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									Welcome to the introduction of ……

       The Celebrity Cruise Experience
                 Let’s begin with Celebrity’s current
                  brand positioning statement …..
             Celebrity is the Cruise Line that offers the comfortably
                sophisticated, upscale vacation experience that
                            really takes care of you.

    This brand statement was based around the “Starring You” concept.
    It pertains to Celebrity’s personalized onboard service but it does not paint the
    whole picture of what Celebrity truly offers their guests especially with the
    introduction of the Solstice Class vessels.

    You spoke and we listened ……

    Celebrity Cruises has always been committed to understanding the needs of the discerning
    cruiser, our guests, and delivering what they want as part of our unique onboard

    Based on the very successful launch of Celebrity Solstice and the culmination of market
    research results of cruisers, and guests, travel partner interviews and numerous focus
    groups, we were able to further identify our guests needs and create the ultimate
    combination of ship design, service, cuisine and onboard programs.

    You spoke and we listened ……

    Feedback emphasized a necessity to build on what differentiates Celebrity from other
      cruise lines.

    What makes Celebrity Cruises the true leader in the premium market?

    The answer is our award winning brand attributes such as service, cuisine and
      introduction of the modern design and details of our new Solstice Class.

    In addition, the introduction of the innovative Celebrity Life program and the enhanced
       Captain Club. We needed to revise the way we communicate these brand specific
       attributes to the marketplace.

    You spoke and we listened …The Solstice Class

    There was one consistent message which came across in the guests and trade comments; “
    the Solstice Class is the face of Celebrity”. The greatest validation has been the reaction to
    the visibly stunning Solstice Class ships.

    The Solstice Class has created a halo effect on the Celebrity brand. As a result of this “halo
    effect” the brand has been elevated into the cruising spotlight.

    Celebrity has invested $3.7-billion on the five-ship Solstice Class fleet. That’s the largest
    newbuild commitment for a single brand in industry history.

    You spoke and we listened …The Solstice Class

      The Solstice ships have a sophisticated, sleek design offering modern cruising ”firsts”,
        such as The Lawn Club. This has dramatically improved the Celebrity brand image
        and has provided a hardware advantage.

      Most important, this new class of ships has perfectly aligned Celebrity with their
        targeted guest – the accomplished, sophisticated and design conscious consumer.

      Consumers who appreciate innovative and modern ships, impeccable service, world-
       class cuisine, enriching and engaging onboard programs.

      The Solstice Class has clearly differentiated Celebrity from the competition.

    Solsticizing the Cruise Industry
    We believe Celebrity’s Solstice Class revolutionized or “Solsticized” the cruise
    industry similar to what Apple’s iPod did to the music industry. They created consumer
    excitement and desire by introducing a unique, stylish and “cool” venue to enjoy
    music and cruising. The Solstice class ships has added new innovative designs such as
    the Lawn Club; The Hot Glass Show and AquaClass.

                                                     “Celebrity Makes Cruising Cool”

    Celebrity Cruises Going Forward …..

    We will reframe our brand to be more relevant to a “designed conscious” audience.
    By spotlighting our design, rich hardware, incredible one-on-one personal service, fine
    cuisine and distinctive onboard experiences, Celebrity will attract the more sophisticated,
    modern cruiser.

    The modern environment of Celebrity’s Solstice Class ships makes today’s cruisers feel
    more at home. It also lets them know we clearly understand who they are and what is
    need to create the ultimate cruise experience.

    Celebrity will expand their audience without trying to be all things to all people. This is the
    surest way to blend in and not be recognized as being different and unique. We will create
    and define a uniquely ownable brand positioning statement .

    A Uniquely Ownable Brand Position
    In order to more clearly communicate Celebrity’s commitment to discerning
    consumers and to effectively differentiate ourselves from other brands, we needed
    to deliver the message within a new brand platform.

    Our brand position has to be unique and speak only to Celebrity Cruises. It has to
    convey our brand-defining attributes which allow our guests to design a cruise
    vacation of their own.

Celebrity‟s new uniquely owned                         10

 brand positioning statement:

 Celebrity is . . . the ultimate in premium cruising

 For . . .        today’s cruiser who appreciates the
 .                finer things

 Because . . .     ONLY Celebrity has Solstice Class

      Innovative design, thoughtful details,
  impeccable service, enriching programming,
 and world-class cuisine discerning cruisers love
      The Celebrity Audience …. Who are they?
     Our uniquely ownable brand position talks specifically to a clearly defined target audience.
     They are consumers who appreciate specific brand attributes which offer an elevated cruise
     experience. Celebrity’s guests see themselves as not being part of a specific demographic.
     They have a specific mindset and see themselves as unique and discerning individuals
     who love to cruise or look forward to cruising in the future.

     Their cruise experience must include:
                    – Enriching programming
                    – World-class cuisine
                    – Impeccable service
                    – Insightful design and modern environments

     All of these attributes are what makes up a Celebrity Cruise onboard experience.
     Our guests are able to design their cruise to fit their mindset.

  The Celebrity Guest Mindset                                         12

The definition of a mindset in the dictionary is a “ fixed
attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to
and interpretations of situations”.

Building on this definition we can provide more details on the
Celebrity guest’s mindset. These consumers see themselves as
young at heart, accomplished; discerning; relaxed and casual.

What they need and want to experience while on a cruise vacation
is what we deliver onboard:

        Desires thoughtful details and enriching programs
        Appreciates world-class cuisine & impeccable service
        Prefer modern, stylish surroundings
        Seeks elevated personal experiences; will pay more for them
        Cruising is their vacation preference

Age is a state of mind to our guests. They see themselves as young
and vibrant. Our guests are an aspirational 35 plus, but 55 is the new
35 in their mindset.

Women are the primary vacation planners and cruising is their
vacation preference. They are attracted and fulfilled by
all of Celebrity’s onboard services and programs.
     The Celebrity Mindset, is brought to life in the
           spotlight of “Designed for you”.

         The “Designed for you” brand platform connects our design, hardware,
         and program innovations with our ongoing commitment to our guests.
                           Designed for discerning individuals.
                           Designed for the most avid cruisers.
                                Designed for our guests.

         Designed for the Discerning Guest
       Celebrity Cruises celebrates its 20th Anniversary !!!
     Throughout Celebrity’s history it has received numerous
     awards for cuisine and service. The new, brand –defining
     Celebrity Solstice and the Celebrity line received top
     recognition this year.
                Travel Weekly – Best Rookie Ship
                Travel Weekly – Best Premium Cruise Ship
                 Conde Nast – Best Mega-Ship Line

     As previously stated, discerning guest are attracted to
     Celebrity’s rich hardware and modern environments. From
     the Martini Bar, made of ice crystals; to the industry’s first
     artistic wine tower and lush expansive Lawn Club.

     Another Celebrity attraction and necessity for these
     astute guests is their desire for spacious and unique
     staterooms which offer a high comfort level. They
     want more than a deck plan of rooms.

     The most engaging and exciting onboard program which
     appeals to the discerning guests is Celebrity Life. A series of
     enrichment and entertainment activities based on Savor,
     Renew and Discover.

             Innovative design
             Innovations that allow for endless
               possibilities designed for you.
     The Lawn Club on Celebrity’s Solstice and Equinox
     where guests can enjoy a leisurely picnic; or participate
     in lawn games. Enjoy a Hot Glass show where gaffers
     will create amazing designs.

     Guests can relax and enjoy spacious, thoughtfully
     designed stateroom accommodations. Customized
     stateroom amenities await guests who choose a
     Concierge or Aqua Class stateroom. Celebrity Suites
     will offer numerous personal niceties plus 24- butler
     service. This is comfortable sophistication at its best.

     Traveling with family and friends aboard the Solstice
     Class promotes togetherness in a expanded living space
     without sacrificing the desire for privacy. Interlocking
     Staterooms have private entry foyers and connecting
     Once you leave the comforts of your stateroom,
     experience intimate outdoor spaces around the ship,
     from the inviting Solarium indoor pool to large cushioned
     lounge chairs and hammocks.

           Thoughtful details                                 16

     Every detail feels personal and designed
               around our guests.
Our suite guests will be treated to European butler service. From
having their meals served by course to afternoon tea services.

Butler service is not limited to suites. Pool butlers will make
pool time special. From helping to find the right deck chair to
providing a refreshing facial spritz. Traveling to a cooler climate,
not to worry, the pool butlers will supply hot chocolate
and blankets.

Celebrity’s Personal Concierge will make your special occasions
and celebrations full of surprises. If they can they help to make
 wishes come true.

The thoughtful design of the staterooms created to maximize
storage both storage and personal space; experience our soft,
100% Egyptian cotton linens and bedding; and on the Solstice
 Class a specially designed shower bar for our female guests
 to assist with leg shaving.
          World Class Cuisine
     Award-winning dining and elegant presentation
     Celebrity has built their memorable dining experience on
     Five Points of Distinction:
                 1. Inspired & Artful Cuisine
                 2. Intuitive Service
                 3. Inspired Specialty Dining
                 4. Trendsetting Wines & Spirits
                 5. Immersive & Enriching Experiences

      This foundation of culinary excellence is overseen
      by Jacques Van Staden, bringing his passion for food
      and years of restaurant experience.

     Guests will be treated to highly personalized and
     instinctive service without intrusion. A dining staff who are
     proactive providing service with pride and passion. From
     tableside preparation to the expert advise of a Sommelier,
     each professionally trained member is ready to fulfill the
     guests every desire .

 World Class Cuisine and more                               18

      How do you make the best even better ?
Celebrity has embarked on a journey to elevate their dining
experience to a new height. They have added a variety of inspired
onboard venues. Each of these venues offer a distinctive
experience and style in décor, menus and staff.

Guests can design their own dining experience every night. They
can choose from the intimate setting and carefully orchestrated
service of the specialty restaurants or the casual atmosphere of
the destination bistro lido dining.

There are European coffee bars; signature lounges and wine bars
plus Celebrity’s new flexible dining option - Select Dining .
Innovative Menu design
A new and improved main restaurant
menu is in place across the Celebrity
The leather bound menu has 30 entrée
selections nightly . On the left side of the
menu is Celebrity’s “Classic Favorites”
shrimp cocktail, Caesar salad, baked salmon.

On the right side are the nightly selections
which includes “Chef Jacques Van Staden
“Vegetarian” and “Renew Heart Healthy”
icons are noted to assist the guest in their
dining choices.

The menu has been designed based on our
guests dining preference.
World Class Cuisine and more                                  20

     How do you make the best even better ?
Celebrity is raising the bar on their wine and spirit venues. Guests
can participate in trend setting wine and spirits programs. They
can choose from 480 wine selections and 500 spirits. The Solstice
Class ships boast the first two-story glass wine tower at sea
displaying 2000 bottles of wine and the modern enomatic wine
preservation and pouring system. Reidel crystal will continue to
host their amazing wineglass tasting.

A Celebrity cruise offers the discerning guests more immersive
and enriching experiences as part of the Celebrity Life “Savor”
series. The Savor series centers around culinary and wine
seminars and demonstrations. In addition, an enhanced signature
spirits program with mixology tastings including the first molecular
bar at sea created by Junior Marino.

All of these programs have been designed for our guests to
provide what they want to experience on only a Celebrity Cruise.

The Celebrity Life onboard experiences; the more robust Captain‟s Club,
     and multiple other brand enhancements provides some of the
$200 Million Reasons to sell Celebrity Cruises

                                            MORE REASONS TO COME ………
       Celebrity‟s new and contemporary onboard
           program designed for our guests.

     “Celebrity Life” delivers a series of sophisticated, unique, and quality events

       that elevate Celebrity's industry leadership in Culinary, Enrichment, and

        Wellness programming and that create memorable and life-enhancing

                              experiences for our guests.

     The Celebrity guest can only experience Celebrity Life on a Celebrity Cruise !
                         They will want to come back for more.


      Expand you culinary expertise to new levels.

     3 programs centered around food and beverage:

     Highly interactive and participatory sessions.
     Guests can assist our chefs with :
                 Cooking demonstrations; chef competitions
                 Special lineup of guest chefs
                 Food as art

     Wine tasting events – Celebrity Vineyards
                Wine blending; wine pairing classes
                Wine tasting by Reidel Crystal

     Signature Spirits
                Malt Liquor tasting
                The Liquid Chef - The Molecular Bar

     The majority of our Savor series is complimentary . Events
     which are not complimentary have a nominal charge.

                                                           Broaden horizons with the Discover series.
                                                        How about that foreign language you always wanted to learn?
                                                        Now the guests has that opportunity. Speak a foreign language
                                                        using the popular Rosetta Stone learning system. There are
                                                        group and private lessons* available.

                                                        Hear about history and culture of destinations with Beyond the
                                                        Podium by the Smithsonian Journey

                                                        Navigate your cruise course and identify the constellations with
                                                        The Stargeezer sessions.

                                                        Not computer savvy? Learn the basics or expand your computer
                                                        knowledge with Celebrity’s digITal® courses, Photoshop,
                                                        Excel or surfing the web.

                                                        Keep your cruise memories in a personalized scrapbook created
                                                        in “Memories at Sea “ sessions.
                                                        Le Dance lessons are itinerary influenced . Learn the sizzle, the
                                                           groove,or the flava.

* Private language lessons will have a minimal charge

       Rejuvenate your body; Refocus your mind
     Guests can participate in mind and body informative seminars
     which are focused on:
                Lifestyle enhancements
                Stress management

     All of the Renew sessions offer an expansion of our AquaSpa
     program and wellness. Body sculpting and strengthening classes
     are provided for those wanting to feel and look better. These
     classes will help to justify all the extra desserts.

     Guest will want to continue these lifestyle programs once they
     are back at home. The energy, nutritional information and
     wellness sessions are designed for the guest mindset who wants
     to live longer by staying healthy.

     These new rejuvenating treatments and services focus on skin
     renewal and anti-aging procedures; Medi-spa cosmetics; Botox
     and anti-aging facials.

        The center of our attention is our most loyal repeat guests. This enhanced
                program is being recognized as the best in the industry by our
                             repeat cruisers and travel partners.
                      It was designed for the Captain’s Club members.

       Exclusive              Internet and                                 Complimentary
     Captain‟s Club                                 Elite Member‟s
                                Laundry                                      custom air
      Celebration                                       Lounge
                               discounts                                      request

     The enhancements to the existing Captain’s Club program were suggested by our
     guests and travel partners. We listened, agreed and revised the program.

     We implemented additional Member benefits for Select & Elite members :
         Discounted and free internet access                        CLASSIC LEVEL (1-5 cruises)
         Free and discounted laundry services
         An exclusive, enhanced Captain’s Club Celebration          SELECT LEVEL (6 - 10 cruises
         An exclusive Captain’s Club Lounge for Elite Members
                                                                     ELITE LEVEL (11+ cruises)

     The biggest difference which sets our loyalty program apart from the others is members can
     advance to higher tiers based on credits, not on how many cruises they have completed.
     Guests can achieve higher tier levels with fewer sailings. Captain’s Club
     members can earn up to three credits on just one cruise by sailing on a 12 night itineraries
       and booking in Concierge Class stateroom or above.
     We kept all of the existing benefits and added new benefits for every tier -
     No benefits were removed.

     Celebrity is back in Bermuda with the Celebrity Summit. The
     first a Millennium class ship will offer Bermuda sailings.

     The Caribbean will see 8 Celebrity ships from January to
     April 2010. The biggest news is the stunning and sleek
     Celebrity Solstice will be sailing year round to the
     Caribbean from Ft. Lauderdale.

     Celebrity will be back to Alaska with Celebrity
     Millennium, Infinity and Mercury, departing from Vancouver
     and Seattle.

     Europe will be visited by the Celebrity Equinox , Eclipse,
     Constellation and Century. Yes, the Century will be back
     In Europe offering 12 night Mediterranean itineraries.

     Celebrity offers sailings to South America; the Panama
     Canal , Canada/ New England and The Galapagos Islands.
     We are the only major cruiseline which offers year round
     sailings to the Galapagos on the intimate Celebrity Xpedtion.

       All of the Millennium Class will get “Solsticized”
            This completes the $200 Million Reasons to sell Celebrity Cruises

     • The first opportunity to enhance brand alignment
     • Incorporates Solstice Class venues on Millennium Class

              – “ Solsticizing “
              – Align with “cool” insightful design brand positioning
              – Significantly improve ship appearance
              – Maintain distinctive personality of the class

     Celebrity Millennium      Celebrity Infinity         Celebrity Summit     Celebrity Constellation

                     Wine Bar                                           Martini Bar & Crush

                      Solsticizing the Millennium Class
     Celebrity Millennium Celebrity Infinity Celebrity Summit   Celebrity Constellation

      Revitalized design & décor will be done to:

      •   Staterooms (Penthouse, Suites, Staterooms)
      •   Passenger corridors
      •   Grand Foyer
      •   Lido
      •   Main Dining Room
      •   Theater
      •   Rendezvous Lounge
      •   Observation Lounge
      • Misc. general refresh

                                                    DECK 4 – Martini & CRUSH
                            Martini Bar and Crush
     • Location off the Grand Foyer on Deck 4
      between Casino and Rendezvous Lounge.
     • Makes the Grand Foyer come alive like on
       Solstice .
     • Replaces Internet Café and seating areas.
     • Features approx. 58 seating Martini Bar
       and 14 seating Crush

     Café „al Bacio Coffee Bar and Gelateria AL BACIO
                                    DECK 5 - CAFÉ

                   • Replace existing Cova Café with Café al Bacio
                   • Increase seating from 76 to 84
                   • Feature Solstice style Café al Bacio and pastry set up
                   .        . with nearby Gelateria.
                   • Similar décor to Solstice Café al Bacio

                                                         DECK 5 – Wine Bar
     New Wine Bar with Enomatic machines

     • Located in existing Martini bar / Champagne bar
     • The center deck opening will be closed.
     • Feature Enomatic machines
     • Refreshed décor

                                                             Deck 11, TUSCAN Grille
                     Tuscan Grille

     • Located in existing Conservatory to maximize views.
     • 82 seats
     • Features center antipasto bar.
     • Similar décor to Solstice Tuscan Grille.

     Designed for you brand platform - Spreading the word!

     • We have refreshed the home page on It now shows new
       Designed for You imagery and the DVD .

     • Online advertising on key travel planning sites, plus lifestyle influencer sites will
       begin to run very soon. Travel & Leisure, Trip Advisor, Frommers, Concierge, Fodors,,

     • Newspaper advertising began January 10th

     • Trade advertising began week of January 11th

     • Consumer Travel Magazines February issues

     • Social Media – Facebook (10,000 hits)

                            Designed for you collateral

     •   Designed for You postcards coming soon
     •   Design for you brand DVD available
         on, under Selling Tools
         Personalized Collateral

     Online Banner Ads
     Includes 15 & 30 second videos

     Designed for You Marketing Look and Feel

                                                     Designed For Our Guests …..
                                                            Your Clients
Consumer flyer can be found on, Selling tools, Sales Promotions
/ Promotional flyers

                                     Agency owners can win a $10,000 office makeover, or cash

     Promotion information on home page.
     Click on YES Sweepstake icon.

     Designed for you – Our Travel Partners
     Celebrity‟s uniquely owned
     Brand Position Statement

     Celebrity is . . . the ultimate in premium cruising

     For . . .        today’s cruiser who appreciates the
     .                finer things

     Because . . .     ONLY Celebrity has Solstice Class

          Innovative design, thoughtful details,
      impeccable service, enriching programming,
     and world-class cuisine discerning cruisers love

                          Celebrity Cruises is Designed for you
     • Award winning Celebrity fleet
             Solstice Class $3.7 billion investment

     • Millennium class revitalization
         – “Solsticizing”- added Solstice class venus
           – Refreshing new design and decor

     • Incredible Celebrity Life programming
           – New Partnerships - Rosetta Stone, StarGeezer, Smithsonian Journeys, Reidel Crystal
           – Highly interactive and participatory events

     • Best in industry Loyalty Program – Captain’s Club
     • Impeccable one-on-one service
           – Personal Concierge/ Pool butlers
              – European style butler service in suites

     • Thoughtful details
           – All the extra touches; pool butlers; personal concierge

     • World Class cuisine
           – New menu design and selections
           – Exceptional dining venues


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