 DATES                                               Y10 Ancient History lecture
                                                  8th December       Y11 French Mock orals
 The Autumn Term finishes on Friday 18th          9th December       Y13 A2 Physics Practicals
                December.                                            5.00 pm Y12 Consultation Evening
 A reminder that the date of Merit Holiday        11th December      House Art
next term is Monday 4th January and school                           Y11/12 Visit to Cambridge Microsoft
   we re-open on Tuesday 5th January.

                                     AGS SPORTS HOLDALLS
AGS Sports Holdalls are now available to buy from EMPIRE for just £12 in a choice of five different colours.
These high quality, durable and waterproof bags are an excellent addition to the school kit, whether you play
for a school team or just in P.E. All bags come printed with the school logo and name. For more information
pick up an order form from the Finance Office or see one of our representatives during lunch. Visit
www.empire-ye.webs.com to see the colour charts and find out more about us – but be quick, the deadline for
orders is 30th November.
                                                           Daniel Painter, Managing Director, Young Enterprise
                                 YEAR 12 CONSULTATION EVENING

As you may be aware, we are holding a Year 12 Consultation Evening on Thursday 10th December
5.00 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.

At this meeting we will be operating an appointment system. Your son will receive an individual
appointments‟ form approximately 2 weeks before the consultation evening. It will be his
responsibility to book appointments for you with his subject teachers.

The appointments will be at 10 minute intervals and you will have a five minute appointment with each
teacher. You will, therefore, be able to see all your son‟s teachers during the course of the evening.
Your son should accompany you to the Consultation Evening. You will know that your son is
currently studying at least four subjects but that he may have more than one teacher in each subject.
In some subjects it is usual for parents to see only one teacher, in others you will be able to see more.
Your son will be told which teachers you can expect to see.

If there are issues which require longer, more detailed discussion, you will need to arrange a separate
appointment at a later date with the teacher(s) concerned.

Mr C. Forshaw, the Careers Consultant, will be present at the evening and will welcome any careers
queries. Mrs Julie Roper our Special Educational Needs Tutor would recommend that parents make
an appointment to see her if required.

When you arrive, we ask that parents sign against their son‟s name on the lists available in the
entrance Hall so that staff know which parents are present.

Please complete the attached reply slip and return it to the School Office by Friday 27th November.




To be returned to the School Office by Friday 27th November

Name of Pupil ……………………………………………………… Tutor Group ……………….

   I am/We are able to attend the Consultation Evening on Thursday 10th December

   I am/We are unable to attend the Consultation Evening on Thursday 10th December

Please delete as appropriate

Signed Parent /Guardian ………………………………………… Date …………………………


To be purchased from the School Finance Office

Son‟s name        ……………………………………………….                       Tutor Group   …………………..

I / We would like ……………. Adult tickets @ £6.00
        ……………. Concessions @ £4.00

for:     * Thursday 3rd December / * Friday 4th December

          * (Please delete as necessary)

          I enclose a cheque / cash for ……………………

Cheques should be made payable to Aylesbury Grammar School and have your son‟s name, Tutor
Group and „Christmas Concert‟ on the reverse.



To be returned to the School Office by Friday 27th November

Name of pupil ……………………………………………….. Tutor Group                            ……………

I / We would like to come to the Carol Service at St. Mary‟s Church on Monday 14th December.

I would like …………………. * tickets.

Signed …………………………………………………….. Parent / Guardian

       * Please insert number of tickets that you require


To be returned to the Finance Office or Dining Hall by Friday 4th December

Name of Pupil ……………………………………………………… Tutor Group ……………….

* Turkey / Vegetarian

* Christmas Pudding / Mince Tart

* Please delete as appropriate

I enclose a cheque / cash for ……………………

Cheques should be made payable to Aylesbury Grammar School and have your son‟s name, Tutor
Group and „Christmas Lunch‟ on the reverse.



Name of Pupil ……………………………………………………… Tutor Group ……………….

   I am/We are able to attend the Year 11 Information Evening on Thursday 26th November

   I am/We are unable to attend the Year 11 Information Evening on Thursday 26th November

Please delete as appropriate

Signed Parent /Guardian ………………………………………… Date …………………………
                                    YEAR 7 NEWS
As we move into a very busy part of the Academic year, please take note of the following
events and reminders for Year 7 boys at AGS.


The 2nd instalment of £100 for the Year 7 Residential trip next June is due by Friday 27th
November 2009 at the very latest please. Please send cheques to the Finance Office as
soon as possible with your son‟s name, tutor group and „Year 7 Residential‟ on the back of
the cheque. (The 3rd and final larger instalment will be due in March/April 2010).


Year 7 will be taking part in a Charity Dodgeball Tournament in the last week of term (14th -
18th December), raising money for the British Heart Foundation. The boys have organised
themselves into teams of six and have been challenged to raise at least £20 of sponsorship
each (£120 per team!) As part of the scheme, the school is allowed to keep 20% of the
money raised to spend on Year 7 activities/prizes throughout this year, so please encourage
friends and family to give generously and support two worthy causes!


And finally, the PTA at AHS are hosting a joint Year 7 Disco on Friday 11 th December, from
7pm – 10pm in the AHS Main Hall. Tickets will go on sale soon at AGS and are £3.50 each.
Although the High School are organising and hosting the event, members of staff from both
schools will be present on the evening to ensure everything goes smoothly and all the pupils
involved have a good time in the run up to the Christmas break!

Mr G Dallas, Head of Year 7
                       Aylesbury Grammar School PTA
                         November 2009 Newsletter
                An easy way to support the PTA at no cost to you! www.thegivingmachine.co.uk
Many of us shop online every week and with Christmas coming up many more will be ordering presents.
Could we please ask you to take five minutes of your time to register with The Giving Machine website and
you will be raising money for the school every time you do your weekly shop, buy all those presents for the
relatives or order your new sofa! It does not cost anything to join and the list of shops participating in this
scheme is enormous. Big name stores like Amazon, M&S, ELC, Comet, Tesco, Asda, Ebay, Next, John
Lewis, WHSmith, BHS and Boden contribute directly to the school a percentage of the amount you spend
online. Effortless and extremely profitable for Aylesbury Grammar!

Follow these simple steps to register:
     Go to the website www.thegivingmachine.co.uk
     Enter your details
     When it asks if you would like a beneficiary, click on Aylesbury Grammar School.
     You are now registered to use the site.
To shop:
     Every time you want to shop online, log onto www.thegivingmachine.co.uk
     Then simply choose the retailer that you want to shop with and we will earn commission from your shopping (at
       no added cost to you).
     Once you are on the retailer's website, you do not notice any difference to your shop and any discounts that would
       have been applied are applied in the normal way.
     You can keep track of how much you have raised individually on the www.thegivingmachine.co.uk website.

Go on, register today and start raising money for future developments at the school! Your
supermarket shop could be the next school minibus!

         Quiz and Curry Night                                                        500 Club
    Saturday 28th November 2009,                                    The AGS 500 Club is seeking new members.
                                                                   If you would like to support the PTA but cannot
               7.30pm                                              make the events or help on the committee, you
         Only 2 weeks to go!                                       may like to join the 500 Club instead. You could
                                                                      even win some money in one of the regular
                                                                     draws. Please use the attached form to join
Quiz Night is a fun evening for all ages. The quiz will be           today and start raising money for the school.
challenging enough for the serious enthusiast but is
really intended as an opportunity to meet up with other
AGS parents and boys. Organise yourselves into teams
of 8 or just turn up and join up with others on the night.                              Raffle
You can now book so send in the attached form ASAP
to ensure your place. There will be no tickets sold on            Raffle tickets will soon be sent out to
the door. Any queries, email Steve Fox: steve@family-
fox.co.uk There will be a cash bar and the famous PTA
                                                                  you. Please sell to friends and family
Catering Team will be serving curries - and all for only           to stand a chance of winning one of
£10/ head! Please note we do NOT send out tickets;
just ask for an email response to confirm your place.
                                                                              our cash prizes!
                        AGS Quiz and Curry Night
                       Saturday November 28th 2009
      School Dining Hall,19:30 to 22:30

      Ticket prices: £10 per adult, £5 per child (under 16 years)

      Curries (including vegetarian) included in the ticket price

      Bar selling beer, wine and soft drinks

      Quiz rounds to suit all ages including music, films and sport

      Come in a team of 8, or join with other people on the night

Please complete the form below and send with your payment to the School Finance Office.
Cheques to be made payable to ‘AGS PTA’.

We will not issue tickets for the event – once we receive your payment, your place is booked - if you
require confirmation, please include your email address on the form below.


                        AGS Quiz and Curry Night
                       Saturday November 28th 2009
Son‟s Name………………………….                     Tutor Group……………..

I enclose a payment of £………………(cheques made payable to „AGS PTA‟)

…………. People at £10 each            People at £5 each……………

Please include your email address if you would like email confirmation that your payment has been
received (sometimes „boy post‟ can be unreliable):

……………………………………………Telephone number: ……………………..

If you do not get a response please email Steve Fox at: steve@family-fox.co.uk
                                                  AGS 500 CLUB

                                    Don‟t bother with the National Lottery, join the AGS 500 club!
    In exchange for a membership fee of £10 per year you are entered into regular draws for the fabulous prizes above. There
    are currently up to 8 draws through the year, each giving a chance of winning.

                              So don’t delay – become a member today
    Please fill in the slip below and return it to Catherine Couzens, 500 Club Co-ordinator, c/o the School Office, with a cheque
    made payable to „AGS 500 Club‟, or complete the Standing Order form below. Payment by Standing Order eases
    administration and ensures that you never miss a draw.
    I would like to join the AGS 500 Club Name…………………………………………………………….Tel

    Student‟s Name………………………………………… Tutor Group…………………………
    I would like to buy …. Ticket(s) @ £10 each.
    I enclose either:
    □ Cheque for £……...made payable to AGS 500 Club
    □ Completed standing order form
                                                  STANDING ORDER FORM
    To The Manager:……………………                              Account Number_________________
    Bank Address:..……………………..                            Sort Code:_____ - _____ - ____
    .……………………………………….                                    Account Name:__________________
     ……………………………………….                                    Quoting Reference:_______________

    This instruction cancels any previous order
    Pay: Aylesbury Grammar school PTA 500 Club in favour of the beneficiary named above.
    By Credit to Account Number: 02309599 Sort Code: 51-70-15
    The Sum of: £…. (……… Pounds only) Annually Commencing now until further notice

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