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					  3Style Wrestling Club: Bringing You the Best
        Wrestling in the Central Region!

The 3Syle Wrestling Club is set to begin its spring, 2009 session on Tuesday,
March 24 at St. Christopher's at 6:30 PM. Practices will be every TUESDAY and
THURSDAY evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM at St. Chris. The staff will complete
OFFICIAL sign ups at that time. Be sure to have a USA Wrestling Card! You can
go to the USA Wrestling membership web site
( to get your USA Card. Cost will be $200 for
the entire spring session (that works out to about $10 per practice). Bring your
completed entry form, USA Wrestling card, and payment (checks made out to
3Style Wrestling) and workout gear to St. Chris on the 24th. As soon as you are
finished signing up, there will be a practice session. Please email Coach Prebish or
Coach Kiefer if you have any questions. This spring's 3Style sessions will be better
than last year!

The focus in the spring session will be on freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling.
You will learn the basic skills of both styles and have the opportunity to compete
in local, regional, and national level tournaments with the goal of qualifying for to
compete at Nationals for the VAWA freestyle and/or Greco Roman team.

Our staff includes:

Ray Baldwin- Baldwin is an assistant coach at St. Christopher's. He was a two-
time Eastern Region champion and NCAA Division I qualifier for Slippery Rock
University. He was also a state champion at Indian River HS and is a master
Granby System clinician. Prior to coming to St. Christopher's, Baldwin was the
head coach at Maury HS and Western Branch HS.

Frank Kiefer- Coach Kiefer is the head coach at St. Christopher's. Kiefer is no
stranger to success at the state and national level. 12 of his teams have won State
championships, including his 2008 and 2009 Saints wrestling teams. He is the
former head coach at Wesminster School in GA, where he developed the school
into a wrestling powerhouse.

Rob Prebish- Prebish is an assistant coach at St. Christopher's after seven years at
Massaponax HS where he was the head coach. Prebish is very active in Greco
Roman wrestling, serving as one of the VAWA National Greco Roman coaches.
His 2008 VAWA Cadet Greco Roman team finished in the top 10 at Nationals.
Prebish is a former Greco Roman National Champion, All-American, and World
Team member.

3Style will also have other special clinicians throughout the spring. To be the best,
you must train with the best. 3Style will have the best kids in the area training at
St. Christopher's!

2009 Spring/Summer Calendar
4             Singlet vs. Singlet FS/GR Tournament, Colonial Heights HS
4-5           MAWA South Region Tournament, Salisbury, MD
8-11          USA Wrestling Western Region/FILA Junior Nationals, Las Vegas, NV
18            VAWA NOVA I FS/GR, Chantilly HS
23-26         USA Wrestling FILA Cadet Nationals, Akron, OH
25            Hall of Fame FS Classic, Mills Godwin HS
25            Journeyman FS, Hickory HS
26            Journeyman FS Duals, Hickory HS
2             NOVA II FS/GR (?), Hayfield HS
3             VAWA State FS Duals, Hayfield HS
16            VAWA Junior FS/GR States, TBA
22-24         USA Wrestling SE Regionals, Duluth, GA
13            East Coast Duals, Baltimore, MD
17-21         USA Wrestling Cadet National Duals, Rochester, MN
23-28         USA Wrestling Junior National Duals, Oklahoma City, OK
12-16         VAWA Cadet and Junior Nationals Training Camp, TBA
18-25         USA Wrestling Cadet and Junior Nationals, Fargo, ND
NOTE: More tournaments will be added to the schedule once they are posted on Virginia Wrestling.

First Name: _______________________            Last Name: ____________________________

Address: ____________________________City: ___________________Zip:____________

School/team: ______________________________________ Current grade: __________

Birthday: ______________________Height:________________Weight:_______________

T-shirt size: ________________ Short size: _____________ Singlet size: ____________

USA Wrestling Card #: _______________________________________________________


First Name: ______________________             Last Name: ____________________________

Address: ______________________________City: ___________________Zip: __________

Home phone: _______________Work phone: ________________Cell: _______________

Email address: ______________________________________________________________

I agree to allow my child to be treated by a physician, nurse or certified health professional
while attending 3-Style practices and representing 3-Style in competition. I understand that the
athletes attending this club are using the facilities at their own risk. I understand and agree
that St. Christopher’s School, the coaches, clinicians, staff and anyone else associated or
connected with 3-Style are not liable and will not assume liability for accidents, injuries, skin
infections, medical or dental expenses incurred by my children during training or competition.

I agree to the terms stated above: __________________________________________________

                                     (signature of parent or guardian)

**All members must have a valid USA Wrestling Card. These can be purchased through
3-Style ($30.00) prior to or at the time of registration. If you have a card, bring a copy
with you to the first session you attend.**