birthday party rack card by sdaferv


									                                                         Let aquatics make your birthday
                                                                  the best ever!
                                                         Join us for one of our
                                                         fantastically fun parties                             h e re
                                                         and we will help                        When & W
                                                         create memories                 Four Seasons Leisure Pool
                                                         that will be                Saturdays & Sundays
                                                         treasured for            1:30pm –5:00 pm
                                                         a lifetime!            Prince George Aquatic Centre
                                                         Our trained          Saturdays & Sundays 1pm – 8:30pm
                                                         Fun Leaders        (Please register at least 1 week
                                                                           in advance to reserve your party)
                                                         will ensure
                                                         children           Themes
                                                         are having       Beach Party, Deep Sea Adventure,
                                                         FUN in the       Survivor, Pool Party, Body Painting,
                                                         water!            Harry Potter (6yrs to 12yrs),
                                                                               Preschool Pool Party (3yrs to 6yrs)***

                                                                                   C o st
                                                                                               (A deposit must be made at
                                                                                               time of booking the birthday party)

                                                                                           Option 1: $47.70 swim & games*
                                                                                           Option 2: $60.29 swim, games*
                                                                                                                & room**

                                                                                              Extra details:
                                                                                             • Cost includes up to 10 child
                                                                                           admissions, each extra child pays
                                                                                         regular admission
                                                                                    • Unlimited swim time before and after party
                                                                        • *Games are in the water for ½ hour, led by a Fun Leader
                                                                        • ** One hour use of party room for cake and opening of gifts
                                                                        • ***An adult MUST accompany all children 6 years of age
                                                                         and under into the pool (3 children per adult)
                                                                           • The adult(s) supervising in the pool swims free
                                                                             • Birthday child receives a birthday card, balloon and
                                                                                free swim pass for next swim
                                                                                   • To book concession services on Saturday
Prince George Aquatic Centre Four Seasons Leisure Pool                                  or Sunday at the Aquatic Centre
1770 George Paul Lane        700 Dominion Street                                               phone 561-7774.
561-7787                     561-7636

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