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									Are you looking to make lots of money in Cafe World on Facebook? Well if you want to make
millions of coins, you have to keep in mind 2 things:

- What food items to cook
- How to maintain your Buzz Rating

Make Lots Of Money Quickly By Knowing What Food Items To Cook
Knowing what food items to invest in to cook for your customers is an important part of your
money making process. To maximize your earnings from your food, you must only choose the
food items that will give you the best return on your investment.

Let’s use the Bacon Cheeseburger as an example on how to calculate return on investment. We
know that the burger takes 5 minutes to cook, serves 13 people and costs 15 coins to purchase
ingredients and sells at the total price of 52 coins. You then use these numbers and take (52-
15)/15 = 2.46 or 246%. From this information, you can compare and contrast with other food
items know what foods will offer the best return on investment.

Make Lots Of Money By Maintaining Your Buzz Rating
You may not think that maintaining a high Buzz Rating is important for making coins, but your
ratings actually directly affect how much money you can make. The higher your Buzz Rating,
the more people enter your restaurant, thus the higher you’re earning potential. This is why
maintaining a high rating is very important.

To maintain a good Buzz Rating:

- Create an efficient layout so that you servers can get to each table quickly
- Place dividers between the customers path from the door to their table to allow more time for
your servers to run food and clear tables

The higher your Buzz Rating, the more customers will enter your cafe, so remember to always
keep your customers happy.

Knowing exactly what food items will give you the best return on your investment combined
with the perfect layout will make you a Cafe World millionaire. But how do you know which
food items are the best to cook and how do you create the perfect layout to maintain your Buzz

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