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					About the Vancouver Pride Society                              Pride 2009-2011 Theme
The Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) is the organizational        Over the next three years, as Vancouver celebrates the
body behind the Pride Parade, Festival, and Pride              LGBT community’s successes and reflects on our struggles,
celebrations. Our purpose is to celebrate and promote self-    Vancouver Pride will march under the unifying theme of
awareness, visibility and the diversity of the LGBT            Educate, Liberate, Celebrate.
                                                               Vancouver Pride will focus on one aspect of the theme each
The VPS brings together members of the Gay, Lesbian,           year, with an overall focus on celebrating the LGBT
Bisexual and Transgender community, their friends, allies      community’s successes, and reflecting on the community’s
and supporters in celebration of the unique spirit and         struggles. In 2009, Vancouver Pride marches under the
culture of the LGBT community by producing quality,            pillar of ‘Educate,’ and will recognize and remember the
inclusive events such as the Pride Parade and Festival. We     courageous individuals who came before us, and the
strive to produce events that reflect the pride the LGBT       struggles they faced to ensure that LGBT history is never
community has in itself and its contribution to the larger     forgotten.
community. In doing so, the VPS strengthens a sense of
community, and as such contributes to the vibrancy, health     Through the theme ‘Educate,’ Vancouver Pride recognizes,
and overall well-being of all persons in the LGBT              remembers, and cherishes the courageous individuals who
community. In achieving our goals, we both operate within      came before us, and the struggles they faced. Although not
the framework set out in our Constitution and By-laws, and     always ending in victory, the past battles fought for LGBT
operate with due regard to the responsibilities outlined in    rights in Canada have enabled the quality of life we enjoy
the Societies Act.                                             in Vancouver today. As Vancouver Pride marches under the
                                                               pillar of ‘Educate’ in 2009, we ensure that our history is
Vancouver’s Pride celebrations are the largest of their kind   never forgotten and never taken for granted.
in Western Canada, with over 530,00 people attending the
2008 Pride Parade. Vancouver was voted “Top City in the        Beginning as a march to educate and raise awareness of
World” by Condé Nast Traveler 2004, 2005, 2006 & voted #1      LGBT rights in Canada, Pride has carried the message of
gay travel destination in Canada by Community Marketing        unity, diversity and acceptance for the LGBT community in
Inc, surpassing both Montreal and Toronto. Vancouver Pride     Vancouver. Through struggle and celebration, Pride has
Week's economic impact is estimated at between $28             helped liberate the way we view each other, and the way
million and $30 million.                                       we live our lives.

                                                               Pride is not always a joyous occasion. Homosexuality is still
Pride Directors & Organizers                                   illegal in more than 80 countries in the world and
The VPS directors are a dedicated group of volunteers who
                                                               punishable by death in 9 other countries. Even in
contribute countless hours of their time to organize
                                                               Vancouver, there are still brutal attacks on people targeted
Vancouver's Pride celebrations.
                                                               for their sexuality. Although much has been achieved, and
                                                               many legal fights won, there is still more to gain. Pride is a
Board of Directors
                                                               continuous circle of education, liberation, and celebration.
Ken Coolen – President
Emily Soors – Vice President, Environment
Andrew Rutgers – Secretary, Parade
Bernard Leclair – Treasurer

Tim Kraumanis – Web & Graphics
Monika Whitney – Volunteer
Ray Lam – Advertising
Terry Costa – Arts & Entertainment
Alan Pronger – Media
Chris Ellis – Governance
Alan Herbert – Director at Large

Caryl Dolinko – Sponsorship Coordinator
Sharon Nelson – Administrative Assistant
Janet Anderson – Festivals Coordinator

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                                              2009 VANCOUVER PRIDE MEDIA KIT

Parade Grand Marshalls                                           settlement, they refused to apologize or make changes to
Pride Parade Grand Marshalls are members of our local,           the district or the school. Dias used the settlement he won
national, and international communities who inspire us with      to create Jer's Vision, Canada's first LGBTQ scholarship.
their courage and dedication. Each year, these outstanding       Within a few years, Jer’s Vision grew from a scholarship
individuals from the LGBT community are recognized and           program into a national charity supporting a number of
celebrated during Pride Week.                                    educational and community services and programs. Dias
                                                                 currently serves as Jer’s Vision’s Executive Director,
Cleve Jones – Role Model                                         proudly carrying out the Jer’s Vision mission and continuing
Cleve Jones began his career as an activist when gay rights      his social activism to eliminate all forms of discrimination.
leader Harvey Milk befriended him in the 1970s. Jones was
his protégée and played an important role in Milk’s
campaigns for political office. After Milk was assassinated      Cindy Kampmeinert – Honourary Pride Hero
in 1978, Jones continued his work as an LGBT activist, and       Cindy Kampmeinert was Vancouver's first openly gay female
was a co-founder of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in         firefighter and a Pride legend. Kampmeinert was not only a
1983, when AIDS was still a new and poorly-understood            good firefighter; she was instrumental in getting the fire
disease. Soon after, Jones conceived of the idea for the         department to participate in Vancouver's Pride Parade for
AIDS Memorial Quilt and began work on the quilt in 1987.         the first time in 2002. Cindy was a huge part of the parade
The AIDS Memorial Quilt has raised awareness of the impact       and was responsible for ensuring that the fire department
of AIDS and memorializes the lives of over 85,000                was involved. Cindy was a Pride tradition and she never
Americans killed by the disease. Weighing over 54 tons, it is    failed to delight the crowd by spraying them with the fire
the world’s largest piece of community folk art. Jones           hose. Known as “Big Cins” to her friends, Cindy was a social
currently works with UNITE HERE, a hotel, restaurant, and        butterfly who traveled the world and died tragically while
garment workers’ union, which raises awareness of                on another adventure in India this past December. She was
homophobia and works to make labour more open to                 41. The Pride Parade won’t be the same without her.
members of the LGBT community.
                                                                 Read the Grand Marshall’s extended biographies at
Jones was recently portrayed in the 2008 biopic, Milk,
which chronicles the life and impact of Harvey Milk, and
was an important resource in the creation of the film.
                                                                 2009 Pride Parade
Cleve continues to speak through Harvey Milk’s famous
                                                                 What began as a small protest march through the Davie
megaphone, spreading the message of liberation and civil
                                                                 Village has blossomed into a world-class Pride Parade. Our
rights for all.
                                                                 Parade provides inspiration and courage for all and is a role
                                                                 model for local and global LGBT communities who continue
Janine Fuller – Local Hero                                       to fight hard for human rights. Attracting an audience of
Janine Fuller is a writer, artist and community leader           over 530,000 in 2008, the Pride Parade is Western Canada’s
whose fight for freedom of expression continues to inspire       largest celebration of the LGBT community and is
the LGBT community in Vancouver and beyond. Starting
                                                                 Vancouver's premier celebration of culture and diversity.
work at Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium in 1990, the
same year that Little Sister’s filed its court case against      On Sunday August 2nd, at 12:00, the Pride Parade will begin
Canada Customs and the Canadian Government. Fuller led           in the heart of downtown Vancouver at Robson and
successful legal challenges against Canada Customs’              Thurlow, head West down the hill to Denman street, follow
arbitrary regulations prohibiting materials deemed to be         Denman to Pacific and Beach Avenue and finish at the
‘obscene’ to be brought into Canada. Throughout her              Sunset Beach Festival site.
efforts to end censorship of gay and lesbian literature and
art, Fuller has helped ensure unrestricted access to diverse     Entry Subsidies and Awards
ideas and knowledge in Canada. She has become a central          The VPS is proud to offer up to fifteen parade subsidies to
figure in the development of Canadian free-speech                assist those groups who could not otherwise afford to join
jurisprudence. Fuller’s selflessness, persistence and            the parade. Eligibility is limited to non-profit groups
unwillingness to back down in the face of discrimination         providing community services, cultural or recreational
and adversity embody the central strength of the LGBT            benefits to Vancouver’s LBGT community and is not
movement. Her leadership serves as an example to which           available for commercial or for-profit groups.
we can all aspire.
                                                                 Entry Awards
                                                                 The VPS seeks to recognize your outstanding efforts and
Jeremy Dias – National Hero                                      continually improve the quality and impact of the parade.
After coming out in high school, Dias attempted to create a
                                                                 Our panel of judges will observe your entry from the
Positive Space program and was actively supported by his
                                                                 judging zone along with parade route and award points
peers. After facing extreme discrimination from school
                                                                 based on the appearance, impact, and music of your parade
officials, 17-year-old Dias initiated a legal case against his
school board, which, 3 years later, ended in Canada’s
largest human rights settlement in history. Although his
school and the Algona School Board offered a financial

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                                               2009 VANCOUVER PRIDE MEDIA KIT

2009 Pride Events
                                                                 Davie Street Pride Party - Friday, July 31st - 7:00pm-
East Side Pride – Saturday, June 27 - 11:00 am-5:00pm –          12:00am –Davie Street between Burrard and Bute
Grandview Park, Commercial Drive                                 We’ll be packing the streets with dancers, drinkers,
This neighbourhood-friendly festival with live                   vendors, visitors, and partiers to kick off the weekend at
entertainment, food from The Reef and vendors is a grass         this electrifying event. Featuring a hot line up of DJs, a
roots event in the heart of the East End. Free Event.            giant Twister game, hot models, live music, dancing. $7
                                                                 unlimited reentry cover charge.
Gay Day @ Playland - Saturday July 18th - 12:00pm-
7:00pm – Playland                                                Terry Wallace Memorial Breakfast - Saturday, August 1st -
Come to this unique event for carnival games, rides, roller       9:00am-12:30pm – Thurlow & Davie
coasters, corn-dogs and candy floss as well as live              We honour and celebrate Terry Wallace, one of the
entertainment and a private beer garden. $27 Pride Pass,         founders of Vancouver Pride, with a pancake breakfast in
available at Little Sisters (1238 Davie St.), VPS Pride Office   the heart of the community.
and at all Vancouver Pride events.
                                                                 Pride Parade - Sunday, August 2nd - 12:00pm-2:00pm -
Picnic in the Park - Saturday, July 25 - 11:00am-8:00pm –        Denman Street to Sunset Beach
Brockton Oval, Stanley Park                                      With over 150 parade entries and more than 530,000
Bring the kids, families and dogs to this weekend favourite.     spectators, our 31st Pride Parade and Festival is the must-
Enjoy the tug-a-war, high heel shoe toss, drag races, live       see event of the summer.
entertainment, food, and beer garden. Free Event.
                                                                 Pride Festival - Sunday, August 2nd - 11:00am-6:00pm –
Pride in Art: Coming Unbuttoned - Tuesday, July 28 -      th     Sunset Beach
7:00pm-9:00pm – Roundhouse Community Centre                      Join over 100,000 people with live music, vendors and
A playful review of 20th century gay-oriented and                services, and a beer garden immediately following the
homoerotic poetry by James Broughton. $10 at door.               Parade.

                                                                 Youth Dance – Sunday, August 2nd - 9:00pm-1:00am - West
Pride in Art: Dah Doo Me Featuring the Bobbers -
                                                                 End Community Centre
Tuesday, July 28th - 9:00pm-11:00pm– Roundhouse
                                                                 The Vancouver Pride Society and GAB Youth present a night
Community Centre
                                                                 of safe dancing and clean fun exclusively for youth under 25
The award-winning OUT TV stars are back with a new
                                                                 years old. Age restriction enforced with valid photo ID.
improvised show that will explore the queer side of those
60's beach musicals. $10 at door.
                                                                 Events Attended by Grand Marshalls
                                                     th          • Pride Movie Night
Pride in Art: Jeffery Straker – Wednesday, July 29 –
                                                                 • Pride Weekend Launch
7:00pm-9:00pm – Roundhouse Community Centre
                                                                 • Davie Street Pride Party
Jeffery Straker’s piano-driven cabaret-pop music comes to
                                                                 • Terry Wallace Memorial Breakfast
life through his lively stage flair. $10 at door.
                                                                 • Pride Parade
                                                                 • Sunset Beach Pride Festival
Pride in Art: Sugarbeach and Friends - Wednesday, July
29th - 9:00pm-11:00pm– Roundhouse Community Centre
                                                                 Events Attended by Political Allies
A must-see showcase of some of Vancouver’s top Gay and
                                                                 • Pride Weekend Launch
Lesbian performers, hosted by Marlee & Tully of
                                                                 • Pride Parade
Sugarbeach. $10 at door.
                                                                 • Sunset Beach Pride Festival
Pride Movie Night – Thursday, July 30th - 7:00pm and
9:00pm Showtimes – Vancity Theatre (1811 Seymour St.)            What Does Pride Cost?
Come watch classic LGBT films and documentaries and              • 2008 Approximate Expenditures = $563,621
share our history, featuring Out of the Past and Little          • Insurance for Pride events: $19,000
Sisters vs. Big Brother. Enjoy a night of popcorn and great      • City of Vancouver: $27,000 (police, transit, park permits,
movies, with an interactive discussion with Grand Marshall         sanitation)
Janine Fuller and Director Aerlyn Weissman immediately           • First Aid & Disability: $6,000 (BC Ambulance, Disabled
following the film.                                                Access)
                                                                 • Pride Parade: = $56,488
Pride Weekend Launch – Friday, July 31st - 12:00pm-              • Festival & Events: $77,629 (stage, tents, speakers, stereo
1:00pm – Vancouver Art Gallery (W.Georgia and Hornby)              equip)
Meet this year’s Grand Marshalls and show your support for       • Communications: $331,426 (printers, graphics,
international LGBT communities and their fight for equality        advertising, media, website)
by signing the Declaration of Montreal. Local politicians        • VPS Board & Volunteers: PRICELESS
present the Pride Weekend Declaration.

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                                             2009 VANCOUVER PRIDE MEDIA KIT

Environment Initiatives                                         Media Interviews
The Environment Committee was created this year in              Interviews may be scheduled via
response to the growth of Vancouver Pride. With the             Interviews with Grand Marshalls will occur between July
increasing global focus on environmental sustainability we      27th and August 2nd, 2009. To schedule an interview and
are committed to minimizing the impact of our activities        ensure your publication gets interview time, please contact
and events. VPS ensures you that Pride is planned with an       us as soon as possible. No offsite interviews will be held on
emphasis on protecting the lasting effects on our               Parade day, and no unscheduled interviews with Grand
environment.                                                    Marshals will be provided.
Recycling bins will be provided and clearly marked at all
                                                                For interviews concerning the Vancouver Pride Society
events, and recyclables will be collected along the Parade
                                                                Parade, festivals and events, please contact:
route immediately following the Parade. This year, the VPS
will offer a Bike Valet program. Lock your bike up in our
                                                                Ken Coolen
secure, fenced-in, and monitored bike area and enjoy Pride
                                                                VPS President
knowing your bike is safe. Located on the West end of the
                                                                Pride Office: 604 687 0955
festival grounds, the Vancouver Pride Bike Valet is available
                                                                Cell: 778 834 3536
by donation.
                                                                Fax: 604 687 0965
Pride Outreach
Every year Vancouver Pride sends representatives to the
InterPride (International Association of Pride Organizers       Photography
Worldwide) Annual Conference, where we are an active            In an effort to build our library of high-resolution
member and have voting rights as part of Region 7. In           photography we ask that all photographers provide event
addition, Pride Directors annually attend the Fierte Canada     photography to the Vancouver Pride Society. We will credit
Pride Conference and attend Pride celebrations around           the photographer of each image when displayed on our
North America and the world. Vancouver Pride stands             website and used in various marketing collateral pieces. At
proudly beside our community worldwide and continues to         the conclusion of the event please send a copy of all
bring light to the movement for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and      photographs on CD to:
Transgender equal rights.
                                                                Media Director
Media Accreditation                                             Vancouver Pride Society
Media is welcome at all VPS events, including the Pride         603-1033 Davie St.
Parade, the Festival afterwards, Fundraising events, and        Vancouver, BC, V6E 1N2
any events leading up to the Pride Parade. Special Media        Email:
access will be granted to all media upon application to         Tel: 604-687-0955
Vancouver Pride. Media Passes will allow representatives
backstage access at festivals and preferred access to the       Media Contact
parade route and VIP judging station.                           For information on media accreditation, media passes,
                                                                general event information, or to schedule an interview with
To obtain media passes for all Vancouver Pride events,          Parade Grand Marshalls or VPS President, Ken Coolen,
including the Pride Parade and Festival on August 2nd,          please contact:
please apply at:          Alan Pronger
09_VPS_Media_Accreditation.pdf                                  Media Director
                                                                Pride Office: 604 687 0955
Media Passes for Pride Day, August 2nd, will only be            Fax: 604 687 0965
available for pick up from the VPS office, located at 603 –
1033 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, between July 27th and
July 30th, 2009, during office hours (9:00am-4:00pm).
Special arrangements for pick-up can be made, but are
subject to the discretion of the VPS.

Unauthorized media will be refused access to secure areas.
Media passes are non-transferable and must be returned
upon completion or request by an authorized Society

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