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									                                                                                         RES EA

To         : ___________________________________             Date    : _____________________________
Attn       : ___________________________________             Fax No.: _____________________________
From       : ___________________________________             Pages : _____________(Including this page)

       Residential Equal Ease of Access Authorization 直撥長途電話服務登記表
Telephone Number 授權之電話線號碼 : ____________________________________________________

CITI Account Number 城市電訊賬戶號碼 : __________________________________________________
                                              (If different from the above Telephone Number 如與授權之電話線號碼不同)

CITI Account Name 城市電訊賬戶姓㈴ : ____________________________________________

Address ㆞址 : _________________________________________________Apt. No.樓宇號碼 : __________

                     City 城市 : ________________Province 省份: ________Postal Code 郵政號碼: ___________

Name registered in Local Telephone Company : ____________________________________________
本㆞電話公司登記姓㈴                                     (If different from CITI Account Name 如與城市電訊賬戶姓㈴不同)

Local Telephone Company 本㆞電話公司㈴稱 : _________________________________________
Your signature below authorizes City Telecom (CITI) to notify your local telephone company of your decision to subscribe
to CITI long distance services when Equal Ease of Access is available in your area. Equal Ease of Access means you will
automatically reach CITI when you dial any long distance phone number. For example, every time you dial 1 or 011
(International) plus the area code, your call will be on the CITI network. By signing, you agree CITI will automatically
carry your long distance calls.
If you wish to have more than one phone number subscribed to CITI, you must separately identify each number with your
authorization. Only those numbers which are authorized by you will be subscribed.
Additional phone number(s) to be subscribed: (if any)

1. (________)___________________________                 2. (________)___________________________
For each individual phone number, please attach a copy of upper portion of Local Telephone Bill with
your name and address on it.

X_______________________________________                             _____________________________
     Signature 簽㈴                                                    Date ㈰期

     Driver’s Licence No./ SIN (駕駛執照 / ㈳會福利咭號碼) ____________________________

Note : Please dial Toll Free number 1700-555-4141 at your above subscribed telephone number Two (3) working
       days after you registered. If you hear the message :“ City Telecom is your long distance service carrier,
       Thank You! ”That means you are officially connected with CITI’s direct dialing . Other wise please call
       our Customer Service at 416-502-1838 immediately.

㊟意:請於登記後的 3 個工作㆝,在您㆖述授權之電話線致電 1-700-555-4141(免費測試電話);當聽到「城市
   否則請即致電 416-502-1838 客戶服務部查詢!
Please mail this registration form to 3781 Victoria Park Ave, Unit 13, Scar., On. M1W 3K5 or Fax to 416-502-3762
    請將本表格填妥及寄回 3781 Victoria Park Ave, Unit 13, Scar., On. M1W 3K5 或傳真㉃ 416-502-3762


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