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									So, when I starting thinking of the Swan station, it’s hatch and the similarities it has with the book, The
Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen the parallels in Lost are simply too many to ignore. Remember
the story of the ugly duck that turns into a beautiful white swan...In essence, It’s a classic fable that is a
short narrative upon society or the human condition presented as an allegory or parable that is almost
alway’s with a hidden (though not obscure) message.

I started cracking the egg shell with the scene from where Jack & Desmond are running the stadium stairs
after preforming what Jack assumed was a failed surgery on Sara.

Desmond - So what’s your excuse?
Jack - For what?
Desmond - Running like the Devil is chasing you!
Desmond - What if you did save her?
Desmond - See you in another life brother

Looking back this is quite similar to how Flock temps our candidates. I think this is Jack’s temptation, if he
would choose to fix Sarah or not & is this the sacrifice that Jack will need to make.

My next question: what is REAL purpose of the Swan hatch and why was Desmond pushing the execute
button every 108 minutes?

My theory is that I believe the hatch was built to contain the devil on the island & by pushing the button he
was “doing the devil’s idol work”, keeping him busy. The writer’s have stated as much, by pushing the
button, Desmond was saving the world.

Look back two season two, days 44 to 67 on island for clues. When Desmond emerges from the hatch he
thinks that the world has been destroyed. Remember who was responsible for opening the hatch, Locke.
When the hatch had a system failure the plane crashed, it was their destiny. Desmond used the fail-safe
key thus causing the DISCHARGE or his own release like a prisoner from jail. The failsafe was pre-
planed by Jacob. I agree with other’s who have posted that turning the failsafe key was the catalyst of the
story. Because blowing open the hatch lid, after a series of events,the devil was released into the world.
After the lid is blown, Desmond says that everyone will die soon. At the first opportunity he get’s,
Desmond books off the island, doing what he want’s most, attempting to leave. We know that Desmond is
different & that the “rules” don’t apply. The island is not done with him & he must return.

Random Clues...

In season 3 days 69 - 91 Desmond has returned to 1996 when he had just fall off the ladder (Jacob’s
ladder) while painting. While preparing to go to Widmore industries, Penelope said to Desmond “That if he
didn’t get the job, that wouldn’t be the end of the world”. That’s a big one... Let’s ponder that, I feel that if
Desmond is that candidate that get’s the on island job the MIB win’s as his darkness has infected

So you say, what about Widmore sending the freighter? What if capturing Ben was not the main reason
they arrived on the island, a red herring if you will. Recall the helicopter crash & Naomi the parachutist
and what fall’s out of the Catch-22 book, but the picture of their hidden main target, Desmond. Bear with
me for another tangent, this book that Naomi has, Catch - 22, remember the name on the Lighthouse a
Scottish name as well... What if the freighter’s main purpose was to catch Desmond. I feel their plan had
to change when Desmond arrived on the freighter with Sayid. Recall Frank claiming that Desmond & Said
were confined to the sick by as the Captain was angry at them for busting out!
At that point the back up plan B went to effect & the freighter was blown to bits. Maybe a far reach, but
worth a mention.

So, our Oceanic six board the helicopter & escape with Desmond & lights, camera action, the island is

After Sun has her baby off island, she approaches Charles Widmore. Sun confronts him with the
knowledge that he is aware of her true identity, and claims that he know that they have been lying. She
gives Widmore her business card and tells him that they have a shared interest, and they both know the
oceanic six weren’t the only ones who left the island....

Here are a few items that stood out to me in the text when reading The Ugly Ducking:
The storks are associated with Christ and the Resurrection, from which the story of the stork delivering
babies comes from.
A duck sat on her nest - The Duckling’s mother could be a stand-in for another
Into the world again - resurrection
Autumn came - the turning of the seasons is a symbol for the process of turning from ignorance to
wisdom... Enlightenment
Three beautiful white swans - the holy trinity
The ugly duckling is the last to hatch

I’ve saved the best piece of the egg shell for last!!
Some interesting tidbits about Hans Christian Andersen:
There is a theory that Andersen was the illegitimate son of Crown Prince CHRISTIAN Frederick 2nd and
ELISE of Ahlefedt - Lounvig. He was then given to Ann Marie Andersen, a maid at the castle he was born
in, and her husband to raise. According to this theory “The Ugly Duckling” is about Andersen finding his
true origins.

WOW crazy family theory time, could Christian & Eloise Hawking be Desmond’s parents?
So Christian is father to Jack, Claire & Desmond?
See you in another life brother!

The Lost Mirrored Scale
 Father Christian, son Jack, spirit Jacob, Aaron
 Father Christian, son Desmond, spirit MIB, Charlie

But how does Desmond get’s redemption? He already asked for it. Recall Desmond after the incident
waking up stark naked, exposed, with blood stains on his chest & body. He begin’s to cry and beg for
another chance to change events in the past. This is where I feel, God grant’s him redemption & he get’s
a system reboot, or do over. This is how the ugly black duck becomes a beautiful swan in the end....

Final thought: Desmond was the man who caused the survivors to become lost and stranded, but he was
also the man who caused the survivors to be found and rescued...

Hope you enjoyed my first post. I don’t read spoilers and I welcome your thoughts...

The Ugly Duckling By Hans Christian Andersen
Annotations for Ugly Duckling

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