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Alaska Voc Ed Standards Template - Get as DOC by decree


									                                                                       FORESTRY CORE
Career Cluster Area: Agriculture and Natural Resources                                        Prerequisites: Agriculture Core and Natural Resources
Pathway: Natural Resources                                                                    Tech Prep Agreement(s): None
Source of Occupational Skills Standards: Society of American Foresters (SAF), National Center for Construction and Education Research (NCCER)
Eligibility for Nationally Recognized Skill Certificate(s)/State License: None

Description: Forestry examines and determines the relationships of forests to the natural ecosystems and recommended practices for utilizing forest resources.

Program Contents:
 Introduction of Forestry                                                                        Land Utilization and Economic Plan
 Tree Types, Parts, Taxonomy, Forest Succession                                                  Tools and Equipment
 Geographical and Ecological Factors                                                             Safety Practices
 Forestry Management                                                                             Employment and Educational Opportunities
 Forest Health                                                                                   Career Technical Student Organizations

                                                        Alaska Reading, Writing,         Alaska         Alaska         Alaska         Occupational      All Aspects    Assessment
              Performance Standards
                                                             Math, Science              Content        Cultural     Employability         Skill         of Industry
                (Learner Outcomes)                      Performance Standards          Standards      Standards      Standards         Standards
1.   Introduction by examining and understanding                                      SCI A, B                      B                 SAF               Technical      CDE/FFA
     principles, definitions and terms related to                                     TECH B                                                            Skills         Technical
2.   Identify and describe types, parts and             R: 4.1, 4.5                   SCI A, B,                     A                 SAF               Technical      CDE/FFA
     taxonomy of trees and forest succession.           M: E1.4.1                     D                                                                 Skills         Technical
                                                        M:.E5.4.7                     GEO C, F
                                                        S: A.7,.9,.12,.13
                                                        W: 4.1, 4.5
3.   Map geographical locations of species and          R: 4.1, 4.5                   SCI A, B       E                                SAF               Technical
     define ecological factors that are influenced by   M: 1.4.1&2                    GEO: C3,                                                          Skills
     ecosystems                                                                       GEO: D, E
                                                                                      TECH: A,
                                                                                      TECH: C
                                                                                      MATH: B
4.   Recognize, examine and articulate                  R 4.1, 4.5                    GEO: F1        A,D,E          A, B              SAF               Community      CDE/FFA
     environmental, economic, and social factors        M: D1.4.1                     SCI A, B,                                                                        Leadership
     affecting the management of forests                M: E1.4.1                     D

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                                                       Alaska Reading, Writing,     Alaska       Alaska       Alaska       Occupational   All Aspects      Assessment
              Performance Standards
                                                             Math, Science         Content      Cultural   Employability       Skill      of Industry
                (Learner Outcomes)                      Performance Standards     Standards    Standards    Standards       Standards
                                                      S: D.1                      MATH B
                                                      W: 4.1, 4.5                 LA: A
5.   Identify and assess forest health.               R 4.1, 4.5                  SCI: A, B                                SAF            Technical        CDE/FFA
                                                      M: E1.4.1                   SCI: D                                                  Skills           Leadership
                                                      D: 1.4.1                    GEO: C, F
                                                      W: 4.1, 4.5                 MATH: B
                                                      S:A 13,14a,b,c              LA: A
6.   Prepare and present to forest professionals a    R: 4.1, 4.5                 GEO: C, E,   B,E                                                         CDE/FFA
     written and oral land utilization and economic   M:A2.4.3                    GEO: F                                                                   Technical
     plan.                                            M:A3.4.5                    SCI: A, B
                                                      M: 6.4.4                    SCI: D
                                                      M: B4.1.2                   MATH: B
                                                      M: C1.4.3
                                                      M: E1, 4.1
                                                      M: D1.4.1
                                                      WR: 4.5
7.   Identify hand and power tools, outdoor related   R: 4.1, 4.5                 LA: B                    A               SAF                             CDE/FFA
     equipment and simulate their uses in forestry    M: A2.4.4                                                                                            Technical
     management.                                      M:A.4.1
8.   Perform and model safety, maintenance, and       R: 4.1, 4.5                 LA: B                    A               NCCER          Technical        CDE/FFA
     operations of equipment in field/lab setting.    S: B.6                                                               Core           Skills           Technical
                                                                                                                           Construction   Health/Safe
                                                                                                                           Safety         ty
9.   Recognize and generate employment and            R: 4.1, 4.5                 LA: A, B                 A, B                           Community        OJT/SOE
     educational opportunities in forestry            W: 4.5                      TECH: A,
     management, production, and processing at the    M: D1.4.1                   B
     local, regional and global levels.               M: E1.4.1                   TECH: E
                                                                                  SCI: A, B
                                                                                  SCI: D
                                                                                  GEO: C, F
                                                                                  MATH: B
10. Participate in Career Technical Student           ME: 1.4.2                   M: B.1       B           A, B                           All              CDE
    Organizations (i.e. FFA).                                                                                                                              Technical/

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Recommended Resources: (Texts, equipment, reference materials, supplies)

Occupations Skills/Standards:
SAF      Society of American Foresters
SOE      Supervised Occupational Experience
OJT      On-the-Job -Training
CTSO Career and Technical Student Organization FFA*(most appropriate CTSO for natural resources and agriculture) and Skills USA are examples of CTSOs in Alaska
CDE      Career Development Event, a formal CTSO third party evaluation using the format of competitions. They are classified as leadership or technical skills and are local,
         regional, state or national in scope.

* Indicates most appropriate CTSO available in Alaska for natural resources and agriculture.
National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) - safety curriculum for
occupational skills and training
NRCS - Natural Resources and Conservation Service, a federal regulatory agency (907) 746-
Website to define all aspects of CTSO/FFA                                              
Wyoming Agricultural Education Standards (ES, AG, AS, AB)                              
SAF – Accreditation handbook: Society of American Foresters, SAF, 2000                 
Certification/apprenticeship programs                                                  
Oklahoma agricultural education standards                                              
Website for related curricula, resource acquisition, supplies, equipment, and professional
groups – Illinois Agricultural Education
Alaska Reading, Writing and Math Standards                                             
Alaska Content Standards                                                               
Alaska Employability Standards                                                         
Cultural Standards for Students – Alaska Native Knowledge Network.                     
All Aspects of Industry – Institute for Workforce Education                            
Website for educational supplies, textbooks and links to additional resources.         

Aligning Alaskan Environmental Education with Standards, ANROE (Alaska natural resources
outdoor education).
Forests and Forestry, 6th Ed.                                                           See Career & Technology Education/Agriscience
 Publisher: Prentice Hall , by I.I. Holland and G.L. Rolfe,                                      Environment/Natural Resources Systems
Agriscience: Fundamentals and Applications, 3rd ed, 2002, by L. DeVere Burton and E. L.
Cooper, Delmar, Albany, NY,
Occupational Outlook Handbook: US Department of Labor/Bureau of Labor Statistics.      

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