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November 2007 Newsletter                                                                     @ Beddington or
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                                                                                                 Andrea Hojski – Welcome
Dear Brian,                                                                                      aboard to Thorncliffe

                                  Correct Lifting Techniques                                 This months question is:
                                                                                             Prior to lifting, what should you do
         The most common way of hurting your lower back is by lifting incorrectly.           to protect your back?
         An improper lifting technique can result in back pain and other problems
         which can be easily prevented given the correct lifting techniques.                 Call in with the correct answer and
                                                                                             you are put into a draw to win two
         Let’s say you need to lift a box up off the floor and onto the counter beside       free movies passes!
         you. It is best to position yourself close to the box with your feet about
         shoulder width apart. You need to make sure that you are bending at your                     (403) 275-7728
         hips and knees to ensure that your back is straight. Many people make the
         error of keeping their knees straight and bending at their back, this is a big      Last month’s winner was Katie Grey,
         mistake because it could result in injury to a disc or other structures                      congratulations!!!
         throughout the back. Next, you need to grip the load firmly and closely to
         the body. Prior to lifting the box, you should tighten your abdominal                  Massage Gift Certificates are
         muscles as if you are bringing your navel towards the spine. This helps to              available for half hour or full 1
         support your low back to prevent injury. Then using the strong muscles of               hour sessions.      The gift of
         the legs, you will be able to straighten up and lift the box up off the floor. It       massage offers therapeutic
         is important not to twist when placing the box onto the counter because the             trigger point release, relaxation
         twisting action can cause injury to the back. Instead, you can pivot on your            of muscular tension and
         feet or move your feet to face the counter.                                             improved       body      function
                                                                                                 through increased circulation.
         This lifting technique should be utilized whether you are lifting a heavy box           A great alternative gift idea.
         or a small pencil. Some people may think a pencil doesn’t weigh very much               After all who doesn’t need a
         and that they can’t hurt their back when lifting one. However, the reality is           massage?
         many people do injure themselves when lifting lightweight objects due to
         the load of their torso on the discs when they don’t keep their back straight.         Running Evaluation Gift
         A poor lifting technique regardless of the load will cause injury to your back          Certificates are a suitable gift
         and will eventually catch up to you.                                                    for the competitive runner and
                                                                                                 for the person looking to
         It is also important to remember if the load is too heavy, break it up into             improve their fitness level.
         smaller loads or just ask for assistance. Often, when people are in a hurry             Benefits include correcting
         they do not utilize the proper lifting technique. Taking your time and not              muscle imbalances and running
         being in a hurry will reduce the chance of injury. If you do happen to injure           style, the opportunity to learn
         your back, it is important to come in to Nose Creek Sport Physical Therapy              about prevention and injury
         to ensure proper treatment and education is given to get you moving faster              specific exercises and running
         and to prevent further injury.                                                          drills to help you run your best.

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