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					                                           Bell High School P.L.C. Scoreboard
     Dept.         Essential                      G.V.C. &                      Formative/                  Smart Goals
   4 Cycles        Standards                    Instructional                   Summative
                                                 Strategies                    Assessments
Semester 1    10.1 Students relate the     1.   Democracy                 1.   Students will write an    75% of students will
              moral and ethical            2.   Republic                       essay responding to       receive a passing score
Quarter 1     principles in ancient        3.   Direct Democracy               the following prompt:     of at least 70 % on the
              Greek and Roman              4.   Reason                    “Trace the development of      10.1 standards-based
              philosophy, in Judaism,      5.   Bill of Rights            western political ideas        multiple choice
              and in Christianity to the   6.   “Duties of the            through the United States      assessment exam.
              development of Western            Individual”               Constitution. Include
              political thought.           7.   “Rules of Law”            references to Judeo-
                                           8.   Plato’s Republic          Christian and Greco-
                                           9.   Aristotle’s Politics      Roman philosophies.”

                                           1. Analyze similarities and    10.1 Standards-Based
                                           differences in Judeo-          Multiple-Choice
                                           Christian and Greco            assessment.
                                           Roman views.
                                           2. Trace the development
                                           of western political ideas.
                                           Compare the U.S.
                                           3. Constitution to other
                                           political systems on the
Semester 1
Quarter 2
Semester 2    10.5 Student analyzes        1.   The underline &           1.   Poster demonstrating      75% of our students will
              the causes of the First           immediate causes of            the cause & effect.       demonstrate their
Quarter 1     World War.                        WWI; hence                2.   Power Point               knowledge through
              10.6 Students analyze             militarism, alliances,         Presentation              presentations (Power
              the effects of the First          nationalism,              3.   Graphing the aims of      Point/Poster)
              World War.                        imperialism, and               The Big 3 in              80% of our students will
                                                assassination.                 negotiating the Treaty    score a 75% or higher
                                           2.   Ending result of trying        of Versailles.            score on Multiple-
                                                to keep the peace –       4.   Hitler letter.            Choice.
                                                Treaty of Versailles &    5.   “The Peace Process”
                                                League of Nations.             Anticipatory set.         80% of 10B Social
                                           3.   Fourteen Points           6.   Reaction Guide            Studies students will
                                           4.   Armistice                 7.   Different perspectives.   attain a minimum of
                                           5.   Treaty of Versailles                                     Basic Proficiency on
                                           6.   Leaders involved in                                      the CST Exam,
                                                treaty making.            1. Multiple-Choice test with   currently 75% of 10B
                                           7.   Overall effect on         short answer question.         Social Studies Students

                                                                                                                     Social Studies World History
                                                                                                                                          Page 1
                                        Bell High School P.L.C. Scoreboard
                                            people, culture, arts,    2. 40 Questions.               attained below basic to
                                            politics and economy.     3. Evaluate the Treaty of      far below basic on the
                                                                      Versailles from the            CST Exam.
                                        1. 10.5 students should be    perspective of the
                                        able to identify              Germans, The United
                                        concepts/themes that led      States, and one other
                                        to WWI. Geography             allied power (Great Britain
                                        should be incorporated        or France).
                                        with the above concepts.
                                        2. 10.6 Identify the goals
                                        set forth by the Treaty of
                                        Versailles & League of
                                        Nations as well as
                                        including the main leaders
                                        3. The negotiations of the
                                        Fourteen Points,
                                        Armistice, and Treaty of
                                        4. Understand the overall
                                        effects of the war and
                                        resulting peace treaties on
                                        world populations and
                                        5. Discuss how Post-War
                                        literature added to the
                                        disillusionment of Post-
                                        World War institutions and
                                        helped give to
Semester 2   10.7 Students analyze      1. Effects of The Treaty      1.   Create a graph, chart,    50% of 10B Social
             the rise of totalitarian         of Versailles.               poster, etc. explaining   Studies students will
Quarter 2    governments after World    2. Post World War I                the concepts and          attain a minimum of
             War I.                           world wide economic          terms pertaining to       Basic Proficiency on
             10.8 Students will               hardships.                   World War II.             the CST Exam.
             analyze the causes and     3. German, Italian,           2.   Read and interpret a      Currently of 75% of
             consequences of World            Japanese                     map to enhance            Social Studies students
             War II.                          Imperialism.                 understanding of          have attained Below
                                        4. Appeasement.                    totalitarian expansion.   Basic to Far Below
                                        5. Isolationism.              3.   Reaction Guide for        Basic on the CST
                                        6. Nazi policy of racial           the Holocaust.            Exam.
                                              purity.                 4.   Create a timeline of
                                        7. Human cost of World             the rise of
                                              War II.                      Totalitarianism and
                                        8. Drives/reasons for              their aggressive

                                                                                                                 Social Studies World History
                                                                                                                                      Page 2
Bell High School P.L.C. Scoreboard
    empires n the 1930’s.           foreign policy.
9.  Appeasement,               5.   Mapping territories
    isolationism,                   gained by the Axis
    domestic.                       Powers.
10. Axis powers, allied        6.   Posters comparing
    powers.                         and contrasting drives
11. Political leaders.              for empire.
12. Holocaust, Final           7.   Booklets identifying
    Solution.                       steps leading to the
                                    Final Solution.
1. Students will trace the     8.   Department World
tension created by The              History Standards-
Treaty of Versailles.               Based Assessments
2. Students will compare            (10.8)
the German, Italian, and
Japanese drives for            1. Essay
Empire.                        Short Answer/ Multiple-
3. Students will make a        Choice
connection between             2. Video presentation
disillusionment of Post        (optional)
WWI economic hardships         3. Power Point
and the rise of                presentation (optional)
totalitarianism.               4. Students will be
4. Students will analyze       assigned a strand from the
the diplomacy used by          Standard to create a
Great Britain, United          Power Point Presentation.
States, and France in
regards to aggression.
5. Analyze Hitler’s rational
for his systematic attempt
at creating racial purity.
6. Students will discuss
the impact WWI had on
human cost.
7. Compare drives for
8. Identify vocabulary
9. Compare/contrast
series of events (battles,
conf. Treaties).
10. Evaluate wartime
leaders’ actions (judge).
11. Identify rational/steps
leading to Final Solution.

                                                             Social Studies World History
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Bell High School P.L.C. Scoreboard

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