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For Information                                                   WCDC Paper
On 15.9.2009                                                      No.: 84/2009

                        Progress Report of the 11th Meeting
                  Development, Planning and Transport Committee
                           3rd Wan Chai District Council

     The Development, Planning and Transport Committee (DPTC) held its 11th
meeting on 1 September 2009 and discussed the following issues:

1.   Works Progress of the Provision of Pedestrian Crossing under the Flyover at
     Pennington Street
     Representative of Transport Department (TD) expressed that they had requested
     Highways Department (HD) in July 2007 to commence Phase I of Causeway Bay
     Transport Improvement Scheme. Due to the problem of underground facilities,
     the right-turning traffic light at Moreton Terrace for Causeway Road was
     eventually completed until mid December 2008. Meanwhile, a vehicle flow
     survey conducted by the department in April this year showed that the east-bound
     vehicle flow on Pennington Street dropped. The department then consulted
     parties concerned again and further revised the operation mode of the traffic light
     involved. As for the works in question, the department had already issued the
     construction request form to HD asking them to commence Phased II and III of the
     said works. TD remarked that they would report to the Committee should there
     be any hindrance in the works progress.

2.   Summary of Major Temporary Traffic Arrangement in Wan Chai District –
     Transport Department
     To cope with the following activities: (i) Wan Chai District Sea, Land and Sky
     Grand Parade in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the
     People’s Republic of China on 27 September 2009; (ii) Parade in Celebration of
     the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China on 27
     September 2009; (iii) Flag-raising Ceremony and National Day Fireworks Display
     on 1 October 2009; (iv) Vibrant Wan Chai for the East Asian Games – Long
     Distance Run cum Fun Day on 4 October 2009; and (v) Tai Hang Dragon Dance in

3rd Term_DPTC_11 pr.doc                    1
     Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival cum 60th Anniversary of the PRC on 2 -4
     October 2009, the department would implement relevant road closure and traffic
     diversion measures in Wan Chai and would inform committee members of the
     detailed arrangements through the council’s secretariat.

3.   Summary of Works in Wan Chai District – Civil Engineering and Development
     The submitted summary of works covered the works progress of transport, land
     development, water supply, land-slip prevention, urban greening, environmental
     protection and public health in the district.

4.   Applications for the WCDC Funds
     The Committee approved to co-organize the following 7 activities with district
           Urban Renewal Strategy review – Wan Chai Forum
           2009-2010 Wan Chai District Road Traffic Safety Good Luck Hanging
               Ornament Colouring Competition
              2009-2010 Wan Chai District Road Safety Photo Competition cum Exhibition
              2009-2010 Wan Chai District Safe Driver (Public Transport Services)
               Commendation Programm
              2009-2010 Wan Chai District Development, Planning and Transport Safety
              Wan Chai District Road Traffic Safety Talk (Elderly Centres/Schools/Public
               Transport Driver)
              Green Life Starts from Me

Wan Chai District Council Secretariat
September 2009

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